Cops and Robbers (Mb,Mg,anal,oral,kidnapped,bond)

Cops and Robbers (Mb,Mg,anal,oral,kidnapped,bond)

Prologue: Angie and Billy both in the first grade got caught up with two thieves on the run with nothing to lose. When you see a stranger it’s best to run if you see two strangers run faster.

Author: Lone Dog

Jake floored the gas peddle the wheels kicking up rocks and dust till the wheels squealed leaving rubber on the asphalt, on the run again. Joe was going through the bag of money eyes gleaming at the hull they made. Jake was heading out of state it looks like they got away again. Shame they had to shoot the clerk in the bank but that’s what happens when they get stupid.

“Thirdly thousand” Joe blurted out looking up a wide grin on his face.

‘Fifteen thousand a piece’ went through Jake’s mind ‘Time to celebrate’

Both had been on the run for more than a year and both didn’t give a fuck about dieing anymore, nothing to lose at this point. Jake had slowed the car down to the speed limit now they were more than a hundred miles out. Joe tapped him on the shoulder pointing at two kids playing in a big yard, know one else around anywhere. He hit the brakes, tires barely able to keep traction as he pulled over on the surprisingly empty highway ‘what fucking luck’.

Joe was already out of the car, Jake following ‘there would be no sloppy seconds this time’ the two kids just stood there both no more than five or six years old, one male and one female. Joe grabbed the young wide eyed girl a hand over her mouth and took off running back to the car. Jake grabbed the young surprised boy picking him up on the run and took off back to the car. It was going to be a great end to the day.

Joe had climbed into the back seat already binding the girl child with duct-tape and Jake tossed the young boy in with him. Joe was in his element as he bound the two kids up one kid on each side of him. Jake jumped into the drivers seat squealing rubber down the road. Looking into the rear view mirror he could see Joe already feeling over one kid and then other hands working under their clothes, first one then the other.

“I get the girl” he said looking up.

Jake liked young boys better anyway, Joe wasn’t so choosy liking girls of all ages, even the old ones over eighteen ‘yuck’.

“Then leave the boy alone, I don’t want to be tasting your spit on him” Joe just grinned back through the rear view mirror.

Joe went about gagging them, stuffing a rag into each mouth, tying another around each head. They had done this more than a few times and kept to having a bag of necessary things at the ready some items made for the more perverse tastes in sex. Jake looked for a motel or someplace they could relax for a spell and enjoy the moments interlude, they would be needing beer too. He felt over his pocket for the bag of potent weed ‘still there’ life was getting good, real good.

Angie walking by on the way home saw Billy in his yard behind it lay his family’s small farm. She was in the same first grade class as Billy. She waved and ran over to him and was about to ask him what he was doing in his front yard when a loud sound of car brakes had both of their head turning toward the sudden noise. Two strange men jumped from the car Angie was too surprised to move as they ran up. She was grabbed, picked up a musky smelly hand going over her mouth making it hard to breath. It wasn’t until she was being carried she knew something wasn’t right and panicked trying to squirm and kick free. But the man was way too strong and in a short few seconds she was in the car, being held down wide tape being wrapped around her legs, she was turned over her arms taped behind her. She was sat up against the door Billy being shoved into the other side of the car the man grabbing him quickly.

He was taped up the same way the car squealing tires as it took off down the road pushing them all back into their seats. Angie huddled the best she could against the door of the car. But the man between them seem to be all hands, with them feeling under her clothes even to her horror under her panties ruffly feeling her small clit. When he pull away his attention went to Billy doing the same. She saw poor Billy. silent, wide eyed as the man dug under his clothes too. The worse was when he reached into a leather bag pulling out some old rags, stuffing one foul tasting one in her mouth the other went around her head holding it in place. Finished the mans arm went around them both, pulling her and Billy close a big smile on his face. Angie was scared, real scared and shook all over.

Jake drove on for a bit before looking for a place to hold up. He kept looking back at the scared boy being held by Joe, his cock growing stiff in his pants. The boy was just the right age for him and the scared look on his face was making everything perfect. It was going to be a great end to a adrenalin rushed day. He and Joe shared everything but it’d be nice not to have sloppy seconds, and if he did have seconds this time at least it would be his. And from looking at the young boy he would be needing seconds. A run down motel showed up suddenly and he pulled in, Joe pushing the kids to the floor hiding them from view.

He got two joined rooms paid legal like and in short order they had the bound kids in the room. Jake took off to a near by convenient store for the beer his mind already planing the rest of the evening. He’d be wanting some alone time with the boy before making a trade with Joe, that is if the girl would be worth it at that time. Getting back he gave secret knock before going in. Joe already had the wide eyed scared girl stripped of her clothes and rebound with rope, arms pulled uncomfortably high up her young back the rope looped around her small neck. Jake’s cock lurched fully stiff in his pants. He’d be having to do the same to the boy, liking what he saw. The open leather bag of sexual goodies sat on the floor where Joe had left it, they had put it together over a couple months as more than one kid had come under control.

“Got the beer” Jake said tossing Joe one “You want to do up the boy for me”

Joe grinned ear to ear popping open the can taking a long draw on it. Setting the can down he reached for the leather bag.

“You in an ornery mood, I am” Joe said, eyes gleaming devilishly.

Jake shook his head ‘yes’ knowing Joe meant he was going to be extra abusive in his need to wind down from the days excitement. To tell the truth he still shook from the prolong release of adrenalin throughout the day. He looked purposely for these older motels because of the thicker walls, made for the prostitutes and Johns that came through regularly. They wouldn’t have to worry about being interrupted because of noise, so the gags would come off.

He placed the beer in the small fridge keeping one out for himself. Retuning he watch Joe delighting in his work of readying the boy, making the processes rougher than necessary. Giving the boy no chance to resist. Jake felt for the baggie of dope and pulled it from his pocket along with the small pipe. He’d want a good buzz going and sat down on the side of the bed filling the small bowel. Jake found his lighter and took a long deep draw on the end suppressing an intense urge to cough as he held it in.

“Want a hit” he asked Joe.

“Hell yea” Joe took the pipe drawing in deeply into his lungs.

Another long drink of beer Jake found himself looking at the naked scared boy, the buzz bring all kind of deviant thoughts into his head. Joe still grinning shoved the naked boy toward Jake. Jake grabbed the staggering boy turning him facing him to get a good view of the shaking boy. They sure made a good catch this time, both girl and boy were of that perfect age of innocence, the boy was circumcised too young for hair and Jake thoughts went to having his head buried between the boy legs. The pipe was handed back and thick choking smoke filling the room.

Angie and Billy were placed still taped up onto the bed the man that stayed was grinning down at her. He wasted no time, the door had just closed with him locking it coming to her hands pulling her toward him. The tape was pulled from her numb arms her blouse pulled from her leaving her young flat chest bare. He had a rope, grabbing one of her hand tying the rope around her small wrist, turning her over onto he tummy. Her tied wrist was pull high up her back making her cry out into the rag still in her mouth. The rope went around her throat in a tight loop. He grabbed her other arm pulling it high up her back along side the other hand, it too was tied to the other end of the looped rope before he let off.

Her arms hurt the loop of rope much too tight against the front of her neck, fingers writhing about trying to keep blood in them. The tape was pulled from her legs with a loud sound. Shoes and socks went somewhere from her feet and hands gripping into the elastic bands of her pants pulled them and her undies off her in one move. She gasp feeling the cool air going over her exposed flesh. Every horror story of bad evil men she ever heard playing loudly through her head ‘they were true!’. Angie was starting to freak-out, if the way her hands were tied behind her was any clue to what was to come she was in real trouble her head and eyes starting to move about in panic that was welling up missing nothing in her frightened state.

She could see the man rubbing over a bulge in his pants, his eyes looking her over with keen interest. He reached down, she jumped as his cold hands touched her bare buttocks spreading them and looking. She clamped her legs together with him laughing out loud.

“Sure not going to be enough little girl” he jived.

A knock on the door had the man looking to it, the other man coming in.

Billy watch as his friend Angie was stripped and rebound, he watch her grimace when the man tied pulling her arms up behind her. He swallowed hard hoping he would go unnoticed somehow. He felt bad for his friend Angie but was real afraid for himself. The gruff men had a air of evil and he withdrew keeping quiet, unmoving as if that along would somehow help him escape notice. But after the other man came back all that changed in a heartbeat. The man that stripped Angie grabbed him. Putting him through the same horrid ordeal that Angie just endured. His arms pulled up his bare back till he had no choice but to cry out into the rag stuffed into his mouth. The rope going around his neck almost choking him as he struggled to keep his arms high up his back to relieve the pressure on his neck. His pants, underwear pulled down and off his legs. Who knew where his shoes and socks were now.

Billy was pulled from the bed onto his feet and pushed toward the other man whom grabbed him, turning him toward him. The mans cruel eyes looking him over as he stood nude before the man. Billy saw the beer and pipe, the smell of marijuana strong in the air. He had seen older boys smoke the stuff and how they acted afterwards. One of the mans hand touched his young boy groin making him jump. it continued feeling over him there. His whole body trembled in fear.

Joe had trusted up the boy for Jake, now he wasn’t adversed to taking a boy now and again but he preferred girls… young scared girls as was his want alot here of late. Now they had shared a few youngins when pickings were scarce but Jake had his boy and he could have his way with the girl without worrying about offending Jake on what he thought should be his right. Joe had that little bit thicker cock that some didn’t like to follow, real sloppy seconds if you know what I mean. And he was glad he wouldn’t have to relent to Jake, he really enjoyed being the first up a young tight hole.

The slug of beer and hit off the pipe had his mind focused on his purpose the girl now the center of his world. The last child they raped he throat fuck till the little bitch passed out. And looking at this young girls soft buttocks he knew exactly how he wanted to humiliate the young girl. You could never go wrong with a good ass fuck, he’s sodomize her but good, then he’d throat fuck her to clean his cock. Joe grabbed the leather bag full of goodies and pulled out one of the ring-gags and tube of KY.

Jake had a great buzz going and pulled the boy up to setting on one of his legs leaning the boy back against him a hand playing absentmindedly with the trembling boy’s penis and tight young balls watching with stoned interest Joe getting ready to take the cute young girl. He thought it strange that with Joe liking girls more than boys he seemed to always be into taking them up the ass. Hell any young boy could be taken that way and you had something extra to grab hold of too. But to each they’re own. He felt the young boy nuggets in the young tight warm fleshy sack enjoying the squirming of the hot young body he held. He had his own room and would enjoy the privacy for once, a chance to enjoy the boy at leisure.

“You got everything you need Joe”

Joe shook his head ‘yes’ not saying anything just started undressing looking dead at the cute young girl. Jake got up carrying the boy in his arms, picked up the leather case by the handles and went into the adjoining room. Jake’s cock wasn’t a thick as Joe’s but he had an extra couple inches that he prided himself with. He used that extra bit to get into them hard to reach places up into a young boy or girl if thats all they had at the time and enjoyed how it could leave a kid sensation racked beyond control if used right. Here lately he’d gotten real good and planned to get in more practice through most of the evening. He needed to get out of his own clothes right now and placing the young boy belly up on the bed he started to quickly disrobe licking his lips at the thought of a mouthful of little boy groin he was looking at.

Jake need one more beer for his cotton mouth and opened the door to the next room. Joe was standing up next to the bed lubing his stiff thick cock up with KY, the girl still laying belly down the rag gag had been removed in it place a ring-gag. Her legs now splayed out to each side of his legs slightly over the side of the bed. She was heads up franticly looking about as if for escape.

“Going for another beer, want one”

“Yep” was all Joe said, placing the tube of KY onto the bed next to him.

Jake went to the small fridge getting two beers popping them both open. He handed one off to Joe whom took it and tipped it up chugging over half before placing the can down on the small nightstand. Jake looked back from the door as Joe intent on his mission reached down pulling the young girl into position over the side of the bed one hand already guiding his thick cock toward his target. The young cute girl ring gag in place watch Jake leave with pleading eyes. Jake turned pulling the door to just a crack knowing he would hear her high pitched squeals soon enough, the thought making his own cock even stiffer. But the boy awaited he tipped up his own beer, his buzz deepened.

Angie world was going surreal, like a waking nightmare she couldn’t escape. When the man strip off his own clothes and his adult penis was revealed all the scary stories her friends had joked about in secret were laid bare seared in vivid flashes in her young mind. She was going to be raped but the act was still a mystery in every facet. Things like would she get pregnant and she heard of diseases one could get, it was a nightmare she couldn’t phantom. The man grabbed her by the hair pulling her head up his other hand forcing a metal ring into her mouth slapping her when she tried to resist. He twisted it behind her front teeth her jaw open wide enough to hurt, there were straps on each side that he pulled around her head. She couldn’t spit it out her tongue going over the smooth metal trying to work it free. A tube of something called KY was place beside her moments later she was grabbed and pulled till she was bent over the side of the bed legs dangling down, she needed to look back to see what was happening but couldn’t quite turn her head enough.

A warm blunt tipped pressure went between her buttocks, she knew what it was having seen both men nude. Having seen both their adult stiff penis’s. The pressure went against her anus, her mind not understanding why it didn’t find her pussy. It pressed hard against her butt-hole.

‘No.. No.. not there.. thats my butt-hole’ she tried to cry out. Bit it was all garbled from the ring gag.

But the man didn’t stop and he was going to put in the wrong hole. She was horrified. The pain mounted till she had to cry out from the sharpness of it. The blunt tip popped into her young rectum her entire world that one gripping stab of pain.

Joe watch the young girl’s legs go stiff on each side of his own legs, her hugging anus clenched around the head of his cock. The rope looped around her neck dug in and he watch her fingers writhe about the rope biting into her small wrists. He took the time to let his hands feel over her trembling small body and he himself jumped slightly caught off guard when she finely squealed out. He pick up his beer finishing the last half off and belching out loudly. He eased forward adding pressure letting her tight trembling rectum swallow his thick KY slick cock, how be it slowly knowing if he was too ruff she would just pass out and he wanted her to know just how much he was enjoying all of this. He like Jake was getting good at what they liked best and got good at prolonging what was best at taking a young child.

Now that Joe’s cock was being hugged tightly by the girl virginal rectal passage his mind sank into being totally absorbed by the cute young girl. The best thing was that in her present state of distress she was beyond struggling, beyond anything other than reacting to what he had planned. Touching, feeling, letting his ruff hands stroke over warm naked flesh, testing the tautness of the rope he had tied her with, loving the way it dug into to the youthful flesh of her neck and wrists. She’d have to force herself to relax soon or pass out. Either one he really didn’t care, that was the point of tying her the way he did, he had played this game before it was fifty fifty but that wasn’t the point either. It was how it all played out and he was going to enjoy every second.

Billy tested the rope that held him just as soon as the evil man left the room. Any tug with his arms made the rope looped around his neck dig in deeper. He thought of squirming off the bed but could see no where to go, but still he managed it, feet slipping to the floor. He tried again the rope burning around his neck as his wrist worked to pull free. The door opened with the naked adult man coming in. Billy took off looking desperately for some way to get away from the man. The man calmly placed his can of beer down and with nowhere really to go found himself pinned in a corner.

“Nice try little one” he said to Billy.

Billy found himself being guided back to the side of the bed the man setting down on it pulling the leather bag closer to him. He reached in pulling out a jar of petroleum jelly setting it down on the bed and reach back in. A wicked smile formed on the mans face as he pulled out the strangest and scariest thing Billy had ever seen.

Jake found that the boy had slipped off the bed and was loose in the room and caught him quickly. He shook his head in appreciation of the finest cutest boy he’d come across to date. What ever plans he had were changed to something new he wanted to try out. He had worked out the mechanic of it a few weeks ago. Setting down on the bed the boy standing before him had his own cock now raging at the prospect, he went looking into the leather rape kit for what he needed, knowing exactly what he would be needing. The small almost used up jar of anal lube and, found it, a modified ring gag of sorts. It was a PVC tube of about eight inches long just big enough to slip a long life like rubber cock into. Straps were attached close to one end of the PVC that went into the mouth over an inch passed the front teeth and strapped around the head holding it into place. He had spent time carving smooth slots on each side along the length. Long leather straps were placed at each side of the flat end of the life like rubber cock. Jake thought of it fondly as a training aid.

Now Jake didn’t think of himself as gay by any means, a young cute boy was far from being a man. And it seemed that most young boy weren’t gay ether but that wasn’t the point was it. Most he found didn’t like to be ass fucked at least the way Jake liked to do it, the last boy he had taken fought like hell. Jake decided to take a slightly different approach and came up with this. He had put it together a couple weeks ago and been dieing to give it a go.

Jake had tried the device on himself the tube jutting out of his face after he strapped it on, he had slipped the long rubber cock the blunt tip just going into his mouth past the end, the leather straps on the other end resting in the guide slots. He pulled on the leather straps the tube acting as a guide forcing the blunt tip into his open throat. Jake gagged up immediately and he quickly pulled the rubber dildo back into the tube. The boy he now look at would have no such luxury. Jake had adjusted it so at least a full seven inches could slip through the end of the tube. But first he wanted a good taste of little boy lusting to bury his face between the young cute boy’s legs. He lifted the boy back onto the bed facing up on his back and plunged head first between the startled boy’s legs his mouth totally engulfing the prefect young organ. It was some minutes before he came up for air, the cool breeze drawing the young boy spittle damp sack up tight, he went back in, tongue moving, feeling everything with his tongue the boy had to offer as he wormed a thick curious finger up the squirming boy’s tight rectum.

Jake’s heart was racing, his cock stiff at the ready leaking pre-cum Jake pulled away. Grabbing the homemade device he pulled the boy over to him.

“Open your mouth wide boy”

The boy just eyed the thing trying Jake’s patients. He placed his thumb and forefinger on each side of the boys jaw pinching in till the boy’s mouth popped open.

“Wider” he pinched even harder till the PCV tube slipped in past the boy’s teeth his young lips going around the white tube. Smiling devilishly Jake tied off the straps tightly around the boy’s head, the slotted tube sticking out from the boy young wide eyed face.

Angie had never felt a pain so sharp as she felt right now. And the bite of the rope around her neck the only thing keeping her anchored in the moment. Her legs had gone stiffly out to each side of the cruel man up into the air. A shrill high pitched sound rung in her head, she realized it was coming from her but didn’t care. The thick adult penis of the man pressed into her and she could feel it opening her rectum, making the narrow resisting passage stretch tightly over the thick intrusion. It was beyond her ability to handle and the seemingly disjointed high pitched screams continued. The thickness grounded to a stop somewhere deep with her rectum she was only vaguely aware of his course rough hands moving over her naked now sweat drenched young body. She couldn’t hardly breath feeling like she was choking the rope around her neck had gone way too tight.

The world was fading fast before Angie willing her arms to relax and working her small wrists farther up her back till it hurt to go more. Only that let the rope looped around her neck go slack enough to breath again. Panic was welling up, she couldn’t stay like that long and the adult penis in her rectum still ached something awful but wasn’t as bad as it had been. Her eyes refocused giving her a chance look around through blurred watered eyes. Angie’s rectum burned so did her neck where the looped rope had bitten in. She could feel the man repositioning himself behind her the thick stiff penis changing angles inside her overly stretched rectum. The blunt tip deep inside of her probing like a huge finger trying to dig in even deeper.

She needed him to stop her head turning as far as she could and shaking ‘No.. No.. No..’ over and over. ‘Oh.. Please’ she thought ‘Don’t do this to me’ the blunt tip she could feel finding a way just through shear persistence to actually work in deeper. The fear of the choking rope faded from her mind as panic swept her up. She needed the man to stop, now!..

Joe was fully caught up in the moment his cock pressing hard to the end of her real tight hot hugging rectum. He’d fucked a few kids this way, each one a treat unto itself. Today he was in a mean mood needing relief from the long day. He was going to waist no more time than necessary to enter her young gut. With three more inched to go he did a quick adjustment in his stance behind the young girl knowing from experience just how to angle his cock to do just that and went to work.

Joe for the first time found he had to hold the girl in place not letting her frantic movements pull his attention from the feel of her deep bowel giving in to the unforgiving probing of his cock. He stared down onto the crack of her full buttocks knowing that soon his loin would be pressed tight against that warm young girl flesh. He wouldn’t be able to restrain himself even a little then.

Billy swung his small head about the white tube moving with him. His jaw hurt where the man had pinched and the strap felt like it was way too tight around his head. The man reached into the leather bag pulling out a long rubber thing, looking at it he saw it was shaped exactly like an adult man’s stiff penis bulbous head and all. On the flat end was attached leather straps about three feet long going through the rubber looking thing close to the very end. The man’s eyes seemed to gleam with devilish mischief as he popped the top off the petroleum jelly dipping a finger in rubbing it over the wobbly thick rubber penis.

“Lets load this puppy up”

Billy didn’t have time to react the man holding him tight shoving the fake rubber penis bulbous head first into the white tube. His forehead furrowed up as the life like rubber tip push from the end of the tube just into his mouth leaving a strange oily taste there. The man made sure the thick leather straps fitted into the slots on each side and fitted a white cap over the end. Billy was confused as to what the man was going to do but too scared to do anything.

“Read a story on a pervert site that I’ve been wanting to try” The man’s face took on a cruel look “It’s called ‘Horsey’ your going to be my horse, lets get you on your knees”

Billy was picked up turned and placed knees down on the edge of the bed lower legs and feet over the side facing away from the man. He was pushed forward having to turn his head to the side the tube sticking out in front of his face his butt slightly up in the air facing the man. The man grabbed his head pulling it back having him face forward chin on the bed eyes looking out over the bed. The straps going out to the side and back to each side. Billy’s small tongue felt over the rubber protruding tip the image of the man’s stiff penis burn into his mind. He saw the leather straps lift on each side of the tube then being pulled back till the rubber tip in his mouth moved deeper into his mouth, then in a surprising sudden movement it plunged stabbing, wedging in deep into his constraining throat. His whole body welled up gagging on the deepening thick fake rubber penis. He couldn’t get away from it. The straps kept tugging one side then the other, countering all movement from his head in any direction to escape the horrid plunge.

Jake was in a state of focused intent. He wasn’t sure if the thing would work at all but he was proven wrong. The boy frozen with fear let him mold his small body into just the right position. Jake looked down onto the upturned bottom of the young boy, his tight young pink anus begging Jake to open it with his adult cock. He had picked up the leather straps on each side pulling them taunt the rubber cock moving in the tube. He could see the strap move along the groves just as they should and in a sudden greedy need to fully test the rig he pulled both straps back and could feel through the tension on the leather straps the pleasing pop into and then resisting tightness of the boy’s throat when the rubber cock head slipped into that virginal orifice. Jake was rewarded with the young boy suddenly gagging his small body hunching up uncontrollably his small chest coming up off the bed. Without thinking Jake started working the leather strap like controlling reins on a horse. The sounds of wet retching having his adult cock growing firmer than he had ever seen it.

Jake had used a good surprise cock throat plunge into a young boy before, finding a little gagging seem to help ease that first entry into their tight young rear passage. And he grew to love the wet gagging sounds. He released the straps the harsh retching from the young boy made the rubber cock slapped back into place in the PVC tube some runny thick liquid leaking from the slots, snot was coming from one of the young boy’s nostrils. The young boy went to coughing and struggling to breath around the round PVC tube. Jake looking down at the inviting back passage of the young boy his much smalled male organ having Jake reach down with one hand grabbing the boy’s tight sack feeling for the two small nuggets there and totally enjoying the lurching movements as the boy continued coughing up harshly. This was going to be an interesting ride.

Looking things over Jake realized he would have to bind the boy differently, feeling into the leather bag he found the wide gray duct-tape. The boy still had his hands tied high up his back by Joe, Jake reached down releasing the knots to one hand bringing the blood starved limb down along the calf of the boys leg rapping the tape quickly around both pinning the arm along the outside of the calf of the boy’s still kneeling leg. He did the same to the other side the young boy whom was still racked by wet deep sounding wet coughing to resist. He stepped back looking at the young boy’s now prefect butt up in the air, legs spread just right feet sticking out over the side of the bed a little and reaching down he lifted the boy’s head prepositioning his chin onto the bed head looking out over it the leather straps going along each side of the young boy within easy reach.

Angie’s deep bowel was starting to revolt to this.. this.. deeper push into her. To her horror it was starting to feel like she needing to go to the bathroom. She couldn’t understand why this man was doing this to her. She turn her head looking back and up into the mans face. Angie had never seen such intense joy on an adult’s face before. He was staring right at her the thick penis worming deeper the feeling of a bowl movement suddenly real urgent leaving her trying to will the urge away. The stiff rod making her twist around seeking relief, making her conform her small body to the stiff unyielding thickness. The blunt tipped thing slipped past what ever resistance was deep inside her.

Angie gasped in sharply her whole world filled with urgent bowel sensations she didn’t know existed. She gasped sharply again like an involuntary hiccup. The man’s hairy loin went against her bottom the man’s knees working her tense legs open even more, panic swept over Angie as the urgent need to use the bathroom slammed down around her. Mussel made for that purpose went far beyond her ability to control locking her into an intense straining for relief she couldn’t hope to stop.

Joe had wormed his cock till it slipped into the young girl’s virginal large intestine. He was lost into seeing her panicked face go through the sweeping changes of sensation he knew she had to be feeling. He fully seated his loin to her soft bottom, his instinct having him opening her legs wider to work his cock deeper still his loin going as up into the open cleft as he could get it. Seconds later she flared up Joe watching her looking for all the world like she needed to defaecate real bad. His cock flexed even stiffer countering the urgent push coming from her still young energetic bowel. One of his hands slapped down around the back of her neck grabbing tightly, his senses going on full alert needing to take it all in. He pulled her up slightly chest off the bed and tugged his cock back ready to sodomize the young girl real good.

Billy’s choked up thick phlegm from his lungs the white tube a hindrance to catching a good clear breath. Tears watered his eyes over and his small nose ran warm with snot. He felt faint head swimming and was only vaguely aware of the man untying his numb arms. Still chest down toughing on the bed one numb arm was brought to the outside of his kneeling leg on the same side of his small body the man rapping wide strong tape around his forearm and the calf of his leg. His other arm stinging like needles as blood rush back through his small limb was brought to his other kneeling leg and tape the same way in place. Billy coughed real hard once more clearing his lung just enough to breath it he opened his mouth wider around the plastic tube just barely enough to gasp in air. What was the man doing to him ‘why’ he was so scared. He tested the tape his small arms were wrapped in and found he couldn’t even come close to pulling them free. Billy could only remain there looking out over the bed blinking the water from his eyes and had to snort to clear his nose finding trying to breath around the tube jutting from his mouth too difficult. His small tongue felt over the protruding smooth blunt tipped rubber end that had shot from the end of hard plastic tube through his opened mouth going into his throat. He looking down at it could see the strong leather straps and the slots on each side and worried that the man was far from finished using it.

Behind the boy Jake took in the sight, rubbing over his own stiff cock in anticipation. The young boy’s legs were spread more than wide enough for what he had planned and hand pumping his cock even stiffer with one hand he reach down with the other, hand coming up under feeling over the young tight boy nuggets and soft young penis. He could see plainly that the boy had never been ass fuck in his life, the tight pink guarding mussel look to be a challenge Jake was more than up to right now. He was dieing to see that untaped mussel sliding over the length of his cock shaft. But first things first the training of the boy. Picking up the petroleum jelly again he popped the top and with practiced moves coating his adult cock more than well enough to take this young boy. He wipe his jelly coated finger off over the boy’s small clenched tight anus thinking twice whether if he should probe a finger up in there. But he thought better of it not wanting to take away from the boy’s first sexual experience. Angling his ridge cock down with one guiding hand he stepped up to the side of the bed behind the little boy his cock going between the boy’s ass cheeks.

In the other room Angie found herself in the horribly strong gripping hands of the man behind her. He had pulled her chest up from the bed till almost upright her waist still pinned against the bed holding her in a fiercely tight grip. The fleshy stiff thickness of the man’s adult penis seemed to be moving up into her beyond her realm of understanding her mind though cruelly letting her vividly feel everything. Her entire body seemed to be taken control of by the moving adult male penis and she could hear herself making loud grunts followed by sharp intakes gasps of air. Through it all to her horror all she felt was the need to poop real… real.. bad. Her young body taking over all control and trying to do just that.

Joe was in fucking heaven, right in his element. His cock was rigidly stiff. He had the young girl in the tight grip of his hands on each side of her chest, his thumbs going under each of her armpits over her sweating back. She was like a living doll, a warm fleshed out living puppet. Her red brightly flushed face contorted up in shock. Pleasing sharp high pitch guttural chirps, grunts, and gasps filled Joe’s senses and he found himself moving his hip in such a way to enhance those very sounds. He move his head down into her sweat damp hair breathing in deeply taking in her young youthful fresh scent, letting it fill him as he move his face around in the soft strands of head hair staying with her as his loin jarred her young body with each deep seating plunging impact. His cock plunging deep seemed to be gripped suddenly by his cock head the young girl groan deeply, gutturally seeming to almost collapse in his tight grip.

A broad mischievous grin froze on Joe’s face as he seated his cock up into the cleft of her soft young buttocks. Looks like he have something to clean off his cock. He gave himself a moment to look the girl over. Her face showing confusion and a welling panic, an audible rumble coming from the young girl’s abdomen even a small sharp crack of gas passing around his thick embedded cock. His loin staying firmly up into the cleft of her ass he brought her back down onto the bed leg over the side. Holding her in place he tugged his cock back enjoying how her sensitive gut fought now to keep his cock in place. His mind snapped into a singled minded focus of needing to witness the young girls degradation and humiliation his eyes never leaving her shocked panicked face. She tried burying her head into the covers of the bed but Joe wasn’t having that and pulling one hand from gripping the side of her chest, he grabbed her hair turning her head to the side staring down watching her young face intently as he now worked his cock through the thick resistance her young intestine feed into the path his cock fought to take.

Billy mind was still racing a mile a minute spinning in circles not understanding why he was being treated this way when he felt the blunt pressure go against his anus. With a start everything clicked in his young mind, the man was going to use him like he was a girl.. but.. but.. he wasn’t. The pressure against his anus mounted making him try to raise his bottom away from it. But he could only go so far his arms going taunt in the strong hold of the gray tape the thick blunt tip worming hard against his never before fucked anus. It hurt something awful even to the point he cried out around the plastic tube for it to stop. Then to his horror his anus opened with a body shuddering prolong sharp pain letting the man’s adult penis into his rectum. The hands of the man seemed to be feeling over him everywhere only stopping when the horrendous sharp pain died down to just bearable. Billy felt the tube pull his head looking straight ahead, he could see the straps on each side of the tube being move by the man, his small head could only follow the guiding movement coming from the man behind him. The straps pulled to one side turning his head that way, then pulled the other way. He tried at first to resist but gave up letting the man move his head this way and that for a few more seconds before he found his head facing forward again.

“This is how it’s going to be boy” Billy heard the man say “If you don’t want the rubber cock in your throat you’ll do what say”

“You listening to me boy” the man said sounding threatening.

Billy nodded his head slightly ‘yes’ scared to do anything else.

“These are the rules, when I pull the straps I want you to move your bottom back onto my cock, if you don’t I’ll stuff your throat with the rubber cock”

The man went silent Billy’s mind was trying to understand what the man wanted, the straps lifted his chin coming up from the bed slightly. Billy’s eyes focused onto the white tube protruding out from his face, onto the frightening unpredictable straps at the other end of the slots. A tug from the man made the straps move in the slots the rubber tip moving out from the end of the tube pushing deeper into his mouth.

“Press back boy” the man commanded the straps pulled again with sudden force.

The blunt tip of the rubber penis dove just into Billy’s throat struggling to go in even deeper. Wide eyed Billy struggled not to gag, the straps only tugged back more cruelly the rubber bulbous blunt tip wedged into his throat deeper still, the straps went to moving side to side just as a fierce deep stomach lurching gag took him. The thick rubber rod shot from his throat back into the tube, thick slim filled his mouth something from his tummy had follow the rod still burning in his abused throat and his rectum hurt something awful. An involuntary gasp suck some of the thick liquid into his lungs racking Billy with a urgent need to cough it out. The thick liquid seem to be everywhere in his mouth and throat, even snorting from his nose. A deep wet haggard inhale and he blew hard with stuff coming out around the tube and nose enough to finely get air.

Jake was still getting the hang of the reins, but man did the thing work great. When he pulled on the reins jamming that rubber rod into the boy’s young tight throat his small bottom came flying back as if eager to be fucked by Jake’s cock. Jake found his cock pressed to the end of the tightest boy ass he’d been up into yet. Fully half his cock was swallowed by a hot tightly hugging grip of virgin rectum. Just the thought had Jake in a precarious state of arousal, he could feel his balls leaking sperm threatening to go full unload as the boy choked up with loud deep honking sounds, his young body racked fully engulfed by the effort. Jake’s embedded cock feeling it all taking place inside the young boy. He could see the thick strand of discolored liquid stringing down off the tube.

“Lets try this again boy” Jake gripped the leather reins giving them a warning shake to get the boy’s attention.

He pulled slowly back fully expecting to feel the boy’s bottom press harder against him. But the boy didn’t Jake heard a loud sound of protest the boy’s head went to shaking back and forth as if that would stop Jake from continuing on. Jake watched the young boy throw a defiant tantrum for a moment his illegible groans of protest getting louder the reins being tugged about in his adult hands the boy was really ready for this to be at an end. Well there was only one thing Jake could do, he pulled the reins firmly back taking control his cock staying firmly in place, unmoving, another firm tug back the straps half way down the slots went sliding down on to the end of the slots near the boy’s mouth and he went to working the reins this way and that in earnest pulling the boy back, guiding the boy’s movement the best he could, his mind focused on the head of his cock and gaining that deeper penetration he knew was now close at hand.

Angie’s head came up with the man planting his adult rod to a stop. Something more than horrible had happen inside her, still happening inside her intestine. She had felt like she was pooping before but it was nastily real now. She collapsed down trying with all her might to will the terrible thing going on inside her from getting worse. The thick end of the mans bulbous tip penis was acting like a horrifying plug, pressure building up against it, she could plainly feel it all, and knew exactly what she was feeling. Her intestine gave out a loud rumble, to her horror the man groaned in lustful pleasure behind her. She found herself being lower back onto the bed, being pinned there by his strong hands her face going hot with embarrassment at what she was feeling, at what she had no control of.

She tried to bury her flushed face into the covers but one of the man’s hand gripped tightly into her hair pulling her head sideways she knew to watch her, another wave of embarrassment and anxiety wash over her. He was not going to let her hide her face from what she knew he was ready to do and she really didn’t want to be watched going through what she knew was coming. The thick stiff penis suddenly tugged back her world dropping away from the grossly nasty way it felt. To make it worse she could feel his eyes on her, and he was enjoying what she was now having to endure she just knew it, could feel it, she even glanced up quickly seeing him watching her. Angie closed her eyes her mind letting her escape at least from seeing him watching her as he started humping up into her. It was a horrid fight going on inside her intestine that she was losing in a horrific debasing way, the world dropping tug of the adult penis, followed by the a rapid pressure building urgent plunge of the man’s stiff thick rectal plugging penis. It became quickly to be feeling like a huge turd in her young mind that she couldn’t fully poop out and through it all the horrid intense waves of sensation that went with it.

Joe was closing in on fulfilling this moments fantasy and leaned in over the the cute girl eying where the ring gag held her young mouth open. He was getting close to needing his cock cleaned. He was reallying enjoying her emotionally conflicted facial movements her deep child guttural grunts as his loin churned up into her tight backside till the crude sounds reached the perfect mix of gross audible cue’s in his ears. Joe yanked his cock from the young girls ass, his cock coated from the head to almost half way with a brown coating. Joe pulled the sensation racked girl child off the bed turning her, she was a sight to behold with her legs wobbling so bad he had to hold her upright near the edge bed. Her young horror fill brightly flushed face was lost to the world as she was plainly in the throws of a uncontrolled bowl movement. Joe had seen it all before but this time he had a plan. Pinning the girl standing against the bed he gripped each side of her cute small head he lined his soiled cock up to the drool dripping orifice of the young girls mouth and drove his cock into the hot hole.

Billy’s panicked protests was cut off in mid stream, the rubber penis stabbed out from the tube fully filling his throat. His head came up and neck went lining up in a flash as it was forced to conform to the rubber penis shaped rod. The strong leather straps pulling him brutally back toward the man. The thick hurtful knot of adult penis head at the end of his rectum seemed now fully alive feeling like it was forcing an opening deeper into him. And shock flooded through him when it did just that.

Jake felt his cock enter into the young virgin intestine of the boy, he felt gitty at the prospect it was always fifty fifty through experience of getting this far and he new not to give up the ground he’d taken, his balls tightened his cock leaking more sperm. The boy was froze tensely in place in utter shock Jake press his loin forward having to force his cock side to side some to make it move. The guiding intestinal walls of the boy feeling snuggly hot and quivered as if trying to milk more sperm from Jake’s ready to burst ball’s. Jake was fully up into the boy now eying the once tightly closed virginal ring of mussel hugging around the base of his cock. The wide eyed terrified boy frozen in place with the thick rubber cock jammed fully down his throat suddenly welled up in a huge heave.

Jake could plainly hear the sudden rush of the young boy’s stomach content rush to a reluctant stop against the rubber plug. Jake’s cock fully implanted and still flexing on is own in the boy’s large intestine was in a tenuous state, feeling everything going on inside the boy. His adult balls were ready to blow without even having to move. He suddenly knew how to do just that.

Angie was now fully in the throws of sensations going through her in waves that were more disgusting that could be imagined. Her young mind was blind to anything else but the prolonged and overwhelming urgent feeling she was pooping something BIG from her bowel, wishing for all the world it would come to an end. Another wave of intense body consuming sensation went surging through cutting off a loud guttural grunt leaving her entire world in just trying to poop the moving thickness from her butt. To her horror she could plainly hear the man behind her groaning with passionate pleasure ‘He was enjoy her lose of control’ and it seemed to her his adult rod got even stiffer even thicker.

The thick rod much to Angie’s relief was pulled from her bowel just as quickly she found herself standing on the floor her legs not able to hold her up. Angie’s bowel was still urgently in the throws of pooping, she couldn’t stop it her young body already making the well ingrained moves of the act a reality. She was turned facing the man. Her head was grabbed into a tight grip on each side, bringing her eyes into focus onto the wall of the man’s loin just before her. His adult stiff penis went charging into the metal ring keeping her mouth open the brown lumpy coating covering it just a flash before disappearing under her field of gaze. The thick blunt tip plunge to the back of her young throat then went forcing down stretching her tight throat making her gag up in a body consuming retch, poop and a goodly amount of trapped gas she had before fought so hard to contain shot through her well stretched stinging rectum under force her young used anus offering no resistance. The sound of her sudden release echoing loudly in the room mix with her harsh retching.

Joe struck home finding the terror filled distracted girl’s throat and forcing his adult cock down into the tight hole having to pull the girl forward some forcing her to hunch over while keep her face up, lining the path of her throat to his stiff jutting cock. She went into a body welling gag that preformed everything he needed right now just perfectly. A loud mind pleasing fantasy fulfilling sound of the young girl’s bowel sudden release sent his balls snapping just as hard into a cock swelling release of his own. He let it consume him giving no though of his driving loin forcing the rest of his cock into the girl child’s gagging throat till the last of his sperm emptied from his huge balls.

Billy was pierced fully at both ends the terrorizing of it shock holding him in place. His young mind plainly feeling the long adult penis like a thing alive flexing stiffly in deep his young intestine, his shocked throat still absorbing the deepest penetration yet. His now sensitive on edge stomach was having none of it lurched in a sudden need to puke and rushed to do just that. The sound of the stomach liquid under force stopping suddenly against the rubber plug deep in his throat ringing loud through Billy’s senses. The real adult penis flexing stiffer still in Billy large intestine. And still he couldn’t move locked in frozen horror. Another rush of stomach liquid flooded up forcing some of what was already there around the fake rubber penis.

The rubber penis slipping back in his throat had Billy already hunching down like a cat bringing up a hair-ball. Just before it seemed like it would slip from his throat and with puke just beginning to rush around the plug it stabbed back into his throat again, everything going out of his grasp of understanding. The rubber penis shape rod went pummeling through his puke filled throat the puke flooding his mouth, nose and even lungs in rapid surging rushes of releasing of puke and plugging of it, till a world gripping panic took hold. He had the sensation of drowning and went full tilt into trying to get away from the terrifying feeling he was going to die this way.

Jake eased off the reins letting the rubber cock under pressure go slipping back into the PVC tube. His senses tuned to feedback in the leather reins in his hands and eyes on the tube he timed it just as he felt and saw the boy’s puke finding a path of escape before pulling back on the reins. His long cock swelled in pleasure Jake taking in the sight, the sounds, even his deeply embedded cock giving him feedback as the inside of the boy went into turmoil, all of it fire to his heightening lust. Jake’s ball’s tingling the trigger for release close at hand. He let the pressure from the gagging boy slap the rubber cock back up into the tube. The reins slipping through his hands stopping the thing with him pulling it again forcing it quickly deep. He went into a rapid rhythm of young boy throat plunging. Letting himself being overcome by the sights and sounds of it all, his balls lurching up pumping madly in full release of his sperm the boy in a panicked state of terror lurching insanely about throughout Jake’s intense release. Jake pulled back on the reins working them in earnest attempting to keep the boy’s movements in check.

“Jake… Joe” Aloud speaker form outside of the motel echoed through out the room. “Come out with your hands up”

Jake release the reins pushing the boy forward his cock popping from the tight orifice. And ran into the other room Grabbing his pants and gun.

Joe’s head came up from enjoying his cock still crammed down the young girls throat. He too yanked his cock out with a loud wet pop letting the young girl fall to the floor. His pants were on in a flash gun in his hand standing beside Jake.

“Not going to be taken alive” Jake said to Joe.

“Me neither” was Joe’s reply.

Both went to the door, opening it quickly rushing out into a hail of police gun fire.

Angie was held with her young face was press into the man’s hairy loin, she was in a body gripping gag as the stiff adult penis swelling in her throat, she just pooped out with a loud explosion of sound, her bowel still leaking liquid from her bottom. She realized deep in her dazed young mind what the evil man’s penis was doing. Her eyes were wide looking blankly into the coarse hair feeling each giant splash of sperm coming from the throat plunged penis. She heard the loud speaker calling out. The man pulled his stiff penis from her throat the wet pop rigging through her leaving her still gagging as she fell light headed to the floor.

Billy was panicked lurching wildly trying to find a way to get free to get away from the feeling he was drowning. The pummeling rubber penis went in deep staying fully in his throat the man moving the leather straps on each side countering each move he tried to make. To Billy’s horror he felt the man’s penis swell huge a hot splash of liquid rush into his sensitive intestine. ‘The man was making babies with him’ the penis swelled again with a even stronger spray of sperm flooding into his gut, and again, and again becoming like a deep enema. A loud sound came from outside had the man shove him forward off the stiff adult penis the rubber cock slapping up out of his throat back into the white plastic tube. Billy fell onto his side choking to get air his bowel cramping up cruelly.

Billy and Angie heard the loud ‘pop.. pop.. pop’ coming from outside. Seconds later both were surrounded by police officers freaking out at what they were seeing inside the motel.

A news paper read: ‘Jake C**** and Joe H**** wanted for over a year by the police were shot dead trying to escape after being track to a motel on route 45. Two kid that were kidnapped were found in the motel room. Both were checked at a local hospital and found to be in good health. Both will be sent to counseling to help deal with being kidnapped.’