Catching Our Son And His Little Sister (g,b,M,pedo)

Catching Our Son And His Little Sister (g,b,M,pedo)

Introduction:  A 9 year old boy is playing sex games with his 5 year old sister when they are both caught by daddy.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

It was quite a shock when I came in and found my wife, Mable sleeping and our two kids playing. Oh they were playing alright.

Bonnie, our little five year old girl was naked, laying on the rug her legs spread wide.

Our nine year old son, Bobbie, was also naked. He was holding his cock up to his little sister mouth telling her to suck it, and she did. She opened her little mouth and he put his cock in it. She closed her mouth on it and began sucking it in and out.

After a couple of minutes, I was watching, not letting them know I was there, he pulled it out.

– “Do you like sucking my cock?” -He asked her.

– “Yes, it tastes funny but I like it.” -Bonnie answered her big brother.

Then he moved down and moved between her legs. I still didn’t say anything I wanted to see what they were going to do. He leaned down and began licking and sucking on her little pussy.

– “Do you like that?” – He asked her.

– “Oh yes, yes, it really feels good.” -Bonnie gasp as he went back to licking her tight pussy slit.

As I watched I could see him suck on her little pussy lips, lick her little clitoris and fuck her tight opening with his tongue. She was wiggling and squirming as her brother licked her tiny pussy.

Then he moved up and rubbed his little cock up and down her tight little pussy, then he pushed it up inside of her.

-“Oooowwww, that hurts” – She exclaimed but he didn’t pull it out, he was pumping it in and out of her. She lay there as she felt his cock sliding in and out of her, the finally she said.

-“It doesn’t hurt now, it feels really really good.” – She told him.

Well I watched him fuck his little sister for two or three minutes, watching his stiff little cock slide in and out of her. As I watched I decided just what I was going to do. I decided that I was also going to enjoy her tight little cunt.

She thought it felt good her brother fucking her, I was going to let her feel good with her daddy fucking her little cunt too.

I slipped my clothes off and slipped out and walked up behind them.

-“Having fun?” – I asked softly.

They froze, knowing they had been caught doing something they knew they weren’t supposed to be doing.

-“Dddaadddyyy?” -My son Carl stutters.

-“Yes, daddy.” -I said.

-“I see you kids have found out what sex is. Do you like having your little sister suck your cock and having it in her little cunt fucking her?” – I ask him.

He wasn’t sure what to say, but he did pull his cock out of her little cunt. I didn’t see any blood from a torn Hymen. Didn’t he tear it? I wondered. I decided to find out for myself.

– “Bonnie, daddy wants you to suck his cock like you did your brothers.” – I said.

She was almost in tears, just knowing she was in trouble. She was not expecting me to tell her to suck my cock.

I lay down on the floor and told her:

– “Ok honey I want you to suck my cock like you did your brothers.”

She moved over to me and grasp my stiff cock. She then, looked at me then leaning down she licked her tongue around my cock head, then she opened her mouth and pushed her cock down over it. She had to work to get it into her mouth but she did finally slip it down over my large caught head.

She then tried to fuck it in and out of her mouth but could only do it a little bit.

I finally pulled it out of her mouth and lay her down. With her big brother watching, I lay her back down and spread her little legs wide.

– “Ok sweetheart, you liked your brother fucking you, well your daddy is going to fuck you too.” – I told her.

I rubbed my cock up and down her little cunt, wet with her own juices and now my precum. I knew it was going to hurt her even though her brother
had just fucked her, had his small cock in her little cunt but I was going to fuck her anyway.

I held her legs on each side of me. I guided my cock to her tight opening and plunged it up inside of her. In one lunge I buried my big cock all of the way up inside of my little girl.

I didn’t think she was still a virgin, at least still had her hymen because her brother had just been fucking her, but I felt her little hymen tear as my big cock drove up inside of her.

She stiffened and cried out with the pain. She technically had still been a virgin. His small cock had not torn her hymen my daddy cock had done that.

I held her tight not letting her pull away like she tried to do from the pain of her stretched wide, cock filled cunt.

Finally she quit trying to pull away and lay there the tears running down her face. Slowly I began fucking her little six year old cunt.

After several minutes and her juices finally flowing along with my precum, my cock was slipping in and out of her smoothly, She settle down and lay there with daddy fucking her no longer virginal little cunt.

In and out I slowly slipped my cock enjoying her tightness on my stiff cock. God it felt good to me, my little girls tight cunt. I knew as I fucked her that I was going to be fucking her a lot from this time on.

I knew that she would begin getting pleasure from her daddy’s cock pumping in and out of her little body soon.

Even as I fucked her then, I could feel her little cunt muscles squeezing and milking my shaft as it slipped in and out. The more I fucked her the better it felt to me.

By the time I shoved my cock all of the way up inside of her as deep as I could get it, with it pressing hard against her deepest cunt wall and her little cervix she was actually moving her little ass fucking herself a little on daddy’s cock.

She had a look of surprise on her face when she felt daddy’s hot sperm coating her little girl cunt walls and womb. It was great, that look of actual pleasurable feelings she was having from.

-“Da, daddy it, it feels good now.” -she said hesitantly -“It hurt really bad at first daddy but, but it feels good now when you slid it in and out of me.”

With my cock buried deep inside of her, I leaned down and kissed her little lips licking them with my tongue and slipping it into her mouth to tickle her tongue with mine.

Still buried deep in her and tickled her little nipples and pinched and twisted them lightly not causing her any pain, just making it feel good.

I kept my cock in her and slowly began fucking her again, my cock still hard and it feeling so good to me.

In and out I fucked it a second time, the tightness of her little cunt sending feelings of pleasure through me a second time.

This time her little body actually responded and was trying to fuck it’s self back at my invading cock.

By the time I added a second helping of hot daddy cum up inside of her little cunt, she was actually fucking it back pretty damned good for a first time
fuck and for a six year old cunt.

When I did pull my cock out of her, her gaping little cunt seeped daddy’s hot white cream out. Damn she looked so cute laying there with her
little legs spread wide and her tiny cunt gaping open and white cum seeping out of it.

– “Daddy it felt good then.” – she said grinning at me – “I like it in me now daddy.”

– “Honey I like it in you too, daddy will put it in you again later.” – I told her.

– “Yes you will daddy.” -I heard a voice behind me.

Oh god I had forgotten all about her mother, my wife sleeping on the couch I had been enjoying my little girls tight little virginal cunt so much. I turned and looked at her:

– “Well I guess that daddy’s going to enjoy his little girl from now on.” – my wife said.

– “You know then that I will be enjoying our son’s cock as long as your going to enjoy our daughters pussy. Oh I know it’s not big now but it will grow and as it grows mama’s going to be fucking and sucking it.”

She went to him and had him stand in front of her and she fondled his small cock then with me watching she leaned over and began licking then sucking on it, giving him his first reach blow job.

She sucked it a bit then she pulled away, stood up and stripped right there. Come on Bobbie fuck your mama for the first time right now. She lay down and spread her legs wide letting her son move between her legs. Bobbie had one hell of a big smile on his face as his mama, took hold of his little cock and rubbed it up and down her wet slit. She then told him to put it in her.

Bobbie pushed his small cock up into his mama and began fucking it in and out of her. Of course she didn’t get too much pleasure from it but she did get some, especially from the satisfaction of having her own little son fucking her with me watching.

Bobbie couldn’t get enough of mama’s hot wet cunt on his young cock, of about three and a half inch length but almost three quarters of an inch thick.

Oh he did have that feeling of and orgasm but naturally at that age nothing spewed from his little cock to fill her and get her pregnant. She and I knew that would come. It was just unknown at what age it would come, but I knew mama would keep sucking and fucking her little boy too, just as I would keep having our little girl suck daddy’s cock and fuck daddy’s big cock with her tiny little girl cunt.

Oh we also knew that Bobbie and Bonnie would both be enjoying brothers stiff cock pumping in and out of little sisters tight little girl cunt, after all he had already fucked her and I guess in a way his cock was the first to fuck his little sister and there was no question it would continue fucking, now both mama and little sister.

Looking at Mable, my loving wife, their loving mother, I knew that she would be impatiently waiting for her own son to actually breed her, give her his baby.

Of course I was thinking how great it would be when I was able to fuck our little girl.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.