Uncle’s Dick (Mb,Mg,nc,anal,inc,pee)

Uncle’s Dick (Mb,Mg,nc,anal,inc,pee)

Jack heart raced, the day of his parents leaving was really here. He had just finished first grade with summer just starting but now he watched them leave as he was left behind with his uncle for the next few weeks. The events of last time he was left with his uncle was still vivid in his young mind. He was forced to undress his uncle almost ripping his clothes off, his uncle put his fingers into his butt, he was held down and his uncle forced his adult penis up into him. It hurt something awful, when it was over Jack threatened to tell his parents. That was when he got the worse whipping he ever had. And a day later his uncle did what he called a ‘preventive whipping’ just in case he might tell. And Jack never did.

“Stay around the house Jack” His uncle said to him still waving his hand to Jack’s parents. “Going to have a guest later”

Jack looked up at his uncle who was still watching the car drive off and could see that odd gleam on his face. A rush of anxiety flooded through him the memory of the first time he was pinned down with the adult cock forced into his rectum, that feeling of helplessness. Jack had tried to get away but his uncle was way to strong and all he could do in the end was to take the rush of horrid sensations that flooded through his bowel making him squirm uncontrollably under the persistent moment of the thickness moving through his rectum. He was still freaked out by the sensation of the flood of hot sperm he felt being pump with force deep up into his spasming rectum when his uncle had his orgasm.

His uncle reached into his pocket getting his cell phone. His finger ran over the face of the glowing screen and placed it to his ear.

“Hey… They’re gone come on over, lets party”

illegible reply

“Yeah, bring her, I got Jack here now” his uncle glanced over a Jack a smirk on his face “Little bit… see ya”

illegible reply” His uncle put the phone back into his pocket.

“Okay Jack, time to take a good long bath” his uncle voice turning stern “And brush your teeth real good, my buddy’d like that”

Jack felt his small young world turning surreal, collapsing around him. He went slowly to the bathroom turning on the water as he was told, staring blankly as it filled up and after undressing climbed in. His thoughts went racing back to when the abuse began. And that same surreal confusion still held his mind in its youthful grip. Even though the water was warm a cold shiver took him, he really didn’t want a man fondling his nude body and hurting him with his adult penis. The image of it was burnt into his mind and came in intense flashes now that his parents had really left, the size of the stiff adult penis when he was forced to put it into his mouth, the gripping pain when his uncle forced it into his young rectum, then the horrid sensation that flooded through his bowel as the thick rod kept moving inside of his bottom. ‘IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN’

Jack felt trapped, to scared not to obey the demands of his uncle, fear of being whipped or worse. His bath was over and he climb out towelling dry then got his tooth brush and paste, brushing his teeth till it hurt to continue. His uncle had laid out the shorts and t-shirt he was to wear, missing was underwear. He took a shaky deep breath willing his feet to move knowing all too well what to expect of the rest of the day. Wide eyed with apprehension he went to the living room where his uncle was.

He stood at the end of the hall one more step would have him in the living room. Jack could see his uncle setting there tipping up a can of beer, finishing it, there were three other empty cans setting on the coffee table in front of him. His uncle’s cell phone rang making Jack jump at the sudden noise.


illegible reply

“Okay… I’ll have the door cracked… Just come on in”

illegible reply

“I have some cold one’s on ice.. See Ya..”

His uncle spotted Jack motioning for him to come over. Jack swallowed hard then willing his feet to move he started over the sound of his heart pounding loud in his head, His breathing becoming rapid, hands clenching over and over nervously, his anxiety mounting. He stood before his setting uncle.

“Going to be having company soon” his voice going stern “You do anything he wants, just like it was me…. UNDERSTAND”

Jack shook his head ‘yes’ detecting more than just a threat in his slurred voice. There was a loud knock on the door just before it opened. Jack turned looking at the two people silhouetted in the doorway. A scared looking young girl of about his own age and a adult man about the same age as his uncle.

“Come in… come in..” his uncle invited standing smiling broadly.

The other man guided the young girl by the shoulder into the house, the two men shaking hands as if old friends. His uncle went to the door closing it then making sure it was locked.

“This the girl” Jack’s uncle asked

“Yep, my niece.. You like” the man ask Jack’s uncle. “Is this your nephew”

“Why yes it is… and I do like. Prefer girls myself but he’s the only one around”

“And I prefer boy’s, okay if I butt fuck him real good… been a while for me with a boy” the man asked bluntly the meaning of it going through Jack physically.

Jack knees felt weak as he came under the heavy gaze of the strange man. The intense lustful hunger of the man’s face scared Jack. He had seen it in his uncle’s face but never so intense.

“Only if I can ass fuck your lovely niece in kind”

The girl gasp out at Jack’s uncle’s word’s, the first noise he had heard from her. She was looking up at the other man shaking her head ‘no’ a pleading look on her worried face. The man ignoring her.

“Done..” The other man said, and both shook hands again.

“I have a couple hits of Viagra if you want one” a devilish grin on his uncle’s face “Want a beer too”

“I’ll take both” The man said rubbing his hands together “What’ll we do with the kid’s in the mean time”

“Let em watch TV for a bit, let’s have that beer”

And so Jack found himself setting uncomfortably beside this young girl he didn’t even know. Both of them were not even watching the TV, both of them watched the men their eyes followed every movement of the adult’s. They watched as both men took the pill and drank several cans of beer. They sat so close Jack could feel her trembling beside him.

“You scared too” Jack said in almost a whisper to her.

She shook her head ‘yes’ then whispered “You scared”

Jack shook his head ‘yes’.

“Quiet in there!” came from the other room, both of them jumped going quiet, staring blankly at the glow of the TV.

“Viagra’s kicking in” he heard his uncle say loudly, his voice heavily slurred from drinking. “Dick’s stiff as a board”

“You want to watch as I butt fuck your boy”

“Hell… yeah…” Jack’s uncle said “Let’s do them both each side of the bed… I’d like to see em both getting it at the same time”

Jack’s uncle stood, with the other man following him up. Both coming straight over to Jack and the girl. His uncle reached down taking the hand of the girl, she stared up at him her whole body trembling as he pulled her to her feet walking her hand in hand toward the master bedroom. Jack had been brought there more than once by his uncle and flinched as the other man grabbed his hand, he looked up into his face. What he saw sent shivers down his young spine. A cold intense lust filled gleam he had never seen on anyone before, not even on his uncles face. Jack could see the bulge in the man’s pants. The man pulled him from the couch the man’s large hand almost crushing his much smaller hand in it’s grip and he was pulled almost having to run as the man followed his uncle into the bedroom.

“Damn, my cock has never been so hard” the man said “Never used the stuff before”

“Yea.. Its good stuff… Viagra” Jack’s uncles grin looking evil “There’ll be no problem gaining entry and you’ll be able to last all day”

“Let’s do it”

Jack’s uncle was already pulling the scared girl’s clothes off. He could see the panic welling up inside her. Jack felt his t-shirt being pulled up over his head and off. His shorts pulled down finding himself suddenly nude under the intense scrutiny of the strange man. His own feeling of panic welling up inside of him, heart pounding hard in his chest he watch as the man quickly removed his own clothes. The man now fully naked his adult penis intensely stiff, throbbing to the man’s rapid heart beat. And Jack couldn’t take his eyes off it, it filled his vision just knowing what the man intended to do with it, what his uncle had done with his stiff adult penis to him.

“Got the lube dude, I’d like to get started” the man next to Jack said.

“KY or petroleum jelly” Jack’s uncle replied as he removed the last of the scared young girls clothes.

“Petroleum jelly’s best”

Jack watched as his uncle reached over pulling out the drawer on the night stand grabbing the large jar, tossing it in a high arc to the man whom caught it nimbly, popping the top.

“How long does this Viagra stuff last” the man asked Jack’s uncle “I mean if I blow my wad too soon….?”

“Don’t worry” Jack’s uncle interrupted “you’ll be stiff for hours and still wanting more”

“Good… let’s not waste a minute of it” the man sounded relieved.

Jack stood there the whole world going surreal like he was in a waking dream, watching the man scooping out a two finger glop of the thick greasy lube. Having to put the jar down on the bed grabbing his adult heart throbbing stiff cock at the hairy base in order to spread the thick jelly it over. His adult hands shaking with the excitement of what he intended to do to Jack. A noise from across the bed brought Jack’s attention toward his uncle and the young girl. His uncle’s face was contorted with anticipated pleasure, Jack recognized the look. He had picked her up laying her belly first over the side of the bed, his hands feeling over her nude body. Fred could see his uncle’s stiff adult penis bobbing about behind the wide eyes girl. She was staring over the bed at Jack and the other man as if in disbelief of what was happening.

Strong hands gripped Jack at the waist picking him up, and he found himself belly down over the side of the bed facing the young girl only a foot or so separating them. The strong hands of the man now feeling over him, even going to his much smaller boy penis, feeling over his tight sack that covered his small testicles. Jack saw his uncle reach over picking up the jar of lube scooping out his own glop of the thick stuff. Then went about coating his own stiffly arched penis. Jack had never see his uncle’s cock in such a excited state before and his uncle hands trembled like the man’s hands still did feeling now over Jack’s young body.

His mind jerked back into focus, with the panicked anxiety taking hold again. One of the man’s huge hands slapped onto his back, pinning him suddenly uncomfortably down into the mattress. His uncle still smearing the lube over his own cock was looking eagerly down at Jack and the man behind him. The girl was staring too with horror and fear on her youthful face. The feeling of intense panicked apprehension flooded Jack’s world completely. His young body flooded with adrenalin, mind going fully alert he felt the slick hard blunt tip of the man’s excited penis slip between his young buttocks finding his anus tight against entry.

The man gave Jack no pause, no chance to prepare. The penis like a blunt steel rod, unforgiving in its eagerness to enter into his rectum came at his backside. It entered, his anus opening much to quickly around the horrid throbbing thickness, going deep into his tightly hugging rectum, worming to get in even deeper. Jack had already lurched up off the bed the man’s arms hugging tightly around his slight tensely trembling torso keeping him pinned against the side of the bed. Jack’s rectum locking up around the thickness, into a stabbing sharp pain he didn’t know existed, his back went back arching toward the man as stiff as the trembling mussels of his legs, Jack’s back went hard against the man’s hairy chest. The large strong hands feeling back over Jack’s body again, feeling him everywhere at once.

“Don’t mind if I do” Jack heard his drunk uncle’s slurred voice say. And the girl screamed out.

Through the still gripping cramping of Jack’s rectal tube he opened his tightly shut eyes. Seeing the girl’s face contorted up in an agonizing grimace, hands clenched up tightly in trembling fists to each side. She too had come up against Jack’s uncle chest and was oblivious to anything but the stiff thick rod of cock now in her rectum.

“Damn your nephew’s ass is so… tight” The man’s voice trembling in excitement behind Jack “I-I think I’m shaking more than him”

Jack’s uncle didn’t reply totally absorbed in forcing the ridged trembling young girl to bend back over onto the bed. His bulging eyes glaring down onto her back side, his mind lost in the moment. Jack could feel the stiff rod throbbing to the man’s heart beat, feel every bump and vain of it was so stiff, his rectum hugging so tightly around it. The man’s excitement physically tangible to his young heightened senses. The girl grunted loudly out her mind turning inward as his uncle started working his loin in a movement Jack knew all too well. She went squirming about the look of panicked horror and shock awash on her young face as the fiercely stiff adult penis dug a path deeper through her back passage.

The hard rod in Jack’s tight rectum moved deeper making him unconsciously try to lift away, his small arms and hands going down onto the bed his knee wanting to go up over the edge of the bed. But he was jerked back, a strong hand going onto the back of his neck placing him under the man’s complete control. He was guided back down belly first onto the mattress, legs over the side, all hope of getting away dashed in that instant. The girl only a foot away now in the throws of the intense sensations of being sodomized by an over eager adult a clue to what was shortly in store for him too.

The man quickly adjusted his stance and in a flash Jack’s world became the lustful intent of the man behind him. The steel rod of flesh started digging, pulling back and digging again harshly with purposeful intent and Jack knew the intent, his uncle having done the same before. The man wanted to get all of his long penis up into him and wasn’t going to stop till he had archived that goal. Jack could feel the rod working uncomfortably at the end of his rectal tube forcing his intestine to give into the blunt thickness with hardly a thought to Jack’s discomfort.

“A-A-aah-h-h….” Jack grunted out his voice wavering from the deep path the ridged penis now took.

Jack’s mind turned inward to the penis filled passage of his now engorged intestine. The gripping mixed sensations of the wrongness of it kept his mind focused. The man’s thickly matted hairy loin went pressing against Jack’s youthful buttocks. He could even feel the prickly hairs from the man’s full testicles. Jack’s felt a deep cramp wanting to take hold in his bowel and he fought to contain the deep reflex knowing how much it would hurt. It had happen with his uncle a couple times and it was something he wanted to avoid. But the reflex went surging through his intestine anyway, his bowel clamping up sharply around the horrid deep thickness he couldn’t even think of stopping it. The man cried out with pleasure at the trembling height of the prolonged gripping bowel cramp.

“Damn.. Damn… Damn.. I’m cumming” the man yelled out.

Jack could feel the hot sperm being pumped, flooding into his young cramped intestine. The thick hard rod swelling with each blast of hot sperm from the man’s cock head. But when finished the man didn’t pull out as Jack expected, as his uncle always did before.

“I can’t believe it… I’m still hard… I’m still hard”

“Told you…. Didn’t I, Viagra’s good stuff. Now fuck him till he shit” Jack heard his uncle’s slurred words, and the words went echoing through his young head over and over. ’till he shits’ ’till he shits’

The man seemed all to eager to comply, the hand around the back of his neck slipping down grasping like strong hooks, a hand on each side of his waist, fingers going around digging in harshly on each side of his abdomen. The hard rod pulling back through his still gripping bowel then humping in strongly, the strong hands guiding his movements, the deep intestinal lunges bring on a rush of sensations that he couldn’t hope to suppress. Amongst the rush of sensation now making him squirm uncontrollably in the strong gripping hands of the man was a unmistakable feeling of a even deeper movement, a movement he recognized and his mind turn instantly to a vain effort of control.

The deeply moving steel rod of the man’s penis feverishly probing through his intestine made that all but impossible, each purposeful probing only intensified the urge till he had no choice but to try to close his mind off. His large intestine turned loose his deep intestinal stool, moving it into the path of the thick probing rod, the harsh sensation of the collusion foremost to his young senses, his mind focusing only on that. Jack’s face flushed red from embarrassment of being forced to endure such debasement, everywhere his panicked eyes went someone seemed to be looking at him intently even the little girl his uncle was intently sodomizing.

To make matters even worse was the deep nasty feeling accompanied with the nasty guttural sounds starting to escalate from the movement of the franticly probing adult rod. The urgent feeling of defecating took Jack’s spasming bowel by force. He could even feel the stiff blunt tipped rod mashing fully through all the discharge his intestine offered up. It was more than awful, the man’s large hands started feeling over his sensation racked straining body. The deep steady breathing of the man behind Jack punctuated by lustful moans of his intense blatant pleasure. The thick cock now feeling even stiffer as the movements started becoming more aggressive. And Jack’s buttocks opened up on their own to the now pummelling cock, his young body conforming itself to the stiffly arched penile rod now stabbing through his sensation racked rectal tube. He had stiffly risen up from the bed supported by his trembling arms.

The young girl was lifted up the same as Jack and he found himself looking into her wide eyed sensation racked face. His uncle’s hips were churning into her small backside his face a map of lust filled pleasure. His eyes moving over the young girl as she move about under his constant deep probing moves into her backside. Jack was surprised to see the same look on her brightly flushed face that he knew was on his. But her mind was turned inward onto the abuse Jack’s uncle was putting her through not seeing anything around her.

Jack’s youthful mind sought that escape also as the deep thick spreading intestinal stool burned hotly around the stiff cock that pulled more and more back along with it into his abuse rectal tube till even his open tight anal ring smarted as it was forced to slip reluctantly along the thick shaft of adult cock. He groaned out involuntarily with a high pitched pleading sound one of his small arm going around onto the man’s hairy abdomen as if he could somehow stop he man’s much to eager movements.

“I’m doing it…. I’m really doing it” the man cried out “I’m really fucking the shit out of him”

The man pushed Jack’s arm away, the man’s loin now moving at a pace that Jack couldn’t grasp and he fell forward into the mattress, buttocks opening to the man’s frantic abuse. All he could feel was the horrid sharp burning as the adult cock churned the thick intestinal stool into liquid burning creamy poop. The man behind him planted his loin up into the open crack of Jack’s buttocks, his hotly burning anus mussels gripping gingerly at the base of the mans suddenly sperm pumping cock.

“Fucking yeah…!” the man cried “It’s the best I’ve ever had, dude.. we’re going to have to do this again”

“If your finished the shower in in the other room” Jack’s uncle panted out.

“Almost… almost, after all that beer I gotta piss”

The man’s penis was still stiff and still fully implanted in Jack’s intestine. He felt the man’s strong arm going around him picking his young body up, all the while keeping the long cock fully up into his bowel and took off toward the the bathroom. The man went into the shower still holding Jack tightly against the man’s body the stiff cock still deep between his ass cheek leaving Jack’s legs dangling down in the air. Jack felt a sudden rush of hot liquid flooding into his deep gut ‘The Man Was Peeing Inside of Him’ filling his gut rapidly the pressure building as his intestine swelled to more than it could hold. The hot strong yellow adult piss gushed hotly around the Viagra induced stiffness of cock going warmly down both Jack’s legs and the man. Till Jack could feel the man straining, squirting out the last of it.

The man sighed out in relief as Jack’s uncle came hurriedly into the shower stall carrying the young girl in the same way, his still stiff cock fully up into her bottom.

“I gotta piss too” he slurred out.

Jack and the girl remained held against each of the men, closely facing each other in the small shower stall. Her eyes looking wildly about in a confused state as to what was going on. A second later the shock of Jack’s uncle’s hot piss suddenly released deep in her gut flash over her young face with realization of what was happening. Then the sound of the wet flood as her young intestine revolted against being fill with the hot yellow piss enema.

Jack and the girl were lifted off the still Viagra stiff adult penis’s and stood standing in the shower eye level to the abusive male rods that had seconds before been fully implanted into their young intestines. Everybody got a quick shower the foulness washed away, the clean water helping some to alleviate Jack’s burning anus. The men moving into the bedroom to dress, going for the next beer. Jack stood with shaky knees beside the young girl.

“They call me Jack”

“I’m Linda” she said sounding almost like a sob.

She went into the bed room pick up their clothes, handing Jack his.

“My uncle’s going to get drunk now” she said putting on her clothes “Lets sneak out and play”

Jack looked at her not sure if he should, but she seemed to know what was going on better than him. So he slipped his clothes on quickly going down the short hallway past the two uncle’s setting at the kitchen table, beer in hand laughing and talking loudly. To Jack’s surprise both of them were ignored by the men, and opening the back door they both slipped out going over to a rope swing at the far end of the yard with a old tire tied to it. She climbed into it.

“I think my uncle like you, he likes young boys you know” she said.

“I know” Jack replied “My uncle likes little girls”

“I know… my butt hole still hurt” she said looking down at the ground. “I think were going to come back soon”

“My parents are out of town for a few weeks” Jack said just to be talking.

“That’s what my uncle said” she looked up at Jack “Your butt hurt too?”

“It hurts, burns too… Do you think it will be soon.. I hope not”

“A couple days I think… My uncle like to put his penis in my mouth sometimes… Does your uncle do that?” she asked.

“Only once, he made me suck on it”

“He pushes it into my throat making me puke” she said a sob almost forming “And he does it over and over till his penis squirts…. He makes me swallow it”

Jack didn’t know how to reply, the thought of a mans sperm squirting into his mouth stuck in his mind as just being wrong. Then he realized it was the same man that just sodomized him.

“Do you think your uncle will do that to me?” Jack ask her.

“I think so.. he likes it a lot” Linda said. “If you fight it you’ll be sorry.. I know.. He’ll just make it worse”

Later they heard the Linda’s uncle calling her, it was time to go. He ran with her through the house standing beside his uncle watch her get into the car waving at him as they drove away.

“Be close around the house day after tomorrow Jack” His now fully drunk uncle said to him “Your little friend will be coming back”

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