Deceived by political correctness (Mg,rape)

Deceived by political correctness (Mg,rape)

Prologue: A ten year old girl feels sorry for a black refugee and ends up being gang raped, sodomized and dumped on a refuse spot.

Author: Uncle Tony

The end of school bell rang. It was time to go home, Sally closed her desk and went with the crowd of other girls to go home. It was Monday. She had cleaned up everything at home over the weekend, so she could concentrate on her school work when she got home. She lived quite close to the school, it was about a ten or fifteen minute walk. Outside the gate were a couple of boys waiting for their girl friends. Sally was ten years old, she was a pretty blonde with blue eyes and a pony tail. Quite a few of the girls at the school had boyfriends, but so far no one seemed interested in her. Perhaps she wasn’t as outgoing as some of the others. As the first girls out began to drift away, Sally went out into the street. A boy was standing there alone. He smiled at her. He was black and he was a lot older than her. She felt that she needed to smile back she didn’t want people to think that she was racist. After all, on TV, all the top jobs were held by black people and it was normal for white women to be married to black men and vice versa on the TV. Her mom had told her many times that all people were equal and the color of a person’s skin didn’t matter. So, she smiled back.

That was all that it needed.

“You’re very pretty.” He told her. “Do you live around here? I’ve only been here a few days. I’m from Africa, I escaped from persecution there and I’ve come here to start a new life, but I don’t know anyone. What’s your name pretty girl?” Sally was flattered. It was the first time that a boy had told her she was pretty.

“I’m Sally.” She told him. I don’t live very far from here. Where are you living now?”

“Oh, I’m just staying with some more people who came from my country. I don’t know anyone around here, really. Do you stay with your mother and father?”

“My dad’s dead.” She told him. “I stay with my mom and she isn’t very well. She has a problem with her heart and I have to take care of her. She doesn’t get out very much.” The boy smiled.

“So you’re all alone like me. Can I walk you home?” He put out his hand. She wasn’t sure what to do. This wasn’t what she expected. If she didn’t let him hold her hand, would he think that she was racist? She decided and let him take her hand. They walked together to her house, chatting. When they reached her house. He shook her hand and said.

“I’ll wait for you tomorrow after school. I’ll buy you an ice cream.” She couldn’t refuse.

“OK, see you tomorrow then. She went into the house and told her mom what had happened. Sally’s mother was a little concerned. Her daughter was very beautiful, when she grew up, she would be able to marry any man she wanted. She had heard some stories about young black men having sex with young white girls, but she couldn’t say anything because she didn’t want her daughter to think that she was prejudiced.

“Just be careful, my love.” She told Sally. “Remember what I told you about allowing boys to touch your private parts. You should keep yourself pure until you are at least sixteen.”

“I know mom, but I can’t just ignore him. What would people think, besides, he’s much older than me. He just wants someone to be his friend. That’s all.” The next afternoon, he was there, they walked to a corner shop and he bought her an ice cream.

“What’s your name?” She asked him. “How old are you?”

“You can call me Bennie.” He replied and I’m only seventeen. How old are you?”

“I was ten last month.” Bennie grinned.

“So you haven’t had a lot of boyfriends yet? He laughed.

“No, mom says I shouldn’t have boyfriends until I’m older.”

“Mom is always right.” He told her. I just like talking to someone from around here. People don’t like me because I’m black. There are a lot of racists here. But you’re not like them.” Sally was flattered. They ate their ice cream and he walked her home.

When she came out of school on Wednesday, he was waiting for here, but this time there was an older man talking to him. As she got close to them, the man said something and walked away.

“Was that your dad?” She asked.

“Oh no, it was just some guy wanting to know the way to the post office, so I told him. They walked back to her home. On Thursday, he wasn’t there. A small part of her felt relieved, but she was also disappointed. On Friday he was back.

“I missed you yesterday.” She told him. He was very apologetic.

“I’m so sorry, Sally. I had to go to the police station. It was about my permit to stay here. What are you doing tomorrow afternoon. We can maybe get a bit of Kentucky Chicken and a cool drink, and chat for a while. You can show me around as well if you would.” Sally was a little concerned. She had the housework to do, she normally spent the weekend at home.

“Oh, I can’t really. At weekends I do all the house cleaning and look after mom.” She told him. He sniffed.

“Yeah, I think you just don’t want to be seen with a nigger, do you?”

“No, it isn’t like that, I like you. I would never use that word. I would love to come out with you, but my mom isn’t well.” He squeezed her hand.

“Come on. Not for long, just for an hour. I’ll meet you by your house, we’ll walk into town, have some Kentucky and a drink, then straight back to your mom. How’s that?” What could she do. She didn’t want him to think she was a prejudiced like some others.

“OK, just for an hour then.” He grinned.

“Great, see you tomorrow. Two o ‘clock right here” When Sally went in, she explained to her mother. Her mother was worried.

“But Sally, love. He’s a lot older than you and you are far too young to be dating boys. Do you really like this boy?” Sally hugged her mom.

“No, it’s not like that at all. It’s not a date. He’s a refugee. He had a bad life in his home country, now he’s here and he’s alone, his mom and dad are probably dead. He just wants someone to talk to. Besides. If I tell him no, he thinks it’s just because he’s black. He’s OK. I just feel sorry for him, but I don’t want to be his girl friend or anything like that.” Her mom was slightly mollified, but alarm bells were sounding. She didn’t want to try to stop Sally. She didn’t want her daughter to think that she was prejudiced, but something just seemed wrong.

“Alright, love but just be careful.” Next day she worked extra hard to get everything done. She made lunch ad then put on her jeans and got ready. She kissed her mother

“I won’t be gone for long, back before you know it.” Bennie was waiting. As they walked down the road, he said

“I was thinking. If you give me your phone number, if I get held up another time, I could phone you. Better still I could text you. What’s your mobile number?”

We don’t have a phone.” Sally told him, “And I don’t have a mobile, they are too expensive.” He looked incredulous.

“What?” You don’t have a mobile? Tell you what, I can fix that. He pulled out a brand new iPhone. I got a new one, but you can have my old one. It’s the model before this one, but it’s still working fine. Come on, let’s go get it and we’ll skip the Kentucky.” Now Sally was excited. She’d always wanted a mobile phone, but that would never be able to afford one, so she jumped at the offer

“Wow, that would be great, are you sure? Is it very far?

“Only about fifteen minutes, come on, let’s hurry.” They were walking away from town. It was very desolate out here. They turned up a dirt road and she saw a structure that looked like a old barn up ahead. She stopped.

“What is his place? Where are you taking me? I don’t like it here. Take me back now.” She tried to pull away, but he suddenly tightened his grip on her arm. He was hurting her.

“Ow, stop it, your hurting me.” He suddenly twisted her arm behind her back and propelled her forwards.

“Shut up, you stupid bitch. Stop struggling and move or I’ll really hurt you. We’re going to have some fun.” Sally started crying. Now she was scared. She tried to struggle, but he tightened his grip. When the reached the barn, he kicked at the door. It opened and he pushed her inside. There were a group of eight or nine young black boys waiting inside. They were talking in a language she didn’t understand. Two of them grabbed her by the arms. The others were all around her. Sally was crying. The boy’s hands were all over her. Bennie took his phone and called someone. She couldn’t understand what he was saying but now she was terrified. Bennie addressed the boys. They brought out a dirty old mattress and pushed her onto it before one of them grabbed her hair and another kicked her legs until she was kneeling on the mattress. Bennie grabbed her checks and pulled out a knife.

“Now listen to me carefully, you stupid little white whore. Today, me and my mates are going to have some fun. Now if you keep struggling and making a noise or if you try to bite one of us, here’s what will happen. First, I’ll cut off both your fucking ears. Then, I’ll take a pair of pliers and rip out all your fucking teeth. Then after we’ve finished with you, we’ll all go and visit your mom and when we’ve finished with her, we’ll finish both of you.” The knife pricked her neck. “first, you’re going to give us all a nice blow job.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis.

Dally had never seen a naked man before. She’d seen pictures of men in a book with their penis, but it had been a little thing. The one she was looking at was rock hard and about six inches long. There was some liquid oozing from the tip.

“Now, bitch. I’m going to train you. I want you to imagine this is a lollipop. First, I want you to lick it all over, just like a lollipop. Then, you open your mouth and put it inside. Just like a lollipop and I want you to suck it. If you try to bite it, or hurt it with your teeth. remember your mom and your fucking ears and teeth.” He grabbed her hair pulled her towards.his erection. She tried to pull away, but he slapped her hard on the face. She stated licking. Tears we streaming down her face.

“Open wide.” He commanded. “And start sucking. Remember black baby juice is precious, so when I come, don’t waste it, swallow every drop.” She had no idea what he was talking about, but she had no choice. She started to suck, but he grabbed her head in both hands and pushed his thing right down her throat, she started gagging, and he pulled it a little way and then started to pump this huge thing in and out of her throat.

“That’s a good little whore.” He muttered huskily. “Get ready, here it comes,” she felt the thing swell even bigger and then suddenly a flood of warm slimy liquid pumped into her throat. She was choking and gagging. Stream after stream of this stuff was pumped into her little mouth. She thought that she was going to die. It was running out of her nose and mouth. She was coughing, gagging and choking. He pulled her head further back.

“Swallow it, swallow, you stupid white bitch. You’re wasting it.” He pulled his penis out of her mouth and slapped her hard on her face. “I’ll forgive you this once because it was your first time, next one, you swallow every fucking drop. Do you understand?” Terrified, she nodded dumbly. She could see all the boys had their penises out of their pants and they were stroking them. Terrified, she realized that she had to do this to every one of them. Te next boy stepped up. His was bigger than Bennie’s. He didn’t bother about licking, he pushed it straight into her mouth. She sucked frantically.

“Fuck!” She heard him exclaim. It swelled. This time she was frantically swallowing, trying to stop herself from choking five or six streams flooded her little mouth. She still gagged, but she had managed to swallow most of the filthy stuff.

One after the other, the boys unloaded into her mouth. She felt sick. Then Bennie came back.

“Time for round two, bitch.” Before he could put it in her mouth, they heard a car pull up outside.

“It’s Mo.” Someone shouted. There was a knock on the door. Bennie rushed to open it. Into the bard’ came the man that she’d seen talking to Bennie outside the school. The boys dragged Sally to her feet. The man came up to her and looked her up and down.

“Nice.” He said. “Are you sure that she’s a virgin?” He grabbed her blouse and ripped it off. Underneath she had a training bra. He pulled out a razor sharp knife and just cut it upen. The boys pulled it off her. He squeezed and fondled her little breasts. “Very nice indeed. You did well. When we are done, I’ll give you the two hundred that I promised you, bring the table.” A couple of boy went off to the back of the barn. The man took off his shirt and dropped his pants. Sally looked in horror at the enormous thing sticking out between his legs. It must have been at least nine inches long and as thick as her arm. She would never be able to get that into her mouth.

“Don’t just stand there.” He yelled at the boys. “Get her shoes and socks off and get her jeans off. I want the little white whore completely naked.” She tried to struggle, but there were too many of them, they pulled off her jeans and just tore off her panties.

“Stand the bitch up and let me see what we have here.” He told the boys. The dragged her to her feet and held her up. The man fondled her breasts again.

“Nice little tits.” He announced. Then he stuck his finger into his mouth and wet it. Then he pushed it roughly into her little pussy. She screamed with pain.he pulled his finger out of her and sucked it. The horrible truth then hit poor Sally. He was going to push this enormous black thing into her little pussy. He grinned at her.

“I’ve been saving this for you ever since I heard about you.” He told her, fondling his testicles. “I’ve not had a fuck or a wank now for a week. I’ve got a nice load of black baby juice here for you bitch. You lucky little whore. I saved it all specially for you. I’m gonna really enjoy this. I just love little blond white whores.”

“Oh no, please no, not that, please, I’ll do anything, but not that.” She pleaded.he pushed her and the boys dragged her to the table they had brought out. They pushed her on to the table. Her legs were on the floor, but the upper half of her body was on the table, face down. Just her head and shoulders were over the edge.

“Open her fucking legs” the man shouted.. The boys dragged her kgs apart. She started screaming, but one of the boys shoved a dirty rag into her mouth. “Hold the bitch tight.” He told them. “And keep her quiet.” She felt something cold and wet rubbed on her pussy and then a finger shoved something cold and slippery inside her. Then he rubbed his enormous thing up and down her pussy and then he started pushing. She felt the head go inside. She was being stretched to the limit. The pain was intense. All that she could do was make gurgling noises.

“Yes, she’s definitely a virgin.” He announced. “Now hang on to her. This is one tight little bitch.” He shoved harder. His fingers bit cruelly into the flesh of her hips. She felt something tearing inside and she fainted from the pain. She wasn’t out for long. He would ease back a little bit and then push harder. She felt that her entire body was being split apart. She felt something running down her legs and she guessed that it was her blood.. Then the pain got even worse and she fainted again. Dimly she heard the boys clapping.

“He’s got it all in her.” One of them said. The man tightened his grip on her hips.

“Yes, all nine inches.” He announced, proudly. “And now I’m going to fuck the living shit out of this little white bitch. If any of you guys want to face fuck her while I’m busy, feel free, but I suggest you let me get going first so she stops trying to scream.” Thankfully, she felt the monstrous thing being pulled out, but when it was almost all the way out, he shoved it all the way back in. She was past pain now and only semi-conciousness. Her body was in shock. The thrusting got faster. He was slamming in and out so hard now that the table was moving.

“Hold the flicking table.” She dimly heard him yell. A boy shoved his penis into her mouth.

“Remember your mom.” He hissed. She knew it was Bennie. The pounding of the man went on for what seemed hours. Bennie and several other boys unloaded into her mouth. Then she felt the man grip even harder. His nails dug up into her tender flesh.

“Here it comes you tucking little white whore.” He yelled.he pushed his thing into her so far and she felt it swell even bigger than before. A huge jet of his vile stuff flooded into her. He pushed even harder. Jet after jet streamed into her little body. She felt she was going to burst. Finally, he loosened his grip and pulled his still swollen penis out of her. He walked around the table and lifted her head by her hair. His penis was still swollen and covered in blood and it was still dribbling his slimy stuff.

“Lick it clean you fucking white bitch. It’s your filthy white blood that dirtied it.” Past resistance and seemingly in a dream, she obediently licked it until it was clean. It was shrinking as she licked. “Now get her on her back, and you can have your turns now.” He told the boys. Most of them either had their pants off or they were naked. Bennie got to go first. He got between her outspread legs, held open by two other boys and pushed his penis inside her. It felt like sandpaper in spite of the fact that she was still full of the other man’s slime which was oozing out of her. Bennie didn’t care. He started fucking her like a mad thing. There were obscene squelching noises and he pushed in and out. She was living in a fog. She barely noticed that he had finished and another boy had taken his place. So it went on. She heard the man talking into his phone.

“Hurry up and get here quickly.” She heard him say. Then he took his turn again between her legs. She lost conciousness again as he pounded into her. Vaguely, she heard another car pull up. The boys opened the door and another adult man came in. He wasn’t as black as the others, he looked more Indian.

“In the back boys.” She heard him say. Boys rushed out and came back in with some crates and a bottle. The crate was full of beer. The man opened the bottle and took a swig. Then he passed it to the other man. Little Sally struggled to get up. She sat up, but the new man came over to her. He pawed her little breasts and then held her head and put the bottle to her lips.

“Drink, little girl.” He told her. “You’re gonna need this.” He raised her head and held the bottle to her mouth, forcing the fiery spirit into her. She coughed and gagged, but he kept it to her lips until she had swallowed quite a lot. He dropped his pants. Right in front of her face, she saw his enormous erection. It was much bigger than the other man’s. He would never get this into her.

“Yes little girl. You can look. Here is eleven inches of throbbing hot cock. Just for you. I’m going to enjoy this, but I don’t think you will.” The whisky he had forced down her throat was starting to take effect.her head was spinning. He pulled her to her feet punched her hard in the stomach and smashed the back of his hand across her face. There was a coppery taste of blood. He dragged her back to the table and pushed her face down onto it.

“Hey, one of you pass me that gel.” She heard him say. A minute or so later she felt the checks of her bottom being pulled apart. The cold slippery stuff was runner onto her backside. And a finger pushed some into her anus.

“Oh God, please no, please. Not there.” She slurred her words. There was a cruel laugh. One of the boys punched her in the face.

“Oh yes, your cunt has been relieved of its virginity. Now I’m about to relieve your arse of its virginity as well. Better brace yourself. This is going to hurt. A lot.” She felt the enormous thing being pushed into her bottom. She started screaming with the pain. Blows rained down on her face and another rag was pushed into her mouth. She knew that she was going to die. He had his belt in his hand and lashed her hard across her back and buttocks. She could never take this monster into her without it ripping her apart. The pain was getting worse. She was in a different world. The whisky had numbed her brain. She was swimming in a sea of pain. The rag was taken out of her mouth and she vomited and then mercifully she fell unconscious

Dimly in the back of her mind, she heard a banging sound. It took a while before she realized it was the man pounding his monstrous thing in and out of her little bottom, she could smell faeces and she knew that she had messed herself and peed herself as well. She felt a flood of liquid being pumped somewhere deep inside her, but she was past caring now. She knew that she was finished. She couldn’t take any more.

The man pulled out of her. She was barely conscious, but she knew it was best to stay unconcious. There was a lot of talking.

“I think she’s going to snuff it.” one of them said. “Look at all that blood. I think you broke something inside her. The boys sounded pleased. The first man that the boys had called Mo, didn’t sound even a bit worried.

“That’s what all white whores are good for. They were just born for us to fuck. Alright, we’ve all had a turn, time to call an end to this. Stupid white bitch. Get one of those old blankets, and let’s get her into the back of the van. She was aware of several of the boys, still naked, pumping there penises until they shot their slimy stuff into her hair and on her face. She lay limp and still. They rolled her onto the blanket picked her up and carried her outside. It was already dark. Wherever would her mom be thinking. The car sped away. She fell into unconsciousness again. They seemed to drive for hours, then she felt herself being lifted and carried in the blanket. They tipped her out onto ground, covered in paper, tins and other rubbish. She kept perfectly still. She felt something warm being poured onto her back and eventually she realized that the boys were peeing on her naked body.

“I think she’s had it.” She heard Bennie say. “Die, fucking white whore.” From another

“Probably, but it doesn’t matter. Even if someone does find her out here, we’re in the clear, we are at a party in Rotherham with our friends and we have twenty witnesses to swear to it. The cops won’t bother us, we’re black and in this country we can do as we like and no one dare say anything because if they do, they get branded as a racist. It’s fucking great.” They walked off. Several minutes later in the distance she heard a car start. She was sure that she was dying. Her only thought was to try to get back home to her mom, to tell her how sorry she was for being so stupid. Painfully and slowly, she started to crawl towards where she heard the car start. She was dragging herself along by her fingers, she was too weak and too drunk to stand. After what seemed hours, she fell into a ditch. The cold water in the ditch, spurred her on and she climbed up the other side. She saw lights coming towards her and she heard the shriek of brakes. A car pulled up beside her. She daren’t look. Maybe they had come back to kill her. A man and a woman got out.

“Oh my God,” she heard the woman say. “The poor kid’s been badly hurt. Quickly, let’s get her into a hospital before she dies.”

“My God.” She heard the man say. “She’s completely naked. She stinks of booze, piss and sex. Look where she’s bleeding. This kid has been raped and sodomized by the look of it and dumped in refuse. This is a well known spot for fly-tipping. I think that whoever did this, got her drunk and then pissed on her when he had finished with her

She felt herself being picked up and put on the back seat of a car.

“I just want to see my mom.” She croaked, hoarsely.

“Just lie still and relax. You’re safe now.” The woman told her. She was dressed in a white polo-neck sweater.

“Are you an angel?” She whispered. “Please tell my mom that I’m so very sorry.” Then blackness overtook her.

They took her to the nearest hospital in Maidstone. She was rushed into emergency. They waited until the doctor finally came out to them.

‘This seems to be happens a lot recently.” He told them. “It’s the third one we’ve had here this last month. This one was lucky. The other two didn’t make it. They were all gang raped. We’ve collected semen from her and urine. I’m guessing that when the results come back there are ten or more involved, the previous ones were the same and more or less the same DNA results. The police are on their way, but they won’t be able to do anything. They want you to please wait for them and give statements. We’ve stitched her up. She has internal injuries as well. We’ve put her on a blood transfusion. She’s very weak and delirious. We’ve sedated her. She should make it. She’s in critical care.

Half an hour or so later, two police constables arrived a man and a woman. They first talked to the girl and then they came back to the man and his wife.

“We would like to take statements from you both.” They told the police, where they had found her, but that was really all that they knew. The male constable spoke.

“She claims that she was lured to a building, by a young black man and then he and eight or nine of his friends forced her to perform oral sex. Then an adult black man arrived and raped her and that was followed by all the boys, she thinks several times. Then the man raped her again. Finally another man arrived. She thought he was Indian. He forced her to drink some sort of spirit and then sodomized her. Then they took her in a van and dumped her and then they urinated on her. It’s the third case here. All three came from the Colchester area, so we have to pass this to the Colchester branch to investigate.”

“But Colchester is miles away from where we found her.” The woman said. “If this is the third time, why haven’t you caught them yet?”

“Unfortunately not. You see it’s quite possible that these people are either refugees or just plain African illegal immigrants. Their DNA isn’t on any of our databases. So unless we can catch them red-handed, their isn’t much that we can do. Our hands are tied.” The man was quite angry.

“But surely you can get DNA samples from the people in the area.” Both policemen looked at each other.

“If we tried to do that, sir, within hours, we would have protests, there would be riots, cars set alight, shops looted and it might spread all over Britain. There would be as many white people protesting as black. We can’t do anything at all. Even if we catch one if these people red-handed, there are protests and we are accused of racial prejudice and my officers get branded as Nazi’s. We know there are gangs of Pakistanis, grooming young girls and getting them hooked on drugs and being used as sex toys, but there is nothing that we can do. There is so much fear of being labeled racist or prejudiced. To be honest with you. There’s a huge elephant in the room, but no one is allowed to see it. It’s political correctness gone mad. Quite frankly, I think it’s too late to do much about it. If we start clamping down on this, I think the UK will burn. It isn’t just here, it’s all over Europe as well.” They just stood dumbfounded. The cop continued.

“If and its a big if, she could positively identify one of them, we might but it’s very unlikely, to be able to get a confession, but within a short space of time after we take one into custody, there will be a queue of civil rights lawyers, queuing up to represent him. Look, we have your details. If there are any developments or if we need you for a court appearance, we know where to contact you. Have a good evening both of you and we thank you for being so civic minded.”

For days, the couple watched TV and scanned the newspapers, but there was never any mention of the incident.


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