The Yellow Brick Road (Mg,oral,anal,rape)

The Yellow Brick Road (Mg,oral,anal,rape)

I said goodbye to Jackie needing to get home. She was my best friend just a little older than me having just turned eight last week. Mom and dad would get pissed if I didn’t get back in time for supper and I turned up a old bike trail that ran up in back of a housing project. About half way through a man jump out from behind a tree a little ways in front of me. I stopped, something didn’t seem right as he stood there blocking my way. A deep fear gripped me for some reason. I stepped back then turned to run, another man was there behind me and I bumped hard into him, he had me suddenly in a strong grip. I screamed but it was cut off by a hand over my mouth.

He was strong, real strong, picking me up and going into the wooded area off the trail, the other man following. A bit later he sat me down, and I screamed again. He just laughed, both of them laughed.

“That’s it honey scream all you want, nobody can hear you now” the younger man leered. And pulled a long length of rope from his backpack.

The two men towered over me and I trembling as one of them knelt holding my arms out the other tying the rope around my wrists in front of me. Then one grabbed the long trailing length pulling me along with them farther into the woods till we finely came upon a small clear area. They removed their backpacks the older one pulled out a blanket and laid it out in front of a tree covering the ground, I was pulled over onto it and shoved down. The younger man held me down onto my back as the rope was pulled to and around the tree trunk a few feet away my arms going over my head as I lay there. Panic surge through me and I struggled to pull my hands free.

Hands came down onto my shoulders, the older man knelt down knees pressing hard on my arms. My head between his legs, I could look down at the grinning younger man who now grabbed each side of my waist hooking his finger into my pants and pulling them suddenly down across my legs, panties and all leaving me suddenly exposed under their intense view. I couldn’t believe what had happened, crossing my legs in sudden embarrassment of being exposed. Looking up over the belly of the older man holding me down I could see him watching me closely with a leering smile on his face.

The pants and undies were pulled free inside out and tossed onto the brush off to the side, then his strong hands gripped my ankles pulling my legs strongly apart as he stare down between my legs, eyes lock there. I couldn’t help but to flush from embarrassment as they both glared down at my exposed open slit. I tried to pulled my legs from his powerful grip but he simply handed them off to the older man who spread my legs farther pulling them higher back toward him. I tugged trying to free my legs for a few more moments and gave up, watching nervously as the younger man fished around in a backpack pulling out a small jar of petroleum jelly. They were going to rape me.

“Please don’t rape me” I cried, “Don’t get me pregnant”

“Hear that” The older man said to the younger man, “She don’t want to get pregnant”

“Don’t worry hon” the young man leered, “No worry about that”

He scoop out some thick goo with a couple fingers and moved down between my legs. A finger shoved without warning into my butt hole. I had worm one of my own fingers there before easing it in slowly as I could handle it, but he just shoved his bigger finger in suddenly worming it around deep into my up turned bottom.

“Ah-h-h.. IT Hurts.. It hurts!!” my legs worked on their own to pull free from the older mans grip.

But the men were intent on want they were doing ignoring my pleas. The finger probed the inside of my rectum harshly working in deep and just as the worse was over he started forcing another finger in much too quickly beside the other. I screamed from the sharp pain as the fingers wormed in forcing my anus and then rectum to open under the churning action. My head tilted back and I found myself panting, gasping in my effort to come to terms with the sharpness of the pain. Still gasping tears filling my eyes I managed to lift my head looking down between my legs at the surreal scene of the younger man with his fingers wallering around in my rectum.

He pulled them out and stood working his own pant down his eyes never leaving my bottom. The moment I saw his adult stiff penis come free, I knew, I knew. He stepped out of his pants and underwear still looking down between my legs and knelt down. He was going to put bulbous tipped stiff thing into my butt hole. He rubbed over it as he looked my body over, then picked up the petroleum jelly fingers digging in and slowly spreading it over the throbbing thing. I watch feeling trapped, my hands writhed about in the knots that held them over my head. Fear gripped me like I had never felt in my life. I didn’t want to be here, my mind fogging over trying to escape the overwhelming panicked fear sweeping me. My eyes were wide watching the younger mans penis, it was all I could see. The  testicles hung heavily swaying as he move closer. My legs were pulled back and higher raising my bottom off the blanket, the stiff penis was guided suddenly onto my exposed butt hole, pressing in just as quickly. It was thick, much thicker than the fingers and the blunt bulbous tip made it even worse. The feeling of it being pushed deeper gripped me and overwhelmed my senses, my head fell tilting back onto the blanket, with my mind consumed by that one intense thing, the consuming thick feeling pushing into my rectum. My legs were released falling forward into the waiting arms of the younger man.

He raised up over me my legs to each side over his arms, my bottom raised with him as my legs were force almost to my shoulders. The penis press again, his hips moving slightly side to side. The older man raised up and away and stood watching. The penis in my rectum felt much too thick too be there, the discomfort more than unbearable as it pushed deeper than the fingers ever did. The young man’s face was lock in ecstasy looking down into my shocked face, his hips lunged the penis forced its way even deeper into a yet untouched area of my rectum, his loin pressed up against my bottom, I could even feel his heavy male testicles resting against me there. My rectum spasmed and I lurched hard bucking under him from the sudden deep painful cramping with him worming his loin against me as if to get more in.

The flexing rod tugged back making me gasp in loudly only to be press back, painful cramping hit me again as it was forced in deep again. He tugged it back and I  chirped sharply out even more loudly, I couldn’t stop, it was just too much to handle. The intensity of it only increased making me continue to lurch under him, I could see through the wet blur of my eyes the older man in flashes rubbing over the bulge in his pants he had a frightening fierce excited look lock on his face. Suddenly the younger man slammed his loin against me, a painful cramp had the mussels of my rectum locking down on the penis as it swelled hugely. I realized he was going to pump his man seed, his sperm into my rectum, this scared me, my adrenalin surged with me struggling to lurch off the stiff rod but I was held much to firmly for that. And could only go wide eyed engulfed, fully consumed by the sensation of it spraying the sperm deep in my rectum, my mind just couldn’t process it and I felt defiled, dirty. Both men watching their eyes lock on me taking the huge load of man sperm in my bowel and I flushed unable to hide, the degrading act overwhelming my mind, I could only avert my eyes, my face burning, flushing red.

The older man had pulled his pants off and was rubbing his much longer throbbing stiff penis as the younger man pulled suddenly out, my rectum sucking air. Still holding my legs he moved around over my head. I could see his now half hard penis a smear of my poop remained plastered on the head. The older man knelt down and reached into a backpack pulling out a rag wiping over my sore butt hole then grabbing the jar of thick jelly. I raised my head up looking at him running the lube over the much longer penis, it seemed thicker too. When finished making his penis shine with the stuff he wiped some over my hole quickly moving in.

Like the younger man he came at me quickly, much too quickly driving froward with a evil grin lock on his face. The thickness of his cock was overwhelming and held me focused in its filling grip as the thing pushed in, ever deeper. The young man still held my leg spread wide as he stood there, the poop on his penis head stared back pointing down at me, my eyes locked on it unable to turn away. The hands of the older man pulled on my blouse working it over my head onto my arms his hands feeling over my now bare torso the thick penis flexing uncomfortably, my rectum growing intensely sensitive to any movement. He gripped my hips pressing suddenly forward worming the penis letting it in dig deeper still. It fill my now irritable rectum and still he worm in intently hard making me wallow about as the odd discomfort mounted.

He wanted it all into me I could tell by the look on his ecstatic face, I had see it and it was much to big, the thing would kill me. I was sure of that. Again I tried too lurch off the impaled thick rod.  But his firm grip on my waist held me fully under his control. It was becoming way too much to handle.

“STOP.. STOP… Your killing me!” I wailed “Please.. You have to Stop”

My whole body trembled from the deep sharpening discomfort and consuming fear that this was absolutely going to kill me. But he only continued and I started trying twisting from the firm grip of his hands. The penis blunt tipped head started forcing a path deeper, then seem to slip in a gripping stabbing flash farther into me. I froze from the shocking peculiar pain that deeply flooded my intestine following the blunt tip as it wedged in farther still, my legs mussels trembled in jerking shudders in the younger mans firm gripping hands.

“Hows it feel with a cock in your gut honey” the older man leered. “I’m going to fuck your large intestine till you shit”

I stared up in a state of shock, eyes locked onto the sadistic mans face, seeing no mercy at all in the gleam of his eyes. His loin pressed, my body could only shuddered as the thick rod moved deeper under his full control. A long loud seemingly disembodied  wavering cry escaped me. The feeling was more than horrible and no sooner than his loin mashed to my bottom a deep fierce cramp clenched down inside my bowel and gut over the thickness that I couldn’t even think to impede. The blinding white pain of the gripping cramp subsided slowly with me consumed by me willing my mussels to relax. Still held in the tentative grip intestine on edge, I could feel the penis as it was pulled back through my stretched gut tube, my large intestine. Then forced back. My gut revolted to the movement with a sudden urgent consuming need to defaecate sweeping through my abdomen. He immediately repeated the move acerbating the urgent urge.

I suddenly more than had to poop, and felt ashamed that I couldn’t control the horrendous uncontrolled urge. My head bobbed from the overpowering feeling as it surged out of any control. He humped again the thick rod slipping with reluctance through my intestine, my intestine churned making a deep guttural rumble as I plainly could feel more than his cock moving uncontrolled through my gut tube. He smiled devilishly as his hip worm against me. I stared up at him in disbelief as the younger man grinning fiendishly handed my legs to him letting them slip into his waiting arms to each side. He leaned in over me looking into my shocked flushed contorted face. It felt like I had to shit real bad, and the building urgent pressure in my gut pressed home the fact my fight was over. I could only stare red faced back at him knowing profoundly what he was about to do.

“No… Please…” I grunted barely straining out, pleading.

The penis only tugged back strongly, I could feel my deep shit that now coated the implanted rod being pulled along with it. Embarrassment, debasement, and shame fill my very being. There was no stopping the tugging movement deep inside my bowel that escalated into a nasty sensation that disgusted me to the core. Gross sounds increase in volume from my gut and deep guttural grunts came from me as I tried hiding my red flushed face into my arms. My gut, rectum burned from the vile abuse it was enduring as the penis press through my pressing slowly escaping poop that now coated the thick shaft of the cock. All I could see is their male faces in flashes, close, staring intently at me, the younger man was rubbing over his firming penis getting off on what he apparently saw. Embarrassing shame at being watch flooded through me in waves as my body, my bowel lost all control in full view right in front of them. And they relished in my shame and humiliation.

The penis pulled from my gut and rectum feeling like a thick turd shooting out, and my body shuddered with the rush of release, the sensation swept in a shudder through me. The older man quickly wiped over his still stiff penis then my bottom, my tortured anus burning smartly hot. Picking up the lube he re-coated his penis then ruffly turned me over lifting me up onto my knees hands still pulled forward by the rope, head down into the blanket. I was too exhausted to fight anymore as he move up behind me. The blunt head of his penis went between my buttocks firmly onto my hot sore anus and pushed in. His large strong hands held my hips in place as the thick rod slipped deep filling my rectum to the end then lunged at the turn into my intestine hard popping, sinking fully in.

He started humping the moment his loin went up into the cleft of my buttocks, staying deep. My gut revolted against the movement almost at once leaving me twisting lurching in his strong grip to pull free somehow. His movement escalated to a feverish pace sending me over the edge as a one cramping wave after another of sharp pain flooded through my bowel, my large intestine making me scream out in a ear piercing howl, my mussels clamped down hard in pulsing waves around the stiff pummeling rod till he was forced to stop his eager movement, my bowel clamped cramping down hard as he held it fully into me.

I groaned in the misery of it unable to relax my cramping bowel at all, and twisted tensely about as he hung on staying firmly in place behind me. The thick rod pulled back some then was forced back, again, then again increasing in tempo as he was able. I came up screaming again when he started a frenzied humping, his loin banging against my bottom in slaps till I started convulsing unable control my movements. I was now pulled and guided by his strong grip over his pummeling penis. He jammed hard up into my gut his penis swelling, spraying warm sperm powerfully as my intestine continued convulsing around the pumping of his swelling thick penis. It seemed to go on for ever with him yanking his penis free in a swift move. I fell forward my leg clamping tightly together as a gripping deep cramp seized my now empty bowel. I could hear them laughing as they dug into one backpack pulling out a couple cans of beer.

They sat there talking as I found myself sobbing curled up. My rectum ached, burning from the abuse. Everything seemed on the edge of cramping again and I stayed still balled up trying not to bring attention to myself. They finished their beer and fished out another one.

“You know” Said the younger man “I could use a blow job right know”

“She’d probably bite your dick off” the older man said.

The younger man dug into one of the backpacks pulling out a metal ring with two straps on each side, slipping his half hard penis through the metal ring.

“Not with this” he grinned broadly at the older man.

He handed the thing to the older man who looked it over then over at me. I flinched under his gaze and could sense their excitement growing again. They finished their beer tossing their cans to the side. The older man rose and came over his half hard penis swinging slightly. He knelt down grabbing a hand full of hair pulling my head up. He had the metal ring thing in his hand.

“Open up” he said shoving the thing toward my face.

He shook my head almost ripping my hair out then forced the thing between my lips. I clamped my jaw shut, suddenly I was in a headlock fingers pinching painfully hard on each side of my jaw forcing my mouth to open enough, as he worked the ring in twisting it till my mouth opened painfully wide around it. The straps pulled around my head and fastened down. He held my head up by a handful of hair with on hand the other rubbing over his penis.

“Hey man” the younger man complained “It’s my idea, I go first”

“Did you bring the duct tape”

The younger man fished into a backpack then checked the other pulling out a small roll and handed it to the older man who untying my hands. Then pulled them around my back folding them together running the tape around them a few times, pinning them together tightly. I now knelt there under their glaring gaze.

“Lets double team her” The older man blurted out “I’ll take tails, wanted that anyway. Bet she’s still sensitive down there”

The younger man moved in close staring at my face as he nodded ‘yes’ his cock growing fully stiff as he rubbed over it. I heard the jar of petroleum jelly popping open and swung my head around. The older man was knelling behind me going about smearing the thick goo over his stiff member. Hands gripped my head turning me forward the younger mans penis close to my face now and I looked down the length of it. The older man moved up behind me and I felt the blunt head press between my ass cheeks pressing against my sore anus.

“Okay, heres the rules” the young man said “Who ever cums first wins”

My mind spun feeling the impact of his words. I felt trapped, pinned between them, clammy hands gripping my hips, holding them firmly in place the pressure against my back hole held at bay for now. The younger mans hands now went firmly on each side of my head pinning it between his hands in a tight controlling grip. He pulled me slightly forward and down making me hunch over and I realized with shock he was lining my throat up for his thrust and tugged my head trying to wrench free. But his grip was much too firm. A deep fear gripped me, a fear of the unknown, of having no control, my senses heightened, time slowed.

I heard a loud “READY”

Then “SET”

Both their hands tensed in unison gripping even more aggressively, the panic of it well through me.

“GO” rung echoing in my ears.

The blunt tip of the older man behind me entered first, driving deep and I lurch forward vainly in his tight grip. I cried out through the metal ring.

“Ah-h-g-g…..” The scream got cut off as the penis posed at my opened mouth slipped through the ring to the back of my mouth pressing into my wailing throat hole. My head strongly guided by the younger man as he pressed forcing the blunt cock head to squeeze down into hole of my throat gagging me. The thick rod of the older man lunged entering my gut slipping in farther till his loin rested against my bottom firmly, then without remorse tugged back. I gasp  involuntarily sucking in on the penis in my mouth it going in deeper still. With my eyes wide with the realization I couldn’t draw in a breath, the rod of flesh plugged even farther into my throat.

Panic really set in then making me buck between the two, twisting to yank free, to gasp in a gulp of air. The stiff rod in my throat wedged farther with my nose pressing firmly into the heavy mat of pubic hair. I went fully gagging on the young mans stiff cock till my stomach lurched into the act. The long cock in my gut snapped into swift action. I remembered once when I had a bad stomach flu. I would run to the bathroom with a small trashcan in my hand puking into it as the bad runs came from my butt. That same sickening feeling now held me in its firm grip.

I puked up over the penis in my throat as my bowel went wild for release feeling just like I had the bad runs. I choked on the gush of puke as the younger man now pump as fast as he could toward release. My nose being mash to his puke matted pubes on each lunge. My body convulsed as my lungs sucked in the burning slimy puke being churned about in my mouth, throat, nose, it wouldn’t stop leaving me choking, gagging to puke even more, all at the same time. My bowel and gut just plain strained shoving against the cock there to feverishly to find release of its own.

My head was pulled hard against the loin of the younger man, my mouth sealed against the base of his cock. My face cheek swelled as puke surged up past the lodged stiff rod filling my mouth unable to exit as it burn a path out my nose. He was cumming adding to the gush of vomit choking me, then….. thankfully pulling out. I sagged over still gripped strongly by the older man as he continued pummeling my gut, I choked, gasping wetly, spraying thick spittle and puke from my burning lungs, nose. I remained gasping and shooting sprays of wetness from my burning throat and lungs over and over, hoping for a clean breath to relieve my urgent need for air. My face flat to the ground in my own slick puke, whooping gasps made my body lurch in desperate spasms still barely able to breathe. The thick penis pulled suddenly from my ass.

“Fuck… Her ass is all used up” The older man said

Strong fingers gripped into the hair of my head pulling me up. Through my blurry eyes I was suddenly confronted by the older man’s cock coming toward my face, slimy with evidence of his time in my bowel coating it still. My lungs coughed up a spray of slimy spittle over the approaching blunt thickness. I dumbly, helplessly watch as he aimed the tip through the metal ring. The thing fill my mouth barely fitting through the constricting ring. I gasp in trying to fill my rasping lungs before the tip entered my throat. But choked on thick slick wetness that got suck in instead. My throat and his cock collided without my needed relief for air being met.

He had not one bit of concern for my blight. The thicker slick tip wedging forcing a path into my already sore tortured throat. My throat bulge painfully my stomach lurch hard, bile coming up against the blockage there unable to push past. He lunged pulling my head hard. He won…. the cock had its way and my faced pressed deeply into the dark hair of his loin, the bristly male ball sack mashed against my chin. My throat a lesson in burning pain he started pumping deeply. My head swam with the loud wet slushing echoing through my senses. My body went limp held up only by his painful hold of my hair, I passed out.

I woke spitting wetly choking for each breath, my whole body hurt, burn it some fashion. At first I wasn’t sure what was going on. A man was pumping on my chest, then stopped as I gazed hazily up at him.

“Damn… I though you kill her”

“It was awful good though” the other voice said

“Yea… you thinking about doing it again”

“You bet”

“I’m in”

“You know, your getting better” the younger man said “The last two died”

“Leave her lay” the older man looking down.

He looked at me for a long moment. “You know little bitch, we’ll find you again and see about taking it to the next level”

They went about picking up their stuff, leaving me laying in a puddle of puke and my poop. I slowly recovered enough to look around, the unknown place closed in around me and I grew frightened about being lost in the darkness of the forest. They dressed and took off. Fear gripped me and I jerk up following them through the woods. They stopped one of them pulled my clothes from his pack placing them on the ground near a small path and hurried on. I dressed quickly with what I found, my panties all but missing and looked off down the small path they took. The path was old and at one time bricked with hard broad stones.

I walked under the close trees for a while, it was getting late the sun going down. I turn down a curve, the yellow setting sun shown up the path casting a yellow glow over everything, and I could see people going about their business at the opening from the woods into the world.