Tanya at twelve (Mg,pedo)

Tanya at twelve (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: A 12 years old lolita is taught about sex by her mom’s boyfriend. He masturbates her with a vibrator and teaches her about penises.

Author: ThatGuy Me

I had my first sexual experience when I just turned 12. It was with my moms 42 year old boy friend Steve.

I met Steve when I was 8 years old. My mom started dating him about a year after my father and mother split up. Our family had moved to Orlando to a new job for my mom.

Steve is a great guy. Good looking, clean cut, sweet and loving. He and I hit it off from the start and to tell you the truth I fell in love with him. He took the place of my dad and my mom.

My mom was very strict and never ever cut me any slack whatsoever. And I slowly go closer and closer to Steve over the next few years. We spent a lot of time together and he babysat me allot when my mom worked late or when she attended night school.

Anyway, as time went by and I got older things began to change for me and for Steve.

We were always touchy-feely. And Steve was always touching my flat chest and rubbing my butt allot. He also would stick one index finger down the waist of my pants and hook it around my panties all of the time. And I
liked it. He always paid allot of attention to me. And he always whispered in my ear how much he loved me and told me when I grew up that he wanted me to marry him. And I guess I grew into that and wanted it too.

I would always lounge around at night with a nightie on without any panties and I would always catch Steve looking at my hairless pussy when I sat cross legged on the floor.

One night when my mom was at night school Steve and I were up in my moms bedroom, I pulled out a knapsack I found in the closet, opened it up, reached in and pulled out a dildo. I asked Steve if that’s what it was and he grabbed it from me and said never mind what that is. I told him I knew what one was because all the girls talked about them in school and Joanie and I, one of my friends, had found one in in her moms dresser.

Steve then said okay he would tell me but that I could not tell my mom that we talked about it because he could get into trouble. He made me say I loved him and that people that love each other don’t hurt each other or get each other in trouble. I told him I would never tell my mom.

So Steve told me that yes it was a dildo and that it was a special kind of dildo called a vibrator. So I asked him what a vibrator was and he handed me the vibrator back in my left hand and with his right hand he twisted the
bottom and that’s when it started to vibrate. It was cool. He when on to tell me that there were many kinds of dildos and vibrators but that vibrators where used to stimulate a womans clitoris. So I asked him what a clitoris was and he explained that it was a special area on a womans vagina that when you rubbed it or put a vibrator on it that it made you feel really good.

And then Steve reached into the knapsack and pulled out a very large dildo that looked just like a guys thing. But it was huge! Steve said that this was a real dildo and that it was used as a pretend guys penis and that woman used it to pretend to be having sex with a guy when there wasn’t a guy around to have sex with.

He went on to say that he and my mom would use them both when they had sex because my mom liked to pretend to have sex with two guys at once.

So I said how does she do that?

Steve said that when he and is mom has sex she would lie on her back naked and he would start by rubbing here pussy with the vibrator which would make her pussy get all wet and juicy. Then my mom would take the vibrator from him and continue to rub her pussy with it and then he would slide the big dildo in and out of her pussy like a guy was having sex with her

I then asked well how is that like having sex with two guys?

And Steve said that while she was rubbing her pussy with the vibrator and he was fucking her pussy with the big 10 inch dildo, my mom was sucking his cock. So she felt like she was having sex with two guys.

Well I was just completely amazed by all of this.

And before I even realized what was happening Steve said to me, here, I’ll show you. And he put both hands on my shoulders and positioned me down on the rug right next to him.

I didn’t say a thing but just lie there.

I had my nightie on like I always do and wasn’t wearing any panties too. Steve reached up on the bed, pulled a pillow off, and placed it under my head which allowed me to see everything he was about to do.

I watched as he slid my nightie up to just above my belly button which completely exposed the lower half of my body to him. And I just lay there and did not say a single thing.

He then spread my legs apart, took the vibrator, turned it on, and placed it on my pussy. It was like an electric shock pulsed through my entire body. My legs instinctively spread wider apart, my back arched upward and my butt pushed forward. And I began to moan. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling.

He just continued to rub that vibrator on my now soaking wet, swollen and pink pussy.

My head now was arched back and I was looking at the wall directly behind me, but upside down. Then all of a sudden he stopped and I sunk back onto the rug and as I brought my head up to see I watched as Steve crawled around and positioned himself in front of me and between my now widely spread legs. He had another pillow and this time he grabbed both my ankles and push both my legs up and back towards my head so my legs were spread wide apart and my ankles were pretty much next to my face.

Steve then looked me in the eyes and said that he loved me and I told him I loved him back. He then crawled between my legs positioned his head in front of my pussy and started to lick and suck my swollen, dripping pick twat. My body went wild. Without even knowing it I slid both my arms so that both my legs were now position behind each arm and I was in one of those contorted positions were I was watching Steve lovingly devour my 12
year old virgin pussy.

I just let my head fall back and just moaned and moaned and moaned.

This went on for a few more minutes when then all of a sudden Steve found my clit and he just swirled and swirled his tongue around and around, kissing and sucking and swirling and swirling. I was in compete and utter ecstasy for the first time in my life and I never wanted him to stop.

And then it hit me. Out of nowhere this rush of complete passion engulfed my body and mind all at once. My head came up off the pillow and I grabbed Steve by the hair on his head and just pulled him into my pussy, which by now was completely on fire. And Steve instinctively pulled my pussy lips wide apart with both his hand and continued to suck and tongue my clit.

I just exploded with my first orgasm and convulsed in Steve mouth.

My pussy unleashed a torrent of cum and projectile squirts and I just bucked my ass and pussy towards his wanting mouth. Stream after stream of hot woman cum splashed out of my pussy and Steve took all of it in his mouth and on his face.

When my first ever orgasm subsided Steve continued to slowly lick my hot wet pussy ever so gently, kissing and suck each of the lips into his mouth ans sliding his tongue into the entrance of my now slightly open and dripping and oozing pussy. And he would put the tip of his tongue on my bum hole and swirl it around and around which felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

I just lifted my head and told Steve I loved him and he crawled between my legs and on top of me and for the first time we kissed a passionate lovers kiss. Our tongues met for the first time and I sucked it into my mouth never wanting it to leave.

But Steve, he had other plans.

The next thing I new Steve was up again in front or me and was taking off his pants. And I just laid there with my legs still pulled back towards my head and my pussy completely exposed to him.

And when he removed his shorts I saw a mans real cock for the very first time.

I just stared in awe. It was every bit as big as the dildo Steve show me less than a half an hour before. But this one was real. It stood straight up passed his belly button and there was some wetness on the tip that was flowing down its length. I was amazed.

He moved up towards my completely exposed ass and pussy and my butt was raised just enough so he had to push his cock down to me. He then positioned the tip of it on my wet pussy and began to rub it all around my lips and the entrance. I just kept my eye on it wondering just how he was going to get such a large thing into me. And I was breathing very very hard now anticipating some sort of painful experience.

Then he ever so slightly pushed the huge tip of it into my pussy and I could feel the pressure building up and a little pain. But he said not to worry because everything would be okay. He love me more than anything and he
would never ever hurt me. And he began to push down and forward until just the head disappeared into me and I began to moan and instinctively pushing my ass up towards him to get even more of him in. But he went very very slow so he wouldn’t hurt me. And after a few minutes he had about three inches I guess inside me and he felt so wonderful. Then he slowly pulled out all the way and slowly slid back in only going up to where he was the last time.

Steve did this five of six time very slowly and my pussy was soaking wet. I reached down with both my hands and spread the lips of my pussy wide open thinking it would help he get in deeper. Then Steve reached over, picked up the vibrator, turned it on, and placed it directly on my clit.

My mind exploded and I grabbed the cheeks of my ass and tried to pull myself wide open and I pushed my ass up as far as I could to get more of him in me. At the same time Steve also pushed forward and drove another few inches into me so he was about half way in. And then he started again to slowly pull all the way out and slowly back in.

This time he took my hand and place the vibrator in it and place it back onto my pussy so I could continue massaging my clit. And I just started shaking as I began to orgasm. My mouth was wide open and I was moaning and moaning and cuming and cuming.. The pillow beneath me was drenched in my pussy juice and my swollen pussy was on fire. I couldn’t believe just how wonderful it felt being fucked.

And then Steve leaned forward and was now on top of me and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist and wrapped my arms around him placing my hands at the top of his shoulder. And we began to kiss very softly and as he continued to slowly pull out of me and then back in. I was in heaven and never wanted him to stop fucking me. But then he started to push into me deeper and deeper and the pain and pleasure mixed together and I begged him to fuck me.

Slowly but surely he got a good six inches into me and continued to fuck me that way for a good five minutes before he began to push deeper and deeper into my pussy. I was stretched to the limit I thought and didn’t think I
could get much more of him inside of me. But I wanted him never to stop and I just never stopped coming. Each time he pulled out I came and each time he push in I came. And it never seemed to want to stop nor did I want it to.

And when I though he was in as far as I could take him, about seven inches I think, Steve just pushed as hard as he could and I felt a pop inside of my pussy and all of a sudden his complete cock, which I found out was ten and a half inches was all the way in. And I could feel his balls up against my bum hole. And we began to kiss again, deeper this time. And I sucked his tongue into my mouth.

I was afraid he was now locked into my 5’2″ frame and he would never be able to pull himself out of me. But he slowly pulled all the way out, me coming all the way. Until the head of that beautiful cock was just inside the
entrance to my pussy.

And this time he drove himself into me with one fell swoop. All 10.5 inches and I let out a scream of pure passion. And he kept this up. Fucking me harder and harder. And I just came and came and came.

Then finally I heard Steve say he was going to cum so he pulled out one last time and scooted over and up towards my head. I let my legs fall back to the floor and I heard him say for me to turn my head toward him. And there, less than in inch from my face and mouth was the head of that wonderful cock. He told me to open my mouth, which I did, and he pushed the head of his cock into my mouth. He told me to suck it like a straw and he just started to moan and moan. And all of a sudden I heard Steve let out a cry and I felt this explosion of liquid in my mouth. Now the head of his cock was so big that it almost completely filled my whole mouth so when he began to cum there wasn’t all the much room for anything other than his cock head and his cum started shooting out of the sides of my mouth.

He told me to suck and swallow as much as I could. And it was a lot too. Stream after stream came shooting into my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could.

When he was done coming he pulled his cock from my mouth and began to  massage my mouth and face covering my face with his come. I just kept licking and kissing it without ever thinking about it.

And when he was done he lied on the floor next to me and pulled my on top  him and we just kissed each other and he told me how much he loved me and never wanted me to ever go away.

After that experience I think not.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.