Tales from Pedland (Mg,pedo,dog)

Tales from Pedland (Mg,pedo,dog)

Introduction: Pedland, a place where little girls 8yo and under, compete to get the best role in child porn films.

Author: blueriver

It was a fine day in Pedville, a medium size city in Pedland, and a special day for many of its young female inhabitants who would be celebrating their 8th birthdays. This story will document the events of this special day for three of Pedlands beautiful lolitas.

Before we begin though the reader should know more about the culture of Pedland.

Pedland is a special place populated by citizens who practice a free and open lifestyle far beyond that of some other nations “Nudist Colonies”.

Young girls and boys are taught at a very early age that their bodies are fun and to explore and use it anyway they please (as well as for others to use also), and how to pleasure themselves and others.

One rite of passage is that at the age of 8 little girls are allowed to enter one form or another of xxxlands sexual trades.

Now that the reader is familiar with why this day is so special for our three 8 year old Sluts To Be we can continue.

The girls we will be documenting are named Aimee, Brittany, and Chastity. And we will relate the days events for Aimee first.

Aimee’s mother 23 year old Monica, had no problem getting her little girl out of bed today, she had been excited for weeks and was ready to get going with the days plans.

Aimee had chosen to become an exotic dancer as her mother had when she was 8yo, and her firm young body was built for it.

Her father Michael had her an appointment to interview at the dance club Candy Dolls. Aimee’s mother had worked at this very same club (she had met Michael there also) and her mother told her she could even use the same stage name she had “Gum Drop” (the girls in the club chose candy names and was part of its charm).

Aimee’s parents had bought her some very nice, sexy outfits to choose from for her interview and she had selected a nice little jean micro mini and bright red tube top. Underneath she had a pair of sparkle black thongs and a red garter and stockings, and her 4 inch heels made her feel like a big girl.

Seeing his little girl “strut her stuff” made her dad very excited and his cock was erect the moment he saw her, Michael pulled his daddy dick out hoping for a little early action however, Aimee whined:

-“Daaaaaaaaaaad not now, I don’t want my kitty all sticky for my audition”

Having been duly chastised by his hot little slut daughter he put his cock away, for now. After a kiss goodbye Michael was off to work and Monica and Aimee headed out to Candy Dolls.

They arrived at the club and entered the girls changing room where there were several other young lolly’s in the room in various stages of dress.

Since Aimee had come ready she was called in first. Aimee and her mother entered the dance area and met the club owner, Dave, he complimented Aimee on her outfit and began the interview.

He first asked Aimee a few questions concerning types of music she liked and what stage name she wanted to use, he said he seemed to remember another “Gum Drop” with a wink at mom, he also asked her what kind of sex she preferred Aimee told his she was very good at sucking cock but that she preferred men to use her pussy.

He liked that although he said the girls were not to do anything without the managers approval out side of stripping.

Dave told the girls that competition was tough and she would have to really stand out to be selected and Aimee’s mom assured him she would do “anything” to get the job.

-“Lets see what you got, show me your dance moves”

Aimee stepped sexily onto the stage her 4 inch heels making the muscle in her young legs tight and her firm ass to protrude just a bit.

She began to undulate to the music beat and each thrust of her hips lifted her skirt and revealed her cute little panties framed by the red garter. Her hands moved slowly to remove her top revealing her flat little girl chest and she rubbed and pinched her 8 year old nipples. Dave was amazed at how sensual this little cunt was and was eager to see more of her.

As the music continued Aimee could feel the hotness of her cunt between her legs and began to remove her skirt. As it hit the stage she squatted down in front of Dave her legs spread wide so her thong rode up between her young pussy lips. Licking her finger she moved her panties aside and rubbed the glistening slit and probed her own pussy.

Soon her panties were lying in Dave’s lap where his cock was aching to get out. Dave knew he had his girl but still needed to interview the remaining girls. But he wanted to see much more of Aimee so he asked them to stick around till he was done for a more “in depth” interview.

The remaining little honeys came and went and he found a couple more who he would hire but his star dancer was going to be Aimee.

After the last cutie was gone he invited Aimee and Monica into the private dance area. Dave reclined on the sofa while Aimee removed her clothing (he had witnessed her strip tease ability already).

Music began and Aimee straddling Dave’s lap began to grind her little mound against his rock hard bulge as he sucked and pinched her preteen nipples.

Rising slowly Aimee placed her pussy over Dave’s face allowing him to taste her budding cunt. The hotness of his tongue made her moan and she began to beg him to fuck her. Pulling out his cock Aimee lowered herself onto it until he was deep inside her 8 year old pussy.

Feeling his cock press against her cervix Dave’s cock began to pulse and spasm as her shot his thick cum deep into Aimee’s pussy. Aimee and Dave both rolled onto the sofa from sexual exertion. Monica who had been masturbating herself took the opportunity to lick her little girls pussy clean s she could be ready for daddy when she got home.

After recovering Dave thanked Aimee for the best interview he ever had and told he she had the job. Aimee squealed with excitement at the news and received a 100 unit hiring bonus, he told her she could begin the next night.

Riding home Aimee spoke of nothing but how she could not wait to have all those men looking at her which made her little pussy wetter and wetter so that when she arrived home she could not wait to feel her daddies cock inside her, Michael was glad to help out and little Aimee’s pussy was soon filled with cock again.

Aimee’s dad pumped her pussy and as his cum streamed into her gushing cunt told her how proud he was of his new slut.

Our next little 8 year old hottie, Brittany,was a very open outgoing little girl. Brittanys mother, Sara, and father, Scott, found it impossible to keep her skirt down or her legs closed. At one point they had begun making her wear pants until she made them into micro cut offs that showed more panty and ass than her tiny skirts.

Brittany loved to role play and play pretend games so she decided to be an actress and star in child porn movies for the poor men in other countries who were not allowed to use little girls for sexual pleasure.

Her mom and dad were excited about her decision because they would now have a famous celebrity in the family. Brittany’s father after learning of her desire was able to pull a few strings and get her an audition with the studio Tiny Tots Productions. Tiny Tots was the largest producer of child pornography in the world having actresses as young as 3 years old (they were allowed a special exemption due to the high quality of their films such as “Bitch Babies” and “K9 Cuties”, and also because they let the prime minister have a cameo appearance in the upcoming sequel to “Daycare Dollies” one of their biggest blockbusters.

Arriving at the studio the family was met by a tour guide and taken around to see where Brittany would be working, if she got a role. 8 year old Brittany was wide eyed at the thought of really being a porn star and was excited during the tour to meet one of Tots newest stars 6 year old Polly Petite whos debut in the movie “Brownies” launched he career and broke the mold for under 8 actresses.

Polly was the first 6 year old to perform double penetration with 5 sets of studs in one scene. She was in the process of shooting a new release K9 Kummers and was getting ready for a scene where she would take her first knot from a black lab she asked them if they wanted to watch and they or course said yes with enthusiasm. Polly began by having her little pussy loosened up a little one of the stage hands laid her back and opened her legs to insert a speculum into the little girls vagina.

Cranking it open slowly bit by bit as her tiny cunt adjusted to the stretching. When Pollys 6 year old cum hole was open about 4 inches he stopped and left it for a few minutes it excited her to see all the people watching and looking deep into her wide open vagina.

Releasing the pressure Polly was ready . The dog was led to her on stage and as she lay on her back she began to stroke the animals cock when it began to protrude she took it into her mouth and began to suck the dogs cock hungrily. Forcing herself to stop,

Polly loved dog cum, she got on all fours and bent over for the dog to mount her his huge cock slid in her twat easily and his knot began to swell as he pushed against her ass his bulging knot began to enter the little honeys pussy. As it did so her eyes got wider and wider until she began to whimper and small yelps erupted from her trembling lips. With his knot deep inside Pollys cunt he began to fuck her faster and faster until his cum began to stream into his little bitches hole. As he came his swollen knot receded and he dismounted her, the audience watching cheered the performance and Polly smiled and thanked them, she loved having a live audience.

It was time now for Brittanys audition and she was taken to another sound stage where a remake of the film Birthday Girl was being made by none other than the old versions starlet Francine Dville.

Brittany would be auditioning for the lead roll which amongst other things would require her to take on a 100 stud gangbang for the “Big Scene”.

Brittany introduced herself with her chosen stage name Fanny Phuck, and told Francine what an honour it was to meet her and audition for such a famous film title she had seen it many times and wondered what it would be like to have 100 cocks all to herself, but today she was to try out with 10 men looking to be studs in the movie also.

In her test role “Fanny” was to perform as a cheerleader for her father and some friends who were watching a football game.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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