Spanking Allison (Mg,pedo)

Spanking Allison (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: Kurt teaches his 6 year old niece how spankings can be nice, he strips her naked and jacks on her body.

Author: PeachKisser2004

I came over to babysit Allison, and when her parents had gone, I started asking her about different things, trying to lead into something perhaps sexual. Allison had just turned six years old, and she was looking more and more like a perfect little woman, and I desperately wanted to do something sexual with her.

We were sitting in the den, me on the couch, she in the big leather chair. She looked so small and perfect in that big chair! “So tell me Allie, does your mommy or your daddy ever spank you?” She went quiet. “Have they ever
spanked you on your bottom?” I said, smiling brightly at her.

She nodded slowly. “Did it hurt?” I asked.

She nodded again, her eyes widening a little bit.

“Well, did you know that you can have spankings that feel good?”

She looked puzzled.

“Your mommy probably gave you spankings because you did something bad, right?” Allison nodded and blushed, looking away again.

“Guess what? I know how to give spankings for when little girls are good. They don’t hurt at all, and they feel really good.”

She giggled. “Spankings hurt!” She said emphatically.

“No, really, I know how to give spankings for when you’ve been good. These spankings feel so wonderful, you want to get them over and over again.”

She giggled again.

“Would you like to try a ‘good’ spanking?” I asked her. “If you don’t like it, just tell me, and I can stop right away.”

She wasn’t too sure about it.

“Come on, I promise you, I cross my heart and swear to die that you’ll really like my ‘good’ spankings. Wanna try one real quick?” I readjusted my cock discreetly.

“Okay” she said in a small voice. “But if it hurts, you have to stop, okay?”

“Of course, Allison. My ‘good’ spankings feel really good… you’ll see. Come over here.”

The little girl got out of the huge chair and came over to me. She was wearing a nightshirt already, and I’d seen white cotton underwear underneath it. “Okay, watch this.” I said. I turned her to one side, reached up under her nightshirt and found her round little tush. My cock throbbed urgently as my hands sunk into her soft buttocks. I started talking to take my mind off my maddening lust.

“See, when mommy gives a spanking on your butt, she is just hitting it too hard, that’s all.” I pulled my hand back and patted her butt lightly a few times. “See? If you give a very soft spanking, it can feel pretty nice, huh?” Allison nodded.

I kept patting her butt, patting it and then rubbing around in circles, then patting it again. I patted the backs of her thighs right below her cheeks and rubbed softly right there too. I was positively going out of my mind with lust. “Does that feel nice Allison?” She nodded again.

“Tell you what. Let’s take off your underpants here, and it will feel even better.” Without any hesitation Allison lifted her nightshirt and dropped her little cotton briefs. The nightshirt dropped back into place before I could steal a glance at her nakedness beneath. I was bummed.

“Here, I’ll sit back on the couch like this, and you can lay across my lap.” I sat back and tucked my cock around in my underwear. I patted the tops of my thighs, and Allison climbed onto the couch, wearing only her
nightshirt. I could see the swell of her budding breasts underneath her shirt. There were still years to go in development, but it excited me to see them already beginning to appear.

Allison reached across me, and I helped hold her while she settled down on my legs. I put a pillow under her head, and let my hands rest down on her back and thighs. I took several minutes to squeeze and touch her like this, and she giggled a little bit. “Does this feel good?” I said. She nodded once more, and giggled too.

“Well, let me see how your little butt is doing here,” I said wickedly. “I think we should get back to your ‘good’ spanking.” I slid my right hand up underneath her nightshirt and let out a soft groan as I touched her bare
asscheeks. Her legs were pressed firmly together, and that was probably good, because all I wanted to do was slip a finger between them, and that kept me honest for now.

I patted her buttcheeks lightly and caressed the silky soft skin. Perfect little tush! I moaned several times more as I did this, and felt a stickiness around my cockhead.

Using my left hand, which until this time had been lightly rubbing Allison’s back, I lifted up the nightshirt so that I could see this little ass I was rubbing so lovingly. I groaned with desire, knowing that I had to kiss it, or lick it, or do something to it! I was going out of my mind with lust.

“Here sweetie, I need you to spread your legs a little bit here…” I said, pressing her legs apart at the knees. She complied and soon her knees were spread apart enough that I could peer lustily between her baby-fat covered thighs and try to glimpse her pussy. I couldn’t see anything.

Patting her a few more times on the ass, I began caressing her buttcheeks in circles, and circling lower and lower down her thighs, and then probing between them. All this time Allison just lay there on my lap, contented and breathing slowly.

As I reached down between her thighs for the first time and felt the warmth of her sex, I thought about the precum fluid from my cock, and how dearly I wanted to rub it all over her beautiful little virginal pussy lips. I licked the fingers of my right hand and got them nice and wet, then continued caressing her pussy lips. Every few minutes I patted her butt again, just to remind her that we were still having a spanking.

“This feels really fantastic, doesn’t it Allison?” I said to her, my voice shaking with lust. She nodded agreement. I took that as my cue to try and turn her over and get at that pussy more directly.

“Well, I think that your butt has had enough of a spanking for right now, so why don’t you turn over for me?” Allison lifted her little form up and began to turn over. Her warm butt pressed firmly against my massive hardon, and I groaned and thrust back at her, holding her in place for a few seconds.

Now Allison was just sitting up in my lap, her naked butt on my upper left thigh, almost on my hip. I supported her with my left arm around her tiny shoulders, and with my right hand I rubbed up and down the tops of her
pale thighs. Her skin was so soft!

I rubbed higher and higher, and Allison lay her head down on my shoulder, and I felt her body relax a little bit. I tugged with my left hand on her nightshirt, and it came up a few inches, allowing my right hand to go all the way up to her smooth, hairless pussy mound. I felt my nutsack tighten and my testicles churn around inside as I first touched this softest of skin with my fingertips. Allison’s chubby thighs were fairly close together still, and as I lifted the nightshirt up her front, I could look down and see her little pussy right there between her thighs. All I wanted to do was bury my face down there, to lick every square inch of flesh that I could, but I restrained myself. This was going remarkably well so far, and I didn’t want to blow it by rushing anything.

“Isn’t this nice, sweetie?” I said. She agreed with a nod. That was my license to continue. I hoped desperately that she wouldn’t get cold feet!

“Let’s take off your shirt sweetie… it’s only getting in the way.” She nodded and grabbed it, pulling it up over her head. I sucked in my breath as I took in the entire length of her beautiful little body. “Lie back a little, sweetie…” I said.

Now for the first time I was able to see the very upper part of her tiny cleft of venus, and it looked positively delicious. I fingered the plumpness of her mound, stroking her pale thighs and slowly driving myself crazy. I had to get between her legs!

“Allison, spread your legs apart just a little bit, please.” As she did and her entire little cunny came into view, I knew I had to keep talking to make sure she didn’t get too nervous being exposed like this. “Sweetie, this part of the spanking is the best part… this part is where it really feels wonderful.” My hands were shaking as I stroked the insides of her soft thighs, making my way up to her waiting pussy.

“In fact, I bet you’re going to like this part so much that you might actually be surprised. I want you to know that I’m not going to hurt you, and I don’t want you to be scared or anything, okay?” She nodded. I slid my hand up and cupped her entire little pussy in the palm of my right hand. Oh god I was horny!

I let my middle finger line up with her slit, and began pressing in on it, applying pressure to her budding virginal clitoris with my knuckle. She squirmed slightly, her body jerking a little bit as I stroked. Every few seconds she would close her eyes slightly, then reopen them. I squeezed her little girl pussy tenderly, sighing with lust and desire, and wishing I could get down there and lick it properly.

Focusing more on her clitoris, I saw that she really liked that kind of motion. I stroked more firmly and slowly, and she gasped a few times. “Just relax baby… Kurt’s going to make you feel really nice down here,” I reassured her, squeezing her pussy lovingly.

After another five minutes of stroking her crotch so tenderly, I couldn’t stand it any more. I had to get my mouth on her little pussy without any further delay. “Sweetie, hop up for Kurt just a minute, and sit right here on the couch.” She did.

I got up and dropped to my knees in front of her on the couch. I lowered my head to her lap and parted her thighs slightly. It was heavenly to look at! Her entire mound and pussy lips had a slightly pinkish flush to it, as did her inner thighs. I could just imagine the feeling of warmth and heaviness that she was feeling in her genitals for the very first time. I had to do some more talking before I could perform oral sex on her. “You know, Allison, after a ‘good’ spanking like that, it usually feels really good to have somebody kiss you down there,” I said, patting my fingers against her tiny mound, feeling my balls churn. She nodded. “Would you like me to kiss you down there?” She didn’t say anything. I took that as silent agreement.

Lowering my head to her crotch I began to kiss the inside of one thigh, working up towards her waiting pussy. Finally my eager lips made contact with her sex, and I moved quickly to kiss her pussy several times, moving all over her tender little mound, which felt very flushed and warm against my moist lips. Looking up from her crotch I said “This part really feels great, doesn’t it sweetie?” She nodded. “I want you to just relax, okay?” She nodded and lay back more against the couch back.

I slowly slid my tongue out and felt the electric shock of it touching her perfect little mound. I moved down until I felt her slit, and right there I slathered my tongue deep into it, pressing wetly against her tiny little clit. I swirled my tongue around eagerly, tasting her womanhood (or girlhood?) and the sweet scents of her little pussy.

Allison squeaked quietly when I licked her pussy, and this was the first outward sign that she was enjoying the sexuality of it all. I licked more firmly and slowly, trying to elicit more response, and I did. Every few seconds Allison would squeal softly or whimper with pleasure as my tongue lovingly danced across her little virginal genitals. It felt so fantastic being the first man to eat this little girl’s baby pussy slit!

And I was doing pretty good myself. The very thought of this beautiful little girl squirming around on the end of my tongue was too much. I kept my body arched over the couch and my face buried in her crotch and quickly whisked my shorts down my thighs to my knees. I groaned into Allison’s virginal little pussy as I began to jerk myself off. I knew this wouldn’t last long since I was incredibly charged up. Pre-cum fluid was all over my fingers and down my cockhead, and now it seemed to be dribbling out nearly continuously.

I came up for air for a few seconds, and when I pulled my head back a few inches and took in the sight of Allison there naked on the couch, all spread wide with her pussy glistening wet, that was I could take. My balls churned deliciously and my nutsack held them firmly in place as my hand flew furiously up and down my purple shaft. I no longer cared if Allison saw me jerking off or not, and I straightened myself up. My knees were on the ground right up against the couch, and I pressed my thighs forward against the couch. Allison’s eyes were huge as she stared at my cock sticking up between her pale thighs, my hand stroking up and down in a wild blur of motion, my face twisted up with lust.

Suddenly I came. Oh my god did I come! Allison squealed in surprise as my enormous penis squirted out its sticky white contents all over her front. I splattered my cum on her budding chest, all over her baby-fat-covered tummy. I even managed to aim one squirt down against her virginal pussy mound, where it splashed against her wet outer lips, dribbling down her tightly-closed pussycrack.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity my cock stopped squirting and dribbling and I stopped stroking it. I looked shamefully down at Allison, realizing for the first time that I’d just sprayed my semen all over the front of a naked little six-year-old girl! All of a sudden I felt so sorry for her, and wished that there was some way I could bring her to orgasm, to show her just how wonderful her little body had helped make me feel.

“Come and give Kurt a big hug, sweetie,” I said, letting my cock go. Allison struggled forward on the couch, still looking a little bit dazed and rubbing her hands tentatively in the cum that had spattered on her pussy and her belly. Oh she looked so perfect! I took the little cum- splattered waif into my arms and held her close to me. Allison was still sitting on the edge of the couch and I could only groan helplessly as I felt her slick pussy mound pressing against my cock as I hugged her. She wrapped her arms around my neck as best she could and her legs locked around my back as she held me tightly. I thrust my recently-drained cock wetly against her pussy and belly, groaning from the intense sensations.

Allison and I hugged like that for several minutes, rocking gently. I needed to hold the little girl close to me and my cock certainly didn’t mind sliding around in my own semen, pressed so close to her little pussy. The thought of actually penetrating her virginal pussy did occur to me but I decided to save that for the next time we got together, if there was a next time.

End of Part 1

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.


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