Sometimes Men Get What They Deserve (Mgg,snuff,incest,rape) – Part 4 of 4

Sometimes Men Get What They Deserve (Mgg,snuff,incest,rape) – Part 4 of 4

Part 4. -The final curtain.

Rita went hysterical, screaming and shouting imprecations. Some time later, a huge man came and shoved a plate of bacon, eggs etc on a tray under the bars, with a plastic knife and fork.

“Let me out of here you fucking bastard. I’m getting married today. My father is a policeman, you’ll go to jail for the rest of your fucking worthless life when he finds me.” She picked up the tray and the plate of food and threw it against the wall. The man said nothing, just walked away. Rita was a real bitch. She knew that her father was a criminal. He treated her well and in exchange, she was quite content to let him fuck her whenever he wanted. She had fucked just about every white boy in her school. If anyone upset her in any way, she would tell her father, who would go out of his way to harass them and even arrest them on trumped up charges. Like her father, she hated Black kids, in fact she hated everyone who wasn’t white like her, and even those she treated with absolute contempt. Everyone hated her, but they were terrified of her as well.

She was daddy’s little girl. She knew how to make the best use of her sex and her father and his mates. She has searched for someone with a lot of money, because she had no intention of ever working for a living. Finally she had found a guy twenty years older than her, who had pots of money. He was besotted with her and she had landed him. He was fucking useless in bed, even worse than her father. Now these pricks had kidnapped her and she was going to miss the wedding. By God her and her dad would make these bastards pay, big time.

In the other cell, Sandra eyed to plate of food. It looked good. She was hungry, so she ate it. She saw that her daily pill was also on the tray, so she took it out of habit. She realized that she couldn’t get out. She was scared, but she was glad to be away from her brute of a father. He would come home, grab her and take her into his bedroom where he would brutally fuck her. He had no interest in her feelings at all. She was on the pill, so he filled her with his sperm and then told her to get dressed and help with the food. He never lasted more than a minute or so, so it was bearable, but he was hung like a horse for a little girl like her. Her sister was daddy’s favorite, she could do no wrong in his eyes, she quite often slept with him. Her mother kept quiet she was just happy that he left her alone. She had been slim and beautiful when she was young, but now fat and lazy.

Alex and Tony called their friends together. They were all martial artists, bodybuilders and most of them ex-military. They had known each other from childhood.They were completely loyal to each other and trusted each other implicitly. Alex had explained what had happened to Joe’s two girls. They had all been horrified. Most of the guys wanted the death sentence for them, but after Alex and Tony had outlined their plan, they had been only too happy to help fix up the four policemen and Alan’s two daughters.

“We’re on fellows.” Alex told them. “The bitch has started her period. As you know, we kept the younger one on the pill, but not the bitch. She should be finished tomorrow. We’ll give her an extra day and then they both get fucked. Be gentle with the young one. Do not hurt her. She isn’t part of this. You can threaten them as much as you like but I don’t want either of them harmed. They didn’t do the rape. So the day after tomorrow, all twelve of us get to fuck both of them and they are going to blow us as well. I don’t think the little one will be a problem, she seems to be a nice kid, but you may have to make some very serious threats to the elder one or she’ll bite your cock off! After the night, then the elder one is fair game. I want as many of you as possible to fuck her as often as you can for the three days following. After that we leave her and Big Mac will do his bit.”

The two girls were fed three times daily. After the second day, Rita started eating. The same man came every day, pushed the tray of food through and left. She had no idea what was going on. She yelled and screamed, but not a word was spoken. After eleven days, her period started. She was glad that there were a couple of tampons for her, but after the second day, she screamed at the man for more. He brought her a box. As soon as her period had finished, three big men came. They grabbed her, kicking and screaming and took her into a shower.

“Either you strip and shower or we strip you and do it for you.” They told her.

“Fuck you.” She screamed. They pressed a button on the wall and two more men came in. They were huge, just like her favorite WWF wrestlers. They were both naked. They took a knife and just cut her clothes off. They went into the shower with her and began to soap her down. They both had erections. They massaged her breasts and one of them washed her cunt. She was sure that they were going to rape her, but they didn’t. She wished that they had. The sight of these two muscular men had already made her wet and horny. They dried her off and marched her naked into a big room. It was full of men. They just wore T-shirts and shorts. They were all very big and muscular. She was screaming and shouting imprecations, but no-one seemed to notice. Then the door opened and two more men carried her little sister into the room. She saw her sister stark naked being held by two naked men. She realized that they were going to be raped.

One of the men got up, switched on the TV and put a disc into the player. They saw Alan and his friends being led away to a waiting police van with blankets over them. The announcer said that the men had been violently assaulted, but they had been accused of raping and murdering Superintendent Joe’s children. Both girls knew that Joe’s kids had been missing for some time, but now their own father was being accused of being an accomplice and a pedophile rapist. They were all being held in custody. Police were searching for the bodies of the four missing children. The men denied the charges.

Both girls could well believe it of their father and his friends. They were thugs, but now they were really scared, were they going to be killed as well. Both girls started crying.

“It wasn’t us.” Rita cried. “Please don’t hurt us.” She was trembling now. All the bluster had gone out of her and she was reduced to begging like the coward she was. Sandra said nothing. She was sure that they were both going to die and begging wouldn’t make any difference.

“If you co-operate you won’t be hurt.” One of the men said. “I promise you. Your father and his friends raped and killed his two children. They were only nine and twelve. It’s only fitting that you two girls also get used as sex toys, but we won’t kill you. In fact we won’t hurt you if you behave. Now I’m pretty sure that your daddy broke you both in years ago, so unlike Joe’s children, you know what’s coming. Yes we are all going to fuck both of you, many times, so best get used to it. Try to bite one of us, and all bets are off. First we cut off both your ears, then your tits and finally we’ll open you up from cunt to tits and you can watch your own insides as you die.” Menace filled the air

Sandra was sat on a chair and Rita was bent over the back of a couch. The first man was one of those who had showered her. She was wet just looking at him. He wasn’t rough like her father, nor was he circumsized like her father. It didn’t take long before she cried out as she reached an orgasm. The man pulled her close and shot stream after stream of his seed into her. She saw her sister giving one of the men a blow job. Sandra didn’t mind. She had always tried to enjoy sex, but with her father she rarely reached a climax. It was all over far too quickly.

Once the man had filled Sandra’s mouth with his semen, most of which she managed to swallow, the man who had just fucked Rita joined the line for Sandra and the man who had finished with Sandra, came to the line for her. She counted the men. There were twelve of them. She realized that all twelve were going to have a turn.

When they had all finished, they were both covered in semen, Rita had been fucked twelve times and Sandra had administered twelve blow jobs. She was feeling a bit nauseous she had swallowed a hell of a lot of semen, her jaws and mouth was very sore. Both girls were sat in chairs and duct-taped so that they couldn’t get away. One of the men brought Sandra a glass of sherry.

“Here, drink this, it will take the taste away.” He told her. She drank it all. The men sat around the bar, drinking beers me eating snacks. They were playing music and generally having a party. Rita sat sniveling and crying for the first time in her life she had nothing to say. She was beyond terrified. After an hour or so. They all stood up.

“Time for round two.” The leader announced. Now the girls were swapped around. Rita was exhausted. She had reached six orgasms and now she was going to have to blow twelve men. Her body ached, but she had no choice. Load after load of hot semen was sprayed into her mouth. She was surprised that some of these guys even after having come twice earlier could produce she much semen in such a short time.

Sandra was having the time of her life. She loved sex, but had rarely had time to climax with her father. After about a minute it was all over. These guys were different. First they were all muscular and good looking. None of them were pot-bellied like her father. They were gentle. They took,their time, they played with her tits and they worked her clit. She was having some mind-blowing orgasms.

Finally, it was all over. Both girls were exhausted. They ached all over. They were getting very sore inside from the constant thrusting into them. They were marched back to new rooms. Now each room had a double bed, dressing table, easy chair and a small bathroom toilet and shower. They had no idea what time it was, but they climbed into bed. In Sandra’s room, before she could sleep, the door opened and the leader came in. He was still naked. He pulled back the duvet and climbed in with her. He put his arms around her and held her close.

“Go to sleep now.” He told her. “You need all the rest you can get.”

She woke with someone sucking her little breasts. A hand went down between her legs. She was only half awake, but in spite of herself, she was beginning to get wet. She felt her leg being lifted and next she felt a man’s penis sliding into her pussy. It felt so good. Nothing like this had ever happened before. Soon they were moving in unison. The strokes got longer and faster until both of them exploded at the same time. After a while the man’s pulled his now flaccid cock out of her. She felt semen running out of her, but she didn’t care. She put her arms around the man and hugged him.

When she woke again, he was gone. She lay alone. What was going to happen now? Not long after, the guy came back, he carried two trays of breakfast. He climbed into bed with her and they both ate in silence. After,the trays were put onto the floor and he pulled back the duvet to look, at her little body. He kissed her breasts and then her forehead and left with the empty breakfast things. Afterwards, he sat her up

“Listen now.” He said. “So far, you’ve been a good girl. I think that you are very sweet, unlike your sister and your father. If you continue like this, you get to sleep with me at night and the others won’t touch you. They are all going to be very busy with your sister. Keep behaving and I’ll give you a choice. You can either go home to your parents with Rita when we are done with her, or I can arrange for you to stay with nicer people in a different country. It’s up to you.”

“I hate my mother and father.” She told him. “Rita is a real cow. She’s mean, sadistic and cruel. Just like our father. She lets him fuck her, but she hates him as well. She wraps him around her finger and she has him beat up and harass anyone she doesn’t like. My father grabs me whenever he feels like it and just fucks me. Fortunately, he only lasts a minute or two, so I got used to it. You should kill both of them, they are both no good. I’ll do whatever you ask, please don’t send me home to them. I would rather live in a box or on the street. I often thought of running away, but I’m sure my father would have found me and maybe even killed me for trying to get away from him.”

Rita was having a different night. She slept alone. She had no idea of the time. She was awakened by a man climbing into her bed. At first she tried to struggle, but the man was far too strong. He got between her legs and penetrated her. He fucked her for what seemed to be hours, but in fact it was probably only ten minutes. She climaxed twice. Then he left. She went back to sleep, only to be awakened again, by another man sucking at her nipples and massaging her swollen clit. There seemed to be no end to it. She would sleep for a while, maybe go to the toilet and the next thing she woul be getting fucked again.

After four days of this. The visits suddenly stopped. She was left alone. Food and drink, was brought regularly, but no more sex. She wondered what was going to happen. Four days later, she found out. The door opened and a huge black man came in. Her father was a racist and the though of having a black man fucking her was terrifying. She wasn’t on the pill any longer. What if she got pregnant? The man stripped off, pulled off the duvet and climbed on top of her, she was screaming and struggling, but it was of no avail. The huge black penis slammed in and out of her and eventually he shot a massive amount of semen into her as deep as he could.

“Don’t worry little girl.” He told her. “There’s plenty more where that came from.” He came back three or four times every day for over a week then he suddenly stopped coming. She was pretty sure that he had made her pregnant. She would get an abortion as soon as she got out of here. Then, the leader came.

“Don’t be scared, I just want you to rest for a while,” and he gave her an injection. Within a minute she was asleep. She was taken to an airfield, put onto the same small plane that he brought her to Germany and then moved from an airfield in the UK to Alex’s house.

When she woke, she was in a different room. There was no sound of her sister. Then other men started coming back. Now there seemed to be only three of them, they were all masked with balaclavas. She missed her period and she knew. She begged the men to let her go, but they just kept fucking her. Her belly swelled. She knew that it was far too late for an abortion. After about six months, she was showered, her hair washed and she was given a plastic suit to wear. She was gagged, her wrists tied with a plastic tie, a hood put over her head and put into a large crate and onto a truck. They drove for hours. In actual fact it was only 12 miles away from her home where she had been held. The had just driven around to make sure that she had no idea as to where she had been held. The truck stopped. The crate was opened. The men told her to climb out. They ripped the plastic suit from her and free her wrists and legs, leaving her completely naked apart from the hood. The truck drove away. She managed to get the hood off. She was inside a wooded clearing. She got to her feet and started walking. She heard the sound of cars, so she headed in that direction. When she reached the road, cars stopped. There was a huge commotion. People rushed to her. Naked and with her swollen belly, she was the center of attraction. An ambulance and several police cars arrived and she was whisked off to hospital. She was informed that her father was in prison. Her mother had committed suicide and her sister was nowhere to be found.

They questioned her for days to try to find where she had been held, but nothing that she could tell them as helpful. Her father was brought to see her, he looked like an old man. All the bravado had gone from him. She learned from one of the nurses that he had been castrated and his penis removed without any anesthetic and the words “I helped Joe to rape and kill his children”, tattooed on his back. A few weeks later, she gave birth and looked in total horror and disbelief at the pitch black baby that was put into her arms. She started screaming and shoved it at the nurse, refusing to even touch it. Her rich boyfriend lost all interest in her when he found that she was pregnant. She became the laughing stock of the town and now she had no daddy to protect her, she they treated her with the same contempt that she had visited on them.

Sandra was quite happy. She didn’t want to go home. She was getting all the food and sex she wanted. She worked out in the gym, she ate good, healthy food. She was still on the pill. She didn’t miss her father or mother or even her sister. She asked the man who was called Andrew, and who slept with her most of the time, if he was going to keep his promise and not to send her home. She wanted to stay here. They told her about her father and mother. She expressed no emotion. They told her about Rita and her black baby which had been put up for adoption and Sandra laughed aloud. She had no real love for her sister.

Eventually, she was given a new identity and she was moved to Andrews family. His wife knew what he happened, so there was no animosity to her and she was accepted as part of the family. The amount of sex she was getting dropped considerably, but the man’s wife was content to let her husband fuck this girl from time to time and after a short time, two nights every week were for Sandra and Andrew to sleep together.

Joe was found dead in the prison laundry. Men take a dim view of child rapists. George had gone insane and was now in a psychiatric ward. Eric had to be kept in solitary confinement for his own protection. Alan was found hanged in his cell, the enquiry found that he had taken his own life. There was a massive enquiry, most of which wasn’t reported. They never found the bodies of the two missing girls, who had by this time completely forgotten about their father and their terrible experience.