Sometimes Men Get What They Deserve (Mgg,incest,rape) – Part 1 of 4

Sometimes Men Get What They Deserve (Mgg,incest,rape) – Part 1 of 4

Author : Uncle Tony.

As the bus took her the two miles from school to her home, twelve year old Samantha, Sam to her friends, debated whether to stay home and study for the forthcoming chemistry exam, or to go and visit her mother in the hospital. She had no real love for her mother, she was a total hypochondriac, who was only happy when she could lay claim to being sick. Mom had no time for Sam, or her sister Tracy. She hadn’t wanted either of them. They were both accidents. A result of her father who would rather spend his money on alcohol and other women than condoms, and her mother who surrounded herself with so many pills that she quite often forgot to take the one pill that actually was necessary, namely the birth control pill. Sam slung her school bag over her shoulder. She was quite tall for her age, long brown wavy hair, small, pert, developing breasts, good hips and really beautiful long legs. She was slim to the point of thin, because her parents didn’t offer much in the way of decent food. The money went on booze and doctors bills and pills

She got off the bus and started the long walk up the driveway to her home. They lived some distance from town and the house was in a lonely spot. The nearest neighbors were over a mile away. She decided to wait for Tracy, who was just turned nine to get home and she would talk about going to the hospital with her. As she turned the bend to her house, she was surprised to see two cars in the driveway, her fathers private car and one of the police cars from the police station where her father was the Superintendent. She went around to the back door and went through the kitchen and into the living room. Her father and three of his friends, all were policemen, were sitting around. There were a lot of beers and empty cans along with an empty bottle of Southern Comfort on the table. All four men were quite drunk.

As she entered the room, all four men leered at her.

“Oh, you decided to come home did you?” Her father sneered.

“The bus was a bit late, that’s all.”

“Well go and make us some fucking snacks, you lazy cow. Cheese, biscuits, whatever, and be quick about it.” She took a box of Ritz biscuits and put them on a plate with about a pound of cheese chopped up into pieces with a few chopped Viennas and some wooden toothpicks and took them back into the living room.”

“I’m going to get changed and when Tracy gets back, we are going to go to the hospital to visit mom.” She said. Her father started to laugh.

“Don’t waste your time.” He told her. “The dozy bitch died at half-past ten this morning. No loss. She was fucking useless in the house and even worse in bed. I suppose I’ll still have to use the scrubbers and whores until I can find something a bit more permanent.” Samantha was shocked. She had no real love for her mother and even less for her father, but now, who was her father going to smack around when he came home drunk at night, and this was quite often.

One of the policemen, Alan, leered at her drunkenly.

“So what’s wrong with this one Joe?” He asked as he made a grab at her, “she ain’t got much in the way of tits, but she’s got a cunt and she’s definitely fuckable. Nice legs.” Sam didn’t know what to say, but her father suddenly grabbed her and squeezed one of her breasts, very hard. She cried out in pain.

“Ow, stop it dad. You hurt me.” Her father jumped up and gave her two hard slaps one on each side of her face and then grabbed a handful of her long, wavy brown hair. He was a big, powerful man. He grabbed the front of her blouse and ripped it off her. She had a vest underneath. He tried to tear that as well, but when he couldn’t tear it, he dragged her screaming by the hair to the sideboard , took out a pair of scissors from the drawer and cut the vest up the middle. She tried to cover herself with her hands, but he hit her in the face and punched her in the stomach and threw her onto the two seater couch that was empty.

“Don’t you dare answer me back, you bitch. Now put your hands down, so I can have a look at you. He hit her again across the mouth. She tasted the coppery taste of her blood. Then he grabbed a breast in each hand and squeezed them.

“You’re right Alan.” He told the man who had broached the subject. “Not very big yet, but they’ll grow.” Sam just sat, now she was terrified. Her father must have gone mad. She didn’t dare move.

“I’ll give you fifty pounds if you let me fuck her, Joe.” One of the men she knew as Eric spoke up.

“Yeah, and I’ll give you fifty as well. All three men were fumbling with their wallets and their faces were filled with lust.

“I’ll make it a hundred if you let me pop her cherry, Joe, the man called Alan shouted. Samantha stared at the men in total disbelief. This couldn’t be happening.

“It’s my fucking daughter.” Her father almost yelled. “I spent all my money bringing this bitch up and sending her to school, so the only man who pops her cherry will be me. When I’ve finished with her, then for fifty quid each, you can all have a turn. Time the stuck up little bitch earned her keep.” He grabbed her arms and pinned her to the couch.

“Come on help me get her skirt off and pants. Pass me the scissors.” Sam started screaming and kicking wildly, but the four men easily overpowered her and she sat naked on the couch.

“Come on Joe.” One of the men shouted, I’ll give you another hundred to pop the other ones cherry.” Her father slapped Samantha hard across the mouth again.

“I’d forgotten about that little cow.” He stared threateningly at Sam. “Now you shut your fucking big mouth.” Her father raised his fist. “If you scream or make a noise to warn your bitch sister, I promise you, I’ll knock all your fucking teeth down your throat. George, pass me those handcuffs from the sideboard.” Between them, they handcuffed her hands behind her back and she sat naked on the couch. Her father prized open her legs and stuck a thick finger into her vagina. She was paralyzed with fear. They were going to do this. These four men were going to rape her and her little sister and she was powerless to stop them. Tears ran down her face.

“Please dad, don’t do this.” She whispered. “Please let us go. I promise never to tell anyone.” Her father pulled out his finger and licked it.

“I haven’t fucked a nice, fresh, tight, virgin cunt since I was a teenager.” He leered at her. “I should have thought of this before. You’re gonna love it. Now as soon as your brat sister gets home, I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you. Then I’ll do your fucking sister and then my pals will all have a turn as well. So shut the fuck up.” They heard the back door open. Her father raised his fist. Tracy walked into the room and one of the men grabbed her. When she saw Samantha, naked on the couch, tears running down her face, she started to struggle. Tracy was only a few inches shorter than her sister, very pretty, light brown hair, shoulder length also slim and legs similar to Sam’s

“Come on guys, strip this little bitch, cuff her and sit her down by her sister. Then we can have a good look at what we’ve got to party with.” Tracy was fighting desperately and screaming at the top of her voice as they ripped and cut her clothes off and sat her by Sam, with her hands cuffed behind her back. Joe cuffed his nine year old daughter across the mouth.

“Shut your screaming you little bitch or I’ll smash all your teeth down your fucking throat.” The four men gathered around. They pawed at both girls. Joe made a decision.

“Right guys, here’s how it’s going to be. He pointed to Sam. First I pop this ones cherry, open her up and lubricate her well. You should thank me, Once I’ve finished, you can all take a turn with her. While I’m busy, you can face fuck or jerk off or whatever you want with the little one, but don’t you dare to touch her cunt. That’s mine. Once I’ve popped her as well, then you can all fuck shit out of her.” He turned on Tracy and grabbed her by the neck. He shoved his massive fist against her face. “Now just be a good little girl and suck my mates off. If you try to bite one of them, I promise you I will smash your fucking face in, you little shit. Just do as you are told and after a while you’ll get to enjoy this. Now let’s get this party started.” He took off his shirt and dropped his pants. Neither of the girls had ever seen an erect penis before and they looked in horror at the monstrous organ sticking out of their father. It was about eight inches long and thick. He grabbed Samantha by the hair and yanked her to her feet. She tried to struggle, but he punched her hard in the stomach, knocking all her breath out of her. He dragged her to the back of the couch and bent her over the it, hanging onto her hair.

“Come on, one of you, hang onto her hair and keep her still, the one who does can go next.” Alan, grabbed her hair and held her. Bent over the couch back, Sam could hardly breathe. Her father cruelly squeezed her breasts and then slapped her backside a couple of times as hard as he could.

“Just behave yourself for once.” Joe told her. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stop struggling. Better get used to this because I’m going to fuck shit out of you every day from now on. You need to get yourself ready and nice and wet for me, because if you don’t, then it’s gonna hurt like fuck and I promise you it’s gonna hurt this time.”

Joe spit on his hand and smeared her opening with saliva. He kicked her legs open, then she felt his penis forcing its way into her pussy. She was dry and it hurt. He kept pushing and she felt him forcing his monstrous penis inside her body. It felt as if she were being ripped open as her father forced his massive organ into her virgin pussy. It felt like sandpaper and her inside felt as if it were on fire. She was screaming with pain.

“Stuff her pants into her fucking mouth, and shut the bitch up.” One of the men shoved her pants into her mouth. The man holding her hair stopped her from spitting them out.

“Yeah, she’s a virgin still.” Joe announced, and he shoved as hard as he could. Samantha felt something tear inside her and she tried to scream again with pain. She almost lost conciousness, but she could feel the huge invader inexorably working its way into her no longer virgin pussy as her father squirmed and thrust at her. His nails were digging into the skin of her thighs as he pulled her onto him. The deeper it went in, the more painful it was.

“Christ, this is one tight pussy.” Her father exclaimed. “I’m almost there, though.”

She heard Tracy gagging, choking and gulping. From the corner of her eye, she could see little Tracy on her knees. Eric had his penis in her mouth. George was kneeling behind her fondling her body. He was playing with her nipples and running his hands all over her body and at the same time trying to rub his penis on her body. Eric was holding her head by the hair and pumping his organ into her mouth. As she watched, she saw him stiffen and push his penis right down her throat.

“Oh fuck, yes, here it comes.” Tracy struggled like mad. She was choking. The man’s semen was running out of her mouth and nose as she coughed and choked. “Swallow it you little bitch.” Eric yelled

Joe, having pushed his penis into Sam as far as it would go, started pounding at her and grunting like an animal. With each thrust, it felt like the skin inside her was being torn off. She lost consciousness several times, but the pounding didn’t stop. Faster and faster he went. The entire couch was moving. It seemed to go on for hours. Then, suddenly, he rammed into her as deep as he could. She felt the invader in her body swell. Her father pushed into her so hard that her feet came off the floor. He grabbed both her breasts and dug his fingers into them. The pain was unbelievable.

“Jesus Christ, I’m coming, oh shit yes, I’m coming. Oh fuck, this is good,” and she felt a huge jet of his warm, sticky semen pump into her innocent young body. He cried out again as a second fountain of the vile stuff flooded into her. He dug his fingers in even harder and she felt his nails penetrate her flesh. Spurt after spurt of his hot semen filled her body, she could feel it running down her legs as the monster inside her started to soften. The enormity of what he had just done hit her. She had finished her monthly period about eight days ago, so he might well have made her pregnant. He pulled out of her and she felt his juices and her blood running down her legs.

“Fuck, yes. I should have started fucking this little bitch years ago. Christ I haven’t fucked a girl that tight since I was a teenager. Oh yes, I can certainly get used to this and I don’t have to beg her like that bitch wife I had. She can sleep in my bed at night. I’ll just handcuff her to it so the bitch can’t get away.”

“Shit, Joe” Alan exclaimed. “You’ve pumped enough spunk into her to start an army. Where does it all come from. Look at the blobs of it oozing out of her. Jeez, that’s a sexy sight. Come on, Joe, let me got into that nice fresh pussy.”

Alan took Joe’s place and rammed his massive, swollen penis into her. It was even bigger than her father’s and she tried to scream again with the incredible pain. He wasn’t gentle. He rammed the entire length into her with one massive thrust. Her insides were on fire. Bent over the back of the couch she could hardly breathe

“She’s nice and wet now guys.” He announced. “But still nice and tight,” and he started thrusting as hard as he could into her. After only a few strokes, he dug his fingers and nails into her hips as he pulled her to him.

“Oh, fuck it, oh no. Oh fuck it, I can’t hold it. Shit, I’m coming.” The monstrous thing inside her got even bigger and she blacked out as he spurted jet after jet of his hot semen deep inside her little body. “Oh shit, Joe. That wasn’t fair. I haven’t had a good fuck for over a fortnight. I got so excited watching you and seeing your jism running out of her pussy, that I just couldn’t hold it.” He pulled out and Eric took his place. In a corner of her mind she could hear Tracy trying to scream, gagging, choking and coughing again as George literally drooled on her whilst he pumped his penis in and out of her little mouth.

Eric’s penis wasn’t as big as the previous two and it wasn’t as hard. He pumped away like a crazed animal for what seemed to be an age, until he stiffened. With each thrust there was an obscene squelching sound as he churned the semen of the first two men. His organ inside her swelled, but very little of his semen came out. Samantha thought, quite rightly that the biggest load had gone into her little sisters throat.

“Oh Christ, I haven’t been able to come twice in a row for years. Shit Joe, this bitch makes a damned good fuck.” Eric yelled. He held her tightly to him, one hand clutching her sore hips and the other cruelly squeezing one of her breasts. His penis shrank inside her, but he hung on.

“Come on, Eric, don’t hog it, I want my fucking turn. There’s nothing like a nice young cunt to fuck, now get the fuck off and let me have my turn.” George grabbed Eric’s shoulder and pulled him away. He pumped his semi-swollen penis still covered in Tracy’s saliva and his own semen and then jammed it into her. She was so sore now, that it felt like a hot iron. He started thrusting into her with long slow strokes, pawing at her breasts and she could feel his saliva on her back as he drooled over her. His thrusts got faster, he was grunting like an animal. Several times he stopped for a minute or so and then the pounding started again. Sam was hovering on the brink of unconsciousness. The pounding got harder and faster. It seemed to take hours before he finally ejaculated in her, adding to the sperms swimming around inside her. Like Eric he hung on to her long after his penis had shrunk.

When he finally had enough, he pulled out and she felt more warm semen running down her legs. Then he roughly stood her up dragged her by the hair to the front of the couch and tried to push her onto it, but she fell on the floor. Her entire body was a mass of pain. She looked down and blood and semen were running down her legs. There were red, bleeding gashes on her hips where her father had dug his fingernails into her and there were similar bleeding cuts on the sides of her breasts from her father’s and the other men’s nails. She glanced at her sister. Tracy, was kneeling on the floor and Alan, the man who had followed her father had his huge penis in her mouth. There was semen on her face and in her hair. Tears were streaming down her face as the man pushed his huge penis in and out of her mouth. She saw him stiffen and she saw her sister gagging as he unloaded into her mouth. She coughed and choked and semen ran out of her mouth and down her chin. He pulled his monstrous thing out of her mouth and spurted the last of his semen onto her face. He rubbed the head of it onto her face as it slowly softened.

She heard her father searching in his bedroom upstairs, but soon he came down. Until today, she had never seen a naked man with an erect penis. Her father’s was getting bigger and stiffer as she watched in sheer disbelief. It had blood and his semen on it and there was blood on his stomach. She realized that it was her blood, and that her father was going to try to push this monstrous obscene thing into her little nine year old sister. The other three men were also naked, but their penises hung limply, shining with either semen or saliva.

“I was sure I had some viagra left, but seems I’m out. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter. It’s time to pop another cherry. He grabbed Tracy by the hair and bent her over the couch as he had done with Samantha. She wasn’t as tall as Sam, and her feet were off the ground. There was still some semen running down her chin. He wiped it up with his free hand and lubricated her pussy and his huge penis with it, then he rammed it into Sam’s little sister. She screamed with pain. He grabbed the panties that had been in Sam’s mouth and shoved them into hers.

“Fuck it, this bitch is tight.” her father complained. “Pass me that bottle of cooking oil or I’ll never get it in.” one of the men passed him the bottle, he rubbed some onto his penis and with his finger, he smeared some into Tracy’s pussy and started pushing again. He gave a mighty shove and Tracy tried to scream again. Blood was pouring down Tracy’s legs as her father violated her little body. He pounded at her for an age. Tracy had fainted from the pain and she was in shock. Finally Joe reared up and pulled Tracy to him so hard that she came completely off the couch.

“Christ, she’s so fucking tight, it hurts.” He shouted and Sam watched in horror as her father shot load after load of his sticky seed into her little sister. Eventually, he pulled out and blood and semen poured down Tracy’s legs. Tracy just collapsed, so Joe picked her up by the hair and draped her back over the couch.

“Jesus, I’ve never fucked a cunt that tight before. Who’s next?” Joe asked. The other three looked awestruck. They showed no signs of erections.

“Jeez Joe, where do you get all that spunk from. It’s running out of her like a tap. Give us a break Joe, we’ve all already come twice. Takes a bit to recover, besides, you might have broken something inside her Joe. Look how she’s bleeding. What are we going to do if it doesn’t stop?”

“It’ll stop soon.” Joe told them. “I have an idea. We’re out of beer and we all need some viagra. Let’s go down to the off license and the chemist. Then we can take a break and let them also rest for a while. When we come back, we can fuck ’em both again.”

“You need to think this through Joe.” One of the guys spoke. “What do we do with them now? What if they tell someone?” George looked up from staring at his limp penis, which he was trying to massage to get it up again.

“Look guys, we can’t take it back, we did it. They can’t go to the police here, but they could go somewhere else and if anyone believed them we would all be in deep shit. I’ve got an idea. If Joe is agreeable, we can go to the station. There is plenty cocaine and heroin there. I suggest we bring some back, shoot them both up. Then we dose them every day for a week or so and after a week, they’ll be happy to eat your shit to get a fix and we can use them whenever we want. We just tell the school that they’ve been taken into custody for theft.” The two girls listened in increasing horror. This was the end of their life.

“I agree.” Said their father. He looked at the two girls lying naked and bleeding. “Listen you two and listen good. While we are gone, you’d better decide how it’s going to be from now on. We can clean out the basement and put some heat into it so that its nice and warm, and you can stay down there while I’m at work. When I get back I can let you out and you can make food and then one of you can sleep with me at night. If I can get to trust you then maybe later I’ll let you stay in the house while I’m out. I want no shouting, fighting or trying to stop me when I want to fuck you, and I want you to get nice and wet for me. My friends will also get to fuck you from time to time and the same applies. The alternative, if you want to struggle and scream, is to get you both hooked on dope and you can live down in the basement and just get let out for a fucking. It’s up to you both. Best decide and decide wisely. There’s a plus though, you won’t have to go to school any longer.” He laughed and turned to his three mates.

“Sam’s cunt is mine, fellows and I don’t want to spoil her, so you only get to fuck her on odd occasions, and not very often. It’s going to cost you to fuck Sam. I reckon twenty quid a time is cheap for a nice fresh little slut. I can see me fucking her two or three times daily, well at least for a while. You can all fuck the little bitch as much as you like for now at least until she gets bigger. She’s for free until she gets bigger. Let’s fasten them up in the garage and we’ll go to the station and when we come back, it’s party time again for these two. See the bleeding is almost stopped, she’ll be good to go again by the time we get back. I’m going to get my money’s worth out of the two of them until I can find something to replace them. I never wanted either of them. They were both accidents, but at least they’ll earn their fucking keep for a while.” All of the men started to get dressed apart from George. He was massaging his swelling penis.

From where Sam lay on the floor, she could see George, who was still fondling her little sister, he stroked her hair and face. Sam watched fascinated as George’s penis which was limp and tiny, probably only about two inches long began to swell. It was getting thicker and longer as she watched, until it started to stand up. She saw a droplet of liquid leaking out of the hole in his penis. He began to massage his penis as he turned to speak to Joe.

“Joe, you three go and leave me here with the little one.” It was more like a whine. “I’m ready for her now. I want to take my time with her, I’ve never done a little girl before. I want to get into that little bald twat and fuck her for as long as I can. You guys always want to hurry. This one is special for me. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fuck a little kid.”

“Forget it.” Joe told him. “You come with us. We’ll let you have your time with her when we get back. I was thinking maybe you can fuck her in her room, in her bed while we fuck Sam in my bed. Yeah, we can take our time and really get to enjoy it more next time. No rush. We can get some of that Durex lubricant, make it better for them as well until they learn to get themselves wet and ready for it. So get dressed and let’s get going. I might even let you sleep here with her tonight.”

The two girls were marched into the garage and their wrists handcuffed together over a two inch water pipe on the wall. They lay naked on the cold concrete floor.

“You two just stay there like good little girls.” Joe told them. “It won’t hurt as much next time now that you are broken in. You need to get yourselves ready and get nice and wet for us, because when we get back, we are all going to fuck you again, both of you. better get used to it, because it’s gonna happen a lot in the future.”

“Come on then guys. George cried. “Let’s get a move on. Jesus, I’ve always wanted to fuck a little girl. I just can’t wait to get my cock into that bald little pussy. I want to fuck her a lot. I bet you enjoyed fucking her didn’t you Joe, you lucky bastard. I would have given anything to be the first and pop that little cherry.” The men left them, still arguing about who would be next to fuck which one.