Robin and Her Daddy (M/g, Incest)

Robin and Her Daddy (M/g, Incest)

Reader submitted story, based on fantasy.

Author: Titman

Comments to Readers: I like to write “realistic” stories. I know it’s fantasy so anything is possible. But I prefer not to write about 6 year old’s taking a 7 inch cock in their virgin pussy and loving it, and having an orgasm as they beg to be fucked harder.I hope you like my more realistic style, and I would love to hear from you.  

It was another warm, sunny, summer day. 9 year-old Robin was playing in the yard when her mom and little sister came out of the house. “Where you goin’ mom?” Robin yelled across the yard.”Me and Jill are going shopping honey.” She replied.
“Can I go too?”
“No. You stay here and keep your dad company. We’ll be back around 4 or 5.” Her mother finished.
Robin begrudgingly said ok, and glanced towards the house where her dad was.
“That’s a good girl. Now you mind your daddy, ya hear?”
“Yes mam.” She said, and watched her mom and sister drive out the driveway.
The slim 9 year-old was sitting on her swing-set, looking towards the house. She knew that soon, her daddy would be calling her inside to “play”. She was filled with mixed feelings about what she knew was about to happen. Part of her didn’t want to go in. That part of her was ashamed about what she and her daddy did in private. But at the same time, another part of her was excited, and even eager. That part of her loved the secret things her father did with her when they were alone. That part of her enjoyed the good feelings her body experienced when her daddy undressed her, and rubbed her “pussy” as he called it. She had even gotten used to calling it that like he taught her to do when they were “playing” together.
That was his code word for their secret, naughty, activities. It first started when Robin had just turned 7. She was sitting on the back porch in her daddy’s lap, and as usual, he was gently rubbing his hands up and down her arms, and legs, and soothingly stroking her long blonde hair and neck. But on that day, has they talked about school, and non-specific things, he slowly slipped a hand under the front of her shirt, and began rubbing her stomach, then slowly worked his way up onto her flat chest. She didn’t even think anything about it when his fingers found her flat little nipples, and began to knead them ever so gently.
Soon he began to pull outward on them slightly, and then lightly gather the skin around them between his thumb and fingers and. As he did, he asked her if what he was doing felt good. She said it did, and he continued. After several minutes, he slid his other hand up her thigh and brought it to rest right in the vee between her legs.
“Spread your legs a little bit honey.” He whispered, as he expertly massaged her nipples. As she did, he slowly pressed his hand down between her spread legs and cupped her private place. She wasn’t sure why he was rubbing her there, but she soon realized that it felt good. And it seemed that the more he rubbed her, along with what his fingers were doing to her nipples, the stronger the strange new, good, feelings got.
He rubbed her for several minutes that first time, and then slowly stopped. “Did that feel good honey?” He asked as he held her close. “Uh huh.” She murmured back. Her little head still trying to process the new sensations he had given her.
“That’s my good girl. I knew you’d like that. Maybe we can do it some more sometime. But it’ll be our secret, ok?” He whispered, as he kissed her on the cheek. She said ok, and skipped off to play.
The next day, while her mom was cooking dinner, she came and sat in his lap, and talked to him about her day. She was expecting him to rub her some more like before, but he didn’t. He did rub her chest just a little outside her shirt, and with his other hand, he rubbed her thigh. But he didn’t actually rub her private place like before. 
His fingers only brushed against it once, but that was all.
The next two days, he worked late, but then, on Thursday afternoon, her mom was at a PTA function, and her sister was playing at a friend’s house. She went into the den, and he smiled and patted his leg. She quickly climbed onto his lap. As they talked, he began rubbing his hands over her arms and legs as usual. She wondered if he was going to touch her again like he had the other day. And soon his hand slid up under her shirt and his fingers found her little nipples.
“Do you want me to make you feel good like the other day honey?” Jim whispered, as he slid his hand up to her crotch.
“Ok.” Robin replied nervously.
She felt his hand press against her little mound, and she tensed up.
“It’s ok honey. If you don’t want me to, I’ll stop.” He said as he pulled out gently on her little nipples, and pressed his middle finger down against her buried clit.
“No daddy. It’s ok. You can do it some.” She responded, hoping to not seem like she actually wanted him to do such a naughty thing to her.
“That’s my good girl. Now spread your legs for me so I can make you feel good.” He spoke softly.
Robin spread her legs, and before she knew it, her daddy’s fingers were rubbing up and down, and around and around, and her private place was feeling warm, and sending some very good feelings through her body. Without realizing it, she had spread her legs much wider, as he rubbed her.
Then she realized that he had slipped his finders inside the leg of her little shorts, and were rubbing her right on her panties. It was feeling really good, and she realized that the bad feelings about what he was doing were fading fast, and she didn’t want him to ever stop.
But after a while, he did stop. And kissed her on the cheek again, asking her if she liked it. She said that she did, and he reminded her that they could do it again later if she wanted, and to be sure and never tell anybody because it was their private secret.
She remembered that there were many more “play” sessions just like that one over the next few months. At first, she would get to feeling guilty and ashamed about it afterwards, but the more they did it. The less that happened, and nowadays she hardly ever got those bad feelings anymore. She knew her daddy loved her, and it felt so nice and special.
A few months after it started, they were alone for the whole day one Saturday, and he said he wanted to show her how their play could be even more fun and feel even better.
He took her into her bedroom, and closed the door, and got her to lay on the bed with him, and he started to rub her like always, but then he began to remove her clothes. “Trust me sweetheart. It’s going to feel so much better this way, you’ll see.” He said. And he was right. She vividly remembered how good it felt the first time his fingers pressed into her naked little pussy. It was a little embarrassing having him see it, but that soon didn’t matter, as the best feeling yet began to flow from her naked slit where his finger was sliding.
And then she realized that she was wet there, and she became very embarrassed because she thought she had peed herself. But he explained that she hadn’t, that it was a special love juice that her body made because it liked what he was doing. And she did like it! The “Pussy Juice” as he called it, made his fingers slide in her crack so nice and the feelings just kept getting better and better.
After they had been “playing” for about a year or so, just after she turned 8, he again said it was time for her to learn more about their bodies, and sex, and how things worked. He taught her all about her body, and what everything was called, and he encouraged her to use the words when they played. He also taught her how to play with her pussy and make herself feel good when they couldn’t be together. She felt funny about that at first, but pretty soon, she was playing with her pussy every night in bed before she went to sleep.
It was about then that he also said he wanted her to learn about his body, and that she could have more fun making him feel good too. She agreed with some apprehension, and the next day, he took her on a business trip with him. Her mom said it was nice for her to get to go, and she was sure she would have fun.
The first night, they were in the hotel room, and he explained that it was time for her to see his “Dick” as he called it. She felt very nervous, and sat on the bed and watched as he undid his pants, and took them off. She could see the big lump in his shorts. She had felt that lump pressing against her many times as they played, and although she had been very curious about it, now that she was about to see it, she was a little scared.
“Ok honey. Here you go.” Jim said, as he slid his shorts down, and his erect dick sprang free.
Robin was stunned. It wasn’t at all like she had pictured it. She had seen a dog’s dick sticking out when he was trying to hump another dog in the park one day, but her daddy’s dick was much nicer than that. 
She stared at it, and finally, he stepped closed to her and sat down beside her on the bed. “Go ahead and touch it honey.” He suggested. She cautiously reached out and touched it. “It’s hot.” She remarked.
“It’s ok, it’s supposed to be. Your pussy gets hot too when it gets excited.” He explained. “Go ahead and feel it. Hold it in your hand, and get to know it.” He continued.
Robin carefully closed her hand around the shaft. Holding her first dick, she was surprised, at how she thought she could feel it’s strength and power. He taught her how to slide the skin up and down, and all about the different parts of it. What the balls were, and what they did.
Soon, he had her jacking him off and he stopped her and explained that he was about to “cum”. He took his time and explained all about that, and about orgasms, and that he hoped that soon, he could help her to start having them, and how wonderful they would feel when she did.
He told her to start jacking him again, and that soon, he would squirt, and to just keep jacking until it stopped squirting. She wasn’t sure, but everything they had done so far had been ok, so she set to it.
A couple of minutes later, he moaned and said he was cumming, and then the stuff started to squirt out the tip and way up into the air, then splattering back down on his stomach, and her hand and wrist. But she didn’t stop. She kept jacking as he had told her, and pretty soon it stopped squirting and just sort of oozed out some more then stopped.
“Oh yes. Good girl honey. You can stop now.” He said breathlessly.
The 8 year-old just sat there, holding his shrinking dick, and looking at all the white stuff spattered everywhere. It had a funny smell, and it was thick and creamy. He praised her some more, and then led her to the bathroom and undressed her. Then he led her into the shower, and they had their first shower together.
He had her wash him off and clean his dick, and then he washed her, paying particular attention to her pussy which he washed and rinsed real good. They got out and dried off and got back into bed. They talked about what she had done, and he asked how she liked it. She said she did, but inside, she was still trying to figure all this new stuff out.
He said he wanted to make her feel good now, and that he was going to do something new for her, that he was sure she was going to really like. He started as always, rubbing her nipples and pussy, but then he leaned down and started licking and then sucking her nipples. As he did, he swirled his finger around her little clit, and soon she was very wet, and feeling very good. Then to her shock and surprise, he started to kiss his way down her tummy, and right down onto her pussy mound.
She gasped the first time his tongue swiped across her mound, and then slid down into the crack. She spread her legs wide for him and then he crawled down between them and opened his mouth, and placed it over her mound, then shoved his tongue into her open slit, and began to suck.
Intense waves of passion began to sweep through her 8 year-old body, as she experienced her little pussy being eaten for the very first time. She couldn’t believe how good it felt, and how her daddy seemed to be really enjoying doing it to her.
Then, she started to feel out of breath, and sort of like she was sliding off a ledge or something, but couldn’t stop herself. Then her body seemed to explode and she screamed. Her daddy locked his mouth tight onto her pussy and sucked hard, as he slithered his tongue up and down her slit.
Finally she went limp, and just lay still, trying to catch her breath. Her daddy kissed her pussy, and then crawled up beside her and held her naked, satisfied body against his.
She fell asleep, and didn’t wake until morning to a nice sensation. 
She could feel sex feelings flowing through her little body as she awoke, and when she opened her eyes, she was greeted with the sight of her daddy nursing at her nipples. She instinctively raised her hand and petted the back of his head as he suckled her. His fingers were busy too, slowly and precisely fondling her tender little 8 year-old pussy which was already wet. She moaned as her preteen body received all the wonderful sensations.
Jim slowly began to press his finger into her tiny vaginal opening. He only pressed it inside about an inch and began to pump it in and out. Soon, Robin was whimpering, and pushing her pelvis up into his hand, and he picked up the pace, and began to suck her nipples harder, drawing them deep into his mouth. Then she cried out, and shook slightly, and Jim held his finger still inside her, and pressed his thumb down firmly against her swollen little clit. As her second ever orgasm passed, she relaxed, and he took his mouth off her nipple, and slowly withdrew his hand from her pussy.
“That’s my good girl. Open your mouth honey.” He said softly, and she obeyed. Then she felt his finger go into her mouth, and he told her to suck on it. As she did, she could taste something sweet and a tiny bit salty. Then she realized that she was sucking the finger that had just been inside her pussy. She paused for a few seconds, and then realized that it tasted good. And it must be ok, because he had been licking and sucking her pussy directly, and must have gotten a lot of it in his mouth as he did.
That was about 8 months ago. There had been three more business trips that she had gone on with her daddy, and each one was great. She had become very good at jacking him off, and had learned to enjoy doing it very much, especially when she would lay across his legs and jack him while he played with her pussy. Twice she had cum when he did, and she really liked that too. Then on the last trip, he had had her start licking the head of his dick while she played with him, and she had found she liked the taste of his dick juice as he called it. It was kind of like the juice from her pussy, but thicker, and more salty. But it was good, and last time, without being told, she would lean down and lick, every time she saw a drop ooze out the tip.
Something else had happened lately too. She had begun to get her breasts. Her daddy called them “Tit-buds”, and she thought that was a funny name for them, but he explained how they were like beautiful buds of flowers that were getting ready to bloom, and she understood. 
Her mom had bought her two training bras, but she was told she didn’t need to wear them around the house, only to school.
So she didn’t, and with many of the loose fitting tops she wore around home, her daddy could see right inside and enjoy little glimpses of her titbuds. Sometimes she would wear an older tee-shirt, that was too small for her, and her buds would be clearly outlined through the tight, thin material. Her daddy loved both ways, and sometimes, he would sneak a quick feel inside her shirt while no one was watching.
Robin knew her new little buds really turned her daddy on. He squirted harder, and longer when he was sucking them as she jacked him off, then any other time. She liked that. She liked having such an effect on him. And it felt so good when he massaged them and suck them. Ever since they started to grow, they would get itchy, and even ache sometimes. When he rubbed and sucked them, he made them feel better every time.
He had been taking pictures of her naked for a good while. He had told her that he wanted to have them to help remember her beautiful body after she grew up, and so she didn’t mind. But when her nipples first began to thicken and swell just a little, he told her it looked like she was starting to bud, and he wanted to record every detail of her breast development.
He set up a computer program to record every measurement of nipple width and thickness, areola width and height, and breast mound width, height, and conical angle. He also set up a series of marks where she was to place her feet, and where he would place the camera tripod at the different positions, for photographing and videoing her breasts from the front, and sides with her standing and laying down. He also had rulers fixed on little holder arms that he could position against each breast and nipple in some of the shots. He tried to measure and shoot her at least twice a week and sometimes three times.
He told her that when she was done developing, he would take all the clips of video and cut them together, with each clip being about 2 or 3 seconds. Then when it was played, you would be able to see her breasts slowly develop from nothing to full size titties in a few minutes. He was very excited about the whole thing, and Robin liked seeing her daddy happy, so she gladly went along with it.
It was now less than a month until her tenth birthday, and Jim had told her that it was time for him to teach her something else, and the next time they played, he was going to show her.
And today was that day. She knew they had all day alone together, and that he would probably start by making her feel good, and then “cataloguing” her titbuds. But then what, she wondered. He said he was going to teach her something new. What could it be, she wondered as she swung and stared into the trees.
Her daydreaming was broken when Jim walked out onto the porch and called out to Robin to come in the house. Robin answered, and started walking towards the house. “You want to play honey?” He said with a knowing smile. Robin smiled back, and nodded as she went up the steps.
As soon as they were inside and the door closed, her pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. She responded by hugging him and pushing her little tongue out to meet his. She quickly felt his hands on her little buds, squeezing, and pulling them gently through her top. She was glad she didn’t have a training bra on because it felt much better when he rubbed them without it in the way.
“God I love you honey. You’re so incredible and sexy.” He breathed hotly into her ear as he slid his tongue around it. “I love you too daddy. Ummm.” She replied, as her lust began to build. His hands felt good on her little-girl breasts, but she wanted his mouth on them soon. She remembered how she thought it was strange when he had told her a long time ago how little girls need to have their nipples and titbuds sucked but they just don’t know it. But now she totally understood. Jim didn’t disappoint, she soon felt his fingers unbuttoning her top, and then it was open, and she felt his warm wonderful mouth engulf her right kid-tit.
She felt her pussy surge as his tongue swept across the puffy nipple. Then he switched to the other one and sucked it hard, drawing to deep into this mouth, as she arched her chest towards his mouth. Almost at the same time, she took her free hand that wasn’t holding his head, and placed it on his crotch, as he cupped his hand over her little mound and squeezed.
After a couple more minutes, he came up and French kissed her again as he scooped her small nine-year-old frame up in his arms and carried her to her bedroom. When they got there, he sat her down, and finished undressing her, and then she undressed him and they got into bed.
He kissed her again, then went down to her tiny titties again, and nursed for almost 30 minutes. Little Robin’s 9 year-old body was on fire and her little hairless pussy mound was coated with her juices that he had smeared around as he had fondled her. Then he raised up and grabbed the camera, and began shooting her swollen little titbuds. He had explained to her before, that when she became very turned on, her puffy nipples would become even more pronounced than normal, and he had to capture them while they were like that. She smiled, and struck several poses, sometimes placing her fingers and thumb at the base of her tiny mounds and pinching them up for the camera, then finishing with her pinching her puffy little nipples and pulling them up as far as she could while he clicked away.
Once he was done taking pictures, Jim got between Robin’s legs, and ate her sweet little pussy, bringing her to two strong climaxes. He brought her to the brink of a third, and stopped, crawling back up and French-kissing her. She didn’t mind, she had tasted her own pussy many times now and she quite liked the taste. But she was still turned on and needed to cum again.
“That’ll hold you for now baby. I promise daddy will eat your pussy some more later. First, we need to get down to the basement and document your development, then I want to teach you something new.” 
He said, and then bent down and kissed each little bud.
He stood up, and took her hand and she got off the bed and followed him downstairs. She noticed that his dick was staying very hard. 
Usually, it went down to about half hard when they were documenting her breast development which usually took about 30-45 minutes including the time to set up the lights and equipment. Robin was very helpful, and knew the routine. She hummed and smiled as she carefully positioned the camera on the marks on the floor and aimed it where she would soon be standing. When it was all set up, she carefully applied a very light dusting of skin-color anti-glare powder on her chest and vulva, and went and stood on her marks.
Jim clicked the mouse a few times and the three monitors lit up. One displayed the last picture that had been taken at that position and pose. The second displayed the current view that the camera was seeing, and the third displayed data about the position and pose that was currently being shot, and other data about settings, lighting positions, measurements, etc.
Robin smiled as she looked at the monitors which showed what was always the first shot in the sessions, a front-on shot from just below her pussy, to just above the top of her head. She took a deep breath, and pushed her chest out, watching her little titbuds rise proudly toward the camera. Her daddy had told her many, many times how beautiful she was, and how precious and adorable her little buds were, and she believed it. She was a very pretty girl. Pretty in the normal way to everyone else, and pretty in that special secret way for just her daddy.
“Ok honey. Ready?” Jim asked. “Ready daddy.” She chirped back and smiled into the camera. The lights flashed with the click of the camera, and the image was frozen on the screen. Jim clicked the mouse, and the picture from the previous session was superimposed over today’s Jim checked the alignment using the nipples as the centering point. It was fine. “Ok honey that’s perfect. Hold still for the video.” He said. She smiled and held the pose as he clicked another button, and captured several seconds of video. Then he overlaid the previous session’s video clip and checked the alignment. “Perfect honey. Go ahead and turn.” He said, and she turned to her right. The lights flashed again, and he checked the alignment of the photos making sure the surface of her chest was in the exact same position. That way, as her breasts grew, the consecutive shots taken over time would clearly show the outward progression of her mounds, and the thickening of her areolas and nipples. Each step of the process was repeated with the rulers placed in the shot to indicate the scale and size.
Next a video clip, and then the same from the other side, then the camera was moved in close so that only her two walnut sized breasts filled the frame. And a still and video clip were taken and then from each side. Then the camera lens was changed, and moved in to exactly 6 inches from her right nipple. The super macro lens showed every minute detail of the tiny child breast, now displayed 50 times it’s actual size on the monitor. Robin thought it was fun to see her little breast so big. She could see every detail of her puffy nipples that her dad loved to play with and suck so much.
Then the camera was moved out slightly, and lowered until her hairless little mound filled the monitor. Picture and Video clip, then Robin reached down and placed two fingers on each lip and pulled them apart. She watched the monitor as she did it, making sure her finger placement was exactly the same as last time, and that she pulled it open the same. When that was done, she hopped up on the table, and positioned herself on the marks. Jim reset the lights and tripod quickly to her side, and shot her full body, then close-ups of her chest from both sides.
“That’s a good girl. Almost done. You’re wonderful honey.” Jim said softly, as he moved the lights and tripod one last time down between Robin’s legs which she had spread wide until her heels lined up on more alignment marks. She really liked these last two shots, which showed her little pussy very clearly, and the macro one showed it in incredible detail in all it’s perfect little-girl beauty. She stared at her pussy as he clicked and checked and then shot the Video of her forbidden place.
She noticed, that since he had been fingering her more, and she had been fingering herself at night sometimes, that her little hole was more open and slightly more rounded than when they first started taking these pictures. Jim had said that her pussy was maturing, and growing, and getting ready to accept his dick. He said that if they continued to slowly work on her hole, that she should be ready for him to take her on her eleventh birthday.
They had talked quite a bit about that, and he had shown her some pictures and a couple of videos of little girls being fucked by men. 
They seemed to enjoy it a lot, and for some reason she didn’t understand, she wanted to feel her daddy’s dick inside her too. But he had explained that because she was small for her age, and he absolutely did not want to hurt her, that they needed to wait until she grew enough that it would be safe for him to enter her.
“Ok honey, all done.” Jim smiled, and gave her a kiss. He took her hand and led her off the table, and they put all the equipment away.
“Let’s go up to the den, and I want to show you something.” He said, picking up the portable Video Camera on it’s tripod, and carrying it with him. Robin smiled and followed him. Noticing his dick was getting harder again. Which meant he must be getting turned on by what they were about to do. He set the Video Camera up next to his big easy chair. Then he took a DVD he had brought from the basement with him and put it in the player. Then he sat down, and pulled her onto his lap.
“Is it ok if I Video us, honey?”
“Sure.” She chirped, and Jim reached over and started the camcorder.
“You know honey, you’ve learned so much since we first started playing. And you are so good with everything we do. I’m very proud of you. Now there’s one more thing that I want to teach you how to do, because it will make me feel very good, and I think you will learn to enjoy doing too.” He said, as he toyed with her little buds.
“What is it?” Robin asked.
“Well you know how I use my mouth on your pussy to make you feel really good?” 
“Uh huh.” She nodded
“Well, girls use their mouths on their guy too.” He said, and waited for her reaction.
Robin thought for a few seconds, and then looked at him. “How.” She asked.
“How ’bout I show you.” He said, and pressed play on the remote.
The screen lit up, and it showed a little girl about Robin’s age sitting on a swing in a pretty little yellow sundress. “Hi my name’s Lori. I’m 9 years old, and I like to play secret games with my daddy. And one of my favourite games is sucking. First, I love it when daddy sucks my titties, and then my pussy. It feels so good. I hope your daddy sucks you like that.” The little girl said as the screen faded to her laying on a little girl’s bed, naked while a man with his face blurred, feasted on her little swollen nipples for a few seconds, and then changed to her with her legs spread wide, and the man lapping and sucking away at her little hairless mound.
Robin smiled and layed her head against her daddy’s chest. She thought it was neat to see another little girl doing the same thing with her daddy that she did with her’s.
After a couple of minutes, the little girl came hard in the man’s mouth, squealing and bucking and then smiling a smile that Robin knew well. Then the scene changed back to the little girl sitting in the swing. “It feels so good when daddy sucks me. And daddy likes doing it to me a lot, but of course I want to make him feel real good too. Now I know you want to make your daddy feel good too, like he does you, so I’m going to show you how you can. It may seem kind of weird, or even a little gross at first, but trust me, it’s not. It’s fun!” She finished and the scene changed to her standing naked in front of the man.
She reaches up and undoes his pants, and they fall, then she pulls his underwear down, and he sits down. She kneels between his spread legs. “Now you need to be in a good position like I’m in now. It’ll make it a lot easier while you learn how to do it.” She says, as she takes his erect dick into her hand. “I’m sure you’ve been playing with your daddy’s dick and know how to do all that, so I’ll skip right to the good part. One of the best things about this is the dick juice. You may have already tasted this, but if you haven’t, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s delicious!” She says, as she tilts the head towards her mouth, and licks off the large drop of precum that is at the tip. “Uuummm, good. I love daddy’s dick juice. It’s so salty and good, I just can’t get enough. Of course, he says the same thing about my pussy juice.” She says with a giggle.
“Anyway the next thing you do is, lick all around the head, and then then slide your mouth down on it. Careful of your teeth. Daddy likes me to bite him sometimes, but down here below the head. Never scrape your teeth on the head. After you go down on it, just close your mouth, and start sucking a little.” She says, and then coats the head with her saliva, then opens her little mouth and takes the head in. Her mouth closes, and her cheeks hollow in slightly from the suction. 
She slowly starts to pump her hand up and down and move her head up and down with it. She moans as she sucks and swallows the juice flowing from the man’s dick.
“After a minute or so, she comes off and looks into the camera again. “Umm, that is so good. I got more yummy juice as I sucked and jacked it. Daddy says there’s just something about a little girl’s mouth that makes a dick give lots of juice as a reward for sucking it. Now your daddy will show you just how he wants you to suck and jack him. So I’ll leave that for him to teach you just the way he likes it. But now for the best part of all. After you jack your daddy, you know what happens, he squirts. Well, that’s ok, but it will feel a hundred times better to him if his dick is in your mouth when it squirts.”
“I know, it might sound gross, but it’s not. Cum tastes real good. 
When it squirts out into your mouth, it’s warm and fresh, and it slides over your tongue, and you swallow it, and you feel it all warm and thick, sliding down into your tummy. I know you’re probably asking right now, what does it taste like. Well it doesn’t really taste like anything else. I heard one little girl in a Video one time say that it tasted sort of like warm, salty milk. But that’s not really right, maybe more like warm ice cream I think. Anyway, it’s good. Now I’ll admit, the first time I drank it, it was kind of weird tasting. But I got used to the taste real quick, and after a few times, I realized I was starting to like it, and pretty soon I was loving it, and I wanted to drink it every day.”
“So I’m going to suck my daddy off now, and you can watch. Oh yeah, I usually hold the head inside my mouth and drink it as it squirts out. 
But sometimes I open my mouth and hold the tip right in front of my mouth and squirt it in. That’s what I’m gonna do today, so you can see it squirt in my mouth. My daddy likes it that way sometimes because he likes to watch it squirt in too. So here we go.”
The little girl opens her mouth and sinks it back down on it, and begins to suck and jack like a pro. After a few minutes, the man groans and says “now honey”. And the 9 year-old pulls back slightly and opens her mouth as wide as she can and jacks him hard. Robin watches wide-eyed, as the man’s cum begins to squirt out and into the little girl’s mouth. One rope splashes on her upper lip, and runs down into her mouth. After 9 or 10 strong blasts, it begins to subside, leaving the child’s mouth and tongue drenched in fresh semen. She turns to the camera, and you can clearly see all the cum inside. Then she closes her mouth and swallows twice, and then opens back up showing it all gone. Then she turns back to his dick and begins to lick and suck the last little bit of cum from the tip. She explains how to milk out the cum that’s left in the tube on the underside, and licks that away as it oozes out and swallows noticeably again.
“Umm, yummy. I just love sucking my daddy off. It makes him feel so good, and it’s fun to do to. Now you can go give it a try. I’m sure you’re going to like it. Remember, you may not like the taste of his cum all that much, the first couple of times, but give it a chance. I know you’ll like it, once you get used to it. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Remind you daddy, that drinking beer and whiskey will make his cum more bitter, and drinking a glass of pineapple juice every day will make it taste sweeter for you.”
“Now there’s one more thing, sometimes when I want to do something really special for daddy, to show him how much I love being with him. I ask him to give me a “Cum Facial”. What you do, is when he’s about to cum, pull it out of your mouth and move back a little and open your mouth and stick out your tongue. He’ll take hold of his dick and jack it while he points it at your face. When he starts to cum, he’ll squirt his cum all over your face and mouth, and then when he’s finished squirting, he’ll take his dick and rub it all over your face, spreading his cum all over you real good. I love to do that for my daddy for like, his birthday, father’s day, and any other special day. Oh well, that’s about it. I hope you go and start sucking your daddy right away. The video will finish with my daddy giving me a facial last father’s day. Have fun. Bye!”
The scene changed to the little girl kneeling in front of her daddy, sucking him. Then he pushes on her forehead, and takes hold of his dick. She leans back and says, “I love you daddy” and then opens her mouth wide and sticks out her little pink tongue. A few seconds later, he erupts and plasters the 9 year-old’s face with a huge load hot fresh cum. She is moaning and almost giggling as the thick ropes splash across her forehead, nose, cheeks, and lips and mouth. Then the screen goes black.
Jim is rock hard, and Robin is gently holding it as she lays against his naked body. “What do you think about that honey.” He asks.
“It looks like it might be fun.” She answers softly.
“Lori sure likes it huh?”
Robin nods her head.
“Yeah. She sure does. You know it’s true what she said. It might seem gross now, but once you try it, you’ll probably like it. You thought it was gross the first time I ate your pussy, remember?”
“Uh huh. And the first time you had me taste my pussy juice on your finger. But it was good.” She said, sounding a little more confident.
“You know, thousands of little girls, and little boys, do it all the time. Some a lot younger than you.” He added.
“Really? And little boys too?” She asked, surprised.
“That’s right. Would like to see some?”
“Ok hop up and put the other DVD that’s laying up there in the player.”
Robin gets up and switches the discs, and he starts it as she climbs back onto his lap.
He reaches down and begins to massage and fondle her little walnut-sized buds as the screen lights up. The first scene is of a little girl about 6 years old. She is wearing a red dress and is kneeling in front of a man sucking his dick. Only the head is in, and it fills her tiny mouth. But she jacks and sucks and soon brings the man off, who pulls it out and unloads into her open mouth then shoves it back in for her to finish sucking dry.
Next is a little boy, about Robin’s age, and he is sucking a man’s dick that is just about the same size as Jim’s. Robin can tell the little boy really likes sucking it, because of the noises he is making, and how eager he is, and how he smiles every time he looks up at the man. Soon, the man cums in the little boy’s mouth. Robin is disappointed that she didn’t get to see it, but then the boy pulls off the dick, and turns to the camera and opens his mouth, revealing a large pool of white semen. Then he closes his mouth and swallows and opens back up and his mouth is empty.
Five more kids, 4 girls aged 4, 5, 9, and 11, and one boy aged 8, all suck a man off, and then the video ends.
“Did you like that honey?”
“Yeah. It was funny seeing the boys do it. And that littlest girl, she couldn’t hardly get it in her mouth. But she sucked him, and drank his cum. That was neat.”
“So do you want to give it a try?” He asked, giving her a kiss.
She nods, and smiles, blushing a little.
“That’s my good girl.” He says, and she feels his dick pump up to full hardness as she agrees to suck him.
“Why don’t run to the fridge real quick, and get yourself a soda. You might want to have a drink after you finish.” He suggested. She hopped up, and headed to the kitchen.
Jim’s heart was racing, and his dick was blue steel hard. After all these years of grooming, and careful planning, and persuading, and teaching he was about to reach the first of his two goals with Robin. 
To get her to suck him off. He had read so much material about grooming children, and how to properly train them sexually, and it was all about to pay off.
Robin came back with the can of soda and sat it down on the side table. She looked down at his rock-hard dick, and then up at him, and smiled nervously.
Jim took hold of her hand. “It’s ok sweetheart. If you’re scared, we can wait until later.” He spoke softly.
She could tell how much he was looking forward to her doing it. She took a deep breath, and stepped over between his legs, and knelt down. “I think I better just do it quick, before I chicken out.” She said, as she took hold of his dick.
“Oh honey. I’m so proud of you.” He praised.
She smiled, and took another deep breath, leaned forward, and started licking around the head. She quickly tasted his juice coating her tongue, and after several licks, she drew her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed. ‘That stuff does taste good. Maybe the rest will too.’ She said to herself. And with that, she opened her little mouth, and lowered it down over the big, shiny, purple head. She closed her mouth down gingerly, and Jim let out a long moan of pleasure. She was glad she was already making him feel good, and was surprised how nice it felt in her mouth. She could feel it’s heat radiating out from it, and then she realized she could feel her daddy’s heartbeat with her tongue. Some more juices surged out and she tasted the salty taste spread through her mouth. Then she remembered how Lori had said to suck, and so she sucked, causing her daddy to moan again.
She felt his hand stroking her head and hair. “Oh God honey, that feels so wonderful in your mouth.” He purred.
She was pleased with herself, and decided to try to take it in a little deeper like Lori and the other kids had done. She slowly began lowering her mouth down deeper and deeper, until the head pressed against the back of her throat, and made her gag a little.
“Easy honey, don’t try to go too deep, until you get used to it. 
You’re doing great.” He said softly.
Then she raised back up, and back down again. And then started slowly going up and down, and moving her hand with her mouth. Jim moaned deep and loud, and she knew she was making him feel good.
“It’s not going to take much longer honey, you’re making me feel so good, oooohhhhh.” He moaned.
She continued to suck and bob her head and jack, and was starting to get into it. It was fun. She was actually sucking her daddy, and she liked it. She liked the feeling of it sliding in and out of her mouth, and especially the juice that continually oozing out into her mouth.
“Oh God baby, I’m about to cum.” Jim groaned.
She felt the head of his dick swell a little, and his breathing changed, and his muscles tightened. Then he let out a long sigh, and suddenly his cum was gushing into her 9 year-old mouth. She was surprized at first, but then she focused, and held her breath, as the strong blasts continued. Her little mouth was filling with the thick, warm goo, but she held still, determined to finish it. A few more strong spurts, and then it slowed, and finally stopped. It was then she realized her mouth had overflowed, and she could feel her daddy’s cum running down her chin and dripping onto her chest and legs.
Jim was moaning and trying to catch his breath, as he tried to focus on Robin. The incredibly erotic sight of his cum running out of her mouth, along with the intense feelings from her mouth, were incredible.
“Swallow honey. Swallow daddy’s cum.” He breathed.
His words brought her from her dazed state, and she began to swallow. It took several gulps to drink it all down, and her little head was spinning from the emotions of the whole thing, and the strong, and strange new taste that filled her mouth. Lori was right about one thing, it was not like anything she had ever tasted. And she could feel it sliding down her throat into her tummy.
She let the softening dick slip from her mouth, and Jim grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her up to him.
“You are the most wonderful girl in the whole world.” He said, and then kissed her deeply, tasting his cum on her tongue.
She kissed him back, and when they finally broke their kiss, he held her tightly for a long time.
Then he spoke. “How you doin’ kiddo?” He asked softly.
“Do you feel like talking about it?” He asked.
“That’s great. So how was it. Did you like doing it? Did it taste alright.”
“It was ok. A little scary. But I knew I was making you feel good. It feels nice in my mouth. The taste was weird. Real strong. But I guess it’s like Lori said. It’ll take a while to get used to it.”
“That’s wonderful honey. I can’t even begin to describe how good it felt. You did so good. And your mouth feels just awesome on my dick. It’s the best feelings I’ve ever had from anybody, ever.”
Little Robin swelled a little with pride as her daddy praised her first blowjob. She was already forgetting about the strong taste of his cum, and relishing in how she had been able to make him feel so good.
“So. Do you think you’ll want to do it again?’ Jim asked tentatively.
Robin giggled. “Sure daddy. I liked it for the most part. And besides, it’s nice to make you feel so good.” She said, as she grasped his dick, and kissed him on the cheek.
Jim grabbed her and kissed her deeply, and then slid out of the big chair, leaving her in it. He sat on the floor between her legs and pushed them up to her chest and sank his mouth down over her little mound, and shoved his tongue into her slit. Robin sucked in a sharp breath, as her daddy sucked her entire mound up into his mouth. He held her legs up with his forearms, and reached down and began to tweak her little buds, and then moved his mouth up a little and stabbed his tongue under her hood, and against her clit.
“Oh daddy!” She cried as his tongue assaulted her little love button. 
Her pussy quickly began lubricating, rewarding him with lots of sweet little-girl nectar.
He sucked and flicked his tongue as she built up to her climax. Then, just when he knew she was there, he slid his mouth down and jabbed his tongue into her little hole, and began to fuck it in and out. She screamed, as her orgasm hit, and racked her 9 year-old body. He pulled and twisted her sensitive little buds lightly as she bucked her pussy against his sucking mouth.
When she finally came down from her cum, she grabbed her daddy and hugged him, then pulled his face to hers and kissed him deeply, tasting her sweet pussy juices.
“Thank you daddy, that felt really great.”
“I love to make my little girl cum nice and hard. And when you do, I get to drink lots of your sweet pussy juice. What a reward!”
She smiled, and thought to herself how the sooner she got used to drinking her daddy’s cum, the sooner she would feel the same way he did about sucking her pussy. That it’s a sweet reward at the end.
“Yeah honey.”
“Would you like me to suck you again?” I’d love nothing better honey. 
But how about we go out and have some Pizza and Ice Cream first, and then come back and do it. We’ve got  plenty of time, before your mom and sister get back. It’ll give my balls time to make some more cum for you, and I’ll bet you’re getting hungry besides.”
Pizza AND Ice Cream. Her two favorites. How could she say no!
“Sure.” And when we get back, I’m going to suck your dick, and drink all your cum.” She proclaimed.
They dressed, and went out, and had a wonderful time. She was like any other happy little 9 year-old girl. Laughing, and talking. Just enjoying her favourite lunch with her daddy.
Jim couldn’t believe it when she reached under the table and squeezed his dick. He looked around to see if anybody could see them. But they were in a booth in the back corner. Before he could say anything, she had unzipped him, and reached her hand inside and was massaging his balls.
“Just helping ’em make more cum daddy.” She said softly.
“God honey. You’re incredible. You want me to cum a lot, even though you don’t really like the taste?”
“No daddy. I didn’t say I didn’t like it. I just said it was real strong, and different. And Lori did say that it took her a few times to start liking it, so I figure the more I drink, the quicker I’ll get used to it.” She explained, as she gently massaged his balls.
She saw the waitress coming and quickly jerked her hand out and placed it on the table.
After she went away Jim zipped back up. “That was close honey. We have to be careful.” I know daddy. I was watching. I wonder if that little girl plays with her daddy.” She said.
“Maybe. The experts estimate that about 1 out of every 3 or 4 children have sex with either a parent or family member, or close adult.” He answered.
“Hummm. I wonder. I wonder if she does, does she like to suck her daddy.” She said.
“If he loves her, and is good to her, then probably. She’s probably about 10 or 11, so she definitely is ready.” He added.
“She’s got nice titties huh?”
“They’re ok, but not nearly as nice as yours baby.” He said, as he looked at the child, and quickly evaluated her little cut lemon sized tittties.
“I wonder if she likes for him to suck ’em.” She continued.
“My but you are becoming a dirty-minded little girl aren’t you? 
What’s gotten into you anyway?” He asked.
“Your dick, and your cum!” She giggled. “But I think I’m ready for some more.” She added.
“Well then. What are we doing still here?” He said, and they slid out of the booth.
Robin watched the little girl as they walked past their table. For some reason, she pictured the little girl naked as she looked at her. 
Then she felt a twinge in her little pussy. She wanted to get home and set naked with her daddy again, now.
All the way home, Robin had her hand inside Jim’s pants, gently massaging his balls, and occasionally sweeping her finger out over the head and swiping the juice onto her finger, and then bringing it to her mouth and slowly sucking it off. Then she put her hand right back inside.
Jim couldn’t believe how sexed up Robin had become. She had him just a horny as he had been before she sucked him.
As soon as they got inside, and closed the door. She started undoing his belt, and unfastening his pants. He got them off and they went up to her bedroom, and he sat on the edge of her bed and pulled his shirt off. Now naked. He pulled her to him, and began to strip her. As soon as her top was off and her little buds were exposed, he locked his mouth on one and began to suckle. As he did, he unsnapped her jeans, and slid them down and off, and then pulled her panties off. His hand cupped her little mound and he squeezed, making her purr.
He then switched to the other kid-tit, and sucked it for a couple of minutes.
“Daddy, I want to suck you now.” She said softly, as she relished his wonderful mouth nursing her immature breast.
“Oh honey, if only I could bottle those words, and keep them. Yes honey, please. Suck daddy’s dick baby.
He said, as he sat back on her bed, and she sank to her knees.
She wrapped one hand around his stiff manhood, and caressed his balls with her other hand. She looked into his eyes, and smiled, and then stuck out her tongue and began to lick the head like it was the best candy she had ever had. Then she opened her little mouth, and slid the glistening head inside. As her lips slid past the rim, she closed her mouth down and began to suck. She was rewarded with a huge surge of precum, and she moaned and eagerly sucked and drank it down.
Then she started to slide her mouth up and down and jack him with her hand. Jim could see her cheeks hollow in on the upstroke and he couldn’t believe how quickly she was learning. He tried to make himself last, but her delightful little mouth was just too much. 
After just a couple of minutes, he felt a huge orgasm about to hit.
“Here it comes baby girl.” He sputtered, as his guts clenched hard, and his whole body went stiff. Then he felt his hot cum tearing it’s way up the tube.
Robin couldn’t believe how hard the first few blasts were. His hot, thick cum blasted into her little mouth so hard, it shot against the back of her throat and almost made her choke. But she swallowed once, and the sensation passed, and then his dick wasn’t squirting so hard. 
Determined to not lose any like the first time, she carefully kept her lips sealed tight around the head. As her 9 year-old mouth was filling with her daddy’s cum she realized that Lori was right, she was already beginning to get used to his cum. It wasn’t as weird tasting to her as the first time. I fact, there was a slight sweetness to it. It was a strong taste. But she believed she could definitely grow to like it.
She loved hearing her daddy moan and groan with pleasure because of her. Now the cum had stopped and she thought back about Lori and those other kids again. She slid her mouth off his dick, and looked up at her daddy, and opened her mouth and stuck out her little cum-covered tongue. “Oh my God baby! That is incredible!” He panted.
She then closed her mouth and gulped his seed down. Then smiled and opened her mouth again. Jim praised her again and again, and pulled her up to him and French-kissed her.
They laid there for a while, and he realized it was getting close to 3 o’clock. “Come on honey. We better get up and get a shower and get dressed. Your mom and sister will be home in an hour. They headed upstairs and into the shower, where they kissed and talked, and enjoyed washing each other. “You cum tasted better this time daddy. I think I’m going to learn to like it just fine.” She said as she soaped and fondled his dick and balls.
“You’re the best sweetheart.” He said.
“When can we play some more daddy?” She asked as she rinsed and kissed his dick.
“Soon baby girl. Very soon.”


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