Oral Delight (Mg,oral-game,anal,abducted,bond,butt-plug)

Oral Delight (Mg,oral-game,anal,abducted,bond,butt-plug)

Prologue: Dana is abducted for a rich man’s club with unique tastes in games using young kids.

Author: Lone Dog

Dana woke with someone shaking her. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes looking around. She didn’t recognize anything. Her young five year old head felt strange her eyes still trying to focus. A strange adult was struggling with a naked boy about her own age a few feet away, his protest growing loud as the woman fitted a strange mask over his face. Dana sat up looking, watching the struggle take place. His hands were tied around his back and in short order the leather mask was fitted a hard ring ‘like a very short tube’ in front of the mask was forced into he boys mouth the woman pinching the sides of the young boy’s jaw real hard on both sides with one hand. The mask covered the lower half of his face straps going around also going up and over his face a split just big enough for his nose to poke out and eyes to see around. Dana could see into his mouth his wet tongue moving, feeling over the hard ring keeping his mouth opened wide.

The adult with her grab her setting her onto the floor pulling her arm behind her, she realized she was naked too. Dana was too woozy to resist and still confused at to what she was doing here. The rope the adult woman used to tie her hands behind her went tight, real tight her forearms press against each other. And a leather mask, the same type she saw fitted onto the boy came into view in front of her going over her face the woman gripping her in a well practiced controlling grip she was helpless to resist her young head still swimming. Fingers pinched in each side of her jaw forcing her mouth open with her groaning out from the pain not wanting the mask on her face, not like the boy. The hard ring in the mask projected into her mouth just enough so that her teeth landed onto the outer part keeping her mouth open wide, almost too wide. The leather mask was tightened in place exactly like the wide eyed boy now watching her being fitted with the leather mask.

Dana found her tongue was feeling around the hard plastic ring. It protruded far enough into her mouth going an inch or so over her narrow wet young tongue. The leather strap that ran up let her button nose poke out coming together close to her forehead before going over her head. If she crossed her eyes hard she could see the strap between her beep blue eyes. The woman picked up a thing that looked like a heavy duty handle like thing, two handles stuck up on each side and a handle grip than connected both a few inches down, she brought it up placing the ends on each side of her head fastening the end there at a place in the leather seeming made for just that, the handle was brought up to the top of her head and she heard the sharp snap as the center of the cross bar became affixed to a spot on the leather there also. Dara’s head was made to turn by the women, having to follow the motion of the women’s guiding hands on the two upward protruding handles. She tried resisting the guiding moves but a hard shake from the attached device left her dizzily staggering thinking better of trying it again.

The woman still gripping the handles moved it about. Dara closed off her mind to the mindless obedience she was being force to perform. The other women with the young boy was doing the same to him, shaking the almost rigidly affixed handle when ever he resisted, till he too giving in, allowed his head to be moved about. Dara saw some spittle running from the hard hollow tube holding the boy’s mouth open going over his leather clad chin, dripping onto his bare chest. She felt warm liquid drip onto her chest and wanted to look down but couldn’t as the women still held the handle firmly above her head, still controlling her head’s movement, she knew better now than resist.

Roland was the son of a billionaire in want of not. He had done every vice and before getting from his teen years had tried every sexual fetish a rich boy could partake in and grew bored. Now in his early twenties he had found a new fetish ‘pedophilia’ and of a secret rich man’s club, since then he never missed a meeting. He had gotten word of a fellatio orgy of mixed sexed kids of the age he’d found he couldn’t resist. The folks that administered the events always did an excellent job, the last one he had to fly two thousand miles to attended, it was a masquerade free-for-all event. He was giving a link to look over how the kids would be displayed and event planner. He needed to send a reply to his preferred sex and race, the list wasn’t long but as his life had spiralled into darker tastes it did give him pause. But in short order he made his selections and money sent, he could only wait for a reply and place to attend.

The event was at hand his limousine pulled up dropping him off at the huge well maintained mansion. There were guards at the gate checking each car that approached. His was no exception, he was cleared to proceed, anticipation welling, he felt giddy ready to get started. Roland checked his phone flipping through the pictures they had sent of how the kids would be readied. It showed a Japanese style area for each client a child of about five was fully decked out with the well made leather oral sex masks, the masked showed the handle affixed. The leather masked left most of the child’s head to view only covering the lower half, an opening where the mouth showed the display kid’s oral cavity open wide the wet tongue easily to be seen and drool dripping from the round opening in close-ups.

A naked female child was placed with holding straps standing against a ornate beam that look somewhat like dressed down running hurdle affixed to floor. It plainly showed the arms folded behind the child and bound with fancy knots. The kid used in the display pictures looked wide eyes scared adding to affect. Her ankles were strapped in place to the lower adjustable bar legs spread enough to show the pink through the slit of her young pussy. Some pictures showed how to use the hurdle like device and different ways to adjust and strap in the young child. A bowl like tray was attached in front, the young kids drool dripping into it. Roland’s finger flipped through the rest of the pictures showing how to use the attached handles. A fairly well built man with his stiff cock head inserted through the round opening had his hands on each side of the stout handle plainly able to work the child’s head moving it about with ease, each picture showing his cock at varying depth, the poor child hunching up in a fit of retching that had Roland’s cock stiff with anticipation. The images plainly showing the importance of the handy bowl like tray as stringy spittle frozen in time ran down into the bowl almost half full bowl. He entered the huge mansion and was guided by scantly clad beautiful woman to the room the event was, and to his spot.

Dara mind was clearing rapidly the grogginess she felt earlier had left her replaced by nervous anxiety. The woman stood that had just finished with her grabbing the handle attached to her tight mask with one of her hands and reached over to the boy grabbing that one with her other hand. Dara’s head was lifted making her stand even more upright the boy groaning out as they were guided staggering barefooted and naked through a door into a wide fancy carpeted hallway. Unable to turn her heads her eyes moved side to side seeing other naked kids being guided, all scared looking through other doorways into the wide hall. One adult woman with two wide eyed kids, all with the same masks that Dara and the boy with her had. A couple kid tried taking off but found themselves being tugged back up right by the handles in their adult handlers strong grip after loosing their footing, all grew compliant after that. Dara just stood there as a small line formed of maybe ten or more kids. One kid on each side of an adult woman waiting for something.

A broad doorway with two heavy looking doors swung open the women stepping forward, all the kids being pulled along like puppies first time on leashes not knowing what their masters expected from them. A loud cheer confronted Dara from around the room as her eyes adjusted to the brighter light. There were a lot of men in the room dressed in robes each setting close to the wall on comfortable looking cushions, each had their own spaces but close enough to converse easily with the one next to her. Low tables were laid out within easy reach with drinks and other odd things Dara had never seen before. It felt like all the men were looking just at her nudity and she crowded in close to the woman that held the handle attached to her mask, a warm splash of her spittle dripped from the opening in her mask onto her young bare chest.

Gentlemen” a voice over a speaker said getting everyone’s attention “This event as we all know is an oral based event, we’ll have a couple games at the start the winner getting the trophy on display here”

There was a small pause.

OK, the first event for those that want to participate is called ‘Butt Plug Pop’ who ever can get the plug to go farther wins, the second event is the bowl fill so make sure you hit the bowl with everything, no scooping off the floor”

The raffle will make it fair only choice you have if boy or girl” he went on “You’ll be given three minutes to adjust and prep, oh by the way three tries for distance. Your cock in the childs throat is the only trigger, so prep is important”

Roland sat nude under his robe at his spot the Japanese décor was perfect, he sipped his wine listening to the event sponsor spokesperson go over the game planned. He’d seen the pictures showing how the hurdle device worked, it was ingeniously designed for the task being described. He could see how a kid could be placed into it, how the rails could be quickly adjusted to elevate a young buttock to varying degrees into the air, get the spread of the legs just right. ‘Fuck’ he was ready.

A raffle ticket was on his desk along with four different sized butt plugs. There was and over abundance of lube and enema bottles. Roland noted that the butt plugs had an attachment on the ends where the enema’s bottles could be quick snapped onto allowing for one way only for the fluid to go. ‘Three tries’ he thought to himself taking another sip of the wine. He scanned the room at all the familiar people there, all rich like him, all into the same vice and not at all concerned at what others though. He could see almost at once the competitive spirit of most in the room and he was damn sure he could enjoy trying to be the top player in this game.

The sponsor called out raffle numbers, girls going to girl lover, boys going to boy lovers. His number was called he held up his hand and a woman guided a young girl fully nude over to him, his cock standing instantly to attention seeing the leaking drool coming from the oral opening. The woman brought the young girl up and with almost expert ease guided the young girl against the device, strapping her nude body into place seemingly able to anticipate the girl’s sudden erratic  resistance. The room was being filled with the incoherent protesting voices of the kids, the girl before him wide eyed doing the same her young head moving about looking around the room as she squirmed to pull free. The woman showed Roland how to adjust the device, smiling the whole time, then excused herself. Roland rose to his feet as most of the the men had done letting his robe drop free.

Dara’s deep blue/green eyes flashed about the room, she was panic consumed. Her small arms worked against the knots the woman use to bound her arms behind her. She squirmed in the straps that held her in the device feeling vulnerable exposed naked for all to see in the room. Strangely her young pussy tingled like when she rubbed it sometimes and she flushed to think she might be deriving some kind of pleasure from being seen like this. She felt ashamed even though still fill with intense apprehension at what she was seeing around the room. Other kids stripped naked like her were strapped into the strange devices, their incoherent pleading voices seemingly just feeding the fire of some of the men. Most of the men had shed their robes, their adult penises sticking out stiffly in front of them as they went about adjusting the odd devices she and the others were strapped onto.

A man two tables down having finished with the device stepped back looking at the young girl strapped into it. Her blond hair stuck out in places around the leather mask, her head up moving, looking about frantically. Her butt had been elevated slightly into the air, her bare chest strapped onto the padded beam. She looked like she had horns the way the handles stuck up on each side. The man stepped up in front of her, his adult stiff penis commanding her full view. The girl seemed to be in shock at seeing it that close. The man grabbed the handles sticking up on both side her small head under immediate and total control of the naked male adult. Dara could see that the way the young girl and herself were placed had their heads waist high to the males in the room.

The man could be seen aiming his stiff long throbbing penis at the opening in the leather mask, the young blond haired girl realizing the man intent trying to dodge the stabbing tip of the man penis. Dara’s pussy tingled again watching the scene play out. The blunt tip after several tries went into the hole the girl’s eyes went wide as she fought the controlling grip of the man hands on the handles. The man seemed to be feeling around in her mouth with the thick adult organ the girl making frantic loud nasal sounds, the thing slipped deeper. A bulge appeared in the young girl throat a mirror image of the thick cock, to Dara’s shock she could make out the shape of the bulbous tip, the girl welled up gagging harder than she’d see anyone ever do in her life. The man pulled it out with a popping sound as strings of thick drool ran form the girl mouth into the metal bowl a little below her head. Tears streamed from the young blond haired girls eyes and snot from her nose. Dara felt the device she was on being adjusted, her bottom being elevated also, her legs being made to open enough that her young buttocks were wide open exposing her privates fully to the cool air of the room.

Roland was getting caught up in the building excitement of the room his hand rubbing over his stiff cock as he watched others getting ready for the event, some hardly waiting and diving in to the spirit of the event. The jagged wet sounds of a couple oral stuffed kids setting the tone and he looked down at his subject, his excited struggling mind trying to work out the mechanic’s of the challenge not sure if he could contain his release before the end. In short order he had the device adjusted the young girls rump aiming slightly elevated, between her wide spread young buttock her tight pink anus seem to draw his attention for much to long, she seemed as ready as he could make her.

Those wanting to compete please raise your hands” the announcement loud above the escalating den of noise.

Roland raise his hand in a flash, his cock needing something soon or he’d be out of the competition, only seeking to fulfill his immediate need to have his cock in some young flesh.

We have eight competitors, that’s four sets. Two competitors will go against each other the winner of each will advance till we have a winner” He went on “You each have five varying sized butt-plugs from small to large and lots of lube, you get three attempts for distance with time to adjust between each try, out lady moderators will come down and measure after each attempt…. Ready…. Set… Go!!..”

Dana looked onto the low table as the man went over the strange rubber bulb like things laid out on it, she knew what ‘butt’ meant and her her young mind put two and two together in a flash. She stared watching him chose one that she was sure couldn’t possibly fit where she thought he was going to put it. The girl beside her cried out sharply making Dara turn her head seeing the man with her finishing pressing one of those thing in to her butt hole. The poor girl squirmed tensely in the straps that held her over the device. The man with that girl hurrying around grabbing the horn like handleds.

Dara quickly looked back seeing the man she was given to squeeze a tube of slick stuff over the bulb like thing in his hand. Dana’s pussy tingled again, she tried to close her mind off the disconcerting feeling building there, her body should be as scared as she was. This was the same feeling she had when ever she snuck away to hide and rub over her young pussy doing the very thing her parents told her was bad. She was older now but the same guilty feeling still came over her, not that it stopped her though she still snuck off and did it. She just made sure she didn’t get caught any more. He slipped behind Dara where she couldn’t see, an adult finger shot into her butt hole catching her by surprise making her squeal out, the thick finger worming around in her rectum spreading that slick stuff she’d seen. It pull out and a sudden pressure went against her anus, the butt plug!

Dara squealed again her whole body going taunt as it somehow popped up into her rectum her anus lock down around the narrow end. The man cruelly tested the plug by pulling on it making her incoherently plead for him to stop, her voice blending in with the chorus of other kid voices. He finely stopped and he scurried into view in front of her his stiff long adult penis bobbing in front of him. He reached up grabbing the two handles pulling her head upright the now looming adult penis close to her young face the tip leaking a clear thick slick fluid from the pee slit. She’d see what had happened to the other girl and knew with shock it was about to happen to her. The image of the other young girls throat as it swelled up had her also jerking to pull her head free of the man before her controlling grip on the handles.

The penis loomed closer going for the hole in the mask holding her mouth wide open. Dara could see everything vividly, even his hanging fully adult testicles, her mind screaming that this was where sperm was, the very thing that made babies. He closed in, she was now in a fit of panic looking down the long length of the stiff adult organ as it went unerringly through the hard plastic ring into her mouth. The taste of the leaking fluid filling her mouth with the unique flavor of adult male. But just as fast Dara became embattled with the fight of her life as the thick blunt tip of the rod dug deeper over her tongue going, she knew, she had seen of the other girl to her throat. Dara’s arms writhed about behind her as she tried to block the thick fleshy blunt tip with her tongue from making it to her throat. But the hard plastic ring had her mouth opened much too wide leaving her with too much space to hope to guard. In the space of only a few seconds her tongue tired, not.. quite.. strong.. enough to stop… it, the thick tip going to the back of her throat, the man’s strong grip on the handles forcing her head to remain bent up looking down into his pubes even as she fought to pull free. Her mind reeled looking down the length of the adult male rod onto into the coarse hair. The blunt tip went past the back of her mouth, her tongue forced down the stiff rod of flesh gliding over it and forced into her throat hole. Her gag reflex took her, she tried to rein it in, the thickness wedged deeper still her whole body reacted suddenly as if possessed going full tilt gagging, just as she had seen earlier from the other girl.

Roland grabbed the handles pulling the girls head up, his cock leapt stiffer looking down at the leaking oral orifice catching a flash of the young girls wet pink tongue through the opening. He lined up her head so it was a straight line into her mouth to her throat. The wide eyed girl seemed to be at first mesmerize by his approaching cock. Her young eyes scanning over his loin adding to his excitement, her hot moist breath played over his cock head as it neared the damp opening. Her head jerked the handles in his hands forcing Roland to grip tighter having to struggle some to keep the opening at just the right place. The girls hot moist breath engulfed his stiff rod in her struggle to move her young head away from his cock now a mere inch from the opening and he scanned over her watching her arms tugging at the binding rope her small hands clenching up. He could see down over her at the protruding butt-plug from her anus and wondered how well his first try would go. He wondered if it was action verses reaction or something else. Well first thing first, he stabbed his cock through the hole in the mask. His cock head being engulfed in the wet warmness there, the girls tongue working over his cock head in a effort to keep him from digging in deeper.

But Roland was out to test his theory of action/reaction working hard to force his cock over the young girl tongue into her throat. A quick deep stab should do it he figured and he would see the results if he didn’t cum first. The girls tongue forced down glided along the underside of his cock as his cock head popped from the back of her mouth into the tight throat hole. He tightened his grip eyeing the butt-plug just in view and stabbed in. The girl welled up, he stabbed again his loin going even closer to her face, his cock now inched into her tight throat. Her welling grew fierce with him having to hang on to the handles not sure if he could keep his cock in her throat or not, the butt-plug shot from the girls ass going out. A woman came up with a tape measure.

Two feet five inches” She said writing it down.

Roland pulled his cock from her throat his excitement almost to the breaking point a slight stream of cum leaking from the tip of his cock still remembering though to angle the girls head down toward the catch bowl as a small gush of liquid came from the opening following the sudden withdraw, stringing thickly down into the container. His balls were on a hair trigger as his full attention was on the young girl wet coughing and sharp gasping. He barely regained in his control pulling himself together enough for his second attempt.

Even though Dara was fully consumed in the horrid full body retching she still felt the sudden sharp stab of pain from her anus as it had to stretch in a flash wide under the pushing strain when it popped from her rectum. The stiff adult penis pulled from her throat, she tasted the taste of pile from her stomach that followed the fleshy plug that was lodge there. Through Dara’s blurred tears she could see a metal bowl a small splash of puke lay there, several long strings of thick liquid ran from her mouth down into the container. Her stomach lurched again having her hunch up just looking at the stuff. A sharp intake of air left her in a fit of coughing having sucked up one of the long strands into her lungs. Dara wanted to spit the stuff out from her mouth but the hard ring of plastic made it impossible. And her small tongue went about pushing out some small chunks she found there. A shudder ran through her young pussy tingling like it did when ever she played with herself. Her anus ached and throat felt a little raw as her eyes looked up onto the man wiping his cock clean.

Another wave of pleasure hummed from her young clit seeing the naked man going over the rubber butt-plugs, picking out the next size bigger. Dara’s sore anus mussel squeezed involuntarily tight. She raised her head looking around a boy on the other side of her with one of those butt-plugs already pushed up into him was having his head raised up by the man with him. Dara blinked the water from her eyes to see more clearly, her girl pussy humming as if on edge of something wonderful. The boy looked terrified his eyes staring down the approaching long length of the adult male sex organ his head jerking in the tight mask as it neared the hard plastic ring holding his boy mouth open. She was surprised as how heartless the man seemed, she could plainly see the sexual rapture plastered on the man face as the man inserted his blunt tipped rod through the opening in the mask. The man eyes gleamed with delight looking down at the boy his cock just into the boys mouth. He looked over toward Dara seeing her staring at him and winked, wickedly, jabbing his cock deeply forward, his adult head tilting back as he moaned out overcome with pleasure.

Dara’s clit seemed to be electrified her whole body feeling the spreading almost to much to handle pleasure coming from her young pussy. Her man having made his decision reached down a picked up a enema bottle, the same type her mother had used on her once when she couldn’t poop. He removed a plug of some sort from the back of the butt-plug and stuck the tip of the enema bottle into it giving it a test squeeze. Clear fluid came from the other end. Dara realized there was a path down the middle for the fluid. He grabbed the tube of lube and scurried around to her backside again. Seconds later she felt the blunt rubber of the slickened butt-plug press against her anus. It hurt making her cry out as he pressed on it, moving it around, her anus mussel not willing to expand near enough to let it in. Then in a sudden horrid flashing stab of intense pain it popped up into her rectum. She screamed then panted with relief now that it was over.

She could feel the knot of rubber in her young rectum. Dara’s anus aching slowly recovering till she could squeeze the over stretched ring of mussel again. Her eyes widened as she felt the rush of cool fluid filling her rectum behind the rubber knot, till she felt the sudden need to expel the filling liquid the thick bulb shaped rubber butt-plug the only thing keeping the fluid inside her now. He must have recapped the butt-plug cause he came around placing the crumpled plastic enema bottle down moving up in front of her again, his strong hands grabbing the handles. Dara’s head lifted back up facing his loin squarely, the throbbing adult penis inches from her face holding her full attention, Her rectum sending urgent signals of the need to use the bathroom immediately.

Two feet ten inches from the Lawrence with a boy, good job” Roland heard “A new record, you get one more try Lawrence”

Roland looked over seeing Lawrence another man that never missed a convention, dancing his victory dance he liked doing when he thought he couldn’t be beat. Roland needed a new plan. Looking over the low table he saw the enema bottles and picking up a little larger butt-plug he saw the cap on the back end and the small hole in the head of the rubber tip. Now it was just a question of how much enema fluid he’d need. He uncapped the butt-plug and inserted the tip of the enema bottle, ‘perfect fit’. He grabbed the KY and slipped around to set things up. The girls young ass had his cock standing a full attention, damn it he could just give up the game and sodomize the young bitch here and now. But no, Lawrence was setting up for his third run and Roland still had two more to go.

Well.. Any young girl could beat out a boy any day of the year’ he thought, he’d see to that. ‘Little girls were made for this’

Roland squeezed a large amount of KY over the larger butt-plug and placed it onto the still wet pink ring of mussel, pushing the rubber butt-plug. He could hardly get it to go in, the girl screamed out as he tried harder, his cock stiffening up at the sound. Another worming push her anus going wide over the bulbous rubber, slipping in a flash as her rectum swallowed the thick part up, the girl screamed out again that ended in a sharp body racked sob. The enema bottle still stuck out from the end where the tip was inserted. He squeezed the plastic bottle letting the liquid empty into the young girls rectum, the last bit wanting to rush back into the bottle. He had to place a finger over the small hole when he pulled the bottle tip from it. He placed the cap back into place onto the butt-plug making sure it couldn’t come loose and went in a flash back ready for round two, lifting the girls head up with the two handles his cock aiming for the hole in the mask.

Dara hardly had time to dwell on the way her bowel was screaming for release. Pressure from the urge had the butt-plug pushed hard against her anus that couldn’t open enough to pass the horridly thickness back out. The stiff penis sticking out from the loin of the man took aim at the round ring holding her mouth open, she saw it move going through the ring filling her mouth. The world giving her no time to prepare herself as the thick tip went charging for her throat digging in without mercy, slipping deep, her throat almost too tight for the stiff organ to fit into. Her gag reflex taking her over making her retch hard the thing slipping deeper still.

Roland watched the girl well up as he forced his cock into her tight throat her entire body hunching up getting into the act, it was a sight to behold. He urged his cock to go even deeper the wet retching noises urging him on. He kept glancing up ready for the butt-plug to be push out. He sensed the girls need for a breath soon and yanked his cock from her throat and mouth letting the thick fluid drip in thick strands into the bowl. She loudly whooped in a wet gulp of air choking out a spray of liquid. He gave her a few seconds to gain the energy she was going to need, enjoying her red faced effort to suck in a clean breath of air. Her young eyes were heavily teared over, snot or puke coming from one nostril as he slipped his cock back through the heavily leaking oral opening in the mask.

He was determined this time to get the girl to preform as designed. He charged his cock forward into the now slimy wet warm oral orifice, his cock head slipping into the tighter passage of her young throat. Holding the handles in place he lunged forward in a effort of slip all of his cock in. He almost made it before she welled up suddenly with a violence he hadn’t ever seen going full retching, puke sprayed out around his cock, even from her nose the butt-plug popping out in a spray of enema liquid. Roland’s balls exploded lurching full tilt into release. He gripped the handles tightly as his balls unloaded, the girl heaved and heaved, retching up again harshly his balls following suit as if to match the violence of the young girl blight.

Four feet seven inches, good job Roland” the announcement rang out “A new record”

Roland looked wide eyed down at the girls face now firmly against his loin, his balls lurched hard to spit more sperm from his dry balls. His loin was wet, dripping thickly from his balls into the awaiting bowl. The girl was lurching in spasms of attempted efforts to gasp for air around his fully embedded cock. He was finish for now, there was no way he could go on for another try. This would have to stand for now and he pulled his still lurching, dry pumping cock from the girls slimy throat aiming her head toward the bowl to catch any more liquid she might offer up. A woman came over with a damp towel washing him clean as his cock grew limp. He sat back down at the low table grabbing a drink looking out at the other competing men attempt to beat his record as the woman went about cleaning over the sobbing still wetly coughing young girl. She removed the mask from the girl and Roland’s cock lifted slightly as her cute red flushed face came into view. Given a few more minutes he might be up to sodomizing the spent looking young bitch.

Dara saw the hair of the mans loin zoom in close to her face, the thick adult penis charging down her throat it took only a moment before her body reacted to it. Her stomach already on edge lurched into action with a fierceness that held her in shock. The penis stabbed again the coarse hair of the man pubes touched her nose, the mussel of her stomach lurch full force, puke came up out of her control going around the embedded flesh, filling her mouth, her nose splashing into the coarse hair in front of her, she heaved even harder. A cruel sharp flash of pain came from her anus as the strain of puking pushed it out, her anus having to open wide for a split second as it passed. The effort of it all leaving her out of breath. The fleshy penis swelled in her throat spitting it’s own liquid, adding to what was already in need of escape. Her body lurched in an involuntarily gasp for air even as the thick adult penis spit another heavy shot of liquid into her throat. That stuff got sucked sucked into her lungs choking her, drowning her, the taste going into her mouth as it swelled again spitting even more, till the taste of the man sperm even overcame the taste of the lingering puke.

Dara was in a losing fight for air, the huge amount of sperm from the man penis seemed to be the only things there, in her throat her mouth and now lungs. Her clit cruelly sent a shudder of sexual heightened pleasure through her, the thick fleshy rod pulled from her throat leaving her still choking, gagging the horridly strange taste of adult sperm from her lungs and throat. Another shudder of sexual pleasure swept through her, her mind reeling with shock of the intense feeling, she wanted more. And felt ashamed of the fact. The man seemed finished with her as she coughed up more of the thick male sperm letting it leak into the bowl her face now drooped to. A woman came over cleaning her up, even removing the mask. Her jaws hurt but now when she coughed up she could spit the white stuff down into the puke and slime of the metal bowl. Having caught her breath but still wheezing wetly she looked up, the man was staring back at her.

W-w-aaag” ‘Why’ is what she was going to say but her voice wouldn’t work and she went into a fit of coughing.

When the girl tried to talk the croaking sound that came out had his cock rising again. After his fierce release a short time ago he’d play hell to cum again but a good ass fucking of the young girl might just do it. She was after all still bound in the device her ass up and at the ready just calling his name. As he looked into her flushed face his one hand rubbed over his restiffening cock as he took another deep drink of wine as his cock became hard again. He rose up from the low table his eyes staying on the cute spent girl wondering how lively she would get in the heat of a good ass fucking. Roland picked up the KY squeezing a goodly amount on his cock, letting the girl see what he was going. She tried talking again but the same wet croaking sound came out, his cock lurch stiffer at the sound.

I’m going to sodomize the hell out of you girl” he grinned then seeing her confusion explained clearly “I’m going to stuff my cock up your young ass and fuck you silly”

Sodomize? Dara had no problem understanding what he meant to do, he explained it so clearly she would never again misunderstand the word ‘Sodomize’. She eyed his stiff slickened penis noting it was much longer than the butt-plug although maybe not as thick. ‘Damn her pussy’ she though as a wave of pleasurable sensations swept through her. The man going around to her backside. She felt helpless, even that had her young clit humming, the man place the blunt head of his adult organ against her sore butt-hole pressing her mind turning inward into what was about to happen. Dara’s abused anus hardly resisted the slick tip, she felt it go into her rectum deep till it passed the place the butt-plug had been. Her head came up as the blunt tipped rod worked into an yet unused area of her rectum much to eagerly digging in as the man clearly had plans to get it all up into her. That she felt she knew with all her being. Her young pussy sent another intense shudder through her as the adult penis dug into a nasty feeling area of her rectum.

He enjoying this, he likes doing this to little girls like me’ she thought to herself. That too strangely sent her clit into an overdrive of pleasurable sensations.

U-U-uG-g….” she grunted out hoarsely as the blunt tip slipped hard to the end of her rectum.

The tip churning cruelly there digging a path through that resistance as she went tensely against the straps her arm working in the bonds the whole thing feeling suddenly all wrong she cried out the sound a jagged hoarse squeak even to her own ears. The blunt tip went past the resistance, the rod going deep his hairy loin going against her buttocks. Dara’s head shot all the way up her entire world caught up in the shocking sensation of the stiff long fleshy rod as deep as it was.

Roland was going to need to get rough if he was going to get off this soon after cumming in her throat. He moved up behind her his entire mind turning into the mindset he needed to do this right. His cock slipped easily enough through her anus the butt-plug having left her guarding mussel too stretched to resist much but less than three inches in was the delightful tightness he craved, his cock digging eagerly into the hugging grip of the young girls deeper rectum his cock head finding the tight turn into her intestine. Heaven was his to be had in a few short seconds and he dug in with a passion the end of her rectum opening up to his harsh urgent need. His cock slipped in with a pleasing ragged scream coming from the other end. Roland’s loin mashed against the wide spread young girl buttocks his cock flexing stiffly inside the girls young intestine. Now for the marathon run toward release.

Dara was frozen tensely in place by the impaling adult male organ. She had heard of gagging on penis before and had some idea of sex but this was something unheard of, something too horrible for words alone. The thickness inside her seemed like something alive as it swell thicker getting even stiffer. Her bowel seem to revolt against the deeply set organ being there, her rectal passage threatening to cramp up around it, she was too terrified to even move a little bit. But the man behind her was readying himself, his movements and flexing penis signaling a eagerness she could sense. She looked around the room, more in hope that something might stop what she knew was about to start. The boy that was with her earlier was in the same blight as she. His mask had been removed also a man had mounted him from behind, nothing but terror showed on his brightly flushed face. The man behind him was humping eagerly without a care to what the boy was going through. In fact the man seemed to take delight in each violent grunting twist the boy made as the Dara watched the slick shine of the thick shaft come and go from view up into the boys backside. The sight scared her, the adult penis in her own ass flexed leaving her awash in the sensation, her mind turning inward, to the man mounted behind her.

A strong hand went to Dara’s shoulder, fingers going over gripping her there close to her neck the other hand going to her her folded bound arms behind her gripping her arms tightly the stiff rod inches in her young intestine pulled back hardly leaving the tight turn into this deep part of her bowel and in a fluid movement reversed its path charging back. Her whole intestine coming alive in a sudden revolt to the forced movement through it. Her head twisted about her face locked in a harsh teeth clenched grimace in a effort to handle the sudden onslaught. But that ended in a hoarse haggard scream leaving her panting not able to catch her breath as her bowel went into wild revolt, filled with sensations so intense she had no control of her movements at all, thrashing wildly within the restrains of the bonds that held her in place. And each time Dara thought she was getting a handle on the mans movements they became more aggressive, more rapid driving her back over that edge of what she could handle.

Horrid sounds came from her abdomen, wet gurgles, loud sharp escape of trapped gas from around the thick organ when ever her bowel surged into long uncontrolled bowel strains that last far to long to bare. Loud grunts and pitiful sounding moans came from her tortured throat. Till finely the loin of the man slammed tightly against her wide spread buttocks his strong hands still locked in death grips onto her shoulder and arms. She felt his adult organ swelling spitting his seed as deep into her as he could get it. Her pussy went off too leaving her shuddering with surprise at the pleasurable intensity of it. Her spasms of pleasure hit her each time the thick organ swelled in it own release in her young intestine. She was exhausted and wanted more too, the realization a shock to her young mind. She looked over at the boy whom was still in the throws of the man still wildly mounting him and like what she saw now. She’d never be the same after this. Never…

Roland wasn’t going to give the girl a moment to come to terms with her ass fucking. He done this to other kids, and gotten real good at it. He enjoyed working them, keeping the poor child at that point of no control that had them screaming out. Making sounds no child should be able to make. ‘Fuck’ this was a perfect world he lived in. The young girl twisted and squirmed making all the right move, the sounds of his violent union taking him to the brink that he was trying to cross, his still aching balls lifted, he hammered home letting what ever was left in his testicles empty into the young girl quivering intestine as she convulsed to each blast of cum he had left. He was finished and sat down to drink and relax in the afterglow of what he learned was his victory and loss in the butt-plug contest He had to drop out in the first set with the winning overall distance unable to continue ‘Damn he was good and bad’.

Dara was removed by a couple women and brought out staggering between them from the room her ass leaking warm liquid down one leg. She was cleaned and dressed into her old clothes and given a soft drink. She woke sleeping against a tree in the same park she’d went to early in the morning that was close to her home. It was late in the day now the sun setting. She went weak legged home, her throat ached and rectum sore with a odd glow that had her young clit tingling, she’d have to take care of that. She went to bed early and after rubbing her pussy till she shudder like before, she slept dreaming about being taken and used for some wicked man ‘Oral Delight’.