My sister’s little nymphet (Mg,pedo)

My sister’s little nymphet (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: A young man catches his sister’s little nymphet 11yo niece, nude in the bathroom in front of the mirror rubbing her preteen pussy.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

Arthur Charles Edwards, called ACE, first saw his niece, Trina, nude a month before. He had been visiting his sister Racine and her husband Carl. They had gone shopping at the local Mall and would not be back for a couple of hours.

Ace, having drank a lot of coffee, had to take a leak bad. Rushing to the bathroom, he jerked open the door and to his astonished sight, there stood Trina, in front of the full length mirror, rubbing her small golf ball sized nubbins topped with nipples the size of pencil erasers. Trina, 11 years old, was just starting to develop breasts and pubic hair. ACE glancing down at her pubic area saw the light brown downy pubic hair not yet covering her thin pussy lips.

Ace, in his quick astonished look, also noticed that her pussy lips were glistening with her vaginal fluids. H instantly recognized the fact that Tracy was becoming aroused with her own fondling of her small breasts.

Trina, startled by ACE’s sudden intrusion, was frozen in place with her fingers pinching her small nipples. For at least 30 seconds, both were frozen in place, ACE, taking in the exotic sight, all during that brief time.

“I,I,I, I’m sorry” – he finally managed to stutter as he backed out of the door. He closed it and stood with his back to the door, catching his breath, he suddenly realized he had a rock hard, hard on. Thinking about it, he couldn’t believe that he was so sexual aroused by the sight of a nude 11 year old, let alone his own niece.

ACE also suddenly realized he still had to go to the bathroom bad. He actually ran into his sisters bedroom, to use the bathroom there. Instead of pulling his cock out and taking a leak, he pulled his pants down and sat.

“Oh god, what a relief” – he thought as he emptied his bladder with a sigh of relief. As he sat there on the “throne” he started looking looking around. He spotted a shoe box that seemed to be hidden behind the “throne” he reached back pulled the box out. He found that the box was full of Polaroid photo’s. As he looked through them, he couldn’t believe his eye’s.

The photo’s were of his sister and her husband in all kinds of sexual acts. Some he couldn’t hardly believe were possible. Near the bottom of the stack of photo’s, he found several he couldn’t believe. His sister sitting astraddle of her husbands brother, both nude, with his cock buried deep in her pussy, and both hands squeezing her small pert breasts. The next photo showed her husband laying on his back with his brothers wife, astraddle of him, his cock buried in her pussy. There were also several photo’s with the four of them nude on the bed, each with the others wife full their cock.

ACE couldn’t believe, what he was seeing. But the thought of his sister being fucked by her husbands brother, and her husband fucking his brothers wife at the same time turned him on. As he looked at the photo’s he took hold of his 7 in cock and began jacking off.

Finally, after unloading his sperm into the “throne”. Ace put the photo’s back into the box and placed it back where he had found it. With the exceptions of two photo’s. One of his sister with her husbands brothers cock buried in her with her husband sitting next to them playing with her breasts, and the other showing the two men laying on the bed with each others cocks buried in the others wife.

His thoughts when he took them was to just be able to look at them, but the more he thought about it, seeing his sisters nude body, the more he thought about maybe using it to get to fuck her and maybe her husbands brothers wife. He had thought about what it would be like to fuck her. Fucking his sister though was a complete new thought to him.

Returning to the kitchen, ACE sat at the table drinking another cup of coffee when Trina entered. Trina was wearing a robe, and ACE could tell, or at least thought he could tell she was not wearing anything on under it.

When Trina sat down across the table from him AC stammered,”Trina, I’m sorry about barging in on you like that. I just had to go to the bathroom so damn bad.”

“That’s all right” Trina said, “I should have locked the door. I didn’t think about you being here”

Trina and Ace sat talking about a little of everything for the next half hour. During that time, Trina became more and more careless about how her robe covered her. One time, when she reached across the table for jelly for her toast, Ace was able to actually see her small nunile breast and nipple again. Suddenly he realized that he had been hoping that she would accidentally flash her little breast.

Suddenly, Trina looked at him and said “Uncle Ace, do you think I have a nice body?”

Shocked at the question, Ace, sat quite for a full 15 seconds, then answered honestly, “Yes Trina, I do think you have a nice body. You have a beautiful body. If I was younger I know what I would try to do with you”

“Would you really?” -Trina ask.

“Yes, I would”, Ace answered. “I can still remember when I was younger, every girl I seen with your kind of body, I wanted to touch and look at”

“Did you ever play with a girls breasts that was as young as me and with breast as small as mine” – she asked.

“No”, ACE answered, “but that was only because I was to shy to try. I really wanted to. I wanted to hold them and suck them, but I never did get to”.

“Uncle Ace”, Trina hesitantly ask, “Did you ever make love to someone my age”?

“What do you mean, make love?” ACE couldn’t help but ask.

Shyly looking at him, Trina said, “You know, make love, I, I, I”, she stammered, “You know, have sex with her?”

“No, I never did” – he honestly answered – “but I sure wanted to”.

“Do you think I’m to young to have sex?” – she asked.

ACE didn’t know quite how to answer that question. Finally he looked at her and said “Well, Trina, some people would say yes, you are to young to engage in sex, others would say no. That is a hard question to answer”

“What about you?” – she ask him pointedly.

“Weeeellll” – he slowly drawled out, “personally I think it is up to the girl. Does she feel she is old enough?, Does she think she can take having a penis in her. Does she feel she is old enough to actually have sex and not brag to all her girlfriends about it. At your age, 11 years old, if a man gets caught having sex with her, they would throw him in jail. You would have to keep it quiet”.

“Well”, Trina said, “My girl friend told me how her father and her brother both fuck her, and she said she likes it”

“if she tells the wrong people they will go to the police, or tell her mother, they will be in a lot of trouble”

“Oh, her mother knows it”, Trina said. “She says her mother will sometimes help her father and brother put their cocks in her and then when they are done will suck them clean, then lick her pussy clean. She also said that her brother fucks his mother”

ACE didn’t know how to answer that or what to say about the words she was using.

Suddenly Trina stood up and slipped the robe from her shoulders dropping it to the floor.

“Uncle ACE, would you like to touch me?’ she ask. “I’ve never had a boy touch me. I want to know what it feels like. But I want someone that knows what they are doing to be the first one to touch me” – she said.

ACE was stunned. He didn’t know what to say or do. Suddenly making up his mind, he reached over and taking hold of her arm, pulled here around the table, until she was standing in front of him.

Holding both her hands in his, he sat looking at her young body. He was fascinated by her small tits, slender body and legs and sparsely haired pubic area. As he looked at her, he saw she was actually flushing with embarrassment of finally having a man look at her nude body.

Trina could hardly believe that she was actually standing naked in front of her 25 year old uncle. She also could not believe that she had actually told him she wanted him to see her naked and that she actually wanted him to play with her and fuck her. Trina had been fantasizing about what it would feel like to have a grown man play with and suck her tits and pussy and what it would feel like to have a grown man’s cock in her little pussy. She had wondered about it ever since her girl friend had told her about her father and brother fucking her.

Now here she was, standing in front of her uncle, letting him look at her titties, nipples and pussy. Just the thought of it made her body tremble and she felt a tingling in her pussy.

ACE, staring at his young niece, finally, decided to hell with and and reaching up with both hands touched her little nipples on both little breasts.

Trina gasped at the feeling of having a man touch he nipples, then having his hands fondle each breast and nipple. She groaned as ACE pinched her nipples then her small breast hard enough to cause her pain. As he continued to fondle and caress her breasts she knew she had underestimated the feelings she would have at having a man play with her.

When ACE leaned forward and first sucked her nipple then sucked her whole tittie into his mouth, Trina gasp in pleasure.

She love it, she wanted it. She suddenly knew she also wanted him to fuck her, to show her what it feels like to have a man’s cock in her little tight pussy.

For several minutes, ACE sucked, licked and bit Traci’s small little girl titties. He couldn’t get enough of them. Then looking at them, he suddenly realized he had covered them with his teeth marks and both of her tits were completely covered with large red hickies. He had not realized he had been sucking them so hard, but it excited him knowing she was going to have the hickies and teeth marks on her tits for several days.

ACE, sucked a little tittie and nipple into his mouth and softly sucked on it as he caressed his hand down her stomach to her pubic area, feeling the soft downy type hair just beginning to cover her pussy. Slipping his finger between her pussy lips, he felt her wetness and the heat from her now hot little virginal pussy.

Trina gasp and her legs almost gave out, as she felt her uncles finger slip between her pussy lips. She felt weak from the feeling she was having from the first man’s finger that ever touched her pussy.

It did not feel anything like when she touched it. Suddenly, Trina’s legs did give out from the weakness she felt when she felt his finger slowly slip into her tight pussy hole. No, it did not hurt, she loved it, she wanted more in her.

“Oh yes, yes, yes,” she moaned as she felt him slip even more finger in her. Trina turned and sat on ACE’s lap, her legs to weak to hold her.

ACE, slipped more of his hand between her legs, now that she was sitting on his lap, causing her to spread her legs even wider. Slowly finger fucking her with just the tip of his finger, he lightly touched her clit with his thumb.

Both he and Trina was surprised when her young virginal body, suddenly spasmed in an orgasm, her first ever, that was so intense she momentarily blacked out.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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