Little Sister [Mgg, gg, oral, nc, incest]

Little Sister [Mgg, gg, oral, nc, incest]

“Anna, go get her.”

“No!” the eight year old whined again. “I’ll suck your cock really good. You won’t even need to hold my head when you cum this time.” The nine year old Anna stood defiantly in front of her father, wearing only a pair of red panties. It was a Saturday morning and as usual, her mother was out of the house.

“Go get here right now and bring her here,” her father responded sternly pushing Anna in the direction of her little sister’s room. She could see that fighting it would be no use. Anna had been dreading this day, avoiding it for as long as she could. Whenever her father had mentioned breaking in her little sister, Lilly, she did everything she could to stop it.

Anna would make sure her father got off before he could make a move on her younger sister. Just a week prior she had forced herself to deep throat her father’s cock, nearly puking on her parents bed. Anna hated it, but it had kept her innocent little sister safe, at least until today.

Her father had enjoyed seeing his nine year old willingly debase herself in order to stop him from defiling her little sister. But now, it was time.

Anna made her way down the hallway and slowly pushed her little sister’s door open. “Hey, Daddy wants you,” she struggled to make out the words.

“Okay,” the five year old popped up and skipped down the hallway, unaware of anything out of the ordinary. Anna followed her younger sister apprehensively, dreading what her father would do with her.

“Good morning Lilly,” their father said cheerfully. She replied, skipping up to the edge of the bed where fer father was sitting.

“Anna, why don’t you get started and take your sister’s clothes off?” He looked over at Anna whom had just walked in the room. Anna was hesitant, but she knew it was more of a command than a suggestion.

Her heart sank as she looked down at her little sister. It was bad enough that their father was going to have his way with Lilly, but forcing Anna to participate too made it so much worse.

“I’m not asking you again, young lady.”

With a sinking feeling of dread, Anna walked behind her sister, put a hand on either side of the girl’s shirt and began to pull it up. Too young to think anything out of the ordinary, Lilly lifted both arms, allowing the shirt to come off effortlessly. Then, Anna’s attention then went to her pants, unbuttoning them and pulling them down as well.

“Both of you go ahead and take your panties off too,” their father insisted. “You girl’s look so pretty when you’re both naked.”

“Daddy, what are we doing?” Lilly piped up, finally aware that something was a little strange.

“No need to worry, sweetie, I think you’ll like it,” he responded slyly. Both girls removed their panties and he instructed Anna to lay on the bed.

She was surprised at the instructions. She was sure that her father would be dying to get his hands all over her little sister and had been dreading having to watch it. But only making her little sister watch wouldn’t be so bad, Anna thought as she took her place in the middle of her parent’s bed and spread her legs like usual.

“Alright, Lilly, now climb up here,” he helped the five year old onto the bed and set her next to her sister. Then, he took his usual position in between Anna’s legs.

The nine year old relaxed and closed her eyes, preparing to feel her fathers rough facial hair rubbing against her sensation skin once again. But she only felt his coarse hand resting on her thigh.

“Alright, Lilly, bend over and give her a lick right here,” he pointed to his eldest daughter’s pussy. Anna opened her eyes, realizing what was about to happen, and instinctively began to close her legs. But her father was ready for it, and held them open.

“Why?” Lilly asked.

“Because, I want you to. And it will make her feel good too.”

“That’s where her pee comes out!” Lilly complained, scrunching her face.

“Yep, it may seem a little weird, but you’ll get used to it.. Get your head down there and lick your sister up and down her pussy. This spot is going to feel the best though.” He spread open his daughter’s slit and showed Lilly Anna’s girlish clit. “If you do a good job and don’t stop until you give your sister an orgasm and she might be willing to return the favor.”

“What’s an orgasm?” the youngest girl asked. Instead of answering, he brought a hand to the back of the girl’s head and forced her head into her sister’s crotch.

Anna watched helplessly as her innocent little sister’s head descended on her pussy. She wanted to protest, but knew that if she did, her father would only make things worse. Moments later, she felt the little girl’s head in between her thighs and a tongue touched her soft flesh. Tears began to well up in her eyes.

“That’s it,” their father encouraged. “Get your tongue in there.” After a few moments, Lilly tried to pull away, but her father gently pushed her head back down and continued to encourage her.

As Anna felt her little sisters tongue swirling around her pussy, it didn’t take long before she began to feel that familiar tingling sensation. But a wave of guilt accompanied it. She was actively enjoying her sister’s depravity and hated herself for it. Tears began to escape her eyes and fell down the sides of her face.

As Lilly continued however, those feelings of guilt were steadily overwhelmed by pleasure. Anna let a soft moan escape her lips.

After a few minutes, Lilly was beginning to tire and tried several more times to lift her head from her sister’s pussy. But their father continued urging her to continue, holding her head down when he needed to, and ignoring an occasional whine.

Meanwhile, Anna’s moans steadily became more frequent; until finally, her little sister drove her over the edge. With a few more tired licks, Anna’s orgasm had subsided.

“Good job Lilly,” their father complemented her once he allowed her face to ascended.

She gave a slight look of disgust, her face wet from her sister’s pussy. “That didn’t taste very good.”

“Yes but you made your sister feel really good,” He looked at Anna. “Didn’t she sweetie.” Anna nodded, feeling guilty.

“Okay, now you two switch places.”

The girls shuffled around and Anna was once again dreading the thought of involving her sister in yet another sex act. She looked down at her sister’s pussy briefly, resolving that at least she would give Lilly a good orgasm. She was about to lower har face when her father stopped her.

“Not now, Anna, if you want to eat your sister out, you can do that later. But right now, you’re going to show your sister how to jerk a man’s cock.”

Feeling dejected once again, Anna shuffled over to her father who was now kneeling beside Lilly.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Anna, swallowed hard, grasped her father’s cock, and began her task. Lilly watched her sister work his cock as she lay on the bed. Her eyes studied his cock in greater detail.

Lilly hadn’t enjoyed eating her sister’s pussy out at all, but watching her sister work their father’s cock wasn’t so bad. For a while, she stared at the funny shape of his cock, or watched her sister rhythmically rubbing it. But soon, she began to get distracted and stared off towards the ceiling.

While watching his youngest daughter lying there, completely clueless; it didn’t take long before his cock started twitching.

“Lilly, open up your mouth,” he told her. Suddenly, her father’s cock came back into focus. She obeyed, but of course, had do clue what was about to happen. Anna wanted nothing more than to stop and just let the whole thing be over with, but their father would never be satisfied with that.

Their father moved a hand on top of Lilly’s head and inched closer to her face. A few stokes later, he began to cum.

With his free hand, he directed Anna’s arm downward, giving his cock the perfect aim to land the first shot of cum right in Lilly’s mouth.

She whined, as soon as she tasted the salty substance, but didn’t have any time to react before more ropes of cum began to shoot at her face. She closed her mouth quickly, feeling the slimy substance roll around her tongue. Meanwhile, more cum was landing all over her face, in her eyes, and on her hair. Caught completely of guard by the onslaught of cum, the girl began to cry. This made Anna feel even more guilty, wishing she could have done more to protect her sister.

When her father’s orgasm finally subsided, Lilly’s face was caked in cum and her eyes stung. She was whimpering softly as their father began to calm the girl down.

“That’s what happens when a man gets an orgasm,” he explained, wiping a bit of cum from her eyebrow. “You’ll get used to it. Won’t she Anna?” Anna wasn’t sure she was even used to it, but for her sister’s sake, she agreed.

He continued talking to Lilly when Anna went into the bathroom, returning with a towel to wipe her sister’s face.

“I bed you’d feel better if you had an orgasm of your own,” He continued consoling Lilly as Anna cleaned her up. “I bet your sister wouldn’t mind giving you one if you asked. Anyways, I’m going to go grab some breakfast. You girls come out when you’re ready. I’ll make you both some pancakes.

With that, he walked out of the room, leaving his naked daughters on his bed.

“Can you give me an orgasm now?” Lilly looked at her big sister, still trying to get cum out of the kindergartner’s hair.

“We can maybe do it later, okay?”

“But I did it for you!” Lilly countered defiantly.

Once again, Anna felt ashamed and guilty as she bent over her little sister’s naked body. Reluctantly, she began to lick her pussy, knowing that everything had gone exactly how her father had intended. As Anna began to drive her Lilly towards her very first orgasm, she also knew that it was far from over. He would have a great deal more in store for both of them.


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