Good Things Can Happen (Mg,pedo)

Good Things Can Happen (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: A man comes back home late at nigh and drunk, he finds his 12yo preteen babysitter, Candy, sleeping in his bed and confuses her with his wife.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

God did I have a hangover. I hadn’t been that drunk for one hell of a long time. I guess you could say that I had one hell of a good reason. My loving wife of eleven years had just told me that she was pregnant, but that it wasn’t mine.

Hell I had no idea she was even fucking anyone else. I guess she came clean with me, she told me that she had felt unwanted by me, even though we had a daughter ten and a daughter six.

I guess she just wanted something different, a different cock, a different tongue, a different helping of hot fertile sperm and a baby with a different father. Well she got it.

She did tell me that she loved me and the girls, but that she just had to enjoy something different for awhile. A different life style. She told me that she was going with the father of the baby in her womb, telling me that he was going to help her experience different sexual activity, like even fucking other men and being gang banged by many different men.

Yes, my wife, the girls mother, wanted to suck and fuck other men. Not just one other men, many other men, but yet she was telling us that she still loved us. What a bitch.

Well, that Friday night, I guess it hit me. I hired my nest door neighbors young twelve year old daughter to stay with the girls. Candy was just that. She looked so sweet and had the cutest little tits and ass.

I had thought many times about what it would be like to be the one to get his cock in her mouth and cunt first and enjoy her virginity.

When she came over, I told her that my wife, the girls mother would not be back any longer. I told her that she had taken off with another man because she wanted to have sex with other men and that she was already pregnant with another man’s baby.

When she came over, she was wearing an almost completely transparent blouse that plainly showed her small petit tits and darker little nipples. Her skirt was so short that even standing I could almost see her panties. When I did see them, I could see that she was wearing thong panties, which covered
only her little hairless slit and her anal opening.

It seemed that she was making sure that I seen her almost naked body. Of course the shape I was in and what I was thinking I hardly notices her. Even when she almost put her little tits right in my face.

I could see that she was disappointed when I didn’t start sucking on them or even seem to notice them.

I did notice that she had worn a coat over as if to cover herself so her parents wouldn’t notice what she was wearing. Knowing her parents, of course I would love to fuck her mother too, were quite straight. I mean how would you expect the minister and his wife of the local church to be?

Of course Candy just seemed to know that I was not going to tell her parents. To many times she had taken a chance and flashed her bare titties at me and had even a couple of times flashed her bare hairless pussy at me.

When I had ask her to babysit the girls for me she had jumped at it and when I had told her I wanted her to stay all night, because I might not even be home, she quickly OK’d it with her parents. Little did they or I have a thought about what was going to happen that night.

For eleven years I had played it straight with my loving wife and look what it had gotten me. A so called loving wife fucking another man, and even letting him knock her up. Hell I didn’t even know the man, he could even be black or white or even yellow, I didn’t know.

Well I went out and got drunker than hell. When I finally stumbled into the house I didn’t even think about Candy being there. All I was thinking about was getting to bed and sleeping my drunk off. I knew I was drunk.

All the lights were off except for the normal night lights.

I went into my bedroom and stripped not even realizing that someone was in the bed. I crawled in and feeling someone there, again I didn’t even think about it. I was so used to my wife being there I guess I was thinking it was her.

I rolled over and took her in my arms. She was naked and felt so good against me. I may have been drunk but damn I was horny as hell too.

I kissed her and began caressing her soft firm body. She returned the kisses and began her own exploration of my body.

I soon felt her holding my cock, fondling and playing with it. I didn’t even think about it being someone else when I leaned down and licked and sucked her firm small titties and nipples, fondling one, sucking the other then
swapping tits.

I began licking and kissing my way down her soft flat stomach and when I got to her pubes, ‘I didn’t even think about there being no hair.

She cried out when I licked her sweet tight little cunt lips with my tongue then sucked on them, licking my tongue between her lips and across her swollen clitoris. She moaned loudly when I sucked and nibbled on her clitoris her little ass beginning to wiggle and squirm.

It wasn’t long before she cried out as an orgasm swept over her small frame. When I moved between her wide spread legs, she grabbed my cock and guided it to her wet pulsating pussy slit. She rubbed it up and down her wet slit then guided it to her opening holding it trying to work it up into her own tight hole.

Well I helped her. I lunged and drove my thick long cock up into her tight opening. She cried out with pain when my cock plunged all of the way up inside of her.

Damn was she tight. Of course my wife’s cunt had always been tight so in my drunken state I hardly noticed when my cock tore through her hymen taking her virginity.

I didn’t hesitate, I fucked her hard and fast. I fucked her slow and easy. Even in my drunken state I made sure that she had three or four intense orgasms before I drove my cock up into her and coated and filled her tight cunt and womb with my hot fertile sperm.

By the time I spewed my sperm up inside of her she was laying on me, helping me to fuck her. Even then I didn’t even realize what the situation was.

We went to sleep with my cock still buried in her tight cunt, the way I had many times before.

Then when I suddenly awoke early in the morning with one hell of a hang over, I felt her body still laying on me and my cock still buried deep inside
of her tight sperm filled cunt.

Suddenly I realized something was wrong. Then I looked at her. Oh my god, it wasn’t my wife laying on me, it was Candy, my baby sitter. I had fucked her. I had taken her virginity and fucked her her filling her womb with my hot fertile sperm.

Then I also suddenly realized that she had not fought me. She had fucked me back. She had wanted me to fuck her and take her virginity. She had taken her chance when she had it. She was now no longer a virgin, she had been fucked half of the night and was laying right then with a cock still buried deep inside of her tight little preteen cunt.

As I lay there not sure if I wanted to wake her up it was like I couldn’t stop my self and I started slipping my big cock in and out of her again.

I was slowly fucking her when she opened her eyes, grinned at me and kissed me and began fucking her young cunt right back at my plunging cock.

Hell I didn’t stop. I had already fucked her all night I realized that I might as well enjoy myself. I began fucking my little neighbor babysitter with relish. I sure enjoyed it too and so did she.

I still had my cock buried deep inside of her fucking her with my own two little girls came into the bed room and had a clear view of my cock buried deep in Candy’s cunt. They stood there staring at Candy and I fucking. Then surprisingly both of them undressed and climbed up onto the bed with us.

They cuddled up to me and began fondling my cock and balls that were still buried deep in Candy.

Then my little ten year old told me, “Daddy we want you to fuck us too, just like you are Candy. We want you to cum in us too. From now on daddy you don’t need mama, you can fuck Candy and us. Can’t he? ” she ask her little sister and Candy.

Both of them immediately said, “Yes” Just as I spewed another hot load of my sperm up into their baby sitter as they watched.

I knew as I pumped Candy full, that I was going to be well taken care of by three beautiful sexy young girls, two of them my own daughters.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.