Fostering a black lolita (Mg,pedo,inter)

Fostering a black lolita (Mg,pedo,inter)

Introduction: A little 8yo black girl of short hair is fostered by a single man. He thinks she looks like a tomboy and makes her show him her childish pussy to confirm she is a real girl.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

Steve is single, 36 years old and lives in London (England) he works as a librarian, Steve has recently noticed that his local Council is advertising to find foster parents for orphan children. Steve has decided to apply for it, he feels bored on the weekends.

After some paperwork, an interview and a police background check Steve has been matched with a little 8 year old black girl named Rose.

Steve is white but this has not been a problem, his local Council wants white people to foster kids of other colours because it looks good in the newspapers pictures and it will bring in more votes for them.

The little girl has just been brought to Steve’s home and they are both alone.

Rose, the little girl, has very short black hair, she is wearing jeans and a
t-shirt, she seems a tomboy.

-”Are you sure you are a girl Rose?”

-”Yes, why?”

-”I don’t believe you, you look like a boy with the hair so short”

-”No! I am a girl!”

-”If you want me to believe it you will have to prove it”

-”How can I do that?”

-”Just show me your little girl pussy then I will know for sure you are not a boy”

Rose thinks about it for a few seconds, looking confused, the 8yo girl stands up in the middle of the dinning room and undoes her jeans allowing them fall around her ankles, she is wearing white knickers the contrast a lot with her black childish skin. Without any more words the black lolita rolls down her knickers from the front and shows her smooth black pussy to Steve, her cunt lips are all flat and somehow white, Steve loves the view of the little girl pussy slit.

-”Sorry I was wrong Rose”

-”Do you believe me now that I am a girl?”

-”I’d better make sure”

Steve signals the little black girl to approach him and places one of his hands around her waist squeezing the prepubescent girl rounded black ass cheeks with his hand, with the other hand Steve attempts to open up Rose’s smooth pussy lips, she has a real tight slit, Steve likes that, he plays and fondles the 8yo bald cunt giving him a big hard on.

-”What is it you are doing?”

-”I need to see your pink to believe that you are a girl”

-”OK, sure”

Steve introduces his middle finger inside the little girl’s bald pussy and moves it around.

-”That is a tight cunnie, it’s going to be more difficult than I thought”

-”What is it going to be difficult?”

-”To pass the test”

Steve undoes his trousers, he has no underwear on, his hard white cock stands erected in front of the nude black little girl, Rose widens up his mouth in surprise.

-”Wow! Huge asparagus!”

-”Yes it is honey, and you will have to take it all if you want me to believe you are a girl”


-”Stop asking stupid questions honey, come and sit down on my lap”

Rose sits down on Steve’s lap with his huge erected manhood sticking out in between the middle of her legs, his hard moist shaft is deliciously rubbing the little black girl childish pussy slit, Steve lifts up Rose by her arms and makes her sit down again on his lap but this time with his wet cock introducing inside her preteen tight pussy.


-”You can take it all honey, I know you can do it”

Steve passionately kisses Roses 8yo black neck as the head of his dick slips inside the little girl pussy over stretching it, Steve holds tight the little girl by her waist to control the amount of cock that gets inside her cunt.


-”Do you like it my love?”

-”Yeah I do”

-”You are going to be the best girl I ever fostered honey, little girls that love cock are always the best”

Steve is trickling down precum and hi rubs this against Rose’s bald slit, his penis finally gets all the way inside the black tiny soft pussy.


-”Just the easy part left honey”

Steve slowly humps the little girl on his lap, his cock is well stuck inside her 8yo bald cunt, Steve can feel the wall at end of Rose’s pussy and he loves every minute of it, it is real tight. His white cock looks great stuck inside the black little girl pussy, they both are getting their private parts moistened.





Steve gets his orgasm, he quickly lifts up the girl to get his cock out of the tiny pussy without hurting her and humps his cock against the little girl black leg instead, fucking it hard, all of his white thick cream gets spilled on Rose’s naked black leg.

-”Are you convinced now that I am a girl?” – Rose smiles maliciously

-”Yes my love, I am, but you will have to let me fuck your preteen pussy more often from now on”

Steve kisses Rose on her childish mouth with his salivating tongue, twisting it at the same time he fondles the little girl naked body all over.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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