Daddy Scratch My Itch For Me Please (Mg,inc,pedo)

Daddy Scratch My Itch For Me Please (Mg,inc,pedo)

Introduction: A 6yo little girl asks her daddy to scratch her bald pussy with his dick.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

Dawn was a very sharp little young six year old girl. She had a very high IQ for a girl that age. She could think like a full grown adult. She also had the desires of a grown woman, the sexual desires.

Dawn had been born by a woman she didn’t even know. The woman had let her father fuck her just for the fun of sex but had gotten pregnant.

The thing was, Dawn’s father, Jeb, was a very ‘slow thinker. That was one of the things that Dawns mother had known about her when he got him to fuck her and knew she could do what she wanted with out any problem from him. She had even talked him into marriage which resulted in the birth of Dawn.

Because of the slowness of Jeb, her mother was afraid that Dawn would also be slow like her father, in her way of thinking things out.

After her birth her mother and immediately left her with Jeb and had taken off for parts unknown.

But Dawn didn’t take after her father, she was the exact opposite. Her mind took in almost everything and by the time she was six, she thought like a grown up and even better than a lot of them.

When Dawn turned six, she watched the porno channel on TV, that her father watched, seeing couples and groups involved in a lot of sex. Then she happen to find a homemade movie of a family having sex with the daughter who was young like she was. The more she watched it the more her desire for sex grew.

She had just turned six a week before when she decided she wanted her daddy to fuck her. She wanted to know what it felt like to have him lick her little pussy and what it felt like having his big cock buried inside of her.

Oh yes she had seen his big stiff cock, she had watched him masturbate while he was watching the porno channel on TV.

She also had the growing desire to suck his cock and see what it felt like having his cock in her mouth and even down her throat, tasting his hot sperm as he spewed it in her mouth and down her throat.

She quickly came up with a plan to have him let her suck his cock and feel it deep inside of her little body by the way of her cunt.

She waited until it was Friday, then she took a bath, and dressed in her little shear night gown that showed her hairless virgin pussy slit.

She waited until he was sitting watching his porno channel, slowly masturbating as he watched a woman being fucked on the movie he was watching.

She then went out to him, and told him.

“Daddy, will you do something for me?”

He was sitting there with his big cock in his hand, which she had seen many times. He looked at her with his dull eyes, not thinking anything about his daughter seeing his stiff cock and watching him.

“Sure honey, what do you want me to do?” He ask.

“Daddy I have a bad itch up inside of me down here and I can’t reach it, will you help me scratch it and stop it?”

“Sure honey, where does it itch?” He ask.

She pulled her night gown up and touch her young virgin cunt, already wet with the thought of what she was going to have him do.

“Ok honey,” and he reached down and began trying to scratch her pubic area.

“No not there daddy, It’s inside of me you’ll have to put something inside of me down there to reach it.” She said. “Daddy you’ll have to use your peepee to reach it because it’s to far up inside of me to reach with your finger.” She told him knowing what he was going to say. He always said OK to anything she wanted him to do.

“Ok honey, how do you want to do it.” He ask.

“Daddy I’ll lay down her and I want you to lick me down there to get me all slick so you can get it up inside of me. But let me lick and suck you and get you all slick too.” She told him.

With that Dawn moved between her daddy’s legs and took hold of his stiff cock. She leaned down and began licking his big cock head. He groaned as his little girl licked her tongue all around his cock head.

Then he gasp when she opened her little mouth and slipped his cock head into it and she began sucking on it, sucking it in and out. She tried to get it down her throat but soon realized she was going to have to practice a lot to do that.

She finally pulled it out of her mouth and lay down on the floor, the rug, spreading her legs wide.

“Ok daddy lick me down their with your tongue and get me all wet, so it will slip up inside of me easy but take your clothes off daddy so we don’t get them all wet.”

Jeb doing as his little girl told him to do, stripped his clothes off. He then moved between her wide spread legs. He leaned down and began licking his tongue up and down her little virgin pussy lips.

Up and down he licked it between her pussy lips, across her tiny clitoris and up into her tight opening.

He licked it a long time, shoving his tongue into her tight little hole. The gasping at the building orgasm his tongue was about to send through her, she

“Now daddy, now put it up inside of me and rub the itch away. It’s so bad daddy, it will probably take a long time to get it.”

Jeb moved up and Dawn grasping his stiff cock rubbed it up and down her little slit, loving the feeling it was sending through her little cunt.

Then she held it against her opening. “Now daddy push it all of the way up inside of me and rub the my itch, its way up inside of me.”

She cried out when he pushed hard and his big cock slipped up inside of her, stretching her tiny cunt wide, tearing her hymen to plunge way up inside of her. She gasp and gave out with a short cry of pain as her little cunt muscles stretched and his cock tore through her hymen taking her her virginity.

The pain shot through her but she knew that it wouldn’t last long and it didn’t.

With daddy’s big stiff two and a half inch thick cock shaft buried deep inside of her little six year old no longer pussy, Dawn had her daddy begin fucking her, to rub that itchy spot way up inside of her.

Daddy slowly began trying to rub it faster and harder, trying to reach way up inside of her with his cock head to help her get rid of that itch.

On and on he fucked her with her trying to help, pushing her little cunt up and his big cock every time he shoved it up into her.

On and on he fucked her trying to reach that itch of hers and help her get rid of it. Of course his cock slipping in and out of her, finally had him right on the edge of cumming. Suddenly her own little body, accepted what she was trying to do and it erupted with and orgasm that almost made her pass out.

When her tight cunt, spasmed and milked her daddy’s stiff cock, he couldn’t help it, he pushed it all of the way up inside of her and the spewed his hot sperm up into her little body filling her young cunt full.

She cried out with her young passion as his hot sperm set her own young orgasm off. She screamed and convulsed on her daddy’s big, big cock, loving the feeling surging through her little body.

Her orgasm was so intense she almost passed out as her daddy’s big cock pressed hard on her cervix and filled her full of his cum.

She lay there without moving with daddy laying on her his cock buried deep inside of her. He wasn’t moving either just holding it up inside of her as deep as he could get it.

Finally he pulled it out when his stiffness faded.

“Oh daddy that felt so good, you rubbing it with your big thing way up inside of me like that. Your going to have to do it lots though daddy because I get that itch up inside of me lots.” She told him.

Her father looked at her, and leaned down kissing her lightly on the lips.

“Honey, anytime you need it you just tell daddy. You know daddy will do it for you.” He said.

She hugged him and kissed him on the lips holding it a bit longer than she really needed to but it felt so good to her.

Dawn knew that she was going to be having her daddy scratch that itch way up inside of her a lot from then on. He had taken care of it so good but she knew it would be coming back very soon, like later that night when he was in bed and she would have to go to his bed and have him rub it all night.

She grinned at the thought of her being able to get her daddy to fuck her anytime she wanted him too.

As she lay there on the rug her legs still spread wide, she wished that her mama was there so that she could get her mama to help her too. She was curious about what her mama would taste like and if her pussy was like her
own itching a lot.

She lay watching her daddy, he wasn’t masturbating anymore, but she was certain that if she licked and sucked his cock she could get his big stiff cock hard again and again have him fuck her because of her itch way up inside of her.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.