Blueboy and Me (m/g, fantasy, ws)

Blueboy and Me (m/g, fantasy, ws)

Prologue: A little girls imaginary friend comes to life…

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. The characters and events are entirely made up. All similarities to real people or events are accidental and unintentional. The author condemns actual sex acts with real, underage children.

Author: OxyGreen

I’ve had other imaginary friends, I guess. There’s Big Cow, a cow that was very fat who would follow me around. He would do stupid things and then look embarrassed. I had other funny imaginary friends who I would draw a lot.

Then my dad lost his job. We got evicted. We had to move into a small apartment after staying with different family or friends every month for a while.

The fights got louder and worse. Doors started slamming. I would walk into a dark room to discover my mother crying. I had seen that kind of thing in the movies, but it sounds so different in real life. The way the cries echo on the walls and down hallways and break the dead silence. So many bad imaginary things can become real. I asked myself and the universe why good things can’t.

At night, I would lie awake and watch a small slice of the world of the neighborhood on the hill through a crack in the curtains, and wait to drift off, crying.

One night, I think a month after my eighth birthday, I had a dream about being lost in the sewer. I found a boy there, a Blue Boy. A handsome teenager with blue skin. He was lying on a bed of old bricks, asleep with his arms chained. I can’t remember what he was wearing, maybe nothing. In front of his feet was a dark hole, and out popped the head of a nasty fat monster. It was greasy and slimy, just a weird blob with no eyes or teeth. It tried to swallow him, but it swallowed me instead when I tried to kick it in the head. It didn’t chomp me, it just gulped me down, and I knew it was going to start digesting me while I was still alive.

But Blue Boy dove in after me and stopped me from falling into the gurgling stomach below. He stabbed through the monster’s throat and into its heart with his crystal sword, and a gush of gooey white blood covered me. Then Blue Boy pulled me out, up from the sewer full of all kinds of monsters and into the clouds above. We could fly.

As we flew, we kissed. And not a normal kiss, but like how the older kids do it. A full French kiss. He thanked me for saving him from the monster he was sworn to destroy. He said my act of kindness and bravery gave him the strength to unchain himself, save me back and finish his quest. He said that from now on he would protect and love me.

When I woke up, Blue Boy was there next to me in bed. He was just a fuzzy outline at first. It was just barely dawn, and the growing blue light in the window was barely enough to let me see the shape of a big boy in my bed. I could almost see eyes reflecting that blue light. I sensed, but didn’t quite see, his smile. But as my eyes got used to the dim dawn, and as that dawn grew brighter, I finally saw.

I was startled. I looked into his yellow eyes draped in wisps of green hair. He was real. I touched him. He was warm. I smiled.

“good morning, Blue Boy.” “Good morning, my love.” I heard the voice, not in my mind but in my ears.

“You…you’re for real?” “I am now. You saved me from the monster, and I saved you. When you save someone in your dreams, and they save you back, they become half-real.”

“What’s half real?”

He smiled his big handsome smile and kissed me on the cheek. I felt his warm saliva cool down on my skin, so I wiped it away to see. It was on my wrist. It was real!

“It means I’m really real to you, and no one else.” I giggled and buried my face in his neck, giving him butterfly kisses. He wrapped his arms around my waist. I wrapped my arms around him, my heart racing, I was shaking. I could feel his body absorbing my nervous movements and pounding chest like a hot human pillow. I had my own invisible teenage boyfriend! I was the luckiest third grade girl in America!

Our faces met. He kissed me on the lips. We kissed a few times like that, then I said, “do you wanna French me?”

He opened his mouth and I opened mine, and I nervously poked my tongue out to meet his.g.

At first my mouth was very wide open, and my lips didn’t really reach his. Our tongues danced like swimming seals, but slowly he closed his mouth a little, and I closed mine, and I felt this wonderful combo of tongue and lip touching that almost made me pee my pants.

He broke away and kissed my cheeks again, and then my neck. It tickled! But it also felt nice. I let out a funny “yaah!” before saying “that felt…” He laughed, he must have thought the look of surprise on my face was funny. “I’m kissing you there because it feels good.”

“It…does,” I began. How to describe it? “It tickles my neck, then the tickle travels…” “Down,” he said.

“Down to between your legs as fast as lightening. In one specific little spot.” I widened my eyes and pursed my lips in surprise. How did he know exactly what I felt? He went on to explain why it felt good for me, and why it felt good for him.

And he explained everything he did – as he put his hands under my pajama top to feel my nipples, as he brought his hand zigzagging down my tummy to the waistband of my pajama bottoms to slip his fingers in. Explained why I felt so hot and weird I couldn’t stand it as he ran his fingers in circles around the skin just above where my private parts really start, my legs twitching. And I told him how I felt, and he held me close and made me feel good about feeling good.

His fingers went further down. And oh my god, they brushed my clitoris. Clitoris. Hmmmm. I had laughed the day Mrs. Randell the old health counselor lady said clitoris while showing us the body parts back in first grade. I had laughed when she said “Clitoris!” pointing at the bump on the crotch of the picture of the girl on the board. We had all sat on the floor around her, with her board showing a naked boy and girl. She had pointed with one finger and looked down her glasses at us as she said it. The way the word hopped out of her mouth with that look – “Clitoris!” – I giggled, and she zeroed in on me and gave me her pretend mean lady look. I giggled more.

But I wasn’t giggling now. I was panting. He was slowly curling his fingers across my clitoris and down toward my vagina. His middle finger found the hole and a knuckle dug into it, and I arched my back as I felt lightening bolts of goodness shoot out from my pussy. He was better than I was at playing with my clit because I wasn’t doing it, so I didn’t know what to expect.

But before we could go any further, the sun was up and my mom was knocking on the door.

At breakfast, I ate quietly. Mom and dad asked me if I’m okay, why I wasn’t talkative. Why do parents want a list of the things you’re thinking all the time? A book report on your feelings? I don’t get it. And neither did Blue Boy, popped up from behind the fig tree by the window every time they disappeared behind a newspaper or fussed about stuff, making fun of them while they didn’t look. It was hard not to giggle, so I just smiled.

On the bus, I ran to the middle – not in the front with the good kids, or the back with the bad kids. The middle, where there are fewer kids. Kids who sit alone. I looked around for Blue. I saw him in the back, confident, arms folded, leaning against the emergency door. One kid tried to throw something (gum, gunk, science class slime, whatever) at someone on the other side of the isle, and Blue Boy just moved his head out of the way while staying calm. He winked. I giggled. He was so handsome and cool!

School was impossible, and I felt so weird and kind of bad. Blue would hide crouching on top of the lockers, in the corner of the classroom, giving people bunny ears from behind, and I was distracted the whole time. Even when my friend Marissa wanted to chat and play in between class and at recess. She always does more talking than I do, but she actually got mad that I couldn’t even pay attention when we were playing.

“What’s wrong with you,” she said when I didn’t want to play Slappy Birds on the jungle gym – all just because she couldn’t have her ePod out at school and she’s addicted! I play it too, but seriously that girl has a problem.

“I need to go to the bathroom,” I eventually said, which was totally true. I had to pee very badly.

I learned that day that going to the bathroom was the easiest excuse to have sex with Blue at school. There was a bathroom at the end of the hall separate from the others. It wasn’t a bunch of stalls, but like a regular bathroom with one toilet and a sink and stuff in a room you could lock. The kind that had bars for people in wheelchairs.

I skipped into the building and through the halls, with Blue Boy fading into place with me like the sky gives birth to clouds. I had to try hard not to run – that could get me in trouble. I was wearing a jean skirt with purple leggings, and after locking the door to the bathroom, I wiggled my butt on his crotch before prancing and slipping off the leggings. I approached him, gave him a deep kiss, then backed up towards the toilet and sat down, slipping my panties off.

Even though he was my imaginary friend and knew my thoughts, I could still surprise him. He couldn’t just read my thoughts, it was more like he could hear what was coming, my thoughts getting stronger like the sound of a train coming. He thought I was just gonna get naked so we could Do It, but for some reason I wanted him to see me go potty, just because I knew I could. I sat down and gave him a mischievous look, spread my legs, and breathed a sigh of relief as I started to pee.

You’d think I’d be embarrassed. I was a little, but only for the shortest of split seconds. My yellow pee hit the shallow part of the toilet in front. He held his mouth open in astonishment as I giggled again. I wiggled my hips on the toilet seat, making my stream bounce around. I giggled more. Blue wasn’t going to tell anyone, or make me feel bad for this. The fun of doing whatever came into my imagination, without him being mad or grossed out, made it all the more special.

He grasped my legs and pulled them apart, before moving in to kiss the inside of my thigh, his lips brushing against my skin before his tongue took over to trace a crazy sex snail’s track across my leg. I let out a squeal of surprise and and tightened up for a sec, and my pee stopped for a second before coming out again like Niagara Falls. It all felt so good, the wonderful feeling of his tongue combined with the relief from going pee. I clutched his hair as is tongue got closer to my crotch. He touched his tongue to the very top of my slit, and a little pee got on his chin. “Oooh, mmm!” I moaned as I shot more pee into the bowl, and then my stream slowed to a trickle.

And before I was even totally finished, he was lifting my legs up and lining up his thing with my vagina.

“Fuck me,” I moaned, being careful not to be to loud, even as I felt the head of his dick nudge against my opening.

“Oh, Anna, babe, you’re so hot,” he said as he eased part of his thing into me “you know exactly how to turn me on.” He kissed my neck, then dragged his lips up to mine, and frenched me deeply. “Did you like how I kissed your legs while you peed?”

“I loved it. It was amazing.”

“You’re amazing,” he said as he moved his hips in circles, pulling my slit open this way and that. Then he moved his hips up so his thing curved into me, brushing my clit as he thrust in and out.

I melted into his arms as the words you’re amazing echoed in my brain and the feeling of having so much Boy inside of me, shoving in and out, filled me up, rubbing my button and sending beams of bubbly happy itchiness across my skin. Our lips connected, our tongues met, and we kept kissing the rest of the way. He moved one hand up and down my leg, squeezing my tush and teasing the inside of my thigh, still moist from his saliva, while the other cradled my neck. His fingers went into my crack and found my butthole, which he gently pushed into, spreading the sexy feeling up my ass and into my entire body.

I felt the tension inside getting closer to boiling over, until finally I felt a rolling rushing release of energy through my body as my vagina clenched and pounded again and again.

I was still pulsing when I felt my wonderful Blue start to spurt his boy juice, which smacked against the inside of my pussy like cake batter flung at the wall with a spoon. I heard him moan and grunt as his spurting juice kept flowing, with each pulse getting a little weaker. When he was done, he pulled out of me, and the juices came spilling out into the toilet, with some running down my butt crack.

And the best part was I was only gone long enough for people to think I had to go poop – if they were even paying attention at all. Everyone was playing tag. After getting dressed, I wandered back outside and into the whirlwind of the other kids running and chasing, but I only walked calmly. I felt like I was glowing.

Having Blue around was going to be fun.

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