Angelina’s Rude Awakening (Mg,anal,kidnap,bond)-Part1

Angelina’s Rude Awakening (Mg,anal,kidnap,bond)-Part1

Prologue: Living in third world South America has its downside. Lawlessness, strife and political war being the norm, the recovery just as difficult for the next generation. Life goes on in its way, it can only get better as time goes on.

Nine and a half year old Angelina was tied down arms wide to each side to a bed her legs well off the foot. It was mid-day the windows of the single story country farm house’s bedroom wide open to the cooling afternoon breeze, the only thing she was thankful for right now. Angelina was scared for sure, she’d been walking to the market earlier this morning.

You be careful Angelina” Her mother’s voice still loud in her thoughts “It’s not as safe as it was back in my day”

Okay” she’d replied to pacify her cause she go into a rant about the dangers to a young girl in today’s world “Love you… by”

Here on the bed she could hear the sounds of farm animals on the breeze coming in. She had been stripped naked, her clothes tossed all over and were strewn about the room. She seen only one man, the one whom kidnapped her. She’d screamed and cried out but learned quickly a price was to be paid. Her face still stung from several open handed slaps across her face, one so hard her thoughts were addled for few minutes. The home she was in wasn’t any more run down, in fact, a bit better than her own well out in the country. Though she knew the vast area around her own home this farm was well outside that area, she was lost as to where she was. The hills about a little higher, not the rolling hills she was use to but from what she’d seen the ground more fertile maybe better in in a lot ways than home.

The man had stepped out of the room but showed back up at the opening to the room that had only a draw curtain for privacy. But she was use to that as it was the same at her home the only door was the entrance to her home. He stared seemingly lost in thought at her, his eye roaming over her nine year old body. Angelina wasn’t ignorant about sex as her parents were sexually active, the draw curtain little privacy to the sounds coming through. She’d even sneaked a peek through the edges a few times careful not to get caught. The man had the same wanton look Angelina’s father gave her mother when the mood took him.

“Little young yet but no matter” His mild voice sounded kind but held a hint of finality to it “We can wait to make babies but I have other needs to be addressed first”

“When can I go home” Angelina mumbled nervously, she sensed she’d be raped first another of, her mother’s stern warning about the world.

He smiled kindly a hint of a sad life most older people had she had met.

“This is home girl” he said sadly “What’s your name”

“A-Angelina” her voice low, sounding as scared as she felt.

“You are my wife Angelina” his head bowed slightly “This is home for you now”

She was mentally shocked, not even sure how to respond. Angelina knew girls around her area mostly were married off young thirteen, fourteen years old sometime, she expected her parents would do the same with her expecting a dowry of some kind from whom she’d be matched with. But that was still years away.

“We’ll save baby making sex when you are ready” He swallowed nervously “But your so nice looking and I have needs, for that I’m sorry”

“You going to untie me first” she asked.

“For that I’m sorry again” his face taking on a more stern look “I do have an immediate need and think you would balk at willingly submitting as it has been a long while”

He held up more rope he’d gotten.

“For today, in a few days again if needed then” his weak smile hardly helped soothe Angelina’s escalating anxiety.

Angelina heart bounded loud in her ears as he approached her, she never had sex before and that alone was enough, but this man was a stranger. She couldn’t take her eyes off him as if she could make him familiar just by keeping his face in view. Still she shook as he formed a slipknot on one end of the two lengths of rope he had, he did the same to the other rope. Reaching down he grabbed her ankle running her foot through the slipknot, snugging it down firmly around one of her ankles. He pulled the rope attached to her ankle up, her leg following. Up her leg followed high and over with her leaning over to that side for comfort sake. Angelina’s foot on that side now inches from where her open arm wrist was tied. He stooped down tying it off somewhere she couldn’t see on the side of the bed.

His hands grasped her other lower leg the second rope’s slipknot going over that foot and getting snugged onto her ankle there. He walk around to the other side of the bed pulling the rope firmly her leg having to follow till met with the resistance of her leg stretched open a little too far.

“Ugg” Angelina gasp her head tilted to the side pleading with him “Stop.. stop”

He didn’t seem to care, only eying the rope, looking over to the other side seeing her ankle on this side wasn’t as near as close to her wrist for his liking.

“Aaaah..!” Angelina cried out again.

She was suddenly was in a position she didn’t know she could even do, the muscles and tendons on the back of her legs were stretched distressingly too much. Her mind struggled with just handling the distress, her hands just inches from the knots near her ankles at each side seeming taunted her to try to reach for them, try to untie at least one. She hardly noticed the man had move to the foot of the bed where her naked wide open bottom stuck out slightly over and started undressing rapidly.

It took a few moments but Angelina managed to writhe about just enough to ease the distress, though the muscles on the back of her legs trembled horribly, on edge of cramping up. She looked about having lost track of him and for a few second check over herself. The way she was tied had her bottom raised up high and open wide exposing her crudely. Although she wasn’t fat her tummy showed wrinkles between where her legs went up to each side, her bottom force to rise up she could look down at her spread pussy. A cool refreshing breeze blew in one window Angelina could feel the cooler air as if passed over her expose pussy and anus. Looking up the man was pulling off his t-shirt the last of his clothes. One of his hand going to his mouth and chin as if lost in thought the other rubbing over his at least 25 centimeter ‘nine and a half inch’ adult penis.

Still looking at her he sauntered over to a old nightstand pulling open a drawer pulling out a small almost used up jar of petroleum jelly he held as if precious to him. A second later he was back at the foot of the bed opening the jar scooping out a bit. He reach down toward her pussy but Angelina was shocked when she didn’t feel his hand touch her clit but landed dead onto her anus wiping off the glob on his fingers. She flinched with horrid realization of what he was about to do. She wasn’t going to be pussy raped, he was going to something never talked about except in jest with school mates when no one was around to hear. Something not real, at least to Angelina’s thinking as there were biblical writing against it. Her young racing mind screamed out with words of hell fire and damnation that only pervert practiced in real life.

“No….. No…” she said as authoritatively as she could “Absolutely not”

But the man continued with what he was doing, scooping out some more jelly, rubbing over his stiff arched up penis, making it slick with the thick jell, leaving a heaver amount on the tip. All the while Angelina’s head shook ‘NO’ over and over.

“I have immediate needs” He said placing the top back on and setting the jar down.

Angelina arms tugged trying to pull her wrist free, her young body being scooting slightly toward what ever direction that won out. The man approached closing the gap between them one of his hands angling the thickly lube stiff penis toward her upturned widely exposed vulnerable bottom. The thick tip touched then pressed against Angelina’s anus with her struggling to angle her bottom away, the pressing tip unerringly following what slight movements she was able to make, her anus starting to give in.

His free hand came up feeling over her bare naked chest where she would someday have breast, but now only showed slight in her mind pre-bumps of her age. Her face forming a grimace as her anus in aching distress struggled to open wide enough.

“It hurts… Stop” Angelina squealed out trying to lurch her bottom some way that would give her a reprieve.

But in the end it was him that gave in, pulling the horrid blunt pressure off.

Angelina was gasping, panting but relieved it had stopped. Her anus ached still as he went back to the jar opening it up checking as if he might not have enough. He stuck a finger in scraping in along the bottom managing to get a bit of jelly onto it. Setting the jar down he was back, kneeling down close.

“This will help” he said.

The finger with the thick lube slipped up into Angelina’s rectum her entire young body welling up from the sudden surprise of it now worming around deep inside her. It wasn’t over, but only just started. She felt the finger going everywhere it could as it moved around in her rectal passage making her squirm with abhorrence and dreading what was about to happen, her mind seeing no way out but struggling to anyway. She heard of other way of sex, oral sex seemed more desirable than what perverts do.

“Wait.. wait” she gasp trying to gather her thoughts, to make sense “I-I c-could let you put it in my mouth”

“Hmm…” he breathed out as if the suggestion wasn’t appropriate “Not today… I have other needs today”

“Eeekk..” Angelina squealed as another finger forced its way beside the other, both chasing her agonizing movements around.

“Better now” he said slipping both finger free and standing up.

Angelina barely noticed as she was still caught up in petrifying revulsion, her wide eyes staring blankly up at the ceiling only to have her mind snap back as the blunt tip of his penis went against her stretched back hole. Fingers were one thing but the spiritual damnation of sodomy still awaited her. She only hoped there was a loophole for unwillingness her head coming up, looking down over her crunched up belly unable not to. It was all weirdly bizarre looking down over her tummy, down the long length of his stiff organ of which his hand still grasped, the tip pressing snugly onto her aching anus.

“Oh God” she gasped out loud, more to herself than to him.

She saw the movement his loin made, pressing forward at her, the blunt tip easing hard against the still resisting ring of guarding anus muscle, the slick lube finely letting the tip plop through into the snug passage of her rectum. Angelina’s entire body lurched hard, all four of her limbs tugging erratically a few times before she regained control enough to freeze in place. His hand left his organ her gaze frozen, looking down onto the tuff of hair that hid the base of his stiff penis from view. Angelina head plopped back onto the bed her mind focusing too much on just how open her anus felt had her raising back up, looking back down her teeth clenched, grimacing to hold back the intenseness of it.

“Oh… God” he moaned out his hips starting to grind in a sexual way.

His hands came down onto the bed at each side of Angelina his adult form looming in over her. Angelina still kept her head up, her young body held tensely with every muscle taunt. She could feel his breath going through her dark hair at the top of her head the iron stiff penis digging in deeper into her rectum as his loin churned sexually at her, she couldn’t turn away from looking as the shaft of the penis outside of her lessened the hairy tuff of his loin closing in trying to go against her pussy. The tip lodged deep to the end of her rectal passage his hip still churning, the lengths of the strokes taking on an ever lengthening movement. It felt as nasty as she thought it would be, worse even, akin to a bowel movement the wouldn’t stop her young mind working hard to keep it from slipping over some unseen edge into something far worse than she could contemplate.

“Go with it Angelina, I know it hard but let yourself go” She felt him place a kiss on top of her upturned head.

But Angelina was unable to relax, her young eyes wide staring at what she cold see of the churning shaft of the fleshy organ still in view. In a sudden shocking moment the thick tip of the organ lodged past the end of her rectal passage, her head fell back flat against the mattress, her tied arms and ankles the only thing keeping her from lurching off the deeper intrusion. Through the blinding tears in her eyes she could see him looming in close, his hands coming up cradling her head, keeping her facing him. The tip of the penis, where it now was lodged left her feeling deathly weak, nauseous even. His loin move suddenly the tip went horribly deeper his loin pressing hard into the upturned clef of her buttocks. His open mouth came down over her own opened mouthed frozen abhorred face, lips to open lips his tongue slipping deep inside her young mouth moving everywhere it could. Still it was a long seeming time before she moaned weakly and tried to tilt her face away. She finely tilted her head back enough to get him to rise up.

His hips started to churn, slow deep staying movements, ending and starting with his loin press tightly into the clef of Angelina’s wide open buttocks. Her wide tear wet eyes clearing just enough to see he was caught up, lost in the act of sodomizing her. His own eye glazed over as he stared down into the shock and abhorrence moving over Angelina’s young face. She felt the depth of her trembling bowel relax though her rectal passage tensed up tight around the moving shaft, her gut like a vacuum trying to suck the moving organ deeper. The man felt the change to, and liked it, much to Angelina’s horror, the thick headed organ smoothly moving into long strokes, the thick tip like a piston moving threw her deep bowel. He’d rose up strong hands grasping around her stretched legs onto both sides of Angelina’s torso. Her bottom still over the edge of the foot of the bed allowed his unfettered access to his intense thankfully short lived finale.

Angelina gasped out gutturally to each overwhelming tug of his cock, the entirety of her world seeming to drop away as her deep intestine seemed bent on trying to each time follow the world dropping tug of the bulbous tip. His movement rapidly became erratic, the arching organ almost refused to conform to the curve it was force to take inside her. And worse still as he slammed in the organ plainly spitting sperm deep into gut Angelina was plain appalled to feel for real that cock had lodged into deep internal stool that had some how found it way there.

It was the last indignation knowing and seeing the intensity of his orgasm. The flood of living baby making sperm was a horror in itself but the other sensation had her unable to hide the flush of humiliating degrading embarrassment sweeping through her. Her young bowel sending strong and intensely needful urge to poop, the thick tipped embedded organ more than adequate to impede and stop things in their track. She was in dire straights dreading the moment he withdrew the organ.

“Damn I have missed that” he breathed out rubbing both his hands over her abdomen about where his cock was still stiffly lodged “I would’ve let you poop first but the first times special, you ‘should’ have it done this way, dirty”

Angelina’s mind screamed out in shame of being seen by anyone right now, let alone by the man whom voice delight in purposely imposing this onto her. She turn her head away, shameful humiliation almost as strong as the urge to defecate around the blockage still deeply place inside her. The organ had felt like it was softening but now was firming back to its original engorged state.

“Angelina…. Angelina…” the man’s voice sounding sorrowful like before “I thought getting off quickly would be enough for now”

He went quiet for a sew seconds his hands on her abdomen feeling in more firmly as if he might feel his firm penis through Angelina warm skin. The movement of his hands over the area where the urgent needful pressure was making her moan out sickly.

“I am sorry but I must continue” he told her “I’m a nasty man, but it won’t take very long”

Angelina with her face red as a beet turn her head back the horror of what she heard frozen on her face. She couldn’t imagine what he was suggesting, it had been over in her mind. He pumped sperm into her, didn’t that mean her was done.

“You see it’s a fetish of mine” he mumbled as if to himself not to her “Just a harmless fetish”

His adult penis stiffen inside her fully, no deference than before. Only this time she was in disbelief that any man would desire what he was plainly thinking to do with her.

“No.. gasp’ I.. No… ‘gasp’ I” Angelina stuttered out unable to voice her horror.

But he was already moving over her, his loin pressed tight against the open clef of her buttocks, his adult penis flexing eagerly. Angelina felt trapped, her arms and legs tugged frantically against the unforgiving rope. His face came in close to hers, his eyes studiously watching her face.

Oh God’ she thought ‘He wants to watch me as he does it

She could sense his powerful sexual urgency into starting the act. His powerful loin tugged back and just as powerfully started humping into her his eye gleaming, expectantly watching her. Angelina could only stare back but only for two of his relentless strokes before gasping out her jaw dropping open. Angelina’s world moving into a crude demeaning realm of humiliation and disbelief that it was happening at all as the once thick lube of the petroleum jelly was displace with something too disgusting to imagine, sound of his eager vile movements resonating throughout the bedroom. The cool breeze of midday carried the sounds of everyday farm life calmly going about their daily routines but to Angelina right now it was white-noise her world focused wide eyed on the man’s close studious lust filled bemused face.

Her young racing mental processes brought the moment into clear focus. The man sodomizing her was a bit younger than her parents but of the same time of turmoil in their country. The farm she’d been brought to was more well kept from what she had seen elsewhere, better in a lot of ways than where she was raised. Angelina’s parents weren’t right either, spending hours in silents with outburst of anger at times that scared her. In a lot of ways this man wasn’t much different, except for what he called his fetish. But he was right, the sudden burst of vile movement was she was caught up in how ever long it seemed was over quickly, the orgasm took him completely. He pulled his still ejaculating penis from her rectum. Angelina frozen wide eyed caught up in her own forcefully submitted humiliation, worse still the sight of the flexing organ still moving in the throws of ejaculation, the first third of it coated to the tip with Angelina’s deep stool.

Angelina young body shuddered with a consuming relief she’d never felt before. Her young pussy betraying what she should be really feeling by sending a shuddering wave of an orgasm through her, shocking her with its intensity. She felt ashamed with herself as her young mind took in the crudely sexual visual scene of the man looking stupefied, and seemingly just as ashamed and embarrassed as herself.

“I-I am sorry Angelina” he mumbled finding a small towel wiping his softening organ clean.

He went to Angelina cleaning the mess left on her bottom then released the ropes.

“I’ll run a bath for you” he kindly said “The outhouse is out back if you feel the need”

Angelina jumped up onto wobbly legs snatching what clothes she could quickly get her hands on and covered her naked front facing him. Her rectal passage still felt irritated and where his cock went in deep she still felt queasy an arm of hers slipping over her abdomen as she hunched slightly over. The man’s eyes widened a bit with the look he had while still sodomizing her but he looked away shamefully.

“I’ll get the bath started” he mumbled “Wife….”

Angelina covered her buttocks when she turned toward the bedroom door knowing this man couldn’t help but look, still she felt a sweeping wave of embarrassment as there now was a sense of urgency to getting to the outhouse. She passed quick through the kitchen noting how well stocked the storage shelves were. Even the cooking ware was in fair shape and neatly placed. The outhouse out in the backyard she ran to with clenched buttocks was freshly built and toilet paper, several rolls, her family rarely had enough to go around. She left the door cracked looking out as the man, ‘she’d need to know his name’ her husband went about pulling out a large metal galvanized tub painted decoratively placing it in the shade of a tree started filling it with well water bucket by bucket. Her eyes noting that the well was even maintained and in good working order needing little priming.

Through the large windows screen of the kitchen he dumped water into a deep pan and turned on the stove. ‘A Stove, A Gas Stove’ Angelina was going to get a warm bath, a fresh warm bath that no one else had used first. He came out with a small table, a large soft looking towel and a new bar of store bought soap placed on top. The day was getting on early evening but his home was placed well the breeze coming between the hill keeping the heat at bay. She finished in the outhouse but remained in the shadow of the small building keeping out of sight but attentive, watch the man catering to Angelina’s needs.

He came out with a large handled cooking pot with hot steaming water and pored it into the decorative metal bath a hand going in to mix the hot and cold together.

“Bath it ready Angelina” he said turning toward the outhouse.

Angelina gathered her nerve placing her clothes over her still naked front and eased out of the inside shadow of the outhouse.

“I’ll get you a drink” he turned going to the house “I’ll try not to look unless you let me”

Angelina scurried to the bath and placed a hand into the warm clear water, it was larger than the one they at home the water from his well much clearer even smelled better. She cupped her hand for a taste. The water higher up in the hills had a cleaner fresher taste. Placing her clothes beside the towel she stepped in slipping down into it slowly her hands reaching for the new store bought soap placing it to her nose and breathing the perfumed scent in deep. By the time the man ‘her husband’ came out with the offered drink she was run the soap over her arms one of her legs raised high the bar going over it too bubbles of soap forming over the surface of warm water she could submerge her entire body in. He placed the drink down staring at her washing. Angelina blushed red trying to ignore him.

“I have work to do before night, save the water for me when you finish” he looked away as if he had encroached on her privacy “If you get hungry make something to eat, please make me something too”

Angelina was not unfamiliar with work as her family had plenty to do just to stay fed. She could cook as all girls her age were taught to do, she eyed him as he walked off to what ever chore he’d put off to kidnap her. Angelina want to soak for in the warm water but her life all but trained her that it would be wrong to. She had a meal to cook and strange almost modern thing to figure out. So she scrubbed her girl parts paying close attention to the clef of her buttocks. She hoped he was sated for a while cause her rectum still ached and she knew she would be dashing to the outhouse a few time still before her insides felt normal again. She heard a tractor start and the sound fade but not entirely. Even that her family didn’t have she felt rich, like living in a dream that did have bad parts but life had bad parts. She rose, dried off with the softest towel she ever used and slipped back into now seeming smelly clothes. She pick up the drink, it had ice in it and fizz, she’d only had one soft-drink before but never ice. She left the towel and soap for the man to use and went to the kitchen.

The early evening breeze kept the kitchen cool as she figured out the gas stove having to use handy matches to light the needed burners. There were jarred food, canned food, standing in a corner was a humming metal box she’d heard about a refrigerator. Pulling on the door reviled a treasure of frozen meat, ice cubes and store bought things her young mind trying to figure where to start. But in short order Angelina had pan and pot on the stove cooking what she thought two people would eat. She found seasonings of every sort some she smelled and wasn’t sure about but others she add enjoying the taste of them and smell that filled the room as the food cooked.

Angelina finished cooking covered the pot and pan with a lid it fit snugly and she went nosing about the house. Although well maintained she could tell he lived here alone for a long while as some dust had settled around little used things. She found a shrine like conner, a picture of a woman and child was there. Her parents had a corner like to of family that died in the troubled time they had been through. A small plaque to a loving wife stood beside the picture, the area standing out as it was well dusted and clean. She stared at the woman in the picture and wondered if he sodomized her too. The sound of the tractor grew louder. Angelina tore herself from the picture and scurried to the kitchen feeling guilty she’d had wasted time.

She checked the food and started warming it up some as it had gone cold. Out the window she saw the man undressing in the dim of the fading evening light and climbed into the water. She’d seen a can of soda in the fridge and got a glass from the counter. She got ice and open the can poring the fizzing liquid into the glass. She rushed from the house having to shake him as his eyes were closed. Looking up he smile mildly.

“Thanks Angelina” he said drinking it down then rattled the ice in the empty glass “Any more”

Angelina never felt more needed and took the cup rushing back to the kitchen poring what was left in the can into the glass. She check the simmering food and rushed the soda to the now bathing man. She sat it down on a corner of the small table and stood there trying to work up the nerve to ask his name. He wiped the soap from his face and looked her way.

“C-can I ask your name” Angelina timidly ask.

“My name?..” he said “I am sorry… I should had told you sooner, my name is Joisper”

Angelina flushed turned a dashed back to the house, she found the plates a need things to eat food with. The table wasn’t large but big enough for three, she was minded of the shrine she found, the table just the right size for them. Just as she finished her eyes widened, her back passage cramping with a sudden need to get to the outhouse. She dropped everything where she was at and dashed out toward the outhouse keenly aware of Joisper gaze following her. In the deep gloom of the outhouse she could see him staring toward where she was. He stood to try off, although the evening was getting on there was light enough to see that his penis had swollen some rising slightly into the air. He finished drying off and dressed though he did rub over the slight bulge in his pants before turning toward the house.

Her anus burned slightly as she sputtered out semi-firm stool, her young mind for some reason making her young pussy tingle at the thought of someone thinking of her sexually, even if it wasn’t a normal kind of sex. Angelina felt over where the slipknots had dug into her wrists and shuddered when the buzzing in her pussy spiraled even more intensely. As disconcerting and humiliating it was at the time she was taken aback with realization her body wanted more shameful thing done to it. She wanted to be scared and as nice as Joisper was he was still unknown to her in a lot of ways. He was scarily mysterious, and kind of sexually twisted but hard working and to Angelina way more well off than her parents were. To a girl her age, giving her hope for the future for kids she might have later. She finished tentatively wiping her anus and took off to get some of what she’d made too, she had held off knowing at home they all waited till everyone was there.

Angelina came into the house. Joisper was at the table waiting as was normal even at her home. She move about the table as her mother did with her father and dipped portions of what she made onto his plate, the act of doing it strange, almost confirming within her that she was indeed his wife. He waited for her to get her share and after setting down Joisper reached over grasping both her hands and bowed his head saying grace, thanking God for the meal. The act making Angelina mind swim at the contradiction of his sexual act on her and now at the meal table her bowed head not stopping her from looking up at him till he finished. Oddly it was the same giving of thanks her own parents said.

The meal over, Angelina quickly cleaned up. Then the difficult part as Joisper had gone to the bedroom. She stood for a bit not sure what to do, but night was full on the only light now was from a lamp coming from the bedroom. Angelina went to the door of the room standing to one side both her hand grasping the opening on the side she stood. He was laying, reading a book but looked up when he saw movement. She saw the chamber-pot pulled out to one side, her family use them too at night or during periods of bad weather.

“Angelina…” Joisper said pulling reading glasses from his face looking at her “I know we had sex earlier, but would you be up to it again…. I will be easy if you would allow it”

Angelina stared blankly but her young pussy went wet at the voiced hint of her being taken again. She knew she should say no, even still her young disciplined mind was trained to do what her parent told her to do. She just didn’t know how to refuse. Stepping into the room her head sagged a bit, face flushing at the thought of submitting willingly.

“O-okay” she mumbled standing just inside the open certain she couldn’t help but to turn and nervously pull it closed.

“Remove your clothes and bend over the edge of the bed for me” Joisper voice calm unlike Angelina’s young rapid racing heart.

Her rectum still felt sensitive, on edge and she expected she would be needing the chamber-pot at some point throughout the night. He scooted from the bed wearing only shorts, no underwear from what she could see of the way his semi-stiff penis slightly bulged the cloth out. Angelina wondered if her mother felt this way before sex with her dad, both dread and anticipation. Still though Angelina’s hands went nervously to her waist pulling off her own pants and underclothes. But as her fingers started removing her top Joisper spoke up.

“You can leave them on if you like”

He stood naked having gotten the small jar of petroleum jelly and when she looked over he motioned for her to go the bed his penis almost fully stiff one of his hands rubbing it stiffer the sight crude but still erotic in a strange way. Angelina plopped her torso over the top of the bed, her bottom jutting over the edge. Still she flinched hearing the top of the jar come off turning her head watching as he scooped out some, coating the end of his penis with the thick jell. He never looked away from staring at her exposed bare buttocks. Angelina could see his thoughts were totally absorbed with anticipation, again her young pussy shuddered with pleasant sensation of pre-orgasmatic pleasure she wished would go away. She felt ashamed of herself, guilty, but almost thrilled to be able to satisfy a man sexually.

Angelina’s heart pounded hard in her chest as Joisper moved in behind her angling his now fully stiff organ toward her opened buttocks. Angelina turned her head till able to see that his attention was still fully focused on her backside. She had opened her legs just enough, exposing herself to him, the naughty act of doing it enhanced the tingling wetness of her young pussy. Still when the thick tip went against her still sore anus she flinched with sudden doubts. Her head swung facing forward over the bed, she rose up supporting her upper body onto her elbows now under her. Angelina’s hands formed tight fists as the tip of the penis managed to slip passed her swollen anus and into her her still sensitive rectum making her loudly gasp involuntarily in. Her torso dipping downward onto her arms as Joisper slowly eased the firm organ deep up into her passage, she finely collapsed down as the tip touched the resisting end of her rectal passage.

She lay flat over the top her legs going down over the edge of the bed, her rectum filled now with the intense thickness of his penis. It was an overwhelmingly nasty sensation swamping her mind. The thought of him using her rectum for sexual release felt really wrong, taboo, a thing one couldn’t admit to ever doing to anyone. Still her young pussy screamed out for her to submit to it, submit to being humiliated, debased, made to feel dirty. The organ started moving making her bite her lip to keep the sensations flooding her rectal passage at bay, but it quickly escalated her breath coming in quick short pants, arms moving erratically over the top of the bed till in a fit her young body was taken up, going trembling and ridge, a rush of sensation clamping her rectal passage, buttocks and all around his thick now sperm spitting penis locking it in the grip of her seized up rectum.

In a surprising rush he pull her up against him, kissing her neck and face, hands turning Angelina’s head enough for him to place a open mouthed kiss on her own shocked gaped open mouth. Angelina wasn’t sure what had happen to her as her rectum had never reacted in such an intense way before. It scared and thrilled her feeling the pumping penis all happening at the same time.

She felt the penis being pulled from the still tight grip of her rectum Joisper groaned out with the add pleasure of her passage still gripped over his organ. Angelina’s rectum now suddenly empty without warning cramped up painfully for a few agonizing seconds leaving her gasping and leg-stiff butt tucked at the edge of the bed. She was handed a towel to wipe the crack of her ass as Joisper settled back into bed turning the lamp off. There was a almost full moon that came in through the window and Angelina lay beside his snoring body unable to sleep herself. Her bowel rumbled as if protesting the days abuse of it. And though she did get some sleep Joisper never woke once as she rushed from bed three or four times to get on chamber-pot and finding no relief there.

Angelina spent the next three days moving through the house cleaning and growing familiar with her surroundings, even drifting outside to look over Joisper’s farm. Her young rectum had recovered and the morning of the third day had her first really normal bowel movement sense being here. She grown use to Joisper’s routine of getting up early and going out to work the farm. She got him breakfast and supper though he got back well in the afternoon hot sweaty and looking for a bath and dinner. But the third afternoon he came in much earlier carrying a brown paper bag which he sat on the cleared kitchen table before pulling out the decorative metal bath tub. He sat it up in the customary place in the yard filling it with well water. Angelina having her newly setup routine broken rushed to make a small quick meal for him.

She tried to ignore the brown paper bag but… she looked out the screened window as Joisper finished filling the tub undressed and settled slowly into the cool well water and began washing. There was leftovers in the fridge which she set to warming on the stove before checking again that he was still distracted with bathing. At the kitchen table her fingers undid the neatly folded top, cringing at each crinkling noise of the paper and peered in. Setting on the bottom was a much, much larger jar of petroleum jelly than the one he had in the his night stand drawer. She quickly folded the paper top back the way it had been her heart pounding feeling giddy. Angelina realized he was feeling sinfully amorous today and would be expecting to have Angelina submitting to him this afternoon. She found herself thoughtfully chewing a fingernail staring out at him now soaping up and humming a cheerful tune.

Angelina’s anus tightened up with absentminded remembrance to the last time Joisper humped her backside. She stared out the window in a surreal daze her hand nervously working the burners of the stove and making sure the leftovers didn’t burn, her younger mind remembered none of the repetitious movements of cooking. All her thoughts were given over to the sweeping sensations of mixed demeaning and submissiveness she had felt, yes.. there was distress and fear her embarrassment more than a young girl could handle at one time. Angelina’s musings had her mentally absorbed within a perplexing quandary of wanting to relive that vividly confusing and shameful moment and knowing it was horribly morally wrong to do so. Angelina’s young pussy went slowly wet, tingling with an anticipating eagerness she was ashamed to feel.

Joisper rose from his bath, she could see now he was a fine figure of a man, strongly build though his face could be more handsome. The cool water still dripped from him, his heavy adult testicles were pulled up tight due to the cool water but his half stiff penis spoke volumes as to his wants and expectations for the day. Angelina pulled herself mentally back from staring and quickly got the table ready, avoiding the paper bag like it was full of poison, afraid to touch it, least he know. The screen door squeaked open behind her.

“The water’s warming up, I suggest a bath for yourself after we eat” his voice calm, mild as was his way of talking, no hint of what Angelina knew he wanted today.

“Okay… Thanks” Angelina mumbled in a low voice, she scurrying around him with food and drink as he settled into the chair at the table.

Angelina hardly could eat a thing in her mental state. All she could do was sat across from Joisper as was customary, grace was said and then wait for him to finish, shuffling what food that was for her about on her plate. Finished eating Joisper smiled oddly, rose up, picking up the paper bag.

“Leave the meal to clean later” he averted his gaze as if embarrassed or ashamed with himself “Best to take that bath now”

Angelina hardly move from her seat as he walked back to the bedroom with the small brown paper bag she knew held a huge jar of the lubricating thick jell. Her young mind trying to figure just how many time it would take them to use that much up. She sat there for several long thoughtful minutes before still in a daze of continued almost paralyzing surrealism got up and walked outside her fingers already starting to undress herself. She caught sight of the outhouse and turned toward it. She didn’t feel like she need to use it right now but Angelina mind cried out that she should at least try squeeze something out. She pissed and did manage to poop some after a bit of trying, wiping she went to the bath, undressed and climbed in to the still cool but not over so water.

Still bathing Angelina saw Joisper leave the house going to the tractor he’d parked close. He pulled another package from it and started toward where Angelina was bathing. He was grinning broadly as he arrived by her, handing the paper rapped package to her. Angelina had never been give a gift except on her birthday and never one so big. It was light as she took it still setting in the big tub and her fingers went about removing the string tie and paper. What was reviled was new clothes, undies, nightie, and clean change of day clothes for working around the house. She’d never smelled new clothes before and brought them to her nose… heaven. Joisper gathered up her old clothed bringing them to the house leaving her with the package and as she soaked in the bath water she couldn’t help but to go over each item, feeling them, smelling them. She finished her bath but thought better than getting into the new day clothes just yet.

After drying off she looked back at the house breathing in deeply before letting it out. She knew the gifts of clothes were a bribe, but it was a good bribe. Angelina picked up the short see through nightie and the delicate looking undies her hands shaking as she pulled the undies up and slipped the nightie over her head the length far to short to cover her bottom but being see through it wasn’t going to matter. Angelina felt pretty, sexual, and clean after the cooling bath. The silky fabric of the undies against her flesh lent a naughty feeling to wearing it. Gathering up the other new clothes she went into the house and placed them neatly folded onto the kitchen table her eyes turning toward the open curtain of the near bedroom. Angelina swallowed hard working up the nerve to enter into the bed room. She knew just how he expected her to reciprocate. The thing was Angelina wanted to do something in exchange, her young mind spinning ways to justify it to herself mentally making it right, if not morally so.

Still she felt a draw to enter the room, to attempt to submit to the demeaning humiliating degeneration of letting him place his penis into her rectum again. The feeling of three days ago returning but this time it lured her into the first steps toward the room instead of turning wanting to run away. Life here with Joisper held more promise than trying to return home and her young pussy tingled with a promise of it own. She stepped into the bedroom. Joisper was quick to look up from where he was on the bed a wide toothy grin forming on his face. Angelina couldn’t help but turn about letting him look her over, she felt naughty doing it but couldn’t help herself not knowing really what else to do.

“I figured you like it” Joisper still grinning said “I couldn’t help but to buy it while getting the need clothes you lacked”

Angelina spun around, her backside facing Joisper not thinking raised up the short nightie a bit showing her bottom through the silky see through panties, looking back she watch as he rubbed a growing bulge in his shorts. Her eyes caught sight of the now opened top brown paper bag on the night stand. Her heart quickened, she dreaded and desired what she knew was going to happen. Seeming to sense her confusion Joisper rose from the bed. Angelina could only stand in place wide eyed staring blankly at his approach, scared, terrified, excited, and thankful he was assuming control.

“I need you again Angelina” Joisper groan.

Angelina could see the tent like bulge in his shorts, a wet spot had formed where the end of his penis was poking against the fabric. She could only stagger off balanced as he grabbed her hand pulling her toward the bed. There beside the bed he reach up under her new nightie pulling down her delicate silky panties with her being careful not to damage them while pulling her feet out of them. Joisper stood pulling his shorts down, wearing no underwear his stiff penis flipped out arching in a stiff curve into the air before him. Angelina stared at it, the size of it still a shock, especially knowing where into her Joisper desired to put it. One of her arms came up her hand instinctively needing to touch it, to get her fingers around the excited adult organ. He stood letting her touch it, her full attention given in to studying its intriguingly unique shape designed by nature to enter a woman’s pussy. In her case this penis would enter her rectum again, not to make a baby but to satisfy Joisper’s odd dirty desire to do it that way.

Her other hand automatically came up to feel his heavy testicular sack that held sperm ready to be pumped out. Everything seeming so crudely sexually dreamlike and surreal. He reached down, strong arm and hand picking her up, turning her easily in the air placing her on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed, adjusting her limbs to his liking. Angelina’s lower leg stuck out slightly over the edge with leg open just enough to make her face flush red with humiliating pose, looking back at seeing him staring at her backside. Joisper’s penis now throbbed to his heartbeat, clear pre-cum leaking profusely from the tip. An intense was of anxiety went sweeping hard over Angelina, her trembling arms gave out, her upper body and head sagging down into the mattress the end nightie slipping down over her back toward her shoulders. The brown bag rustled loud making her turn her head toward the sound. Joisper hand reached in pulling the large jar out, she flinched as the top popped off.

Seconds later Joisper behind her placed a finger onto her anus, smearing some of the thick lube over it, her anus tightening up instinctively as the finger pressed, probing up into her rectum, she groaned out from the odd sensation of letting him do it. Angelina felt shame of letting the adult finger probe around in her rectal passage, purposely spreading the thick lube around, she knew to assist the entry of his thick excited penis. The finger pulled out but came back a second finger now with it, this time she gave out chirp of discomfort, her body squirming as both fingers managed to get past her anus and into her rectum. Now her young mind became fully aware of just what she was being prepped for , the moment of his penis being placed into her backside rapidly coming close. Angelina’s heart pounded so hard in her chest her entire young body shook. The fingers slipped back and out. Angelina knew the even thicker penis was next. The jar setting in view beside her was pick up by Joisper behind her, his arm reaching momentarily into view, a short bit later the jar was placed back her eyes just able to see the scoop marks his fingers had made into the thick oily jelly.

Angelina jumped forward and away as the blunt slick tip surprising her with its pressing touch against her anus but stopped herself easing her bottom back. She pulled her arms up in a tight folded ‘V’ to each side of her, hands forming tight fists her young mind trying to relax her anus through shear will power as the blunt tip of Joisper’s penis reappeared against her purposely lube anus. Angelina became fully aware of him shaking with sexual excitement her open inward focused eyes blanking moving, her young mind turn deeply inward in an effort to dampen what she knew would be intense discomfort as the adult organ first entered up into her rectum. Pressure mounted against her anus the blunt tip popped suddenly up into her rectum, her young body lurch forward but didn’t go far as Joisper’s strong hands had slipped rapidly grasping around the wide bones at each side of her hips leaving her impaled and suddenly in rectal distress, the tip and at least three inches of stiff thick penis up inside her rectum suddenly stretched rectum.

Joisper groan out lustfully matching Angelina’s loud moans of distress. She rose up onto her arms her young body writhing and knees working over the bed trying different placements as if there was one to be had. Joisper’s strong grip making all her moments pointless as he controlled just where her backside was going to remain. And yet Angelina’s became mentally overwhelmed by her lack of any control, her doubts returning as to being able to just simply submit, the overwhelming disconcerting fullness in her rectal passage inexorably distressing. One of her arms came up swinging back, but she manage to catch herself and pull it back, plopping it down under her her again. Angelina eyes bulged blankly out over the top of the bed as the organ freshly placed up into her started working in farther Angelina’s rectum starting to be filled. She collapsed down chest flat on the bed her hips held up only by Joisper’s strong gripping hands. Angelina struggle back up her arms back under her again.

Any pain she had faded, all but the intense unaccustomed rectal fullness her young mind became was focused on. Joisper’s strong unrelenting grip at her hips a harsh reminder of how little control she had, how demeaning it was to have a thick penis in her rectum, her face flushing at the thought of Joisper deriving sexual pleasure from it, more humiliation than she had even known swept over her. Angelina could almost understand how other than how snug her rectum was, the pleasure he could derived by making Angelina accept his cock up into her this way. She realized Joisper enjoyed seeing Angelina’s demure as she reacted to its movements inside her, knowing just how her insides would disgustingly revolt to the stiff organ’s continued deep movements. Her face flush hotter still remember how her inside tensed up under his last lust filled continued assault, with her shameful lose of maintaining control of her bowel in the end. Joisper started humping Angelina’s pussy went damp as the organ slipped back and forth through her hugging back passage.

She was more attentive this time to the building sensations coming from the continued humping, her mind starting to struggling at keeping any unwanted embarrassing reactions from happening, wanting to for now to try to take in mentally the nasty sexual act. Angelina wanted to be an active partner, in a sense be the one to make sperm spit from his penis. She tried moving her body in tune with his strong grip, pulling back feeling the irregular shape of the organ move through her passage, then pushing her backside over the organ, letting her rectum swallow as much of the shaft as she could. In a lewd thoughtful moment she tightened her anus muscles as much as she could hearing him groan out through out the short time she was able to do it.

Angelina soon realized he was letting her do it for herself and started moving her backside over the filling stiffness from one end of her young rectum to the other. She felt devilishly naughty and dirty doing it, his leaking pre-cum making the heavy petroleum jelly even slicker. In her mind she could do it, make his penis release it sperm and worked herself hard as fast as she could. In less than a minute of eager activity building sensations had her slowing, but she mentally hunkered down refusing to give in, her movements becoming haphazard with her stopping as a gripping clinching wave of sensation made her rectal passage tense tightly around his iron stiff penis. Angelina still shuddering felt Joisper’s hands grip back into place at her hips, His body quickly repositioning behind her eager to continue and not willing to wait for her. Angelina’s elbows bowed weakly with her sagging down, so overcome she could hardly do anything other than gasp out when he started humping way more enthusiastically than she could possibly do herself at this moment.

The difference is she fell limp within his grip her tense rectal passage became tense, tube like, as the irregular shape of the penis slipped easily through its snug grip, each lunge pressing, worming hard at the end of her rectal passage trying to wedge in and through the elusive curve of her colon. Even thought Angelina’s young torso was collapsed down her arm waved back defensibly weak unable to muster up any thing else. The thick tip did wedge past the end of her rectal passage slipping deep, fingers around her hip pulling her none stop completely back against his loin. She found the reserves of strength to lift up her young torso twisting about to conform herself over the unyielding arching stiffness. Once posed there she froze in place unable to even flinch, her bowel threatening to cramp tightly over the impaled organ.

“Ohh-ah-Ahhh” Angelina groan out as the familiar from last time sickening sense she had the runs coming on flooded through her intestine.

Frozen there as she was Angelina could feel Joisper’s strong excited heartbeat throbbing through his thick penis fully up inside her. Even stranger still she felt his full heavy testicular sack snugly place against her, in her mind eye she knew her anus was open wide now at the very base of Joisper’s stiff manhood and thought she could mustered up the courage to try to tighten her thick strong but horribly stretched ring of anal muscle resting there. In her mind she could still see the adult stiff organ before her very eyes. Her smaller fingers around it as a frame of reference of just how opened her anus and rectum had to stretched for it too be fully up inside her. No wonder she struggled mentally just to handle the affects it produced inside her. Angelina turned her head enough to look back at him as he was stared with a eyed mischievous gleam at where his penis and her anus met at the base of his adult organ.

She secretly knew that if she wanted to continue to enjoy the seemingly rich life here she had better find a way to cope with his sexual quirp of liking to put his penis up her butt. She might have kids with him one day but knew for the most part this was what he would expect regularly, forcing it on her if she refused outright. Angelina though still caught up in the mist of feeling oddly nauseous and where the tip of his penis terminated a discerning urge that her bowel was going to like last time loosen poop into the path the blunt tipped thickness placed deep in her stuffed passage, she lewdly attempted to get her anus to tighten again. It took several challenging tries to find out her anus was much too stretched to simply will it to squeeze. But for something Joisper never knew she even tried it concerned him not in the lease as he started humping, his organ staying ghastly deep,

“Oh-h-h…ooh” Angelina sickly groaned the feeling of nauseous runs hitting her with swift intensity.

Her young forehead dipped into her awaiting open hands having sagged down onto her forearms, her mouth going dry. Even though she had forced herself to poop before coming in, there was no mistaking that feeling of just what the bulbous head of his penis moved into Angelina’s passage had become unclean. Angelina face flushed red just knowing when he finish she surely would see poop showing on his removed organ, she could hardly not advert her her eyes from knowing that. All of a sudden he pulled his stiffness from her, from the deeper recesses of her passage much to Angelina’s relief, the organ pulled from her rectum. Joisper pushed Angelina over onto her side then onto her back grabbing both her legs forcing both the flats of her feet together high above her before grasping them clamp together in one large strong hand. Easing strongly down with the hand that gripped her feet flat together Angelina’s knees bellowed out to each side having no where else to go, a sudden strain on her legs formed as they were push past what was comfortable.

“Ah.. Ah.. no, no, no” She cried out “Stop, Stop”

Angelina’s head look down through the small gap that still remained between her feet and abdomen. Joisper held his stiff penis pointing it straight at her wide opened upraised butt a brown heavy dome like smear of poop did coat the head. Her strained hurting bent legs stuck out like chicken wings to each side but he was fully attentive to her widely held open bottom. Angelina’s arms tried pulling herself up along the bed but Joisper penis moved in with him placing the brown coated tip onto her anus and then pressing down firmly on her feet. Her bottom scooted fast and hard toward him as the strain on her legs force her to scoot in that was to relieve the hurt placed suddenly on her overly bent legs, her anus opening suddenly slid fully half way down the thick waiting organ. The short reprieve made the sudden intrusion a shock to her rectal passage though not enough for her refrain form scooting farther toward him, her rectum going farther still over his stiff organ just to ease the angle her legs had been placed in. With her now bottom stuck out over the edge of the bed his loin had gone by her firmly against her up turned bottom with Angelina pressing just as hard back against him. She writhed about unable to fine comfort with the penis sunk in so deep and legs stressed and cramping so much.

Suddenly he started humping with deeply placed long ever quickening strokes. Angelina’s torso twisting oddly writhing about in the only way that would allow the stiff organ the needed freedom it plainly demanded. Though it all Angelina cried out her hands grasping at his clamped strong fingers holding her feet together and legs sharply, hurtfully angled outward. Till in a sudden horrid moment her bowel clamp up over his fully planted organ, unwilling to let it move much. The sudden reaction setting Joisper’s stiff adult penis pumping hot sperm, his hand on her feet push down fully onto her abdomen the strain on her leg making her instantly thrust her bottom hard back against his loin as his balls pumped high powered spurts of sperm deep into her intestine. All the while his pressing hand holding her clamped together feet moved them slightly side to side forcing her hard pressing bottom into mirroring the movement against him. Joisper’s head was raise up a look of intense sexual rapture on his contorted face.

Finished he eased up pulling his still throbbing organ from her stinging rectum and released her feet. Angelina was still in shock of what just took place. The back of her legs still hurt, she felt ill and in need to get on the chamber-pot but wasn’t sure if that was what she really needed. Joisper himself stood where he was staring down at his still stiff penis, soiled with the deep sodomizing use of Angelina. She slide off the bed onto wobbly legs grasping her abdomen a wave of intestinal nausea giving her pause, white sperm ran down one of her legs coming from her rectum and anus that she was leery of even attempting to try to squeeze. The midday sun still bright she waddled open legged toward the bedroom door her stinging anus needed washed, the tub outside would be warm by now. She pulled the nightie up and off over her head and folded it as she waddled through the kitchen, laying it on the table as she went naked toward the bath. Half way there a bowel strain swept through her forcing Angelina to squat where she was her rectum sputtering out slime and gas.

Joisper’s was there his hands helped her up as soon as Angelina was up her legs went straight as a cruel bowel cramp had her buttock clenching tight with legs tense unable to move while it lasted. Joisper still assisting her his softened penis started growing firm and she tried futility to push him away.

“I only want to help” he said

She knew if he help too much his lust would be aroused again. He wouldn’t be able to suppress his barely containable desires for very long if he stayed near her right now. But he wasn’t to be put off his hands going to her feeling her as he helped. Angelina young mind noted that by the time they arrived at the decorative galvanized tub his penis was fully stiff again his body close, hands rubbing over her flesh. Her rectum cramped up again, squeezing tight for a long agonizing bit before fading leaving her blinking and dazed. Joisper had the soap in his hand and dipped in into the water before rubbing it within his hands working a a thick lather then rubbing thickly over his stiff penis.

Angelina thought he might be cleaning his penis but once finished she was grabbed by the shoulders and turned facing the tub and looking out over the yard. As his knees dipped low one of his arm slipped around her the other she knew guiding his organ. She didn’t feel she could handle another round of sodomy just yet, but his strong arm around her kept her from writhing free. With all the open space around, all she could dwell on was if someone saw her being sodomized, not about if she could handle it though she dreaded the thought of the thickness being placed back within her aching rectum. Angelina stood legs together and buttocks still clenched as the firm soapy blunt tip nosed through the still soiled area of her buttocks, her back reversed arched tummy bowed outward as she in some fashion tried to ease the organ’s passage back up into her. Angeline eyes scanning about with fear of being seen by a stranger, even if she hadn’t seen a sole here sense she had been here she was mortified at the thought.

The blunt soapy tip of his adult penis slipping through the clef of her buttocks found her anus and wormed over it trying to gain reentry. The slick soap easily had her anus opening the organ slipping through her passage. Angelina shuddering her weak legs wobbled with her slipping farther onto the uprising stiffness. Her rectum refilled by thickness eased up removing the feeling it may cramp up again, but the soap did something totally different. Her back passage took on a distinct and recognizable feeling she was steadily pooping out a really thick turd making her face flush crimson red. Angeline felt like she was in the out-house, in the middle of a slow long bowel movement her inside she could feel trying to urge the thick long penis to move along as it would-do with a turd.

Joisper groan out apparently taking note of her young body’s reactions. Angelina was shocked to see she had hunch over her body forming close to the same pose she had while in the outhouse alone. She realized though deep in her younger mind that this maybe was the way it was suppose to feel, the way in Joisper’s thoughts what he expected Angelina to feel when he sodomized her. Out side though Angelina young mind kept her eyes fearfully looking about, her young pussy grew wet as Joisper started humping easing his penis through her passage, sodomizing her rectum that kept trying to poop it out. And for Angelina it took on a context of real degrading submissive understanding of what Joisper derived from having her submit to doing it this way. To him Angelina was being defiled, subjugated, shown her proper place. Her red flush humiliated young face turned looking back at Joisper, she could see the power and domination over Angelina he plainly felt doing it to her this way.

A kind of understanding formed within Angelina. Joisper like her father felt they had little control of their fate, she had heard him talking with her mother sometimes about how things were and how they could do nothing now with the way the world was, and whom was in power they didn’t like. Her own mother was humble, submissive to her father both worked hard just to live. Surely she could humble herself better. Joisper did work hard and had a lot more than she was ever been use too. Angelina didn’t want to chance losing what she now had, regretting now of pushing him away.

Both Angelina and Joisper had slipped onto their knees in the grass. Joisper’s arms hugging and feeling over her hunched naked torso keeping her within its captive grasp, his loin working, keeping her rectal passage in an ever escalating state of a false but a real feeling bowel movement. Angelina could hear her high pitched girls voice making guttural straining sounds from the uncontrollable tiring and strenuous efforts her young body was going through. No effort she tried to silence herself worked as seconds later Angelina was groaning out in straining huffs of breath totally caught up in the moment her world focused inwardly on the degrading humiliation of willing herself to accept what Joisper was dominantly absorb in doing to her.

A strange adult male voice from across the yard pulled Angelina’s focus back from the vile world of being sodomized she was firmly engrossed within. Joisper’s stiff penis shoved fully up against Angelina’s buttocks. To Angelina’s horror a man stood off the side of the house a young girl maybe a little older than Angelina stood beside him staring wide eyed as if in shock at her and Joisper. One of Joisper’s arms came up waving.

“Hey Nicolás” He cried out cheerfully “Good to see you. I’m busy right now, get cold drink, they’re in the refrigerator”

“Hey Joisper” the man waved back smiling broadly with lots to teeth showing “Your new wife’s beautiful”

Angelina was frozen in horror, she felt faint. The man still staring their way pulled on the young wide eyed girl’s arm to get her moving toward the kitchen screen door.

“Be long Joisper” Nicolás asked winking their way.

“We’ll been in soon” Joisper cried back loud enough for him to hear.

Angelina could see the young girl about her age unable to avert her dumbfounded gaze from her and Joisper. ‘Oh God’ her young mind scream as Joisper’s strong arms snugged back around her.

“We must hurry” he said close to one of her ears “We have visitors, my brother Nicolás and his wife Consuelo”

Angelina looked back toward the screened in kitchen. Angelina could make out Consuelo standing at the screen door a hand over her mouth as if shocked to even see what was happen a little way across the yard. Joisper’s penis slipped into instant action Angelina’s arms coming up open handed looking as if she might be losing her balance gasping in loudly.

“See Consuelo” Angelina heard Nicolás voice speaking “Your not the only girl that gets butt fucked”

Joisper humped aggressively Angelina trying and failing to remain silent. She could feel an see both Nicolás and wide eyed Consuelo standing behind the screen of the door, both drinking a cold soda and watching. Her bowel had gone into overdrive of urgent strainings as Joisper lunged up finely for the last time pumping what was left from his balls as deep into Angelina’s intestine as he could. He let her loose slowly pulling his softening organ free.

“Best to bath Angelina you and I stink”

He lifted her into the tub but himself remained standing, took the soap and wash his loin over the now warm water.

“Wash quickly” He grinned “I want to show you off to my brother”

End Part 1


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