A Walk In The Park (MMgg,rape,kidnap,anal,snuff)

A Walk In The Park (MMgg,rape,kidnap,anal,snuff)

Prologue: Frank and Bill self centered evil men with the same interest decided on a rape snuff run before bugging out of the area.

Bill picked up his beer his other hand had gone rubbing over his crotch as he looked out over the park.

“What about those two” He said to Frank turning up the beer.

“Bout the right age I’m in the mood for. They’re others, we got time” Frank replied tipping up his own beer. “And beggars also can’t be choosers, but be nice to have a choice though”

They had staked out the campground a while back and a path leading to and from a toilet area was heavily brushed to each side, the upkeep a little slack lately. A narrow concealed deer trail led from where Bill and Frank now stood to the hidden place in the path. They had also followed the narrow path to where they now parked the old van they’d use before for just this kind of thing.

It had been over a hour now both were buzzing pretty good when two young preteen girls from the other side of the campground, one girl was pleasingly plump with light almost blond hair. The other slimmer almost boyish looking with short dark hair and big dark brown eyes. Bill could see the girls passed close to him and Frank. He tipped up his beer finishing it up. Frank doing the same tossing the beer into their backpacks, fingerprints not going to be left here to be found. Bill had already went charging up the deer path his small backpack already snug on his back disappearing up the gloom of the heavily vegetative path. Frank following pushing the branches out of his way doing his best to keep the noise down.

Fuck, he love this part of the hunt. His heart pounded in his chest as he neared the place in the path both of them new the girls had to pass. Bill had slipped over the path going on to the other side slipping quietly into the concealing brush Frank stayed in his side of the path the two girls had to pass. A few seconds later both girl came talking loudly up passing Bill and Frank without a care in the world. Frank and Bill both pulled a loop of rope from they’re pockets tied in a round loop coming out quickly quietly out behind the two young girls. The girls never knew what hit them. Frank slipped the rope over the blond haired girls head pulling it tight enough to choke off any scream she might make Bill doing the same to the skinny dark haired girl placing both in sudden and complete control as they pulled them into and down the concealed deer path toward the van.

Bill’s skinny dark haired girl suddenly started kicking and fighting, he quickly choked her completely out picking up her sagging form the now slack loop of rope still around her neck and hurrying half running on toward the waiting van. They shot out of the brush from the narrow path the van’s back door just before them. Bill opened the doors wide pushing the now groaning skinny girl he’d carried up into the back of the van and rushed around to the drivers door jumping in. Frank forced the heaver plumber young blond/brown haired girl up into the back jumping in himself and closing the door, the van lurched into movement.

Frank was suddenly busy grabbing the roll of wide gray duct-tape doing a quick rap around the wide eyed blond girls wrists. She screamed. Frank swung his fist hitting her jaw watching her go out like a light. He rapped a couple loops of tape around her legs. The young dark haired girl was still a little out of it. But Frank still taped her wrist together and legs as the van went through the necessary turns to get to the abandoned house well away from prying eyes. His heart bounded with anticipation a lit blunt was handed back to him from Bill and setting on the bare metal floor and he took a couple long draws off it before handing it back. He was grinning like a mad man hanging on as the van went on in its mad dash. Frank knew Bill was just as motivated to get this started as he himself was.

Katie was almost nine and was bored as her parents set up the camp tent. She looked over to the next lot as a dark haired skinny girl about her own age came out of a tent, she wave and smile as the other girl wave back. Maybe she’d have something to do instead of being just bored. Katie jumped up and trotted over to smiling dark haired girl.

“Hi, I’m Katie” she said smiling broadly standing a mere foot in front of the dark haired girl.

“I’m Janet” Janet said shuffling her feet shyly.

“You been here before? Cause I’m bored and don’t know where to go” Katie said her green eyes showing the mischief she wanted to get in.

“We’ve been here lots of times” Janet looked up at Katie with her dark brown eyes “Want me to show you where the bathrooms are”

“Okay” Katie beamed out.

Walking side by side they took off with Katie following Janet’s lead through the wooded campground till Katie saw the sign pointing up the path to the girls bathrooms. Needing to pee anyway she took the lead heading up the path Janet following lock step beside her like girls their age always tended to do. The path wasn’t as well kept as other place Katie had been, the overgrowth closing in around them. When all of a sudden a rope from behind her went over her head snapping tight around her neck. She suddenly couldn’t breathe and panic took her. She vaguely in flashes of sight could tell Janet too was in a total state of panic to. Katie could hear Janet gagging for each breath as her arm and legs kicked and flailed about, her own head pounding the world around her fading quickly as she was being pulled into the overgrowth.

Katie never did completely slip into unconsciousness and as she was being half carried off saw Janet in a full fledged fight for her life with a strange man. The man simply without regard tightened the rope even more ignoring her ineffective swinging arms and kicking feet. Skinny dark haired Janet went limp and the man picked her light body up easily and carried her rushing past Katie down a narrow trail. Katie was lifted too by strong arms and in short order found herself at the end of the narrow trail ruffly tossed into a back of a van with the blood rushing back into her clearing head, her hand going to her neck pulling the now loose rope off her. Janet still limp was in beside her in the back of the van, one of the men climbing in with them the other going quickly through the drivers door starting the engine and gunning with a lurch away from the park.

Katie screamed out suddenly feeling the need to escape kicking and swinging at the man in the back with them she tried going for the back door latch. The man swung his large fist into her jaw, the world went white.

Frank was setting on the floor of the van facing the back as it came to the final hard stop, the two young girls still out cold sliding forward toward him. His head buzzed hard from the weed he’d just smoked and was grinning madly as he stop the sliding girls having to use both hands held out wide. Bill came around opening the two back doors reaching in and grabbing the skinny dark haired girl’s arm pulling her out and over his shoulder heading off toward the old abandoned farm house. Frank looked down at the fair haired girl his cock firming in his pants. He pulled her up into his lap turning her cute head by a fist full of hair and planted a wet kiss onto her half opened mouth, forcing his tongue in deep for a long bit enjoying her youthful taste.

By the time he finished the kiss his cock was ragingly stiff and he went scooting toward the back pulling the bound girl with him. Like Bill he lifted her up over his shoulder and walked toward the front door avoiding the pitfalls of the old wooden porch he past over. The inside was already ready with thick old blankets covering the dusty old floor. And Bill was going about removing the tape bound the skinny dark haired girl and pulling her clothes free. Frank standing with the light haired girl still over his shoulder watched, his free hand mindlessly rubbing over the bulge in his pants as the last of the young girl clothes went into a disordered pile against one wall, her pink panties still slowly tumbling off the small pile till it slipped to its final stop. Bill staring down at the young girl his own hands pulling his own clothes off his eyes never leaving the nude form of the skinny dark haired girl.

Bill had just gotten his shirt off when the naked girl groaned with him realizing he had forgotten in his hast to rebound her and went scurrying to the leather rape bag of necessary tools of the trade pulling out a half roll of bright red duct tape. In his haste the roll slipped from his grip going across the small room Frank laughing loud as Bill went on his knees after it the groans of the waking girl growing as she pulled herself back to consciousness. Frank knew he probably didn’t have much time himself and set the warm body of the young girl he held down and went to work as quickly as he could removing the old tape, getting her fully stripped down to nothing.

Frank knew exactly what he want from his use of this girl and with his ten inch cock raging in the confines of his pants he went to work. He flipped her over onto her front pulling her arms around folding them together, the wide red tape was within easy reach as Bill had finished with it, the dark haired girl bound just like he was about to do the this one. Great minds think alike.

Janet’s head was swimming as she struggle to wake up. Her neck hurt and she cough hoarsely as she opened her eyes. She was on the floor on her tummy and for some reason couldn’t pull her arms from behind her. She couldn’t figure out where she was how she’d gotten here, where ever here was. But she did remember panic, and suddenly the memory of being grabbed and her fight, the man choking her with a rope, and scared to death panic just before the world faded. There were sounds of movement and she lifted her head looking around seeing two men in various stages of undress. The girl Katie she’d just met laying naked a mere two feet from her on her tummy too. She had her arms folded and taped with bright red tape behind her, a loose circle of rope around her neck with a stick stuck down through it under the rope next to the back of her neck. Janet realize she could feel the same thing on her, the circle of rope and the stick. She tugged her arms feeling the wide sticky tape holding her arm tightly behind her.

“This ones awake, Frank” the man closest to Janet said as he finished pulling the last of his clothes off.

“Damn, ain’t you the lucky one, Bill” The man Frank said slipping his pants and underwear down, his adult cock coming free fully erect, arching menacingly thick into the air.

“Want an ammonia tab to get yours up” Bill said not waiting for a reply but reaching into a leather bag a pulling out a small box tilting it up.

Janet saw a small white fabric covered ampule slip from the cardboard box into the palm of his hand then pass onto the man ‘Frank’ whom took it and crushed it between his finger and thumb.

“Here goes” Frank said leaning over Katie and waving under her nose.

Janet coughed hoarsely again unable to contain the urge to do so. The man Bill hand went to his adult cock pumping over it as he looked straight at Janet. A deathly chill ran through her seeing him do this.

“Y-you g-g-going to rape us” Janet croak out, her throat still hurting from where she’d been choked earlier.

The man grinned fiendishly reaching down as he climbed over the back of her legs grabbing the stick and twisting it around bunching the rope up, the rope around her neck going uncomfortably snug forcing her to cough again. He slipped the end of the stick somewhere behind her so that it couldn’t unwind. She tried to cry out that it was too tight but couldn’t and all that came out was a fit of jagged gag like coughing. She was suddenly in a fight of her life just to breathe through her now restricted throat , head starting to pound as the blood too worked to get into her head.

Katie flinched as a strong odor of ammonia filled her nostrils making her pull her head away, the odor came back and she woke with a start. She was laying on her stomach there was pain coming from her jaw and she couldn’t pull her arms from in back of her. A rustle of movement brought her attention that someone was setting on the back of her legs pinning them down and ‘shock’ she was totally naked. A sound of hoarse gagging beside her had Katie looking over. Janet was there too on her stomach, fully naked. She had her arms behind her, red thick tape wrapped tightly around her forearms so that she couldn’t pull them free. Katie could see the rope around her neck and a stick behind her head showing that it had been twisted making the rope tight. The end of the stick was placed in another smaller rope around her forearms where there was no way she could reach it. And Katie could now feel the same type of rope loose around her own neck, the stick too.

Katie could plainly see the panic on her bugeyed face as the tightened rope bit into her neck restricting her breathing more than just a little. The man behind her was popping open a jar of petroleum jelly scooping out a double finger full of the stuff and handing it to the man on Katie’s legs.

“I’m gonna stuff her ass but good” The man on Janet’s legs said.

“Know what you mean ‘Bill’ I’m looking forward to chasing this one across the floor” The man setting on Katie’s legs said. “Hope her daddy had enough resolve to leave her an ass virgin”

Katie’s mind was reeling, she was an out going girl and had gone on-line many times with no guidance from her parents and seen a lot of sexual content, delighting in all she saw. But the truth be told she’d never experienced any of it herself and her daddy was a nice man, never in a million years he’d do something like this. She knew what Bill meant by ‘ass stuffing’ and she’d seen her share of that kind of thing on-line, but here and now the reality of it sent a wave of fear through her that left her whole body shaking. She had seen in movies where people pleaded for they’re lives, now she knew for real the intensity of that feeling.

“Please don’t Please… don’t” was all Katie could get out as the stick in the rope at the back of her neck turned and turned again. The rope around her neck biting in becoming horribly uncomfortable.

Frank heard with eagerness the young girl’s pleading his mind taking in all in, his cock was fully lubed and he looked down onto her perfect full buttocks. He grabbed the garroting stick already slipped through the rope and spun it around till it snugged the rope down around the young girl’s neck, with him eagerly watching the loop tighten against the young flesh. His ears keen to pick up the first sounds of the young girl’s half gasp/gagging’s before slipping the end of the stick into the ‘stick hold’ around her tightly taped forearms. Both of the young girls strained gasps and choking sounds now filled the room and both Bill’s and Frank’s adult cocks arched stiffly into the air cover in more than enough lube for the type of action they’d planned for.

Frank senses were heightened to the max, the smoke earlier only making it sweeter, intensifying the sadistic streak inside of him. He looked down at the youthful full buttocks in full display before him his tongue running dryly around his lips, cotton mouth from the smoke kicking in full force. The young girls legs ran down between his legs with him setting on the back of her lower legs. He reach down spreading her youthful full milky buttocks a hand on each side exposing the tight pink hidden anus. ‘Oh God’ he thought remembering the last time he and Bill had snuffed a couple preteens. His hands shook with excitement, with advent anticipation upon seeing that this girl had never been taken this way before. Her anus showed none of the recognizable signs of sodomy and his balls lurched excitedly, pre-cum leaking in a stream from his piss-hole down the under side of his stiffly arched organ.

Frank looked over at Bill whom was all ready angling his nine incher down toward the clef of the dark haired skinny girls buttocks. One thing about skinny girls was they couldn’t rightly hide that sweet rear target of entry and Bill breathing heavily placed his cock head dead on the mark pressing without regard hard, the head opening the poor girl almost instantly, his cock slipping into her young rectum. More pre-cum streamed from Frank’s ridged cock as everything they’d planned for started coming together. His eyes going back to his girl scanning down over her nude back side, his hands still holding her buttock open to his excited gaze. His ears taking in her gasping choking rasps as he too taking note as to where the target of her rectal hole was located released his grip on her fuller buttocks letting them close and guided his lube slickened ten raging inches of cock through the youthful warm ass cheeks to where he seen that virginal orifice.

Bill loved em skinny, always had and this girl had him in a heart/cock throbbing state of excitement. He entered her rectum without mercy feeling her entire body going tensely ridged, with him almost losing control right there as he forced his cock to sink deep into the hot gripping depths. His mind tuned to the hugging tightness of the young skinny girl’s rectal tube. He had to forced himself not to go for the snuff right then and there as his cock wedged to a stop at the end of her rectal tube posed to enter into the deeper depth of her large intestine. There he paused, had too, if he was going to prolong her suffering, more so if he didn’t want to cum here and now as it was much too soon.

Janet was barely just managing to keep herself focus on the hear and now as she gasp with desperation for each precious, strained, much to little breath of air. The blood pounded loud her ears as it too struggled passed the overly snug coarse rope. Her widely open dark eyes were seeing tunnel vision focused intently on a small patch of the old wall a few feet in front of her when she felt her anus force to painfully opened wide and her rectum forced to stretch around a deepening fleshy harsh thickness. Deep in her mind she knew what had happened, the man had put his excited adult penis into her rectum. Even more than the rope choking the breath from her that freaked her out as the sharp pain flooded through her, overloading her senses. The fiery stretching thickness moved deep, with out mercy till it filled her young rectum end to end pressing hard as if it could go even farther.

Katie felt the man behind her slide the stick slid up through the rope around her neck then being turned quickly, the rope going snug, then much too snug making her too gasp, rasping for each breath. Panic quickly welled up inside her as she felt the slick adult cock slipping through her ass cheeks going hard against her anus. Everything happening fast, much too fast, she wasn’t ready for any of it as the firm adult cock head dug worming painfully against her backside hole which wouldn’t yield to the huge blunt tip one bit.

“Hold up Bill” the man behind Katie said his voice muffled by the blood pounding in her ears “This one’s a virgin for sure…. Give me a second to catch up”

The adult cock cruelly pressing, worming hard at Katie’s anus gave a sudden fierce lunge making Katie torso rise stiffly up from the floor from the harsh pain before crashing back down to the floor. But still her anus held him back, the man lunged again this time the blunt insane thickness popping past her anus slipped deep in one blinding white stab of prolonged pain that Katie had never imaged possible. Her entire body lurched up violently then going stiffly ridged engulfed by the harshness of the mind consuming pain.

“All ready…” echo behind Katie as she remained completely consumed by the sharp gripping rectal filling pain.

And still the man behind her press onward with Katie open mouthed trying to scream, the only thing coming out was the choked off gags that the tightly dug in rope would only allow. She was now consumed, deeply engulfed in a full state of pained terrorized panic her leg now working between the mans legs behind him to push, to go forward, off of the horrid hurt. One of his big hand went gripping around her shoulder keeping her from making any headway. Till in one last shove her stinging rectum was filled, the hard knot of his cock head pressing at a painful deep place still worming with eager enthusiasm. Katie was frozen in place both eyes wide with shocked panic with all the mussels of her young body tensely held by the grips of the most shocking harsh sharp pain she’d ever felt. This was nothing like she’d seen on any sex video on-line. This wasn’t, surely wasn’t even sex at all.

The moment that Frank’s cock slipped into the girl’s rectum she lurched pleasingly high up off the floor and in another pressing lunge she seemed to take off, legs working to move off his cock with her almost making it. He reached down stopping her forward momentum by his hand gripping her shoulder. He eagerly sunk his cock deeper watching her try to cry out but what just fill the room was pleasing harsh choked off gags/gasps. His cock head still pressing found the tight turn toward her large intestine and with only half of his cock in her hugging hot rectum he was more than ready for what awaited him. Frank let his mind sink into the degrading act, as if his cock head was all there was in this world and probed forward feeling with all his senses for just the right angle necessary to gain that tight, deeper entry.

Katie could feel and knew exactly what the man was trying to do as the angle of his stiff thickness kept changing the hard thick knot deep inside her rectum bring on a different kind of deep harsh hurt that she wanted no part of. It felt like the thing was going to kill her if it went any deeper and she rose up in a flurry of fight, squirming to get free somehow, cause she’d surely not survive the thickness going deeper into her gut. But the thick knot did slip suddenly deeper with her freezing in place from the ghastly shocking feeling of it being forcefully pushed into her large intestine. Katie mind went into shock, her whole body uncontrollably shuddering as the blunt headed stiff rod open a path through her deep gut, the man’s loin going hard against her buttocks, then moving side to side skillfully in a effort to spread her full buttocks and get even farther up into her.

And with her mind consumed by the shocking harshness of the sharp pain Katie couldn’t move in any planned way to ward him off as the man also worked her legs open wide with his knees, her body still uncontrollably shuddering as the last two inched were press up into/through her large intestine his loin now planted firmly into the crack of her now opened full buttocks. The man ‘Frank’ grabbed the stick at the back of her neck with Katie bracing herself for it to be twisted tighter still, with her thinking ‘this is it’ but he unwound it some. Katie sucked in the unaccustomed free flowing air and went into a fit of body racking coughing as the cool air went through her unrestricted throat. All the while the man groaning in apparent intense pleasure, his loin staying lock up in the clef of her ass his thick long adult cock flexing insanely thicker inside the hugging grip of her young rectal passage, forcing her to twist about with unbearable discomfort under the man, contorting her torso, molding her rectal and large intestine to the even stiffer seemly thicker organ. The man groan out in raptured delight as Katie’s gut threatened to painfully cramp up around the torrid thickness of the adult cock.

“Time to take this filly for a ride” Katie heard as he leaned in over her contorted back side, two strong male arms going to each side slightly in front of her against her shoulders for support.

His hot breath was blowing through her fine hair and one side of her face that was now somewhat facing him. His adult male oder strong this close to her. Katie body was contorting twisted oddly up over his painfully thick organ in a failing effort to keep her bowel from cramping tightly up, from one eye she could see the adult male face wrinkling up with rapture that seem to be flooding through him. Never had she seen such a frightening sight on an adult. His gleaming eyes stayed locked on her face as she remained torso frozen twisted in place unable to chance any movement at all that would have her bowel cramping, bring back the harsh pain in any fashion, and knowing deep inside her that it was all going to be short lived. She’d seen sexual acts played out on-line and knew what had to happen next.

The man leaned in closer making Katie cringe as he buried his face into her sweat damp hair breathing in deeply through his nose taking in her sent. She groaned out loud as his cock flex again her bowel threatening to slip over to full fledge cramp.

Bill had never been a nice man in any form of fashion. In fact the word sadist barely came close. And he liked it that way. He got off on the torture of others and he really love the derogation of deep sodomy on young inexperienced girls. But he hit the jackpot today with this dark haired skinny pre-teen, she was just his fetish type and there’d be no having to share like Frank and him had done before. He ‘was’ in full complete control and loved it.

Bill’s fiercely stiff cock was stuffed into the girls incredibly tight rectum with him relishing the hot hugging tube of the girl back passage. He could feel her fear and welling panic with every part of his being as he mercilessly probed to fully plant his cock up into the young dark haired bitch. Bill readied himself for a second then lunged his cock into the young girls bottom, the end of her rectum resisting his entry to get deeper. He pulled back slightly and lunged again this time his cock slipping eagerly deeper into a gripping tightness, he lunged again his loin mashing fully into place. He was ready now for some real action as his eyes took in the glorious sight of the young girl fully in the throws of the sharp gripping rectal pain he’d just forced onto her, his mind struggling to hold back his adult cock’s flexing urge to cum right here and now and enjoy the conflicting mind struggle till he regained control. Bill now ready started humping, stabbing his cock with practiced cruelly, the young girl’s legs started working to move forward over the floor in an effort to get away. Bill followed with delight, humping with enthusiasm as he stayed with her, with each deep lunge the dark haired girl’s legs kicking in her panic going faster in her effort to get away from his eager lunges. Bill grabbed the stick slipping it from the hold and giving it another real good turn. The response was immediate as the rope bit farther into the girl’s young neck. The girl went into full, glorious panic, with Bill humping in pure enthusiasm through the tightness of her spasm filled young hugging tight rectal tube.

The wave of shocking pain that slammed to the end of Janet’s rectum had her upper torso surging up off the floor momentary from the shocking sharp pain. Tears watered heavy in her eyes streaming down over her young face. Her young mind not able to grasps why she was being force to endure such a cruel thing. The outside world had all but vanished and all that remained was the harsh rectal pain and choking struggle for each breath. The intensely thick rod of flesh filling Janet’s young rectum lunging again before she could even come to grip with the last cruel lunging thrust. Her legs between the man’s kicked into panicked uncontrolled action trying to push her forward over the floor off the sharp gripping pain. The man lunged again the adult stiff organ finding this time a opening to go deeper up into her bowel. The feeling was so painfully horrible that Janet’s kicking legs went jutting out trembling stiff as the agony filled into her gut, as if the man was trying to kill her with his long organ. She tried to scream but the tight rope around her neck had only croaking gagging noises coming from her. The man with no regard to Janet’s pain simply just lunged again his loin going hard up against her bottom the fiercely stiff thickness slipping up inside her deep intestine then swelling even thicker making her young bowel surge into a harsh gripping sharp pain filled cramp she’d never thought possible.

The thick organ quickly pulled jerking back some then slammed home again before Janet’s young body could react to the harsh sudden movement he did it again repeating the shocking move. The surge of harsh deep intestinal pain made her whole young body flare up tensely in a effort to jerk away from the harsh deep hurt. Her head was between the arms of the man her shoulders hard against his forearms, hands on the floor. And when the man jerked his cock back for another hard hump up into her deep bowel again his arm moved to the side freeing her to lunge forward away from the horrid deep feeling that would be filling her. The man lunged before Janet could react her legs going stiffly taunt for a quick moment from the harsh sharp pain, she lurched forward as soon as she was able, scooting a few inches forward. Relief flooded through her large intestine as the thick organ slipped back into her still tightly stretched rectum.

Frank saw the skinny dark haired girl lurch forward between Bill’s arms with Bill following the short few inches with practiced ease. His hips at the ready then slamming home up into the clef of her small buttocks. The poor young dark haired girls legs shot tensely stiff for a second before she lurch forward again with Bill grinning like the devil himself following the now purple faced gasping girl the short distance over the floor, his next buttock slamming lunge already going deeply home.

Katie was in shock as she witnessed what was taking place a short distance from her. Unlike her own plight the man with Janet had tightened the rope up even more around her small neck. Katie could see the way it bit into Janet’s neck her face going red then almost purple as her dark wide eyes moved with unseeing panic. The way Janet was gasping for air scaring Katie. The rope around her own neck still felt overly snug and the horribly thick adult penis that was way too deep up inside her own bowel seemed almost alive. She could feel the rapid heart beat of the man over her backside by the way her rectum hugged, stretched painfully over stiff fleshy organ, each rapid heart beat she felt a shock to her young reeling mind.

“I like mine to last a little longer” Katie heard close to her ear, the man talking idly to her “Bill always rushes things too fast”

Katie felt Franks arms go to the floor on each side of her head against her shoulders. The thick organ that was pushed inches into her hugging large intestine pulled back abruptly never quite leaving the deepness of her intestinal track, her whole world seem to drop away as she collapsed with a body gripping shudder flat against the hard floor. The stiff blunt tip of the cock didn’t even seem to stop as it reversed pushing firmly back through her young now quivering in revolt intestine till she felt his loin worming eagerly back through her full young buttocks again. The thick penis tugged back again, this time her intestine sent a horrid rush of sensation racked protest she’d never in her life could conceive that existed inside her. And in another vile stroke from the man’s loin Katie mind went to be fully engulfed in the uncontrolled protest coming from her young intestinal passage. It was beyond anything she could had conceived on her own and Katie liked none of sensation racked painful protest her deep bowel flooded harshly through her.

Katie’s rectum hurt and stung as the stiff thick shaft of cock moved through it. The few inched moving through her gut was another story. Audible sounds of guttural deep gas being forced to move from place to place as the blunt headed cock never stopped its movement. Katie felt a shocking harsh sudden need to be heading off to have a intense relieving bowel movement. Her eyes cleared enough for her to see Janet had turn away on her effort to escape the man following and still humping in long strong body jarring strokes. Katie was shocked to see his stiff cock shaft coated with Janet’s dark brown poop as he pummeled away getting the stuff everywhere between her now opened legs now facing Katie. She was shocked at the sight but from the way her own gut was reacting she knew deep inside that this would could be happing to her soon enough.

“Will you look at that” Katie heard the man behind her hot breath blowing the hair around one of her ears as a wet tongue went moving, tasting down along her sweat damp neck.

“Pa..gggee” Katie tried pleading trying to say ‘Please Stop’ but the rope kept her from voicing anything clearly.

The man’s ‘Frank’ head came up placing a long kiss into the back of her sweating head all the while breathing in deeply through his nose, Katie knew with horror he was taking in her scent even as she groaned out in protest, her deep deep intestine to her shock going into full blown urging of her deep intestinal stool, pushing it toward the aggressive strongly moving male organ.

Frank had started humping at a strong easy pace enjoying the irregular contours of the young girls deep bowel. Unlike Bill who went in a mad dash toward getting off Frank like to enjoy the ride a little longer. That and he himself got a thrill watching Bill do his unlucky victim, it seemed to heightened his own release alot. He kept the young girl he was now deeply sodomizing facing Bill as Bill harshly went about doing the skinny dark haired girl. Frank enjoyed the terror that showed on the his girl’s young face as she couldn’t help but to keep watching her friend being fiercely abused by Bill. Hell at this point Frank was all eyes too as Bill was closing in on the end game. And Frank strongly humped steadily, half his mind focused on the girl under him the other on Bill and the skinny dark haired girl in full blown panicked terror.

Bill’s nuts were close to unloading, he grabbed the garrote stick giving it a final twist and lifting the girl still implanted on his cock upright into a kneeling position his grip so strong her knees lifted a little off the floor by a few inches. He was rewarded with the young girl going into full terrorized panic, pulling wildly on her bound arms as her dark eyes bulged out. Bill’s loins humped, slapping up into her skinny small buttocks his balls lifting toward release. The young girl’s young head slowly sagging with her going quiet, a sudden strong stream of hot light yellow piss flooded from her young clit onto the floor out in front of them both loudly. Bill’s balls went tight in a spasm of release as his first two strong loads shot deep into the still spasm quivering gut of the young girl. He shoved her limp form forward off his still unloading cock and pumping his arched stiff stool coated organ with one hand shot the rest with accurate force over her limp form on the floor before himself slipping over to the wall digging into a backpack for a rag, beer and another hit off the hooch.

Katie watched as the man pulled Janet off the floor by the rope around her neck. Her face was a mask of purple terror as he hammered his loin up into her back side. Katie felt her own uncontrollable deep intestinal stool moving strongly into the path of the powerfully moving male organ moving abusively inside her large intestine. Her own face was unable to even mask the effect of it having over her and she didn’t even care. She heard the man behind her groaning in raptured pleasure as Katie herself teetered on collapsing down again. It was then she saw Janet go frighteningly limp, her dark eyes still wide in shock as she suddenly peed out a strong stream of steaming pee from her pussy onto the floor, a puddle forming. The stiff cock up inside Katie dug in deep just as her stool went pressing to force itself around the blunt tight fitting blockage. Katie saw Janet fall limply forward thumping to the floor in front of her, the man over Janet’s limp body pumping his cock in his hand spurting several large loads of white thick sperm onto her limp form. The thick cock of the man over Katie tugged strongly back inside her intestinal passage and drove back up into place without a thought to her mad dashing deep stool moving to fill the void. There was nothing to describing the vileness and shock that engulfed Katie’s world, the shear cruelty of the act.

The rope suddenly tighten more around Katie’s neck, she knew what she’d just saw happening to Janet was now going to happen to her. The loin of the man ‘Frank’ was firmly up into the clef of her full buttocks as he pulled her up also into a choking kneeling position, his hand holding the rope and stick controllably tight. She could scarcely breath as his head came in next to hers, his mouth and wet tongue going over the side of her sweat drenched face till he planted a shocking opened mouth kiss on her gasping mouth. Katie’s bowel was filled fully with his stiff cock, and she was gripped body and mind by the awful feeling of the stiff adult male organ sunk thickly deep into her still forcibly trying to surge forth intestinal poop. His head pulled away, the rope made go even tighter still, the fiercely stiff cock tugged back and surged forward with such force that shocked Katie through and through as this time it didn’t stop, slapping harshly over and over up into her bottom. Her body uncontrollable blossoming up in a horrid violent surge to defecate the thick organ from her bowel, the deep thick poop being forced over the hammering thick organ, the rope tightened even more cutting off all her air, blood hammering in her ears. Panic took her up into its grip for survival and she found herself tugging madly at her bound arms as her wide eyes saw the world around her going into a narrow tunnel till in the end her only thought was trying to shit out the thick stiff thing that kept surging back deep up inside her. Strangely she felt had to pee too….

Frank had watch Bill finish with the young dark haired girl. The sight of her wide eyes terror stricken purple face going blank had his mind finely tuned to finishing the same act on the young squirming girl under him. Frank relished the flood of panicked terror rising in the young girl to it’s fullness, sweeping through the young rectal virginal bitch firmly under his control as he strove eagerly toward his own release till his orgasm took him too. But unlike Bill he hammered his loin up into the still spasming tight rectal passage of the limp light haired girl till his balls emptied their last in her hugging intestine, watching as this young girl’s bladder too relaxed, flooding the floor before him as her body twitched its last in his arms. He and Bill didn’t get this treat often enough, shame that Bill rushed through his piece of candy so fast but that was Bill. They’d have to knock off a bank here soon and bug out of the area. ‘Live Fast, Die Hard’ had been their motto for far too long to stop now.