A Step Too Far (Mg,anal,bond,hanging)

A Step Too Far (Mg,anal,bond,hanging)

Prologue: It was a bad day for Debbie, a real bad day. But for James, he’s having the time of his life. Slipping from want a be sadist to a full fledged one is like flipping a simple switch into heaven for him, hell for Debbie.

Debbie was almost ten her once bright cheerful gleaming blue/green eyes were wide with fear. A noose was around her young neck pulling her uncomfortably up onto her toes. The rope went up through her light brown hair to one side cocking her young head slightly to one side. She was nude from her panties up and not by choice. A coarse feeling rope was tied to each of her wrists pulling her arms up high up her back and looped around the front of her neck, her fingers working trying to figure out the knots. The man that did this to her seemingly not concerned with her trying, in fact he seemed to enjoy watching her go about the attempt of trying to untie them.

She kept going from scared to mad, but mostly scared as he went about tying off the end to the frame work structure she was standing on the wobbly in. She’d learned his name was James, that was all Debbie knew of the man. At any other time she would have found him handsome, tall, dark brown neatly trimmed hair and his body looked to be well kept. She was just getting old enough to notice things like that. He had a air of detachment about him though that scared her. At first when he got her she was all tied up and gagged, she had screamed out real loud the moment the gag came off getting her no where.

She had been going to meet a friend when this man nabbed her, getting her in a place with no one else around. She had been distracted looking at her phone ignoring all the warning her mother had told her about watching out for where she was and staying safe. She’d known at once what the man wanted, she had messed up, but good. Now her well used phone lay on a small table in three pieces, the battery pulled laying beside the dead front and the removed back of what was once the center of her young life.

“Who are you, what are you going to do to me” Debbie frantically had asked after she’d wound down screaming.

“I’m going to fuck you dear, of course” He detachedly said, going about pulling off her blouse and pants “You can call me James if you like”

There hadn’t been any time through out stripping her down to her panties that he didn’t keep full control of her. James was strong and methodical and Debbie not knowing what he was doing found herself in short order right where she was at. Standing within the odd home made sturdy wooden framework seeming made for what was happening to her.

“W-what do you want from me” Debbie groan out, her working hands moving the rope looped around her young neck abrasively.

James walk around in front of her placing a kiss on her cheek.

“Going to fulfill a fantasy of mine” he grinned devilishly “Tag your it”

Debbie tried slipping her chin under the bit of slack in the rope around her neck in hopes of slipping her head out of the noose her toes moving precariously over the wobbly wooden box, but just couldn’t quite do it.

“Please the rope is starting to hurt” She moaned writhing her arms about behind her “My arms are going to sleep”

James stood back a bit from Debbie, his eyes moving over her almost nude body. She’d never been under such a gaze in her life suddenly feeling the need to some how hide her almost nude young body. A deepening realization sweeping over her that he was wanting something more than just sex. Debbie was with a mentally sick deviant person, the kind that like hurt people. One of his hands went to rubbing over a forming bulge in his pants. Debbie wasn’t stupid she’d come under the threat of bullies at school and been in a few fights. Most bullies she’d seen worked together needing encouragement and support of like minded friends to be the way they were.

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass little girl” James told her watching her closely as the reality of his remark sunk slowly in.

James unbuckled, unzipped and pulled his pants down letting his ample stiff cock slip free. This had been a few weeks in the making. He had always been aggressive with women, getting away with it as most women found him handsome. But looks will only take you so far. His sex life started out normal enough but as more girls were attracted to him he took more and more advantages with them. With each encounter his fantasies grew more bizarre, moving into bondage, leather and lately the uncontrollable urge to take the next step and purposely degrade a young really scared younger girl.

Strangely now the moment was here James had to will himself into action. Not because he knew it was wrong and he might get caught, but a odd, unnatural for him feeling of empathy toward the young cute tomboy like girl. It was a feeling he fought with only rarely, but watching the young girl struggle with the purposely uncomfortably tied knots was more than enough to push with effort the empathic feeling to the back of his mind. He had the well placed camera’s all set on record with plenty of time to get it all… well… right and didn’t wont all the work to come to not.

Debbie’s adolescent mind kept want to slip into a surreal state of disbelief that this was happening at all. But when James removed his pants and she was confronted with real sight of his adult cock stiffly angled up in eager anticipation of fulfilling the vile sexual act he mentioned. Debbie had heard of anal sex, even joked about the act with friends, but it was something that she thought if she did it at all would be given to a special boyfriend, someone trusted, someone that would become her husband one day. She’d even tested how it would feel with one of her large inch thick rounded crayons, moving it as if being fucked till the nasty sensations made her stop, she would have to love someone real special to let him do that to her.

This man was talking like it was something casual to do, the taking of something she was wanting, planing even, to give to the boy (man) she would be spending her life with. Debbie had never really had sex with any boy but if she had the choice she’d really want to let him put it in her pussy or mouth instead, she could handle that, she thought.

“M-mister… mister” She said tiptoeing over the box her neck taking the sway of her body making her gag a little “Ug-gg”

Debbie watch as he removed his shirt going fully naked, she could see he was a fine looking man other wise. She saw James pick up what looked to be a jar of petroleum jelly.

“L-let.. Ugg.. me down and.. ug-Gg.. I’ll suck you off” Debbie couldn’t believe she was even saying such a thing but would do it if he would take her down “UG-gg.. P-please”

“That’s okay.. ah.. what’s your name” James asked of her opening the jar and scooping out some of the thick jelly.

“D-debbie” she got out teetering forward “Please.. Ug-gg”

“Debbie..” He said rubbing the lube over his stiff cock “I’m going to sodomize you real good.. but you better be careful not to lose that box under you”

His cock coated she saw him smear a thicker glob onto the thick tip.

“All ready Debbie” He grinned “Ready or not here I come”

James moved in close reaching down thumbs going into each side of her panties and slipping them down to her ankles leaving them there.

“I just want to go home” Debbie cried her body wobbling a bit over the box “Please don’t… Ugg.. let me suck you or put in my pussy.. UG-gg.. Please.. not my butt..”

He stood close looking into her young face a bemused look on his handsome face. Debbie could see he really wasn’t looking at her as a person but as a object. The pleading tear fill terror showing on her face just feeding his twisted need to continue. She knew by the way his eyes went scanning over her young body that nothing she could say or promise would stop or deter James, in fact she realized she was just feeding the fire. The sudden harsh reality sending maddening panic surging through her young mind, she went to kick at James but the her panties still at her ankles foiling the move. Her attempted kick made Debbie lose her footing sending the full weight of her young body onto the waiting noose on her neck till with toes arching down and swinging she found the elusive box.

“Best if you stay centered on the box” James grinned at her.

Debbie writhe her neck about trying to relocate the constrictive ropes around her neck, when she’d lost her footing Debbie’s suddenly tugging arms had pulled the loop of rope going up her back and around her neck real tight, the shuffling action of the coarse rope had spun hard over the flesh of her young neck and it now burn hotly with her having to work her arms up her back to get it loosen up enough. While Debbie dealt with the discomforting rope James had moved around her slipping the thickly lubed adult cock head up into the crack of her buttocks with the blunt tip feeling around and finding her tightly closed anus.

“No… please no..” Debbie groaned unable to even move, shockingly aware now of the blight she’d be in again.

Pressure mounted against Debbie’s anus, she rose up even higher onto her toes which wasn’t much then leaned out as she could away from the pressure. the noose around her neck becoming more constrictive. The muscles of her buttock and anus started trembling, giving way.

‘Oh God.. No!’ she thought, ‘I can’t stop it… I can’t even get away’

Debbie’s hands unconsciously started writhing about in the rope around her wrists. James stared watching them as he wormed his cock to go even more firmly up onto the resisting ring of trembling rectum guarding muscle with it in a sudden giving in popped past the tight untested muscle. He lunged up sharply just to see just how far he could get his cock in one move into the tube of what he knew and believed to be her previously sexually unused rectum.

Debbie cried with a ear splitting scream out her entire young body going, back arching stiff, at the sharpest pain she’d ever felt coming from her suddenly open anus and rectal passage. Her legs bending coming up and off the wooden box, her young face locked into a agonizing grimace as James easily centered her back onto the wooden box keeping his cock half buried up her virginal trembling rectum. It was a difficult task getting her toes to support her weight as the horrid pain was slow to fade but the fact did remained in the back of her mind that it wasn’t her supposed future husband that was taking her this way and not in any way of her willingly giving it to him. The sharp pain dissipated leaving a harsh uncomfortable fullness of a type she could hardly stand and a disturbing feeling of being used just to heighten James sense of control over another person. The deviant sexual act secondary to being able to inflict a form of humiliation on another. At least that’s how it seemed to her.

The room suddenly became too quiet and Debbie became all to aware of James steady controlled breathing behind her. The warmth of his chest against her young pinned arms going up her back even feeling his heart-beat in his overly thick feeling cock up in her rectum.

“Why are you doing this” Debbie groaned, but no answer came from James.

“U-gg-aa..” shot from Debbie like a hiccup when James urged his cock suddenly to move deeper up into her tight back passage.

Debbie’s legs wobbling wanting to buckle and the her neck took the weight of her body in pulses as her toes regained and lost her footing a few times, till the blunt tip wedged deep up inside her coming to a stop at a dull aching nasty feeling deep place.

“Oh God” Debbie groaned one of her legs lifting trying to relieve the disconcerting discomfort “Please mister… it’s in too deep… Please… this just doesn’t feel right”

Debbie teetered forward with her having to tense her neck muscles to keep from choking. James hands slipped around her hips, feeling over her trembling now goosed-bumped flesh as they went. The thick blunt adult tip of his cock pressed even harder up into her rectum worming about making the nasty feeling grow purposely worse. Debbie’s adolescent mind flashed with horrible images this being the last thing she would ever feel and it was growing even more disgustingly nasty as he continued. The growing pressing movements of his cock in her ass becoming a bit more animal like even tugging back some before pressing and worming deeply hard against the end of her rectum with her only vaguely aware of his hands moving over each side of her tensely held body. The tube of Debbie’s rectal passage started to become sensitive to the movement making her young bowel want to inexorably well up slowly and uncontrollably just exactly like she would if she was pooping, his cock never stopping, being forced through the slowly tightening tube of her rectal passage as she instinctively sought a way to suppress the horrid growing urge.

“There we go” James voice behind her breathed out lustfully “This is starting to feel wonderful Debbie, your doing just fine”

Her young body felt like it wanted to hunch up and she stood on her trembling slightly spread stiff legs and on trembling toes leaning only slightly forward the noose keeping her from going over with James behind her.

“Oh.. God..” Debbie groaned her face wide eye in shock “You gotta stop.. Please…”

“But we are just getting started Debbie” James loin remained moving making the now harsh urge escalate even more.

Debbie had never felt anything like the severity of the sensation flooding her young rectal passage, she’d in the past dashed to the bathroom with much, much less. The muscles controlling her back passage were doing things she couldn’t hope to stop now, with James seeming to cruelly wanting to make it even more disgustingly unbearable. Like a sudden spasm her young body lurched into a fit of a sharp short intense bowel strain with Debbie’s feet coming off the box a loud sharp fart snapped out around the cock deep in her ass.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about” James cried out behind Debbie as she tried to regain her footing the looped rope went burning over her young neck again as her arms had gone tugging erratically around behind her “Were just going to have to do that again, aren’t we”

Surprisingly it wasn’t the noose holding her weight but the coarse spinning of the looped rope from her writs that left even more abrasions on the front and sides of her young neck. Debbie’s toes found the box again and lifted her back up, tears running down her face, the thick cock going snuggly and deeply up into place pressing discerningly hard at the end of her still tense gripping rectal passage, already starting to replicate the movements he’d forced on to her before. The sensation this time already going full swing and into something completely out of her tenuous control.

“Bet when you got up this morning an ass fuck like this was the last thing on your mind” James breathed out hardly hiding the chuckle in his voice.

“Stop.. stop.. stop..” Debbie cried as she felt things inside her already heading toward another spasm “Oh.. oh god.. please don’t do this to me again”

Debbie’s young mind worked vainly to suppress what was happening inside her rectal passage. But the more she will the harsh surge from happening the more her mind seemed to lock onto the every aspect of James now seemingly eager movements to get her body to do it again. And something like being on the edge of a sneeze but vastly different she teetered trying to suppress what she felt was about to happen again. Debbie felt the abrasive area on her neck burning as her wrists and arms writhed about, things starting to rapidly escalate moving out of control again inside of her. Her now well used rectum allowed James cock free rein to move with relative ease but also with distressing and discussing sounds.

She was grabbed by one of James strong hands on her shoulder the other large adult hand went gripping with strong fingers around her waist keeping her locked in place before him as his lion started humping with harsh abandon. Debbie’s knees folded again and then again with her young legs wanting to writhe freely under her, her neck taking the weight of her body each time her legs failed with her toes only brushing the top of the seemingly elusive box in teasing passes.

James having seen young Debbie flare up in a glorious bowel spasm went eagerly to work to make it happen again. His immediate reward was being witness to the young girl’s mental blight of her knowing just what he was trying to achieve as he went to achieve his crude goal. James himself had his own problem of keeping his own heightened sexual mental state from taking him over the edge as his pummeling cock started forcing pleasingly gross sounded from her now pre-cum wet hugging rectum. His cock slipping deep hammered hard at the end of her rectal passage in a fetish attempt to gain an entry into the extremely tight curve of her young colon. With gripping hands he held young Debbie in place, his studious cold eyes taking in everything, every move she made, every shock filled expression he could glean off the young girl’s now contorted wide eyed horror struck face.

In one of his random harsh lunge’s James felt his cock head slip and lodge partway into the sharp curve Debbie’s tight colon, but just. The shock of his cock head being forced deeper plainly freezing her with every muscle taunt and trembling, with her knees bent slightly off the box, moving, but only in an imperceptible way, the entirety of her young body trembling with what had to be intensely harsh discomfort of a kind that one wouldn’t even wish on one-self. Her neck now was taking the full weight of her slightly built young body. James sexually excited mind teetered from mild empathy to studious curious apathy for her blight. His heightened sexual mental state and the deeper tighter grip of young Debbie’s curved colon on his cock tipped the balance making it far to easy to slough off most the useless feeling of empathy, needing to retain just enough to placate the hidden masochistic side of himself and secretly empathize mentally in a standoff way that only a practiced tormentor can understand his victim.

Having got his cock just into Debbie’s colon James was leery of relinquishing any depth he had gained. Debbie with the shocked grimacing horror still moving over her young face had managed to swing a trembling muscle tense leg down getting back onto the toes of one foot, her other leg still lifted slightly to the side keeping her vulnerably open for James next untimed thrust.

Debbie’s young body was just about to well up again in the dreaded spasm when a deep pressing lunge opened up the end of her rectal passage wedging farther into her than she’d thought could be possible, bringing with it an intense sharp stab of gripping pain. The world went white as nothing mattered but conforming her body in a way to somehow lessen the harsh mind consuming discomfort. She never even felt the her young neck taking the full weight of her body or even her taunt arms writhing an even harsher abrasion around her neck. Through it all she did finely come to her senses willing a foot down finding the welcoming box. But the other leg she had to keep high as the deeply thrust thick cock threaten to send her bowel into a harsh cramp, any move she made other than the way she now stood just wasn’t doable. The stiff thick cock lunged cruelly up slipping deeper with her young body tensing, going even more rigid, her raised trembling leg going swinging stiffly around James upright leg like a posed ballet dancer, his loin going, wedging, then tucking up fully into the clef of her tomboy like open buttocks.

This is what James wanted, the full Monty of what he’d expected from the young girl. Everything he’d dreamed was being fulfilled down to the hug of a young girl’s trembling rectum around his adult cock flexing cock. The shear decadence of what everything he’d manage to do sweeping through his mind having a gleeful disturbing affect of having done something wrong and gotten away with it. James balls clenched up tightly with him struggling not to unload right here and now. He’d felt that exact same sensation on more than one occasion while masturbating, his cock would be leaking sperm profusely right now.

“Oh… God..” Debbie manage tearfully cry out unable to move at all “Please take it out.. PLEASE… It feels like its killing me.”

She felt James hands feeling over her clenched abdominal muscles, his fingers pressing in, feeling she realized for evidence of where he thought the tip of his long adult cock should be. Thinking he’d found what he was looking for his loin tugged humping back, it was just a little test hump but the body consuming sensation had Debbie’s jaw dropping open from shock, her one supporting leg wobbled giving quickly out her other leg coming down trying vainly to assist.

“Stop.. Oh god … Stop” Debbie yelled staggering about the wooden box “Please leave me alone… Please..”

But James cock was on the move now making small purposeful tugs before being wedge back up into her ass with each tug making Debbie’s world drop out. She kept losing her footing, the wooden box becoming a much to small of a platform as she staggered from wobbly edge to wobbly edge. The fingers digging into the abdomen stopped his hands slipping to and grasping her hips stopping her erratic staggering. Even though her movement over the box had been stopped her feet continued moving as James cock started becoming more aggressive the shocking sensation of having to shit swept through Debbie like a brick locking her in place with her young face going aghast at the disgraceful immoral horror of it all.

James saw immediately the change that swept over Debbie. He himself had been abused by an uncle when he was a young boy of nine. The look on her face reflected the same as look he had when his uncle’s continually moving cock sent his young boy bowel out of his control with the only thought going through his young mind was not to shit while being abused. He seemed to always lose that battle his uncle force onto him. The remembered shame he always felt something he now wanted to watch evolve a bit longer over this cute young girl before he scooted the box out from under her.

Debbie wanted to cry out again for James to stop but the surprising vile urgent and plainly unstoppable urge kept her tongue at bay. She stared out wide eyed her mind turned inward with every fiber of her being use to turn the tide and for a long tedious moment she was almost convenience she could. But in the end with her young forehead furrowed-up ‘she lost and felt it vividly’ the cock lunging up deeply into place flexing harshly. And with dreaded realization she realized James knew it too, she could tell by his the firmer grasp of his hands on her hips and deeply flexing cock he wasn’t at all revolted with the turn of events going on inside her. The feeling of debasing horror seemed posed to sweep over her in a flood. She could feel the coarse rope tied around her young wrist as her hands writhe about tugging the looped rope going up and around her neck. The sensation some how comforting, the painful abrasions the coarse rope rubbed over like a anchor into the here and now.

She felt movement at her feet, her lower body following the movement. It was the box being pushed with her toes slipping over the top then over the side as it loudly slid several feet over the floor, the noose suddenly taking her full weight. Debbie tensed the muscle to her neck her legs kicking around bumping into James legs as they searched for the box she plainly knew wasn’t there to be found.

James shoved the supportive wooden box sliding over the floor to the left with Debbie left hanging by her neck. Her legs went stiff toes down for a short moment her entire body going tensely stiff, all her attention on her young toes searching for the box her tight young girl buttocks giving the shaft of his cock a pleasant massaging workout as her searching young legs started moving out farther the movements starting to become frantic. He grabbed her tightly by the waist and as her legs started kicking wildly in search of any support that could be found at times leaving her perky buttocks open and James eagerly went to work as there was no time to waste.

Debbie was in terrorized disbelief as to what James had just done. Yes she was tied up and being raped, it was all horrible. The noose was she’d thought only to scare her but as she hung there with her toes search about having to swing her legs out wider and farther her young mind starting to grow frantic in her need to find something to use as support soon as the muscles of her tense neck couldn’t hold out for much longer. But as her legs went swinging, searching out to each side, and with James adult hands keeping her from swaying about he tugged his stiff cock back aggressively and with as much regard for her wellbeing as he did with the wooden box, his cock charging back up into her… fully. Another tug and he was full on sodomizing her in the grosses of ways as she continued for a bit longer working her legs franticly, vainly about till her will to fight just plain left here.

Debbie went suddenly limp, in her mind it was over. But James behind her continued with his aggressive movements with him stepping up his knees opening her limp legs wide enough to satisfy his need to get his adult hairy loin up between her young buttocks. She wanted to will herself dead but yet she remain fully and vividly aware, the noose around her neck although snug left enough room to breath. Even still the blood pounded in her head a need to relieve that discomfort making her entire young body flinch in an attempt to shuffle her neck to a different place in the rope of the noose. The sounds of James moving cock doing unspeakable things deep up inside her rectum as she’d lost the tenuous battle for control of her young bowel. A massive amount of adrenalin went surging through her young body keeping her young mind fully alert to everything going on around and within her body. Debbie’s senses were cruelly heightened the sensation of the abusive act even giving her some understanding into why James was doing this to her. The insight scaring her, sending a dark chill of understanding into the way the man thought.

She even discovered she too had a dark side hidden deep in her young mind. Even as her young body kicked about franticly and James thick cock pummeled deep and shamefully pushing inches into her large intestine she clearly now understood. Her pussy flashed wet as a sadomasochistic wave of emotion swept through her accepting what fate awaited but not without a fight. Debbie could now sense James need to debase and use a perceived weaker person, even if there wasn’t any sex involved. All this coming to her in a flash as her young body twisted pivoting about the rope around her neck the harsh reality of the here and now with the blood bounding hard in her head, her sensation racked bowel seemingly going into a intense fit of trying to strain out the moving rod of flesh. If all she had to do was be hung, that she could do giving in letting herself fade. But combined with this intense debauchery of her rectal passage had her young body flailing about to each hard up-lunge that lifting her up enough to let some meager amount of blood flood past the the constraint of the ropes into her head. The noose and choking loop from her tugging wrists all taking its added toll, her vision tunneling, growing dim, muscles of her young body getting weak from her panicked efforts.

James hammered cruelly up into Debbie’s ass his hands at her sides with just enough assistance to keep her from spinning away from his eager upthrusts. He’d never humped into any girls ass with this kind of abandon before. And it had it’s expected result of seeing young Debbie lose all control, her entire bowel going through a series of rapid strains of sharp sounding escape of gas around his stiff hammering adult cock. It was an odd thing to experience his mind swinging from cruel delight to mild empathy and back, his cock remaining eagerly stiff, his adult heavy balls cocked and ready for…?

Debbie’s body went limp with James hands now firmly latching onto her hips his loin never missing a beat hammering up into her ass her young legs limply moving about. Another surge of adrenalin sent her kicking and twisting her head about again but this time a feeling of this being really it swept with terrorizing fear of lost hope through her. Debbie’s limbs felt weak but she still tried willing life into them as her head twisted within the confines of the noose she saw a broken liquid stream of light yellow, she was peeing and didn’t even know.

James caught sight of of the warm stream of piss coming from Debbie, his cocked and on edge ready balls lurching into full release. His loin hammering home spewing load after load deep into Debbie’s still quivering gut his eyes glued to the ebbing light yellow stream even slipping a quick hand around before it could dissipate wetting his hand with the warm liquid. He brought his piss wet hand up to his face to make the dream real, his balls lurching out one more good load into Debbie’s gut as he slipped the piss wet fingers into his mouth tasting them.

Having unloaded his mind snapped swinging fully into a sudden wave of what was only but suppressed empathy, and with his cock still fully up into Debbie’s rectum his arms went around her lifting her up and he removed the noose. A groan came from her and James felt a sweeping pang of relief. If it had been otherwise he’d dealt with it but as an after thought he was glad it was otherwise. He knelt down laying her belly first into a padded chair his softening cock slipping free of her abused now cum slick rectum. It would be quite a few days before she would shit without knowing she’d been ass fucked, he was sure of that. His limp cock trying to come back to life at the thought but much too spent to do anything but thicken just a little. He would be masturbating hard at just the thought of being the one to be leaving her in this state, the well placed cameras he was sure catching everything for later. In fact he got a camera to take some stills of her rope abrased neck and wrist.

Debbie woke with a start looking around not sure where she was. Her neck burned and lifting her hand up she could see bruise marks on her wrist, the other wrist the same. She was setting leaning up against a tree the sidewalk she could just make out just through some bushes, her phone still apart the three pieces lay beside her. She went to get up, a wet fart came from her anus from the mild effort. She felt the sudden need to poop and grabbing the pieces of her phone launch herself deeper into the brush pulling down her ill placed shorts and squatted blasting, sputtering out wetly with it stinging harshly, somehow managing to fiddle the pieces of the phone back together. Debbie’s young mind remembering everything her clit going as wet as her sputtering burning rectum.

She ran home and onto the toilet her mind reliving everything, she then took a long bath and went to bed early. Not because she was sleepy but because her pussy needed attention, a lot of it too. Her young mind not full of sugarplum faeries either but of being like-minded of the man James, doing evil sexual things to others and strangely her fantasies slipping into an evil man doing those same things to her. Debbie’s young hand giving her young clit a fierce workout as her neck, wrists and rectum burned and ached pleasurably, her young eyes in the dim light of her room took on the same devilish gleam that she’d seen reflected on the man James face. Debbie’s young body quivered but her young hand remained rubbing… rubbing.. rubbing…

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