Mums looking after little boys (b,F,pedo,fiction)

Mums looking after little boys (b,F,pedo,fiction)

Introduction: A FICTION erotic guide of what pedophile mums looking after little boys do.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

When looking after a preteen boy aged around 10yo mummies will follow these instructions for the boy own well-being:

The mum will bath the boy three times a week, she will undress him herself and when pulling down his underwear it will always be done from the front and very slowly looking at the boys smooth penis all the time.

Mum will wash the preteen boy with a wash cloth and soap, she will put special care on the boy’s smooth penis stroking it up and down with the cloth and soap, if the boy gets a hard on she will tell him it is ok for little boys to do that.

If the little boy still has a hard penis when mummy is drying him she will masturbate him right there and then with her fingers pushing the boy’s foreskin back and forward and a subtle touch over the head of his dick until the boy has a dry orgasm or spasms, then mum will hug him tight pressing her pussy against the boy’s dick and finish off the drying.

At nigh mum will go and help her 10yo boy to put on his pyjamas, she will fully undress him exposing his smooth prepubescent naked body, she will leave him nude for five minutes to observe his undeveloped body while telling him what a pretty boy he is. She will finally hug him tight trying to press his little dickie against her pussy to give the boy a hard on, mummy will help him to put his pyjama on without any underwear.

In the morning mum will go to wake up her 10yo boy, take off his pyjama exposing his prepubescent naked body and she will fondle her boy a little all over to make him horny then will proceed to dress him if he is going to school.

On the weekends the 10yo will be taken to women meetings and he will be made to undress so that he can be fondled and observed, if an adult woman wishes to masturbate the boy or to finger herself while looking at him she will be allowed to do so.

The little boy will be made to pose nude and filmed while he is being fondled by adult women, he will be told that he should be proud of being able to take part on films and become a big star.

If mummy has boyfriend and he likes little boys she will offer her son to her partner whenever asked, if her partner wishes to fuck the 10yo boy up his ass he will be allowed to do so as long as it is done gentle and the little boy is washed after the sex, if the little boy complaints mummy will explain to him that boys his age have the duty to sexually help out men as much as women.

If at night mummy feels horny she will take her 10yo boy with her in bed once there she will make him sleep nude next to her and under the covers she will press her hairy pussy against the boy’s prepubescent penis teaching him how to fuck a woman, if the boy can’t do that he then will be taught how to eat a woman’s pussy and made to lick it until mummy has cummed.

Finally little boys will always be available for undressing, fondling or fucking, as 10yo boys are old enough to taste adult pussy and cock, nothing will be deprived from adults wanting to sexually play with them.

*** END ***

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.