Little boy Summer Camp (Fb,nc,pedo,humil)

Little boy Summer Camp (Fb,nc,pedo,humil)

Introduction: A beautiful 11yo boy goes to a Summer camp with other youngsters and the Summer camp female monitors want him to go nude. Softcore child erotica story.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

This happened long time ago when I was a 11 years old boy, slim with blue eyes, blonde and shy, at that time I wanted the earth to swallow me but now everything looks different and I just take it as a life experience.

School holiday had come and all my friends had joined a Summer camp, I really wanted to go to but by the time I managed to convince my parents there was only one group left, the one with the little boys of between 6 and 8 of age. It was only when we were at the coach station that I realised and the driver, a man in his forties apologised to me and guaranteed me lots of fun activities.

We got at the camp at night, it was two isolated countryside houses on top of the hill, there were 8 small boys, me and our driver. As soon as we arrived we had a quick dinner and went to sleep, I started to get pissed of with all the silly small boys talk and I did not talk much that day.

The driver realised that I was being left out and he kindly approached me and told me that he was only to stay with us until tomorrow afternoon as his job was driving, but he was sure that the new coach would have lots of fun activities for us.

The next day in the morning we woke up early had breakfast and then the driver suggested we went to take our towels and get a little suntan by the river located near us. None of us, the little kids or me had expected to need a swimming suit as we were going to the mountains, and they had forgotten to mention it in the list of things to take with us.

The driver suggested to bath in the nude as we were all boys there shouldn’t be any problem, soon all the eight little kids made a pile with their clothes with their cute naked bodies running around, but the oldest of them was 8, at 11 I thought I was far too old to go around naked, I wasn’t a kid any more even thought I had no hair on my pubis yet my dick was considerable bigger than theirs I did not think it was right, in the end I gave in and I took off my clothes too with a lusty sight from the driver who seemed to have a big bulge inside his trousers as he looked at us running around naked.

The afternoon came and by that time we had all gone back in the nude to the camp, only wearing our sandals felt liberating, the driver had taken our clothes for washing, then we heard the noise of a car approaching, I had forgotten! The new coach was here to swap places with the driver! Surely I shouldn’t worry too much about it, the new coach would understand we did not have swimming custom.

-”Boys! Come here all of you! “- shouted the driver

And all of us in the nude made a line outside the house waiting for the car.

-”It’s time for me to go, I have to take other kids back to their homes, from now on coach Jane will be in charge.”

Jane? It couldn’t be a woman! We were nude! Sure it was, a young pretty brunette woman in her early twenties got off the car to be greeted by all the small boys, I put my hands on my front as quickly as I could.

-”Hi boys! The driver has told me about your clothes being in the washing machine, don’t worry about it there is such a nice weather and you may not need them at all for the rest of your stay.“

Then Jane’s sight fixed on me, spotting my hands covering up my little hairless dick, I could not avoid it my dick got erected, I prayed she would not realise.

-”You boy! Take off your hands and don’t be silly, I have seen lots of little nude boys before!”

I slowly started to take off my hands blushing, then she realised I had a boner and she smiled and giggled.

-”Don’t worry about that, it’s normal!”

-”I want my clothes back coach Jane”

-”You will do like everyone else, there is no special treatment for anybody!”

That day we had to sleep in the nude, I couldn’t help thinking about that young woman staring at me in the nude during dinner time, my hairless dick stayed erected most of the time, and my first pre-cum had started to leak on my bed sheets as the other boys slept I caressed my dick thinking about coach Jane until I cummed and then I slept.

The next morning I woke up with coach Jane pulling out my bed sheets, I remembered, it wasn’t a dream, all the boys and me were there naked in front of her.

-”Oh! What’s that wet patch on your bed? “- said the coach smiling

I wanted to die, I couldn’t let a woman now that I had masturbated last night.

-”A glass of water dropped on my bed yesterday nigh…”

She looked at my now smaller dick and smiled

-”Yeah sure! You are a very funny little boy.”

-”I am not a little boy I am 11 years old, and I want my clothes back!”

-”Try not to make more fuss out of nothing or I will have to spank you with everyone around.”

The little kids all laughed at the thought of having an older boy spanked, that filled me with fear and I stopped complaining.

-”Well boys, today we are going out for a picnic on the nude! You will take only your sandals and a small pack with food.”

Soon we all had our sandals and a rucksack on with no more clothes in sight. We walked through a small sandy path all the way down until we reached a spot with low grass from where we could see the nearest town. Thankfully coach Jane ordered us to stop there eliminating any risk of a villager walking on us by chance.

We ate as coach Jane explained stories for little kids about wolves, and so on, they enjoyed it, but I found it boring, all I could think of was about being with a young beautiful woman in the nude in the middle of the forest.

We laid down on our towels getting our asses warmed up by the sun and then two cyclists past through the path, I looked up, I couldn’t believe it! Two girls of around 15 years old cycling near us! One of them stopped in spotting us.

-”Tracy! Come back! Look at this!”

The first girl went back all the way up to her.

-”Wow! Naked boys! Pass me the camera!” – One of the girls started to photograph us with a digital camera.

I was so upset! Surely coach Jane would tell them off!

-”You girls! What are you doing! Come here straight away!”

Both girls approached and in doing so they realised that I wasn’t a small boy I was much older that the others.

-”Are you locals?”

-”Yes, we live in the village down the hill.”

-”Excellent, maybe you can tell us places to visit, join our picnic please!”

Not only coach Jane had not tell them off but she invited them over! With all of us naked!

-”Thank you, we like taking photographs of visitors. We have a village website where we upload then to share with people”

– “That’s a very nice thing to do”

-”But we couldn’t get to photograph the tall boy the one trying to hide his boner“- they all laughed in hearing this

-”I will have him pose for you! Stand up and pose for the girls would you? “- Coach Jane said

-”But…I can’t…”

-”Don’t be rude to our guests! Or you know what will happen!”

There I was standing my ground with my hands on top of my erected hairless dick, then Jane grabbed my arms pulled them behind me and making my body to bow pushing my neck down spanked me on my bottom with her bare hands. The two girls smiled as they witnessed the spectacle at the same time as they took pictures.
Once the cheeks on my ass got red and one tear strolled down my face coach Jane stopped spanking.

-”That will teach you little boy!”

I wasn’t a little boy! I was 11 years old, and there I was naked sporting a boner in front of some teenage girls, with a red ass and being photographed!

The spanking had made me more tame thought and to much of the pleasure of the girls I allowed them to stared at my front.

After half an hour or so Jane said we should play some games and taking a strong cord organised to groups of boys to play turf of war, it was fun, and as I was the oldest I was stronger than the rest so all the boys wanted to be in my team, for a while I even forgot that the two girls and coach Jane had been staring at our nude bodies all the time giggling, whispering and taking some more photographs.

That was my only first day…

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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