James becomes a man (FFb,pedo,inc,humil)

James becomes a man (FFb,pedo,inc,humil)

Introduction: A 10yo boy is spanked, humiliated and stripped naked at home by her mum and visiting girlfriends.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

James is a ten years old boy of blue eyes, brown hair, pale skin and not too tall, he is wearing blue jeans and a red t-shirt,he lives alone with her middle aged mum, who is very strict.

It’s weekend so James does not have to go to school and spends the day playing at home with plastic soldiers as her mum chats and plays bridge in the dinning room with two other women.

James runs through the dinning room playing with his plastic soldiers and ends up breaking a jar.

-”James! How many times have I told you not to run in the dinning room!” – says her mum as her friends look over

-”I am sorry, I did not mean to…”

-”That is not enough! You will be punished for this so you will learn your lesson next time! Pull down your jeans!”

-”But mum!Your friends are looking!”

-”I don’t care! I said pull down your jeans and don’t make matters worse!” -shouts her

James let his jeans slip down around his ankles and turned around facing the wall, then his mum quickly grabs his white underwear by the waist and pulls it down around his knees immobilising him and allowing her friends to look at her son’s ten year old perfectly rounded white ass.

-”Mummy! Mummy! Stop please! Miriam and Sarah are looking!”

-”They are grown up women you don’t need to worry about them! In fact you are going to turn around right now!”

-”But they will see my willy mummy!” -says James tearfully

His mum calls over her female friends who get closer to James and are now looking at him from behind making comments about his cute smooth body, then James mum turns her son around grabbing him by his shoulder, James tries to put his hands on his front but it only provokes his mum to quickly spank him on his bottom so he desists and instead cries and places his hands on his face as his dangling little hairless smooth dick is exposed to the two middle aged women who smile at the sight.

-”You see what a small dick my son has! I am starting to worry about if is going to grown up or not” -says his mum grabbing his little prick with her hand and shaking it to her friends

-”It looks very flimsy to me…”- says one of the women – “would you let me to touch it?”

-”Of course! Go ahead!”

This only makes James shed more tears but his mum grabs his hands and holds them behind leaving him defenceless and naked from the waist down facing the two women with one of them twisting his small prick and smiling at him, she really seems to enjoy herself doing that, then the other woman takes over and this time she rubs his prick up and down, the women all laugh as his dick grows up including his mum.

-”You did not need to worry about your son, you see how now it gets much bigger “- they all smile, then his mum takes a string and leaves him with his hands tied up behind his back and his underwear around his ankles, immobilised and exposed, he cries and plies with them to not avail it only makes her mum and her friends to laugh even more.

-”Have you ever…” -says one of the women looking at his mum

-”Have I ever what?”

-”You know…Have you ever given him a good hand job?”

-”Well, I rub him in the bath and I squeeze his ass but nothing happens”

-”He’s already ten years old, I think it is time for you to initiate him”

-”Maybe you could give me a hand then!” – they all laugh at the game of words, then her mum grabs him again from behind around his waist and one of the women starts to massage his little dick until it gets hard and a little erected as she holds his small soft hairless testicles on her other hand.

-”Mummy is going to teach you something new honey, this time you don’t need to put your thing in mummy’s pussy this will like you much more…”

-”No I don’t want mummy! Let me go please!”

-”You will thank me for this one day sweetheart…”

Her friend grabs his son’s cock and wanks it up and down, in ten minutes she’s made him cum, James shakes his waist and a small quantity of transparent pre-cum goes out of his deflowered dick.
Her mum grabs his son tight against her body to feel her child’s shaking on her pussy, then they release him and as James starts crying again they fully undress him telling him how handsome he is. The women guide ten years old James fully nude to the sofa and they lie him down with his little hairless prick leaking pre-cum all over his leg and on the sofa.

His body looks like an angel’s body, very pale, no hair on it,very soft, and a small dick, the women love it, her mother likes to see him like that and one of the women takes her knickers from under her skirt tosses them on the floor and lifting up her skirt starts fingering herself watching James little nude body

-”It’s been so long since the last time I had a man… You don’t mind me doing this watching at your little son do you?”

-”I feel honoured knowing that my best friends can finger thinking about my little son, of course I don’t mind! Go ahead please yourself!”

Little ten years old James is now getting used to the middle aged women staring at his nude body, then he overhears them asking permission to her mum to visit him more often and to let them shower and sleep with him in the next visit, to which her mum happily agrees. One of the women even talks about bringing her seven years old daughter with her so that she can also enjoy it.
James looks at the middle aged woman fingering herself while staring his bald dick, and suddenly he feels that his dick is raising again at the look of her hairy wet pussy, James also feels he has become a man.

** E N D **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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