Arn 1 thru 3 (Mb,slave,anal,oral,orgy)

Arn 1 thru 3 (Mb,slave,anal,oral,orgy)

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Arn 1

Arn ran through the fields of the rolling hills around their village all morning with his brother Alf. Arn would be starting his sixth year sense birth his brother only a little older. They entered the village passing the small mud adobe homes they all lived in. the place was strangely empty of people till they approaching the center of the village they spotted most everybody, a village meeting was being held.
Arn and his brother quietly snuck in close. Most kid in the village knew when to be out of sight or silent when the meetings looked serious, as this one did. Many of the mens faces were painted with the blue stain used when warriors would soon be needed for the defense of the village. All of them were battle ready and moving uneasily about as the meeting wound to a close. And Arn heard talk of a roman cohort moving toward their village. The men moved out, grim resolve fill the air.
Arn and his brother weren’t the only kids that followed the men to the edge of the village watching them silently move through the outlying rolling hills till gone. It was two days before sounds of marching could be heard through the hills surrounding to village.
Arn and Alf sat on a stone fence at the edge of the village looking toward the approaching noise. Over a distant hill they came ‘Romans’ marching up the small road that led to the village. A horse drawn cart came up just behind the leading Romans. The road, well more a path went by where the boys sat. Arn remained transfixed by the sight as they marched by and into the village. Arn’s eyed the cart, it was filled with heads, the heads of the warriors that had gone out two days ago.
Blood and gore dripped from the moving wagon. Life changed forever that day. They witnessed the death of all males over ten, the village tore down and burned before being made to walk. Weeks later they were in a Roman city being prepped to be sold as slaves.
Arn and Alf stool on a platform almost fully nude except for a small loin cloth, it was their turn. A crowd bidding, the price going up. Till both sold to a Roman citizen, their Dominus name Zane as his Deliciae “delightful ones”. Wide eyed they went urged on by another adult slave accompanying the Dominus till they arrived at his villa. It cover a large area of the countryside with vast gardens and farm animals till they arrived at the main living area and brought to a room.
They were stripped and wash, then look over by a man that had them open their mouths as he look in. Also checking their genitalia, even probing into Arn’s and Alf’s rectum with his finger. It was over soon enough and they were dressed and brought to a room with other young slaves ‘Deliciae’ both male and female, none over eight or nine seasons old. None of the others spoke the same language so Arn and Alf stayed close as they explored where they were allowed.
A couple days past a slave that spoke in a thick accent in their language brought them to a room. They were told the Dominus requested them for tonight and they were not to reject any advances of the Dominus on threat of a harsh beating. Then taken and given perfumed baths before being led with small loin cloths through the huge building to a large room and led in.
Dominus ‘Zane’ sat drinking from a gold goblet as the boys stood wide eyed in awe of the powerful looking Roman man. The slave bowed leaving the room quickly. The powerful Dominus finished his drink setting the cup down and rising up he pulled his robe off.

The Dominus was a tall man well musseled some scars showing on his torso he was no stranger to violence. The powerful man came over standing before them, Arn and his brother could only stare at the nude man just a few feet in front of them. The Dominus’s penis hung down over his huge adult testicles, he was more than amply built. His pubes were well trimmed and the hair removed from the rest of his muscled and oiled torso.
“So you are both brothers?” he said with a thick accent that was hard to understand.
Both of them shook their heads in unison still staring at the naked powerful Roman both watching as his adult penis started swelling, lifting into the air slightly as the man stared down onto them.

“Come.. I am more than interested in the differences between two brothers whom look so much alike.

He place a hand on each of them, leading them over to a wide step in front of a polished mirror. On the top of the step Arn could see leather straps and after being urged up onto it facing the mirror the Dominus place one around an ankle and snugging it down, then pulling his leg over a bit he did the same to the other ankle.

A bar ran across chest high in front of him and leather straps were there also. And shortly both his wrist were strapped down onto the wooden beam leaving him standing there facing the brood polished mirror, his brother was made fast in the same way just a foot beside him. Alf’s loincloth dropped to the floor then Arn saw the Dominus move behind him reaching down and his own loincloth fell away.
Arn could see in the mirror that the Dominus penis had fully risen going stiffly erect. Even in his former village there were rumors of men that liked boys and he swallowed hard at the thought and a deep slowly rising panic welled up inside of him.

He could now see why he and his brother were placed up onto the step, it left them just high enough for the powerful Dominus and he moved up behind his brother. Arn looked over as Dominus Zane came up close to Alf, his brother looked small in contrast to the muscled man.

The huge looking adult penis slipped up between the slight cleft of his brothers buttocks and along his back. Alf’s hands twisted nervously and he stared wide eyed into the reflection of himself and the Dominus now close behind his brother.
Arn could hardly contain his apprehension and his legs fidgeted about in the ankle straps, his own fingers clasped in nervous fists, he wanted very much to be somewhere else. The Dominus moved behind him and he gasp, trembling all over as the powerful man’s penis touched then went sliding up through his buttock also, he could feel the heat of it against the small of his back. Huge hands felt over him, going to his loin. He could see it all in the mirrored surface.
“I think I’ll take you first” the heavily accented voice of Dominus Zane loud behind Arn.
He pulled away reaching for a small bowl dipping his fingers in scooping some of it content out. Arn’s legs felt like they wanted to give out as he couldn’t help to watch as the Dominus spread the slick stuff over his now menacingly large adult penis.

The stiffness could plainly be seen throbbing to the Romans heartbeat. And in a much too short span of time the Dominus was moving up behind Arn. Arn gasped as a slick finger probed up into his rectum much to abruptly with a fleeting sharp stab of pain then pulled out.

A arm went around his waist pulling him back toward the Dominus, he remained wrist and ankles held in place by the straps holding him in place. And a slick warm thick blunt pressure went through the slight cleft of his buttock going against his anus.

The world seem to be closing in around Arn, his mind slipping in to a form of derealization and he felt as if this was somehow a waking dream. That is until his clinched trembling anal mussels wearied of the struggle against the slick bluntness pressing with enduring persistence. In a flash of piercing pain his anus was forced to open around the fleshy adult penis head.
Arn couldn’t have imagined such pain, his face contorted in an teeth clenching grimace as the pain continued. He cried out, tears streaming down his face, his arms, legs pulling involuntarily against the straps holding him. Till thankfully the Dominus stopped the cruel pressing lunges, but Arn’s rectum remained burning hotly from being stretched so wide by the insane thickness. The blunt hard knot at the end of the man rod in Arn’s rectum pressed at a growing soreness somewhere deep inside of him. He blinked the tears from his eyes, his reflection came into focus, pained terror and shock showed on his young flushed sweet drenched face. His brother beside him was crying openly as he witnessed what was happening.
Dominus Zane’s hands started roaming his torso feeling over his trembling body and Arn could see a wild gleam in his eyes a disturbing excitement flooding through the powerful Roman as one of his hands went to Arn’s groin, gripping him much too tightly there. His young testicles sending a wave of intense nausea through Arn. But far worse was the escalating pressure of the thick blunt tipped worming penis driving the soreness at the end of his rectum into cramping pain. His deep rectal mussels started tightening up around the thick girth and there was nothing he could do to contain the painful reflex. It continued with him gasping in short pants hoping the sharp painful sensation would die back.
The Dominus groaned in pleasure behind him as his rectal mussels remained clenching uncontrollably around the horrid thickness. The thick rod was tugged much too quickly from him, with the entire tube of his rectum cramping over the emptiness it sudden found there. Arns legs went tense and trembled against the blindingly sharp cramping pain that flooded his poop tube. And even though the Dominus had moved away he stood suddenly upright buttocks clenched rigid unable to even move as the sharp cramp ran it course. Dominus Zane had moved on to his brother. Arn caught a glimpse of his still ridge cock, a disrupted shine showed how far up into Arn’s rectum it had been, almost half way. And a dark smear of poop coated the blunt head which he was already wiping with a cloth, dipping his fingers into the small bowl and rubbing the slickness over his penis again.
Panic gripped his brother the moment the Dominus moved up behind him. Arn could see him shaking in terror, tugging vainly against the leather bonds. A large strong arm went around his brothers waist pulling him back. Arn watch the Dominus guiding his slickened stiff penis up into Alf’s slightly opened buttocks with seeming precision. His brother tried to jerk away from the guided rod but was pulled too taunt back toward the muscled Dominus. The mussel of Alf’s limbs went tense suddenly a pained shocked looked flashed across his face, his anus had given in to the dominus’s thick penis. The powerful mans hands went to Arn’s brother’s hips his stance changing and the penis was driven up between Alf’s buttock moving in a couple inches.
Alf’s small head came up then a teeth clenching grimace froze on his face. His small hand clenched in tight fists, then he cried out, a high pitched scream that got cut off on the next powerful lunge from Dominus Zane’s loin. The stiff penis slipped even deeper then seemed to lodge to a stop, a little over half of the long thick rod still was visible. Tears streamed down Alf’s terror filled face and he looked about franticly as if looking for a way of escape. Their eyes locked and a pleading look flashed across from him.
Arn already knew how it felt his own rectum still ached and where the blunt tip of the penis had pressed deep inside of him still felt sore. Then his brothers eyes widened, his mouth opened face going flush, his head and shoulders dipped.
“U-u-u-U-u..” wavered loudly from him.
Arn looked at where the Dominus entered Alf and was shocked to see his loin close to his small buttocks and still urging his rod to go farther up into him. Alf’s body seemed to be trembling in shaking spasms to each movement the Dominus made behind him. Then in one last lunge the powerful Roman’s loin went up onto Alf’s ass cheeks pressing and holding the boy in place there. Alf screamed again as if stabbed clean through.
With Alf still screaming the powerful man slipped one hand around to Alf’s groin fingers playing over his small penis then squeezing both his boy testicles. Alf stopped screaming looking suddenly ill, Arn remembered how the ruff handling of his own testicles felt. The Dominus’s loin started moving with small timed movements, his brother gasped in with the first small tug his breathing became erratic as if he couldn’t catch his breath. And shortly Arn could discern a shocking wet sound of the movement from Alf’s abdomen.
Arn looked up into the sadistic pleasure racked face of Dominus Zane. He was totally adsorbed into what he was doing to Alf and stared intently down on to his lurching form and into the mirror plainly enjoying Alf’s sweeting red flushed contorting face and torso. In one lunge a sharp fart came from Alf and the deep sound changed and the powerful Roman seated his cock against Alf’s buttocks. Alf looked wildly about then turning slightly looking pleadingly up at the Dominus.
I… uh.. I got to use the latrinae” he groaned face beet red “I.. I can not stop it”
But the Dominus only stared down onto him with intent a hand seeking Afl’s loin again the other going to his shoulder. Alf seemed to realized what was about to happen the terror of it wash across his face as the powerful man adjusted himself behind him. His young mouth drop open as the Dominus squeezed his testicles tightly. The loins of the man pulled back with Alf’s chest dropping then head, fully half the thick cock came slickly into view before surging back almost all the way, but in another push seated back against him. His young back arched up sharply and when he raised his head Arn could plainly tell the revolting shock Alf was feeling. The Dominus leaned in over Alf hugging him close his large hand on Alf’s shoulder going to his brother’s neck forcing his his head to turn toward the powerful man. The Dominus kissed his brother full on the mouth for a long moment as his loin gyrated against his boy buttocks, cock fully embedded.
When the Dominus rose up Arn found himself suddenly under his full gaze. His brothers back was still sharply arched as the Dominus slowly pulled his cock back. And Arn couldn’t help but to watch the long stiffness as it was pulled finely free from his brother’s bowel. He stared in horror at the throbbing rod, two thirds of it was coated in Alf’s deep poop and Arn could plainly even see some streaks of blood. The Dominus picked up the small cloth wiping his penis free of Alf’s use.
Your brother’s gut was tight and sweet” the thick accent struggling for the words “But I think I will finish in yours
Arn’s brother had sagged onto the wide step hands and ankles still strapped tightly in place. The Dominus’s hand dipped back into the small bowl again and Arn watch the throbbing member become slick again with the stuff. A loud sob came from his brother but Arn’s full attention was on Dominus Zane. Arn stared into the polished mirror an the man came in close behind him, the panicked terror started closing in about him again. Large hands touch him, caressing ruffly over his torso, feeling over his groin a finger going into his still stinging rectum. The world closed in about him. Arn stared into the mirrored surface at the Dominus’s lust filled face and could see no chance for reprieve there.
Then his hips were grabbed pulling him back arms legs going taunt against the leather straps. A slick blunt pressure finding his tender anus much too quickly. It entered into his rectum bring him up sharply in the grasp of a sudden sharp stab of gripping pain, going deep and hard against that still sore spot at the end of his rectum. Arn was still locked in the grip of the sudden entry as the Dominus’s blunt penis head wormed aggressively up against the now escalating soreness deep up inside his rectum. The thick tip surged hard, then surged again the tight pained spot relenting to the fierce deep pressure.
Arn wasn’t prepared for the deeper entry at all. It hurt and felt nasty, horribly nasty. In the mirror he could see the shock of it on his own now flushed face. The Dominus was gazing at his face too seemingly enjoying Arn’s conflicting blight. A wave of intense embarrassment at being looked at like this gripped Arn. He wanted to hide from the powerful man’s gaze. The penis move deeper into his sensitive intestine and a feeling of an impending bowel movement started to escalate inside of him. Caught under the intense gaze of the Dominus Arn watched as he leaned in over Arn hugging him against his muscled body. Arn could feel his warm sweet covered torso against his back. His young head was guided facing up toward the Dominus’s, his adult lips going against his. The man’s tongue wormed into his mouth snaking around deeply. All the while a increasingly urgent need to defaecate went coursing through Arn’s bowel.
The voice of the house slave went through Arn’s head ‘If you know whats good for you, you’ll do what ever the Dominus wants’. But it became increasingly difficult and Arn groan loudly into the powerful Roman’s mouth, the Dominus’s cock slipped even deeper under the constant press from his loin and Arn could feel his delicate hold on any form of control slipping quickly from him.
Arn was panting now and groan when the loin of Dominus Zane went pressing snugly into the cleft of his boy buttocks. The Roman’s tongue move feverish through his mouth now, then…
“H-ug-g-g….!” Arn’s bowel lurched in a uncontrolled surge to defaecate, bringing him up and pulling away from the Dominus’s kiss, facing the mirror.
His face was beet red, some form the sudden strain but mostly from the embarrassment of being use in this way under the intense constant watchful gaze of the Dominus. The urgent feeling to poop wouldn’t go away and his intestine started to audibly groan and he could plainly feel his deep stool being pushed with a building pressure against the thick blockage it found in its path. Arn’s mind became consumed by the awful pressure building inside him and his face contorted reflecting plainly how it felt. The thick penis flexed stiffly making his intestine struggle even more aggressively to push his stool through his young blocked bowel.
The Dominus urged Arn’s young face up toward his again, planting his lips over the boys. The man’s tongue went into his reluctant mouth and a hand on back of his head held Arn there under the long passionate lusty kiss. And when the Dominus pull away Arn felt his hands slip down gripping strongly to his slender waist on each side. He found himself staring into the mirror blinking wide eyed at himself and the Dominus behind him. The thick penis flexed more stiffly than before and tugged back.
Arn’s whole body shuddered, legs wobbling as the sensation wash through him. But the stiff penis was already going back up into him, mashing into his deep poop that had fill the space the thick cock had left. It took the Dominus two intense lunges before his loin went back against Arn’s buttocks. The feeling of it all engulfed Arn and through the haze of sudden terror his eyes focused onto the wild sadistic gleam that shown on the Dominus’s face, the penis tugged back again. He plainly felt the intense nastiness of it, his thick poop being pulled along with the bulbous thick cock head through his now extremely sensitive intestine.
Arn’s whole world exploded in a rush of intense vile sensations as the thick stiff rod started a forceful movement through his rectum and gut. He just couldn’t get a handle on any of it and found himself lurching lewdly about under the awful pounding. His body twisted and contorted uncontrollably to each deep penetration of cock through his gut. The thick penis seemed to stiffen even more growing unbearably thicker as it stabbed up into him one last time, working past any hindrance it found. The Dominus hugged him tightly close and Arn found his lips against the powerful Roman’s again, the tongue ravaging through his mouth. The penis was swelling horribly thick as it spit a huge load of the Dominus sperm into Arn’s intestine. Then another and another the Dominus’s strong loin churning hard up into the cleft of Arn’s buttocks. Arn’s mind swam struggling to taking in what was happening.

With his bowel still urgently in need to defaecate the Dominus pulled his penis slowly out leaving Arn still straining long after the cock left him. He felt nauseous and his legs wobbled weakly. A house slave came in and released Arn and Alf. Dominus Zane came over towering over them before they were guided out.
“Tomorrow boys we will be training you in the art of fellatio” he turned away and Arn and Alf were led staggering to be cleaned and checked for any permanent damage.
They had been giving their first taste of being Deliciae slaves. They were at the pleasure of their Dominus, for better or worse.

Arn 2

Arn woke to the house slave shaking him and he yawned climbing from the bedding him and his brother Alf shared. Alf was woke also and climbed up beside Arn. Their world had been tore apart only a month or so ago and they now found themselves sold into slavery to a powerful Roman ‘Dominus Zane’ as ‘Deliciae’ or “delightful ones” to be used for their masters pleasure. They had only been here a few days but already had their first training contact with the Dominus yesterday. He had taken both Alf and Arn anally and Arn still felt the affects deep inside, his rectum ached and anus burned hotly, but his brother seemed to have had it worse.
They were young Arn but maybe six seasons old Alf only a little older. Alf held his tummy looking a little ill then took off toward the communal latrinae, Arn knew a little how he felt as he gotten up more than once that night running there and just the thought brought his attention back to his own burning anus. Arn and Alf stayed close to the latrinae most of the morning. It was passed mid day when the house slave found them.
“Come boys, come its time to ready you for the Dominus” Arn struggled with the house slave thick accent “He’s got a guest and is eager to start your fellatio training”
The house slave grinned grabbing his crouch and pointing to his mouth. Arn knew instantly what he meant by the move and flushed under the devilish gleam in the slaves eyes. He and Alf were led into a room close to where the Dominus and his guest were, Arn could hear the powerful Roman talking in the strange language they all had and another man also. Laugher came from the room and the scent of strong wine caught Arn’s nose.
They were stripped and quickly washed with scented water and found themselves standing with small loincloths, the house slave looked them over.
“The Dominus wishes you bound and training rings placed in your mouths” he was still grinning and it unnerved Arn
“The Dominus still thinks you wild and doesn’t want to be bit” the house slave chomped his jaw like he was biting off a penis. He went on “You’ll be gagging on his member and unable to breath, just last week a boy like you will never take another cock”
“Did.. did he die” his brother Alf asked the house slave.
The slave looked real serious shaking his head ‘yes’ but Arn thought he was just joking with them. Even so a wave of anxiety went through him especially as the slave started binding their arms folded behind them tightly. Arn and Alf were made to drink a large cup of water each the house slave holding it to their mouth turning it up till they finished it all. It took a bit but they managed to down it all. Then the slave picked up the training rings. They were metal rings with leather straps on each side, the house slave lifted the thing up in front of Arn.
“Open boy”
Arn opened his mouth and the slave placed the large metal ring into his mouth turning it behind his front teeth. He groaned as the thing was turned, it forced his mouth to open far enough that his jaw ached, the slave fastening the leather strap around his head. Spittle dripped down over his jaw as the house slave did the same to Alf. Arn was scared, Alf was visibility shaking, but stayed in place till the slave finished.
The slave looked them over one last time as they stood side by side then rubbed his hand over a growing bulge in his own robe.
“Come on, lets get you to the Dominus before they have too much strong drink”
They were guided spittle dripping from their chins into the room, the two Romans were talking, the sound of music could be heard from somewhere. The Dominus rose motioning for the house slave to leave, he hurried out.
“This man is here to help in your fellatio training” The Dominus voice struggling with Arn and Alf’s language.
The Dominus came over to Alf placing his large hand on his shoulder and motioned for Alf to go to the other man. Arn watched Alf move scared face over to the setting man. The man looked Alf over with seeming satisfaction. The Dominus guided Arn over in front a almost knee high padded plank anchored there a foot or so high in the center of the room till his shins went against the padded surface. A strap on it was strapped around his legs holding him standing upright against the flat padded side. The other man rose up and guided Arn’s brother up beside him and strapped his legs against it also.
Arn and Alf now stood there legs held strapped against the padded blank staring wide eye at the two big adult male Romans. Spittle slowly ran down over Alf’s chin onto his young chest. He watched the robes of the muscled Dominus slip off leaving him fully nude. Alf could see he was already aroused his ample adult cock almost fully stiff. The Dominus stepped up in front of Arn, Arn’s hight having his head level with the Dominus loin, the cock loomed in close enough to feel the heat radiating from it and Arn couldn’t take his eyes from it. He was only dimly aware of the other Roman stepping in front of his brother.
Alf jumped at a wet gagging heave beside of him and he turned his head. The other Roman had a strong two handed grip on his brother’s head. His stiff cock was placed through the metal ring in Alf’s mouth and Alf was wide eyes looking into the dark well trimmed pubes of the man before him. A slight bulge shown on the front of his brother’s throat, Arn realized in horror that where the bulge terminated was the tip of the mans thick cock. His brother heaved fiercely with a horrid wet sound that sent a small gush of liquid around the half embedded cock, some even coming out Alf’s button nose.
Two strong hands gripped Arn’s head on each side pulling him facing the Dominus’s looming cock. He found himself staring down the entire length of the now throbbing stiff cock. He could hear the now terrifying sounds beside him even feel wet splatters of warm liquid on his bare skin as it went on. And he was next…
The thick cock came forward, under his nose, through the ring, filling his mouth. Arn could taste the thick pre-cum as it nosed in farther over his tongue, and he looked down the seemingly long length of it into the trimmed hair of the Dominus’s adult pubes. The thick tip pressed onto the back of his throat, he welled up gagging and as his throat opened to heave his head was pulled down over the thickness. It forced a tight path down into his throat. It took a moment before his gag reflex caught up with the lunge. Arn’s stomach lurched hard and he heaved, the cock snaked deeper. He heaved harder a gush of liquid coming up against the thick cock head plugging tightly his throat.
Arn couldn’t help but to attempt to pull away, to remove himself the horrible deeply penetrating fleshy thick rod still being forced down into his throat. His struggles only seemed to encourage the Dominus in his effort to get it to go even farther still. His body welled up involuntary into another all-consuming retching heave. A flood of the water he drank came up hard against the bulbous plug of cock, swelling his throat painfully, then being forced around the cock as the heave continued. It sprayed from his nose, and around the shaft of cock that was still being forced to go deeper but the worse was that the stomach water getting into his lungs. And itIt felt like he was suddenly drowning. The cock pulled free, he was left still hunched up and it took him a long second before he could will his lungs to draw in air.
When his lungs did work it came as an involuntary spasm making him suck in the fluid that remained in his mouth, nose, he went into a violent fit of wet coughing that he couldn’t contain. Arn choked wetly the stuff from his lungs spraying out from his mouth over the thick cock head held inches from his face. The hands on each side of his head had relaxed some but now Arn could feel the gripping hands of the Dominus tightening, taking control again. Arn blinked his tear wet eyes clear staring wide eyed into the wet soaked loin of the Dominus, there was evidence of Arn’s violent heaving there, small chunks of his breakfast.
Arn’s throat felt course where the cock had wedged in and his stomach ached from heaving so hard. The wet soaked cock move into his mouth then drove into his tender throat, the Dominus’s hips churned in front of him as the grip on each side of Arn’s head became unbearable. Arn could plainly see the mussels of the Dominus’s abdomen rippling inches from his wide panicked eyes and the thick cock was forced quickly even deeper into his throat than before. His world exploded into a haze of intense consuming choking retches. Arn’s body twisted involuntary about between the Dominus’s tight grip on his head and the binding of his shins against the padded plank.
Arn’s lungs sucked involuntary in to breath but seemed to only draw the in cock deeper. In Arn’s panic his senses seemed to come into sharp focus for a moment and he found his face buried into the mat of pubic hair of the Dominus. The shock of knowing the entire thick cock was in his throat swept over him in a intense frighting way, he could feel the world slipping from him and his lungs sucked in, in erratic spasms, a vain effort to draw in needed air. A surge of adrenalin filled panic gripped Arn and he fiercely lurched to pull free, to get away, to get air. And was surprised to feel the thick cock pulled from his throat.
With his head still in the grasp of the Dominus hands Arn gasped, gagged and coughed, spitting up wetly thick stringy liquid from his lungs and stomach and still he struggle to get a gasp of needed air. Then in a involuntary spasm he suck in a harsh lung full of air trying hard not to go into a fit of coughing as some thick liquid came in with it. Arn eyes focused onto a string of thick spittle that hung precariously from his mouth to the cock head. Beside of him came a horrid wet sloshing noise, his eyes being drawn over past the Dominus’s hands toward where his brother was. He caught a glimpse of the other Roman humping feverishly into Alf’s face as he held his brothers head tightly in place. The long cock moving at a rapid pace through his brothers throat. Then stabbed suddenly fully deep Alf’s small head against the man’s loin. Arn could see the Roman gripped suddenly in the throws of releasing his load of sperm deep into Alf’s throat. The bulge going through Alf’s throat swelling with the cock with each release of sperm.
Then he pulled the cock from Alf releasing his young boy head, letting him fall gasping and choking away out of Arn’s sight. Arn looked up toward the Dominus’s face. He was smiling broadly a sadistic gleam to his eyes as he stared down into Arn’s face less than an inch from his throbbing cock. The large hands took control again, holding Arn’s head just as the Dominus desired. Arn could only look down over the thickly shiny, spittle coated length seeing the muscled abdomen of the Dominus tense in his readiness to continue. The cock surged through the training ring plunging deeply without mercy or thought, the powerful loin of the Dominus started humping eagerly forcing the thick cock through Arn’s throat in an escalating tempo leaving Arn thrashing about, his small body writhing between his tightly strapped legs and held head.
The sloshing wet noise filled his senses, his throat raw from the abuse. Arn had the sensation he was drowning and the need to breath becoming as urgent as the now pummeling cock in his throat. All motion stopped with Arn’s head held tightly against the loin of the Dominus but his body still spasmed in it need to draw breath. The thick cock exploded in release, swelling with each load that was sprayed deep into his throat. It was still pumping a small streams sperm as the Dominus pulled it slowly from his mouth.
Arn lungs lurched in wet spasms to come back to life, the taste of the Dominus sperm heavy in his mouth. He slipped hunching over coughing, gagging, gasping down what air he could get, and the heavy taste of sperm consuming his senses. The men had moved away and the house slave suddenly appeared releasing them. Helping them from the room as they could scarcely move on their own, waves of coughing fits took Arn forcing him to his knees. The house slave removed the bonds and training rings, they were cleaned and left to recover some. Arn couldn’t swallow for a few hours his throat ached horribly. Even still it was days later Arn would have a fits of coughing up phlegm that had the taste of the Dominus sperm.
Finely though Arn and Alf put the ordeal behind them as other Deliciae were called on some coming back worse off than they had. But there came a rummer of an Deliciae orgy being set up in the next week and most of the Deliciae here would be called upon to service the guest that would be attending….. And there would be a need of young boys.

Arn 3

The day of the orgy was fast approaching, the some other ‘Deliciae’ slaves (“delightful ones”) whom had been called to serve at other orgies grew nervous. Arn could feel the tension, the playing had mostly stopped and a lot of the kids kept to themselves now. Anytime a adult house slave entered the common area the place became deathly still. Arn had been reflecting on his life before taken and sold as a Deliciae slave. He missed running wild through the rolling hills, he missed his birth family and realized he would most likely never see his mother ever again. His father had been one of the warriors that had gone out that first day. He would be dead now with the rest of the men that went out. And he cried openly for his loss for most of that day.
The day had come with Dominus Zane coming in early having the Deliciae line up for selection. Arn and Alf stood in line with the rest, girls in one row the boys in another. He read from a scroll in that strange Roman language the names he had chosen for the orgy. The girls were first and some gasp when their names were call others could hardly contain their sobs a few just stared blankly and when the names moved on the the boys the unchosen girls breath sighs of relief.
A couple boy names were call then Arn followed by Alf, Arn just stared but his brother standing next to him gasped as if he had been struck. A few more names were called before the rest were dismissed. There were at lease fifteen of them being led off to be readied for this evenings festivities. They were all washed thoroughly and scented with flowery perfumes, the girls clad scantly in see through fabric, the boys remained bare chested with scant loincloths that hid nothing.
Music started, filling the villa with lively sounds and Arn could hear the adult voices growing as more guest arrived. He could make out the oder of cooked food and strong wine. Then a house slave with fellatio training rings went through the Deliciae picking out the one that were still considered wild, Arn and Alf were placed with them. And each kid both girl and boy were given the large cup of water, making sure they had drank it all before they were fitted with the rings. Arms were tightly bound behind them and they stood ready with the others to be led into the Deliciae orgy.
A last speech was given to the attending Deliciae, the one house slave told Arn and Alf in their language what was said. ‘They were to be at the service of any guest there on threat of death’ Then they were led into the den of noise and music.
A loud cheer went up as Arn and Alf lined up with the others before the guest. There was maybe eight or nine all male guest there the Deliciae out numbered them. Like the other Deliciae Arn stared wide eyed at the assembly of men that were now looking them over. Arn could sense the growing anticipation going through out the room. And could feel his world starting spin in a haze of apprehension, it felt like every guest in the room was looking at him alone. Some of the Roman men were rubbing over bulges in their robes. They all raised their cups to Dominus Zane in tribute.
Some of the Guest were rising to inspect the Deliciae on display closer. Most of the Roman’s were like Dominus Zane, strong imposing men some showing scars of battle. A tall man came over picking out a girl then going down the line stopped in front of Arn, his eyes going over Arn lustfully. The bulge in his robe plainly revealing his eagerness. The Roman looked over at Alf standing beside Arn.
“You are brothers” he said with only a slight accent “I remember you now, I was there when we cut your fathers down and burned your village”
He released the girl sending her back to the line “I will have you both.. I will fuck your people one more time”
The strong Roman’s voice had a harsh tint to it and he pulled Arn and his brother over to the Dominus speaking to him almost arguing. The Dominus seemed in the end to relent holding up one finger pointing to Alf his brother. The Dominus motioned for Arn to come beside of him. Arn stood beside of Dominus Zane and watched his brother being led off by the harsh Roman, watched as he selected the girl he had sent back only moments ago.
“I am sorry boy” The Dominus said “You may never see your brother again… You see he lost a good friend taking your village, things may go harshly for your brother tonight”
The Dominus shouted something cheerfully to the wine drinking men and everybody started disrobing picking through the remaining Deliciae, even Dominus Zane selected a young girl from the group bring her over to his padded triclinium. She was with out bonds or training ring. Arn looked about nervously seeing and hearing the sounds of the Deliciae orgy beginning. A couple boys were already being sodomized one bound boy crying out as the man eagerly went about his business behind him. The other boy was being taken missionary and almost seemed to be enjoying the mans lustful lunges into his small hole, the man’s caressing hands going over his young body with him leaning over and lewdly deep kissing his seemingly eager boy mouth. Arn’s mind swam at what he was seeing.
The Dominus had disrobed laying back on the comfortable padded triclinium the girl went mouthing over his erect penis. The Dominus pulled Arn closer reaching around removing the strap to the training ring pulling it from Arn’s mouth. He was lifted onto the triclinium beside the strong Roman. With his large hands he guided Arn’s head to his kissing him deeply. Arn let the Dominus’s tongue roam through his mouth hearing the man groan in pleasure as the young girl remained mouthing over his stiff cock feverishly. The whole world seem to be going surreal the sounds of some Deliciae filled the room as they were plainly not enjoying the sexual acts being performed on them. And other young Deliciae apparently enjoying it with giggling and playful laugher.
Dominus Zane rose letting the girl slip onto the floor, she stood to the side obediently as Arn was placed laying back down on his bound arms on the triclinium with the powerful man gazing lustfully down at him. Arn’s ankles were grabbed legs opened as the Dominus head went open mouthed down onto his groin. Arn felt his small penis growing stiff under the damp warm mouthing of his groin from the strong muscled Roman. A growing tingling was going through his young testicles he had never felt before and it made him squirm about, the Dominus staying with him mouth moving eagerly over his young groin.
The Dominus raised up, Arn could feel the cool air going over his spittle damp scrotum making it draw up tight under his small stiff penis. The Dominus placed Arn’s feet together down onto his chest holding them there together with one large hand. Arn’s head rested elevated on a broad pillow and he could see the Dominus grip his stiff adult spittle damp throbbing cock guiding it toward his now up turned widely spread bottom. Arn was conflicted inside now from the odd pleasure he had coursing through him, his small cock still stiff from the sensation of the pleasurable mouthing he just had and also the memory of being taken painfully up the ass on his first encounter with the Dominus.
The blunt cock went against his back hole, pressing firmly, his anus resisting the thickness, but the Dominus persisted and his anal mussels relented in a swift but fleeting stab of pain. Even still the shear thickness kept his mind focused on the powerful man. The thick cock kept pressing, his rectum reluctantly relented and the thick cock slowly filled him till pressing to the end firmly. Arn’s much smaller cock remained stiff and the Dominus released his own cock and place his fingers on Arn’s stiff small boy cock pumping it between two fingers. A wave of pleasure swept through Arn he had never experienced making him groan, and when he looked at the Dominus he found he suddenly wanting the imposingly powerful man to fuck him, wanting to feel his thick cock moving inside of him, and ‘yes’ he wanted it to feel nasty, needing it.
Arn could see the girl still standing there a broad understanding smile on her young face. His rectum was growing sensitive under the Dominus’s flexing cock, adding now to the excitement he felt. The thick cock pulled back engulfing Arn in a rush of sensation as the Dominus started humping into him. The cock at first reluctantly moving through the sear tightness of his rectal tube, and then pressing hard at the entrance into his large intestine before pulling back again. His feet were kept pressed to his chest as he now squirmed under the growing intensity of the pressing lunges. Then the first signs of blunt cock head nosing deeper into his bowel, the Dominus felt it too and press inward not giving up any progress he had made.
Arn’s small cock softened as a deep pain mounted, the thick blunt cock head forcing him to contort his much smaller body lewdly about under the Dominus in order to ease the sharpness of the deeper entry. The cock head slipped deeper into him, past the resisting turn and moved into his gut, the sharp pain vanishing replaced by that deep feeling of nastiness. And a feeling that he was going to need to poop… soon. The Dominus was already pressing farther into him eagerly wanting to press his loin against Arn’s bottom. Arn’s small cock stiffened again as he looked up at the powerfully strong man, he wanted the man to take him, and he wanted to feel being use in this nastiest of ways
Arn’s intestine now protested harshly against the deep intrusion sending overbearing signals of a gripping bowel movement through his boy gut.

The Dominus loin press hard against his bottom now fully embedded and Arn watch as he slightly adjusted himself, the thick cock flexing harder inside him in anticipation. An odd pleasure fill Arn as he took it all in, he was being use for this mans vile pleasure and he found he liked it, liked the feeling of the degrading helplessness.
The cock tugged back then started moving through his gut without pause as he remained pinned down, feet still held tightly together against his chest and he squirmed lewdly about from the sudden unleash of movement through his bowel. He became engulfed, engrossed in the surge of disgustingly pleasurable sensations taking him, forcing guttural grunts he didn’t even know he could make from him. The cock lunged into Arn’s spasming intestine one last time swelling, he welcomed the rush of sperm from the powerful Roman’s cock flooding into his boy gut. The Dominus had leaned in over Arn and they were locked in a deep passionate open mouth kiss tongues moving together.
The Dominus unbound Arn letting him stay next to him through the orgy. Arn even suck the Dominus’s cock later that night as the party was winding down, taking the thick cock fully into his throat gaging harshly as the Dominus held him open mouthed tightly against his loin till the cock spewed forth cum. Arn’s small cock remained strangely stiff as he heaved up gagging over the thick Roman cock and taking his sperm. All the Deliciae that could walk afterwards were brought to a room cleaned then checked over. There were three Deliciae missing Arn’s brother was one of them.
Arn found out later his brother had been sold to the Roman that had selected him at the start of the orgy and was more than likely a field slave now. He would miss his brother deeply. But now there was another rumor of another orgy in the coming weeks and Arn’s boy groin tingled at the thought of being taken by another strong Roman.

End….. For now….