Flirting on the school bus goes to far(Mg)

Flirting on the school bus goes to far(Mg)

All views characters and events in this story are fictional.

Author: C H Marshall

Prologue: Almost 11 year old Jen has had a crush on almost 15 year old Cody for a year or more now, she is given advice on how to get his attention by her friend Jessica but when she cannot get a private opportunity she has to make a private moment on the school bus ride home.

Jen was a 5th grader at the all girls catholic school on the edge of town. So she did not ride the bus with all the other elementary school kids, she had to catch the earlier high school bus.

Jen had a crush on a 9th grade boy on her bus named Cody. Most people said Cody was a bully, but he had never been anything but nice to Jen and she would do anything to get his attention.

Jen had been trying for weeks to get him to notice her as something more then just the little girl that sat next to him and got off the bus 2 stops before him.

She started wearing makeup and doing her hair every morning and freshening the look at the end of every day before boarding the bus home. Gym class was her final class every day giving her a chance to shower and primp her look before going home.

Nothing seemed to work, every day she would bat her eyes and touch his leg, giggling at everything he did. She called him sweetie and sat on his lap at every opportunity but he just never looked at her the way she hoped.

One morning when she stepped onto the bus she seen they had a substitute driver. Looking down the long isle way she noticed the few people on the bus already were not in their assigned seats and Cody was in the very back of the bus. She started towards the back where he was seated but was stopped by an 8th grade boy at the middle of the bus.

“Sorry squirt… only high schoolers past here.” He said as he blocked her way with an arm and a leg.

She felt the glow of embarrassment swell over her face and her eyes swell with tears as she turned to go back to the front of the bus. 3rd seat behind the driver where she was assigned.

“Who do you think you are?…. I’ll come up there and break your face if you don’t let my girl come back here. High schooler rules are just for Fags like you, not cute little girls.” She heard Cody yell to the 8th grader.

Her face still flushed with embarrassment, but her heart full of courage, her mind and heart racing, his words calling her “my girl” repeating on a loop in her head. She spins back towards the back of the bus.

“You heard him… MOVE FAG!” She demands pushing the 8th graders face with the palm of her hand and stepping past his legs.

She prances to the last seat scooting past Cody she pushes her butt out rubbing it across his chest and arms as she moved to the inside window spot.

“I’m gonna start pinching that thing if you can’t keep it to yourself.” Cody says playfully.

Jen spent the rest of the ride to the high school trying to engage in the older kids conversation, Cody speaking with her occasionally but more engrossed in his conversation with his best friend Jason about muscle cars.

When they got to the high school and started to unload, him for his classes and her to the transfer bus, he lightly grabbed her arm.

“Since you get back on the bus before I do, get this seat if there’s still a sub. Anyone gives you shit tell em deal with me.” He said with a wink.

All day all that was on Jens mind was Cody calling her his girl. When gym class finally came around at the end the of the day she was ecstatic, she knew in a little more than an hour she would be sitting next to Cody again.

During gym Jen and her friend Jessica hung out at the back of the group of girls during attendance, then slipped into the locker room as everyone else went outside to play volleyball.

Jen confessed to Jessica about her crush on Cody and her attempts to get his attention for months.

“I’m just frustrated, I mean am I just not pretty or what?” She says putting her palms on the long counter leaning in to look at herself closely in the mirror.

“Your pretty… I mean not as pretty as me but your no slouch.” Jessica responds fluffing her curly red hair in the large mirror right beside Jen.

Jen is stunned for a moment. Just starring in the mirror her eyes darting back and forth from Jessica’s reflection to her own.

Jessica was 4 foot 8 inches dark red curly hair to the middle of her back with pale white skin and freckles everywhere. Brown eyes and twig like unhealthy looking skinny she couldn’t weigh more then 50 pounds.

Jen on the other hand was 4 foot 10 inches, straight blonde hair to her shoulders, dark tan skin and bright green eyes. She was skinny but muscular and was 71 pounds.

“The question was rhetorical.” She snapped, a little irritated.

Jessica looked at her strangely. “Wha?”

“It means I wasn’t looking for an answer.”

“Oh… Well you got one anyway. You do know boys are stupid right, don’t matter what you think your telling him. He’s probably not going to get it. Especially 9th grade boys.”

What makes you such an expert? Jen asks still irritated by the not as pretty as her comment.

“Well… See… I have kind of a thing with a 9th grade boy. He’s friends with my cousin that moved in with us a couple months ago, I tried everything I could think to get his attention but nothing worked. Finally I just had to get blunt with him.”

“Wait, wait wait… first of all, what’s a thing, secondly, what do you mean by get blunt with him.”

Jessica gives Jen an evil grin, turning away she walks back towards the lockers undressing as she walks away.

Jen follows, undressing as well. They put their gym clothes in their lockers on top of the blue plaid uniform dresses and make their way towards the shower rooms.

“Well… you gonna tell me or leave me hanging?” Jen asks

“I don’t want you thinking bad of me or worse yet telling everyone.” Jessica responds now acting modest and shy.

“I promise just between us I’ll never say anything to anyone else.”

Jessica continues towards the showers, stepping into the large blue tiled room and turning on a shower in the middle of the wall to her left. Then starts to tell her tale in a low tone.

I tried everything as I said, touching his arm and leg asking him to hang out with me, flirting he just didn’t seem to notice. Finally one night when he was staying over, I was in the kitchen getting water and heard someone in the hall when I looked, it was Jason. So I waited in the hall until he came out of the bathroom. I just told him “I like you” that fool just looked right at me and said I like you to and stepped past me. So I stopped him again and kissed his lips and told him “no I like like you.” He seemed a bit confused so I put his hand up my night shirt against the front of my panties, grabbed his crotch and kissed him again.

“Oh my but if you touch him there and let him touch you, won’t that mean he will wanna do things” Jen asked, intrigued by Jessica’s story but also studying her naked body. Thinking to herself maybe Jessica is more mature then I am.

Noticing first that Jessica’s freckles continue down her entire body across her flat boy like chest and around her light pink tiny nipples continuing down her stomach lightly visible thru thin wisps of red hair along each side of her vagina slit in down her legs. Her skin under her clothes as light colored as the rest of her with no obvious tan lines at all.

Jen looks down at her own naked body, her dark skin giving way to pale white budding breasts, reddish pink nickel sized nipples the pale skin meeting tan skin in a perfect line just below the small breast’s her tan shallow bellybutton just above another pale patch of skin at her waistline, her small hairless mound with spread slightly revealing the inner pink skin of her slit the color matching her nipples. A small tab of white skin at the top of her slit covering her small rosebud magic button she discovered last summer.

She looks back towards Jessica, interrupting her.

“You mean you had sex to get his attention?”

No no, not at least… well… I didn’t let him put it inside me… you know his thing that is. We just rubbed each other a little. He pushed my panties to the side and rubbed hole a little with his fingers, but then he shot cum in his shorts. It was hot and felt gooey thru the cotton, but he was embarrassed and ran back to the room, and I thought I had went to far. But a couple hours later he came in my room and woke me up. We talked a little and kissed a lot with tongues. Then I let him kiss me down there and put his fingers inside me, I pulled out his penis, it was as wide as my hand a little over 4 inches, he wanted me to suck it but he had so much hair it tickled my nose and was really salty tasting so I just stroked it until he shot his cum on me, it was hot and tasted bad when I tried it but I still told him if he trimmed some hair I’d try sucking it again next time.

Jen just stands there amazed by what her friend is telling her. But also getting turned on. She feels her slit warming and her small rosebud throbbing. Her slick juices wetting her tight tiny hole as she asks her friend. “Did you do it again… Did you suck him till he came?”

Yes… To both 3 days later he stayed again and he snuck in my bedroom about an hour after bed. He had shaved it bald around his penis but his balls were still real hairy, he had a couple bald spots on them and a cut from his razor so he had stopped. She said with a giggle. So we made our sitting on my bed both naked, then he kissed down my front, I stopped him and told him I had hair so he might not want to kiss me there but he said that it was cute and not a lot of hair and he had been touching himself thinking about kissing me there. When he started licking me I thought I was going to explode. It was the best feeling I’ve ever had it was even better when he pushed his tongue into me. Then we made out a little more after that. I ended up kissing my way down him and sucking him, it only took a couple seconds at most and he came, I didn’t want him to shoot it in my mouth but it happened quick. It wasn’t awful but I almost puked the first time. I tried to spit it all out real quick but when he shot it in my mouth I swallowed a bunch on accident but I try to swallow it all every time now. I’ve done it a lot since and I kinda like it now. I when his penis swells in my mouth just as he’s about to cum. It makes me extra horny.

Jen just stands there, stunned and not sure what to say, or how to process the emotions she’s feeling. Steaming water hitting her back running over her shoulders and down her chest across her hardened sensitive nipples, sending tingles down her body. Her clit swollen and throbbing, sticking out slightly from the small fold of skin that covers it. Her mind racing.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for all that… I was just wanting some kissing and hand holding… I think” Jen finally utters out softly. Then reassures her self repeating her self more firmly in her mind.

“Well maybe you don’t really like him like that. If you really liked him you would want all that and more. It is HARD no to do more, but Jason is afraid I’ll get pregnant or something will happen and we will get in trouble.” Jessica says sounding sure of her statement.

Jen turns facing the water, her mind still swirling. She try’s to reason with herself that she likes Cody but just isn’t ready for things like that… Not yet anyway. Sticking her head under the water letting it run over her head as if it will wash the feelings away she stands under the shower head facing the wall for a few minutes. Just as she thinks she has made her decision that she isn’t ready for them kind of things, she stepped back a couple steps.

The water hits his still sensitive nipples sending a rush thru her body, she shudders and reaches for the knob to turn the water off. Raising her arm and changing her position. The water hits directly on the tip of her swollen throbbing clit. Her legs get weak and she nearly falls by the rush of pleasure. She steadies her stance then looks over her shoulder to Jessica.

Jessica is washing her hair and not paying attention.

Jen slides her hand down pulling her slit open wider with one hand, turning so a strong flow of water is pounding directly onto her crotch. She reaches down with her other hand and starts rubbing the swollen bulb of pink flesh thru the pounding water. She quickly looks down at her hairless mound as her hand works back and fourth across the pale flesh and thru the pink slit.

For the first time in her mind seeing Cody in front of her with his mouth on her crotch. Her legs weaken and start to shake. She glances back over her shoulder at Jessica, who’s still not paying attention. Jen releases the mound of flesh with her hand that was spreading it, sliding her fingers down her pink skin to the hot silky wet hole she pushes her middle finger inside wiggling it back and fourth as she presses harder rubbing faster across her clit. She bites her lower lip to keep from moaning out loud and she looks back down imagining Cody working her with his tongue. She stumbles forward pulling her finger from herself and using that hand to steady herself on the wall she rubs just a little faster. Her hand rubbing across the mounds of pale flesh and into her pink slit making loud slurping and slapping noises.

Jessica hears the sounds and turns toward Jen watching as she leans forward her butt cheeks softly jiggle from the rubbing on the front, her pink clenched butthole peaking out as her cheeks softly bounce. Jessica notices Jen’s ass cheeks clamp down hard and her muscles tighten causing dimples in the center of each cheek,Jessica quickly turns away sticking her head back into the water acting as if she did not notice nor watch.

Jen leans her whole body against the wall her chest heaving with her heavy breathing, her legs weak and whole body tingling. She slowly looks back over her shoulder. Feeling relieved that Jessica doesn’t seem to have noticed she grabs her small shower bag from the floor and washes her head and body with trembling hands.

By the time comes around for catching the bus home, her nerves have calmed and senses returned to normal. Though she was nervous as she had decided that she does like Cody that much and wants him to touch her like that. Now it’s just a matter of getting him alone in private for my chance to get blunt with him she thinks to herself with a little giggle as she slips into the backseat of the bus trying to think of a way to get him alone.

Most of the bus ride home Jen just sat quietly thinking to herself. Finally just a couple stops before her own, she turns to Cody.

“So what you doing after school today?”

I’m not sure. I might be helping my uncle, then roller skating starts at 5:30… Why? He asks

Well I was thinking maybe you could come over and hang out for a little while, it’s boring living out here where no one lives close. She says trying not to sound timid.

I’ll try. Just depends on if I get busy or not. Definitely maybe. He says flashing her a smile. As the bus slowed to a stop in front of Jen’s house.

Jen got off the bus, skipping to her house shaking and squealing with excitement. She quickly did her chores in the house and rushed out to the barn, feeding the horses then picking the perfect place for privacy, to make her moves toward Cody when he came over.

She waited for hours her excitement dwindling as the time went slowly by. Dinner time she finally admitted to herself he was no coming over. After dinner Jen took a bath, getting in the tub before it had even filled a couple of inches. She listened to the water splashing in at her feet, it brought back the memories of earlier in the day from the locker room showers.

She softly runs her hands down her front rubbing lightly on her nipples then across her flat stomach. She put her feet flat on the floor of the tub bending her knees and spreading her legs wide she pushed off the bathtub with her shoulders arching her back and pushing her pelvis in the air. She scooted down the tub spreading the mounds of flesh surrounding the pink slit and let the water flow onto her slit.

She just couldn’t get into it. No silky hot wetness, no tingles in her body, she was just not enjoying herself.

“This isn’t worth the effort.” She mumbles to herself out loud. Dropping her body back into the water and scooting back in to a seated position. Jen washes her body and drains the tub.

Standing still naked watching herself in the full length mirror as she brushes her teeth. She compares her body over and over to Jessica’s in her mind. Reasoning with herself that she is every bit as pretty as Jessica. Even if Jessica don’t think so.

She grabs her night shirt and panties from the counter as she drops her toothbrush in the holder. She cups her breasts around the bottom her panties in one hand night shirt in the other, she gives them a soft squeeze then jiggles them just a little.

“Let’s see that little bitch do that… Bet she can’t with he just nipples self.” She says pinching her nipples then pulling her shirt over her head. She looks at the blue panties still in her hand.

“I don’t need these tonight… Maybe some air will help me develop.” She thinks to herself.

She walks across the hallway yelling goodnight to her parents down stairs then throws the panties on her dresser she climbs into bed.

In the morning Jen is still feeling down that Cody did not show up the day before, she showered and brushed her hair and teeth, but did not put in any makeup or do her hair, she went out to the bus stop early.

About 10 minutes of throwing rocks down the dirt road towards the creek and she heard the bushes rattle and shake from across the street. Her heart started racing, she started to walk backwards up the driveway looking for a stick or something to defend herself with.

“Who’s there!” She called out nervously. Hoping her voice would scare away an animal if that’s what it was.

No response but the noise was getting louder. Whatever it was getting closer.


She froze for a second at the sound of the growl, trying to make out a shadow in the bushes in the pale morning light of down. She turns to run up the drive, yelling out in fear.

The growling gives way to laughter and Cody steps out of the bushes.

“Hey!” He yells out. “I was just messing with ya”

Jen flustered, her heart still racing turns back towards the road with tears welling in her eyes.

“That wasn’t funny.” She grumbles.

I felt bad I wasn’t able to come hang yesterday so I got up early and cut thru the field to come by this morning. Cody says walking across the dirt road tossing his coal black hair from side to side.

Jen is mesmerized by the sight. Cody is 5 foot 6 inches with a thicker muscular build. Black medium length hair feathered back with dark eyes. He is always grinning this evil little smirk, just a few wisps of trying to grow a mustache.

Oh I’d forgotten I had invited you over. Jen says trying to play it cool.

“Well I got busy with my uncle and I work as a skate boy so I can’t miss any skating nights, I wanted to come by… I really did. So here I am. What did you want me over for.”

Jen stops in the drive for a few moments the sun just starting to shine thru the trees behind her, the streaks of light sparkling on his face and shimmering around him. She wishes this moment would last for ever.

Cody steps forward out of the light and into the shadows.

Jen snaps to reality by the roar of the bus engine winding down as it slows coming down the hill to her stop.

“Well I guess it will have to wait for another time.” Jen sighs. Reaching out and grabbing his hand giving it a squeeze.

Cody smiles at her squeezing her hand back and holding onto it until he steps to the side allowing her to board the bus first.

The day seemed to drag on forever, Jen spent most of it day dreaming about how Cody looked in the morning sun and what she could do or say if he came to her house today.

Just as the final hour of school began, she was led with her other class mates by her home room teacher to the gymnasium for gym class, thunder began to rumble and the rain started pouring down.

“Inside routine today girls, laps and hoops” Mrs Osmer the short thin gym teacher calls into the locker room.

Jen chooses Laps, jogging around the gym next to Jessica. The 2 of them devising a plan for Jen with Cody.

Jen discovering that Jessica’s Jason is also Cody’s best friend. Jen has a hard time seeing how Jessica can be so intrigued with him.

Jason is also 5 foot 6 inches, similar build, but with sandy brown hair, hazel eyes and heavy acne.

Jen does not vocalize her thoughts to Jessica. She doesn’t want to pass judgement.

The girls slip away to the locker room 10 minutes before the rest of the class.

After showering the girls stand wrapped in towels at the mirror doing makeup and hair while the other girls are just beginning to shower.

They walk back to their lockers and Jessica slips on her blue plaid uniform dress and black socks, slipping the matching shirt on and adding the vest while leaving her shirt still open.

Jen grabs her uniform in her hands, then stops… Thinking about the rain and thunder outside. She turns to Jessica saying. “If I don’t get him to understand today… I won’t have another chance until next week… What if I don’t get an opportunity for a while… There’s only a couple of weeks of school left, and it’s raining today he might not be able to come over today.”

She feels her face flush. Her eyes swell with tears. She sniffles back softly, trying to contain her emotions.

“If you can’t get an opportunity… make one, not with planning. Just seize the moment.” Jessica says

Jen glances back into the locker and her purple, short gym shorts and matching tank top.

She rushes over to the sink. Turns on the water and drops her uniform under the faucet. Then picks it back up and walks back to her locker. She grabs her shorts and tank top, purple panties fall from the stack onto the floor. She picks them up, thinking for a moment before an evil smile crosses her face, she puts the purple panties in the wad of wet clothes and slips her shorts and tank top on.

Jen rushes from the locker room with her wet clothes. Telling Mrs. Osmer that she accidentally dropped them in the sink while brushing her hair.

When Jen boarded the bus home she was excited to see they still had a substitute driver. She rushed to the back seat, practicing different ways to sit so her shorts would open exposing her hairless pink slit. She had it perfected in one smooth movement by the time the high schoolers boarded and they went to the middle school.

Jen was happy to see not many people riding their bus home today. Most of the kids were walking down to the river for the country music festival this weekend and it would seem the rain didn’t persuade them not to.

Jason, Cody and Jen were the only riders in the last 6 seats.

Jen took the opportunity of not being crowed in the back to bring up Jessica. Jason was a little embarrassed at first, turning bright red.

“I thought you said your girl went to another school?” Cody asked teasing him a little.

Well it is another school… And you don’t know her. Jason says defensively.

“Besides you told me how you think Jens cute, and wouldn’t mind dating her.” Jason says trying to embarrass Cody.

Cody gets just a little flushed in his cheeks, then shrugs it off telling Jason “I’m not judging man… I’m just fuckin with you.”

Jason asks tons of questions of Jen. At first trying to find out how much she knows, then just trying to find out what Jessica likes and how far Jen thinks Jessica wants to go.

When Jason’s stop comes up Jen tells him the 4 of them should hang out. She stays with Jessica and Jessica with her sometimes so if he stayed the night with Cody they could hang out pretty much all night.

With Jason off the bus it’s only Jen and Cody in the whole back half of the bus. Jen knows that on a normal day it’s almost 20 minutes from Jason’s stop to her own but with all the kids not riding today she has 10 minutes, maybe 15 at best.

She feels her vagina begin to warm and throb as she puts her plan in motion. Pretending to start to read her book. Her warm silky juices gathering inside her seeping into her shorts as she slides her knees up the seat in front of them, slightly spreading her legs. Just as she had planned her shorts bunch to her left leg exposing her soft hairless mound. Her pink slit glistening with the wetness the seeped from inside her.

Jen glances to Cody over the top of her book from the corner of her eye. She can tell he is looking but trying to be polite and not stare.

She closes her book wedging it between the seat and bus wall pulling her tank top to one side exposing her right breast then glancing towards Cody.

Cody quickly looks away.

Jen grabs his left hand. Cody opens his fingers in anticipation of her holding his hand.

Jen sits his hand onto her vagina. Pushing his middle finger into her pink slit slipping the tip into her hot silky goo filled hole.

Cody jumps, pulling his hand back a little and turning to look at her.

Jen doesn’t give him a chance to say a word. Pressing her lips against his, kissing him with force. Placing his hand back and pushing his finger inside of her, she forces her tongue into his mouth. She pushes on his knuckle moving his finger back and fourth pushing it deeper.

He pulls his finger out of her rubbing up to her clit giving it a little squeeze then rubbing in circles.

Jen feels her legs shake he lust building in surges. She reaches down unbuttoning his pants and slipping her hand into his Levi’s.

Cody lifts sliding his pants and boxers down, his 4 inch erection springing free.

Jen gets a good look. 4 inches circumcised, not a lot of pubic hair but what he has is trimmed short.

Jen turns in the seat pushing her ass up almost to the window she sucks him into her mouth.

Cody rubs his hand down her back into her ass crack pushing the tip of his finger into her asshole as he passes. Then into her hot wet vagina opening. He works his fingers back and fourth wetting and opening both holes, then pushing a finger deep into each hole rubbing and wiggling as he works them in and out.

Jen pushes her face deeper, swallowing the length of his penis gagging lightly trying to muffle her moans.

Cody reaches under her with his free hand rubbing and pinching her clit as her holes clench and release his fingers. Wetness dripping out of her onto the seat as he legs shake and tremble.

Jen feels her climax swell and start to release as she pushes her face deeper into his crotch, swallowing him a little deeper and gagging a little. Her body explodes, she feels almost like she is peeing as her juices run out of her and down his arm dripping onto the seat. Sucking with everything she’s got she starts to loose interest as he climax slows and fades. Not wanting to disappoint she reaches up, sucking on the top she starts stroking and squeezing his penis with her hand rolling her tongue across the top as she sucks.

Cody mutters “Oh God” and Jen feels his dick swell in her hand. She starts to lift her face but Cody pulls his hand from her clit forcing her head down, thrusting his hips up he pushes all 4 inches of his swollen cock into the back of her throat. Jamming his finger deeper into her ass and pussy rubbing them together on the thin piece of flesh separating them.

Jen gags hard and feels his cock swell and pump straight into her throat, again and again. Cody thrusting up and pushing her head down harder with every pump. She has no choice but to swallow it all, there is no where else for it to go.

Cody relaxes his hips, loosening his grip on her head.

She raises up. For the first time noticing his finger inside her ass.

He grabs her face sticking his tongue into her mouth kissing her passionately as he pulls his fingers from inside of her and straightens her shorts becoming aware that she is on full display in the bus window.

They continue to kiss as she maneuvers to a sitting position in the seat. Then she pulls away and asks. “Why’d you put a finger in my butt I was never warned about that.”

Cody laughs and responds. “If your gonna be my girl and we’re gonna do things, I hope you like your butt played with… that way there’s no baby making.”

Jen’s not sure what to think about that. But time has run out to negotiate on it as the bus is slowing down for her stop. She quickly throws her book in her bag and starts to stand, stopping to lean down for a passionate tongue kiss before heading up the isle of the bus.

Cody watches her as she walks to the front hoping the last 2 other kids in the bus and the driver don’t notice the large wet spot covering from the ass to the crotch of her purple shorts.


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