Den Mother Learns a Lesson (bF,pedo,inc)

Den Mother Learns a Lesson (bF,pedo,inc)

Introduction: A big breasted mom gets hot playing Indians and cowboys with six preteen boys, including her own little son.

Author: toon

I was into wild sex in my early twenties, bondage mostly, I loved being submissive and being on display. I got DD breast implants and nipple rings big enough to tie a rope too. But I decided to settle down, married an accountant, and had a son. On the outside I like a conservative housewife with glasses and ironed blouses, but underneath I keep my pussy shaved (it drives my husband wild), don’t wear underwear (same effect on my husband) and don’t wear a bra (my implants don’t need them). Plus I kept my nipple rings.

In my role as housewife, I am a den mother for my son, David’s, cub scout troop. It all started innocently enough. Cub Scouts didn’t like learning how to tie knots but they did like games. So I suggested we turn the lesson into a game.

“We want to play Cowboys and Indians,” my son said.

I said, “Sure, but who’s going to be the cowboys, and who will be the Indians?”

“Well, we thought you could be the cowgirl, and we’ll be the Indians. We have to tie you to the stake, and dance around, and war whoop!” he said.

I guess with rope being out and the Indian themes associated with so many of their activities I didn’t really think anything about the request. They were just a bunch of kids having fun. So I agreed.

“I guess. Let me show you the knots.”

“You are dressed fine for a cowgirl,” my son said (I wore a white blouse and a denim skirt) “but we need to dress up as Indians. Could you make us all loincloths from some towels?”

“Sure, let’s go get some from the closet in the master bath.”

I brought the towels into the den, and the little boys lined up to get fitted.

“We have to take our clothes off, if we’re going to really look like Indians, with loincloths,” my son said.

“I don’t think you should,” I said.

“But we want to be like real Indians,” my son said.

I hesitated a little but six kids begging can weaken any mom. And it was a hot summer day (so hot instead of pantyhose I’d worn stockings and no panties underneath my skirt). So, I agreed once again.

They all lined up and stripped down to their underwear. I fitted each one with a small towel in front, and one in back, held together with safety pins. I noticed their little penises poking out like a tent and I bit my tongue, I did not want to embarrass them.

“You know,” said my son, “real Indians didn’t wear underwear under their loincloths.”

They exchanged glances. my son went first and they all pulled their underwear down under the towels. I blushed when I realized that six little naked penises were throbbing, under the very small towels, in front of me.

“No to tie you up,” my son said and he pointed to a chair.

I sat there, pretending to struggle and calling out “oh, no, somebody help me, please, from these savage Indians!”

My hands were quickly tied in front of me and my ankles were tied together. The ropes were snug but with my experience with bondage I knew I could have easily gotten out of them. But I played along and pretended I couldn’t. The kids danced in a circle around me making whooping sounds and having fun. The feel of the ropes tied around my wrists stirred up memories and I felt a tingle in my nipples and pussy. It was just a game, I told myself, but the being tied up felt so good.

I noticed one of the boys picked up a neckerchief. When he walked around behind me I knew what was coming but made no protest. I had half expected they would gag me. Without a ball in the mouth, a gag isn’t very effective, so I let him pull the neckerchief between my lips and tie it off behind my neck. As I felt I felt the gag in my mouthed I bit into it and moaned. I closed my eyes for a second and I was twenty again, tied up and ready to be fucked by every guy in the frat.

I looked down to see my son pushing up my skirt so that he could tie my knees together. He pushed the skirt up much higher than he had to, half my thighs were exposed. I blushed and pushed my skirt back down with my hands.

“I guess she isn’t tied up well enough,” my son said.

Someone behind me slipped a loop of rope up around my arms. I felt a familiar tug of my shoulders being drawn back and realized my elbows just touched together behind your back. They then kept that rope tied while they freed my wrists, and then tied my hands behind me.

When we first started playing the game the tie up was a simple hands in front and ankles tied together. Now my thighs were tied, and my hands were securely tied behind my back. I shuddered and moaned, when I realized that I was at the mercy of these kids letting them tie me up like that. My pussy was soaking wet but I tried one last time to resist my urges.

“Ok, play’s over, these ropes are too tight”, I said. But it came out very muffled by the gag.

My son said “Sounds like she’s saying ‘my clothes are too tight.'”

With my elbows tied behind my back, my breasts were thrust forward. I could feel my nipples pressed against the tight fabric (I hoped my nipple rings weren’t obvious). My DD tits were stretching my blouse, straining the buttons. So my clothes were too tight, but that wasn’t my point. Still, I wanted them to loosen me, so I nodded my head.

A dozen hands reached for my blouse. Half of the buttons popped off as they pulled it open.

“Look at those,” a boy said and they all stared in awe.

My massive breasts and nipple rings were on full display to these kids. I blushed and wanted to say something, but then my son reached out and tugged on my nipple ring. My love of being a slave had come fully back and my son took command of me, although I realized, he already had.

“Feel her tits,” my son said and soon there were fingers pulling my rings, and pinching my nipples. The thought of myself tied up in the chair while they all fondled and ogled me was almost as arousing as the feel of the ropes and their fingers. My pussy quivered. I wanted to cum.

“Suck on them,” my son commanded

The fingers went away and lips latched onto my nipple. A tremor ran through my body, I pressed my breast forward, into a cub scout’s mouth.

“Each of you gets a turn,” my son said.

And so mouth after mouth licked, bit and sucked on my nipples. They stayed only long enough to tease me and when they were done my nipples were aching and stiff and I wanted more.

“We need to stand her up,” my son said.

Hands grabbed me, brushing up against my breasts, my ass, and my legs. They all heaved together, until I was standing on my toes, with my arms stretched out behind my back. Someone pulled my elbows up behind me and I bent forward. My skirt rose or was lifted up and I felt cool air across my now bare bottom. My ass was totally naked under the wild glances of the panting little Indians!

They started dancing around, and whooping. I could not believe they were ignore me as I stood there with my breasts hanging out and my ass totally naked under the wild glances of the Indians! I wanted their attention, their hands, their mouths.

“Time to make her a cowgirl,” my son said, “get the piano bench.”

They put the piano bench in front of me and raised my elbows further so that I was forced to bend over it. More ropes wrapped around my legs and the old ones were loosened. I felt hands pull my legs apart, and my legs were retied so I could not close them. My skirt was hitched up around my waist, leaving my ass and my pussy exposed. My arms were freed and my blouse pulled off, and then my arms were tied to the legs of the bench as well. It was a narrow bench so my breasts hung off the edge, dangling like udders.

Then they ran their hands over my tits once again, fingers pulling on my nipples rings. Little mouths were all over me, nibbling, and sucking, and biting, sensitive spots, until I thought I couldn’t stand any more. Hands ran up my thighs and my ass, and fingers probed every hole in my hot throbbing body.

“She’s ready,” my son said.

They lined up before me and I raised my head to look up at them. They ripped their towels off, and I stared at their little penises point straight at me. My son straddled my face, and thrust his penis between my gasping lips.

“Suck me” he said. “You are not my mom, you are my slave.”

And I was his slave. I wrapped my lips around his cock, and began to suck. I felt his little body shudder, as cum shot into my mouth. When he climbed off another took his place. Then I felt a probing penis at my pussy lips and I wriggled my ass trying to make it go in. At last he got it, and the little prick in my pussy drove me wild, as it popped in and out.

With just a small penis instead of a gag at last I could talk and I shouted “Oh, God! Oh I’m cumming! Fuck me with your little dick, shove your penis deep into my throat, I’m CUMMING!!”

As I arched my back, I felt fingers up my ass, and penises in my cunt and mouth, and I shook and shook as I came, until I couldn’t stand anymore, and collapsed on the bench.

There was a flash and I raised my head to see all six little boys standing beside me posing like Indians for the camera. I saw the pictures later with me tied up with cub scout cum dripping from my smiling mouth and pouring out of my pussy. I don’t know who else saw the pictures but my boy scout troop became very popular.

The next week they tied me up at the start of their patrol meeting. I figured I might as well get use to this and it’s a good thing I did. Because until my son turned 18 and got out of Boy Scouts, a troop of boys met with one tied, gagged, and stripped mother one afternoon a week.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.