The Hit Man (Mg,bond,anal,oral,rape,scat)

The Hit Man (Mg,bond,anal,oral,rape,scat)

Prologue: A hit man with pedo tendency takes on his job with enthusiasm. Don’t read unless you like the dark side of life.

Author: Lone Dog

Jake was a bad ass, always had been. The only thing he’d cared about was power. Those he had power over and those who had power over him. He was raised in the hierarchy of a bike gang sense he was nine. Took a few ass fucking back then by some of the older bikers, but that stop after he shot the last motherfucker who took him. That’s when he realized people only respected power. The only thing he had to learned quick was those who were more powerful than him. They made the rules he played by.

So when the ‘hit’ came down he was more than willing to snuff the motherfucker, who ever he was. He had the address of the walking dead man and staked it out for a bit. The bastard was married, she was collateral damage, the bitch was ugly. But the daughter was another matter, in that six to eight range he’d taking to really liking lately. Yeah he’d have to snuff her but an hour or two interlude was icing on the cake. He set the date for when he knew they be asleep and gathered up the tools of his trade.

The set time came, this wasn’t his first time by a long shot he’d gone on a hit alone, but when there was a bonus involved his heart always raced a little. Usually the top dogs didn’t care how it was done and if it could be covered up as a crime of opportunity, all the better.

Cora kissed her daddy good night, her bath was over and homework done and went on up to her room. She had school tomorrow and after was going to a friends seven year old birthday. The already rapped gift was setting on her dresser ready to go. She was excited because her seventh birthday was only a month away. Her mother called after her on the way up. “Good night.. Dear”

“Good night” she called back from her room all ready there.

She slipped off the nightie and slipped into the bed wearing only her pink panties. Light out and soon she was asleep with tomorrow looking so bright.

Jake was a professional, for the most part. He was in full battle gear, for the hit and interlude after. The house had no security to speak of and slipping up to the rear door he had it open with hardly a whisper. Moving through the kitchen the floor was solid not even a squeak ‘good’. The TV was on in the other room, he peered in seeing his target and the collateral damage winding down eyes intent on the flat screen. With a well practiced move he pulled out the pistol, silencer attached took aim and in two well place shots dropped them both. Jake walked slowly over delivering the coup-De-grace, job done. He pulled out the camera taking the necessary pictures.

Taking a deep breath he turned his attention to the ‘icing on the cake’, the sweet little bitch he knew to be just upstairs. He had seen several family pictures and the girl stood out, this would be a perfect end to the day. Shame he’d have to snuff her too, but all in a days work. He left the TV on and climbed the stares, the house had the standard layout for what a upper middle class people had nowadays, he knew the outer walls to be thicker than most. No sound would be heard from outside, there would have to be no restraint on his part, the girls room easy to find.

Cora was deep into sleep when something strong grab her leg pulling her toward the foot of the bed, she looked up startled seeing a big strong looking man staring down as her. His bare strong arms covered in tattoos she screamed as his strong hands started pulling her her pink panties off her, the sound of them ripping loud through the room. She screamed again her arm being pulled behind her and all the struggling she could muster seemed not to have any affect.

Jake had everything he needed for what he had planned. He had been in a ornery mood lately needing some relief of sorts. He stood looking at the young girl sleeping, covers had slipped off her leaving nothing to the imagination, his cock going hard in the confines of his pants. He didn’t want to be here to long but looking at her now he was sure he would have to make a exception in this case. He would like to have the choice of bringing her to a more private place but leaving with her wouldn’t be easy ‘Damn’ he’d have to do her here, best anyway, it’d look like a crime of opportunity. He pulled out a length of rope he’d need for now.

Cora found herself flipped belly down over her bed a coarse loop of rope went tight around one wrist behind her then pulled high up her bare back. The rope was quickly looped around her neck and her other wrist pull high and tied there. When she was released her arms hurt some from being so far up her back and the rope bit uncomfortably into her neck. She turned over her mind looking for an escape but the powerful man was on her again, she screamed again.

Jake finished tying the little bitch up making sure it was really snug. Her arms were high up her back, the rope loop around her neck keeping them there. Any struggling would be more than a little discomfort because of the coarse rope he used. He had studied her in the pictures building up his fantasy use of her and reached into his bag of goodies.

Cora was in midscream when the metal ring was stuffed into her mouth, twisted cruelly behind her front teeth forcing her mouth open so wide her jaw hurt. That brought her attention into focus her fear wide eyes locking onto the man before her. He looked evil and she could see no emotion from him as he went on fastening the two straps on each side of the metal ring around her head, her tongue working hard to push it from her mouth but couldn’t. Finished the man stood leaving her setting on the bed his hard gaze looking her nude young body over. She grew scared a feeling of helplessness growing in her. He started pulling off his clothes and she then knew she was really in trouble. Arms still bound behind her she lurched from the bed running for the still open door. Cora was through it in an instant and charged wide eyed down the hall her blond streaked hair swinging wildly about. She never made it, he caught her three feet from the stairs, the sounds from the TV downstairs loud to her ears.

‘Why wasn’t her parents doing anything’ she thought and cried out ineligibly through the metal ring holding her young mouth open. Nothing…

He simply picked her up in his horribly strong arms and carried her back legs kicking to her room. The door slammed shut behind them and she was tossed onto the bed breathing heavily and shaking from the surge adrenalin still surging through her. Cora watched him unzip his dark one piece overalls letting them drop, he stepped out of them and just like that the man stood in just his boxers a huge bulge showing in front.

‘The bitch ran’ Jake thought ‘good’ he enjoyed it better when thing came up unexpected his own pulse rate rising as his own mind sunk into the game. He pulled his boxers down letting his ten inch stiff cock free. He knew from experience this would get her attention, and it did. He checked the time it was a little after 10:00 pm he wanted to be out in two hours way more than enough time. Her young wet tongue could clearly be seen moving around in her opened mouth feeling over the metal ring. Jake had used it more than once his ample cock just able to go through the ring ‘Oh.. the memories the thing held’ and this would be another one to chalk up.

Her hair was sleep tangled, adding to her uniqueness and he rubbed over his cock making it even stiffer as his imagination readied its self to become reality. She wasn’t the first by far, the last mark had a young boy of five years old. ‘Damn’ he could still see the heart racing image of his terror fill rape in his mind ‘icing on the cake’. Looking around Jake found the girls bathroom, she had a private one, all the more better. He reached up almost having to chase her over the bed and grabbed her by the hair.

“Come with me”

Cora had no choice, it hurt, his hand gripping in her hair pulled her forward off the bed. She was at a loss as to why her parents weren’t charging in to stop this man. She was pulled along cruelly into her small bathroom his grip becoming even more unbearable in her hair. Still holding her hair he place her on the other side of the toilet reaching down and lifting the seat up. Standing there his adult penis throbbed stiffly close in front of her, she looked at it in disbelief that this was really happening at all. Her head was gripped by both of his fiercely strong hands. The penis even closer and she just ‘knew’ what he was trying to do now. Cora tugged her head trying to pull it free her eyes wide watching in horrid disbelief everything taking place. Her body squirmed in place but her head was locked in the terribly strong grip of his hands the long stiff penis went under her button nose passing through the metal ring.

Her mouth was filled with the taste of the adult organ and her ears pick up the man groan of pleasure. The sound of his lusty groan bringing a welling of fear through her as the fleshy tip moved in her mouth, she could see his loin moving guiding the heart throbbing stiff thing around with practiced moves. To her horror it was leaking something salty and slimy the taste spreading filling every part of her mouth with the adult male taste.

This was the best part for Jake, he love the control, and kids were easy, well some more so than others. This girl fell right into his preferred age, sex, and build. She was slender the type that just put him into a state. ‘Yes’ he was going to enjoy this a lot. He looked down as his cock entered into her warm moist mouth. The intense feeling surging through his body, his mind engulfed in the sensation. ‘Oh Yes’ he was going to lose himself in this. He guided her head lower forcing her hunch over his mind gauging when her throat lined up just right…

Cora stared down the thick fleshy length into the mat of adult pubic hair. His strong hands guiding her head, forcing her to bend over the toilet, then a change in his stance had her realizing a second before he moved what he was doing. Still the shock of his lunge held her as the adult male penis tip popped into her throat, it took only a couple second before her gag reflex went full swing. The world slowed the whole thing happening in slow motion and she could feel it all playing out. Her stomach lurched, lurched again forcing something up against the thick plug of flesh some of the foul stuff getting into her lungs choking her. The thing pulled out with an loud wet ‘pop’ a rush of liquid went into the toilet bowl leaving her coughing, gagging, strings of the stuff dripping off her chin.

Jake’s mind took it all in, his long term memory imprinting it deep into his mind. He had a awful lot of cock for a young girl to take, ‘but what the hell’ it didn’t mater at this point, she was just the fringe benefit ‘icing on the cake’ perks of the job. He check the time ‘plenty’….

Cora was still gasping wetly for a clean breath that didn’t catch in her lungs. Even though her her mouth was wedged open by the metal ring, her mouth would have been that way anyway her mind revolting from the adult male taste and the probe into her throat. Her eyes were watered over so much tears ran over her cheeks. Snot ran from one nostril into her mouth. The penis reentered her now slimy mouth leaving her blinking to clear her eyes, the man’s loin coming into view just as it surge toward her face. It stopped for only a second at the back of her mouth, popping deeper into her throat this time. She welled up immediately the thick stiff penis slipping even deeper before her gagging hit full tilt. Cora could feel her body writhing under the strain her head held firmly in place against her thrashing torso thumping around the confining space of the small bathroom.

Jake stared down in awe of the young girl. Only two inches of cock remained outside of her hot wet mouth. The mussels of her young body writhed under her gagging action, feet, legs thumping against the wall on the other side of the toilet. Jake wanted that last two inches, want to see, no ‘needing to see’ her head against his loin. Another pressing lung left him staring down pulling her small head toward his loin as he worm his cock even deeper into the gagging wet orifice.

It was horrible, and Cora felt her tummy surge it’s content violently against the plug of thick penis, the penis worming still deeper. Her throat mussels working to swallow and expel all at the same time. Her face mashed firmly into the mat of hair she had seen at the man’s loin. Everything coming together in a mix of choking, gagging, vain gasps from her lungs to breathe through it all.

It was more than fucking awesome and Jake could only watch her intently, doing his best to gauge what was too long a time to hold her face against his pubes. He could feel her throat mussels working as if to swallow his cock ‘fucking awesome’ looking down over her young slender back he could make out each straining mussel movement ‘fucking awesome’ she was winding down and he figured it was time pulling his cock from her slimy oral orifice. Slime came down in strings from her small chin, her sweat damp face a map of dazed shock. She was ready, and there would be no fight left in her.

She could feel herself passing out the world closing in, the stiff adult penis pulled out. Cora choked in a slimy wet gasp of air spewing it back out a couple feet in a harsh wet cough. A hand in her hair pulled her staggering along with it coughing, choking up gobs of slimy phlegm, air was a luxury, with her not getting her share. She was tossed face down onto her bed still tied hands high up her back, rope looped tight around her neck. The man climbing up on the bed behind her over her legs the metal ring pulled from her mouth leaving her jaw aching still gasping, swallowing her throat raw.

Jake grabbed the small tube of harsh dish soap on his way past the his pack. He lifted the young girl up onto the bed laying her ruffly belly down along the length her head toward the head board. He quickly removed her ring gag tossing over onto his bag. He’d not be needing it again. He opened the small but more than ample amount of thick dish soap and coated his ten inch cock. He had climbed up over her legs that ran down between his kneeling legs looking down onto her enticing young girl buttocks, her hands tied high up her back adding to the excitement that was surging even higher inside him. He reached down spreading the slender tight girl buttocks eying the tight pink anus. One of his hands went to guiding his cock onto the pink target. He checked the time ‘Plenty’…

Cora lay there trying to gasp in a good clean breath, having to swallow then cough wetly and still not coughing up enough thick phlegm to catch her breath. Her whole world was adsorbed by the effort her mind close off to what the man was up to. A thick blunt pressure went hard against her butt-hole bringing her focus back into the here and now. Another lunge onto her butt-hole and she came head up off the bed from the sharpest pain her asshole had ever felt ‘the man had put it into her butt’ the gripping sharpness of the stretching pain was unbelievable.

“A-a-R-g-g” she cried out, her voice harsh coming from her freshly abused throat.

It took a long moment before her mind snapped into action everything she had heard from friends about evil men that liked to put their penis into the butts of little girls flooded through her with a new meaning. In the silence of the room her senses pick up on the excitement in his breathing. His hands on her young buttocks gripping her there and she just knew he was staring down at where he entered her. She coughed wetly her ears picking up on a loud pleasurable groan coming from him. A shuffle from him as he made the blatant unmistakable moves of his intent.

“No.. no,no,no” Cora cried hoarsely

His cock head was held in a tight shaking grip of the young slender girls stretched anal mussel. Her small head shot up with her crying out, it was the most perfect thing, he took it all in, every trembling movement her young body made in that instant. But he had to get moving, rap things up as the time allowed. And eying up along the sweet back of her young slender girl body he got on with it humping inward doing his best to dig deeper into her awfully tight young rectum. His slimy stiff cock able to get well into the grasp of her young hot rectum before he stopped taking in the entirety of the scene.

Cora was held in the grip of the most discomforting pain she could imagine coming from her young rectum, her mind could hardly rap it’s self around the shear stretching thickness of the adult penis. Her hands writhed about behind her the loop of rope biting abrasively deep into her neck. The fleshy stiffness flexed making her cry out, the feeling of something alive snaking thickly up into her rectum scared her more than anything. Another worming hard press from the stiff adult penis and her eyes went wide feeling the blunt end wedge painfully against a deep place at the end of her rectum. She collapsed into her bed her world the thickness holding her rectum stretched open around it.

Jake was engulfed in the shear tightness of the rectal passage of the young girl and he stared down at where his thick cock entered her through her perfect buttocks. He could even feel her anus mussel still tight and hugging in a ring around his cock shaft, not quite half his cock up into her bottom. He knew from experience he was lodged to the end of her tight rectum. He’d like to gut fuck her but she wasn’t ready just yet she needed some rectal work yet. He checked the time a little more than a hour left ‘still Plenty’….

A fit of wet coughing went through Cora, the hands on her hips digging in and the man groaned again his breathing changing.

“Thats it girl.. Thats it” his voice lust filled.

The thick penis seemed to get even stiffer the longer the body jarring coughs continued ‘oh god, he’s enjoying this’ she thought. The thick phlegm still in her young lungs made it all but impossible to stop and she sunk into another fit till she cleared some out. The thick slick penis was moving now in her rectum going back and forth tugging the walls of her rectum along with it, the blunt tip always pressing hard at the end of her rectum before pulling back a bit. And it wasn’t stopping just going on and on, her rectum growing sensitive to the continuous movement.

Jake was fucking ‘sodomizing’ the little bitch with a short but strong steady strokes enjoying the way her rectal passage reluctantly let his thick cock move through it. He’d done this before but it could never grow old each kid unique. But he could see and knew her back fuck hole was growing sensitive and the dish soap he used would acerbate his moving cock into something most pleasurable, at least for him.

“A-h.. Oh-h…” She groaned out.

He could see her starting to react and his grip on her hips adjusted, tightened in anticipation of… There it was.. Her whole slender young body welled tensely up.. he could feel the sudden uncontrolled pleasurable push from her bowel mussels. Totally absorbed in the view he humped away, steady at first but unable to contain his lust his movement growing more and more abandoned.

Cora’s rectum was ready to revolt from the continued movement. Her face flushed hotly she just knew the cruel man was watching her closely, another lusty moan from behind her just drove that point home. A surprisingly strong body straining push erupted inside her bowel with no way to stop it. The man behind her never slowing making the harsh urge continue much too long, to her shock the fiercely stiff penis became more aggressive in its movements till she cried out unable to handle it any more. She still straining drew another breath and screamed again her bowel locking up tight in a painful grip around the fleshy thick thing.

Jake was lost in the moment her tight convulsing rectum becoming his whole world. But halfway through her second jagged scream her rectum cramped up tightly around his cock ‘heaven’ even if he had to stop, unable to move his cock through the tightly gripping rectal tube. ‘Hell’ ready or not he was ready for some real action and pulling her with him to the foot of the bed, her legs going over the side. He ran his knees between her legs spreading them wide, looking down he could see her tightly squeezing opened anus on the shaft of his cock. Her cramping rectal mussels eased up, he was on her in a second.

She was being pulled back acrossed her bed her legs going over the foot. The man’s knees forced her legs open and still her rectum remained cramped around the thickness. She finely got it under control but in that moment the blunt tip hammered hard to the end of her rectal passage. She felt the strong man leaning in over his head coming in next to her own head.

“Honey I still got six inches of cock to get into you”

The man buried his face into her hair for a moment breathing in deeply. Then a growing pressure started forming at the end of her rectum as he moved his hip this way and that, the hard knot becoming unbearable to handle deep inside her. The blunt tipped knot moved and she gasped in sharply the penis opening a sudden path even deeper into her bottom. This time Cora screamed in shock of something that was unexplainable in the sensations that filled into her large intestine.

Jake had breathed in deeply enjoying her youthful scent from her hair. But he needed release that only her young intestine could now provide. He grasped her hips even harder knowing just the right angle his own cock needed to go and worked his hip with well practiced planned pressing moves till he felt the signs of give, angling into her large intestine. A sharp sucking gasp from her met his ears the moment his cock head slipped into this new deep love channel. Then a ear splitting scream. He rode it out letting it subside into a whining pant before easing forward again his mind tuned only to the feel of the deep quivering hugging tube of young tight girl gut as his sensitive cock head past through it. His loin pressed tightly up into the cleft of her small buttocks his cock fully in place.

His excited mind racing with the fact that the only thing to ever pass this deeply through her young tight intestinal tube was her stool and his cock swelled even stiffer at the crude thought. Jake took a second to gather himself, letting his hands roam over her ridged trembling slight young body. A deep barely audible rumble inside the young girl reminded him that the harsh dish soap was hard at work too. And he was more than ready for the action to come.

Cora intestine felt the harsh intrusion by revolting sending waves of indescribable sensations and mixed urges to rush to the bathroom all at once. Then came the harshness of the thick bulbous knot of adult penis tip moving farther through the deep tube of her intestine, her mind reeled and body went into quivering shock before the thing stopped moving into her deep bowel. She could feel his loin pressed to her backside her young mind reeling just knowing how long his penis was. In a way it was a relief it couldn’t go up into her gut farther. And she froze in place, a gurgling rumble from her abdomen loud even to her and to her shock a feeling she should be running to the bathroom and soon growing more intense deep inside her, the horribly thick penis flexed stiffer still staying that way this time. She felt the changing grip of his hands as they went hooking around her hip bone and the more aggressive change in his stance. The male penis more than ridged enough seemed now way too stiff making her twist slightly angling her young body to relieve the disconcerting ridged straightness.

Jake’s cock had stiffened up harder than it had been in a long time. And he watched the young girl twist up in an effort to find relief and that made him harder still. Another deep gurgling from her was happily received by his ears, her head shot up with her looking around in confusion but Jake knew she was about ready to slip over the edge his own sensitive cock head deep in her large intestine posed, ready. Then he felt on the tip of his cock a thick movement of her deep stool.

“A-A-a-a…” She groaned a look of loss frozen on her young face.

He let the pressure built feeling the thick stuff trying to slip around his cock head. He pulled back making sure not to slip back into her rectum and surge back in sodomizing her now aggressively going only toward his own release. Letting the now harsh sounds of his vile lovemaking fill the room accented by her piercing screams to stop.

Cora tried to will the urge to use the bathroom to subside, she was already twisted oddly over the stiff adult penis and it got harder still making her adjust some more. Her gut rumbled again the feeling of movement unmistakable her mind turning inward her face flushing hotly as her deep poop went against the bulbous penis. The urge to go growing she could feel the pressure building horribly. The penis exploded into a pummeling movement through her large intestine and she scream the world going into horrid rush of loud sounds and sensation that filled the room, her screams mixing with them.

Jake eyes went wide watching the young girl endure the best child sodomy he had ever had in his life. The sounds of churning young girl stool coming from her tight intestinal tube and her tense mussels rippling through out her young slender body had him moving quickly toward release. His mind taking it all in needing to remember everything. Balls tingling, lifting into place. He pulled her upright off the bed needing to be kissing her at the moment of release. His loin going up into her spread buttocks a hand of his turning her young shocked face toward his his. His lip found hers, his tongue digging deep through her young mouth she offered no resistance her mind he knew turn inward onto his fully embedded sperm pumping cock. The last of his sperm released he simply tugged his cock free watching her cramp up her young body writhing over the small bed till it subsided. ‘Damn’ that was good.

Well time to go, he went over to his bag grabbing a premade length of rope. Flipping the girl over onto her back he tied an end to her ankle then forcing her leg up close to her head he loop the rope twice around her neck then grabbed the other leg. Holding it close to head he held it there till tied to the other end. He rose letting her legs go to rise on their own, the rope went tight.

Cora was consumed in the harsh world that was the pummeling penis going through her intestine. A sudden slam of the mans loin up into the cleft of her buttocks and swelling of the stiff thing held her attention fully. She plainly felt a spray of hot liquid go deep into her gut knowing from instinct alone what it was, it sprayed another huge amount into her, the man’s tongue working through her mouth the whole time. But the man seed pumping adult penis held her full attention. The thick penis pull out suddenly to the shock of her young bowel which found nothing to grasp. The painful cramp that followed had her tautly stiff legged writhing over her bed for a long moment.

The man came up suddenly flipping her over onto her back she could see the tip of his softening penis coated with poop ‘hers’. He had a rope, her exhausted young body not able to fend him off any more. He tied it to her ankle lifting her leg high toward her head, holding her leg he looped the robe around her neck. Grabbing her other leg he pulled it up also close to her head tying the end to her other ankle. When he released her legs they popped up on their own the rope around her neck going tight. She fought to lower her legs, to bring slack to the rope, but the effort was for not, the rope tightened more. Her eyes flashed about the room seeing him in the bathroom washing his penis in the sink. The rope tightened even more. He walked out and started dressing. She saw a camera come up in his hand and a flash, her head pounded the world fading….

Jake sat at home a call came in, another hit. He had some research to do.


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