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Dungeon Fun (Mb,Mg,nc,tort,bound)

Prologue: A dark story with a tragic end, not to be read by the faint of heart.

The sounds of high pitched agony echoed in the dimly lit hall, an occasional intense scream went loud over the rest. I stood in line with a mix of other kids some boys most girls, a door at the head of the line would open with the screams growing and another kid or two would be led through the opening. Most looking in and stopping in their track before before being pulled in from the other side, the door would slam shut again. Most of the kids were crying, some sobbing, all of us had been stripped naked, arms bound tightly behind each us.
A couple older women clad in tight leather and wearing masks walked up and down the line with small whip occasionally taking swipes at one or more of us. We all huddled against the wall as the line slowly moved toward the door. I had been walking home from a friends house when a car stopped suddenly as two people jump out grabbing me before I could even think of getting away. Being not quite seven years old and just a girl how could I possibility know that something like this could happen. And now I am scared and each move of the line closer to the dreaded door has my legs going weak, my whole body shaking at time.
There was a slightly younger boy in line in front of me, we were crowded close to each other and it felt uncomfortable being so close to his naked body. I had only sisters at home and couldn’t help but to look at his boy parts as he too fidgeted about close to the wall. The door opened the loud frightening sound suddenly loud for a moment. The line moved again the fear deepened inside me. I sob in loudly, one of the women stopped in front of me swinging the small leather whip at me till I quieted tears streaming down, the whip leaving fading welts over my body. Never had I been hit so hard by an adult. It was a shock to find out they could do this at all.
The boy was now next in line to go through the door. His eyes wide with fear at the sounds coming through the closed door. One of the women stood there watching over us by the door one of her hands on the bare shoulder of the young trembling boy. I realized I was shaking too, my whole body over come, the door opened. The tall leather clad women shook her head once and I jumped as she placed her hand on my shoulder gripping hard as she guided me with the boy through the door. Both of us stopped in our tracks as the agonizing sounds loudly assaulted our senses. The boy stopped suddenly with me bumping into him and freezing in place also.
A wide curtain blocked off our view from behind it. Another women clad the same as the ones out in the hall snapped a collar around the boys neck then clipping on a chain leash, then did the same to me. The tugging on the leashes she motioned for us to follow tugging harder as we both hesitated and were jerked wide eyed in terror through the wide curtain. Into the center of the ebbing screams and strained groans of other kids.
It was a large room divided into room like open cubicles that has thin see through curtains pulled across the front. We were led down across a group of them. A cut off scream came from the first one as we passed, my eyes seeing a man fully nude close behind a young boy that was pinned up against a cushioned wide chair. His loin pressed to the boys bottom, he was choking the boy with a short rope with handles on the end that was tight around his small neck. I could see the rope biting in cruelly, wide eyed in terror, his small mouth open, tongue almost sticking out. The mans face locked in ecstasy as he stared at the boy. The chain tugged and we were pulled onward. The next cubicle flashed by a bound girl head over the side of table, something metal holding her mouth open, a naked man in front of her pressing his loin forward, his penis went into her mouth with a shocking wet gagging sound, her slight form lurching.
A few cubes down a young girl was being pulled out along the floor through another door eyes wide in frozen terror, she wasn’t moving ‘was she dead’ We both were led up to this cubicle and ushered through the thin curtain. The room looked like it had just been cleaned and the women brought up to the back facing toward the front, holding the leashes…. waiting. Moments later two men came in, dressed. She handed the leashes to the men and left, pulling the thin curtain closed. The men started undressing, folding their cloths placing them on a small table. The boy and I stood arms still bound behind us trembling at the back of the room, the chains hanging down from the collars around our necks, screams and other horrific sounds coming from all around us.
The men now nude turned toward us. All I could see was their adult penis’s and seemingly huge testicles. Their adult penis’s seemed to be swelling and one man went about rubbing his ‘it was growing’ getting stiff. The sight shocked me, the boy also looked on, his fear as tangible as was mine.
“All the way” The man slapped the hand of the man beside him.
“All The Way..” the other man said.
They went over to a cabinet, opening it pulling out all kinds of scary things, one of which I had seen before. The short rope with handles on the end and another, the thing that had been placed into the girls mouth to keep it open. Then one of the men looked at the boy rubbing his penis, one of the men grabbed my neck chain and placed it over a hook that seemed to be made for it. And turned his attention to the boy the other man was already guiding to the odd shaped padded chair. The man with the boy had picked up a jar of petroleum jelly, opening it and went about spreading over his now intensely stiff adult penis. The other man stood to the side with an odd smirk on his face.
The boy looked franticly around as he was quickly being brought under control of the man. The man with the jelly on his cock forced the boy over to the cushioned chair grabbing the modified rope with handles placing it within easy reach. The boy was panicking now having seen what I had as we were led here.
“NO.. No.. Please….No” He cried, pleading with them.
The young boy much smaller soft organ in sharp contrast to the adult men whose penis’s were stiff, long, terrifyingly thick. He was forced up against the chair and over it with the one man coming up quickly behind him. Guiding his stiff penis toward his buttocks, pressing between his ass cheeks. The boy screamed, adding to the other loud sounds echoing around the area. The man lunged into the boys crack, worming the bulbous head of his penis as snugly as he could. The boy swiveled his head around eyes franticly looked from man to man with a pleading terrified look.
“See I told you” The standing man said to the man behind the boy “There’s no way to to get it in his ass that way, he’ll just clamp up… Wait, let me show you how”
The standing man grabbed my chain pulling me toward the odd shaped cushioned chair. Stopping me in front of it, reaching down to floor. It was then I saw the hand cuffs, one end around the leg of the chair the other opened ready to be latched. He pulled one ankle to it clasping it into place on the small part of my leg above my ankle. Then grabbing the other leg, sliding it over to another one with the same setup and did the same, leaving me standing legs open a couple feet apart. All I could do was watch, my whole body shaking nervously now after feeling his strong steady grip on me.
“See it leaves them open… No way to clamp up” he said with some pride.
“Okay….” The other man catching on and used the other cuffs, doing the same to the boy.
We both now stood facing the wide cushioned chair, side by side. Both of us looked nervously around watching the men readying themselves. Another short handled rope thing was pulled out and laid down close to the other, within easy reach of the men.
“Want to play a game I like to call ‘Gut Rush’” the man coming up behind me grinned.
“Hows it played” The other asked, his hands going around the boy, fondling over the boys much smaller penis and testicles.
“Before we can start” he said kneeling down in back of me, his hand going around my naked torso, feeling over my abdomen “Both cocks have to be fully embedded”
“Okay.. Okay” the other replied excitedly, one hand fondling the boys organ, the other now rubbing, feeling over the boys abdomen.
“You’ll be able to tell when you’ve plugged into his large intestine, seat yourself, if your first and let me catch up, I’ll do the same”
“Okay… Okay…” “What then”
“Place your garrote around his neck, on the count of three start pumping as fast as you can, remember don’t pull from his gut. May not get back in with out some effort”
He went on “One hundred humps without cumming, then only after that garrote him the moment you cum”
“I’m in” was all he said.
“It’ll be harder that you think, just getting to a hundred with out unloading is the hard part….. After that ‘Heaven…’”
The jar of jelly opened, I jumped from the sound, it seemed loud through the sound of strained moans and screams going around the room. My arms tugged tentatively testing the bonds that held them together behind me. The metal cuffs around my ankles felt cold against my skin. I saw the jar handed to the other man and turn to look. The man behind me was smearing the jelly thickly over his stiff penis making it shine menacingly thick, and much too long looking in the light of the cubicle. Movement crossing the thin curtain as a young girl was brought by, her eyes wide with fear as she stared in, then was gone.
He wiped his hands on a towel, moving in closer hands going to my body, feeling over me as the other man finished with the jar, putting it down and looking over to the other man.
“Calm before the storm” The man said behind me an evil sound to his voice.
“Ready” was echoed back.
The caressing hands were pulled from my body abruptly. My head spun as a rush of fear drenched adrenalin surged through me. A hand strongly grasped around the back of my neck, fingers going around tightly, placing me in full control of the man behind me. The warm bulbous head of his penis that I had just moments before seen him spreading the jelly thickly over pressed dead center onto my anus guided by his other hand, and shoved without pause, expertly. I screamed as my anus opened letting the blunt massive thing into my rectum.
My buttock want to clench up around the sharpest, worst pain I have ever felt, but couldn’t. My ankles pulled against the cuff chains, his hand gripping my neck keeping me under his complete control.
“This has always been my favorite part” I heard the man say behind me to the other.
The boy suddenly screamed out beside me.
“Making head way, aren’t we” He jived at the other man.
The hand around the back of my neck tightened, the thick penis lunged pressing hard moving deep, the inside of my rectum forced to stretch to accommodate the stiff thing. I collapsed down but the stabbing sharpness of the pain had me up again lurching, my bound arms straining, legs tugging as my buttocks tried in vain to clench and couldn’t with my legs held open. The boy bobbed erringly the same beside me, while crying out for help, for the man to stop. And I was doing the same, my voice ringing in my ears above the others in the large room.
I just wanted it to stop but the man was blind to the agony he was inflecting and deaf to my pleas to stop. The penis wedged deep up into my rectum, pressing hard there, leaving me overcome by the feeling of the massively thick penis holding my back hole open around it.
Thankfully he had stopped forcing the thing forward and I gathered myself, my full attention on the gripping thickness and blunt press deep in my rectum. The boy suck in with sobbing gasps beside me, I was doing the same. Tears, and sweat ran down my face, my hair damp with it.
“Now for the gut” the voice loud behind me.
The man seemed to adjust himself slightly behind me, time seemed to stand still, then a sudden press. The blunt pressure press hard, the hurt escalating ten fold as the blunt tip of his penis seem to come alive deep up in my butt. Angling this way and that, all the while pressing adding pain onto the pain till I was consumed by the agony of it and crying out hysterically for it to end. I lurch ridged twisting in his grip suddenly, my body conforming to the stiff rod as it slipped deeper up into me. The shock of it held me ridged in his controlling grip. I could even feel plainly his course haired loin as it went onto my butt, up into the held open cleft of my ass cheeks. A loop of rope went over my head and around my neck feeling much to snug there.
“Ready” loud behind me.
Seconds later the other man “Ready”
“One, two, three…. GO!” them together.
A hand went around me fingers digging into my abdomen feeling over the area the thick blunt penis terminated, the other gripping the rope around my neck tugging on it harshly forcing me to raise up to keep from being choked by it. The bulbous blunt thickness in my intestine tugged back suddenly, cruelly. Only to fire forward again leaving me to convulse in a exaggerated spasm from the sudden movement in my gut. I lurched in his grip.
“One, two, three, four, five…..” Came from him behind me in rapid succession.
It was horrible, the feeling of it, the rapid pummeling, the growing audible sound coming from my gut as the bulbous head rapidly found its way through the snug tube of my intestine.
“Thirty three, thirty four, thirty five thirty…..”
The pummeling stopped with him pressed to my bottom with him panting out hotly across my back leaving me still lurching as if he was still humping into me for a few more moments.
“Told you it wouldn’t be easy” he said to the other man “Almost came”
The other man was still hump deeply into the boy adsorbed by the young kids movement as he pummeled away deep in his boy gut. “Fifty nine, sixty, sixty one….”
I came to my senses long enough to glance over at the poor boy, the man madly humping deeply as he held the lurching boy, keeping him somewhat under his control. The man behind me brought me back with a sudden movement as he himself went into action again, trying to catch up.
My bowel lurch awake with a sudden and urgent need to defaecate and a abrupt pushing wave gripped my gut forcing making me to strain vilely, uncontrollably over the deeply pummeling actions of the mans stiff penis. “Forty two, forty three, forty four, forty…” coming rapidly… too rapidly.
The boy cried out, his scream turning into a straining howl, behind him the man “Ninety eight, ninety nine, ONE Hundred” in triumph his penis now a blur humping up into the boy with urgent need.
“Ninety five, ninety six…”The man behind me never pausing in his effort to catch up.
The rope tightened a bit as he hit “One Hundred”
The penis pummeling through my now poop churned still straining gut suddenly went into full lust filled strokes, all constraints of his vile lust lifted. I was pulled almost upright from the chair by the neck rope tugging backwards, his thick penis never pausing as it moved up into my fiercely sensitive straining bowel, he stilled tried to still win this vile game. The boys cries choked to a stop with the man behind him moaning out loudly, overcome, as he released his man seed up into the boys gut. Still ruffly pulled me upright by the taunt neck rope, the violent movements of the man behind me continued unabated, I was only vaguely aware of the boy falling limply onto the cushion beside me unmoving, the looped rope still sharply biting into his neck.
The thick adult penis swelled stiffer then drove pressing up into the clef of my buttocks, swelling even more, spewing a spray of hot man seed, the neck rope snapped tight choking me. My head pounded as the blood was cut off. Terror…. terror… Panicked Terror…..

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