Young Girls School For Sex (Mgggg,pedo,inc)

Young Girls School For Sex (Mgggg,pedo,inc)

Introduction: A man set ups a school for little girls under 6yo to learn about sex.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

I had a great idea for a man like me. I enjoyed young girls. It was so exciting having them fondle, hold, lick and suck my stiff cock. Talk about out of this world when I would slip my cock up into their tight little pussy’s. I love it. No I never forced any of them. They were always willing to suck my cock and let me fuck them.

I always had their parents permission to and the parents were always there watching as I fucked their little girl and filled her little cunt full of my hot sperm. I always wished that I could get the pregnant when they were so young but, I knew it would not happen.

That was ok though because I had managed to impregnate a couple of ten year old girls for their parents. They knew it was mine because I was the only one who had fucked their daughters during their fertile time.

Of course a couple of the mothers had also been fucked by me when they were in their fertile time. They would suck and fuck me having me cum in their fertile cunts, then they would have me fuck their daughters, with mama and daddy watching. Daddy usually let me watch him fuck his young daughter after he watched me fuck them and cum in them.

Several of the young girls I had enjoyed fucking were also relatives, including my own sisters, young daughter who was pregnant with my baby, six months so. My young niece was all of eleven years old. My sister is delighted that her daughter is having my baby. Of course my sister is also talked to her husband about me getting her pregnant also. He so far is all for it.

Anyway back to my idea. I was really surprised by the response I got. Some from relatives and some from complete strangers friends of relatives.

I decided to start a school with only three or four young girls. The girls would be under the age of six. The school would be for a month and would be to teach and show young girls all about sex. All about a cock, all about sucking a cock, all about their tight little virgin cunts, and about it being licked and sucked and all about having a man’s big cock plunging in and out of their tight little virgin pussies and even their tight little virgin asses, so that when then would go home, they would really know how to suck and fuck their daddies and anyone else their mama and daddy wanted them to fuck.

As I said, I was surprised at the response I got, from parents wanting me to accept their little girls for the class. Willing to let them stay with me for the month of the class.

The first little girl to be enrolled in my class was little Kelly, she was really cute, and she was only four years old. I knew she would really be tight to fuck but I knew she would be able to take my cock up into her. I knew she would even be able to take my stiff cock up her tight little ass and that she would stretch and adjust to where she would be able to take a cock in all of her openings with out a lot of pain. Oh yes, little Kelly was a cousin’s little girl, that my sister told about the class I was going to start.

The next was little Tawny, she was also cute as hell, and she was five. I was delighted at the first attendees of my class.

Then the third was little Cami, I wasn’t sure about her because she was young, younger than what I was really thinking. Little Cami was only three years old. Actually she was three and a half years old. But her parents almost begged me to take her. I did but a little bit reluctant. Little Cami was not a relative, her parents were friends of my cousin who’s daughter I was also going to be teaching. They planned on swapping daughters after my class and after their fathers enjoy their daughters for a while.

That was all in my first class, but it was enough.

Each girl had their own bedroom, although they could sleep together if they wanted too. They would all be watching me fuck both of the other girls.

They would all learn it together.

Our first class was great. I held it in my living room with the three girls naked. I was also video taping it all.

I showed the girls what I was going to do with them, a video of me fucking another young girl and sucking my cock. After the movie, I tickled their nipples, then their little bare hairless pussies.

The three girls giggled when I licked and sucked their little nipples. Of course they cried out when I bit them also. They each watched me suck the others nipples and bite them.

Then they each watched me spread their legs and one by one I licked and sucked on their tiny virgin pussies, slipping my tongue up inside of them as deep as I could get it. They all loved it and giggled and wiggled as I tongue fucked their little cunts.

After that the next thing I did was to teach them to lick and suck my big stiff cock. The first girls pussy that I had licked was little Kelly. Damn her little virgin pussy tasted good to me. Kelly was a hot little virgin. She really enjoyed having her tight little pussy licked and sucked and tongue fucked. I was surprised when she suddenly shuddered and her little body stiffened with my tongue slipping in and out of her. But it showed me one thing, even a little girl like her could have an orgasm.

From that time on, yes I was able to give each of those young girls their first orgasms. After that they wanted me to lick and suck their pussies. They also began to like licking and sucking my cock. They got used to the taste of my sperm when I would cum in their little mouths. They would hold it in their mouth like I told them too, then with me watching they would then show me the sperm in their mouth, then they would swallow it. It was great. They learned very quickly.

I finally felt it was time to teach each of them how to fuck, what it felt like to have my big cock buried inside of their little virgin cunts.

I decided that the first one I would fuck and take her virginity, would be little five year old Tawny. She was cute, her pussy was also cuter than hell and I could hardly wait to feel my cock deep inside of her tiny cunt.

I set all of the video cameras up, three of them from different angles. Once I started them, I had the two girls sit to the side with their legs spread wide showing their little hairless pussies.

I lay Tawny down on a twin mattress I had put on the floor, covered with a sheet. Then I had her suck on my cock. God it felt good, like it always did. I managed to put about half of my cock into her mouth. I was working on getting my entire length into her mouth and down her little throat. I would before the month was over too. I would each of them before the month was over.

After licking and sucking on Tawny’s tight little pussy, I moved up between her small legs and rubbed my cock on her virgin pussy slit. I had not yet touched their little cunts with my cock.

She like the feeling and watching me rub my cock up and down her little pussy. I knew that she would soon though be trying to pull away, when my cock began trying to penetrate up into her tiny cunt.

I finally moved my cock down to her tight little cunt and began pushing it up into her. She began crying, and trying to pull away but I held her as I put more pressure on my cock.

She screamed with the pain when my cock finally slipped up inside of her tight opening. I could feel my cock head pressing against her tight little hymen. Yes she was still a virgin. I was not surprised.

I fucked my cock head in and out of her just a tiny bit. The feeling was incredible. I finally, pulled my cock out a bit, then holding her legs tight, I lunged forward and drove my big thick long cock all of the way up inside of her. I had my cock buried up inside of her before she could even scream out with the pain of her lost virginity.

Oh god was she tight. I had to hold it deep and not move or I would have cum right then. She tried to pull away from my cock, to get away from the pain but I was holding her tight. Her squirming just made my cock move a bit inside of her which sent waves of pleasure through me.

Finally her screams and cries began to fade. Then as her little cunt muscles relaxed just a bit, I slowly began to fuck her tight little cunt. I took it very slow at first, then as her pussy lubricated with her own juices and my precum, I began to fuck it in and out of her a little faster. I was plunging it all of the way up into her tiny body feeling my cock head slam against her deepest little vaginal wall and her tiny cervix. I thought about trying to push it through her cervix but then thought better of it.

I just fucked her little cunt. As I fucked her, the other two girls were sitting there with their legs spread, rubbing and fingering their own little cunts. They were actually enjoying watching me fuck little Tawny and were sexually aroused by it.

Suddenly after I fucked her for several minutes, she suddenly shuddered and shook. She cried out with pleasure as her first actual sex orgasm swept over her while she had a big cock buried deep inside of her.

I didn’t try to hold off, I filled her little five year old cunt and womb with her first hot fertile sperm. Of course it would not be her last. By the time she went home she would have had many loads of my hot sperm filling her. Both in her tight pussy and her virgin ass.

But first I had the virginity of two other little girls to enjoy, teaching them what it was like to have a big cock in their tiny cunts and how to fuck those big cocks back with their little bodies.

I wasn’t going to fuck them now though that would be a night of their own, just like tonight was going to be Tawny’s night to sleep with me. Sleep with me with my cock buried deep inside of her tight pussy all night if possible. I knew that she was going to have at least three loads of my hot sperm in her tight little cunt by morning though. And she did. After that night she never cried out when I would plunge my cock up into her little cunt. She would also come to me and want to sit on my lap with my cock buried up inside of her tight little cunt. She quickly learned that she really loved and wanted a cock in her cunt it felt so good to her.

The next night it was going to be little Kelly. I was really anxious to enjoy her little body. But this night it was little Tawny.

After I fucked her and cum in her twice more that night, I finally drifted off to sleep with my still stiff cock buried deep inside of her tight little five year old pussy. Yes, I was going to really enjoy the rest of the month as I taught these little angels all about sex, all about sucking and fucking a man’s big cock.

I was also wondering what the coming months would bring and what mothers and fathers might just want me to train their little girls out her on my farm far away from any neighbors or traffic, being on a dead end country road and my house and out building surrounded by timber.

A perfect place for my school for young girls.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.