Uncle’s Dick #2 (MbMg,nc,oral,anal,bond,scat)

Uncle’s Dick #2 (MbMg,nc,oral,anal,bond,scat)

Prologue: Jack six years old, his first summer off school starts off with his parents leaving him with his uncle for a few week as they go on vacation. The second part continues as his uncle and his uncle’s new friend are having their own kind of vacation while babysitting the kids. Jack had been left with his abusive uncle before and learned then that he better keep his mouth shut, he now stood in fear of the man, only able to have any piece when his parents were around.

Jack’s uncle had been in a real happy mood for a while after Linda left. But a call came in a day later and Jack found out that Linda’s visit would be delayed another two days. His uncle wasn’t happy at all and went to the fridge getting a beer bottle, then another setting at the kitchen table brooding. Jack knew where this was heading as his uncle always got abusive when drunk and Jack went to slip out the house. He got his shoe in his hands and snuck to the front door opening it slowly, but the door betrayed him as a loud squeal from a henge had his uncle calling from the kitchen.

“Don’t be going out Jack” his uncle tone gruff “Best yet, get washed up and get to my room…. I’ll be there for you in a bit”

Jack’s heart sunk, he thought of bolting but that would only make things even worst as his uncle would even be more drunk later and in a even fouler mood. He move back into the house head low having really no choice but to fall in line.

“Did you hear me boy” his uncle yelled from the kitchen.

“Y-yes” Jack said loud enough for his uncle to hear.

“I’m going to get the most of this vacation” he heard “You friend won’t be here for another day and I’m not going to wait that long… and we had plans.”

So Jack slowly bee lined to the bathroom and ran the water as his uncle stayed in the kitchen drinking even more beer. He undressed and got into the tub of warm water going through the motions of getting clean. A short while later his uncle showed up at the door looking in.

“It’s time boy” he said a hand rubbing over a forming bulge in his shorts. “Get dried and to my room… ASAP”

His uncle turned and lifting his t-shirt over his head vanished down the short hallway. Jack rose up from the water and stepped onto the mat on the floor as he grabbed the towel and dried off.

“Hurry up boy while the day is young” Jack heard coming from the room his uncle was at.

Jack saw his reflection in a long mirror his blue/green eyes looking back. He looked as uneasy as he felt making his heart sink even more. Even though his uncle had abused him a few times now, nothing about it felt right. It just seemed that his uncle was a bully that only wanted him to satisfy his need to push someone around smaller. But the worse was being forced to be used for his uncle’s sexual release. Jack had seen his uncle date women and couldn’t understand why he would even want to do the kinds of things to him that he should be doing with only women.

“Jack!!” he heard, his head turning toward the sound “Now!”

Jack dropped the towel and still nude went down the short hall to the bedroom where his uncle waited. He paused for a second in the hallway trembling slightly before swallowing hard and stepping into the light of the doorway. His uncle was fully undressed and laying back on the piled up pillows at the head of the bed a beer setting on the night stand showing condensation halfway up the bottle.

“OK Jack” his uncle grinned somewhat drunkenly at him “I want you to give me a blow job, and boy, I want some throat action”

Jack looked at his uncle almost stiff penis and huge adult testicles his young mind wanting to go surreal pulling him away from something he didn’t feel was right to do. And he surely didn’t want it entering his throat, he knew all to well he would gag on it and didn’t know how to get out of having to at least try. His uncle patted the top of the mattress.

“Get on up here boy” His uncle picked up his beer taking a long draw off it “Lets see what all you can do on your own”

Jack willed his young body into motion and climbed up onto the bed on his knees beside his uncle, his eyes now on his uncles half hard adult penis. Jack’s world was spinning into a haze of a surreal dream state that took him over sometimes when his uncle abused him, he didn’t want to be here at all.

“Jack…. Jack” his uncle getting his attention “My friends going to want some good head from you when they do show up and ‘By Joe’ your going to be simply the best… You listening to me Jack”

Jack’s mind was fading in and out of its dream like state unable to really move at all as he remained kneeling there. He just wished it was over not just starting. A brisk slap went over his face pulling his world into an all to real focus. His hands lurching to the adult organ a mere foot in front of him. The feel of it being burnt into his memory as he lifted it upright into the air.

“You’ll want to be fondling my balls too, boy” Jack was instructed “Come on lets feel that hot mouth of yours”

It was a kind of relief to be guided, instructed as to what to do and Jack let his mind settle into the simple mind set to get through this, this wrongness his uncle was making him do. Jack let one of his hands go down to the huge adult sack covering the testicles of his uncle, his young smaller hand being lost in the fleshy wiry hair covered them. He leaned over opening his mouth trying his best to ignore the sight of a stream of pre-cum leaking from the pee slit on the head of the bulbous adult head of the organ. Jack hesitated only a second before willing himself to lower his head down over the upturned blunt tip the unnatural taste filling his small mouth.

Jack wanted to bite down but knew the type of man his uncle was having been beaten it an inch of his life from the man as a preventive whipping when he’d done nothing wrong. So now he there he was hunched up kneeling beside his uncle feeling the adult organ firming up quickly as he remained in place there. One of his uncles hands went feeling over Jack’s nude body migrating over his boy buttocks and going to his much smaller tight sack of his young boy testicles. He felt a tightening squeeze there.

“Okay Jack” his uncle said “Time you earned your worth… Take my cock into your throat like I’ve done it to you before”

Jack felt a squeeze of more pressure on is tight sack and realized it was more than just a threat, if he didn’t do as his uncle want he’d be wishing he did. So with some effort he let his jaw open wide doing his best to suppress the urge to gag as the thick blunt tip of adult penis went over and past the end of his tongue touching the back of his throat. But that was all he could do as his back hunched up sharply forcing him to come up off the fleshy thing his mouth stuck for a long moment posed in a harsh gag.

“Thats good Jack” His uncle said “My buddy will like that… But you’ll need to keep going boy, he’s expecting your button nose deep in his pubes before you come off”

Jack finely got the reflex under control the spittle of his mouth thickening as it seemed to when ever his uncles penis went into his throat.

“Tell you what Jack, we’ll make it a little easier for you” his uncle grin at him “Climb onto straddling my chest and come at it that way”

Jack did as told climbing over his uncles chest a leg to each side his uncle guiding him to facing away from him, his young feet going under his uncle’s armpits as he was guided over the stiff arching adult organ now close to his face. He could look down over the bottom of the long organ to the heavy sack that held, he knew a large load of sperm. He had never seen it at this angle before, the leaking pre-cum oozed heavily from the tip making his uncle’s pubic hair wet with the slimy stuff. The taste of it still in his mouth he had to will himself to open up wide lifting the slimy thick head up out of the wiry hair and into his mouth again. The arch of the stiff adult organ was different, and seemed more naturally posed to glide over his tongue and into his throat which it did when his uncle humped up as the thick tip entered the back of his throat. His instinct was to lurch back but his uncle’s hand was already on the back of his head. Another coming into play as he tried twisting his head free.

“Whoa there Jack” his uncle’s voice rung out “Your almost half way there…. Don’t give up now”

Strong large adult hands gripped the sides of his head like a vice, his legs had shot out straight his feet going under the pillows his uncle was laying against. Through his blurred eyes Jack saw a plastic sheeting laid out under his uncle. Jack’s throat ached where the thick penis had wedged in, his jaw so wide it hurt too. A hard hitting gag took him over suddenly. The thick stiff organ was suddenly pulled from his throat and mouth with a ringing wet pop leaving him frozen open mouth a string of thick spittle going from his open mouth to the slimy half wet flexing adult penis that oozed white sperm from the tip.

Jack tried to swallow but couldn’t get those muscles to work and getting slime into his lungs coughed wetly a hand gripped into his hair the other hand of his uncle’s lifting the sperm leaking penis off his hairy pubes guiding it back into his coughing mouth both hand going strongly back to the sides of his head. The blunt tip feeling it way quickly deeper then lunge into his throat Jack gagging up as his eyes looked down into the now real close adult hair covered testicular sack. He could actually see the testicles lift as the thick rod in his throat swelled even more, all the signs of a sudden orgasm from his uncle. Jack’s senses snapped to full alert his young mind slowing it all down to shocking vivid detail as each huge pumping flood of sperm was played out filling his throat first then swallowing some the horror of doing so making him retch. The taste filling his mouth and the thick white stuff coming from his nose as a final flood of it gushed from the lifting sack in slow motion was pumped deep into his gagging throat.

The thick organ pulled out his head still gripped hard by the adult hands, his own coming up grabbing his uncle’s muscled forearms. Jack’s mind was still in man-seed induced shock, his oral and nasal cavity was flooded with the baby making stuff and his tummy lurched into action to rid itself of any it had taken in. And he puked a gush liquid from his stomach onto the plastic sheeting between his uncle’s legs. His uncle released his head and Jack with mind still reeling with gagging adult sperm inducing horror slipped off the bed trying to keep from puking again before he got to the bathroom his tummy lurching the entire trip an effort to have him fail. With his head in the toilet he puked again, spitting and snorting the sperm from his nose mouth and throat. Coughing had some even coming from his lungs, he dry heaved again and again as the taste, even smell of sperm kept to his horror reemerging long afterwards.

Jack was still in the bathroom when the phone rang, a chill went through him and he held his revolt in check going to the door of his uncle’s room to listen.

“Good… Good…” he heard. Then “Great we’ll get an early start and make a day of it”

His uncle listened for a moment.

“You bring the smoke and the girl, I’ll scare up up some more Viagra and beer”

‘Linda’ went through Jack’s mind ‘I’ll get to see Linda again’.

“You still wanting that throat fuck from Jack, aren’t you”

“What… double team em… sure if I can get oral from the girl while you sodomize her, never done it that way and love to see that”

“Okay by..”

Linda was coming tomorrow, his heart sped up with excitement of seeing her again. Jack did dread the fact that they would both be used by their uncle’s but maybe they would be able to sneak out and play before she had to leave again. He went to his room knowing that his uncle wouldn’t want him around knowing the girl would be here tomorrow. ‘Linda’ his young mind suddenly feeling empathy for her, would be use by his sadistic uncle, probably even more harshly than he use him ‘he did like girls better than boys after all’ and that meant he would be even more abusive with her than with Jack himself. Jack pondered that thought. He did want to see Linda, she understood.. his blight like no one else. She was going through it herself just like him. He wondered if girls felt things like boys did sense they were made to have babies and have penises put into them. But still she seemed to understand and that meant a lot.

Then he realized that her uncle liked boy’s more than girls. A rush of anxiety swept over Jack, he surely would be harshly used by him, even more so than he used her. Jack wished that it didn’t feel so wrong so demeaning, almost like his uncle and Linda’s too wanted it to be purposely as degrading as they could make what they did to them. He hated the way his uncle stared at him while he was in the uncontrollable heightened grip of the horrid bowel straining sensations of being sodomized. Jack could see the sadistic gleam in his eyes, the intense satisfaction he derived when Jack was driven over the edge of any tolerance he could muster. With mixed feelings he went to bed.

Jack woke with a start, it was morning. He lay there hearing his uncle moving about the house, then, a sound of a car coming up the drive. He jumped up from bed looking out the window a car pulling up close to the house behind his uncle’s car. He saw Linda’s uncle get out, then Linda. She spied him looking and waved a look of nervous tension about her, her uncle saw Jack too and smile wickedly, a chill going through Jack with him suddenly feeling like he was having a panic attack, the day just getting started.

He watch as Linda’s uncle guided her with a hand on her shoulder toward the front door of the house in his other hand carrying a small suitcase. Jack suddenly felt the need to go see her before their uncle’s got prepped for what they had planned for them today. Jack figured it would be a couple hours, they’d want to drink beer and talk about the type of things they like to do to kids. Even though his mind filled with anxiety for the day he felt at least he wouldn’t be along in it. He threw on a t-shirt and shorts taking off toward the living room.

Linda was wide eyed nervous setting on the couch her eyes turning toward him as he entered the room. Jack’s uncle was talking in hushed tones at the entrance to the kitchen before walking in. Jack could see his uncle opening the fridge and getting out two bottles of beer, handing Linda’s uncle one. Then holding up his hand showing her uncle two pills just before giving one to him. Both men took off the tops of the beer then placed the pills in their mouth’s and drank deeply. Jack now knew what they were taking and swallowed involuntarily his throat still a little sore a reminder of last night. He looked at Linda.

She was quiet but waved him to come up beside her. Jack jumped up staying quiet too, his ears tuned into the kitchen and the two uncle’s there. A moment later Linda turned to him whispering.

“My uncle wants to do something called ‘double team’ to us” she whispered “I’m scared”

Jack sat quietly not sure what that meant, she seemed to sense his confusion and leaned back over to his ear.

“That’s when both do it to you at the same time” she went quiet for a short moment, then “M-my uncle wants to put his penis in your mouth… all the way… while your uncle puts his in your butt”

She kept her eyes averted from him, her young cheeks going bright red as if embarrassed from saying the words out loud.

“He w-wants to do me first while you have to watch” Linda seemed about to cry “Then I-I have to watch as t-they do it to you”

Jack didn’t like either one his young mind trying to quickly put the two happening at the same time together to him but couldn’t.

“Did your uncle do that to you before” Jack whispered.

“My uncle has another friend we go see sometimes… there is another boy like you” Linda’s eyes were moving about franticly as if recalling something she didn’t want to “They did it to us there”

“You know how you throw-up sometimes when they put it to deep in your mouth” Linda struggled out in a hush tone.

Jack shook his head slowly ‘yes’ he knew all to well.

“Well one of them puts it in your bottom till it feels like you need to poop real bad” her face flushed red her young eyes looking away again “Then… then the other one puts it deep in your mouth till you… till you do poop but can’t, well not really and throw-up… at the same time”

A sob went through Linda a hand coming over to one of his grasping it hard.

“They’re going to tie us up too” Linda looked over to the suitcase “My uncle brought… everything… I-I don’t like being tied”

There had been more than a few times when Jack’s uncle was sodomizing him his body would move beyond his ability to suppress the urge to go leaving him straining tensely, he’s also learned that that was when it really seemed his uncle got rougher almost like he wanted Jack to lose control. His mind struggled with what it would be like when like that another penis was forced into his throat like last night at the same time. He coughed his throat still a little sore and he swore he could still taste sperm from the little bit he’d just coughed up.

“Do you know what their going to do to us” Jack ask her.

Linda shook her head ‘yes’ but seemed to struggle to go on.

“Use to be when he tied me up it wasn’t that bad” Linda looked at the suitcase before going on “But now he likes to make it too tight… so you can’t move at all”

She seemed to turn inward for a few moments being real quite.

“I-I’ve been with others that liked to share” tears ran down her face “It goes on and on till you want to just die… I feel sick for days after…”

She fell silent Jack’s mind turning into a frightful realm of twisted imaginations not really sure of what she was meaning but didn’t know how to ask or even phrase what he wanted to know. It all sounded horrible, before, he was able to block out his distress some but with her here on the verge a seeming distressful breakdown his own young mind was kept fully aware of their impending rush toward what the two men were planing for them.

A bout of drunken laugher came from the kitchen as the sound of the fridge opening again. The clank of bottles being pulled from it.

“You bring that good weed you said you have” Jack heard his uncle say.

“Damn straight… It’s in my bag, just a moment”

Linda’s uncle came into the living room stopping in front of where Jack and Linda sat smiling broadly looking at Jack.

“Sure looking in fine form today Jack” A hand of his rubbing over a bulge in his pants, then looked at Linda “Little anxious to get started today dear, aren’t we”

He went to the suitcase opening it and got out the weed and a pipe he’d brought. Leaving it opened to view he went back into the kitchen a hand going through Jack’s hair as he passed by.

“Let you know what work well last time” Jack heard from Linda’s uncle as he went through the door into the kitchen. Jack’s ears perked up now listening “And I got everything needed with me…”

The echo from the kitchen making the word impossible to understand. But he heard enough to piece together that Linda was right. A pair of strange things that looked like dog collars had slipped down in the opened suitcase, with both Linda and him looking at where they stop moving.

“What’s that” Jack asked real nervous now as more laugher came bursting from the kitchen and a smell of high grade marijuana came to his small nose.

“They’re called ring-gags” she continued, looking at them too “They are going to put the big rings in your mouth to keep it open real wide… the other ends go around your head so you can’t get it back out”

A sound at the kitchen door had both Linda and Jack turning their head toward the sound. Both uncles had just stepped into the living room. Jack’s uncle was blowing a heavy lung full of marijuana smoke into the air and nudging Linda’s uncle to take the pipe. Linda’s uncle took it while kneeling down toward the suitcase taking a long draw off it, holding the heavy smoke in for a bit before letting it out, all the while laying out some of the things he had brought.

“Those real ring-gags” Jack’s uncle said a hand reaching out. Linda’s uncle passing both up to him to inspect.

“Yep, as real as real can be” Linda’s uncle said grinning “Both seen action too but I cleaned em up real good though don’t worry, dish washer works wonders”

There was several small jars with tight lids laid out.

“And what do you have there, dude” Jack’s uncle grinned out.

“All the types lube you’d ever need” A devilish gleam was showing on Linda’s uncle’s face “If you into anal as I am, this stuff’ll make the experience a lot more enjoyable.. and messy too if that’s the thing your into… as I am more often than not”

Linda’s uncle plainly stoned now picked up one of the jars turning it around looking at it strangely.

“Nothing like a kid freaking out while you shit fuck em for the first time” He popped the top looking into it for a seconded “This stuff will make every time the first time, your kid won’t be constipated for a week after this for sure. Jar number #3… real good stuff indeed”

Jack felt Linda’s hand nervously squeeze harder on his hand her breathing coming more rapidly as if she might be having a panic attack. Her heightened anxiety not helping his mental state one bit. He saw her eyes moving back and forth between the two men’s crotches drawing Jack’s attention to the bulged out place in front of each man’s pants. His own eye scanning the the faces of the two men seeing the building sexual energy as the two men kept looking back at Linda and Jack. Jack’s uncle looking at Linda and Linda’s uncle kept glancing over at Jack even winked as if knowing something he didn’t. The suitcase was closed and latched, Jack sensed their time of reprieve was at at an end as both men rose up, Linda’s smiling uncle holding the suitcase like a precious object.

“Those kitchen bar stools you got would be perfect” Linda’s uncle said “I’ll bring the toys… same room?”

“Same room, master bedroom with the bathroom” Jack’s uncle replied “From what I see here we’ll need to be close to a clean up station”

“So true dude… so true” Linda’s uncle turned to Linda and Jack his voice turning threatening, commanding “Okay kids, get to your uncle’s room.. NOW”

Jack saw Linda jerk into movement, slipped off the couch. Linda grabbed his hand and they both took off with her uncle following to his uncle’s room. They entered the room Jack stopped near the bed now sure what else to do.

“Okay kids off with your clothes” The suitcase was placed on the bed and opened wide “Time to get strapped in”

Linda started unbuttoning her blouse taking it off then pulled her short off before slipping out of her panties. Jack was much slower feeling a little self conscious around Linda and her uncle. Linda was over beside her uncle before Jack had his underwear pulled off. Linda’s uncle was placing the metal ring of the dog collar looking thing into her mouth. Jack watch Linda whence as her uncle turned it behind her front teeth and turn her pulling the straps into place and latching them down. She was facing him her eyes moving nervously, he could see her small wet tongue moving, feeling around the wide ring.

“Okay Jack your turn”

Linda’s uncle grabbed Jack by one arm pulling Jack close in front of him. Her uncle pulled the other ring up to Jack’s mouth the two leather straps hanging down.

“Open up wide boy”

A noise had Jack and Linda turning both their head to the door of the room. Jack’s uncle came in with one chair.

“To heavy to bring them both… be right back”

Jack felt the ring press between his lips, his mind remembering what Linda said about the rings. They were to hold his mouth open so their uncle’s could easily do what they wanted. Linda’s uncle got the ring into his mouth and turned it. Jack’s small jaw didn’t quite want to open enough for how wide the ring was.

“Relax your jaw muscles” he heard from Linda’s uncle before mumbling to himself “Linda’s mouth had some trouble getting around the damn thing too”

Jack was sure some skin on the roof of his mouth was scrapped off when Linda’s uncle turned if finely into place. Jack’s hands came up defensively grabbing the man’s forearms, his jaw hurting from being held opened so wide. He was somewhat in shock as he was turned the man’s hands going through the move necessary to latch it in place behind his head.

“Go stand beside Linda, boy”

Jack’s hands came up to his aching jaw his only thought was to relieve the ache of the stretched muscles there his own tongue going around the ring trying to dislodge it but when he touched the leather straps he saw Linda shaking her head ‘no’ her eyes going back and forth to her uncle and Jack. Jack looked over to her uncle who was looking at Jack sternly shaking his head ‘no’ Jack could see the man was serous and pulled his hands down. Jack’s uncle was back with the second stool and two more full cold beer bottles wedged dangling in between the fingers of one hand. Both were standard stools with no backs just padded seats. He placed the beer bottles down on a dresser top.

“Good… you’ve got wooden floors” Linda’s uncle said his eyes looking about the room “And the plastic sheeting just as I suggested”

Jack’s uncle was going about the room, pulling down the window blinds and setting the lighting the way he likes it, even turning on some low volume background music. All the while slipping out of his own clothes till only his shorts remained. Linda’s uncle hand had gone to Jack’s shoulder guiding him over to one of the stools lifting him up belly first over the patted round seat. Jack jaw ached horribly and he struggled to will the ache away as a dribble of his spittle went down toward the floor his young eyes following till it splat onto the wooden floor.

“Lets get the sheeting laid out and I’ll get the kid strapped in” Linda’s uncle said to Jack’s.

Both men were moving in a seeming flurry of movement that had Jack’s young mind sinking into a surreal state it seemed to do when he knew he was about to be abused in a unknown way real soon. Linda’s uncle had one of his arms pulling along one long leg a wide thick plastic strap, the biggest zip-tie Jack had ever seen went around the leg of the chair and his wrist pinning it in place there below the metal ring half way down the leg of the chair. Linda’s uncle had three more of the plastic straps and his other arm was quickly pulled along the other leg and the strap zipped tight around it and his wrist. One of his leg were guided a strap going around his leg above his knee and a leg of the chair. Jack’s head was low enough to look under the chair as his other leg was pulled over to the other leg and he watch Linda’s uncles hand place the strap in place, pulling the end zipping tight pinning his leg against the leg of the stool, his lower leg free to move about at each side.

Looking up now he saw Linda looking wide eyes scared at him and flinched when her uncle picked her up placing her belly down on the other chair. A loud ‘ZIP’ and one of her arms were pinned against the leg of the stool, then ‘ZIP’…. ‘ZIP’ ‘ZIP’ she was that quick strapped over the stool just like Jack. Her uncle pealing off his clothes his long stiffly arched adult cock arching freely up into the air in front of him.

“Got cotton mouth” he smiled out admiring his work “I’ll take that beer now… Thank you very much”

The plastic sheeting had already laid down by Jack’s uncle on the floor, front and behind both Linda and Jack. Jack’s uncle had pulled the last of his clothes off his adult cock too was full arched up in full readiness as he went pick up the two cold condensation coated dripping bottles of beer handing onto to Linda’s uncle. Jack jumped in place as the loud his of the caps came off, the two men turning them up and downing a good bit in one take.

“Let’s get them both prepped.. you know what I mean” Linda’s uncle said his word slurring a bit “I’d like ease the boy into the proper mood”

“I most certainly do and agree” Jack’s uncle said “I don’t get my cock up a girl ass near enough”

“Well you just enjoy yourself, man… Cause I don’t get young boys like yours near enough either” Linda’s uncle grinned broadly “It all in a fair trade for both of us”

Linda’s uncle move around to the front of him, the man’s cock close to his face. Jack could help but to stare at the long adult organ. It was inches longer than his uncle’s cock.

“I need you to make it wet for me boy” he heard from the man “Best for you if you make it real gooey wet too”

His adult hand gripped into his hair lifting Jack’s head fully up till he was staring at the pre-cum oozing pee slit aiming at his ringed opened mouth. Jack heard Linda grunt out with a sound he knew and made himself more than once as his uncle had entered into his rectum much to quickly. Her stool was slightly to the side almost facing his, his eyes able to easily look over seeing his uncle up behind her looking intently down onto her backside. Linda’s young face was grimaced up, her experience dealing with the suddenness of his uncle’s entry into her bottom, like him, was apparent in the way she mentally escaped within herself.

The thick cock head of Linda’s uncle’s cock slipped into his jaw aching mouth moving around in a way Jack could tell of making it purposeless wet. Jack also knew once he had gotten his adult cock wet the way he wanted he would be take Jack the same way his uncle was taking Linda.

“Spittle not thick enough” Jack heard “We’ll take care of that”

The thick tip press deeper over Jack’s tongue, normally he would have brought the rear of his tongue up instinctively to stop the intrusion into his throat but the ring gag had his mouth opened so wide that was impossible. The thick adult organ went press against the back of his throat his small body gagging up harshly the memory of the taste of his own uncle’s thick sperm still fresh in his young mind. A couple seconds later the adult organ pulled back.

“Ahh… thats it, thickened to perfection”

The adult pre-cum leaking cock moved around a bit move in Jack’s mouth before being removed, leaving its taste behind for Jack to endure. The hand gripped strongly in the hair of his head released it grip as the thick string of spittle still connected from his open mouth to the head or the long stiff male organ. Jack watch as Linda’s uncle smeared the thickened spittle along the shaft of the length while he vanished walking in a seeming rush behind Jack. The nudge of Linda’s uncle’s thick cock head against his anus came almost immediately his heart skipping a beat wishing he had more time to prepare himself mentally but that was wishful thinking as the eager man press his cock with well practiced, expert focus. Jack anus was wedged open with the practiced ease of the well experienced man behind him. It was his turn to lurch up tensely held for a few long seconds it took to come to terms with the heartless act.

Through out it all the man’s hands felt over each side of his torso before latching onto his hips. Jack had almost blocked out the painful stretching sensation of his young anus when the man in his selfish lust filled need was probing with his stiff cock to fill the rest of his young rectum. If it had been his uncle’s cock which he gotten familiar with he’d simply furrowed his brow and somewhat handled the demeaning intrusion into his rectum but this unfamiliar adult organ had him unable to anticipate the man’s next rectal stretching move. The stiff fleshy organ was just slightly thicker than his own uncle’s but that little bit more weighed heavily on his young mind. The man groaned out with pleasure as it worked in deeper then pressed hard at the end of his rectal tube.

“Fuck Me…” Linda’s uncle groaned “You can tell he’s never gone to be gay can’t you”

“What you mean” Jack’s uncle said still looking down onto Linda’s bottom his hips kept moving in a way that Jack knew all to well.

Jack could tell by the look on her face his uncle was trying to work his cock into that deep place he never like having his uncle push his cock into.

“Some boys will almost open up for you after a while” Linda’s uncle breathed out “But your boy plainly hates the idea of being taken like a girl… And that’s fucking hot”

Linda grunted out her young body shuddering as Jack’s uncle cock entered into her intestine. Jack watched her collapse down, then rise up again in another full body shudder as the stiff cock of Jack’s uncle moved even deeper into her. Jack could see on her face plainly how it felt to her, she caught him watching her and blushed deep red with embarrassment of not being able to turn away. He felt ashamed of being caught staring and flush red too. His uncle had seated his loin firmly into place behind Linda and Jack watch as she turned her young mind inward escaping from the embarrassment of being seen right now. His uncle’s hands went feeling over her panting torso, Jack knew the stiff penis of his uncle was flexing wildly inside of her. He could see the joyous gleam on his face as he looked down onto her his hands moving over her young bare flesh.

“See that Jack” Jack heard close to his ear “That’s how sodomy should feel”

The hard thick knot of the Linda’s uncle’s cock head pressed with precise purpose of an adult with practiced experience of gaining deeper entry into a child’s intestine. Jack felt the thickness easily make it the through the tight turn into his large intestine, his young body wanting to twist up and conform to the ridge organ. His young back hunched up high in a vain effort to ease the cramping discomfort of that area of his young bowel being force out of its natural position. And to make it all even worse Jack’s intestine plainly wasn’t as clean as he’d preferred, the nasty horror of what awaited him suddenly filling his mind, his young trembling body surely reflecting his disgust and fears to the man mounting him.

Loosely gripped hands went slapping tightly around his hips fingers gripping around the wide bone there digging uncomfortably into his abdomen on each side. It was Linda staring at him now as he hunch up farther the thick adult penis now joyfully being guided by Linda’s uncle was now being forced even deeper still. The nasty harshness taking on a urgency of an impending bowel movement his legs working in the holding grip of the wide zip-ties as if wanted to run. The coarse hair if Linda’s uncle’s loin went pressing up into the open clef of his buttocks tightly locking into place. And like his uncle the thick adult organ flexed erratically thicker still with Jack hunching up high frozen in place by the mix of bowel stretching sensations threatening to sent him over some unseen edge of endurance.

As if clouds clearing the world faded back into sharp focus with the full weight of sharp denigrating abasement filling his young mind. Linda beside him mind was absorbed in the full throws of sensation racked sodomy from Jack’s uncle moving franticly behind her. She was staring blankly into the room as her young face was going through the many changes of degrading debasement forced upon her young body. Seeing her being used so callously used sent a wave of panic through him knowing his turn was coming. The man behind him making all the dreaded readying moves he’d learned from his own uncle. The longer deeper placed male organ inches farther than his uncle’s cock could ever reach pulled back his intestinal walls sending waves of distressful shock through him as it tried to follow the the thick organ on it way.

“I think Linda’s about there” Jack’s uncle cried out “You want to ass fuck her now so I can throat stuff the young bitch”

“It’d be an honor sir” Jack heard the cock pulling slowly out, back into his rectum and out.

Relief flooded over him through the lingering stinging stretched burning of his rectal passage. Jack raised his head up watching Linda’s uncle trade places with his uncle, a thick smear of his poop coated the head of the man’s cock. Jack’s uncle had streaks of brown on his as he moved up in front of Linda. Her hair was matted to her forehead from sweat and her face was flushed bright red as she rose up tensely when her uncle slipped his cock up into her bottom. He gave her no reprieve clasping her hips and humping like no tomorrow with her grunting gutturally to each deep plunge of his cock.

Even though still racked with sensations Linda seem to keep a leery eye on my uncle who stepped up close to her head, reaching down and getting a hand full of hair he lifted her head up facing his stiff cock. Wet nasty sound were coming from her uncle sodomizing her franticly now, maintaining a buttock banging pace that had her entire young body moving with each impact of his loin. Jack’s uncle place his cock through the metal ring holding her mouth open, with hands slipping to each side of her head tightly he rammed his cock into her mouth almost all the way before she flared up gagging. The cheek of her young face turning bright red under the strain. A loud fart resound through out the bedroom both men laughing out.

“Go ahead and throat fuck her” Linda’s uncle said to Jack’s uncle “Be quick or you’ll have to pull out and start up again”

Jack saw the broad sadistic grin form on his uncle’s face just before he went to work. Linda seemed to freak out, tugging and pulling against her tightly zip-tied wrists and legs. A spray of puke surged around Jack’s uncle’s now pummeling cock his loin going fully against her face with each lunge. Her own uncle still humping wildly behind her as several more loud cracks of gas force it way around his thick cock. Then suddenly he saw his uncle in the throws of an intense orgasm with white sperm now leaking from Linda’s mouth and nose her entire young body lock up in a body gripping prolonged gag through out his uncle’s release. The still stiff rod of flesh was tugged out of her mouth in a spray of puke, sperm, and thick spittle leaving poor Linda gasping and choking to claim what air she could on her own.

“Let’s see how you faired” Linda’s uncle said pulling his cock slowly from Linda’s ass and showing the results to Jack’s uncle “Little over half I’d say”

His also still stiff cock was coat thickly with Linda’s poop over half way down his long cock.

“Lets see how well I do with your boy” Linda’s uncle said as he wink at Jack “You go ahead and bring him up and I’ll stick em good”

Linda sobbed out suddenly and started crying that was punctuated by fits of wet coughing. His uncle with his cock still wet from Linda’s mouth move up behind Jack, his lesser organ pushing through his anus into Jack sensitive rectum seeking out the the turn into the deeper reaches of Jack’s young bowel and finding it and slamming home forcing a guttural grunt from Jack. His uncle started humping, using the full length of his adult cock. Jack tried to suppress the escalating urgent sensations to well up straining as the sounds of the harsh abuse his uncle was now doing to him grew into gross noises that only this kind of frantic sodomy can produce with Jack’s young mind threatening to escape into the fullness of the act. It was then Linda’s uncle stepped up in front of him, just when he was teetering over the edge, his young body giving in to the rectal abuse the sensation of an urgent need to defecate sweeping him up. Two hands went to each side of his head turning it up to facing the loin of Linda’s uncle. His huge adult cock still coated with Linda’s abuse now faced him.

“Think he’s almost ready” he heard from Linda’s uncle as Jack’s head was grasped even tighter still “You’ll play hell to stay up inside him… ready..”

Jack could barely think or even to react other than remain hunched up sharply held in the grips of the horrid sensations surging out of his control. To his horror the stiff penis of Linda’s uncle unerringly came through the metal ring just as he was coming up in a tense sensation racked bowel strain. All he could do was stare into the heavy dark wiry pubes as it charge toward his sweat beaded flushed face. Jack’s world erupted in a flash as the thick organ charged deep into his throat, the stool legs lifted up off the floor and bumped back down jarring his senses as he went wide eyed gagging and hunched up straining his young bowel working to expel the fleshy stiff rod now planted firmly full into his rectum and gut.

Both men hung on to him with strong grips. Jack’s stomach lurched into full gear as puke came up the thick wedge of adult cock in his throat blocking its rush toward freedom. Panic gripped him and the stool rock on its legs by his thrashing struggle to somehow get free of the relentless hold of the wide zip-ties. He hardly noticed the mat of wiry pubic hair as it went fully into his face, the adult cock swelling, the heavy adult testicles lifting at his chin and pumped with full force deep into his throat. And for the second time in as many days he found himself choking and drowning in a lot of baby making sperm amidst the joyous laugher of Linda’s and his uncle. His world was fading and young head pounding from lack of air as the thick rod pulled with a harsh pop from his throat. But his struggle wasn’t over as his lungs gasped involuntarily just as the flood of puke and sperm followed the organ from his mouth.

And he was rewarded with more laugher as he hacked and choked up the liquid blindly through watered up eyes barely able to catch a much needed breath. Linda herself could be heard still choking up thick liquid. Jack could see strings of it going toward the plastic sheeting covering the wooden floor from her down turned head. Her hair hanging in such a way he couldn’t see her face through the tangle. Another fit of choking took him up closing his young mind to anything but the struggle for the next breath.

His next blurred view was of his uncle showing Linda’s uncle the coating of his poop along the shaft of his still ridged cock, a rag in his other hand coming up and wiping it clean. Jack sagged down exhausted body and soul, on the floor behind him was several dropping of turds that had to have come from him, though he couldn’t remember pooping during his ordeal. His eyes went to Linda’s chair and he saw several there behind her too. Linda raised her head weakly, her eyes bloodshot and tear filled with face cover in sweat, snot, sperm, and… Jack new not what else but he had to look the same, feel the same even as a heavy sob swept over him sending him into another fit of choking. Both men together picked up their beers and down the rest.

“I’ll get us another round” Jack’s uncle said “Get the pipe too, we left a hit or two in it I believe”

“Take your time, man” Linda’s uncle replied “I want to enjoy your boy a little bit”

“You go ahead, he’s not going to complain” Jack’s uncle said going through the bedroom door toward the kitchen.

Jack felt the stool he was on lifted by Linda’s uncle and move to a clean place, with him now facing Linda head on. A towel wipe through his back side then Linda’s uncle went over to the suitcase still on the bed and reached in grabbing the jar of lube labeled #3. Turning facing Jack he popped the top and smeared a good bit over his stiff adult organ.

“Can’t help myself Jack” Linda’s uncle said to him “Been wanting to use this stuff on a boy for a while now. Linda’s been there already, now don’t tell your uncle, not sure he’d approve, but what his doesn’t know won’t hurt em will it”

Linda had raised her head up watching. Her young eyes moving nervously about as if trying to warn Jack of something. She coughed shooting a spray of stuff from her opened mouth toward Jack, he could only watch as it fell short on him, his own lungs threatening to go into a fit of coughing again too. Linda’s uncle move quickly up behind Jack placing his thick blunt cock head against his abused anus pushing in. Jack’s rectum was intensely sensitive from the rapid sodomizing from his uncle his whole body coming up in a quiver, the tight thick plastic zip-ties keeping him in place over the chair. The lube Linda’s uncle used felt warm at first, the cock pulled out with adult fingers gathering up what had been scraped off around his anus and work by the man’s finger into his rectum. The blunt tip was back against his hole and shoved. This time filling the entirety of his rectum.

Then Linda’s uncle was off humping in a long slow rhythmic way as the warmth then an odd sensation started taking him up. He could feel it building as…. as… his bowel suddenly surged into full uncontrollable straining. The thick organ pulled free leaving him there as Linda’s uncle walk around staring at him. A hand went through his hair as Jack remained blossomed up. Some poop did come from him, but not much as the man walked back behind him the blunt head of the male organ was press back into his now straining bowel ands going over the ridged muscles of his young body lustfully.

“I’m going to asked your uncle if you can spend a couple day visiting me Jack” Jack heard behind him “I think we could have some real good fun, don’t you”

The thick adult organ moving in his rectum at least gave Jack’s bowel something to push against. Linda’s uncle groaned out with pleasure behind Jack but it was barely heard by him as his legs and arms now worked as if trying to crawl off the slowly humping thick male organ.

“I got the beer” Jack’s uncle said coming into the room “Damn dude, never seen Jack so hunched up before… Sweet, what’s your secret”

“In the suitcase.. jar number three, if you want to give Linda a go” the man’s hand left feeling over him and Jack heard a bottle of beer being opened a drop of cold liquid dropping onto his back then running down one side him “Fire the pipe up before you get to far along”

“Sure thing” Jack uncle said gulping down a good bit of the bottle “Number three you say”

“Yep” was the reply

Even through blurred eyes and strained up body Jack could see the panic going through Linda, her young head shaking ‘NO’ her young eyes pleading with Jack’s uncle even as a long strand of thick spittle came from her opened ringed mouth going to the floor. Jack’s uncle put fire to the small pipe he used for smoking marijuana took a hit and handed it off to Linda’s uncle still humping slowly up into Jack’s fiercely straining bowel. A waft of smoke came over Jack’s head the smell of marijuana strong, another cold drop of condensation from the beer bottle landed on his hunched back as it was turned up and finished off the loud sound of it placed somewhere, the pipe was hit once more the smoke being wafted over his head again making the area heavy with the smoke ans the pipe was handed back to Jack’s uncle with him taking his share of it deeply into his lungs too.

Strong cool condensation wet hands went feeling down over his taunt hunch up young body stopping and grasping tightly at his hips, like before fingers grasping tightly around the wide bones at each side of his loin, locking in place there. Jack sensed the man’s readiness for something more than humping through his young straining rectum, he sensed the tangible surge of deviant sexual lust of a adult male fully drunk and high on marijuana ready to fulfill a need to degradate a child, him… Jack.

Jack’s uncle was downing the rest of his beer, marijuana smoke still coming from his lungs as he did. He breathed out his satisfaction of a good cold beer and went digging around in the suitcase pulling out the Jar #3. Jack’s uncle’s eyes looked his way for only a second before looking lustfully back at Linda. She was on the verge of crying, her young hands trying to worm free of the tight wide zip-ties that remained unforgivingly in place. Tears rand down her face now as Jack’s uncle coated his stiff cock with the harsh stuff.

Jack felt the expertly angling adult penis pressing at the end of his rectal passage easily digging its way deeper into him making him groan out loudly in unconscious protest his mind having the world fade around him focusing only on the intrusion into his young large intestine as his young body went through the collapsing shudderings he had no control of. But soon enough Jack’s back was arch up high the man behind him pose with hand clench to his hip and loin tucked fully up into the slightly spread cleft of Jack’s buttocks. The man sadistic lust intensely tangible to Jack, his young senses picking up on every sound and lust filled trembling micro-movement the man was making.

The adult organ seemingly growing stiffer in the adult’s sexual excitement, the discomfort of the changing thickness and stiffness had Jack again struggling to conform his torso in some fashion that would alleviate the horrid bowel discomfort from his intestinal tube being forced into almost the same angled slant as his rectal passage. Linda’s uncle with knees slightly bent to each side of the stool, his loin tucked up into Jack’s buttocks had arched his back over Jack’s, his adult body against and conforming to Jack’s younger highly arched back, his warm adult breath was blowing through Jack hair and back of his young neck excitedly.

There was a building panic inside of Jack he couldn’t explain, the way the man was against him felt somehow purposefully demeaning almost as if the man needed to and could feel the horrid state Jack’s bowel was in right at this moment, relishing sexually in it. Then slowly but with no way to stop it Jack’s rectal passage seemed to tighten up on its own, the overly stretched muscles somehow managing clench tightly around the lower half of Linda’s uncle’s cock. A kiss went onto the back of his up turned head with Linda’s uncle moaning pleasurably. But his young eyes popped opened when his deep intestinal passage sent a sudden and real indication that he was going to and was already having a fierce bowel movement. Another longer kiss went against the back of his head.

Jack’s deep intestine rumbled out loudly enough for all around to hear, the cock deep up inside of him flexing excitedly with Linda’s uncle moan just as loud the room and the world closing in around Jack as the man’s stance changed becoming more aggressive his strong adult hands tightening on Jack’s hips. The horror of what was about to happen had Jack mentally trying to prepare himself the best he could for something he deeply knew there was no way he could. His young mind betraying him flashed to full mental awareness burning every second into his long term memory. He was assaulted by every gross sound and sight going on around him as he now with young panicked eyes moving about looked around at the vivid sights of Jack’s and Linda’s drunken and stoned uncle’s gleeful sexual rampage.

Horror too showed on Linda’s young face as Jack’s uncle had already deeply entered her anally. Her sweat drenched face was beet red, spittle ran dripping from her ringed opened mouth. Jack was shocked to see how grossly high her young back was arched up, his he knew was arched just as high. But unlike him her mind had thankfully pulled her inward, he could see that even though her eyes were wide open. A deep intestinal rumble came from her with Jack’s uncle behind her starting to work his adult hips enthusiastically in total disregard to her apparent distress. Jack was also shocked to see the joyful sadistic sexual gleam on his face as he looked over Linda’s young body with keen studious interest.

But Jack was suddenly taken up as Linda’s uncle behind him surged into the first struggling movements necessary to send Jack over the edge of endurance. All the horrid sounds of two bowel straining kids being grossly sodomized filled the room. Jack’s mind still horribly alert feeling and hearing every nasty thing happening to him as hands went at times feeling over his bowel straining arched up body by Linda’s uncle, with Jack seeing his own uncle going the same to Linda’s when ever she too went through surges of even more heightened periods of urgent bowel strains. Some of Linda’s and Jack’s stool at times somehow managed to make it around the thick never stopping rods of flesh to loudly fall onto the plastic sheet on the floor and Jack anus and rectum burned from the seemingly endless abuse and pureed poop being churned inside his young bowel. The adult organ suddenly surged faster going through the final flurry before releasing its man-seed. Jack cried out tears streaming down his young face as his burning rectal passage became to much to bare as Linda’s uncle struggled to get his cock to release one last time.

The pummeling rod finely was jammed fully up into place between Jack’s buttocks with Jack fully aware of each thickening pumping action of the organ inside of his bowel as his rectum burned hotly over the stiff shaft, the heavy testicles of Linda’s uncle like a thing alive moving in their fleshy sack against him. Linda welled up crying out tearfully and Jack saw his own uncle moving toward his own release, his adult face a mask of sadistic pleasure watching poor Linda with keen interest as she was driven fully over the edge of endurance. Jack knew from previous experience that it took longer for his uncle to get off the second time and could only watch as the fierce final stages of his uncle’s sodomy of her took place going on till Linda in the end screamed out in a ear piercing cry. His uncle jabbing up into her hands hanging on to her hips as she sobbed hysterically through out his release.

“I got fucking piss something awful” Jack’s uncle said

“Yea so do I” Linda’s uncle said still deeply mounted behind Jack

“Okay if I piss in the face of your girl”

“You can piss down her throat for all I care”

“Now there’s an idea I hadn’t thought about” Jack’s uncle replied “How bout we both deep-throat piss em together”

“You got something there” Linda’s uncle grinned broadly “Bet that be a sight to take to the grave with you, lets do it”

The deeply planted stiff adult penis pulled from Jack’s bowel… much to quickly as a second later a harsh cramp took him up into its grip. Linda’s uncle was already walking around to the front of the stool a hand feeling along his young body as he went slipping into the hair of his head pulling it up right facing the stool streaked adult organ. Jack’s uncle was rushing into place in front of Linda using his two hand to form her longer hair into a type of ponytail at the top of her head he could grip with in one hand. Linda’s body was still being racked with crying sobs as he young head was pulled upright too. A spurt of piss shot from the end of Jack’s uncle’s cock just as he placed it through the metal ring in Linda’s mouth. His free hand went in back of her young head and he stepped forward as he pulled her head onto his cock. He cruelly drove his adult penis almost fully into her throat both hand going strongly to each side of her head holding her in place.

“A-a-ahh….” Jack’s uncle sighed out “Oh.. what a relief it is”

Linda’s eyes went wide with shock, Jack could see her throat working a little like a baby sucking a bottle of milk but a second later she gagged up choking wetly. Jack saw strong yellow piss come from around the cock going into her mouth then out her nose also. The stool shook as Linda now fought to get free somehow, sounds of gurgling then a spray of liquid shooting around the adult penis of Jack’s uncle and still his uncle held on and continued to empty his beer filled bladder.

A stream of warm deep yellow liquid hit Jack dead in the face his eyes being pulled back to Linda’s uncle’s loin in front of him. The blunt tip of the man went charging into Jack’s mouth aimed into his own throat all the while the stream of piss coming from the end growing stronger. Suddenly he was in the grip of Linda’s uncle’s cock that wedged deep into his own throat a hand going to the back of his head pulling his even farther onto the thick beast. Warm liquid filled his throat and he too went to swallowing, a reflex that automatically started but couldn’t keep up with the flood of liquid being released as the adult penis surge into full beer piss release. The excess liquid came up around the thick organ into his nose, mouth making his young lungs gasp in and still the deeply planted adult penis flooded forth. The gasp sucked the warm dark yellow liquid into his lungs that rejected it in a violent spray that went out around the thick organ deep in his throat.

Suddenly he was drowning the taste of the strong revolting adult piss. His stool that his appendages were zip-tied to went rocking across the floor like Linda’s did and was to just as much affective… none… to the man flooding his throat, drowning him with strong hot adult bladder full beer piss. Another and another spray of piss shot from around the thick male organ before in a sigh of relief from Linda’s uncle it was pulled from his tight throat leaving him choking, gagging and gasping for breath. Jack’s lungs struggling with expelling the strong liquid and that became his entire world for a long bit, both men went and washed up in the master bathroom before walking off for another beer and hit off the marijuana pipe, Linda faired no better than Jack as they both cried, choking out wetly, and both their abused rectal passages leaked cum and stool till after a seemingly long bit they were remembered by their uncles and released, Linda’s uncle having to dig through his suitcase and find the wires-cutters he needed to snip the tough thick plastic zip-ties and the metal rings were removed. Jack’s jaw having problems just to close again it hurt so bad.

Linda and Jack were a mess, both physically and mentally. Both staggered wildly about still coughing up thick phlegm not sure what was expected of them. Jack found he couldn’t talk his throat too sore with just trying to swallow a effort. The uncles were doing a quick drunken clean up of the room, folding up the soiled plastic and returning the chairs to the kitchen. Till it was Linda and Jack that remained both unable to do anything in their misery. Jack’s anus was sore and rectum burned hotly, both his arms were held over his abdomen a sick on edge feeling as if he was about to have real bad diarrhea. Linda was doing the same. Jack’s uncle came up to them both guiding them to the shower stall.

“You both are a mess” he said looking them over “Don’t come out till your clean”

He turned on the water and adjusted the knobs till the temperature seemed right to him and ushered Linda and Jack into the stall and stood back watching.

“Come on get the soap and get started”

Jack tried reaching up but pulled his arm back to his abdomen as a wave of sickness, a sudden strain hit his bowel making a short stream of liquid poop come burning out of his anus and down his leg. The running shower water hiding the flood of tear from his face. Linda did get the soap and started running it over her young body the whole time avoiding my uncle’s gaze till he finely close the shower curtain and left. An occasional deep sob would go through Linda as she cleaned over herself. When finished she turned her attention to Jack and washed him too the whole time quiet except for the erratic coughing that still took them both up in its harsh hold.

It was Linda that finely turned off the water, her small hands struggling with the tough to turn knobs. Jack was still in a state of misery, he was sore in places that had never hurt before. Linda even though she looked as miserable as Jack went about drying Jack off with a hanging towel. Jack felt the need to poop or something and even though still wet she help him up onto the toilet before she dutifully towel dried herself all the while racked by the deep sobs that were winding slowly down. Jack anus burned when he did get some gush of liquid from his rectal passage into the toilet and wincing as he wiped over his hot burning anus. He climbed off and Linda slipped up onto it quickly hunched over looking sick.

“G-go g-g-et the ch-chothes” Linda somehow hoarsely whispered

Jack thankful for knowing what to do went into the bedroom and gathered up hers and his clothes bring them into the bathroom. He watched as Linda slowly and painfully wiped too before slipping off the toilet. They both got dressed into what they were wearing before this all happened.

“I… I want to go outside now” Linda struggled out.

Jack shook his head ‘yes’ his own throat still to sore to work, they both took off out the room. He could here both uncle’s back in the kitchen laughing and drinking beer the strong smell of marijuana filled the area as still feeling ill Jack and Linda quietly slipped past the kitchen door and out the front. The fresh air felt good and Linda took off toward the old tire swing she was at last time and Jack followed. She seemed to be recovering better that Jack and climbed into the swing her legs working as if she was mad. She cleared her throat.

“Can you talk yet” her voice still hoarse and jagged sounding “M-mind still hurts bad”

Jack open his mouth but still could say anything the effort sending him into a fit of coughing.

“My uncle has a bigger penis than your uncle” she said “I have trouble too when he does me like he did you… sometimes for a couple days”

Being outside was making Jack feel a little better, he sat down as Linda tried to get the tire swing working the way she wanted it to.

“When you grow up to be a man are you going to do things to kids too” Linda asked not looking at him “I mean do all men do this to kids or is it just our uncles”

Even if Jack could talk he didn’t know what to say and stared back at the house, the sounds of the two uncles loud enough to be heard from where they were at the swing.

“I’m scared to grow up” she went on “What if I start to want to hurt kid like they do too”

She grew quiet and both stayed there for a time. Jack started feeling better but his throat still hurt. He knew that it would burn for a day or two when he had to poop but that wasn’t anything new.

“Time to come back to the house” Linda’s uncle called from the back door of the house.

Linda and Jack went back to the house, this time through the back door into the kitchen. Both men were just finishing what looked to be several beers making all the move adult do when one is getting ready to leave.

“Jack” Jack’s uncle said to him “Looks like you’ll be spending a couple days with my friend here.”

“Linda” her uncle said to her “You will be staying here a couple days while Jack is with me”

Both Linda and Jack stood opened mouth at the sudden news. Jack remembered now as he was being sodomized by her uncle he said he was going to ask if he could spend a couple days with him… but.. but.. The reality of it happening was a shock.

“I.. I.. want to go home” Linda said

“It’s only for two days Linda” her uncle told her “And you’ll be staying in Jack’s room, I brought some extra clothes for you already”

“I want to go home” she said again… pleading this time

“Now Linda you do as this man wants if you know what good for you”

“Please…” she cried a look of dread going over her

Jack’s uncle placed a hand on his shoulder guiding him through the kitchen door toward his room.

“Lets get you packed for a couple days stay with Linda’s uncle” Jack uncle said “Be a nice break getting away won’t it”

All to soon he was standing by the strange car his small backpack with extra clean clothes in it being tossed into the back seat. Linda was on the front porch a hand of his uncle on her shoulder looking still in shock, she raised a hand timidly waving to him. He just as timidly raise his as he was guided into the front seat of the strange car, the door being slammed shutting him in. He was scared of going somewhere unknown and scared of being alone with this strange man he realized he didn’t really know. The car lurched into reverse backing down the long driveway to the road, his house disappearing from sight.