Two for the price of a single chat (Mff)

Two for the price of a single chat (Mff)

Prologue: A man gets seduced by two under-aged girls by chatting with one of them on a bulletin board.

Author: Uncle Tony

It was the 1980’s. We didn’t have WiFi or the Internet as such, no Facebook and other Social Media where people could give away all their personal data and then complain that they were being spied upon. We had dial-up modems and Bulletin Boards. I was twenty six years old and I was a veterinarian. My hobby was weight lifting, sort of a cross between power lifting and bodybuilding. I wasn’t really interested in either as such. It was a hobby and I had a big enough ego to want to look good. I was also a Karate black belt. Women were always interested, so I had no shortage of girl-friends or sex, but I had never found anyone that I wanted a real relationship with.

I was on a couple of different Bulletin Boards, one was for vets and the other, political. One evening I logged on to the political BB and I got involved in a conversation with a woman. Over the next weeks, we met online just about every evening. She was very knowledgeable about current affairs, she loved opera, Shakespeare, dogs and all the things I loved as well. She also hated soccer, so did I, and she was keen to get involved in martial arts. Some evenings we would chat until late in the night. After several months of this, we seemed to know everything that there was to know about each other and she suggested that we meet. We arranged to meet on a Saturday afternoon at a small cafe in a nearby town. She knew that I was six feet two inches tall. I told her that I would wear black trousers and a black sleeveless running shirt. I asked her how I would recognize her, but she said that she would recognize me.

There is always a bit of trepidation when you plan to meet a stranger. I guessed that from her knowledge she was in her thirties at least, so I had no idea what sort of a woman that I was meeting. I sat in the cafe and waited. We had agreed to meet at two o’ clock. When it got to quarter past, I was getting ready to go until suddenly, from the far corner, this incredibly gorgeous girl stood up and walked over to my table. She was around five feet four or five, slim with an athletic body. She wore a tight, white skirt down to her knees, beautiful legs accentuated with a pair of white high-heeled shoes, and a white angora wool, turtle-neck sweater, which set off the curves of two small yet perfect breasts. Her hair was long, wavy, and golden brown, falling brilliantly over her chest. The girl’s face was absolutely flawless and she had a complexion like peaches and cream, with beautiful  chocolate brown eyes and the most kissable cherry lips. She wore no makeup. She was stunningly gorgeous, like a painting of a goddess brought to life. She could have been a film star or a fashion model which would have graced the front page of any magazine. Her eyes were like stars decorating the night sky. She looked, shy and timid, like a little rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.
“Tony?” Her voice was soft and querulous.
“Julie?” I was stunned.
“Yes, you aren’t anything like I imagined you to be.” I tried to hide my disappointment.
“I’m sorry that you are disappointed, but you certainly aren’t what I expected either.” I told her. “I expected a middle-aged woman, not an incredibly beautiful girl like yourself. Anyway I’m glad we have met each other. No reason why we can’t still chat to each other online.” Her eyes moistened.
“No, please, don’t get me wrong. I’m certainly not disappointed. I expected someone who, well, looked older, and was thin with spectacles and looking very professor like. I didn’t expect to meet Tarzan or Hercules. I’m just amazed that you are such a big powerful guy, not what I would have expected for someone who is so fond of opera and Shakespeare.” The tension was broken. I laughed.
“So you aren’t disappointed then? I’m so glad. You are very beautiful and you are a lot younger than I ever would have expected for someone with such knowledge.” She sat down and smiled. She put out her hand and shook hands with me.
“I’m really, really pleased that we’ve met at last. I can hardly believe that you are twenty six, I wouldn’t have guessed you at more than nineteen or so. You really are a hunk. I sat in the corner over there, I was going to run if you had looked creepy or much older than you said. I couldn’t believe that you were Tony. I was going to leave, but I thought I would make sure.” I looked at her.
“I’m just too stunned right now.” I told her. “I was going to be polite and then make some excuse to leave if you had been fat and ugly or much older than me, but you never told me how old you were.” Suddenly, she looked nervous.
“Tony, we know a lot about each other. I think we’ve both been telling the truth. I would like to continue like that. I really want to get to know you better, so please be honest. Do you really like me? Do you want to take this meeting further. Please don’t bullshit me.”
“Julie, any man who didn’t like you would be either dead or completely mad. You are more than I could have hoped for and yes, yes, yes. I do want to see you again and I do want to take this meeting further.”
“Promise me, Tony. No matter what, you won’t run out on me. Promise.”
“Cross my heart. You aren’t married or something are you?” She laughed.
“Tony, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Please hear me out.” I couldn’t believe that she was married. Maybe she had leukemia or some other incurable disease.
“OK, I’m listening.”
“Both my parents are dead in a plane crash. I live with my aunt. She doesn’t really want me, but she’s the only relative that I have, so it’s a duty thing. She doesn’t bother me and I can do more or less as I like. She’s divorced and looking for someone else, so I try to keep out of her way. The truth is that I’ll only be fourteen in November. I can’t relate to any of the boys in the area. All they want is soccer, chicks and noise that they call music. I desperately need a boyfriend and you are the first person that I’ve met who shares so much with me. Yes I know that the powers that be say that girls of my age shouldn’t have any feelings, especially for mature men, but they are so very wrong. I want someone that I can talk to, confide in and rely on. Someone older, who likes the same things that I do. Is this so terrible? Now it’s up to you. You can tell me to get lost, but I hope that you won’t.”

I have to admit, I was stunned. She looked much older than thirteen and a half and she had more knowledge than most women of forty. My mind was racing as she was talking. Part of me said ‘run’ but I couldn’t. I studied her lovely face. There were tears in her eyes.
“Ouch, Julie, you certainly know how to complicate a guy’s life. You know that I should get up right now and run, but I can’t. I know how you must feel. There’s no law stopping me from meeting you, but you know that the witch hunt for men who have feelings for younger girls gets more every year. Fortunately you look and act a lot older than you are, but we have to be very, very careful. I guess that you could be interested in veterinary work and you could come to my surgery to help out. No-one could complain about that. As long as we stay way out of the town where you live, I guess I could pay you by taking you out for a meal or so. I’m prepared to take a chance. We can see where this takes us.”

I took her to my surgery and I showed her my home. When we got back into the car, she put her hand on mine. We held hands.
“I don’t need to be home before ten tonight. That’s the only rule that my aunt insists on.”
“That’s great, let’s drive down to a bigger town and we can have dinner together.” After  a romantic, candle light dinner, I drove her home and stopped out of sight of the houses. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me. The kiss began to get very intense. I had to pry her loose.
“What about tomorrow?” She whispered.
“Can you get to the surgery? Just before lunch. Bring a notepad.” More kissing.
“Goodnight Tony. Thank you for a lovely day. See you tomorrow.”

I drove home. I knew I was on dangerous ground, but this was the first woman that I had ever met which ticked every box. I didn’t want to lose her, but she was a long way from sixteen and I didn’t fancy sitting behind bars. Then again , what were my options. If I dumped her then she might pick up with some roughneck that would hurt her.

The next day, she arrived at my surgery about half an hour before we were due to close.  My receptionist called me and I went out to meet Julie. She wore jeans and a T-shirt and flat shoes and she carried a bag. She wanted to be a vet herself, she explained and she wanted to get some idea as to what was involved. I told her that she was welcome to help with the cleaning and feeding the sick animals and suchlike and that she was welcome any weekend.

After we had closed and my receptionist had gone, Julie grabbed me and kissed me. My house was only a short distance away and we could get to it by crossing the field where my two horses were.
“Come on, we can have a drink and I’ll cook us a nice lunch.” I told her. We went across the field to my house. Once inside, I poured her a glass of wine and we sat together on the couch. She took a sip of the wine and then moved up close to me.
“Please kiss me Tony.” The kiss got more and more intense. She took my hand and put it on her breast. It was firm, small but it felt good. She squirmed and put her hand on my crotch. My penis was already threatening to burst. I groaned.
“Julie, I hope you know what you are doing. . .” She covered my mouth with her lips and pulled down the zip of my pants. I slid my hand under her T-shirt. Her nipples were as hard as bullets. I rolled them in my fingers and her breathing got harder and her groans louder. She fumbled inside my Y-fronts until she found my penis and pulled it out. She stroked it gently.
“Please make love to me Tony.” She whispered. “I’m a bit scared. I’ve never done this. I’m still a virgin, but I really want to do this. Please Tony, please. Try not to hurt me too much.” I stood up and took her hand. We walked together down the corridor to my bedroom.
“Julie, my sweet, I want to do this as well, but please, just think about this for a minute. If we go any further, it will be too late to stop. Are you absolutely sure? Are you on the pill? I don’t have any condoms here and I don’t want to take a chance and make you pregnant.”
“You should know by now that I do think things through. I’m not on the pill, but my period is due in three days, so it’s safe.” As she was talking, she unfastened her jeans and let them fall to the ground. She hooked her thumbs into her panties and pulled them down. She almost tore off her T-shirt and stood before me naked except for her socks. She unfastened my belt and yanked down my trousers and Y-fronts. I took off my shirt and tie. We both fell onto the bed. She scrabbled to get her socks off and I took mine off as well. We embraced and our lips met.

Her breasts were small but well formed, pert and extremely kissable. I massaged them and her nipples. She ground her crotch against my leg. She was breathing hard. My hand slid down to her tummy and then on to the triangle of golden down. It was soft and she was soaking wet. Her clitoris was very well developed and she squirmed as I touched it. I slid my finger inside her vagina and with my thumb, I worked on her clit. Her hips were humping my finger, her breathing was getting faster. She was sweating and then suddenly her entire body went rigid.
“Oh Jesus, arrgggh.” Her body convulsed. I slid down the bed until my head was on her spasming tummy. I waited until she had come back down to earth and then I moved lower and with my tongue. I started to work on her clit again.
“Oh my God, this is so wonderful.” She put her hands onto my head and pulled me into her crotch. Her hips were moving. I managed to get my finger back inside her and she started to go wild.
“Oh shit, yes, yes, oh my God, it’s happening again. Oh Jesus Christ.” Her bottom lifted high into the air taking me with it. I held her hips as she went into another massive orgasm. I held her tightly in my arms as she slowly came back down to earth. I found it hard to believe that a girl so young could get such a massive climax. We held each other tight until her breathing got quieter. We started kissing again and my hands were all over that firm young body. She ground her pelvis against me and took hold of my rigid organ and started to stroke it.
“Please, Tony.” She lay back and opened her legs. “I know it’s going to hurt, but I don’t care. I need everything. I want to be a woman. Please be gentle.” I positioned myself between her legs and rubbed my straining cock along the wetness of her labia. My penis was dripping. I gently slid inside her, until I met resistance.
“Ready, sweetheart?” I asked her.
“Yes.” I pulled back and then pushed hard. She was very tight, but I felt her hymen break. She gave a short cry of pain. I kept very still. I was only about half way inside her.
“It’s all over, my love.” I reassured her.
“It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected.” Was her reply. I started to move again, slowly and gently each stroke took me a little further into her tight pussy. Finally, I was as deep as I could go.
“How is that my sweet?” I asked.
“Don’t stop, this is so good.”
I started to rock gently inside her. The walls of her vagina were stretching to accommodate my massive erection. Her hips started to move with me, meeting my downward thrusts with her upward ones. The pace started to quicken and her thrusts became harder as did mine and soon we were slamming into each other.
“Oh my God, yes, yes, yes, oh Tony, oh shit, oh this is . . .” Her voice turned to a scream. Her vagina suddenly grabbed my dick and it felt like it had been trapped in a vice. I just couldn’t hold it. My orgasm hit me, but the semen was trapped until suddenly she relaxed and a massive fountain of my hot semen erupted into her. She cried out and  the vice tightened again. Fountain after fountain of my semen erupted into her beautiful body. I thought I would never stop. I think I had eight or nine huge eruptions of my seed into her. I could feel it running out down my balls. I pushed myself as deeply into her as I could. I was in tears, my orgasm was so overwhelming. She lay gasping for breath. We were both covered in sweat and our combined juices. Tears were pouring down my face. I was lost inside her and the moment was just too much for my emotions. She looked at me with those big brown eyes.
“Tony’ that was fantastic. Why are you cry. . .” Her voice broke off. “Oh my God, it’s swelling again inside me. Oh Jesus, I think if I do that again, I’ll just die.” I just couldn’t stop myself I pulled almost all the way out and pushed back in. The movement made loud squelches and drops of semen shot out. Within a few moments we were pounding each other again. Julia was talking gibberish, we were churning a pink foam which seemed to spray everywhere.
“Oh God, I can’t, oh shit, I’m going crazy, please Tony, please, I think I’ll die if I climax again, oh my God, it’s happening. Oh no.” Her body convulsed again. I slowed down for her, but I could feel my own orgasm building. I slammed in about four more strokes before I shot another fountain of my seed, deep into her willing womb.

We lay together, clutching each other, panting and gasping as if we had just run a marathon. We were soaked in sweat, semen and her vaginal secretions. We were both lost in the moment. It was by far the most intense orgasm that I had ever had.  Once I had regained my senses, I got up and carried her into the bathroom and into the shower. She struggled to her feet and lay against me, still panting. We cleaned each other up and then we dried each other and I carried her back into the bedroom and laid her gently onto the bed. I knew right then that I never wanted to let this girl go. She meant everything to me

“I never thought that sex could ever be that good.” She told me. I’ve read about it in books but nothing can ever describe this. It was amazing. I just have one question for you now Tony. On a scale of say one to ten, what do you rate our chances of this relationship building? Be honest with me.”
“From my side, about fifteen or twenty.” I told her. In two and a half years, we can be open about this, we can live together or get married or whatever. On my side you are everything I ever wanted and ever will want.”
“I feel the same, but there is something else. I know that men have a primeval urge to reproduce and sometimes other women tempt them. I want you to know that I would never stand in your way, but only if I knew who the person was and had a chance to meet her first. That way, I could discuss it with you and I could approve or disapprove. If you want to have sex with another woman, as long as I know that she is clean and healthy, I could forgive you, but if you just did it behind my back, I couldn’t.”
“Julie, I not that kind of a guy. I would never cheat on you.”
“Never is a long time, Tony, but I’m bringing this up now because I want to ask you to do something for me. This isn’t really the time and place, but I made a promise, so I feel that I have to keep it.” I was a little puzzled. This wasn’t the sort of conversation one would expect so soon after such amazing sex.
“What promise? I’ll do anything for you, you should know that.” I responded.
“It might be a bit embarrassing, but here goes. I have a friend, who is a year older than me. She’s a real nerd, wears dreadful clothes, spectacles that are cheap and unflattering, all the boys shun her at school. She is extremely clever and she wants to be a surgeon. She is a really sweet girl and my best friend. Just like me, she’s desperately looking for a boyfriend so I promised her that if we, well, you know and I thought that. . . Oh shit, bottom line is, I offered to share you with her if I liked you enough, if you would agree. I’m sure you’ll like her and I would be really happy if you would get to know her, have sex with her and then maybe we can sort out how she dresses and see what happens” She was starting to gabble, so I held up my hand and stopped her.
“Look Tony,” she continued, “it’s not just a sex thing. A girl needs a man in her life. A man that shares her likes and dislikes. A man who can talk to her on the same level. A man who will help her, care for her and protect her from the evil things in this world. There are a few girls who like the finer things in life like classical music, opera, world events and politics, science and the arts as well. Most young men today think only of soccer, noise they call music and sex with as many women as they can. They get drunk, beat up women, gamble, screw around and think that sex is what they see in porno films. I don’t want a man like that. Nor does my friend Jennifer. I want you. Sure there’s an age difference. Thirteen years isn’t that much. Finding a man in my age group with a brain and a decent body is almost impossible. I was stunned.
“Julie, I’m sure that you know that it’s hard for a man to get an erection for someone he doesn’t find attractive. I’m amazed that you are offering to share me with your friend. She’s lucky to have such a good friend. Just for you and to help you keep your promise, I’ll meet her and I’ll try, but I make no promises and I would need to get to know her and establish some trust. You and I were different, we shared each other’s lives on the computer, but you can hardly expect her to open her legs to a stranger that she doesn’t know or trust, nor can you expect me to be able to even get aroused with someone that I find unattractive or who pisses me off. Let’s first all meet up. Maybe we’ll take an instant dislike to each other and that will solve the problem.”

I was flattered that the girl of my dreams, the most beautiful, sexiest girl I had ever met, who was more intelligent than any girl I had met before,was offering to let me not only to have sex with her fifteen year old  friend, but to do it on what I gathered would be a permanent basis. We arranged to meet at the cafe, the following weekend. They were already there when I arrived. Julie introduced me to her friend Jennifer. She was a bit taller than Julie and a bit thinner. My first impression was that she wasn’t eating properly and she had zero dress sense. Both were in jeans Julie had a T-shirt which showed off her breasts, whilst Jennifer had a dreadful yellow blouse which didn’t suit her at all. Her dark brown hair was done up in a messy bun and she had a pair of cheap plastic spectacles. She was also painfully shy.

Julie and I chatted for a while, poor Jennifer sat staring at the table.
“Jennifer, you seem to be very shy.” I said to her. “Come on, I don’t bite. Would you like tea, coffee or hot chocolate, maybe a milk shake?”
“Chocolate please”
“So what do you think?” Julie asked me after I had ordered drinks and scones. We ate in silence. I studied the girl and finally, I replied.
“Your friend is very sweet, but she doesn’t know how to dress and those specs are truly dreadful. I think if she woke up, got some new specs, some decent clothes, started to eat better and stopped being so shy, she could be a very lovely girl.” Tears ran down Jennifer’s face.
“It’s not my fault, there’s only me and my mom and we don’t have enough money for glasses or fancy clothes. We struggle to pay all the bills and eat.” Julie tried to comfort her. I sat deep in thought. I had two choices. I could decide to have two young girls in my life or I could walk away from the newcomer. Truth was, I was feeling sorry for the poor kid. I made my decision.
“Finish your drinks the pair of you and let’s get out of here.” Julie looked disappointed and Jennifer was still crying. We got up and walked to my surgery. Inside, I went to my wall safe and took out five hundred pounds. I gave this to Julie.
“Now listen up the pair of you. Julie, buy your aunt some flowers and a big box of chocolates, tell her you bought a lottery ticket and won the cash, whatever. Tell her that you want to help your friend Jennifer, then take her into town get her eyes tested and get her some decent specs. I don’t care what they cost. If you need more cash, call me and I’ll get it to you. Take her to a good hairdresser and get her hair fixed. Then get her some new clothes. Lingerie, skirts, dresses whatever, make sure you get enough so that she doesn’t have to wear the same things every day. There is no conditions attached to this Jennifer. So I don’t want you to even try to talk me out of this. I don’t want any money back. You don’t even have to see me again if you don’t want to. I just want to help out. A girl deserves to look good. Enjoy. Jennifer burst into tears and put her arms around me. I held her tight and patted her.
“Don’t cry. Just spruce yourself up and let’s see what happens.” I was reluctant to let Julie go and miss out on sex, but I hoped it would be worth it. We arranged to meet same place, same time the following weekend.

The next weekend I went to the cafe. I had been waiting about  fifteen minutes before Julie arrived with another girl. I had to look twice before I recognized that the girl with her was Jennifer. The transformation was amazing, the dark brown hair which had been rolled into an untidy bun, was now over her shoulders, similar to Julie’s, but dark brown and it shone in the sunlight. The ghastly specs had been replaced with stylish rimless ones. She wore a pink, knee length, tight knitted dress, which clung to her, showing her slim but sexy figure. She wore a choker of pearls and white high heeled shoes. Apart from being a bit too slim, she looked gorgeous. My cock was starting to get hard at the mere thought of being able to have sex with both of these young beauties. I jumped to my feel.
“Wow, what a miracle, you both look absolutely gorgeous.” I held out my hand to Jennifer. “Jennifer, you look stunning.” Tears ran down her face, she couldn’t speak for a few minutes, then she sobbed.
“Thank you Tony, I’ll never be able to repay you. You are wonderful.” We had a drink and then I took both girls to my house via the surgery.

When we got inside, Julie disappeared, leaving me alone with her friend. Jennifer came and sat beside me on the couch. She put her arms around me. Her eyes were still wet with tears.
“Please hug me and kiss me Tony. I am so grateful for all you have done for me. I’ll never be able to thank you enough.” I hugged and kissed her.
“You don’t owe me a thing, Jennifer. Seeing you looking beautiful and being happy is payment enough.” She clung to me. Her kisses were getting very intense. She took my hand and moved it to her breast and she groaned and ground her body against me.
“I want you, Tony. Please love me and make this dream complete.”
“Are you absolutely sure, Jennifer. You don’t have to do this. I don’t want you to have regrets afterwards.”
“Tony, I really want to. I’ve wanted to ever since we first met. Julie told me what a kind, gentle man you were, but she never told me that you were so big and powerful and that you had a heart of gold. Please, make this wonderful dream complete.”

I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. I helped her to take of her pearl necklace and she took off her dress, revealing two small but firm beautiful breasts and a pair of fancy lacy panties. She pulled the panties off revealing her triangle of soft hair and lay back on the bed.
“Jennifer,” I said. “What about protection, I would hate to make you pregnant.”
“Don’t worry, I’m well into my luteal phase, so it’s fine. I’m all yours, Tony. You can do anything you like with me. I’m yours forever.” I stood like a fool, just looking at her. I took my shirt off and lay down with her. She kissed me passionately and her hand went down to my belt and she got it unfastened. She fumbled with the clip at the top of my pants, so I helped get them unfastened. She unzipped me and tried to get my trousers off. I left end my rear up and helped her get them off. My penis was rock hard. She gently stroked it through my Y-fronts.
“I’ve never seen a man before, only some pictures. I yanked off my Y-fronts and she took my throbbing cock into her hands, slid down the bed and started to kiss it.
“Please don’t.” I told her. “I’m going to lose it if you do that.” I pulled her back up the bed and I kissed her again and then started to kiss and caress her breasts. She was squirming and making noises. I wanted to pinch myself to make sure that I was awake. I found it hard to believe that I had two hot, extremely beautiful, sexy girls, who wanted me.
“Now it’s my turn.” I told her and slid down the bed until I could get my face in line with her pussy. She was wet, the labia already open. I licked her juices. She tasted delicious. My tongue found her clit, it wasn’t as well developed as Julie’s but even more sensitive. She gasped and groaned and grabbed my head. I flicked her clit with my tongue and after a couple of minutes, she screamed in ecstasy and almost crushed my skull. When I could breath again, I slid my finger into her and started to finger fuck her. She was going wild. I could feel her starting to tense again, so I worked the clit with my thumb until she reached her climax. Her entire body stiffened and went into spasms. She was screaming my name.
“Tony, Tony, Tony. Oh my God, what’s happening to me? This is so, so good.” I moved back up the bed and held her tight until her shuddering stopped. She was holding me so tight, I could hardly breathe. She grabbed my penis.
“Oh God, I want this inside me so badly, please Tony, fuck me like there will be no tomorrow. I need this so bad.” My cock was dripping wet. I got her hand off it and got down between her legs and guided it to her sopping wet vagina. She was trying to push herself onto it.
“This might hurt a bit.” I started to say, but she interrupted me.
“I don’t give a shit, just fuck me right now.” She screamed at me. I slid inside her. She was very tight. She grabbed my hips and pulled so I kept pushing until I felt her cherry pop. She didn’t even cry out, she just kept pushing harder and harder until my pubic hairs were meshing with hers. Then she started. Her hips started slamming into me. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around me pulling me ever deeper into her.
“Oh yes, that feels so fucking good. Come on Tony my love, fuck the life out of me!” She uncrossed her ankles and got both of her legs on my shoulders and tried to fuck herself. I just went overboard. I started fucking her like a wild thing, using full strokes to ram in and out of her. Our bodies slapped together, our combined juices made obscene noises. She screamed out again and it felt as though a giant hand was trying to crush my poor tortured cock. Her orgasm didn’t seem to phase her, she just kept going. Her fingers were dug into my backside. Her spasms were still working my cock. I had never felt anything like it. She was like an animal in heat.
“More, more, don’t stop, fuck me silly.” She yelled. “Don’t ever stop, this is pure magic.” I rammed ever deeper and harder, until I could feel that I was going to shoot my load at any minute.”
“Jennie, I can’t hold on, oh my God.” Her one hand went to her clit and she rubbed furiously. I tried to hold it but I couldn’t and I just exploded, shooting more semen into her waiting womb than I had ever shot before. As the third eruption left my cock, she screamed out again and reached another orgasm even more massive than the previous ones. Her fingers were dug unto my arse so hard that it was painful. Her entire body was in convulsions and she cried out loud in sheer ecstasy as each subsequent fountain of my hot semen splashed inside her, decorating her insides with rope after rope of my sticky seed.  I could hardly breathe. I was gasping. I was dripping with sweat. Semen was running out of her, but she wouldn’t let go. My cock was shrinking. I had nothing left. I was completely spent.

Eventually she let me go and I rolled off her. We lay together hugging each other. Neither of us could speak. We were too exhausted to even kiss. The door opened and in came Julie as naked as the day she was born.
“Shove up a bit.” She complained and lay down beside me, so that I was sandwiched between these two hot beauties.
“So how was it Jennifer?” She asked her friend.
“Christ, now I know what people mean when they say ‘I feel fucked’.” Jennifer panted. Julie laughed. “It’s lucky that the nearest house is a long way from here, you just about lifted the roof.” Then she looked at me. “Don’t lie there looking so smug and pretending to be exhausted. You aren’t getting off that easily. I’ll give you a while to get your breath back, but you still have some work to do. I missed out last week, so I expect you to make up for it. I think you just got yourself two permanent women in your life. I hope you believe in polygamy. I didn’t until today. I love you Tony. I’ll never stop loving you. I think my friend loves you as well. Am I correct Jennifer?”
“For the rest of my life.” Jennifer told her. “I’m Tony’s slave and yours as well for making this happen. When I’m quite a bit older, I want to have your babies, but until then, we’ll do our best to wear you out in bed.”

This was going to be tough, but I couldn’t think of anything better that could ever happen to me. Not one, but two sexy, intelligent gorgeous wives/partners. I certainly wouldn’t have the time or energy to be unfaithful. Good job I had a king-size bed.

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