Deep Space Colonizers (Mg,anal,oral,bond)

Deep Space Colonizers (Mg,anal,oral,bond)

Author: Lone Dog

Prologue: A starship going to a new world enters deep space and leaves the protecting realm of the home star. Samuel the only surviving guardian of the DNA bank soldiers on the best he can. Loneliness of deep space can be overwhelming.

It was a huge star ship built to make the long journey from one star to another. The speed of light and above still a dream but the will to seed mankind too strong to strong. This ship wasn’t the first, some vanished, other starship could still be seen, picked up through other various means, some didn’t respond back to home anymore, but a few went on all seemly running as intended, contacting home on regular scheduled times with updates.

The starship ‘Menelaus’ equipped with the latest stardrives slowly gained speed as it spiraled out of the solar system, the gravity of thee sun growing weaker as they passed through the Oort cloud and entering intergalactic space. A glow forming miles out in front of the ship as the magnetic drivers pushed radioactive cosmic waves away from the ship. But Deep space wasn’t space like around the protecting bubble of a star, it was full of radiation of kinds we’ve yet encountered or knew existed and not evenly distributed about in the vast area of deep space. So the crew of the Menelaus knew nothing as the protection of the magnetic drivers had little affect on some of these exotic and yet undetected radiation that slowly leaked past the shielding of the magnetic drivers and passed into their bodies and minds.

The affects were different on different people. There were five of them, three women and two men. Mary was the first to exhibit strange behaver, Dan just seemed irritable, Izabel showed nothing outwardly till she entered a airlock and spaced herself burning up in the wake of the massive engines as the ship went on passed. Samuel and Dan could only watch on one of the video streams outside the ship. Dan an hour later did the same. Sharyl followed him the video recorded her waiting her turn with Samuel only finding out a day later when he couldn’t find them anywhere and accessed the back-steam logs of videos to locate them. He was left alone, all alone as the starship went onward. Samuel wasn’t sure if was the time alone or a product of the space between the stars, if he was insane or immune to the affects but he figured he was insane at least in some way.

Time passed, even more time and he was going to be alone for years still. More than once going to the DNA bank, looking over the machinery that work its bio-magic changing it into living being either human or animal of any age. Humans and animals both need memories and that could be programed also.

More than anything Samuel found he needed sex. Samuel found himself more than once readying the machinery that grew bone and flesh in a simulator fashion that a 3D printer worked. But this machine also added what some called a soul a persona that were really memories of host on the mother planet that would be the Fathers and Mothers of a new world. More than once he walked away after realizing he was going something wrong and more than once was back hours in testing and finalizing each module his thoughts on having someone, anyone around.

Several months later it was finished, he had plants, and even a goldfish, the machine worked to perfection. The heliosphere of the mother sun was a long distance behind him, the unknown radiation leaking through the ship ebbed and increased with Samuel at times second guessing himself and other times fully focused on his need for sex or companion. He was spending hours at a time looking over thousands of various persona files in the database.

The vast ship entered a pocket of the mentally disrupting radiation but Samuel knew nothing of that. His hands fed information into the machine and mashed down hard on the selected persona. There would be several hours of wait….

Giada yawned opened her eyes looking about the strange room. Giada was almost fifteen years old, smarter than most though right now very confused. She remembered setting down for a memory scan and waking up right now knew she wasn’t really the real Giada, she was now a colonist, she searched her memories and everything seemed okay. Slipping from the cot Giada noted the floor was closer than before and walking took a bit to get right, she went to a mirror above a small sink having to in the end climb up onto it. It wasn’t her at all, she was supposed be herself not this… this… younger girl. Giada had dark hair and brown eyes but this girl in the mirror had light brown hair with hazel eyes. She watched in the mirror as each move she made was mirrored back confirming as fact that girl maybe six years old was now her.

“I’m Giada” she said out loud, her voice not even close to her own.

Giada had on a white gown, like what one would see in a exam room at a hospital. She slipped from the sink pulling it off looking over her body. Her hand went feeling over her clit and found that the beginnings of pubic hair she should have was gone. Her hips slimmer and body shape much different. This was her now and Giada wasn’t sure how she felt about that, she liked the way she’d been.

Samuel watched on the camera the girl with Giada’s mental imprint wake and go about the room. There was something wicked in knowing she was more unreal than real in a lot of ways, all the first colonist were, the needed knowledge and skills necessary at the start. The first colonist wouldn’t be right in a lot of ways, there were studies showing it would be the first kids without imprints that thought of where they were as home that would be mentally sound. All of ‘this’ Samuel reasoned was dressing.

The starship moved into heavier area of intergalactic radiation. The affects sending Samuel deeper into a kind of twisted paranoid schizophrenia the only thing he was able to keep a grip on was his training to finish the long job of getting the starship to the end of mission and that sweet tart he watch on screen. He needed sex, he need companionship, though pure selfish sex was at the fore his mind surging ahead into fanciful ways the unreal girl could be put to use, the intergalactic radiation making all of it seem normal, just the way is was. His cock raging for attention, more perverse the better. In reality he had lost it and now let his morals slip away and rose to grasp what he craved and needed to get to end of mission.

Giada jumped at the door sliding open and turned toward it. She was shocked to see a naked man, his erect penis arching up crudely. He had rope with him and a wild lustful look about him. Giada’s body may be younger but her mind wasn’t, there was no mistaken what he was going to do. She was already stepping backwards looking about the small room her eyes looking about for an escape. The door was the only way and Giada darted for it. Still ungainly in the younger body she the door slid shut bringing her up looking about unable to phantom how it worked. Before she could reacted the man grabbed her white coverings and in her effort to get free Giada slipped out of them running naked around the overly small room unable to really get out of his reach.

“No..!” Giada said in a voice that wasn’t like hers.

“She’s not real” the man mumbled to himself “She’s not real”

Giada was shocked to hear it but inside knew it was true. Still though she found herself in a corner covering her nakedness even though it wasn’t really her own body.

“What… Why am I not me” Giada screamed out “What are you doing”

Deep inside she knew what he was going to do. With her reduced height he looked tall and strong. Giada felt vulnerable looking up at him, his adult organ frighteningly huge and close, she knew there was no way to possibly fend him off.

“We’ll talk later Giada” he told her “But for now I’m going to tie you down, what I’m going to do makes it necessary”

“Your going to rape me.. aren’t you” Giada’s strange child voice said.

“I’m afraid so” he said “Your picture in the database doesn’t do you justice”

“But it isn’t me” Giada yelled out as he reached for her “Why didn’t you just use her”

He didn’t answer only grabbing one of her now upraised arms pulling Giada toward the bed. She was powerless to stop as he easily bound her arms behind her amidst her loud protests and pleas to not do it. But it was worse as she was force to bend over the bed, to her point of view his huge cock head started feeling its way through her buttocks and resting firmly on her anus. He had something thickly slick on his penis she could plainly feel it. Giada more mature adolescent mind remembered the sexual fantasies she’d had covering it all oral, pussy and even anal. Her body, her real nearly adult body felt ready to experiment but she wasn’t in that body. The blunt slick tip of his penis pressing against her anus went into painful action attempting to enter up into this younger body’s rectum. She screamed…

Samuel couldn’t stop even if he wanted. A primal urge taking over as he took control of the young girl’s squirming screaming body his cock head worming hard over her unused anus trying to gain entry…. Tech like this had been baned with harsh sentences on earth for this very reason once it was found to be simple enough and cheap enough for perverse laymen to use. But was allowed to be use to colonized other star systems as the only viable way. He was secretly glad to have his moral blocks liberated from his mind as his cock popped through the warm ring of tight muscle that had fought to keep him out.

Giada’s legs went kicking wildly about trying to find a foot hold on anything to push up over the bed away from the horrid pain of her anus not willing to give in to the man’s thick tipped organ. If she’d only been give her own body Giada was sure it wouldn’t have been near as bad. In a moment of insight she realized this was why she was in this younger body, she had friends tell her about men that like raping young girls. In a flash the stiff organ went up into Giada’s rectum freezing her ridged in grimacing pain unlike she she had ever knew. A hand slapped down cruelly onto the back of her neck pinning Giada face down into the mattress.

Samuel lost it the moment as Giada’s young form went ridged, her anus and rectum squeezing his cock within a tight warm hugging embrace. It didn’t matter that she was Frankenstein’ed together, a different mind with a different body. She was a stopgap so that he could buy time to finish the mission. She was just as much a necessary pawn in this as he at this point and given the chance he would try to get her to understand, but now…

Giada screamed her way through the rectum stretching and tugging sodomizing of the young girls body her mind was now a part of. In the end the organ managed to fully enter up into her before it flooded forth releasing spurts of sperm deep up inside her spasming bowel. Giada was pulled up onto her wobbly legs and brought out of the room to a strange chair. Her anus and rectum stung and hurt horribly as she was tied down. She recognized some of the stuff as what she’d seen when she got her scan seemingly only today to her. He fitted the scan cap onto her head and turned it on…

Giada woke screaming back in the bed. Strangely her rectum didn’t hurt anymore, for that she was thankful. If it was a dream it was a real one, though the room she had been sodomized in was this very one. Her heart pounded rapidly as she jumped up, again she was overcome by a sense of imbalance, something had changed. She went to the mirror looking at her reflection and seeing a young boy maybe five or six years old.

“Oh you pervert” Giada mumble out “You fucking pervert”

She wore the white hospital gown like before and pulled it up looking down. Giada saw a young boys penis and testicles where only her clit should be. She was stunned afraid to even touch herself there. Slowly she willed up the nerve and reached down having to close her eyes as her finger felt over the added flesh between her legs. The door slid open with Giada stepping back on the defensive, knowing she/he was going to be much too weak to fend him off. But he was fully dressed this time.

“Hi there… Giada” he grinned oddly holding out his hand “I’m Samuel. Lets talk while I’m still able”

Giada/he noted the Samuel looked less haggard but slightly older. They went to a crew kitchen with him serving up a breakfast of sorts. She/he was shocking aware of the boy penis this new body had as she walked there. But the smells of food had her diving into the meal hoping there would be more. Samuel ate too but more leisurely and talked, Giada/he realized the man Samuel been in intergalactic space for years with many years to go. She learned the crew was gone all dead with him the only one left. He could bring them back the same way as her but Samuel realized that wouldn’t stop the overlying problem that left him alone to begin with, in fact he tried once but within a week Mary the one with most experience with the radiation killed herself when the ship passed through a region of space with more of the exotic radiation in it. Over time when more lucid he did research and science and realized that this radiation was only in the space between stars and wasn’t found near where solar wind blasted out close around the hot suns. The starship design itself had no way of being reengineered in transit. Samuel could in his own way only struggle on, giving in to welling urges when transiting pockets of the unknown radiation. She/he also found out that they were entering a pocket of heavy radiation, which is why she was incarnated again. Samuel grinned wickedly at her once finished talking.

“Why am I a young boy” she asked, but fearing the answer.

“I’ve used your image backup file more than a few times but only once uploaded before discarding the incarnate body” He told her letting it sink in.

“You killed me”

“Not killed” He grinned “Your not real, only a borrowed image file”

Giada felt a tinge of panic. She felt real.

“When we get to our new home you will wake up and remember nothing” He told her “This.. you.. isn’t the real you”

“I thank you for listening to me” Samuel told Giada/he “But one way or another we’ll try get through this insanity, but for now…”

Giada/he could now see the turmoil moving through Samuel. What was suicide to the others was a troubling differents to him.

“Your my first boy” the grin grew wicked on his face “Were going to have a lot of fun”

   Giada/he sat on fix seat at the crew table unable to finish the meal. Samuel though finished as if ravenous and Giada/he couldn’t help but to leerily study the man now seeing his insanity. He’d plainly given up fighting the affects of the radiation or at least come to terms with it in some manner known only to him. She/he still wore the white gown with no under clothes. Giada setting looking down pulled the front of the gown up staring at the unfamiliar sight of a boys penis and young hairless testicles between her legs. Her right hand tentatively went to touch and as she/he did was shocked to see the young organ grow stiff. She stood letting the gown drop seeing the bump still showing on the front where the young stiff penis stuck out. Looking up Samuel was grinning lewdly chewing on his lower lip and rising up from the table. 

“It’s not right” Giada/he screamed at him “Why me…. I mean… Why me”

Samuel finished eating and talking out his reasonings with the young incarnate help him mentally but the irrational urge for vile intense sexual release was sweeping back into him fogging all ability to hold it at bay. He’d uploaded the girl’s mental image only once in the beginning a full year and a half ago but grew tired of the sameness and swore to himself to upload next time before discarding the spent hard-copy incarnate for a fresh one. He had incarnated several young girls with Giada’s mental image and sated his exotic-radiation induced sexual needs, one girl lasted several months before growing too familiar. But lately as the huge ship move through bubbles of the exotic-radiation his thoughts ran rampant for change, for something different, for a young boy. He couldn’t get the thoughts pushed aside till seemingly against his will Samuel was looking over picture images of young boy hard-copy incarnates, one after another till a special one stuck out.

Samuel’s entire body seemed to tremble excitedly inside at the prospect of something to him before, morally forbidden, something only talked about in hush tones when other perverts got caught with boys. Over the year and a half Samuel had experimented with every kind of perversions with various types of young hard-copy incarnates girls, now as stared at the hard-copy incarnates of the young boy his moral compass blocked by the radiation Samuel’s cock went rigid with need to sate this one last perversion.

Giada/he could tell by the way Samuel rose from the table his eyes locked on her/him Samuel had slipped fully away from reality. Samuel had an unmistakable out of control look of crazed lust. The memory of being forcefully anally raped, to her was still painfully fresh in Giada’s mind. In fact in her/him reference of time was only a few hours ago. There was in the small crew kitchen no room to dodge him even though Giada/he tried still tried. Samuel grabbed Giada with strong hands, a arm of hers being pulled high up her/him back in a full-nelson the other grasping the back of Giada’s neck guiding her through the ship and into a room that had been plainly been set up ahead of time for Giada/he sexual use.

The white gown was pulled ruffly up over Giada’s head, all the while Samuel never loosing his control of her/him. Giada realized he must have learned this over each time he’d done this. A chill ran through her as she/he figured out that the reason she had no memory of it was that she had not been placed in the memory scan machinery afterwards. The young boy body she was mentally trapped in was much too weak to fend off or pull free and Samuel quickly had Giada/he arms folded and bound much too tightly behind her/him his lust crazed eyes looking over the younger boy body she was trapped in.

“Your hurting me” Giada/he said loudly trying to pull her arm loose “The rope’s too tight”

Samuel was setting on a small cot with Giada standing between his legs facing away. He pulled her/him close his head going into the crook of Giada/he neck with strong arm coming around to the young boy body front side to keeping her/him from moving away. She felt trapped as his hands felt over the young boy’s body she was trapped in, his mouth and tongue went tasting over the flesh of her/boy neck coming up toward her head. A hand came up capturing her under the chin forcing Giada/he to turn her boy head his mouth coming over hers trying to get his tongue through Giada/he clenched lips. His hand slipped onto her/he’s neck, long strong fingers gripping around tightly in a warning she plainly understood.

Giada/he felt the other hand go feeling onto the boy genitalia between her legs as she/he willed herself to go ahead and open her young mouth letting Samuel slip his tongue in. She/he thought of biting down but the hand on her neck tighten even more and Giada relented having no choice in letting him run his tongue around deeply in her young boy open mouth as his adult hand felt over the added boy flesh between Giada’s legs. The young penis growing rigid against her/his will, her/his face stared blankly out aghast at the unwanted response to the touching. Samuel pulled his head away breathing lustfully as he became mentally caught up into what ever planned out fantasized script he’d been dwelling on. A wave of fear swept through Giada/he, the young boy mind she was restrained in finding it overwhelmingly morally wrongness in what was taking place.

Suddenly a loop of rope was slipped over the boy/her head and snugged down around her/boy neck. Samuel rose up with Giala turning to see what he was doing. Samuel had the long end of the rope looking up at the close ceiling, raising his arms up with the rope in his hands placing it through a sturdy i-bolt. It only took a second for Giada/he to realized what his intent was but he had already fed the end through and was pulling the slack through the hole. Giada’s backed up out from under the i-bolt but Giada/he didn’t get far as the end went tight pulling her/him back, she/he tensed the muscles of her neck as Giada/he went kicking wildly up into the air swinging about wide eyed as Samuel quickly pulled his clothes off. Samuel naked scooted a footstool under Giada/he with her/him feet reaching out for it as it went under her. Standing near tiptoed on the wobbly stool Giada/he swayed about a bit till she/he got the balance right.

Samuel was rubbing a slick paste of something over his thick erect cock making it shine in the artificial light of the small room. He moved close turning her/he easily till her/his boy buttocks was facing Samuel. Giada/he felt the blunt slick adult tip go between the boy buttock’s she now had, feeling about a bit till finding the young boy anus.

“I’m going to ease up into your ass” Samuel hot breath breathed into the back of her head a cheerful playful tone to his voice “Try not to loose your balance”

The thick fleshy knot against the young boy anus pressed up with Giada/he raising up farther onto the balls of her/his young feet as a growing painful discomfort formed trying to open the young boy anus. She/he rose up even more with legs start to buckle, shuffling about the low stools padded top. Giada/he couldn’t go far the limiting reach of the rope keeping her under the i-bolt with the only help from Samuel was his hands keeping her spining about. The pain went from bad to worse.

“It hurts.. It hurts bad!” Giada/he cried out with wobbly knees wanting to buckle, her abdomen bowing out as far as she/he could get it without loosing her/his footing over the top of the stool.

The thick blunt slick tip of Samuel’s organ never once relented with the young ring of anal muscle slowly being forced to stretch just enough to let the tip enter into her/his rectal passage. Giada/he legs buckled wobbling weakly under her/him as the intense sharp pain of entry overwhelmed her.

“Eeeeee!!..” She/he wailed out her/his neck back coming under the taunt rope again.

Giada/he for only a moment was too overcome to care but quickly managed to get up onto trembling taunt legs even as her/his rectum remained clamped down against the horrid pain that filled it.

“Nice…” Samuel cooed out with admiration behind Giada/he.

Samuel was a scientist-engineer and hadn’t been idle in trying to understand what went wrong with crew and himself. He realized what that made the others suicidal had a different but none the less just an intense affect on him. They acted on the urge to die and Samuel somehow affected differently could not stop himself from acting on the urge for base crude sex. He had fantasies before he’d never acted on, everyone did but the exotic radiation seemed to make him unable to hold them back. Empathy, restraint, and morality all but removed from Samuel’s thoughts freeing him to deviously innovate and enact to fulfill them with nothing but his own sexual self interest and self gratification as a concern. Two thing drove him now, one to complete the mission and two sate the crude ever growing sadistic sexual urges that ebbed with the level of exotic radiation. The ship now entering a heavy bubble of the radiation that saturated every part of the huge star ship.

Samuel let himself slip into the fulfillment of till then just a hidden fantasy. The young naked boy with arms tightly bound behind him with neat well placed loops that lent even more sexual excitement to the scene. He did kept to his self made promise to only use one persona image, that of a girl named Giada. Samuel well lubed highly excited stiff cock went popping up into the young overly tight rectum the ring of the boy’s anus that clamping down creasing into the shaft of his adult cock. With fully a third of his cock up inside the young boy’s rectum Samuel watch with sweeping glee as his young terror fill naked boy body writhe about dancing over the top of the low stool the flesh of his young legs trembling and wobbling in an effort not to slip off the top. Samuel slipped a hand around finding and feeling over the young male parts he found there his adult cock flexing stiffly within the tight hugging rectum of the young boy.

Samuel felt powerful, in full and total control. The exotic-radiation twisting what he was doing as being right, a offering to him to keep going, to finish ‘the’ mission. The incarnate ‘wasn’t’ real, the persona used just software, the sense of what he was going far from being wrong. The ends did justify means. His iron stiff cock went feeling eagerly farther up into the young squealing boy’s rectum seeking a deeper entry he knew was shortly to be had. And soon enough within a few well timed moves his cock slipped into the curved young colon bring on a gorgeous bout of wobbling erratic legs movements as the boy became overcome by the deeper penetration. Samuel reviled in the sight of his young legs losing balance the tightening rope around his neck becoming an incentive to struggle his way back onto the low stool or strangle.

Giada/he danced forward over the low stool the rope going up over head from her/his neck limiting just how far she/he could go. She/he went up onto her toes her/his tummy bowing out in a effort to find some distance but Samuel stayed close his free hand coming around onto her/his young abdomen reining in just how far she/he could go. Samuel’s other hand eagerly playing over the now soft boy penis and young testicular sack. It hurt shocking bad as he started humping and Giada/he clench her teeth in a grimace a tense sobbing whine escaping, none the less Giada/he mind was filled with how unfair it was that Samuel had chosen her persona instead of the many thousands of other that had to be stored away. This was a nightmare she was stuck in.

The moving thick cock spread the slick lube deeply and quickly. The cock gave a strong deepening lunge up and Gaida/he young body involuntarily quivered as the blunt tip went slipped even deeper, her/his young legs shimmied almost giving out with the rope around Giada/he neck going tight taking her/his full weight. For a few moment of time she/he was caught up between two harsh realities of strangulation and an overwhelming feeling of weakness that left her/his legs unable to hold most of her weight.

Samuel’s only thought as his cock entered the boy’s tight colon was ‘I got you now’. He’d sodomized, throat-fucked a few of the many young incarnates and found there was a vast difference between a casual rectum fucking that lead to intriguing sensation being forced onto the young subject and pushing past that resisting wall just at the end of that sweet rectal love tube. That was where things changed from sensation-racked to nasty-shock and he was there now.

Leaving his cock lodged deep into that sweet spot Samuel lifted the young boy up by his slender waist placing the boy the boy’s feet back flat onto the stool. He had to do it several time before the young boy found the strength in his leg to support him. The poor boy’s entire body was trembling within Samuel’s hands still grasped at his slender boy hips. Samuel slowly forced his cock deeper, the boy’s legs bowing and wobbling erratically about as his cock sank in farther and Samuel’s loin went snuggly tucking up into the young firm warm young boy buttocks.

If there was one thing about the affects of the exotic-radiation Samuel noted was that he was fill with cruel aggressive sexual drive that he couldn’t rightly control. It was a kind of lose of inhabitation that in the past he wouldn’t have acted upon. Only now if he let himself the luxury of fantasizing even close to what would at normal times be taboo Samuel would be at a lose to stop himself or to put it plainly even realize it was a wrong thing to even do. So as Samuel became absorbed by the young warm trembling naked boy he had his thick adult cock sunk to the hilt up into, it became an easy thing to with a sweeping move of one foot send the small stool from under the boy and across the room.

The stool Giada/he went out from under her/him. In a reflex Giada/he tensed her neck muscles as the rope took her weight. She/he froze tensely wide eyed with legs suddenly stiffly feeling about in the air where the stool had been and strongly trying to writhe her/his arms from the rope that kept them tightly behind her/him. The hands gripping onto the boy’s now her hips gripping in even more snuggly, more controlling. Panic once started swept over Giada/he even as Samuel’s loin moved into sodomizing action. Deep in the back of Giada/he’s mind she was ghastly aware that the real reason she/he was being tormented in this way was to intensify the affect of sexual release for him. But the will to live and terror of dieing was just too much to remain still as the rope around her/his neck started to dig in strangling Giada/he. Within mere moments with her/his rectum only reluctantly letting the thick adult organ to slip through it Giada/he was kicking her/his leg wildly about through the air and trying to twist her/his neck free of the strangling affects of the noose.

Samuel became lost, caught up into the writhing twisting boy he was sodomizing crudely. He was all eyes watching the panicked young lad with terror frozen face and snug rope around his neck as the only thing keeping him upright as Samuel working his cock through the tight slightly lube tube of his young rectum and colon. The muscles of the boy’s arms tensed, working franticly to find a elusive way to free them from the well tied way Samuel had bound them behind him.

“Computer” Samuel called out “Cut gravity in this room by one half”

The panic inducing strangling pressure eased on Giada/he’s neck and she/he could just get needed air around the still snug rope the frantic humping of the thick adult cock slowed. Blood pounded within her/his head and as she/he stopped kicking and writhing a hand of Samuel’s left her hip and went feeling over the boy penis she now had. Samuel cupped his hand over the boy groin feeling with hand and fingers over the young organ. Giada/he’s rectum tingled with a mix of electric on the verge of pain like sensations with the thick stiffly arching male organ of Samuel’s slowly continued humping. Each deep placement of his organ sending a gripping wave of nasty feeling body consuming trembling weakness throughout her/his young body.

Samuel couldn’t help but to feel over the young groin of the boy. His young perfect testicular sack and hardening penis a pleasure to get familiar with. With a short bit he was ready to finish it and readjusted the rope around the young neck of the boy with the knot at the back of his head. Hands slipping back to the young slender hips he stepped back a half step and called out “Computer.. restore gravity”

“No…” Giada/he scream out as her/his weight returned “Uggg…”

The rope at the front of Giada/he’s neck dug in cruelly. Samuel hands had gripped into her hips keeping her/he buttocks against Samuel’s loin as he stepped back and Giada/he now was slightly angled toward the rope adding even more pressure onto the front of her/his young throat. She/he remained frozen with disbelief and horror as the deeply placed adult cock tugged back and surged into action. She/he swung forward and back several times his hairy loin slapping hard against her backside before the strangling affects became to much to handle. Her/his young legs started first feeling about for a footing, then kicking wildly as panic and choking horrid terror took her/him over.

Giada/he tried writhing her neck about to get the pressure off any one part but Samuel seemed to be able to savagely counter with controlling movements of his own till in the mist of frantic panic she/he just gave in going limp. After several more rapid humps Samuel stopped.

“Computer.. one half gravity”

The cock withdrew from her/his rectum and his hands left her/his hips leaving Giada/he swinging in the lighter gravity gasping for air and head pounding with blood. Samuel walked into view hand coming up cupping her/his head in Samuel’s hands and planting a tongue filling kiss over the boy lips before kneeling down and taking in the entirety of the young boy’s groin into his adult mouth.

Samuel had never thought himself as one that would enjoy mouthing over a boy groin but in the heat of the moment Samuel was all in. His tongue ravaged over the young male parts taking in the feel and taste of it all. The little penis went stiff in his mouth as Samuel pump one hand over his own adult cock the other holding the boy against his face. Samuel’s cock was ragingly stiff and sensitive with him having to adjust his pumping hand accordingly as to not unload till he was ready. Pulling his face away from the young loin of the boy Samuel stood back taking in the horror struck face still struggling with the snug rope even at half gravity.

“Computer.. up gravity slowly to 1g over the next thirty seconds” Samuel said watching the boy closely and pumping his cock steadily.

Samuel stood before Giada/he as she mentally stuck in the boy body grappled with the barely tolerable half a gravity. The rope around her/boy neck as the gravity grew her/boy weight pulled down, the harsh choking sensation coming back fast, panic starting to well. Samuel just in front of Giada/he watching crudely pumping his cock with a hand in an ever increasing tempo as the distress grew and full gravity was restored. Giada/he was horrified with the callus indifference to anything but Samuel’s want for sexual self-gratification at her/his expense. In horrid flashes amidst Giada/he’s thrashing, kicking about, as she/he swung with arms tugging madly to pull free she saw the rigid adult organ spit huge loads of sperm at her/him hitting Giada/he on her boy torso and kicking legs.

“Computer.. one quarter gravity” Samuel called out.

The relief was instant as she/he shed three quarters of their weight. Still swinging about she caught sight of Samuel wiping his cock dry then coming the her/him Samuel wiped Giada/he’s butt crack till dry and scooted the stool back under her/his feet. An hour later with rectum aching and a red rope burn around Giada/he’s neck Samuel was walking he/him into the memory upload room and strapping her/him down into the upload chair.

Giada woke screaming throwing the light sheets from her naked body and jumping up. She was in the room on the star ship again. The last thing she remembered was being in the memory scanning chair. The room looked older, a little different as if a few years had past. Still she lurched toward the mirror knowing she was younger than before by how big the room seemed. Standing before the mirror at least she was a girl again though a little puggy. The girl staring back with deep set green eyes was maybe five with wiry red hair and freckles everywhere. She was plump in all the wrong places and tomboy looking.

When Samuel show this time he was older maybe in his fifties but still fit. He was naked and ready for violent aggressive sex. His cock was arching stiff and in his hands he carried made things that Giada was only vaguely aware of from a life before in books and on-line when looking for naughty things. Needless to say in short order Giada found herself with arms bound behind her, a ring gag in place and being put through the worse stomach retching experience ever followed by a horribly painful sodomizing while being slapped near into a stupor.

She was uploaded and brought back several more times each time Samuel older and finding some new bent on painfully abusing her or her/him, always anally or orally and anally. Till she woke running to the mirror and seeing herself. Samuel well into his sixties now came in wearing his crew uniform clean and a sane look about him.

“Were a year and a half out from the destination star” he said “I’ll be needing your help”

This was the first time Giada had seen him with a sane mind. He was an old man now, gray hair and sad wrinkles all over his face. But still he had a sense of seriousness about him that had her in the end hovering over manuals and learning necessary thing about keeping the ship functioning. The target earth like planet coming closer and work needed to get done. The ship was made to split and drop off huge automated machinery that would bring forth the first colonist with minds intact and equipment necessary to succeed in their new home. The rest of the ship never stopping never slowing but heading toward a secondary star.

Samuel wanted to go down with the colonist as was in his contract. Giada couldn’t bring herself to go with him, she hated what he’d done to her leaving her only choice but to remain with the ship. To go on the the next system to the the caretaker herself. Before the ship separated Giada convinced the now old man Samuel to upload his mental image. Then watch the ship separate her part going on, moving outbound of this solar system toward the secondary target taking her with it.

As the ship neared the open space of galactic media Giada stepped into the device and uploaded her mental image. She had seen the videos of the crew from years ago killing them selfs and knew this would be more likely her fate too, but she had a plan a sadistic plan to enact revenge and to complete the mission….

Samuel woke from with a start looking about the small room of the familiar starship. Something though was amiss. He rose scooting from the bed, the room seem bigger and he was waring a just white gown. He felt healthier an more energy than he had in years. The door opened and he stepped back in shock seeing himself there as young as he had been when the starship first left earth.

“You don’t recognize me Samuel?” he asked in a bemused voice “I’m Giada”

Samuel pulled up the gown looking down seeing a very young girl’s hairless clit. He had been downloaded into a young girl’s body. Looking back to Giada in his younger form Samuel could see the familiar unquenchable lust crazed he had carried with him for years and knew they were back in deep space.

“I did this month before my other self killed her self” Giada in his body said grinning devilishly “We knew it was the only way”

“And you choose me” Samuel in the young girl’s body said grinning wickedly back “For revenge I guess”

“Thirty years to the next target” Giada said pulling off his clothes letting his cock arch stiffly free “You’ll do fine in the variety of surrogates you’ll be uploaded into”

‘For the mission’ Samuel thought as Giada grabbed him roughly ‘For the mission’…


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