The Pink Jumpsuit [Mg, Watersport, Cons]

The Pink Jumpsuit [Mg, Watersport, Cons]

“Thank you, Nathan,” Tanni said as she wrestled her new doll out of its box.

“You’re welcome, sweetie,” I responded keeping my focus on the road. We were headed home from the toy store. Since we both lived in a small town a little ways away from the city, it was a good half-hour drive to get home.

Tanni’s father lived in Arkansas and only saw her a few times a year. Her mother on the other hand, would occasionally have to leave town for work. Whenever she did, I was usually tasked with taking care of the little one. I loved to spoil the little girl whenever she stayed with me. A trip to the toy store had become something of a ritual.

After we left the city and began to make our way closer to our small town Tanni piped up, “I need to pee.”

“Well, there’s nowhere to stop in between here and home,” I said looking out at the farm fields, “You’re going to have to hold it.”

“I think I can make it,” the six year old resolved. I continued to drive down the highway as I could sense the girl’s increasing discomfort. It wasn’t long before Tanni began to wriggle and squirm in her car seat. She let out deep excited breaths as she struggled to keep her urine in.

“Just five more minutes,” I assured her knowing it would probably be closer to ten. As we rounded the actual five minute mark, her desperation became more apparent. She was gritting her teeth and began to let out little whimpers. This continued as we exited the highway. Once we made it to the main road, we were subjected to the only two stop lights in our small town, and the many more four way stops that surely exacerbated the little girl’s bladder as we inched closer to my house.

She was nearly crying now. “You’ll be okay,” I reassured, “we’re almost there.” Once I pulled into my driveway, she was already unbuckled and on her way out of my car. She ran up to the front door, only to wait as I fumbled with the key to unlock it. She danced, hands down in between her legs, as I found my key and got the door open.

Lurching into the house, she headed straight for the nearest restroom. As I saw her turn the corner and shut the door, I relaxed knowing she had made it… or so I thought.

“Nathan, help!” I heard a cry from the restroom.

Walking over to the door I asked, “What do you need?” The door opened and I looked down upon a crying little girl, tugging on her pink jumpsuit.

“I can’t get it off!” Tanni sobbed. The snaps on the front of her jumpsuit were very hard for the little girl to undo, especially in her jittery state. She had managed to undo the first two, but the third was eluding her. The belt that tied in the front had already been untied and hung down at either side.

I pulled the third snap loose and with that, began to free her chest. She began to move the short sleeves down her arms. But alas, before I could pull the fourth and final snap and free the girl from her jumpsuit, Tanni could no longer hold it.

She let her bladder go as she cried, although her face show signs of relief. Her pee soaked through her panties and jumpsuit almost immediately. It began to drip down both legs; wetting her sandal-clad feet and my tile floor. I had undone the final snap, but there was no point in pulling her jumpsuit off now. The damage was already done. I let Tanni finish, standing in front of me before attempting damage control of any kind.

When all her pee had been exhausted, I pulled her jumpsuit down. Tanni stepped out of it and kicked them, disgusted that her pretty pink jumpsuit caused such a mess. Her panties were soaked through which allowed me to see the outline of her pussy through the thin fabric. She was a little bewildered by the whole situation, not really knowing what to do. I grabbed a hold of her soaked panties and pulled them down too.

We were already right next to my laundry room, so I just tossed her wet clothes into the washer.

“Hand me the towel on the counter,” I pointed.

“Here you go,” she said handing it to me.

I proceeded to wipe up the pee that had gotten on my tile floor. I resolved to do a more proper cleaning later, but that would do for now. I tossed the hand towel into the washer with the girl’s clothes and turned it on. Once that was done, my attention was on Tanni. “Let’s get you cleaned up,” I said.

Tanni looked up at me sheepishly “I’m sorry,” she said rather pitifully and began to cry again. I knelt down to comfort her.

“It wasn’t your fault,” I told her. “Accidents happen.” I pulled her closer and hugged her. That’s when it hit me. Little Tani’s soft skin, her sweet little arms wrapping around my neck, it was intoxicating. I had thought of a moment like this often, but the opportunity never presented itself, until now. In that moment, as I caressed her bare back and let my hand slide momentarily over her bare buttocks, I wanted her.

As I held her, my mind wandered… She was with me, upstairs on my bed. I began rubbing her body vigorously. I was spreading her legs apart and began to stuff as much of my dick inside her small vagina as I could. Harder and harder; I imagined myself thrusting into the little one as she cried out, begging me to stop.

What was I thinking? How could I ever hurt this sweet darling? I was hard now, holding little Tammi close to me. With resolve, I pushed her back and kissed her cheek.

But then again, she was with me nude, nude and… “Let’s go upstairs and get you in the bath.”

Tanni puffed up her flat little chest, an action that only made my cock more alert. I picked up the little girl, holding her up by her naked butt. I ascended the stairs, headed to the full bathroom. My shirt would undoubtedly smell like her pee which had gotten all over her lower half, but I didn’t really mind. I decided to carry Tanni and change later.

When we got to the bathroom, I put Tanni down and began to fill the tub with warm water.

“Sorry, my pee got on your shirt,” Tanni noticed where her legs pressed against me when I carried her. I looked down, seeing my t-shirt in a worse state than I anticipated.

“I guess I need a bath too,”  and pulled my shirt off. Tanni giggled.

When the bath was full, I held Tanni’s hand as she climbed in. My eyes naturally glued to her vagina as she spread her legs over the side of the tub. When she was in, I removed the rest of my clothes and climbed in with her.

“Mind if I join you,” I said as I settled down in the tub.

“Sure, I guess. My mom lets me take a shower with her sometimes, but… I’ve never taken a bath with a man before.”

“Well, It’s a first for me too then, because I’ve never taken a bath with a little girl either,” I replied tickling her tummy.

My move to get in the bath was more about convenience than anything else… or at least that’s how I rationalized it to myself. I simply needed to clean up, and I was already putting Tanni in the bath, so… why not?

Whatever lie I told myself to justify my actions was thrown out the window when Tanni began to take notice of my cock.

“I’ve never seen a boy’s wiener before,” Tanni said as she stared at mine. While my lower body was submerged in the bath, the top of my erect cock was peeking out of the water. Thus, it had been difficult for the six year old to ignore.

As if I were the proverbial fly on the wall, I heard myself say, “Would you like to touch it?”  Without answering, Tanni reached out and grasped my cock. Stifling the urge to mutter a four-letter word, I moaned, “That feels really good.”  I don’t know if she really heard me or not as her attention was fixated on my cock.  She moved both hands around it and was exploring every inch of my manhood.  Me, I relaxed in the bath allowing her to admire my cock.

Emboldened, I asked the little girl, “Hmmmm. Why don’t you give it a kiss?”

Looking up briefly she scrunched up her nose.  “A Kiss?”

“Yeah, kiss it right on the tip,” I boldly said.

To my delight and still with her hands on my cock, the little girl bent forward and planted a kiss on the tip of my cock. It shuddered under the feeling of her lips. Tanni continued to feel me with her hands as she pulled away, playing with my balls and burying her little hands in my pubic hair. I reached my hand out in between her legs too. She giggled as she felt my finger rub up and down her lips.

I decided it was time my little partner learned how to give a proper hand job. Hoisting myself up onto my knees, I shadowed her hands, moving them up and down my shaft.

“Just like that,” I said as I pulled my hands away, allowing her to continue on her own.  “Oh, yeah, that feels so good, baby…” my voice trailed off.  I allowed my hands to extend to Tanni’s head and began to massage her hair.

After minute or so I whispered, “Don’t stop until I tell you,” knowing that I was about to blow my load. Only a few more pumps from the first grader and I was shooting onto her chest. She yelped at first, and was about to pull away, but I reminded her to keep going.

More semen sprayed out onto her hands and chest. It had begun to drip down her body and a few drops made it all the way down to the water that was now swaying around both of us.

The last few drops oozed out of my cock and I gently grabbed both of Tani’s hands, letting her know it was time to stop.

“Lick off the rest,” I pointed to my cock.

Tanni looked down, “Do I have to?”

“It won’t hurt you. You might even like it,” I encouraged as I pulled her head down. She obeyed, licking up the remainder of my semen.

She did a good job of cleaning my knob and when she finished I asked, “How was it?”

“It wasn’t that bad,” she decided and went down to lick it again when she saw more semen drip out. I pulled her up to me and gave her a kiss. We snuggled each other. My cum caked between both of us, but neither of us seemed to care. The bath was still warm and we would have plenty of time to get clean before it cooled down.

“Thanks, Tanni, you made me feel very good.”

Tanni looked up at me, “Can we do it again?”

A huge smile spread across my face. “I don’t see why not.”

Before long, I was hard again and moved my dick in between both of our bodies. I began to thrust against the girl and would soon be well on my way to my second orgasm that afternoon. And to think, I still had a whole two days left with this adventurous little darling. She would be seeing a lot more of my cock before it was over.