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The Chronicles of Abby: That’s How She Started Wearing Safety Shorts Under Her Skirts

Author: Carlson

(Abby’s Perspective)

Synopsis: This part of the story was about Abby innocently teasing others with her panties in public and this was when she was forced by her mom to put on safety shorts under her skirts and dresses.

Although Abby knew her dad had been peeping at her panties every time she’s sitting either on the sofa or on the floor, she would just ignore it throughout her preschool years. She wasn’t embarrassed at all if people could see her underwear although she would still cover her skirt if she noticed someone watching. She only did it because her mom always told her to sit properly and cover her panties if her panties were exposed. She actually did put down her legs a few times when she noticed her dad staring between her legs when she was on the sofa playing with her phone but she did not do it in an obvious way so her dad still did not know about Abby actually knew that he was staring at her underwear.

Abby’s dad, Matt himself didn’t mind other guys looking up his daughter’s skirt. He wouldn’t blame them because his daughter was so beautiful for her age and she was also such a cock tease. One time, Abby’s mom and dad were in a local bookstore. She was in her short pretty white sundress. She walked around the bookstore browsing some children’s books. Her dad accompanied her while her mother was at another section. Matt noticed a man in his 40’s kept following Abby around. At first Matt was worried as the man might be a kidnapper as he kept stalking his daughter around the bookstore. Matt kept his guard up until he realized that the man’s intention wasn’t to kidnap Abby. Matt knew kidnappers would look around for opportunity and keep a distance from his victim. But this man kept walking behind Abby and Matt noticed his eyes staring at Abby’s butt. He was actually looking at her pink panties that can be seen through the white fabric of her sundress.

The man’s behavior made Matt excited. So Matt deliberately stayed away from Abby and watched over her from afar, allowing the man to have some private moment with Abby. Soon Abby found a book and sat on the floor reading it. However, she sat crossed-legged and covered her panties well with her dress. The man remained close-by her, pretending to find books through the shelves. Matt kept watch until he was disturbed by a promoter. He tried to be as polite as possible to reject the promoter’s offer and get back to his exciting task. When he’s done, he realized that the man was gone. Abby was still reading but this time, both her knees were up on her chest and her feet wide apart. She also leaned her back on the bookshelf behind her that caused her to perched her butt forward. Anyone who passed by Abby would be able to see her powder pink panties clearly with white lacy trim on the sides.

Matt couldn’t find the man near Abby as this was his perfect chance to have a good show of his little princess’s cock teasing show. Matt decided to search for him and found him behind the shelf of books that was directly in front of Abby. Matt saw him squatting down at the shelf, holding a book. Matt went quietly and carefully closer to him and Matt hid somewhere near him and Abby so that he could get a good view of both of them. Then, he saw the man covering his phone with the book to hide it. He was video recording Abby’s sexy view through the little gaps between the books on the shelf. He had recorded for about a minute and Abby was still sitting with her knees closed so only the lower triangular shape of her panties were visible. Matt decided to help the man, he walked casually to Abby making sure not to alert the man. Matt stood beside Abby, took out a piece of tissue paper and told Abby to wipe her thighs as her thighs were sweaty. Abby wiped her thighs but in the process of doing it, she spread her knees widely, giving the camera a big surprise and clear view. The spread lasted for around 10 seconds. So he would have been able to film Abby’s entire upper and lower part of her panties. The upper part of the panty has a bow with a hot-pressed yellow duckling character below it.

Abby’s mom was approaching them and Matt quickly asked Abby to cover her panties before her mum noticed her spreading her legs in public. Matt had to be careful and he had to help his wife to remind Abby to sit like a lady because throughout the past few months, his wife had been asking for his advice whether to put on some safety shorts under Abby’s skirts whenever she was in skirts and dresses. Every time this conversation comes up, he managed to convince his wife that it was not necessary to do that because Abby was still just a little girl and she should learn how to sit properly and she should not rely on safety shorts as putting safety shorts under her skirts and dresses would possibly make Abby to be more unlady-like because Abby might think that no one could see her panties since there was a safety shorts under her dresses. Till then his wife still agreed with him.

Matt saw the man leaving the bookstore with a huge tent on his pants. Matt quickly told Abby and his wife to queue up and pay for their items while he had to use the washroom. Matt carefully followed the man. He maintained a distance to avoid being noticed by the man. The man went into the most secluded washroom in the mall and Matt waited for a while before entering the washroom sneakily. He hid beside the toilet cubicle beside the man’s and he was really quiet, he even shut off his mobile phone in case his wife decided to text him. Soon, he heard the man unzipped his pants. Matt knelt down and he could see the shadow of the man through the lower part of the cubicle. He could the man’s shadow holding his phone and fiddling it. Then, the man let out a ‘Wow!’ sound and Matt saw long 7-inch shadow on the floor pointing out. That huge-long stick was gripped and stroke really quickly without the need of warming-up.

The man masturbated so intensely. Matt knew that the man was having a really really good time as he heard him grunting in pleasure continuously and kept saying ‘Big spread!’ and ‘Pink panties’ and ‘Oh, so sexy!’. Soon, he grunted ‘Oh…… Oh …… Uhhh …… Uhh …… Ooo ……!’. Matt could see gobs and gobs of thick semen spurting onto the tiles.

The man zipped up his pants and exited the cubicle only to find Matt confronting him.

“So, what are you doing in there?” asked Matt.

“You…… you were at the bookstore……” said the man.

“Masturbating, huh,” said Matt as he looked at the messy semen on the tiles behind the man.

“So what? There is nothing wrong to masturbate. Everyone does it”

“Well, it’s not wrong to jerk off if it does not involve taking videos of little girl’s panties,” said Matt in a cheeky but serious tone.

“I……, I don’t know what you are talking about!’

“No? Let me see your phone then”

“No, it’s my property!”

“Why not we go to the police to clear this up, shall we?”

“Oh no……, please don’t…… I…… I couldn’t help it. What can I do for you to let me go? Do you want money? I got money,”

“Well…… just give me your phone. I’ll keep it and we can pretend that nothing has ever happen,”

“But I have important files in it. Can I just delete them and have my phone back?”

“Enough talk. To the police or give me the phone?”

The man reluctantly handed over his phone to Matt and he let the man go. Matt went home and found several upskirt pictures of little girls and some photos of a young girl around 7 years old that was assumed to be the man’s daughter in the phone and he kept them as his trophy. Since then, Matt continued to use his daughter to innocently tease perverts at public places but of course he needed to be careful to not make his perverted act obvious and noticeable by people especially his wife.

One afternoon, Matt made a mistake. He was careless. Matt and Abby were at the lobby area of the mall. They sat on a bench waiting for Abby’s mum to be back from the washroom. Abby was wearing a white blouse and a powder blue mini skirt. She was playing with her phone again with both knees to her chest and feet closed together. But, she covered her panties by sliding up the lower part of the skirt and tugged it between her thighs and her heels. After a while, Abby was so focused on playing the game on her phone. She had unconsciously moved both feet apart causing the previously tightly held skirt to fall, revealing her white panties.

At that time, Matt noticed a man around his 30’s sitting around 10 feet directly in front of them staring at Abby’s panties. Matt got excited again. His little girl was being a cock tease again and he continued to pretend to use his phone. Soon, Abby was so into the game, she played the game so intensely. Both her previously closed knees moved away from her chest and they were opened widely apart. At the corner of Matt’s eyes, he saw the man with his left hand holding a bag to hide his right hand as his right hand was in his trousers, stroking his hard cock and staring at his little girl’s widely parted ‘M’ shaped pose. In between her thighs, her white panties with a printed hello kitty character saying ‘Enjoy happiness’ can be clearly seen as her blue short mini skirt rode all the way up to her tummy. The white scalloped edge bands of her panties were also clearly visible.

In less than a minute, the man stopped shaking his right hand. Matt assumed that he had just ejaculated in his underwear. He left the scene in a hurry, body trembling from the excitement, pleasure and exhaustion. Then, Matt’s wife could be heard scolding Abby.

“Abby! Close your legs! Everyone can see your panties! I can even see your tummy! I had enough of telling you how to sit in a modest way and I’m not letting you showing others your underwear anymore!” said Abby’s mom angrily.

Matt’s wife had enough, she had decided to put safety shorts under Abby’s skirts and dresses from that moment onwards. Matt tried to reason with her again that it was not necessary but he lost as he couldn’t give her a valid reason to change her mind after she told him angrily that their daughter was just so shameless, wearing a mini skirt and spreading her legs so widely in public. She also said someone could have taken pictures of her panties.

This time, Matt had to just comply and follow his wife as she marched Abby to the children’s underwear section of a hypermarket and bought her a few safety shorts, mostly black in colour and that was the beginning Abby had to wear them although she hated them as they felt hot under her skirts and dresses. Throughout Abby’s six years old life, Matt only manage to sneak a peek when she’s in her nightgown or when his wife went for a holiday with her friends.

Author’s Remark:

If you enjoy this story and would like to read more. I can continue writing more parts. Just leave a comment in this site or send an email to carlson2@protonmail.com. You may also give me suggestions on what would you like in the upcoming story so that I will have more ideas to make the story more intense and pleasurable for my readers.

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