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The Chronicles of Abby: He’s So Heavy. What is He Doing to Me?

Author: Carlson

(Abby’s Perspective)

Synopsis: This part was the first time ever Abby was being fucked by someone. Who could her rapist be?

Sounds of the bed creaking with rhythm continuously were heard as Abby lied drowsily on the bed. She wanted to get up but she couldn’t as she was just half-conscious. She could smell the breath of juice that he drank with her and she could also hear him gasping, exhaling his breath consistently onto her face.

“What was he doing to me?” Abby thought as he felt his body lying on top of her chest and tummy.

“Is he hugging me? But why is he hugging me so weirdly? Daddy and mommy never hugs me this way,” as she felt him bouncing his whole body up and down. Soon she realized there was something in her little vagina, something big and hard. That thing slid in and out, in and out as it was being taken out and pushed back into her over and over again.

It was quite painful but the pain became lesser after a few minutes. Then she could hear him gasping and saying things.

“Oh…… Abby! It’s been so long! I’ve been eyeing you for so…… so…… long!” said the person as he pounded her little pussy. Abby moaned in a little discomfort and kept saying stop, stop, stop.

Abby felt him sliding that thing out of her. She felt him climbing up her child body and put something hard and warm into her mouth.

“Suck it!” he whispered.

It grew bigger as she sucked it. Suddenly, that thing went deeper and deeper into the back of her throat. It was too discomforting so she stopped sucking, hoping that it would be taken out of her mouth. But she was wrong. She felt it being pushed in and out continuously just like what it did with her little vagina a moment ago.

She started coughing and that thing was taken out. Then she felt as if someone was kissing her mouth. The kiss was different from daddy’s and mommy’s. It was messy with full of saliva. Soon, she felt him kissing and smelling her neck with his hands rubbing her waist up and down.

The kiss went from her neck to her vagina. He could feel him kissing and sucking it and it tickled her little pussy. After a little while, her legs were parted, knees bent as if she was given a diaper change while she was a baby. She felt her pink panties being dragged from her left thigh to her knees and ankles and eventually it was taken off her foot.

Her underwear was placed on her chest. Abby did not know what was going to happen next. She was quite worried. Then, there it was again. She could feel that thing being pushed into her pussy again. That thing tried to enter but her small pussy and her pussy tried to push it back out. Out of a sudden!

“Ouccchhhhhh!!!” yelled Abby as that thing was pushed into her hardly and she heard a big slap at the end. That thing was in her again. It slid in and out repeatedly just like previously but this time, it was different. She felt him, his whole body on top of both her thighs. He moved really quickly and pushed that thing even deeply and the worst thing was, that thing felt even bigger than before. At the same time, she felt him smelling and kissing her panties on her chest.

She felt her little pussy being ripped apart as that thing kept going in deep, fast and hard. The creaking sound of the bed became quicker and louder as if the bed was about to break.

“Ohhh, you little panty tease! Ohhh! This is what you get for showing your panties in your dress! This is what happens if you spread your legs widely!”

Abby felt that thing moving in even quicker and deeper as he bounced violently. Suddenly she felt something hot and slimy being spurted into her over and over again while that thing was being pushed deeply into her pussy, then it rested just for a while, pulled out a little and pushed it back in again. As she was feeling that she could hear him groaning and moaning in pain just like what daddy always did seconds before he would come out of the bathroom.

That thing was pulled out and she felt the warm, sticky liquid flowing out of her pussy.

“Wow! This feels so so good! This video is going to be the best video for me to have fun daily!”

Abby, still in her half-conscious state, gasped in exhaustion. She couldn’t even move her body. He left her both thighs opened widely with the on flowing sticky substance. She felt his knees in front of her pussy and she could hear him snapping pictures.

He left the room. A while later…… She felt something going in her pussy again ……

Author’s Remark:

If you enjoy this story and would like to read more. I can continue writing more parts. Just leave a comment in this site or send an email to carlson2@protonmail.com. You may also give me suggestions on what would you like in the upcoming story so that I will have more ideas to make the story more intense and pleasurable for my readers.

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