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The Chronicles of Abby: Abby Lifted Her Skirt Up for Daddy for the First Time!

Author: Carlson

(Abby’s Perspective)

Synopsis: This event took place when Abby was alone with her dad since her mom was away for work. And this was the first time ever Abby’s dad masturbated in front of her while looking at her sweet sexy panties in a really short mini skirt. She showed him her panties to get out of trouble. [Note: This part connects with the story: Abby, the 1st Grade Panty Tease and Her Perverted Teacher]

When Abby turned seven, she’s ready for elementary school. Abby’s mom had previously turned down her chance of a job promotion a few times when Abby was still in preschool. As soon as she had settled Abby into an elementary school and completed all the other stuffs that were related to Abby, she decided to take up her new role as regional project manager and she was stationed at another town. Because of that, she had to stay at a rented place near her new office and she would only return home during the weekends to spend time with Matt and Abby.

It was difficult for Matt to have to juggle the role of being a dad and a mom at the same time during weekdays. He had to prepare Abby’s breakfast every morning and help Abby with her school work in the evening. Although it was hard but he never complained as he got to dress Abby up in little short dresses and skirts and he was able to see her panties spread all day long whenever she spread her legs while watching television or reading a book. There were a few times that he masturbated secretly while Abby was reading a book on the sofa with both legs up on the sofa. He would often cum in his underwear and made a big sticky mess in it. Matt was able to keep his cock in his pants until one day……

Matt had just returned from his 5-days working trip. He picked-up Abby from his mom’s place since she had to live with Matt’s mom while he was away. When they both returned home, Matt went to have a shower and pulled his horny dick out and masturbated a little since he hadn’t cum for 5 days and he was ragingly horny. However, he stopped masturbating just before he was about to cum. He didn’t want to just cum in the shower, he wanted to do it while watching some photos of little girls in their underwear on his computer when Abby was asleep so he just continued showering as usual.

Meanwhile, Abby used Matt’s computer to watch some videos without Matt’s permission. Then, she had accidentally downloaded a virus software and it froze up the entire screen, plenty of pop-ups appeared on the screen and it wouldn’t stop even though Abby had tried her best to shut off all those pop-ups. Abby was so afraid that her dad would be very mad. She knew that her dad would need his computer to stroke his thing later at night.

She knew what will her dad be watching when he stroked his big thing because when she was six years old, there was one time her mom had sent Abby home from her preschool since her teacher found out that she was not well. After her mom dropped her off and went straight back to work. Abby went into the house and headed to her room. On her way there, she passed by her parents’ room but it was slightly opened and she stopped when she heard her dad gasping and moaning as he was in pain. So, she peeped quietly and that was the time Abby had finally found out what was her dad doing when he was in the bathroom with all the sounds. Since the computer screen was facing the door, she could see a little blond girl around her age in a very short white cheerleader’s skirt and the girl sat on the bed with both legs spread really widely and she was holding both her thighs revealing her yellow panties. Then Abby looked at her dad and she saw him gripping his very big stick with his right hand and stroke it up and down continuously. After a while, she saw him wrapping his stick with one of her white panties and continued stroking up and down. She watched him quietly until her dad gave out a big moan and some white liquid that looked like milk oozed out from his stick and flooded her panties. Some of the white stuff overflew from her panties and dripped onto the floor. Abby quickly but carefully went back into her room to hide. When her dad was done, she saw him throwing her panties back into the laundry basket and he went back to his room for a nap. Little curious Abby went to the laundry basket and found her white panties. As she opened the crotch area of the panties, it was really sticky and wet. She touched it with her finger and smelled it and she almost puked from the pungent smell of that white sticky stuff. Then, she put her panties back into the basket and wiped her sticky fingers onto her dress.

Abby also remembered that there was once her dad returned from work in a very bad mood. Abby did something and learned something useful unknowingly. That day, she sat on the sofa with her short dress and exposed her panties while she pretended to read a book. Then she took occasional peeps at the corner of the book and saw her dad secretly putting his right hand in his pants and played with his stick while he stared at her panties between her thighs. Right after her dad stopped shaking his hand in his pants, his mood became a lot better and he hugged and kissed Abby and he even told her how much he loves her. Since then, whenever her dad was in a horrible mood, she would sit in ways that her dad would be able to see her underwear without him knowing that she actually knew about what was he doing.

Abby stopped fiddling with her dad’s computer and she needed to do something fast or she would be screamed at by her dad or possible be grounded for a whole month. So, she quickly went into her room, took off her school uniform and the pair of safety shorts that was worn under her pinafore. Then she thought hard about the skirt and panties that she had to wear that could possibly calm her daddy down instantly. Finally, she changed into them and hid in her room.

Matt came out of the shower in his usual singlet and underwear. He went straight for his computer to get ready some pictures of little girls spreading in their underwear. He froze as he saw countless pop-ups on his computer screen. He became instantly mad and started yelling. He marched straight to Abby’s room but he couldn’t open the door as she had locked it. Then he threatened to kick down the door if Abby didn’t open it. Abby was so scared, eventually, she unlocked her door and hid in her wardrobe.

Matt entered her room and he could not find her but he knew that she was hiding in her wardrobe as usual. So, he just stood in the middle of her room and told her to come out or she will get it worse from him. Abby came out from her wardrobe slowly. As she walked out, Matt saw Abby in an outfit that he had not seen for quite some time, Abby was wearing a white tank top and a really short powder blue mini skirt that was a size or two too short for her. Matt’s anger reduced a little when he stared at her smooth legs but he still insisted Abby to come towards Matt. Abby looked at her dad’s underwear and his stick grew a little but she was still afraid and she needed to be sure that her dad would not hit her although he never did. So she climbed onto her bed and hugged her legs together with her teddy bear. Then, she held her teddy bear higher up her knees. She did that on purpose to give her daddy an unobstructed view of her panties and she saw the bulge of daddy’s underwear became even bigger as she could feel that daddy was not that angry anymore.

Matt had calmed down. He managed to convinced Abby to stand in front of him while he sat on the side of her bed and proceeded to lecture her. While he was lecturing her, Abby noticed that her dad kept staring at her legs and skirt. She kept quiet during her dad’s lecture until ……

‘Abby, you need to be punished for what you did. So, you will not be playing any games for a month,’ said Matt.

‘No, no, no, daddy, please, no …… I won’t do it again, I promise. Please let me play ……’ begged Abby.

‘I know you won’t do it again, but you still need to be punished for your act,’ replied Matt.

Abby knew that her dad would not change his mind once he had made up his decision. So, she had to carry on with her next plan. She stood there and looked at her dad’s eyes in complete silence. Then, she held both sides of the helm of her skirt and slowly lifted it up to her tummy. She saw her dad’s eyes staring in disbelief at her white panties and she saw his blue underwear being pushed up high and straight by the thing behind the cloth, forming a huge tent.

‘Well …… may be I will let you go this time …… Wait, who taught you to lift your skirt?’

‘No one, but I know daddy likes looking at my panties,’

‘How do you know that?”

‘You are always looking at my panties when I sit,’

‘That’s because you keep showing them!”

‘Are you still angry, daddy?’

‘Well, actually I am still a little angry,’

Although Matt was still angry, the sight of his daughter holding her powder blue mini skirt up showing her white cotton panties with pink lacy trims on the sides along with a glittering pink wording “Little Princess’ printed at the top front part of the panties was too much for Matt to withstand. His anger was totally consumed by lust as he couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful sight in front of him.

‘May be you could help daddy to feel better……,’

‘Okay, what do I have to do?’

Matt instructed Abby to sit on the bed. She did but with her legs crossed.

‘Alright, but you have to promise me that whatever we do here, no one should ever know. Not even mommy, okay?”

‘Okay, I promise,’

‘Good girl, now open your legs,’

Abby opened her legs but it wasn’t big enough for Matt.

‘No darling, wider! Like really really wide!’

Abby spread her legs really wide and it was the widest spread she had ever done just like how her dad told her to and he told her to hold both thighs up with her hands.

‘Hold on baby, I’ll be back,’

Matt came back with his phone and started taking pictures in different angles.

‘Oh my…… So sexy! I’ve been wanting to do this for so so long now. Now close your legs and open them widely again……. Yes, yes, keep doing that!’

Then Matt made sure that the curtains were all closed from any prying eyes. After that, he knelt in front of Abby’s widely spread legs with her white child panties showing clearly with her mini skirt completed ridden up exposing her soft tummy. Abby could see her dad’s bulge poking up straight and pulsating.

Matt asked Abby again to promise to keep this as a secret. She did and then he stroked both her widely opened thighs and then placed his face onto her panties crotch, smelling and kissing it repeatedly. While doing that he moved his hands from her thighs to her butt and he rubbed her butt cheeks.

Matt wanted to rub her panty-clad pussy to masturbate her but he knew he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t wait, not with 5 days of cum in his body screaming to come out. Matt asked Abby to hold on to her spread. He slid his cock out from his underwear and it was finally free from the restraining fabric. Abby stared at his huge cock on top of her panties. It was huge and it looked really really hard. Then Matt started stroking wildly.

‘Oh …… it feels so so good, Ohhh …… You’re so sexy, sexy sexy panties girl. My little panties princess Abby. Oh …… show me your panties! Yeah! Open your legs wide! You’re gonna be my panties princess……’

Abby stared at her daddy masturbating while he stared at her panties. Soon, she started to feel tired and she wanted to put her legs down.

‘Oh no, baby. Hold it, just a little longer,’

‘How long, daddy? My hands are tired……,’

‘Just a little longer, until a white juice comes out,’

‘White juice? What is that?’

‘My baby juice, dear,’

Matt continued to masturbate and occasionally slap his cock head on her panty-clad pussy. Then, he pulled Abby’s panties waistband higher to her tummy to make the crotch tighter around her pussy. The crotch area of her panties was so tight now that a camel toe can be seen. Matt continued to stroke his cock wildly and at the same time sliding his cock head up and down the panty-clad camel toe pussy, dry humping her.

Matt was at the brink of a huge ejaculation but he wanted it to last longer. He continued rubbing her panty-clad pussy and stroking his foreskin madly and he tried his best to edge. Soon, he saw Abby no longer looking at him. She shut her eyes with her mouth slightly open and she gasped. As soon as Matt realized that she was gasping in pleasure as he rubbed her pussy with his cock, he couldn’t hold it any longer. Gobs and gobs of 5 days’ worth of thick semen blew out uncontrollably.

When Matt was done cumming, Abby’s panties was fully splattered with his semen. Even the glittering printed word ‘Little Princess’ was smothered with his semen. Her tummy and both thighs were trickling with semen as well.

Abby went to the bathroom and changed into a new pair of white panties and went back to her bed in just her underwear. Her dad joined her in bed. He hugged her from behind as they shut their eyes.

‘Abby, my darling. I will make you feel really good too next time just like I did. And you can play with my cock too. I will also teach you how to suck it one day,’

Then they both fell asleep.

The next morning, Abby was getting ready for school. Matt was lying in bed watching television while waiting for her to get dressed. After Abby put on her safety shorts under her school pinafore, Matt told her to come towards him and she did. Then, Matt held her skirt up and slid her black-colored safety shorts slowly down to her ankles.

‘Baby, you don’t need to wear this anymore,’

‘But mommy might kill me if she finds out that I go to school without safety pants,’

Matt looked at her white panties with pink scallop edge trims and a pink outline of a heart shape with a Minnie Mouse character in it holding a yellow flower at the upper front part of the panties and said, “Well, look at you. You have such beautiful panties, and it’s hot to wear those safety pants. Just keep your legs closed from boys okay? I won’t tell mommy.’

While at school, Abby tried her best to be mindful to keep her legs closed and not hug her knees while sitting on the chair. She wasn’t used to not wearing a pair of safety shorts under her skirt since she had been wearing them since preschool. It felt good to be able to feel the cool breeze around her panties area without the safety shorts.

After school, she went straight for Mr. Davis’s class at an enrichment centre.

Author’s Remark:

If you enjoy this story and would like to read more. I can continue writing more parts. Just leave a comment in this site or send an email to carlson2@protonmail.com. You may also give me suggestions on what would you like in the upcoming story so that I will have more ideas to make the story more intense and pleasurable for my readers.

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