The Blue Balls (mg,anal)

The Blue Balls (mg,anal)

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Kattie a almost six year old girl petite even for her age with short light brown sandy hair. Blue-green deep set eyes and a wide mouth that seemed a tad too big on her face. She couldn’t hide how she felt if she tried and her fairly cute face show plainly how she felt, flashing her expressions readily, her perky buttocks……

I would be starting school soon, well as soon as summer is over. Sense mommy left and that was a long while ago, I don’t even remember her, daddy has taken over everything. And I have a job too. Mommy left daddy with something called ‘The Blue Balls’ and thats where I come in. I make sure they don’t get too blue. When I was very young I used to pump his penis with my hands till I got big enough to get the bulbous head into my mouth, then I would suck on the tip as I pumped away till he would spray his blue balls away into my mouth.

It took a while to get used to the taste, but soon I will be going to school and daddy explained that means I am growing up and turning into a women. It was time I learned to do sex like a women. He showed me pictures of men and women telling me how babies were made and how when I finished school I might want to leave home and have sex and babies with my own husband. Then he showed me other pictures of other women having sex with the penis in their butts. He told me that is the way we are going to do because we wont have babies that way. He also explained that sex was something people didn’t talk about with other people and if I understood. I shook my head ‘yes’.

A couple days later he let me know we would be having sex that evening and after supper to take a bath and let him know when I was finished. I felt giddy, excited and almost could hardly wait. And as I ate supper with daddy I kept looking at him, and he was looking back. He seem just a excited and I finished quickly, rushing to the bathroom and running the water jumped in and cleaned up real good. After toweling dry I put on clean panties and skipped down the hall to my dads room knowing before tonight was over I would be a women in my own rite, and with apprehension too at doing something new, different for my daddy.

I paused at the door to his room looking in, he was just in his underwear moving around the room. Pulling the shade, dimming the lights then turned facing me smiling wide as we locked eyes, making me grin teeth showing, an exciting feeling of going to do something naughty flooding through me and I went in closing the door behind me. Turning I could see the bulge forming in his underwear, growing rapidly till the tight confines of the thin fabric barely held it in. A small wet spot of pre-cum forming on the white place where the bulbous head now was trying feverishly to poke through. He was excited also at going something new also, and I found myself rubbing my pussy through my own panties.

“Are you ready honey” He said, excitement plainly coming through in his voice.

“Yes” I said pulling down my panties and turning showing my buttocks momentarily then turning back facing him.

“It might hurt a little in the beginning, and I’ll go easy” he explained the excitement he plainly felt making his voice waver as a guiding hand on my shoulder brought me over to the bed.

I had never seen him in such a state and I grew impatient with the need to know why he was so excited about placing his penis into me, into my butt. His strong hands lifted me up setting on the edge of the bed then with me looking on he pulled his underwear down, his long penis swinging free. It was extremely firm throbbing to his excited heart beat as he stepped out of his underwear. I stared at it with new eyes knowing he was going to put in into my butt soon. It suddenly looked thicker than before, much thicker than any poop that came from me and suddenly had some doubt creeping into my thoughts and looked up to his face. He must have sensed my sudden apprehension.

“It’ll be OK Kattie” he said “The first time always is a little uncomfortable, and I’ll use plenty of lube”

He picked up a jar of petrolatum jelly placing it into my hands letting me open it, looking in and getting some on my fingers feeling it thick slickness. He took the jar from my hand and placed it on the small table top beside his bed.

“Okay hon on your belly legs over the side” he leaned in kissing my forehead.

It felt strange turning over with my legs over the side and turning my head looking back I could see him staring down onto my ass cheeks intently one hand reaching over to the jar of petrolatum jelly picking it up. Two of his fingers scooping in for a bit of the stuff. A sudden wave of embarrassment went through me, my face feeling warm as I flushed hotly. He had wormed a finger into my butt before but this seemed different somehow. But I was determined to see it through though, his case of the ‘Blue Balls’ had him in a bad way tonight.

“Spread your legs wider hon” his finger going between my now open ass cheeks onto my butt hole, smearing some of the slick thick stuff there them pressing a finger on my hole.

I face forward feeling the finger worming in, spreading the thick slickness deeper, then even deeper still. Till his finger went past where it had ever been still worming inside my rectum. The finger pulled back and the other finger pressed along side of it.

“Make like you are pooping” he said, voice shaking with excitement.

I pushed slightly as the two fingers press against my slick hole, doing as he wanted. The fingers worm into my hole hurting a little at first, the mussel of my hole hugging tightly around his now probing fingers starting to worm deep, this way and that for a few moments my rectum tight around his fingers. He then slowly pulled his fingers back, my rectum tight and hugging the fingers tightly wanting to follow the finger out. Turning my head again I watched him as he spread the slick jelly over his intensely stiff penis, hands shaking as he looked down onto my backside.

I thought of backing out, his penis looking somehow threateningly stiff and thick with the dim light reflecting off it. But the though of him suffering from ‘Blue Balls’ stayed my thoughts and I remained there holding my legs open, letting him look down between my ass cheeks. He moved in closer, angling his really stiff penis onto my butt hole.
“This is it honey, now make like your pooping again” the excitement still showing in his voice.

A blunt pressure mounted against the tight mussel ring of my anus as I slowly willed myself to push like I was pooping against the press of warm blunt pressure. The pressure mounted till a give had the blunt tip pressing in suddenly bringing me up off the bed slightly, then a sudden grip of pain as it popped in. My anus opening wide around the head of his penis suddenly, and for a long moment I was held in the grip of it till it slowly faded away and no longer hurt. But my anus was held open uncomfortably wide around the girth of the slick shaft leaving me squirming slightly, my hands clenching into fists on each side of me. The thickness eased, pressing slightly his cock adding more pressure till it move ever so slowly farther into my rectum, forcing my tight rectum to go slowly over his stiff penis head only to be held with some discomfort open from the throbbing shaft.

I found myself panting, legs trembling as I heard him gasp in, cock swelling, then pumping huge wads of his seed into my hugging rectum fiercely. My own body held gripped in his release as his cock swell with each gush of sperm into me. The thickness eased slowly from my rectum with relief flooding through me and I slipped down from the bed turning toward him. His cock was still hard sticking out from his loin and I was shocked to see the tip covered in a slight dome of my poop.

A wave of embarrassment flooding through me, the hot wave making my face flush red. Looking up at him I could see him smiling cheerfully.

“You did good honey, you did real good for the first time” and kissed me full on the lips.

After he pulled away my eyes went back to his penis, the dome of poop, and another wave of flushing embarrassment took me as he turned picking up a paper towel and wiped his cock head off. I ran off to my room, my rectum still tingling from his cock being there, knowing I would let him do it again if he wasn’t turned away from what had happened tonight. Can’t have daddy having ‘The Blue Balls‘.

For the next couple days anytime I saw daddy I would flush wanting to hide thinking about the image of the dome of poop I saw there. And at supper that night he winked at me.

“Take a bath tonight Kattie we’ll take it farther tonight” He grinned.

I shook my head ‘OK’ but deep inside I was worried. After supper I took a bath and after walked slowly to his room looking in. He saw me smiling broadly patting the bed beside him. I smiled too not wanting him to know the embarrassment I felt from last time and before jumping up I pulled my panties off.

“Okay honey tonight I’m going to make love to you” he said looking into my face “I’m going to move my cock inside your ass, it might feel like you have to go to the bathroom, but thats okay”

“It’s… it’s going to feel like I need to poop?” I asked, my face flushed at the thought.

“It might a little Kattie, but that’s alright” he kissed my forehead. “Just try to relax and it will be okay”

He picked up the jar of jelly and stood up. His penis was real stiff again and he dipped his fingers in then rubbing it over the rigid stiffness till it glistened catching the light with it’s slickness. I blinked blankly looking at it before me.

“Turn over hon”

I turned over like before, legs over the side feet not quite touching the floor. His finger slick with the jelly went onto my butt hole quickly popping in like before, making my hole slick. Then working the other finger in. Though this time as he withdrew his two fingers I felt the hard blunt tip of his penis already pressing to get in. Making like I was pooping the thick head opened my anus slowly wide around the bulbous head much too wide before popping in with my anal mussels clenching tightly around the shaft just behind the head leaving my legs and buttocks trembling tensely. It took a long moment for my clenching anus to relax, releasing his cock from it’s grip.

He slowly added pressure with his loin letting my rectum slowly take him in, the narrow tube of my rectum slowly moving over his cock snuggly sending intense signals of being filled much too much by his penis. I relaxed the best I could as he stayed with the consent pressure into me for a long while till his penis seemed to lodge to a stop with a nasty feel to it. He kept pressing the bulbous head into the nasty feeling deep inside my rectum, and I could feel it worming lodged to a stop up in my butt.

I found my face contorted from the feeling, mostly from the feeling of my rectum stretched tightly over the much too thick penis but also from the growing nastiness of his cock head worming deep lodged at the end of my rectum. I turn my head looking back at dads face. The lust and pleasure showed plainly there making me flush hotly from the nasty feeling growing deep in my own rectum by his probing, worming cock head.

“Relax honey” was all he said.

I dropped sagging into the mattress from the sudden tug as he pulled back little too fast. Then he was worming back making me react to the movement my bottom molding itself to the ridged stiffness of his cock as it move in. The feeling of his cock pressing deep the rush of nastiness surged as the head sunk deeper, the feeling more intense this time. And he wormed the stiffness into that area of me, my eyes going wide and my face flushed bright as the feeling became apparent. His cock was worming into some poop deep inside of me and ‘that is what I’m feeling’ I knew it, could feel it now, plainly. I raise up slightly turning my head back.

“D-Dad..” I flushed with embarrassment not knowing how to say it “I-I feel poop inside me, my b-butt”

“I know Katie.. I know” he said after a pause, but never stopping his worming moving cock “Relax hon…. relax”

“I-I’ll t-try….” the feeling growing more as his penis kept moving.

His hands started roaming over me as I had started squirming from the growing, building urgency. The overwhelming thickness and the blunt head of cock the worming at the end of each push suddenly sent a wash of having to go to the bathroom through me. Something I wasn’t going to be able to resist.

“Daddie-e-e….” I cried out, my bowel going wild losing all control.

His cock mash seating into the nastiest feeling so far holding deep into my rectum, worming to stay in place and cumming in great pumping wave.

“Oh… Kattie, OH… Kattie…” he cried out behind me. His ‘Blue Balls’ sated for the time. And when finished I ran to the bathroom buttocks clenched tight with him watching me go rushing into the bathroom and climbing onto the toilet. My face flushing brightly as he stared in as I went.

He came in and washed up in the sink beside me then kissed me lovingly. My bowel still felt the need to poop for long moment. And I knew I would do it again, I was a women now and had to take care of the man of the house.

Through the summer I took care of him every few days sometime sucking him off while pumping over his cock. And other time he would sodomize me, sometime feeling nasty, other times not so much. Till there came a time toward the end of summer I came in on him watching videos, he didn’t see me standing there behind him. A women was getting it in her ass too, a man with a long cock pushing up into her till he had the whole thing up into her butt before he started moving his penis.

I wondered if daddy wanted to do that with me. He never really got the whole thing up into my butt. And watching the video behind him a bit of excitement rushed through me at the thought of feeling his his big testicles pressing against me like that women in the video.


He jumped face flushing red at being caught looking at porn. Then turned toward me.

“Daddy, do you want to do that with me?” I ask.

“We do honey, we do” he replied.

“I-I mean do you, I mean well…. do you want to put all of your penis into me” I asked.

He looked at me for a long moment before he replied. “I would love to honey, I would. But I don’t think your ready yet”

“I’m ready daddy I really am”

“Okay honey” he said hugging me “We’ll give it a try, but if it get too uncomfortable let me know and we’ll stop, okay hon?”
I was excited now, and took his big hand tugging him from his seat, pulling him down the hall to his room. I stripped fast showing him my bottom as I walked up to the bed looking back as he watched on. The bulge in his pants growing till he too undressed. I climbed onto the bed letting my legs dangle over the edge as he rubbed his penis to full stiffness and grabbing the lube. He lube his cock thickly then my anus working it in. And soon enough I felt the now familiar push of his thick cock into my rectum filling me slowly till he was pressed to the end of my rectum worming the blunt tip firmly there.

“Kattie honey, it not to late to back out” he said.

“It’s okay daddy, I’m ready” I swallowed hard with some doubt but was determined to let him do it.

His cock seemed to stiffen more firm suddenly as the worming of the blunt head of his cock grew in pressure with a dull ache forming. Long moment past the discomfort growing as he now angled his stiff penis this way, and that making me move about as the blunt tip seem to be digging deeper, finding a fiercely snug path. It didn’t feel right and hurt a little but I persevered. The penis did slip deeper a cramp forming where it went in and I cocked my torso, angling to relieved the cramp.

“Oh Kattie” Daddy cried out “Your doing it, your doing it. I can feel your large intestine with my cock, I can feel it”

I almost gave in calling it quits but his cries of joy made me hang on. A wave of nausea went through me as he pushed even deeper the knot of his cock moving deeper in my gut. A sudden feeling of having the runs wash through my bowel and grew as he press again, his loin going against my bottom.

“I’m going to fuck you now Kattie” his cock worming like something alive in my gut. His loin pressed hard up into my ass crack.

I wondered if the women in the video felt like this and remained hunched tensely mouth open slightly feeling slightly nauseous, a deep urge of having the shits moving through my intestine with a deep gurgling sound around the thickness of his cock.

He was only two deep humping strokes in, the sounds of his moving cock becoming audible. And I felt his cock stiffen even more as he seemed to chase the deep rumble in my intestine with his cock head. And I let him knowing this is what he really wanted, and feeling his heavy balls against me on each press up into the cleave of my ass cheeks I did my best to ride it out and did. With my gut gurgling in tune to his probing movement he seated suddenly up into my ass spraying man seed into my intestine. I could feel my anus mussels open around the base of his cock feeling each swell of his thick penis as he came. My pussy tingling from the moment.
I would be going to school soon, but at least I would be a women. And my daddy wouldn’t have ‘Blue Balls’ ever.