The Backyard Tents #1 (MMgg,anal,kidnap,rape,nc,semi-con)

The Backyard Tents #1 (MMgg,anal,kidnap,rape,nc,semi-con)

Prologue: Seven year old red head Irish girl Anita and her friend from next door Gina a six year old slightly chubby dark haired Latina girl camp out in a tent in Anita’s back yard. Two young not so nice men partying find themselves without dates for a while after pissing off their girlfriends find a place to sulk. Anita and Gina discover that camping out has a dark side with predators about.

Summer was half over when Seven year old Anita and Gina decided to talk their parents about camping out in the back yard. They’d talked about it and want to do it for a full week. The houses they lived at had big open back yards that ended with trees as they lived on the edge of the community, both girl enjoyed running together through the trees in back and grew accustom to the area knowing it like the back of their hands. So the next night Anita with her deep set green eyes looked up at her father.

“Daddy can Gina and I camp out in the back yard for a week” she ask putting on her best act. “Please…. Please”

“We don’t have a tent dear” he told her.

“Gina does” she said then lied “Her father said we could us it”

“And her father said it was okay for her to camp out” he looked sternly at her as if he might know.

“Yes, it’s okay with him” Anita’s feet shuffled about feeling nervous but hoping she’d get the OK on her end.

“When do you plan to do this week of camping out” he asked

“Tomorrow” she said half asking sensing her father deemed it okay and feeling relieved hoping Gina was getting her way too.

Gina wasn’t fat well more plump than anything, a typical young spanglish girl of six, more at home in the USA than where her parents came from and knew talking to her ‘back in my country’ dad wouldn’t let her anyway so she asked her mother.

“Mamá” Gina said to her mother in the kitchen “Anita’s planning to camp in her back yard for a week and wants to know if she can borrow our tent”

“You planning to camp there with her Gina” her mother was too smart to lie to.

“Can I mamá” Gina begged “Can I please…”

“And she wants to use our tent too” her mother eying her knowingly “It’s your idea too isn’t it”

Gina shook her head ‘yes’ crossing her fingers behind her hoping beyond hope.

“I’ll convince papi to let you” she said smiling “I always wanted to camp out as a young girl, you should have some fun while your young”

And it was as easy as that with Anita and Gina both calling each other that night making plans for what they would need and the scary stories they’d tell. Anita showed up early the next morning just two houses down and Gina and Anita carried the small tent to Anita’s house. They found a spot way out back near the dark trees and with help from Anita’s dad had the thing set up with Gina and Anita watching closely how it was done cause they’d plan to move it later farther into the woods so they could tell scary stories under the dark trees.

And as the first evening darkened they got flashlights and slipped into the tent on top of the sleeping bags Gina’s father was kind enough to let them use too. He didn’t seem happy with everything but wasn’t going to have his daughter sleeping on the ground. And they spent the first night laughing and giggling till they fell asleep. The next day they went walking farther into the wooded area and found a place that they could relocate the tent but they still had to be sneaky about it and get the tent back before their parents saw it was gone.

Frank and Bill both in their early twenties weren’t the type of young men that kept girlfriends long and both didn’t rightly care. They managed to piss off both women they were with tonight and were going to be going without sex. Frank and Bill both had drunk not near enough and wanted to smoked some more weed. The day getting on they bought a six pack and with plenty of weed they took off to see what other mischief they could get into. They both had open files with the police and slipped into the wooded area in back of some houses to get buzzed, drunker, and sing the praises of women to each other. Setting on a high area the night came on and Frank noticed a glow coming from an odd place near the edge of one of the yards.

“Do you see that Bill” Frank slurred out passing the joint.

“Yea.. I surely do” Bill replied.

“Lets sneak down to see what it about” Frank grinned in the glow of the joint being sucked on by Bill.

They crept down closer being real quiet till both young men picked up the voices of two young girls laughing and talking in a tent. They could make out the light of two flashlights moving around through the thin canvas of the small tent. Frank saw the flap open and a young redhead girl popped out saying “I gotta pee” Frank and Bill stayed motionless in the dark as she went around some bushes but still in sight of both men, pulling down her shorts and panties with the sound of her pissing loud in the night. She rose when finished pulling everything back up going back to the tent. The flap opened wide showing a cute chubby Spanish girl of about six scantly clad in some type of pajamas.

“Did you see that Bill” Frank whispered.

“I like that Spanish one” He whispered back.

“You would you pervert” Frank snickered “I like the redhead one”

“And your calling me a pervert” Bill replied whispering too.

They crept in closer listening to the girls talking and it soon became apparent they were going to be out in the tent for a few days.

“Let’s move the tent tomorrow night farther into the woods” Bill and Frank heard one of the girls say.

Frank tapped Bill on the shoulder motioning for him to follow him back to where they were. They eased their way back setting in silence for a bit. Bill opened the last two beers handing one to Frank. Frank took it tipping it up lost in thought.

“You know Bill I’m thinking about pitching a tent behind this hill tomorrow night” Frank said still looking at the soft glow of the flash light in the small tent they could barely see now.

“I know what you mean Frank” Bill said “Don’t think the women we were with is going to be a go, this… this just might just be what we’re needing right now”

“We’ll have to be sneaky you know… Bill” Frank went on as if they were really thinking about doing something “Rope, tape, tent, stakes, a list of some things that we can remove quickly and in the dark”

“Your really thinking about getting a piece of that redhead ain’t you” Bill tipped up his beer looking down at where the girls were at “Sure like a piece of that Spanish treat I saw”

“Were on the same page then” Frank looked at Bill

“I think so” Bill said again “I think so…”

Bill And Frank weren’t new to this type of thing having both molested kids before. Shared a few but if this worked there’d be none of that sloppy seconds this time. Yes, both men were on the same page for sure.

It was getting dark on Anita’s and Gina’s second night, they waited till the lights started coming on in Anita’s house before launching their plan. They’d gotten everything ready for a quick move before it got too dark and pulled the flimsy small tent up taking it a little farther into the trees the lights from Anita’s house just barely to be seen through the trees. They’d come out earlier clearing out the spot and had it up fairly well and shoved the sleeping bags into place side be side and slipped in. Now they were ready for the scary stories that were going to be told and Anita had some she want to tell.

Frank and Bill had been busy too. Bill had an old tent and and between them both they took off mid day to stake out a good out of the way place but close enough to where they knew the girls would be. They’d spent a good part of the night before working out all the ins and out of the things they would need. They’d spent a good bit of time with each other growing up and both knew by now what each like or disliked and both were bona fide perverts this not being the first time they’d both lowered themselves to taking on some young flesh. In fact when along both liked the retelling of old war stories of child conquests they’d both engaged in alone or together. Tonight would be together and a if luck a rare treat of two young girls. Both Frank’s and Bill’s cock’s were stiff with anticipation of the hunt. The spot was cleared, tent set up, and even the comfort of a fire. They pick the spot well in a small dip that hid them from view and far enough to be able to talk as loudly as they wanted an not be heard.

They had a cooler of beer and plenty of smoke. With night coming on Frank and Bill buzzing on the good smoke rose and down the last of their beer. Cloth for gags and wide tape to rapidly subdue the girls were picked up and both silent as thieves went creeping toward where they knew the two young girls had to be.

“The end” Anita said finishing her scary story the dark outside the tent having the hair standing up on her neck.

“That wasn’t t-that scary” Gina said then “I have to pee”

“Go ahead it’s dark no one will see” Anita jived seeing she was feeling the affects of the story “You scared”

“A little I guess” Gina replied not a hit of Spanish ancestry in her voice, her dark eyes glancing nervously into the dark “I’ll make it quick”

Gina slip nervously out looking about into the night. She couldn’t see far but slipped behind a tree pulling down her pajama bottoms and panties squatted down peeing. The night was quiet a few crickets a ways away making chirping noises. A rustle behind her sent a chill through her young body and she rose. A hand went around her head covering her mouth and she was picked up. Being quietly backed away from where the tent was.

“Sh-h..” She heard next to her ear then a whisper in a man’s voice “Keep quiet if you don’t want to be hurt”

The tent vanished into the dark as she was walked backwards a little more. Then all of a sudden a beam of light flooded over her revealing two men that snapped into action. A rag replaced the hand, being stuffed into her mouth and tape going over to hold it in place. She was flipped over and the tape went around her legs and then her wrists behind her.

“Lets get the other” Gina heard from one of the men “This one’s going nowhere”

Gina found herself suddenly in the dark on the ground her pajamas and panties not quite covering her exposed bottom. She tried in her panic to feel down with her bound wrists behind her to pull them up but the tape taped around her legs made that impossible.

Anita thought she heard something outside the tent that didn’t sound right. But all went quiet for longer than it should.

“Gina” Anita said from inside the tent then again more loudly “Gina… don’t be fooling around like this.. its not funny”

A chill ran down her spine and Anita tried to shake it off. If Gina was trying to scare her she was doing a good job. She heard a rustle close to the tent.

“Good thing your back” Anita said toward the sound outside the tent.

Anita opened the flap shining the light out to see what Gina was up to, the light went straight into the face of a strange grinning man. She went to pull back but he was horribly quick grabbing her his hand going over her mouth. Another man was there too helping the other as she was gagged, a rag stuffed into her mouth and wide tape going everywhere, around her legs and arms till she was helpless. One of the men easily picked her up throwing her over his shoulders and heading into the dark leaving her trembling from the surge of Adrenalin that flowed through her young body. She was scare, real scared. Anita looked back seeing the still on flashlight just in the flap of the tent blinking through the trees then vanish as they went over a small crest, her young eyes slowly growing accustom to the dim light if the night.

Gina lay in the dark for seemingly long while hearing rustling noises coming from the direction shed been taken from. Her eyes slowly got used to the dark and she could make out movement.

“I placed her over here somewhere, Frank” Gina heard close by coming from the movement.

Gina froze, even stopped breathing, hoping the movement would go on by. But she saw legs move up in front of her and stop.

“I found her” Strong hands grabbed her picking her up “She’s a little heavy though… I can manage”

Gina was placed over his shoulder and she could see in the gloom what looked to be Anita bound like her over the shoulder of another man. The man carrying Gina had his hand on her exposed bottom the fingers seemed to be feeling around when they could and Gina turned her head to see if she could tell where they were going. They went over a small rise and Gina saw light of a camp fire filling the area around it.

“Were here Bill” The man call Frank called out in a regular voice “We don’t have to be quiet anymore”

Both Anita and Gina were placed against a large boulder facing the fire about five feet away. The ground around the area had been cleared well but Gina knew the place as Anita and her played in this dip often enough. They too had cleared some brush and stuff to have room to hide from people when they wanted, it was their secret place that no one knew about and yet here were these men.

Bill placed the wide eyed chubby Latina down beside Franks thinner redhead. He’d been feeling her fine warm ass all the way here, her young body over his shoulder squirmed about making his cock ready for something soon.

“Hey Frank” Bill said going over to where Frank had sat and plopped down beside him “Remember that picture we found at that child porn site of that young Spanish girl that was tied with her arms wide on that bed”

“I think I do” Frank replied “The one that had her legs pulled up and tied close to her arms”

“Yea.. Yea.. that one” Bill went on “She looks a lot like her don’t she”

“Yea, I guess.. Kind of” Frank said “The one with the tear in her eye from her legs being forced up close to her hands.. right?”

“We got all those extra stakes, you know the long ones with rope holes in the top” Bill said shaking his head ‘yes’ and eying Gina intently “I want to set her up like that.. think it’d be fun”

Frank stared at the girls for a moment a hand going into his pocket pulling out a baggie of weed and pulling out a pre-rolled joint placing it into his mouth. Bill was fishing in his pocket pulling out a lighter handing it to Frank. All this done fluidly their eyes and thought still of the mission at hand.

“I can get down with that” Frank said placing fire to the end of the joint taking in a long draw and talked while holding the smoke in “Want to do both a side by side thing”

“Beer?” Bill said reaching into the cooler that was within reach and getting two.

They switch out with Frank handing Bill the joint and Frank taking a cold beer from Bill.

“Good thing we brought the lube” Bill said as he took a draw on the joint and like Frank talked while trying to hold the smoke it in grinning broadly “I think I’d like to ‘brown-eye’ mine real good, of course after eating that thing out”

“Were perverts, you know” Frank said “One day we’ll have to pay the piper… but not I think today”

Frank knew the picture Bill was talking about, he’d masturbated to it more than a few times himself. He too wanted to see the chubby look-alike set up like that himself and as he dwelt on it farther the thought of both girls laid out like that seemed to much good to pass up. He and Bill might not have this chance again for a long while. They finished the joint and polished off the can of beer.

“I’ll help you with yours” Bill said “If you help me with mine”

Both rose to see if they could do that picture they both liked justice.

Gina was propped up beside Anita and could like her only watch the two men on the other side of the fire stare back at them, as the two men talked to each other. Gina could smell the marijuana they were smoking. The one man that had carried her kept looking her way, she felt self conscious of her pajamas still pulled down too much. The marijuana smoke seemed to want stay in the area they were at, the fire sending its eerie light over the floor of the rising ground around them. The men turned up their cans of beer and stood, the man Frank went to a backpack bring it to a clearing that they had to have cleared earlier. Gina and Anita had been here not two days ago thinking maybe of moving the tent here and the area hadn’t been cleared then.

Bill the man that had been watching her walked up looking down at her. Gina could only stare back her whole body trembling not knowing why they had brought her and Anita here.

“Looks like your first little girl” he said reaching down and gathering her up into his arms, her legs over one forearm her back and bound arms in the other in front of him.

Gina was carried over to the cleared area, the other man had laid out a small blanket which Bill laid her down on to. Movement had her turning her head seeing Frank hammering a stake deep into the ground a few feet out from her shoulders then going around to the other side doing the same. Bill now kneeling down beside her produced a razor knife, turning her onto her stomach he cut the tape from her wrists. A knee on her back keeping her pinned firmly down.

“Okay Frank lets get her stripped” Bill said behind Gina

Gina felt both men pulling at her top getting it off her torso, all the while keeping full control of her arms. Her head moving trying to keep up needing to see what she could taking place. A rope with slip knot went around each wrists being snugged down tight. Gina was rolled over onto her back the ends of the rope being pulled over toward the stakes, her arms, wrists, following. The two men tied the ropes off leaving her arms open wide, her young naked chest exposed to the night air. The man Frank was tying slip knots in two more ropes. Bill cutting the tape off her legs then quickly grabbing her pajama bottoms pulling them and her panties off in one move his hand coming down grabbing her ankles holding her legs in place.

Everything was moving way to fast Gina’s world moving out of control the flickering campfire lending a surreal slant to it all. She tried tugging on the rope holding her arms wide finding that she could only move them a little but not far enough to accomplish anything. The man Frank tossed one of the ropes to Bill.

“Lets get this party started” Bill said letting Frank grab the closest ankle to him.

Gina tried to twist her legs from the men’s grip but wasn’t strong enough to do that and each man placed the slip knotted ends of the rope over the feet tightening them tight around her ankles.

Anita watched the scene playing out before her very eyes. Her best friend Gina was being stripped of her clothed and tied down naked before Anita. Gina looked scared, real scared, her young head moving from man to man frantically. Anita could see she was struggling but the men seemed to be all to fast for her, anticipating everything young Gina tried to get free. Anita’s heart pounded hard in her chest knowing what she was seeing was probably in store for her too. Her hands writhed about trying to pull free before the men were finished with Gina. She’d run and get help she told herself but felt bad that she would even think of leaving Gina here by herself. Still Anita struggled on moving her legs about trying to get one free, her wrist too.

The men took the ends of the rope up and toward the stakes on each side of Gina forcing her legs to spread wide, her legs going high and ankle being pulled now down toward the widely spaced stakes. The stakes had big holes in the top that each man ran the ropes through tying it off just as Gina’s bottom started coming up off the blanket on the ground leaving her young pussy and buttocks open wide to the cool night air. The two men stood up looking down onto their work looking proud. Anita watch as each man rubbed one of their hands over their crotches.

“She does look like that Latina girl in the picture” Frank said to Bill “Doesn’t she”

“Yep.. she does” Bill replied “Want to get yours done too”

“Yep.. I do” Frank said sounding a lot like Bill “I think we got something here… I do, I do”

The men turn with Anita finding the men’s attention turned toward her. She’d never been naked in front of strangers before and her heart skipped a beat at seeing Gina exposed like she was and the men now coming to do the same to her.

“Mm-Mm..” Anita groaned out giving all her strength into pulling her wrist and legs free of the strong unyielding tape.

Both Anita and Gina had heard all the scary stories about evil men that liked to do nasty things to young girls. But neither Anita or Gina really believed them though. But she did now with Gina laid out on her back legs opened up wide exposing her part to every one around. Anita couldn’t see how she could cope with being seen like that and she could see the embarrassing panic on Gina’s face. With a man of each side of her they lifted her to her feet a hand going under each arm. She was brought over to another blanket that was laid out beside Gina her feet sliding over the ground her legs still bound together by the wide tape. The tape around her wrist were cut, each man controlling her arms as Anita’s top was pulled up off her head and arms worked out.

She could see no way or chance to do anything as slip knots of two ropes were placed over her wrists and snugged down. Frank handed off her arm to Bill heading off to drive in the stakes on each side of the blanket beside of Gina. Finished he rose and helped Bill with placing her onto her back arms being guided toward the two stake out on each side of her shoulders. And just like that Anita was laying her arm out strait on each side of her the rope tied into place around the stakes the men moving to her legs. Her world was coming to an end, Anita didn’t want it go any farther, how could they dare do something like this, it didn’t make sense. Anita and Gina were kids after all.

Bill was working on cutting the tape and removing the young redhead’s pajama bottoms off. Frank was just finishing the rope making sure the slip knots were just right and knelt down to help just as Bill finished tossing the pajamas bottom and panties into the same pile as the other girls stuff. The young girls light skin with ample freckles covering her young body were just the thing Frank need to see to get him farther into the mood and both moved slipping the slip knots over each foot onto her ankles snugging the slip knots down. The redhead girl looked up as both men rose together opening, spreading the young girls legs wide, both men staring down together taking in an eye full of the young girls most private of parts the moment they became exposed to be viewed.

Anita was horrified at being looked at while the men force her legs open and up. Her head move back and forth at each man in disbelief that such people even existent. Both seemed much to eager too look at her exposed parts making her face flush bright red. Her legs were pull up and ankles being brought down toward her wide apart wrists till it hurt to go farther and she cried out through the now spittle wet rag held in her mouth by the tape still around her head. The men ran the rope through the open ring at the end of the embedded stake and tied it off leaving Anita struggling with her legs pull up and wide a little too much for comfort and she writhed around trying to find a position that didn’t hurt as much.

Gina was scared seeing the distress Anita was in, the men had pulled her ankles closer toward where her wrist were, the tendons on the back of Anita’s legs plainly showing that the men had pulled the rope much to tight. Bill turned toward Gina.

“Your turn honey” he grinned

The man Bill knelt down and loosened the knot on one rope going to her ankle and pulling more through the hole, pulling Gina’s ankle closer to her wrist on that side. He rose moving to the other side and loosened the knot there pulling it through slowly till Gina cried out herself through the rag in her mouth before he tied it down. The tendons on the back of Gina’s legs strained to get accustomed to being place as they were, wide open her feet almost touching her hands that were held out wide to each side. All her thoughts were given over to the discomforting position her young legs were being forced to stay in. She looked over to her friend Anita and saw she was struggling with the same problem, the distress showing on her face was the same Gina was sure she was displaying right now too.

Gina was dimly aware of Bill removing his clothes and seeing his adult cock stiffly sticking out toward her as he knelt between her legs looking intently between her legs and over her young body.

Anita too was witnessing Frank as he stripped of his clothes and knelt between her legs staring down with keen interest between her legs. She became self conscious of his eyes looking upon her nude young flesh. No man had ever looked at her so wantonly wrong. He reached down touching her open hairless young pussy fingers going farther down over her anus her ring of guarding muscle snapped tight at the unexpected touch there.

“Bill” The man Frank kneeling before Anita said his other hand rubbing over his long adult cock “Pass me the lube, thinking an ass fucking is in order for this one”

“Does seem to be the most available hole, doesn’t it” Bill replied reaching into the backpack closer to him.

“You know Frank I always wanted to ass fuck that tied up Latina girl in the photo” Bill said popping the top off the jar of petroleum jelly he pulled out.

“In my mind I sodomized her more than once Bill” Frank said waiting for Bill to finish with the lube “I’ve never done a redhead kid before, up the ass that is”

“You know I’ve maybe ass fuck six kids in my life” Bill said as he stared down at Gina’s wide opened legs “Each one a different ride in some way or anther, but all real good that first time, you know like they really didn’t know it was going to feel that way”

Frank smiled knowing just what Bill meant. He to just love ass fucking a kid for their first time. Once they got past the hurt was the surprise of how it felt being sodomized real good, that ‘I gotta shit real bad’ look that Frank found he always strove for. Each kid amazingly different in how they showed it too. Frank still waiting on Bill let his hand feel over the young girl in front of him thinking how things would be soon as his cock opened her tight anus and being forced threw her tight rectum for the first time, his cock she’d always remember after tonight and he planned to do it right. He laid his cock over her nude abdomen trying to gauge just how far into her it would go. He reached up to turn the last bit following the path her young colon and intestine had to be inside her. A nudge from Bill and the open jar of think jelly was in his hand.

Through Gina’s discomfort she was all eyes on Bill, on his adult cock. She’d never seen one let alone a stiff one like Bill’s. How did he even walk with it like that. She was sharply aware what fucking was though having seen dogs do it in her back yard, the male mounting the female at times biting her on the back of the neck all the while humping away. But she was surprised at how long it was, shiny now after he spread the thick jelly over it. Hearing the men talking had her heart racing, was he really going to put that long scary looking adult organ into her butt. Gina was able to look down over her bare tummy seeing her familiar to her young pussy, the inside pink exposed to the man’s sight as her legs were held open wide on the edge of cramping. She knew though the men were talking about her butt hole, her young eyes just couldn’t leave looking at the glistening long now looking way too thick penis. With her young head shaking ‘no’ at him, he smiled down at her.

“It like a turd from hell little girl” he said grinning wickedly “Going to hurt too, but you’ll get passed that soon enough”

The man Bill showed her some thick jelly still on his finger and lowered his hand wiping it onto her tight exposed anus. Gina jumped as the thick finger was pushed into her rectum and wormed around, her bottom moving around trying to find a way to stop the embarrassing way she felt having a strangers finger worming up inside her rectal passage.

“There” Bill said to her “That more than most kids get”

Gina with wide eyes staring in disbelief watch as he lowered his stiff cock aiming it toward her exposed anus. Gina shook her head wildly ‘no’ now not seeing any way to even plead for him to not do it. The thick shiny jelly coated blunt tip went below her pussy and she felt it go against her little girl butt hole. He was really going to do it, her mind for some reason didn’t really believe it would happen, like a joke she would some how escape what she heard the men talking about. The blunt tip pressed, her anal muscles tensed in a reflex to keep it from entering into her. But the pressure mounted Gina’s tight anus started trembling as the muscles gave slowly into the persistent blunt pressure. She could feel the fleshy blunt tip making headway her forehead furrowed up as she struggled not to let her will waver, letting her anus give in to the constant pressure.

Gina was raised to do what she was told by adults, but somehow she knew this was something her mother hadn’t prepared or warned her about. Her young mind raced trying to think where everything went wrong, how could she have prevented this from happening or if it was all her fault somehow. Gina glanced over to Anita who was watching Frank her face showing she was on the edge of panicked terror. Anita glanced over at her and Gina saw the deep fear in her face as Anita went quickly back to watching what the man Frank was doing. Gina’s attention was abruptly back to the here and now when her anus gave in to Bill’s blunt tipped adult penis, the strange looking thick head slipping up into her rectum.

“E-em-mm….” Gina squealed through the damp rag in her mouth.

Gina’s anus had slipped suddenly over the seemingly huge tip, clamping down in a painful abrupt grip just behind the bulbous head her young body tugging wildly against the rope that held her in place with Gina catching quick flashed of Bill’s devilishly grinning face as she grimaced about biting into the cloth rag in her mouth hardly able to believe how much it really did hurt.

Anita watched the jar being handed to Frank, she’d seen Bill rub the thick lube over his stiff cock. Their seemingly casual talk between them had her knowing just what these men were up to. Anita had a computer in her room she’d used a lot and had in her more curious moods found sex web sites and had seen some of the things adult men and women did with each other. She remembered being shocked the first time she saw a man place his cock into a woman’s ass. It seemed so dirty, she had a big thick crayon she tried to push into her butt once and only once, it hurt so bad that Anita remembered thinking that she’d let no man would do that to her. As it was now the muscles on the back of her pulled up tight legs were stretch and aching horribly.

Anita was more than just self conscious of the way her bottom was opened and raised up from the blanket at seemingly the right place for what the men were saying they were planning to do. She felt helpless as her arms tried pulling against the rope tied to the tent pegs and Anita’s legs only wobbled her side to side a little bit in front of the scary man. Gina a little to the side of her gave out a sharp muffled screamed into the rag that was still in her mouth and Anita head turned looked over seeing Bill’s long cock angled down into the clef between her legs where only Gina’s butt hole could be. Gina’s limbs were tense and trembling with Bill’s big adult hands to each side cupping her widely spread buttocks staring down as if he’d achieved the greatest thing in the world. A hand going onto Anita’s abdomen brought her attention back to the man Frank in a flash.

“Your turn hon” He said with an odd mischievous smile his fingers feeling over her abdomen the other hand angling the stiffly arching cock down taking aim with the huge looking blunt thick liquid oozing tip.

Frank looked down at the scared adolescent lightly freckled redhead girl laid out in an exaggerated missionary position with her legs opened so pleasingly wide he knew it had to be hurting the girl more than just some to be opened like that. But it looked so damn inviting for him to be taking her anally. This girl had that tom boyish look some natural redheads had and probably wouldn’t be all that pretty when older. Best to fuck her now he justified to himself mentally. Her physique wasn’t as filled out as the younger Latina girl, her pussy slit smaller and not much of an ass yet, be like ass fucking a young boy in some ways. Frank unbeknown to Bill kind of like his kids this way, just a little shy of the norm always seemed to get his cock stiff every time. ‘Yes’ he thought to himself she fit the bill well, he was going to have one hell of a good time tonight.

Bill had finely handed him the petroleum jelly and he went about coating his almost ten inches cock with what he deemed to be the just right amount, the thick jelly fighting for space on his cock along with his heavily oozing pre-cum. She was far from his first kid he’d ass fucked, but she’d be the second he had tied down for it. He discover that in order to get his cock up in there good and deep without having to fight to keep the blasted kid in place, it was just best to tie them down. At least it seemed so with the other one he’d done and he dearly wanted to feel his loin up against her tomboy bottom. In Franks mind he’d laid out with sadistic delight the path his adult cock would have to pass through, anus, rectum, the curve of her tight colon next, then pushing into her large intestine, but just… then sodomize the shit out of the shocked young child. Fuck, he wished he had a longer cock. Frank eyed the pink tight target of her back passage ‘this won’t be poop she’ll be passing this time’ he told himself his cock lurching stiffer at the thought of what the girl was going to be feeling very soon.

More than ready Frank scooted up closer angling with one his cock down toward the unguarded target just begging to be forced open. His other hand he felt over, feeling and pressing lightly over the young redheaded girls abdomen about where his cock would be when fully planted. He himself was always curious if he would be able to feel his thick cock there from the out side of the young kid body, knowing it was trapped within the snug confines of the young rectal passage just a mere inch from underneath where his hand rested on the outside of her abdominal flesh. He’d only sodomize kids from behind before and wondered if he could see the bulging path of his cock, or feel it through young her skin. He was lustfully eager to know, his buzz head still going strong keeping him focused on the prize.

Bill was all eyes as his cock head popped into the dark haired girls rectum. All her muscles tensed from the sharp stab of first entry pain. His cock flexed with excitement making the pain Gina was enduring last a bit longer. But her snug rectal passage awaited needing filled with her first real cock. She was still gagged and Bill always need to hear his sex toys pleasing sounds when he fucked them. He leaned over close to her grimacing young face.

“I’m going to remove your gag now honey” Bill leaned in close and said to her “No one can hear you where we are so it’s okay to cry or scream out if you have to”

Bill reached up pealing away the tape, some of her dark almost black hair being pulled out along with it. He worked the rag from between her clenched teeth. She remain quiet for now her young face tear stained eyes glossed over just looking at him. She was still in shock from his thick cock still holding her anus open wide. He reached up running a hand through her sweat damp hair ready to enjoy this next faze of child anal.

Bill probed his cock forward, the young girl gave out a sharp sudden coughing noise as his cock slipped a little deeper forcing her tight passage to stretch over his cock head. He pressed again and was rewarded with an even louder sharp cough followed by a guttural pain induced moan as his cock slowly eased into her rectum. The lube he’d used over his cock head all to soon used up becoming just a thickening ring around the young girls tight anus. Disbelieving horror and open mouthed frozen shock was locked in place on the girls young upturned face for the few long seconds it took for Bill to finely fill her hot tight rectal passage before pressing to the end she collapsed her head going down, her dark eyes letting a stream of tears go out the side corners, going into her black now ruffled sweat damp hair, her young mind lost in the sensation of something as thick as Bill’s cock keeping her once virginal youthful rectal passage tightly stretch around it.

Bill was caught up in seeing the young girl this way and couldn’t imagine how it must feel but liking the way she looked at this moment as the young girls head shook side to side in a daze of enticing abhorring shock. Where the lube had been remove from the end of his cock her dryer rectum seemed to resist with a vengeance any move he made bringing on a bout of beguiling moves of distress from the young girl that only urged Bill into taking it farther needing now to get more or all of his cock up into the squirming grunting young minx he had half embedded by his cock.

Gina’s six year old anus was painfully stretch over the man Bill’s cock head and it hurt something awful. Tears streamed into her young eyes till leaking out the sides into her hair. With the worse of the pain subsiding Bill was reaching up and taking off the tape around her head, pulling it free also pulled several long strands painfully from her scalp. Gina was still clenching her teeth keeping the discomfort at bay as Bill worked the spittle wet rag from her mouth and tossed it to the side. A sudden push from the thick cock just in her ass brought out a sharp deep involuntary cough, the thick adult male organ pushed cruelly again forcing up another even harsher involuntary cough as some more of her rectal passage was forced to stretch over the blunt tip being continually urged to go even farther up into her. It wasn’t really pain she felt, but her young rectal passage had never been stretched so much in her life. And she could tell the slick lube the man Bill used was all but gone deeper up inside her where the blunt tip was still pressing, forcing the tight walls of her poop tube to stretch over the blunt adult organ.

Then suddenly it was fully in filling her rectum just like Bill said it would, just like a ‘turd from hell’ that thought ringing through her young mind as she collapsed dropping her head flat back onto the blanket. Gina’s world becoming that horrid thickness up inside her young rectum. She felt the need to squeeze her anus back into place as it should be but nothing would even work, her young mind sent the message. But Gina’s anus remained opened much to wide to act, her rectum much to full for comfort and her bowel with out her willing it to, slowly started working to try to push the gripping thickness out feeling for all the world like she was really, really, trying to poop. Gina heard Bill groan out with pleasure the sound of him deriving pleasure from it had her struggling to rein in the unwilled urge that was already under way. With her young head still flat on the ground she stared up blankly her head going side to side her young mind fighting and failing at regaining the control she horribly needed right this moment.

An adult hand came up brushing through the dark damp tangle of her hair and over her tear stained face. To her horror Bill leaned over Gina his face coming down planting an open mouth kiss over her gaped open anal shocked mouth. Gina was too far lost into the embarrassment of what her young body was trying to do in pooping out the thick cock that she remained like it was locked in place, letting Bill’s tongue ravaged through her small mouth. He finely rose up looking down into her young horrified face.

“You know just what a man likes don’t you” he grinned lewdly down at her as Gina’s rectal muscles kept working hard now to poop the thick rod from her ass.

Anita’s world suddenly became that pressure against her anus, she looked up into the face of Frank disbelieving that him getting his sex organ into her butt was really something that could please the man, any man. But as her anus gave in a sharp pain flashed into existence where the blunt thick tip press to get into her rectum. The man pressed even harder against her anus, even more sharper pain went through Anita having her cry out into the rag gag in her mouth.

“Got me a tight one here” Anita heard Frank say “Guess you could use a finger or two first, but it was nice to try first anyway”

Anita’s anus hurt even as Frank pulled his thick blunt cock head off her tight back hole. She saw Frank pick up the jar and scoop out some jelly with a finger and reach down slipping a finger into her butt hole. Anita came up tensely as a sharp pain took her up the finger going deep worming around harshly for a very thankfully short time.

“Fuck girl you’ve got the tightest ass I’ve ever had the pleasure to push a finger into” he grinned mischievously at her “Should give you two fingers but don’t want to ruin my fun you know”

The finger when he pulled it free made surprisingly loud sucking sound. The ring of muscle that was Anita’s anus still ached from his first try and she dreaded what was coming as he went about angling his ridged cock back down toward her butt hole again. Anita’s head came up high needing to, having to, watch everything. Her mind still reeled in disbelief that he was really going to do it, the tip went under the open slit of her hairless young pussy just a little out of sight. The slick pressure going back onto her anus. She looked up with fright into Franks smiling face.

“Second times a charm… right hon” Frank grinned devilishly at Anita.

The sharp pain reappeared as he pressed cruelly onto Anita’s anus her young forehead farrowing up, she cried out again through the rag. This time though Frank wasn’t giving her a reprieve, pressing even harder against her unyielding anus. Anita screamed out for him to stop, begging him ‘please’ to stop through the damp rag.

“Eem-mmm… ahmm..” Anita only heard but still she begged on “MM-ah-mm…”

This was far worse than that smaller but to her large child’s crayon she tried once, but never again. Then in a flash the blunt adult cock head popped passed Anita’s virgin anus the sharp pain having her young body wobbling about in place as her limbs erratically tugged against the ropes holding her in an exaggerated wide open legged missionary position before Frank, his cock head now stuck painfully inches into her young rectum Anita’s anus a tight hugging crease on the shaft of his cock. The man Frank wasn’t satisfied with just that and push eagerly to get it deeper into Anita. Her young body lurched with each sharp painful slip the blunt tip made as it seemed go into with sudden erratic sharp stabbing pain filled slipping moves and stops even though the man Frank was just was pressing to get it deeper in into Anita’s butt hole.

Frank was staring in disbelief himself down at the young redhead child. Bill and him had hit the jackpot this time. The young girl had the tightest rectum he’d ever tried to force his cock through. She was a treasure for sure with her making all the right moves as if having to prove her rectum was the tightest ever. She squealed out and tried pleading with him through the rag gag the sounds only driving him on to get her rectal passage filled, his perverted mind already thinking about the deeper entry to come. And in a final pressing push he was there, his cock posed to work through the tight curve of her colon. His eyes taking in her intense discomfort willing himself to pause for a bit before renewing his quest to fully impale this enticing exotic redhead young girl.

Bill hovered over dark haired Gina his strong arms going down onto the ground beside her head. He was looking down as if studying her face. Gina could make out a glimmer of sadistic pleasure there that really scared her. The press of his cock head at the end of her rectum that still was working as if to poop the thickness out of her butt became unbearable like a dull pain that threaten to grow worse. His hips moved some side to side as he pressed making Gina raise her young head back up looking down. She could see a good bit of his thick cock shaft still there and coated with the thick jelly. Gena looked up at Bill that was now grinning like the Cheshire Cat in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ back down at her.

“No.. No.. you can’t” she said her voice a whisper “Please.. n-no..”

“Just a little more little girl” Bill repeated to her “Just a little more, you can really do this”

Gina looked down again seeing it wasn’t ‘just’ a little more he was referring to. The escalating dull ache turning into real pain and real panic took hold sending her into a frenzy of tugging her young limbs against the tight ropes.

“Please No!…” Gina cried out “It hurts bad… real bad…”

The man Bill leaned in again pressing his lips against hers again forcing his tongue into her mouth all the while his hips moving even more aggressively making the pain even worse. Gina could feel the blunt now lubeless tip digging deeper up into her, moving slowly passed the end of her rectum. Bill came in lower onto his elbows going down on each side of Gina, she felt his hands going through her young dark sweat damp hair, his tongue moving frantically inside of her shocked gaped open mouth. Gina had collapsed down again, the tip of Bill’s cock moving through her colon the focus of her world as her bowel wanted to sharply cramp up, her young bottom and torso working at odd with each other to find a position that wouldn’t end up in a body consuming bowel cramp of the likes he’d never had before.

Bill’s cock slipped into her colon struggling to navigate the tight odd path it took to the relative freedom that her large intestine would have. The young Latina collapsed back down and Bill followed placing a wet kiss over her shocked opened mouth. He took full advantage of her distress to urge his cock to move through the last confining turns of her colon and into her large intestine, all the while working his tongue through her sweet young panting mouth. His loin pressed firmly now against her nicely upturned bottom.

Bill felt like a man, in full control now. His cock flexed wildly with the need to be on the move sodomizing this young cute Latina girl. He raised up looking down onto the dazed shocked face of the young girl still staring up blankly, he planted one more kiss his tongue going deep feeling for hers and worming his tongue around hers over and over for a quick little bit. He rose back up onto his arms his loin press flat against the young girls bottom, her snug quivering anus at the base of his cock, he was definitely ready.

Redheaded Anita was reeling from the on-slot of the adult adult cock now filling her stingingly stretched rectal passage. The powerful man loomed over her, his eyes looking her over like the plaything she was to him. She tried to back her bottom off sliding a little bit away from the man. The pressing cock unerringly followed the little she could move keeping a consent pressure into her. He was staring down at where his cock entered Anita and she raised her head up to see what he was looking at. Coming up from the split of her pussy she could see the shaft of his cock, what remain of it coated with the slick petroleum jelly clear to its base. His abdominal muscles tensed as he pressed again, working and angling his loin a bit. Anita felt the deep blunt tip move deeper into her now sending a chilling wave of panic through her young mind of the realizing fact that he wanted all of it up inside her.

“N-Mmmm…” Anita shook her head ‘no’ looking up with pleading eyes.

She was met with a opened unblinking studious gaze as he just continued urging his cock to go deeper till another deep sharp pain took Anita up into it’s consuming grip her young body twisting and lurching about in a vain effort to come off the unrelentingly sinking organ going into her even farther still. The blunt long organ suddenly seemed to force it’s way passed the worse and enter into a deep mentally shocking place inside of her young intestine. Anita collapsed back her head going hard on to the blanket staring blankly up at the stars through the tree branches in a severe state of dazed gripping shock. Her rectal passage stung and the feeling of an impending bowel cramp deeper inside her kept her froze in place afraid of any movement at all. And for some reason her insides want to slowly start to go into the motions of pooping as if the horrid thickness in side of her was something it could removed like that.

Frank manage to wedge his cock through the young girl’s even tighter colon probing inches into her quivering large intestine. His hairy loin going against her small upturned buttocks, her snug hugging rectum tightly warm against the shaft of his cock. He always relished this part, just knowing that the young girls anus was located at the base of his adult organ and forced to remain opened wide as long as he so inclined. Frank stared down into the panicked face of the young redheaded girl, picking up on every micro expression, that being a map into what she was really experiencing, of what she really thought and Frank by now was thought of himself as an expert on child sodomy. He was long past trying to dream up a fantasy to masturbate to, the real thing was more intriguing, held more unexpected interactive surprises to be dealt with. Yea, a fantasy can be a start but once you tap the real thing expect to deal with the consequences of something even better than you could ever dreamed to come to fruition. Frank was in that deep mental state now.

Gina young mind was consumed with the fullness her rectum and colon was experiencing. There was no real pain anymore, just a gripping sensation of something huge, way to far up inside her butt. A real nasty feeling of something being done to her that was suppose to make her less than a person. Gina looked wide eyed up at the man Bill seeing now that to him she was his toy, a play thing, and that he was an adult gone somehow wrong. He wanted sex and she was going to be the one that he got it from, only he wanted to make her less than a person while getting it, he need to do it for some demented reason only he himself only knew. The longer it was deep inside her the more it felt like a big turd that was stuck in place inside her. Gina face flushed red thinking that maybe the man wanted her to feel it that way and the way he studied her seemed to back up what the thought was true. Her jaw gaped open wide as the thick adult penis pulled back slowly just an inch or so with Gina’s deep bowel not wanting to let it slip easily, a sickening almost nauseous feeling swept over her for a second. The man Bill’s hips started humping slowly an inch out, an inch back making slow but persistent moves Gina knew men did during sex.

The deep nauseous feeling gradually changed into a feeling of having a bowel movement without her really having to strain to do so. But Gina could tell the consent movement of the thick fleshy shaft through her colon and the bulbous head of the adult organ slipping back and forth just in her large intestine was starting to bring on a baser and more undesirable sensation. A sensation being purposely forced on her that even being as young as she was knew it wasn’t meant by her to be anyway contained or controllable. Bill kissed Gina again his adult tongue working feverishly through her gaped mouth with Gina groaning gutturally the new sensations taking her up and the lustful affectionate way Bill was kissing her kinda made up for her being taken, scared to death and tied up. Gina was still scared, adding to the odd thrill she was deriving from it all. The thick long adult cock started slowly humping with longer more powerful strokes. Gina’s own tongue started swirling around Bill’s in her young mouth. The ghastly feeling of suddenly caught up in an intense bowel movement took Gina up, the adult cock was now feeling like something she was shitting out or trying too real hard and she let herself get caught up into it, letting the sensations sweep over her in flood of masochistic submission to Bill’s now deep at times powerful sexual moves up into her young rectum, colon and farther.

Anita’s panicking head, the only thing that was free to move looked about wildly feeling trapped and abused. Her eyes caught sight of poor Gina with the other man ‘Bill’ grinding his hips against her upturned bottom. Anita knew that like her the other man had forcing his adult organ into Gina’s butt, but all the way. The sight of him moving like an animal striving for a debasing sexual release seemed to Anita really repulsive. Her own anus still hurt and rectum felt overly stretched and stinging the rest of Franks large adult cock passed through her colon going probing into her gut held Anita in a discomforting disconcerting tense grip. Her legs still hurt the way they were pulled up in a wide open missionary forcing her bottom up off the ground as if eagerly wanting to meet Franks Adult loin that was now eagerly press down onto it. Anita became caught up in feeling the adult cock flexing inside her as the man adjusting himself, an indication to Anita he was about to start doing the same motion on her too.

She could sense a perverse controlling kind of dominating power that came from the man as he hovered over her much smaller young body. Anita deeply sensed the lack of any empathy inside of this adult, only a sadistic self centered need, bent on always getting his own twisted desires fulfilled. A deep fearful chill gripped Anita with the sudden realization that she was just a disposable plaything that he could debase without regard to her own feelings at all, hurt her even, if it could satisfied his momentary selfish sadistic needs. His hairy adult loin ground against her upturned bottom making his stiff organ moving hurtfully inside of Anita bringing her focus fully onto Frank now with her aghast as to shear callousness of it as Anita’s young stinging stretched rectum blossomed into something more hurtful.

Sweat formed over Anita’s young body coating her forehead and red hair as her distress mounted. She remained tensely in place her young head up and staring down along his close chest to where his loin cruelly worked against her. His head went into her hair on her head breathing in deeply through his nose the acted sending another sweating chill through her, as his cock flexed even stiffer the more he took in her scent. Anita willed herself to pull her head away disgusted and shocked that just smelling her could have that kind of an effect on this man. But the harm it seemed was already done as the grinding stopped and now with her head laid back looking up the thick cock cruelly pulled back, all that grinding having spread the lube he’d used around inside her stinging rectal passage made the move easy for him but to Anita her overly stretched passage a stinging hurtful unexpected shock she’d never in her life before had experienced.

Still reeling from the sudden move the man’s strong loin reversed coming back up against her bouncing off she was suddenly caught up into lurching about within the short unforgiving restraints of her bonds trying to removed her bottom from the escalating stinging of the stiff movement of the rod refusing to give her any reprieve at all. Anita screamed out somehow finding a way to lurch off the thick rectal stretching stinging adult organ. Relief flooded through her thankful for the moment she was free of this torture.

“Well little girl” Frank leaned back looking her over “Looks like we gave you to much wiggle room, didn’t we”

He rose and Anita saw a light coating of poop on the tip and a smear going along the side of his adult cock that faced her as he move up to the rope holding her ankle. Loosing it he pulled more rope through the hole her ankle being brought closer the pressure on the back of her legs mounting. He went to the other side doing the same, pulling the rope through the hole her legs being pulled wider and almost touching her widely held hands, her legs opened now so wide it hurt even more to be kept that way. There was no moving now, no way at all. Anita’s anus burned hotly tears ran down her face as her teeth bit hard into the rag still taped in her mouth.

Frank went back in front of her now highly upturned bottom making a show to her of the stain of her dung on his adult cock. Anita eyes couldn’t turn away as he came on hand and knees over her his head looking down between them at where his one hand was guiding it onto her hotly burning stretched anus.

“Problem with getting ass fucked, little girl, is what’s up in there” Frank breathed out lustfully “It’s just better sex for me but I couldn’t rightly imagine what your thinking right now”

The adult cock pressed popping up inside her Anita’s anus and rectum not even resisting the deep plunged. He shoved again without thought to Anita at all, entering the curve of her young colon and going inches into her large intestine his loin pressing firmly back against her bottom again. Anita teeth biting deep into the rag gag.

“Now lets see if you can find a way off now” Anita heard from Frank as his nose going down into her red hair again taking in deep lung fulls of her youthful scent.

Now for Anita’s whole world was her stinging back passage. Frank keeping his face deep in Anita’s red hair and started humping without regard as Anita’s limbs tugging and tensing erratically doing nothing but adding fuel to Franks lustful abuse of her. Anita screamed again into the rag an urgent feeling that she need to poop real bad hit her in a body tensing flash her young body being swept up in that horrid long moment that rushed out of control in a split instant of time. And still the man humped on, unfazed, even powerfully now that Anita rectum was trying to resist by push it out from her. His hot moist breathing going into her the red hair of her head took on an increased urgency as it mixed with the increasing sweat covering her head, face, and tensely swept up getting sodomized young shocked body.

Anita felt him seat himself and raising up to a kneeing in front of her. Her rectum was a mess of stinging and urgent pushing that she hadn’t even the will to try to stop. Franks hands felt over her torso for a moment, feeling over her tense trembling abdomen with a look of sadistic joy going over his adult face. His fingers went to her young open clit feeling and touching her young parts. Rubbing her pee hole he grinned devilishly for a second then turn mischievously serous.

“You should see yourself little girl” Frank chuckled “I’m going to cum in your tight hot gut now, there’s no stopping that, is there”

Anita’s abdomen rumbled as if in protest his thick cock flexing bring on a gurgle of more gaseous protest deep inside her. A shocking tell-tell sickening pre-feelings of a case of the runs or a urgent bowel movement coming on seemed to be moving across Anita’s young abdomen. Then to her horror Anita felt and heard the changing reality of her blight. A deep kind of pressure building up deep inside her abdomen behind where the thick bulbous head of Frank’s cock was parked. Her blue/green eyes flashing the panic of what had plainly taken place. Frank’s loin ground against her his cock flexing even stiffer a demonic grin sweeping over his adult face. His hands rubbing over and feeling into her trembling abdomen as if he’d creating magic of sorts. Frank leaned over and his head to one side of hers near her one ear.

“Your sweet as honey, but I’m going to fuck the shit out of you little girl” his voice sounded giddy with anticipation.

The harsh implications of his words went flooding through Anita’s world, her head shaking ‘no… no… no…’ as Frank rose up onto his strong arms his eyes glaring down unblinking he tugged his adult cock back and surged into action. Anita would have folded in half it she’d been capable of doing so, disbelief of the willful and purposeful intention to really do something so horribly nasty to another person was frozen on her young face. Anita’s young body went into an uncontrollable and instantly fierce push to force the pummeling adult cock from her young bowel with little or no affect at all. Gross sounds filled her young ears as the sensation of a prolonged strained bowel movement wouldn’t release its hold over her. The loin of Frank slapped against her locking into place the entire length of it inside her swelling and sending a gush of hot liquid deep inside of her quivering young gut.

Anita’s young mind lock onto a image of a man she’d seen on-line that was cumming, his stiff cock spitting the white sperm out in front of him. But this man ‘Frank’ hadn’t pulled his cock from her to do that but the opposite, he had firmly push as far into her as he could. Her young mind reeled at the thought of the baby making stuff deep up inside of her. Another gush followed rapidly by even more as the man grunted in tune, his whole body lurching to each gush, it all grossly surreal and so nasty feeling she might just get sick. Finely finished he pulled it from her and fell back looking spent and satisfied with himself as he stared back at Anita, between her legs admiring his work as the liquid cum bubbled from her abused rectum and burning still gaped anus.

Frank took in the sight of the young redhead he just sodomized the shit out of. A circle of her little girl dung ringed her back hole as proof of the act. White cum bubbled out mixing with the girls poop below her exaggeratedly upturned bottom. The young girl was breathing through her nose, the cheeks of her face puffing out through the gag as if she’d just run a marathon, well not run as much as just a participant in his. He reached over to his pants pulling out his smart-phone and took a few pictures of the state of his cock and girl both. The boys on the cp web site he hung out on needed to see this. He took a few of Bill and the young Latina girl still in the throws of Bill’s sodomizing act on her. Frank went to clean up and tweak his buzz while Bill finished with the other girl.

Gina hadn’t been near as adventurous as Anita but she might be now. Deep inside Gina she knew what Bill was doing with her to be wrong and taboo, something you didn’t tell people about. Her young pussy grew wet, tingling with the type of pleasure she got when she rubbed over her own young pussy. The rope on her limbs bit in to her flesh adding something more to the nasty thing that was happening. Gina suddenly realized that adults liked sex in a lot of different ways. It was their way of playing and if it was a young person they want to have sex with that’s what they did. Deep inside she knew the man Bill was a bad man who liked to do nasty things to little girls. What he was doing with Gina was real nasty, and it felt nasty and wrong but wrong in an forbidden way that held her youthful fascination. Gina young mind was running wild with fantasies of being a young slave girl being use for her masters twisted pleasure and another of a domineering boyfriend she might have one day unwilling to take no for an answer taking her forcefully having to tie her up to satisfied his unnatural sexual desires.

With both their mouths tight together and tongues moving around each others Gina let herself moan and gutturally grunt as her young body demanded of her to do. Gina’s young pussy hummed, buzzing with pleasure even as her young rectum and bowel revolted against the now feverish demented sexual moves of the man Bill. Then caught up in a harsh straining bowel surge Bill’s movements went erratic and he shoved in deeply against her young up turned bottom, the fully implanted cock swelling and spitting liquid from the blunt tip deep inside her. Gina’s young mind tuning into the man’s act of release, her young pussy quivering with sudden spasms of pleasure she’d never had before now. The thick cock spit its last and Bill raised his head up looking down into her flushed embarrassed face.

“Your a bad little girl” He grinned mischievously then said louder toward Frank “I think this one came Frank… Damn I’m good”

Gina flushed feeling hotly ashamed now but still tuned to the softening adult cock still up inside her till her still slightly straining rectum pushed it out. Another wash of embarrassment had her flushing brightly, her young pussy tingling again. As Bill fished into his pants pocket pulling out his phone and took a few pictures of Gina and then Anita who was sobbing with a lot of tears.

Bill cleaned over his cock and wiped over Gina’s bottom before untying her sore legs, he left her arms tied though as he went and set on the blanket where the two men at the other side of the fire with Frank.

“You going to untie the redheads legs, she looks pretty uncomfortable you know” Bill said to Frank.

Frank stared at Anita for a moment longer, the ring of poop circling her abused anus. He pulled up his phone and took a few more close up of Anita first. Something to masturbate to later.

“Okay” He finely said to Bill then “Fire another one up will you”

The harsh tension on Anita’s legs were relieved to fast leaving her legs aching, feeling like when you hold your arms out to the side too long then bring them down, it pained her to have them back against the ground after being force to remain as they had been for so long. Muscles continued aching from being opened way too wide and up too far. Anita cried sobbing some more.

“I’m going to take your gag off little bitch” Frank told Anita “Best not to scream too loud.. okay..”

Anita through her tears shook her head ‘yes’ and Frank went about removing it. He went back to set down beside of Bill, taking the now lit joint from his hand as he lowered himself down beside of him a beginnings of an idea forming in Frank’s mind.

“You know Bill we might be able to do this again if we play it right” Frank whispered so the girls wouldn’t hear.

“How so” Bill took the joint, his turn to take a hit off it.

Frank told him his idea and Bill fishing for a couple beers in the cooler shaking his head in agreement. The cold cans got opened and cotton mouth quenched they both rose to see just how well this idea of Frank’s would play out.

They both untied the girls and tossed them their pajamas and panties watch the young girls nervously cover themselves. Even Gina was self conscious but quiet Anita still cried some, but both covered themselves up, then standing close to one another for comfort. Gina’s fear rising now it was over with Anita slipping behind her as if that somehow help her deal with the situation better. Both men knelt down bringing up their phones showing Anita and Gina the pictures they’d taken.

“Okay girls, here’s the deal” Frank said flatly “If you both keep quiet and camp out again tomorrow night in the same place we won’t show these to everyone”

Bill and Frank showing the girls the images on the phones kept flipping through the pictures letting the young girls get a real good look.

“Think on it” Bill said to Gina and Anita both “Just one more night and it will be over… No one has to know”

Anita was horror struck at what she saw in the pictures, but Gina was just thinking about how her ‘old country’ father and mother would take it and if they somehow figured out that Gina kinda like it, she shivered to think. Her mind was made up and she was already shaking her young head ‘yes’ although Anita just stared numbly at the images. The men let them walk out barefooted in the dark, both girl knew the way though living just a little bit through the wooded area. Gina was scared Anita would tell and after getting back to the backyard tent she took control.

“I think we should keep quiet and camp out again” she said to Anita.

Anita looked horrified.

“Do you want someone to see those pictures” Gina said quickly

Anita shook her head ‘no’ a shiver went through her young body at the thought of spending another night in the tent. Anita’s anus still burn some and she might have to run into the house soon but other than sore legs she was much better. Her young mind though was struggling to weight the odds of telling someone or having all those horrible embarrassing pictures seen be everyone… even her parents. She knew like Gina she’d have to camp out again a deep sob took her up turning into silent crying till she went to sleep in the tent.

Anita and Gina woke early enough to move the tent back into place. Gina went to her house and wash up, taking a long bath, her small hand going to her young pussy rubbing over it till she quivered. Gina both dreaded tonight and looked forward to it too her mind confused as to why that would be so.

Anita went into her house and took a bath too. She just sat there soaking her young mind in turmoil seeing no way out other than what Gina said they’d have to do. She started feeling better through the day, her anus stopped burning but her rectum and farther inside of her felt kind of weird. As the day went on nearing dusk Gina showed up looking way too cheerful and wanting to go like now to the tent. Anita only felt a welling apprehension of dread but relented and both were in the tent. As it got darker Gina smiled wickedly.

“Time we move the tent isn’t it” Gina said with a air of playfulness that scared Anita.