Taking care of the kids – Maggie (Part 1) (M,g)

Taking care of the kids – Maggie (Part 1) (M,g)

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Taking care of the kids – The story of Sid

Author: Visor

Part 1, Maggie – Loosing his virginity

Sid was thirty-seven years old carpenter with a deep interest in the arts. At the age of twenty-two he married his wife to be which he had meet three and a half years earlier. Things were good. Both of them had good jobs, he working for himself as a contractor and she was working in a high paid governmental position. She took in over $80,000 per year working as a librarian. They went on famously with much more uptime than downtime. He loved his wife Liz.

They had three kids, a boy and two girls. Mark that was ten, Linda that was eight and Judy that was five years of age.

The sex life between the couple was great but he always had felt that there was something missing. When he was twelve he had an encounter with a eight year old neighbor of his parents named Marget or Maggie. He called her whorie Dorie Maggie in his private thoughts. He did not know where that name came from but he thought that was appropriate.

She showed him her pussy time and time again and talked about their parents having sex with his sister Nessa that he nicknamed the Loch Ness monster whom was four years younger than him.

One time his preteen fully developed hairy cock got so exited after her showing him her pussy for the umpteenth time and he flashing his rock hard cock right back and sometimes even without her showing him her hairless smooth pussy first, that he took her aside into his room. There he asked her if she could pull her trousers and panties down so he could see her pussy. That she did and then he exposed his rock hard member to her and asked her to lay down on the bed to fuck, but she got afraid of the size of his cock and rejected his advances.

Come on he said, I know that you have been doing it with all the boys your age and up that you can find or so you say or maybe you were lying but you sure want to. Don’t worry, I will not hurt you. Just come here and lie with me here on the bed and let me see your pussy real close. He took her hand and gently guided her onto his bed. There she lay with her hands by her side and her legs closed naked from the waste down. Raise your legs and spread them he said to the eight year old pussy. She very tentatively did so. There he saw her in all her glory, her perfectly proportioned legs and pussy spread wide for his display with her legs arched and her eyes looking meekly upon him wondering what would happen next. His eyes went to her crotch and he could have sworn he saw some pussy juice dripping. His mouth was slack jawed and he stood there with his pants down and rock hard cock stood up in the air oozing precum and was on the verge of exploding. The slightest of touch and he would have exploded all over the floor by the side of the bed.

He did not know what to do but just stood there until the thought occurred to him that he should move closer. So without trying to sound any alarms he said I am going to get on the bed with you so I can see your pussy better, I am not going to do anything but just have a look OK. OK she said. Her eyes were riveted on his cock as he moved closer taking every detail of in to remember when she was alone with her private thoughts. The quiet fascination in her eyes was wild.

He lay on the bed and began to inspect her spread pussy holding her pussy lips apart, she was red and puffy and her hole dripped a clear fluid that threatened to break out of her pussy hole. He decided to take a lick and when he did that it only took a few thrusts on the bed sheets at the same time and he came in buckets with his head buried in the crotch of the eight year old. Small gasps could be heard from Maggie when she felt and saw him trash on the bed in front of her. She liked it.

Coming down after his cum with his head buried in the perfect little snatch of the eight year old brunette he could not help but to feel a little bit ashamed of himself to say the least having cum all over the bed sheets in front of the little girl. He raised his head and looked her in the eyes, she was not happy. What is wrong he asked. Is this it she asked. When mom and and dad do it and I listen a lot then mom screams. I did not feel anything close to it and you were having a great time. How come? Hearing her speak that like made his cock stand at full attention and all of his shame vanished like it never existed. He had to take a few breaths of air just to compose himself. How come? She asked again with her eyes starring accusingly back at him.

He raised himself in the sitting position against the bedroom wall but not without taking a last look at her beautiful smooth hairless little snatch yearning to fuck it one day, exposing his cock to her once more. She was thrilled by it but unsatisfied. Maybe it takes practice, like riding a bike he suggested. Practice? How are we going to do that? He almost came again on the spot his rock hard cock pressed firmly against his belly. I could try and put the tip of my cock inside of you and we can see how that feels. Would you like that? She thought for a moment and said yes, I have my finger up there all the time and it makes me feel real good and sometimes I explode and I think of boys and their little cocks she said shyly with her eyes in a downcast position starring sideways at her naked thigh with her pussy still exposed for the world to see with her clit sticking out of it. A magnificent sight of the little cunt.

Feeling bold raised he himself up on all four and leered at her like she was pray that she was his for eating and taking, his possession. His gateway to heaven and he would be dammed if anyone stopped him now.

It was not like his fantasies where he would fuck them effortlessly and then he would cum but this took some balancing. In the end he guided his cock into her little hole. She was wet and tight, very tight and wet. He pumped his cock gently, first only with his cock head in but eventually he had half of his cock buried in her and then all of it. At the last stroke when he finally got it all the way in he came and yet he wanted more of her. He looked on Maggie and the little whore had her head turned sideways, her eyes closed, he cheeks flustered; she was really feeling it.

He kept on pumping, his cock still rock hard even if he had cum twice that day already. It hurt to move, his cock overly sensitive but he did not let it stop him, instead he went slowly grunting like an animal on top of her. She must have felt the same way, not used to such a big cock and now slowly getting into the rhythm, bucking her hips and her little moans turned into grunts as her true self revealed itself more and more.

She raised her hips to meet him stroke for stroke and thrust for thrust yearning and wanting more and more of him to fill her now stretched out little hole, to fill the emptiness inside of her so she could feel whole again through her little cunnie hole. Like all little girls. We were just the providers.

It was in that moment that he realized the truth and he came and came and came inside of her silky little hole, she was grunting as she came thinking that all men wanted was sex and she would have plenty of it. They both were powerless before nature and what nature made them to be, a higher species of animals.

This is what we were in essence he thought as he buried himself even deeper into her and all of our efforts are to make enough free time to take advantage of that fact, all of our inventions and all of our civilization. What was before the Big Bang? It was not God, on that scientists agree. This was God, this is what we are and we are in his likeness. Where was the harm? It was nowhere to be found. It was bliss, it was heaven, it was everything a man could ever hope to aspire to. It was the will of God, of nature. Who was he to break that law? No one at all.

He had found true humility before God inside of an eight year old pussy, pussy that clung to him in the afterglow of her own bang of being stroked into heaven by the will and instrument of God, of nature. Now she lay there quietly squirming the last of her orgasm away. Knowing that she would forever be humble before IT even though she may not like it at times. In that moment she knew what she truly was, she was made for sex in one way or the other, a little cunnie for the milk of men. She saw stars all over, stars she wanted to keep. He had finished pumping his hot load into her wet little pussy that was even wetter now with his seed added to it.

He slowly withdrew his still hard cock out of it and he felt it slide out of her and when he did he looked down and saw his wet cock and her stretched pussy lips and he could not resist pumping a few more times before pulling all the way out of her.

Her cunnie was dripping with with seed, she had been well flooded. He went down on her and greedily licked up her mess and sniffed it’s heavenly smell. He then noticed a small shit stain on her asshole and he could not help but to lick that clean, he could not get enough of her heaven. He then raised him self up and put his cock right into her face and said now you lick me clean with your tongue, open your mouth little cunt. I know that you want it. She did as she was told.

When he pulled out of her cunnie she missed it, she missed the stuffing and her stars, she did not want it to stop, she wanted to go on forever and when he licked her clean she knew that this was right, this was so right. And now she had her mouth full of cock licking and knowing every inch of him tasting his and hers juices her cheeks bulging with his leathery cock, his tasty manhood right there for drinking with it’s husky smell. What could be better she thought to herself as she kept on slurping away at his nasty cock. This was so natural, so lively, more importantly it was so very right. For her, this was the life, she was finally satisfied or so she thought.

Surprisingly, even to him, he felt his cock stir again as she sucked it down, her sweet innocent face was irresistible to him and those eyes of a child that only wanted more. She could feel the residual fluid being milked out of his cock by her mouth as she sucked it down, the feeling of the cock slime sending tinkling stars all over her body as she was beginning to feel as a cock only it covered her entire body and she wanted more of it, more of the good slime.

Soon she had her hands down in her crotch rubbing her self and fingering herself furiously with a special pressure applied at the top of her little immature eight year old slit. She wanted to scream but she could not quite make it and he felt that she was loosing her concentration on his cock. He decided that there was only one way to go, he pulled out of her sweet little mouth moved down and stuck his cock right up her filthy little cunt again. She gasped, her eyes fixed, starring straight up at the ceiling.

All inhibition lost now they fucked like animals on their way to paradise, as if it was the last chance before the last boat sailed, before the lights went down. He grunted, grunted and moaned as he felt his rock hard cock slide in and out of her baby hole and she began to scream, and scream she did. He had to distract himself or otherwise he would loose his cool right then and there and spunk right up into her immature baby cunt again so he reached under her ass and began to stroke it with his head placed on the pillow looking down upon the holy union of cock and pussy.

She was fighting to make him loose control of himself and he did not want to give it to her. She only wanted more stars until her whole world exploded, soul, body and mind, to float to heaven like death had claimed her. She began to use force to get what she wanted and to get that wonderful cock slime spunking into her filthy cunt again, if he had anything left but that was not what she was thinking. She just wanted it.

In ecstasy she contracted her cunt around his cock and and began to fuck his cock in earnest, she was putting more into it than he was at this point in time allowing him easier access to her ass and thighs. Here I was thinking we boys are gross he thought to himself, we are nothing compared to little girls. Slut! Then he came and he came massively inside of her, she followed suit when she felt his slimy spunk shooting right up into her filth, filth that they both loved. It made them pure, right, holy. It made her feel powerful. She knew he could not control himself and she won over the fucking prick. She screamed her head off at this point and man was he good as it turned out in the end. He twisted and shook on top of her and he did not know the time or place as he came inside the baby whore. Then they both floated to heaven, she to her stars and he to her cunt, and her body holding her like he was a baby with his naked ass up in the air on top of her small frame with his cock buried in her immature slimy little whore cunt. It was heady and blissful. It was the ultimate in perfection. Simple and pure.

He did not know how much time had passed but he must of dozed of, drained from all the fucking when he felt her stir beneath him. Groggy he felt him pushing away at his chest wanting to get out from under him, she felt invigorated like she had won the wrestling match and drained the life out of him even though he ended up on top of her pinning her down. Slowly he rolled himself on his side, his cock slowly sliding out of her wet snatch while his eyes where on her totally flat sweater covered chest wishing he could her entire naked body. Maggie, take of your sweater he said while stroking her belly. Only if you take off yours she said back. Soon they were both naked laying side by side on the bed with him stroking her flat chest and belly.

She felt sore in her little cunnie after all the pounding she had taken and then she felt their combined sleaze running down from her pussy down into her ass crack and unto the bed, like she had to bear the mark of their union while he got off easy. All of a sudden she did not feel like such a winner at all and someone had to pay. Like she had been stripped of her power and victory over him with her being covered in shameful filth that resulted in a loss of dignity for her. Getting fucked with her legs up in the air behaving like a bitch in heat.

She got frightened and nervous now after her thirst and yearning had satisfied and taken care of by Sid. Sid was just staring at her body, he looked dumb to her. Emboldened she said Just wait until I tell Nessa. Sid woke up fast from his half awake half asleep state. No no don’t tell Nessa, you know how she is like, she would get all jealous and tear us to bits. So, Maggie said, you fucked me and it is not like I did anything.

You came to me Maggie, you started it by showing you pussy to me all the time. So, I was just curious she said. I wanted to know what your cock looked like that’s all. You wanted to fuck, you could have said no but you HAD to fuck me you prick. You are older and it is all on you! Sid was dumbfounded, she had a mouth on her that little bitch! He could land his ass in jail, be taken from his home and God knows what if anyone found out about just what had happened. It made him shiver with fear. I tell Nessa! Maggie said again. He had to think fast. If there was a God behind the Big Bang he was nowhere to be seen to help him out now so it did not matter, this was the real world he was facing and the situation had to be handled with care cause this was explosive stuff that could very well blow up in his face.

Maggie, look at me he said softly but firmly. Look at me Maggie and tell me what is wrong, you did like it so much that you even screamed like your mommy does. It was what you wanted and I gave it to you, is that anyway to thank me? Please Maggie, tell me what is wrong he said softly while holding the right side of cheek with the palm of his hand while looking into her innocent eyes.

Innocence she wanted to protect, innocence she felt he had robbed from her as she now regretted her decision to fuck, to draw his fuck juice out of him. Look at me, she said, I am a mess and then she told him all of her worries.

Why do you feel ashamed Maggie? Who told you this was bad? Where do you think all the babies come from? What do you think all the people do in private? This is what they do and they feel happy, people should be allowed to make choices for themselves that make them happy Maggie. You decided that you wanted to scream like your mommy does and I helped you. It felt good to you when my cock went into your tiny hole, this is how people make love in it’s purest. What you felt was heaven and now you want to look a gift horse in the mouth?

You should be ashamed of your self. This is a gift from nature and it has been forced upon us, I am as powerless as you Maggie. I can’t help it if my cock gets hard looking upon your perfect smooth flat chested body. You are the most beautiful thing and this is what you are, this is what we are and what we are made for.

I could say that I am not happy grunting like an animal with my butt sticking up in the air getting drained but like it or not, this is what we are. I could say that you humiliated me by your decision to drain the very life out of me and by your constant appealing to my cock leading me astray. I could very well say that but the truth is that we are powerless before it and the sooner we get that straight the better.

I can’t see the harm unless we make it into one through being foolish by demanding being something we are not. There is no shame in this Maggie, the dirt makes us pure and whole. There is no way around it and you felt it your little pussy. This is what we are, this is who we are when it comes down to it. It is our connection to heaven and to God. Maybe I should begin to call my self Thor the Thunder God he joked and you my little jewel of heaven, a heavenly sliding cunnie pie that I cannot help but eat like meat or food.

Every choice has a price tag attached to it, like we have to pay for our food and drink and this is one of the costs, the trick is to minimize how much we have to pay for our being here. I understand that you have to get used to this but that’s OK.

Then he told her what would happen to him if people found out and what would happen to her. Everyone would know and they would not be as understanding as he was. That really put the gag on her, thankfully. Stupid little twat, he had to save her from herself. Then he said to her that her decision to fuck was an innocent one and would always be an innocent choice. It was what we came here for, to multiply and to fuck into heaven. It was the good way and not the bad way like some control freaks had everybody believe. Or that was the brunt of what he said to her by and large.

She mulled it over in her pretty little head and then she said that it made sense, she only had to look around to know it was true and it did make her feel very happy, beautiful and hot.

Then she got dressed cause her parents were coming home and he was baby sitting. He then gave her her first kiss, on the cheek and then he sent her away happy with a delightful sleaze running down from her cunt into her little panties. He had said to her to throw them away into the trash when she got home while the bedsheets in his bed were his problem, a bigger job in every sense of the word.

That night he could hear her mother screaming through the thick concrete wall that separated the houses as her husband fucked her once more. He could only imagine how much her screaming would be enhanced if she knew what he and her daughter had been up to only a few hours earlier. His dick got hard… Did Maggie get any sleep at all? She obviously has lost her hymen years before, with all of her fingering of her little baby slit.

The Nessa threat affected him more than he realized, it was a pressure, an immense pressure that his twelve year old mind could not deal with. So when Maggie approached him again, all sweet and smiles, the little pearl, wanting to fuck as she apparently wanted it more or needed it more than he did he felt that he had to say no to her.

She got mad and told him that this was her fate, it was every little girls fate and dream and she wanted it, treating him like his possession. He told her sorry but the chance of being found out was too great, it was like people like Nessa and his parents and the government have all conspired together somehow to keep her from her natural destiny. She almost broke down in tears in front of him, fuck you, she shouted as her feet burned rubber over to her house and straight into her room. There she masturbated her to sleep, wishing it was a different time and place.

A place with not so many dumb people in it, a place where people understood destiny, love and a happy pussy making the owner of the pussy, the little girl, very happy. It would make the boys happy to. It would unlock a world were everybody would be free to follow their innermost heart and that is what she decided to do with her life, to be a rebel and an independent following the most holy of holies even though Sid had chickened out. Maybe she should not have threatened him? It sure did kill all the fun and all she got left was her burning little pussy wanting to be filled, yearning for it each and every day and her parents fucking did not help one bit either.

She had learned an important lesson, that fear should be suppressed and to attack the boy or the thing she wanted was a stupid thing to do. They had the power and called the shots, it was in the nature of things and she could not go against that. She had learned humbleness before the man, before him.

She would kneel before him in prayer begging him to take his rightful place in harmony with nature but it was of no use, he was cold as ice. Her cunt was wet of the yearning, the shame and the humiliation of having to resort to begging added more wetness and delicious spice to her powerlessness and his cock was hard seeing her on her knees waiting to be spanked. It was the right balance between a boy and a girl, the girl under his direct control. She had humility now and yet she was a rebel, her eyes fixed on the hard bulge in his crotch.

It was torture for him to see her down on her knees like that, sometimes he almost spunked his pants right there and then but he was was stronger than her and he knew it. In the end she went away thinking that he never liked anything, he thinks he is so strong. More like insensitive prick, that was what he was. In time she stopped trying confining her self masturbating to images of humiliation and the shaming of her, of what she would allow boys to do to her. She did it to keep herself in joyful state of humbleness, something she had to remember for the rest of her natural life. Innocent and immature with a lesson or two under her belt discovering her natural tastes.

In reality, he would have fucked her right then and there like a bitch in heat but how could he be sure of what he told her was true and no damage was being done? This was just something he did say to her, lucky, just plain lucky that he got way with it so unprepared and that things turned out relatively well considering, that much was true. He had learned that he had to plan beforehand or his world could be shot to pieces, also, better to test the girl without going in with guns blazing.

He wrote it of as an experience and forgot about it until years later. It was certain that he was not prepared mentally to handle the pressure of it. Although going in with some guns blazing in a controlled manner after doing your homework, to take a chance could sometimes prove fruitful. To keep life interesting something always has to be at stake, a valuable lesson indeed. It made him deify the overly protective society, a society that makes us all into loosers were our choices do not matter because nothing is at stake. The death of boredom, a life of alienation far removed from our natural roots. That is not progress, that’s evil. Where did the zest for life go?

Was she just curious about sex with nothing behind it, did he just push her into having sex with him because she did not know any better? Like a innocent game kids play? She did not show any signs of puberty and yet in the end she behaved just like a woman with an older more experienced guy.

Scientists say that nature postponed puberty in humans in favor of other things that are more valuable for the survival and well being of the child and all species learn through play. Sometimes the animals play a little rough but it is just a game. Like making love to kids, it is just a game without resulting in pregnancy or a kill for the animals. The games are important nonetheless. If only the damaging propaganda could be seen for what it is. Maggie was not a whore, she was only doing what all girls would do if allowed, it is in their very nature.

She went on to have sex with a lot of boys other than him like all proper girls should. She had no problem at eight accommodating his cock up her sheath while a five year old would not, so test test test. He found yoga, god, religion, faith in life and in himself through a child all of those years ago. It did help him in school, all of his classmates were worried sick about if they would get laid or not with all the drama that ensued. He already knew what it was about, through sheer luck. He knew at some level the value of it.

If only others could.

It made him more relaxed. As a result he got laid more than his classmates. The girls all thought he was a great guy all around. Life was much simpler.

A gift that he wanted to give to his kids that he loved dearly and to his wife, knowing that her kids were safe by a proper education and to rejuvenate her love for life. The simple life without having to worry about the kids so much.

These were his thoughts when he revisited the memory years later, it was more or less how it happened with a detail or two taken away at one place and one or two details added at another place.

His thoughts turned to his kids, Mark, Linda and Judy and he thought a little bit on how to proceed in his plan with them and his wife Liz. A full on revelation would be out of the question. He had to proceed slowly and that would be half of the fun.

He fired up YouTube on his study computer to relax a little. There was this one particular video that he loved with a girl in a tight brown leotard, so tight that you could see her flat chest and her ass and the lips of her little cunnie riding up into her crotch giving her a camel toe.

Wow, over 700,000,000 views. He put it on pause, put on his headphones, switched to full screen, rewinded it, took it off pause and began to stroke his cock with very slow but deliberate strokes. He was thinking of giving Linda a leotard just like the girl in the video was wearing like a good father should. Maybe even one size tighter than that really showing off her small frame and tight little body. It would be better yet to buy both sizes. Giving her a permission to play under his guidance leading to very interesting times with him joining in. If she would not wear either one then all of her privileges would have to be suspended, this was for her own good and no different than a parent deciding what is healthy for a kid to eat. He would tell her that she would have to come to terns the fact that she was a woman and she would need to get ahead in life and then a head start would not be so bad. Besides, she would look smoking hot. Better have a little talk with Liz first, there is nothing worse than a house divided.

The video was by Sia and Chandelier was the name of the game.

At end of the video with her standing in the hallway breathing hard he came all over himself seeing the girl of beauty, wanting to caress her and stroke her all over. He was already hot thinking about Maggie and what happened all those years ago so it did not take much for him this time. As he was getting ready for bed he finally connected the dots.

In Africa back in the old days eight year old girls got loved all the time and when they reached puberty and if they did not want to get the girl pregnant they fucked her in the ass. Proud parents of fourteen years was common and no one got hurt. Those were the best ones of Africa, in stark contrast of voodoo circumcision, witch doctors and ignorance.

Today we got birth control and all the luxuries of modern life and after great deal of research over the years he could only conclude that the reason sex with kids leads to harm is because we have been told so by the so called experts. Better to send them away prepared to meet life than to be total novices, to train them proper like they do in school. That would save us a whole lot of trouble as a society instead of making something that is natural and in harmony with life, nature and the universe into something that’s not through ignorance and people wanting to control our lives.

How did we become so arrogant that we attempt to control the uncontrollable and to suppress the good? Who the hell do we as a society think we are? The ignorance is mind blowing. The dangers of living in Africa on a day to day basis or in a tribal community have been taken away, we need life more than ever and we are denied the opportunity to help our kids grow and to enjoy ourselves and to help them. Somebody does not like life and want to push a premature death and chaos upon us. It is our duty to fight back, to bring back the best from the past of humanity and to keep the stewardship of the home.

A forgotten island in today’s world restored with a forgotten gift from the forgotten islands of the past.

He slept peacefully that night dreaming of his eight year old daughter Linda, her hot little body and her cute smile while taking a shower singing a happy tune with soap running all over her little body; wanting to make her even happier.

He would have to think of something to make that happen, but that was a problem for another day.