Sweet Spousal Revenge (Mg,oral,anal,drugged)

Sweet Spousal Revenge (Mg,oral,anal,drugged)

Prologue: Andy’s wife took off and left him with her eight year old dark haired daughter Darla. Wasn’t long after he gave in to the need for some sweet revenge sex.

Darla jumped into his lap in just her undies her young buttocks wiggling against his loin. She had just finished her bath her fresh scent filling his nose. Andy’s cock stiffened uncomfortably against her young firm buttocks only the thin cloth of her panties and his shorts separating his stiff organ and her warm bottom. It was getting on eight in the evening and he was setting in front of the TV as he did most every evening this time of night. She nuzzled in close with him letting his arms go around her her young eyes on the TV. Andy knew she would be dozing off soon.

His mind drifted off to when his fucking wife left for good. It was like he wanted her staying ‘Hell’ he’d thought about leaving himself. She’d been cheating on him for as long as he could remember, longer more like than not. Thing went from bad to worse, thank god that part of his life was over. Only thing was he didn’t think he’d be stuck with her daughter, the kid wasn’t even his ‘Damn it’. If only the kid didn’t look so much like his x-wife, she acted a lot like her at times too. The movie was winding down and his cock was still hard. Darla had fallen asleep and he let her slip off him onto the warm spot where he was at as he got up. He needed some ‘me’ time and went to the kitchen opening the cabinet getting a small glass. Reaching farther into the upper shelf he got the small container of ketamine he’d been using on Darla for the last few months.

A pang of guilt washed over him as it always did, not that it stopped him. Andy opened the container measuring out the precise amount he found worked real well into the small glass. He opened the fridge pulling out the milk filling the small glass and placing the carton back into its place on the shelf. He gave it a quick stir and walked it in to the living room. He reached down shaking Darla awake.

“Time to go to bed dear” he said in a hush tone and handed her the small glass of milk knowing she would drink it out of habit.

He’d started giving her a glass of milk every night before sending her off to bed after his wife bugged out. For just… this reason. Andy watched as she took the glass turning it up and downing it as she always did. Darla handed it the empty glass back up smiling lovingly.

“All done” she said sleepily.

He patted her on her head taking the empty glass back.

“Run off to bed, I’ll be there soon to tuck you in”

She slid off the sofa heading to her room Andy’s eyes following her almost completely nude young body till she turned the corner down the hall. He went to the kitchen and washed the cup then made sure the ketamine was stashed on the upper shelf well out of sight of prying eyes and headed off to ready himself for a well deserved break from reality. He stepped in to Darla’s room as she was pulling up her blankets. Leaning in over her he kissed her on her young forehead just as she closed her eyes drifting off. He looked down this time only really seeing his ex-wife in the young girl. And ‘Fuck’ if he didn’t hate that bitch. He’d used the ketamine on his x-wife too a few times before the bitch split, always in a fit of hate fuck. Taking the cheating bitch up the ass with the rage he felt watching as she would come half awake fighting to resist. Andy would hold her down and sodomize her as she deserved in every position he could mold her in and still in the morning she’d not remember a fucking thing.

Darla had been having bad dreams for a while now, some quite vivid. In some she was being chased by a bad strong man and try as she might she couldn’t get away as she was always caught with the scary man doing bad painful things to her that she could swear she still felt even after she woke. The dreams seamed so real sometimes she would awake with a start, running to her fathers room and climbing into his bed for the rest of the night just to feel safe. It was always a comfort when he would have Darla drink her glass of mike before tucking her in at night, it made her feel safe and in short order with the blankets pulled up to her chin she would drifted off, even as her daddy leaned in kissing her forehead. She loved her daddy so very much.

But in short order she was dreaming she was in her room still in bed sensing an evil presents near her. Darla tried to wake up before the dream came to fruition but as with the other dreams on other nights she couldn’t. The dream had her screaming in protest and pulling free, running somewhere, anywhere her legs would take her. But turning her head the evil man was always close, his hands grabbing her, holding her down. Something was forced into her mouth with her gagging harshly on it not able to breath for a long moment as she fought to get her head pulled away from what ever it was till finely she did in a fit of choking desperate wet gasps for air. She dreamed her panties being pulled from her licking legs as she was held belly down over something cool. A real feeling of sharp gripping pain filled her young rectum making her scream out in this inescapable nightmare dream. Large clammy hands seemed to feel over her keeping her from pulling away as the stiff discomfort of the evil man’s male organ started moving, raping her as if trying to make babies in her backside.

Andy’s cock was bulging as he left Darla’s room going to quickly collect what he would need. He’d taken to have a quick grab kit of sorts at the ready. A thick plastic sheet, he’d learned there could be a mess. A couple old towels and baby wipes for fast clean up, he’d even here of late picked up a ring gag that worked very well indeed, and his lube of choice petroleum jelly. He undressed in his room leaving only his boxers on, his almost nine inches of now raging cock bulging out the fabric in front of him, a wet spot of pre-cum that had formed from when Darla had sat in his lap for almost a full hour. He spied the half smoked joint and lighter he kept there in a small tray beside the quick-grab-kit and fired it up taking a deep drawl on it, holding it in for a long bit. He took another deep hit and grabbed the kit and a swimmers nose clip he saw at a store last week, still holding the smoke in he took off to Darla’s room.

Darla was zonked totally out when he cleared her door an occasional snore coming up. Andy set the quick-grab-kit down and went about pulling the shades down, closing the curtains to the window and setting up the lighting the way he liked it. His buzz had settled in well, and with a deviant sexual mind set of what he’d planned for the night was not only taking shape physically but playing out in his mind as a pre-fantasy building up, heightening his lust filled urge. He had to pull his boxers off as his cock was fully stiff needing the freedom to arch out in front of him without the hindrance of the restricting cloth. He had to lift Darla’s arms from on top of the covers her finger gripping into them had to be worked free and pulled the covers from the bed, letting them go to the floor in a bunch at the foot. He reached down picking Darla’s slight young warm body up placing her on the floor with the bunched up covers for now and grabbed the plastic sheeting.

The plastic sheeting went over her bed and was large enough to cover the floor a few feet out on the side. Grabbing the nose clip and ring gag which he slipped over his arched cock to the base letting it hang there for a moment knowing the next time his cock was through the ring gag it would be affixed in Darla’s mouth and watched as his cock flex involuntarily bobbing in the air leaking a stream of pre-cum. Pulling the ring gag from his stiff organ Andy went over to Darla at the foot of the bed kneeling down working the padded ring into her mouth forcing it to open wide, revealing her wet pink tongue as he made the straps on each side tight around her small head. Then placed the nose clip over her button nose watching as her moist hot breath could only now go through her mouth. Andy couldn’t help to stare deeper into her mouth to the back of her throat as he worked, his hand shaking with anticipating excitement of trying something new. Finished he picked her up placing her somewhat ruffly belly down on the plastic sheeting on the bed her head dangling down over the side.

It was soon after his ex-wife had left when he bought this bed for Darla. The bed was extra high on purpose. And as he stepped up close to the bed its hight was just right as he curled her long hair at the top of her small head around his fist lifting her head up Darla’s face now inches from his pre-cum leaking long adult cock. Andy let his eyes wonder down along her back onto her thin see through pantie covered buttocks, his cock lurched stiffer, he’d be tapping that too and was in a mood for some ruff balls deep action that most always made a bit of a mess leaving and her feeling sickly for a day or two. But that was more his ex-wife’s fault leaving a child that looked so much like her here with him to get revenge on. And there were times as she was groaning holding her abdomen through out the day following a good balls deep sodomizing he’d have to spike her milk again with the ketamine for a mid day go at her abused rectal passage just to tame his raging again organ that just wouldn’t go away any other way.

His free hand guided his pre-cum leaking cock head to the open ring feeling her hot moist breath going over the blunt bulbous head. He slowly slipped the blunt pre-cum leaking head through the ring his mind taking in the moist warmth he felt as her breath struggled to go around the blockage of his cock head. Andy watched till Darla exhaled and slipped his cock to the back of her throat blocking of her air passage just as she tried to sunk in another breath. It was fucking heaven… what happen next. He’d wished he’d tried this sooner. It was as if her throat was a vacuum sucking his cock into it, his loin obliging pushing, assisting Darla’s struggle to take that other breath, his cock slipping into the tight oral passage. He pushed deep savoring her suddenly working hugging tight throat muscles. Andy release guiding his cock slipping his hand around her small head pulling her as he push till the ring was fully at the base of his cock, her young open mouth face mash deep into the wiry coarse hair of his pubes.

For a full fifteen seconds he was totally engulfed in the best throat massaging his cock had ever been put through. After that Darla seemed to come alive suddenly and the fight was on to stay with the young girl as she flailed about trying to pull her head free of his fully planted cock. His hand at the back of her head held her head as firmly as he could against his loin his eyes on the clock on the wall taking note of the second hand. It closed in on a full minute then passed it as her hands came up pounding with all her might against his torso. Ghastly wet retching sounds filling the room as his mind clicked off the last ten second and at a minute and a half he yanked his cock out a trail of thick spittle dripping down a thick strand trailing over to his cock a mere foot from her choking mouth. He stared wide eye as Darla whooped in a wet jagged lung full air then sending a spray of the thick stuff out over his now spittle damp ridged arched cock.

In a few breaths Darla relaxed down going back into her ketamine induced slumber punctuated by a deep wet coughs every few rapid breathes giving Andy a moment to gather himself for another go. He had to be careful though if his planned use of her anally was to come to fruition mentally needing to enjoy her in that degrading way. His cock slipped back through the ring gag only hesitating for the moment it to took her to fully exhale again his cock plunging back into that tight oral tube at just the right moment. This time his free hand hand slipped under to her neck feeling for the bulge his cock now made there. His loin working harshly humping through the snug tube his ears being filled with the pleasing sounds of deep gagging throat fucking he’d only gotten by paying an adult whore once before. This was vastly different and much more pleasurable than that crude fuck long ago.

Andy realized he’d lost track of time and yanked his cock from her face a small gush of liquid rush out onto the plastic on the floor. His heart skipped a few beats as it took a long moment before Darla’s red flushed face gasped in, sucking air in harshly, a wet lung full that left her coughing raspingly. Relieved but still gripping the hair at the top of her head he spun her around in place his free hand barely having to assist. Darla’s legs went slipping off the side of the high bed her pantie cover bottom coming into view. Andy used his free hand to pull them down and his foot to work them off this not being the first time he’d done this. His free hand grabbed a towel he wiped over his cock and loin tossing the towel to the side, he popped off the top of the petroleum jelly the top going bouncing off onto the floor and setting it down on top of the plastic sheet he scooped out a small bit smearing it over the head of his cock not bothering with his shaft. He needed only to get up into her and too much lube would ruined the ‘real feel’ he desired right now and guided the organ down through her ass cheeks, knowing by now just where to locate that tight dream hole of humiliating degradation.

Darla’s dream was slipping it to full tilt horror as her young rectum seemed to burn in white shocking pain, the evil man she could never quite see forcing himself onto her. She struggle to wake from the nightmare knowing if she didn’t it would only get worse. She nightmare only continued with her arms being pulled around and pinned behind her the adult man become even more aggressive behind her. Darla tried to close her young mind off from the nightmare trying to dream something else but it went on inescapably as the long male organ dug deeper up into her young rectum stretching it harshly around the thick fleshy hot stinging rod the pain of it feeling all to real. Then the humping, always the horrid humping began filling her with horrible sensation that would flood suddenly over her making her well up tensely her bowel straining to expel the thickness like a much too thick resisting to be expelled turd. And the nightmare was starting up all over again the panicked realization that there was no way she could get away flooded through her young mind.

Andy placed his lubed cock head against Darla’s tight anus, it’d been over a week sense he sodomized her last and she had fully recovered her tightness. The ring of muscle pleasingly resisting his effort to open it up by shear force. She groaned out under his consent press to get it up into her adolescent bottom, her small arms coming up defensibly behind her as if to ward him off. He lunge, pressing worming all at the same time the head of his cock finely popping past the tight ring of muscle guarding her rectal passage,the tight gripping ring slipped around the bulbous head of his cock then went clamping up in a fierce tight grip as if it could pinch the end of his cock off. This was always the best part, watching the scene play out, her smaller young legs going stiffly out, her buttock trembling as she struggled to process the harsh pain even though she was still under the influenced of the rape drug he used. He barely waited for it to end before surging to go in deeper still needing to feel her hot gripping rectal passage stretched over his cock shaft. He grabbed her flailing arms folding them, pinning them behind Darla against her back, pinning her down into place and worked his cock eagerly deeper as her bottom tried in vain to clench up tightly enough to stop his onslaught. What a fucking gorgeous sight it was with it having the effect of making his cock even stiffer still, he did though manage to work it through the clenched restricting warmth of her rectal tube till his cock wedged to a stop going no farther for now at the end of her rectum, half his cock being hugged in a pleasing death grip.

Darla dream took on a more serous tone when the evil man pinning her down cock started pressing harshly deep, the horribly thick blunt knot at the end his adult organ starting a building pain at the end of her young rectum. Other nightmares had done this too with it always forcing a deeper intense painful path up into a deep area of her bowel and she struggle to lurch free, to somehow stop this from happening again cause even before horrible deep nauseous pain subsided came the animal like humping that wouldn’t stop till she felt the ghastly uncontrollable urge to violently defaecate throughout the rest of the seemingly endless nightmare rape.

Andy’s cock had filled Darla’s tight rectal passage and he went about sodomizing her for a long while enjoying her young girl straining grunts as her young bowel protested the nonstop abuse, but now he readied himself for the end game, what this was really about, his revenge on his ex-wife. His mind sinking into the necessary mind set for a balls deep sodomy he was in the mood for, cause it was also about his needs too. It was always chancy going deep, he’d found that out the after first couple times. There could be a mess or not, best to plan for one thou and ride what ever happens out till the end. With his hand still gripped into her hair holding her head up, the other hand tightly around her folded young arms pinned against her back now fully in control of her as he pressed in worming the blunt head of his cock around feeling for the tight turn into Darla’s tight young gut. His imagination was working overtime as if he had x ray vision looking down at where he felt his cock now was located as it went about searching, feeling for that surprisingly pleasurable feeling as it would dig through the last bit of hugging resistance into her large intestine.

Andy struggled not to cum, always did as his cock went squeezing through the narrow cock hugging tightness that seemed to be guarding Darla’s large intestine. But with only half of his cock up into her rectum now Andy’s mind reeled with wanton need for just this kind of vile morally offensive degradation, a need to exact a kind of revenge on his ex-wife, if not her, her daughter. Andy’s cock finely wedged through the deeper resistance the thick blunt head of his cock entering into Darla’s snug shuddering intestine with him easing the rest in till his loin seated firmly up into the clef of her young buttocks. Releasing her arms he let his hand go feeling over her trembling young body, his rock stiff cock flexing with barely restrained anticipation. A struggle was going on inside him trying not to cum right away and the need to start humping aggressively this very moment letting the chips fall where they may. Till he gritted his teeth together mentally shaking off the urge to let his balls lift into full release and strongly pulled Darla up by the hair on top of her head her torso coming up off the bed fully his stance behind her shifting, adjusting himself for a most enjoyable deep revenge fuck. His loin tugged back in the sudden rush of vile desire ready to be absorbed in the mist of the sadistic act of sodomizing dominance.

“Eeee-e-e!!..” Andy heard Darla squeal crying out in pain her deep intestinal passage audibly rumbling, fluttering in spasms, protesting the thick now rapid intrusions of adult cock moving through it.

Darla’s dream took on a thing of horror as the evil man’s cock did force a path farther into her bowel till it slipped moving into that deep place that had her entire body shuddering in harsh gripping nauseous inducing pain. The gripping thickness slipped through her abdomen following the path her deep stool took. An intense feeling of a bowel movement felt much the same but this was far worse as her large intestine went about it’s naturally evolved assigned work to try move the thick probing organ in the direction it ‘should’ be going but wasn’t. Through it all was the sharp pain as her gut was forced to stretch over he harsh thickness as it failed to restrict the unnatural direction of movement through it. She screamed out unable to contain the nauseous induced deep painful discomfort.

Andy just feeling mean tugged his cock back and lunged back the best he could through the still gripping tightness making sure he was seated fully. Tugging back again he was on the move with all his senses tuned to all the sounds and sights that started escalating along with his tempo. Darla screamed out again her young body thrashing about under his upraised hand full of hair. Andy had seen her do this before, the first time he actually stopped sodomizing her till the next day then finding out she didn’t remember a thing. The next night he tried again that time giving her a deep anal speed fucking letting her wail and cry hysterically till he came with huge loads of sperm released into her spasming intestine. That was when he learned also about the mess and clean up. But damn if it wasn’t a lesson worth learning. Now when he got in the mean mood for this kind of sodomy he had his kit, and damn if he wasn’t in that mood tonight. And Andy now lunged freely up into her young buttocks watching as Darla’s body welled up then forming a perfect bowel movement stance as her young intestine went into full protest. Andy cheeks hurt from grinned like a demon possessed unable to avert his gaze from Darla as he humped up deeply sodomizing her in a now most nasty of ways. Darla was now shakingly ridged in her stance over the side of the bed, her small hands held in tight tense trembling fists. Streaks of her deep dark brown stool formed along the sides of his pummeling cock as harsh sounds of the act resounded around the room. Andy was always amaze she could be put through such abuse and was amazed at her youthful resiliency to recover not remembering a thing.

Darla screamed out again. Andy screamed out too along with her but his voice sounding as angry as he felt. His balls locked up tight a load of sperm being launch at full force and he shoved up mashing his loin up against her open buttocks. With the loud cracking sounds of intermittent escapes of rectal gas being forced around his fully planted cock and Darla remaining shakingly still frozen in that perfect ‘straining for relief’ pose, he unloaded spraying his seed deep into her spasming hyperactive intestine till his balls hurt still trying to unload dryly into her perfectly posed bowel movement stance. He had to will himself to pull his still stiff cock from the snug tube of her back passage and lowering her back down to the bed he released his grip in her hair and removing the ring gag then went about the necessary clean up saving the fouled plastic for later.

Darla woke up in the middle of the night with a start feeling like she was still being molested vilely the nightmare still vivid in her young mind. Her inside felt all out of sorts and she was scared. She got up slipping from her room a hall night light letting her find her daddy’s bed room. She climbed up slipping under the covers nuzzling against him, his closeness making her feel safe and she kiss his cheek thankful for his comforting closeness before her eyes sleepily closed the nightmare just a rapidly fading memory.

“Have a nightmare honey” Andy sleepily ask waking as she slipped in.

Darla shook her sleepy head ‘yes’ her warm backside going up against him as he spooned her small young adolescent body Andy’s cock leaping fully stiff as he too slipped off to sleep her warm young close body giving him very pleasant intense dreams of future spousal revenge.

Andy woke before Darla and went down to make breakfast, the events of last night playing out in his head keeping his cock stiff in his shorts. Before he could start Darla came in holding her tummy as he knew she would complaining that she wasn’t feeling well. His cock surged stiffer at the sight of her standing there knowing just why she wasn’t feeling well.

‘Damn’ he thought ‘ A morning fuck would feel real good right now’

“Got just the thing honey” He said faining concern.

She stood there in her see though panties as he got the small glass and reaching back into the upper shelf he pulled out the container of ketamine measuring out just the right amount to get through the morning and mixed it with the milk from the fridge.

“Here.. this will help you feel better” He said handing it to her.

She drank it down slowly and handed the empty glass back.

“Go back to bed dear I’ll check in on you real soon”

Andy watched her turn slowly still holding her abdomen his eyes latching onto her tight young buttocks through the shear panties and head back down the hall toward the bed rooms. He finished his coffee quickly a hand now in his shorts rubbing his still stiff cock and followed. She wasn’t in her room and going to his he found her there still groggy but awake, fading fast. He went over to the bed placing his hand on her forehead.

“Yep you feel warm, honey” he lied “You probably have one of those twenty four hour tummy virus’s”

His hand went through her silky hair remembering how well last night work out, his cock lurching to full attention at the thought of seeing that again. She drifted off the ketamine taking affect, he rose going over to his weed and taking his time rolled a fresh one up. He took several long lung fulls as he stared over at Darla sleeping soundly before he was fully ready. His kit was in the need of a good cleaning so he got a large towel before pulling the covers from Darla and laid the towel on and out over the side of his bed. He slipped her panties down and off laying them to the side and pulled her quickly over to and placing her over the large towel her buttock he’d been up into last night facing him again. Andy let his shorts slip to the floor and moved up behind her going for needed a quick entry. He spit in his hand rubbing it over his cock head and like last night pulled her up by the hair of her head as he guided his cock onto the pink now fever hot entry of her back abused passage.

“A-A-G-gg” Darla grunted out her young body coming up tensely as Andy’s cock slipped easily deep up into her hot still moist rectum.

His cock was already at the end of her still tight young rectum worming aggressively to slip farther in. Darla’s arms came up forming tight fists as her rectum tucked tightly up from the sudden deep entry. He humped in hard his cock wedging deep almost making it past the snug turn into her hot young awaiting intestine Andy humped hard again almost at once following up on the failed attempt, his cock this time slipping in deep and he rose up letting his loin mash tightly against her tucked up clenched buttocks. Darla’s hot hugging quiver large intestine keeping his mind focused foremost on that pleasant endorphin inducing sensation.

Darla lurched in his grip as if in a spasm of intense pain crying out as her body tried twisting up oddly, Andy stayed with her thou his loin pressed up and matching her bottom move for move. It was about time to get that morning fuck started and unlike last night when he was fresh, ready to unload, his balls were well spent and this would be a longer more fiercer session if he was going to get off. Darla’s young tight buttock’s remained tucked tensely up her young fever hot rectal passage was still moist from last nights ill-use seemed to be grasping the entirety of his thick cock in a tight hugging death grip. Her young face was now contorted up locked into a tear filled grimace that made Andy’s cock flex stiffer still. He realized her young bowel was going through a harsh long bowel cramp and it was thing not to be wasted. He tugged his cock back but could barely budge his organ from doing so. It was like two dogs fucking one another locked up so well a bucket of water would hardly get them from pulling free. It felt so fucking good.

His cock stiffened even more as he went about the effort of trying to hump his cock inside the insane grip of her clenched youthful rectal passage. This was something new and unexpected. Andy was afraid to pull his cock free and lose the moment. So he stayed deep his loins moving in short forced strong strokes as he was able relishing the shear gripping power Darla’s rectal passage was able to apply around his stiff rod. His eyes rolled back in his head as her hot abused rectum muscles trembled under the prolong strain of the cramp, her deep hugging gut seem to be sucking him in deeper as if eager to suck what sperm he had left straight from his balls. And ‘Oh God’ that circle of Darla’s anal muscle that once was guarding the entrance into her rectum, he could feel it squeezing tightly like a living ring around the base of his cock. It was all way too much. He shoved her down onto the bed his hand leaving her hair going to the back of her neck pinning her down in place and staring down at the hugging ring forming a crease where it squeezed the base of his cock shaft so tightly. He tugged his cock slowly back relishing the intense pleasure washing over him and just before his cock head left the depths of her large intestine he eased back till fully into place.

With her leg stiff and muscle’s trembling, her buttocks still tucked up and bowel hugging his cock with a grip of death he humped deeply. Darla tried lurching up, but Andy’s hand kept her pinned down, kept her in place as she cried out in intense discomfort that only drove Andy to a greater effort. Her small tensely held arms were clenched in tight shaking fists, sweat formed then drenched her young back. If not for the ketamine he’d never get a chance to do it all again. He felt like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as he stared down watching young Darla’s abused pink anus deal with his thick cock as it was forced to glide inches over the barely slickened stiff rod, brown streaks forming again, her young adolescent body taking on the frozen pose of an intense bowel movement ‘Oh God’ Andy thought. It’ll be at least two days before Darla would walk right again, he’d enjoy her distress as he’d done before and ‘comforting her’ ‘hint.. hint..’ through out it all. Andy’s eyes rolled back as his balls lifted and he rammed home her fever hot abused anus hugging, milking the base of his cock, milking what sperm he had left, her deep intestine sucking at his blunt cock head like a vacuum, finishing what was started last night.

Darla woke with Andy beside her. She groaned in the misery he knew she felt. He kissed her forehead letting her nuzzle into his arms for comfort stroking her soft tangled dark hair. He knew her young asshole and rectal passage had to be burning hotly and when she tried to talk her voice hoarse sounding as if she had had a cock stuff down her throat. He held back his smile, his spent balls tingling, aching from his resent two body relieving orgasms. Yes, it would be a couple days before she’d feel right again and he’d nurse her well till then. But he had plans for next week some new form of humiliating degrading revenge sex against his ex-wife, just needed to work out the details in his mind.

Andy was sure his revenge could never be complete, his ex-wife deserved all he could muster and more. ‘Fucking how sweet this spousal revenge felt.’

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