Sweet lolita girl (Mg,pedo,inc)

Sweet lolita girl (Mg,pedo,inc)

Introduction: Rose, a 10yo lolita, comes back home from the school gym tired and sweaty, her dad will give her a nice relaxing bath.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

Rose: 10yo blonde long hair, blue eyes, slim, long legs, totally flat chested.

Jack: 41yo brown hair, blue eyes, fat belly, hairy body, widowed and dad of Rose.

Friday Evening, 6:00pm, Rose comes back from school, she is wearing running shoes, sports socks, a blue sky long sleeved tracksuit and cotton white t-shirt and knickers underneath.

-”Hi daddy” – Rose gives her dad a quick kiss on his cheek

-“How was the day sweetie?”

-”The gym teacher was really really hard on us daddy”

-”I can tell, you are still all sweated, shouldn’t you be already in the bath honey?”

-”Yes daddy” – Rose walks towards the bathroom shuts the door behind her opens up the tap takes off her clothes and gets inside the warm soapy water all on her own, five minutes haven’t passed yet when the door is opened and her dad comes in:

– “Tell me more about it honey, what is exactly the gym teacher made you do to be so tired?” – her dad kneels next to the bath staring at her little girl flat chest sticking out of the foamy water.

-”Today we had to run two full circles around the college daddy”

-”But you still look real beautiful my little princess, stand up so I can see you properly”

-”Yes daddy”- without any hesitation 10yo Rose stands up inside the bath and turns towards her dad, the water is trickling down her body from her flat chest up to her bald preteen pussy, her child slit is real smooth, Rose smiles

-”You don’t mind daddy looking at you right honey? You know since your mummy died I have been a bit lonely…”

-”Sure I don’t mind daddy, I know all about boys and how they need to see little pussy, when I wear skirt at school the older boys are always trying to look up”

-”Your mum would be proud of you my princess” – Rose’s dad stretches one of his arms and fondles his 10yo daughter’s wet ass with it

-”It’s not a big deal for me daddy, I just want you to be happy”

-”You’re so sweet my little girl” – Jack passes one of his arms around Rose’s waist and holds her while his other hand start to caress his little daughter’s 10yo bald pussy,his middle finger gets inside the small vagina and Jack starts to move his finger forth and back slowly fucking his little girl’s cunt.

-”Mmm…” – Rose moans a bit

-”Do you like daddy rubbing your pussy honey?”

-”Yes daddy, thank you so much,mmm…” – Jack carries on masturbating his little girl’s smooth pussy he does it very gently, his adult middle finger fits perfectly inside his child’s tiny cunt, Rose is also wet from the bath and this makes it even easier to masturbate her, Jack rubs her flat chest with his other hand at a times to keep his 10yo daughter horny

-”Is it truth older boys look up your skirt sweetie?”

-”Yes daddy they do, I am the only girl at school without knickers when I wear skirt”

-”Oh my! Do they see your little cunnie too?”

-”It’s ok daddy, I just want the boys to be happy, it costs me nothing to help them out. I like boys daddy…mmmm” – Jack keeps on the slow pace fingering his daughter bath

-”Ever any boy…”

-”Asked for more?”


-”Only Jeremy”

-”The Wilson’s boy?”

-”Yes that one”

-”How old is him?”

-”Fourteen daddy, we went to his parents house once during lunch break, he was real kind to me telling me how pretty I looked and stuff and he let me listen to his music CD’s”

-”Were his parents there?”

-”They both work day time daddy…mmm..ohh…” – Jack notices his little girl’s pussy leaks some preteen juice as he slows down to let his daughter speak

-”What did the Wilson’s boy ask you to do honey?”

-”Nothing really! He is a very kind boy daddy! I sat down on his bed listening listening to music with the headphones on and all he did was to lie down on the floor trying to look at my pussy upskirt, he was real funny!” – Rose giggles

-”Lick this sweetheart” – Jack takes his middle finger off 10yo Rose’s slit and offers it to her for licking which she happily does


-”And did he manage to see it your smoothie honey? It does not seem too comfortable to me trying to look at it from the floor”

-”I know daddy that is why I took my skirt off…slurrpp”

-”You did what?”

-”He had been so nice to me that is the least I could do daddy, besides it doesn’t cost me anything to show off him my pussy does it?”

-”I guess you are right honey, he let you listen to his music after all” -Jack sticks the finger again inside Rose’s 10yu bald slit, this time wet with her own saliva

-”mmm…Yeah he would go on and on all the time about how smooth my pussy was and how much he loved preteen girls with no titties yet, he made me feel real happy so I opened my legs and told him he could touch it”

-”Did he?”

-”Oh sure, he was drooling all over my thighs”

-”Your thighs?” – Jack’s finger gets all the way inside Rose’s preteen cunt as she talks.

– “Yest Jeremy decided to touch it with his tongue and lick me right in the middle of my pussy, ahhh….mmm…ahhh…ohhh….
argfff….urfffff….urf..mm… – 10yo Rose preteen naked body shakes without control, she is having a very hard dry orgasm while her daddy holds her tight by her waist inside the bath.

-”Ups! You just had a nice orgasm didn’t you my lolita?”

-”I love you so much daddy…” – Rose bends down and kisses her dad on his mouth introducing her wet tongue inside daddy’s mouth.

*** END ***

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.


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