Sometimes Men Get What They Deserve (Mgg,incest,rape) – Part 3 of 4

Sometimes Men Get What They Deserve (Mgg,incest,rape) – Part 3 of 4

Part 3 – Retribution

Joe, Alan, Eric and George got out of their car in the supermarket car park. They were drunk and boisterous, but even out of uniform, everyone knew them. All four were big, powerful men. Joe and Alan were the biggest. They ruled the force and the entire town with an iron fist. They bought several cases of beer, a bottle of Southern Comfort and some bread. Their next stop was the high street chemist. The owner as an Indian and he was terrified of Joe and his mates.

“Give us eight boxes of Cialis.” Joe demanded. The pharmacist handed them over and Joe gave him two ten pound notes.

“But it costs . . .” Joe cut him off.

“Be happy or you get fuck all. I’m feeling generous today.” Joe sneered at the man. They all laughed and walked out. “Hey, let’s get some curry to take home. I suppose we should take some for the other two as well. Got to keep ’em fit and healthy, y’know.”

They loaded the curries into the car and drove home.

“Right you pair. We brought you some food so you can eat before we party.” He walked into the garage and saw only the handcuffs lying on the floor.

“Jesus Christ.” He yelled “The two little cunts have got out. They can’t have gone far, come on fellows, let’s get looking.”

“Where do you think they went?” Alan looked horrified. “They were bollock naked, so they won’t be far away. They can’t tell anyone, not around here, anyhow.”

“It wouldn’t matter if they did.” Joe commented. “Who would take the word of two snot-nosed brats over four police officers. We can put out an APB and let’s call and get a tracker dog.”

“That might not be a good idea Joe.” Eric looked nervous. “I mean if they go to the hospital they have all our spunk in them and with DNA tests, it would corroborate their story.” All four men stopped. They were starting to sober up, as they realized what might happen. They sat down to discuss the problem.

“How the hell did they get away?” Eric asked”

“How isn’t important. Look, if they go to the police or a hospital or a doctor, they can get DNA from them for anything up to seven days.” Alan said. “Me, I doubt they will go to the police or a hospital. I think they’ll hide somewhere until tomorrow and then come home because they have nowhere else to go they have no clothes and they know that with Joe being a Superintendent, no-one would believe them. If they decided to run away, which is very unlikely because they are naked, they will keep away from roads and people until they can get some clothes. So first we look for them. Second, if we don’t find them we come up with a story, just in case. We will eventually have to report them missing, but we can say they told us they were going to the hospital after school and when they found their mother had died, they were distraught and we caught them with some boys and then they came on to us and we couldn’t say no.”

“They’ll head for the woods.” George replied, let’s get searching. I want to fuck the little one so bad. . .”

They searched for hours, but when they found nothing, they went home. None of them slept very well. The next day they met up again at the house. There was still no sign of the girls.

“We wait until Tuesday and then start making enquiries. That’s already four days gone. Then by Friday we can put out an APB and even if they do blab then, there will be no proof.”

A week passed, now there was a nation wide police search for the two girls, but they had vanished. The men were relieved, but angry that the sex they had imagined had vanished with them. There were some angry exchanges. Alan was blamed for suggestion that they use the girls. He also had two daughters of his own, one nineteen and engaged and the other fourteen.

“You were quick to fuck my two girls, Alan, but now they are gone, how about making your two available to us?” Joe demanded. Alan had been fucking both of them since they were eight, but he wasn’t prepared to share them.

“No, I wish I could, but my wife would go the the papers or worse.”

The weeks passed the girls were gone. Probably picked up and sold to some rich bastard, they thought. The whole business was forgotten until about ten weeks later on a Friday afternoon, a very beautiful woman walked into the police station. Alan was behind the desk.

“I’m lost.” she complained. We were supposed to meet a guy hours ago at the hotel . . .” She pulled out a card and showed it to him.

“You’re miles away.” He told her.

“Damn, I already paid for the room, He was bringing cash and I trusted him. Something must have happened to him. He would never turn down. . . We were all going to have some fun and party for a few days, but now what am I going to do. Mandy and I were looking forward to some fun this weekend.” She smiled at Alan. “Can’t you show me how to get there?” By this time Eric and George had strolled over.

“You said we.” George spoke. “How many of you are there?

“Just me and my daughter.” She replied.

“You look too young to have a daughter.” Eric told her. “So how old is she?” The woman laughed.

“Thank you for the compliment. She’s only ten. I had her when I was sixteen. She might be young, but she likes a bit of fun, with the right person.” Eric was beside himself with lust. He wondered how far a bit of fun would go. Would he get to fuck her or just play with her and her with him.

We might be able to take you there.” Eric suggested. “Let me talk to the boss.”

“There’s a high class whore at the desk.” He told Joe. “She’s fucking gorgeous. Wants us to take her to her hotel. I think she’s looking for a good fucking. Her ten year old daughter is with her” I think she wants a fuck as well. How about it?” Joe looked disappointed.

“Oh fuck it, not tonight, well not right away. I have an appointment to meet up with a guy who is going to triple my pension when I retire. I can’t miss out on that. Maybe I can come over after the meeting. Let’s have a look at them. They walked to the desk.

“So where’s your little girl then.” Joe asked.

“She’s in the car.”

“We’ll bring her in. I’ll pour you both some tea or coffee. What’s your name. I can’t place your accent, what part do you come from?” The woman laughed.

Offer himself”My name is Gabriella and we come from Sweden.” She told him. “Where we believe in free love. Let me get Mandy.” She went out and came in a few minutes later with a little girl. George’s dick was fully erect. She was the most beautiful little girl that he had ever seen. At only ten, she already had noticeable breasts. Her golden blonde hair was past her shoulders, she smiled at the men.

“Which one of these big, strong men is for me, mommy?” She asked her mother.

“It depends if any of them want to party with us, sweetheart.” George’ fondled the little girls hair.

“I would love to be your big, strong man.” He told her.

“Hmm, OK, I think I would like that.” She smiled and winked at him.

“Count me in.” Eric was quick to offer himself as well.

“Well, well.” Joe smiled at her. “I’m sure my guys would be happy to give you a police escort, wouldn’t you men? I have to go first to a business meeting. Maybe I could join you later.?” The woman smiled knowingly.

“Oh yes, the more the better. I like some fun. You are very strong looking men. That would be nice.”

“I’m sorry, guys. I have to get home.” Alan felt bad at having to miss this chance, but his nineteen year old daughter was due to be married the next day and he wanted to make sure that he was sober and ready for the occasion, as well as to give her a really good fucking to send her off. She was actually a really gorgeous girl, there was nothing of her mother about her, which wasn’t really surprising as she had been stolen by her father when she was still a baby. Her real mother had run in to Alan and he had raped her, but she was already pregnant. When the baby came, she took to drugs and Alan made sure that she overdosed and took the child home to his first wife. His other daughter had arrived in a similar way. When Rita was six, Alan’s wife, tired of being abused, had run away. His latest wife wasn’t at all interested in the children and by the time Rita was eight, she had lost interest in sex and just cooked and cleaned as she had nowhere else to go. Alan decided to use his daughter, so he started having sex with her from eight years old. When Sandra, the younger one reached eight, he started fucking her as well.

“So, it’s settled then.” She led them to a new Mercedes parked a little way down the street.

“You sit in the back with your new friend, sweetheart.” She told her daughter. “Try to behave a bit. Don’t wear him out before we get there!” She turned to Eric. “Would you like to drive? You know the way. I don’t even know your name.”

“I’m Eric.”

“I’m George” George told the little girl.

“Hello, uncle George.” She pulled herself closer to him. “I like you. Do you like me?” George was ready to burst. He leaned over to give her a reassuring kiss, but as his lips touched hers, she responded like a leach. Whilst kissing him, her hand unzipped his fly and she felt for his rock hard penis, pulling it out. George groaned. “Oooh, it’s a nice one.” She stroked it gently. “It will feel real good inside me. Are you going to stay with me the whole weekend, uncle George? We can have lots of fun.” Whilst she was talking, she was working his penis. George wanted to tell her to stop, but he couldn’t. He was right on the brink, when she stopped. “Oh dear, I’m being naughty.” She looked at George innocently. “We mustn’t waste it. It feels real good when you spurt it inside me.” She stopped stroking. George was so wild with lust, he didn’t even feel the prick of a needle in his buttocks.

After a few minutes, George felt himself slipping out of reality. He could see and feel everything. But he couldn’t move. In the meantime, Gabriella had already found Eric’s swollen penis and was gently squeezing it for him. Mandy tapped her mother and she leaned over and took Eric’s penis into her mouth. Eric gasped and he also missed the feel of the needle in his buttocks.

“Just pull over here for a moment.” She whispered to Eric. “We don’t want to cause an accident.” Eric pulled over. He felt strange. Gabriella turned off the engine as they came to a halt.

“How are you feeling now Eric?” She asked him. Eric tried to reply, but he couldn’t talk. He couldn’t move. “How’s that piece of shit in the back with you darling? I bet his erection went down quicker than it came up.”

“He’s nice and quiet back here Mom.” A black SUV pulled up behind them. Two men got out. One of them was Alex, the other his friend Tony”

“Everything according to plan?” Alex asked them. Gabriella nodded. They dragged Eric and George into the back of the SUV. The two women got in with then. Alex poured petrol and diesel into the interior of the Mercedes, which does been stolen for the job and set the car ablaze and they turned and sped back in the direction that had come from.

In the meantime, another vehicle had followed Alan back to his house. He went to the door, but as he opened it, strong hands held him and a needle slid into his neck. He tried to struggle, but they were too strong. Within a few minutes he was unable to move. They dropped him on the ground and rushed into the house. Sandra, the fourteen year old daughter looked in horror as two huge men with guns and balaclavas over their faces grabbed her. They stuffed something into her mouth and gave her an injection. They held her until she lost conciousness.

The inner door opened and Rita, Alan’s nineteen year old daughter, came into the room. The men grabbed her before she could scream and a needle was pushed into her neck. Consciousness faded.

Joe arrived at the church, where he was to meet the man regarding his pension. They had agreed on this place, because the man from the pensions Dept had told him that it was the only place that he knew. Joe was going to drive him to his house where they would have the discussion. The man was waiting for him by the church. Joe beckoned him to get into the car. The man wore a pin-striped suit and a bowler hat. He looked a typical civil,servant, other than the fact that he was very big, well over six feet and built as Joe later described him “like a brick shithouse.”

When they arrived at Joe’s house. Joe got out. His passenger sat in the car. ‘Typical fucking government type’ Joe thought. ‘Too lazy to open the fucking door.’ He walked around and opened the door. As he did so, his passenger suddenly dug his fingers into Joe. He went rigid, he had never felt such pain. Another man, even bigger than his passenger came up behind him, grabbed him and he felt a needle in his neck. The two men held him until the injection took effect after a minute or two.

A big white van, came up the driveway. Joe was put on the floor in the back. Headphones were placed on his head. The driver flicked a switch on a box and deafening heavy metal rock blasted his ears. They drove off. A few minutes later they stopped again and Alan was bundled into the back with him. He also got headphones and the deafening music. Some time later, they stopped again and Eric and George were added to the back of the vehicle. The woman they had known as Gabriella also joined the two men in the front. They drove for what seemed an eternity. At last, they stopped.

The four men were put onto gurneys and one by one taken into a room which seemed to be an operating theatre.the four men were terrified. Thy had no idea what was happening or why.

All the vehicles which he taken part in the operation, except one, headed for the Channel Tunnel in Folkestone. The vehicle with Alan’s two daughters, went to a tiny airfield where the unconscious girls were bundled onto a small aircraft which took off flying very low to avoid detection. The vehicle carried on to the Channel Tunnel once the girls had been offloaded.

Back in the building where the four men lay helpless, things were happening. All four were given another injection. They were unceremoniously stripped naked and dumped onto four hospital beds which were raised so that they could see a huge TV screen which was on the wall. There were no sheets, just a plastic covering over the mattresses. One of their captors inserted a DVD into the TV and a film started. The star was the little girl Mandy. She was dressed in a white skirt, high heels and a white, tight angora turtle neck sweater, which showed off her small breasts. She walked up to a bed, where a man was lying. His face was blurred. Mandy shook him and he reached out for her and pulled her close. They started kissing and after a few minutes, he began to remove her clothes until she was naked. She pivoted a few times for the camera, displaying her beautiful body. She looked like a little, innocent angel.

She lay on the bed and the guy began to work her clit with his tongue. Mandy was writhing and moaning. Then he got between her legs and the scene moved to a closeup of the guy’s penis, sliding slowly into her. Then they started to move. Mandy was bucking as she met his downstrokes. It didn’t take long before she cried out and went into what seemed to be a mind blowing orgasm. The scene changed. Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, side by side, face to face. Mandy had two more orgasms. Then came the final scene. They were going full blast in doggy style, when the guy cried out and pulled her close. Mandy screamed.

“Oh yes, fill me with your sperms, daddy. It feels so good.” It was obvious that she too was climaxing as he unloaded inside her. The camera moved to a closeup of her little hairless pussy, as great ropes of white semen oozed out of her.

Two men come into the room. Both wore balaclavas. The woman they had known as Gabriella stripped naked. She was truly drop dead gorgeous. A trolley with surgical instruments was wheeled in. She pulled on surgical gloves.

“I really hope that you all enjoyed the movie.” She said. “I know that you all wanted to get a piece of little Mandy and me as well. We didn’t want to disappoint you, so as neither of us wanted you to even touch us, we decided to let you see what you missed. ”
One of the masked men then addressed them.

“I suppose you are wondering why you are here and what is going to happen to you. I will explain. We found two young girls. They had both been brutally raped. The youngest one died in my arms. The older one told me exactly what had happened. She said that the instigator was Alan. She said that her father had raped her and her sister, and that Alan, George and Eric had raped her and abused her little sister who was so badly damaged that she bled out. She told us how they he been tied up and left and that you were all going to rape them over and over and turn them into addicts. The older one, Samantha, cut open her wrists in a hot bath, because she couldn’t face life after what you had all done to her. Now, we take a dim view of rapists, an even dimmer view of rapists that rape underage girls. W,e held a tribunal and at first, we thought of the death penalty, but death is far too good for you, so here is what is going to happen. You have been given an injection which is a derivative of curare. It’s used in certain tribes in poison arrows and poison darts. It paralyzes the victim. We also use this in hospitals when we operate, except the patient is under a general anesthetic, , so he is totally relaxed, unable to move’ but because of the anesthetic, he feels nothing. Now, we are going to castrate all four of you, but you won’t be getting an anesthetic. You will feel everything. I sincerely hope that the pain will lead you to think about the pain and damage that you inflicted on these two poor girls. Oh, I forgot, because Alan started all this, he will also undergo a total penectomy. That should make sure that he doesn’t incite anyone else to rape their children. He produced an instrument which looked like a felt pen. “You should be familiar with what is in here.” He told them. “It’s the same dye that they use to protect boxes of money. It’s a dye which is almost impossible to wash off.” He turned over each man in turn and wrote on their backs

Joe was the first on the table. George watched in horror. Poor Joe could feel everything and the thought that this was also to be his fate, was too horrific to contemplate. Next on the table was Eric. When she was finished with Eric, George was put onto the table and she repeated the process with him. Now it was Alan’s turn. He was put onto the table and an instrument plugged into the mains. The three men could not see what was happening, but there was blood and the smell of burning flesh as they electrically cauterized the wounds. A hood was put over their heads, the earphones and the loud music was switched back on and they were driven off. The pain that they had suffered had driven all three of them almost insane.

The vehicle finally stopped. They were taken out and laid onto a grassy piece of ground. The men and the woman took off the hoods. They poured gasoline and diesel into the vehicle and set a timer. A vehicle was waiting for them. The four men couldn’t see it and they couldn’t move a finger. They were completely naked.

They heard the car start up and drive away. They lay there for what seemed to be hours. Then they heard a whooshing sound as the vehicle they had travelled in went up in flames. As policemen, they knew that there would be no evidence left behind. Some time later, they heard sirens and saw flashing blue lights.

Just before tha timer would set the cars alight, Gabriella phoned the central police station from a call box. She explained that a car was burning and that there ere naked men near it. She said that she would wait there for them and rang off. When the police arrived, they saw that the men had all been castrated and as they picked them up they saw that each one had writing on their backs. Joe bore the words “I raped and killed my two little girls”. Eric and George had the sentence. “I am a child rapist”. They were even more horrified at what they found with Alan. Not only had he been castrated, but his entire penis had been removed and on his back. “I helped Joe rape and kill his children”

Forensics could find no clues as to the identity of the attackers. Traces of Sam’s and Tracy’s vaginal secretions were found on Alan and Joe’s bodies. They were all four remanded in custody. Most of the time, the men were incoherent, they were taken to a prison hospital. They told wild stories about a woman and a little girl, about masked men, insurance agents and nothing made sense. They had no knowledge of where that had been taken. A search was underway for the two murdered girls and Alan’s two daughters who were also missing. Traces of both Sam’s and Tracy’s vaginal secretions and semen from all four men were found by forensics in Joe’s living room, confirming the rape.

Back at home, in Germany Alex’s basement had been converted into a small prison. Alan’s daughters woke to find themselves in a adjoining cells, thirteen by thirty feet with bars, a mattress on the floor, a toilet, sink. Toilet paper and tampons. They screamed and yelled, but no one came.