Sometimes Men Get What They Deserve (Mgg,incest,rape) – Part 2 of 4

Sometimes Men Get What They Deserve (Mgg,incest,rape) – Part 2 of 4

Part 2 – Escape

Samantha’s body was a mass of pain. She was sobbing uncontrollably as was her sister. Her mind was telling her that somehow they had to get out of here. She knew what happened to people who were hooked on drugs. She felt totally humiliated and in deep despair. She looked at her little sister. Tracy was a mess. Her hair was disheveled, there was blood and semen all over her little body. She couldn’t see herself, but in fact, she was in an even worse state. Then she saw it. A paper clip lay on the floor nearby. She tried to reach it with her foot, but she was just a bit too far away. She heard the four men arguing about how they would split the money that the two girls would earn.

“Tracy, help me. For God’s sake we have to get out of here. Push me as hard as you can.” Tracy stared at her numbly.

“We’re going to die, aren’t we Sam?” She sobbed, but she did push against her sister and Samantha’s toes could just touch the paper clip. After a struggle she managed to work it towards her until it was in her hand. One of the boys at school had been boasting how he could get out of handcuffs with a bit of wire and he had showed them how to do it. She opened the clip with her teeth and after a short time, the handcuffs opened. She skillfully opened the one on her own wrist. They were free, but naked apart from their shoes and socks. The door to the house was locked. She got out of the garage and tried the front and back doors. Both were locked.

There were a lot of old bits of clothes and stuff in the garage that had been used for cleaning the car. She found two pairs of her old jeans. One had a tear up the one leg and the other had been turned into a pair of shorts. Both were covered in oils and polish, but it didn’t matter. She threw the shorts to Tracy.

“Quickly Tracy, put these on.” Tracy obeyed mechanically, she was like an automaton. Sam found a couple of old sweaters. They had holes in them and they were dirty and far too big, but she pulled one over her head and threw the other to her sister. She grabbed Tracy’s hand.

“Come on sis, run. Run like we’ve never run before.” Instead of running towards the road they ran across the fields towards the woods. She knew that once in the trees, they would have a chance. They could run the mile or so to the main road and maybe get a lift. She knew that they had to get as far away as they could before the men came back and started hunting for them. Every step was pain. There was burning between her legs right into her stomach where her father had punched and then violated her. None of that mattered. Tracy was crying out in pain.

“I can’t Sam, it hurts so bad.” She wailed. “I think they broke something inside me.”

“You must, Tracy or we’re done for.” She dragged her sister. They were close to the woods.

“I can’t Sam. You go. Just leave me here and get away. I just want to die.” Fear gave Samantha strength that she never knew she had. She picked Tracy up in a fireman’s lift and carried her until they were safely in the woods.

“We can’t rest, Tracy. We have to keep moving and get to the road before those men get back and find us gone. They’ll block all the roads and bring dogs and searchers for us. Just keep moving.”

“But we shouldn’t get into stranger’s cars Sam, what if they hurt us or murder us?”

“We just have to hope sis. We can’t be any worse off than we are now. If we don’t get far away, they’ll find us. I hurt everywhere. You can barely walk. We must get away, we must take a chance.”

They struggled on, both falling several times until the reached the road. They walked along the side of the road heading away from the town, towards the big city. Several cars passed but none stopped. Sam waved at the cars to stop, but they just kept going. Then one passed them and she saw the brake lights come on. The car reversed back towards them. It had a funny number plate and the driver was on the wrong side. It was a foreign car, a Mercedes. The driver opened his window.

Alexander was tired, he hadn’t had much sleep. First he had travelled from his home in Germany to the UK. He had been to the funeral of his uncle and then looked around the huge old house that his uncle had left to him in his will. He had got the heating started before he left for the funeral, then he had driven to a business appointment in Newcastle-on-Tyne and now he was on his way back to his uncle’s house. He planned to have a nice hot bath and then sleep for at least twelve hours. His father had been German and his mother British. He had been born in the UK and went to school there, but once he had left school, he had gone to Germany where he had found work. He now had his own business.

It was dusk, and along the side of the road in front of him he saw two figures at the roadside trying to get a lift. Normally he would never stop in the UK to give anyone a lift. As he drew closer he saw that they were dressed in old, tattered clothes. As he passed them, he glanced and saw that they were children. Their faces were swollen and there was blood on them. Part of his mind told him to keep driving, but he could see that they were in trouble, so he sighed, hit the brakes and reversed back to the pair.

“Do you speak English?” The bigger one asked. Alex looked a them. He saw both had swollen lips and a cut, as though they had been hit in the mouth. The bigger girl had a swollen face and there were already signs of a bruise. They were filthy dirty, their eyes were red and swollen from crying. The smaller girl in shorts had blood on both her legs.the other had one leg of her jeans ripped open an she had blood on her legs as well. Both had blood and what looked like dried flakes of semen in their hair and faces. He guessed that some boys had beaten and raped them. They were both quite thin, but he guessed that they were both quite pretty before someone had knocked them around.

“What ever is the matter with you? Have you been in a fight or what?” He asked them. The older one seemed to hesitate and then she tried very hard to smile, unsuccessfully.

“No sir, we were rambling in the woods and we got lost. We got caught in some thorns and we fell a few times.”

“So where do you live. I can take you home.” He volunteered. A look of terror showed on both girls faces. Suddenly the bigger one babbled.

“Yes, we live in Nottingham sir. That’s where we are going.” It was an obvious lie. How could they be rambling in the woods so far from home. Something was wrong here. He had two choices. The first was to just drive off and leave the two little liars but he could see that they were both exhausted, in pain and terrified. He leaned over and opened the rear door.

“OK, hop in.” They had trouble even getting into the car. These two were badly hurt. His first thought was to take them to hospital and call the cops. But he had no time at all for the police, especially those from the UK and the hospitals in the UK were notorious for superbugs and shoddy treatment. The two huddled together in the back of the big car like two frightened rabbits. He decided to first find out what the problem was and then either take them to the hospital and leave them outside, take them home to their parents or just drop them off on the road again.

“Whereabouts in Nottingham do you live?” He asked. It took a few minutes before the older one spoke up.

“Er, Beeston sir.” He turned off the main road on the way to his house. It was a while before the bigger girl noticed.

“Is this the way to Nottingham sir? We just want to go home.” He saw panic in their eyes. They were looking for a way to get out.

“Relax, I just have to make a quick stop. I’m not going to hurt you.” Both girls started sobbing. He took out his electronic device and opened the huge iron gates to his driveway.

“I’m sorry Tracy, I’m so sorry. You were right. We shouldn’t have got into a stranger’s car. Please forgive me Tracy.” The bigger one whispered to the smaller one. They clung to each other. He could almost smell the terror. He took his garage opener from his pocket and the garage doors opened. He drove in and the doors closed. He turned off the engine.

“Now listen, both of you. You are hurt, badly hurt. I’m guessing that a boy or a couple of boys grabbed you and beat you up and raped you. You were telling me fibs. I don’t believe a word of your story. I was going to take you to the hospital and call the police. But I’m also guessing that you don’t want your folks to know, so you are trying to run away. I give you my word. I won’t hurt you or harm you. I just want to help, but I can only help me if you tell me the truth.” He got out and opened the door. The bigger one reluctantly tried to get out, but her legs gave way and she would have fallen if he hadn’t caught her. “Come on, get out.” He beckoned to the smaller one. “You’re Tracy, I think. Come on Tracy, I won’t hurt you. Let me help you.” Tracy tried to get out, but her whole body was a mass of pain.

“I hurt so bad, mister. Please let me stay here. Please don’t hurt my sister.” He picked the bigger one up, very gently and carried her into the room. It was warm and cozy. He sat her gently onto a big couch. Then he went out and a few minutes later returned with Tracy in his arms and sat her down as well.

“What’s your name?” he asked the bigger one.

“Samantha sir.”

“Tracy is your sister I think. How old are you both?”

“I’m twelve sir, and my sister is nine.”

“Now the truth. You have been raped. True or false? They both nodded.

You need a hospital. They will take samples from you for evidence, then they will notify the police . . .” A look of sheer terror appeared on both their faces.

“No sir, please. I beg you, not the hospital and not the police.” They both started sobbing again.

“You’re a bit young to be on the run, aren’t you. What terrible crime have you committed? The truth now girls. No more lies.”

“Please believe us sir, it was policemen that raped us. My father is the Superintendent and it was him and his mates. They are all really corrupt, sir. I’m not lying sir. They want to inject us with drugs and make us prostitutes. I’m scared sir. I think they may kill us if they catch us.” The man looked at them in sheer disbelief.

“Are you telling me that your own father and one of his friends raped you both?”

“Yes, well no, sir. It was my father and three of his friends. They all took turns with both of us and they hurt us real bad sir. Please don’t let them find us. Just let us go and we’ll try to hide from them. Please believe me sir, I’m not lying. My mom died in hospital this morning and my dad and his pals were drinking, but dad hates both of us. Neither of them wanted us. Please don’t hurt us sir” There was a long silence. What to do? He believed them and he felt nothing but compassion for them. Finally he reached a decision.

“Right. I believe you. First, my name is Alexander. You can call me Alex, stop the sir, please. No police, no hospital. I’m going to call a very good friend of mine who knows a doctor in Derby Hospital. He’ll ask her to come here, examine you both and treat you. Until she comes, I’m going to make you both some hot soup and a cup of tea. No, just relax. I promise you that I’ll do everything I can to help you and your father will not get away with this, nor will his friends.” He picked up the phone and dialed a number.

“Hi Tony, it’s me, – Alex. I need your help. I’m in the UK and I have a problem.” He gave a very brief description of what had happened to the pair. The conversation continued in German, Sam understood a few words. “OK, tell her to call as soon as she can. This is the number. Talk again later.” A few minutes later the phone rang.

“Hi, Sylvia, sorry, no time for chat, I need your help right now. Where are you? – Can you get off now. – Right bring your bag. I have two little girls here. They ran away from home. They’ve both been raped by four adults. They are in bad shape. – No, I can’t take them to hospital or the cops. It was cops that did this and worse, one of them was their father. – Yes, I believe them. The oldest one is twelve, the younger is only nine.” He turned to Sam. “She wants to know if you started your periods” Sam nodded.

“And it’s eight days since my last one. That’s bad isn’t it?”

“Sylvia, unless we do something, she may be pregnant as well. Best bring some. Levonorgestrel with you. Please hurry. They probably think that I’m going to hurt them as well. They really are terrified.” He listened for a while and then handed the telephone to Samantha. She listened and started crying, but this time it wasn’t the sobs of fear. She passed the phone back to Alex and then turned to Tracy.

“The doctor sounded nice Tracy. She told me that we mustn’t be scared of Alex and that he will make sure nothing bad happens to us. She says we can trust him with our lives.”

Sylvia came, treated the girls, dressed their wounds, sedated them and put them both into a bed in the spare room and on a drip. She also took photographs of the cuts and bruises along with semen samples that she found in them. She came down when she was done.

“What animals.” She cried. “How could a father do this to his children? I have enough evidence here to put these bastards away for life, but they are cops and it will just get whitewashed away and they’ll get off with a slap on the wrist. The bastards should be made to suffer.” Alex looked at her.

“The same thought had crossed my mind, Sylvia. “First we must get both of these fixed up. I’ll organize some passports for them, but we need to change their appearance a bit for the photographs. Then, I’ll get a bloke that I know over here to find out as much as we can about these bastards. As soon as we have some papers, I’ll talk to one of my mates and we can fly them out to Germany. No-one will ever find them. Now can you please get some clothes for them. Don’t get cheap crap, get something nice. Have you got a friend, who you can trust, to come and restyle their hair and change its color. Then I think some spectacles for the older one. How much do you need. I’ve got a couple of hundred Euros here, but I can get from the ATM tomorrow. If you need more. I asked Tony if he would look after them and he agreed. It would look very bad if they stayed with me in Germany, two underage girls living with an unmarried man. Tony spoke to Julie and Jennifer and they are happy to take them in as their children.”

Sylvia came back to check on the girls the next day, she kept them sedated and on drips. Alec sat with them for long periods. On the third day, the drips were taken off and they were allowed to get up. For the next two weeks, the girls just sat huddled together. Very little was said. They watched the TV, as did Alex, but there was no mention of the two girls. As the bruises faded and the swollen lips went down, they were both quite pretty girls. Sylvia had just bought them some underclothes, jeans and sweaters. She would get the ‘dress-up’ clothes for traveling later. Tony called and told Alex that new passports were being sorted, along with birth certificates and other papers. The papers were all German, but that they had been born in South Africa and educated in different countries, as their father had travelled a lot. This would account for the fact that they had very little German and spoke English. Tony would be an uncle, so they could stay with his family without arousing speculation. It would take several weeks more before they would be ready. He needed the photographs. He didn’t like leaving the girls alone, so he organized with Sylvia to stay with them whilst he went shopping.

By the third week they had settled down, they started helping around the house and Samantha was quite a good cook. Both would have nightmares almost every night, and this showed little sign of stopping. Sylvia’s friend and Alex turned them both into blondes, They changed their hair styles and Sylvia went shopping and bought them new clothes. A rope of pearls for Samantha and a figure hugging, salmon colored, knitted dress, with some very sexy spectacles and it’s doubtful if her own father would have recognized her. Little Tracy was disgusted, she now had two pigtails sticking out, nerd type, thick rimmed spectacles, jeans and a turtle neck black sweater. They took passport photographs and these were sent by mail to Germany.

Six weeks had passed since Alex had rescued them on the road and finally the passports and papers arrived by courier. Alex called the girls together. He handed them their passports and papers

“Now, it’s time for the two of you to disappear. My friend Tony and his wife are coming over next weekend. They will take you out of the U.K. In their car and onto one of the ferries. You will live with them. You’ll have to learn to speak German, and school might be tough for a while, but you’ll be safe. Tony lives not far from where I live and it’s very beautiful there. We had to give you different names, so you’ll have to get used to them. Sam is now Sandra and Tracy is Macy. I’ll take care of your father when you are safely away from here.”

“But Alex, why can’t we stay with you?” They asked in unison.

“Because I don’t have a wife and two young girls living with an unmarried man will make people curious and then people will start asking questions and then it could get awkward. This is the best way. We will see each other again, but I’ve done my bit now. Tony and Julie are wonderful people. I know you’ll be happy there.” The two girls looked a bit disappointed, but nothing else was said. The day passed as usual and everyone went to bed.

Alex awoke to someone shaking his shoulder.

“Alex, I’m sorry to wake you, but I had such an awful dream and I’m so scared.” It was Samantha. She pulled back the duvet and climbed into his bed. Alex always slept naked and it only took him a moment to realize that she was also naked. He tried to move away from her, but she put her arm on him.

“Please Alex, hold me close. I’m so scared.”

“Sam, no. This is a bad idea. You mustn’t do this to a man. You could get into big trouble.” Despite himself, he was getting an erection. “Please Sam, go back to your sister.” She moved closer to him, but every few moments, her whole body would start to tremble.

“No Alex, please forgive me, but I really need to do this.” She stroked his chest and then her hand went down to his erect penis. “I can’t get the feel of my father and his friends out of my head. I feel soiled and humiliated. Every time I think about this, I just get terrified. Please Alex. I’m scared, but I know that you’ll be gentle with me. Please do it Alex. I know that it can’t always be painful and horrible. One of the girls at school told me that she had been with a man and it was so good.”

“It’s not that easy Sam.” He told her. “It isn’t that I don’t want to do. I don’t have a problem with consensual sex. Age doesn’t matter, but both people must be sure that they really want to and they must trust each other absolutely. As for you, if you aren’t aroused then it would be painful for you. When a girl gets aroused, the blood goes down to her vagina and she gets lubricated. If your scared, it isn’t going to happen.”

“Please Alex, just hold me tight. I am so scared. I really, really want to do this. I’ll never trust anyone else, but you’ve been so good to us. I do trust you absolutely. My period is due next week, so it’s alright.” Alex put his arms around her and pulled her to him.

“Try to keep still Sam, it’s quite difficult for a guy when a naked girl is rubbing against him. Just lie still and I’ll cuddle you for a while and then you can go back to your sister.”

“Please kiss me Alex. I’ve never been kissed by a man, so I’m not sure what to do. Please help me.” Alex kissed her and in a few short moments she was responding. She was rubbing her body against his. She took his hand and moved it to her breast. “Please be gentle, Alex.” He felt the small, warm breasts in his hand. He had a raging hard on. The trembling had stopped. He switched on the bedside light and looked down at her slim body. She was actually quite beautiful. She rubbed her groin against his leg. He felt dampness. He slid his hand down her body, down past her tummy and to her down covered pussy. She was wet. Very wet. He gently stroked her and moved to her clit. She jumped as if she had received an electric shock.

“I’m very scared Alex, but please do this.” She stroked his penis. I really need to feel you inside me. Please be careful and try not to hurt me.”

“Sam, this is a bad idea. I know you are ready, I know I won’t ever hurt you, but I have a problem. I haven’t had sex in weeks. You are a very beautiful young girl, I know that I won’t last for more than a few seconds, so it will all be over before you get any pleasure. Maybe tomorrow if you still want to do.” She kissed him gently.

“It’s alright Alex. Don’t worry. Just do it. Even if it only lasts for a few seconds, it OK. Then we can rest for a while and then we can do it again and I know from those horrible men, that men recover quickly and then the second time takes a lot longer. Please Alex, I need this. Just do it. I’m begging you. Please be gentle with me.” She straddled him and positioned herself over his erect penis.

“Take it real slow, Sam, and if it hurts or you get scared stop. I won’t be mad at you.” In answer she slowly lowered herself onto him until she could go no further. Slowly she began to move.

“It doesn’t hurt, Alex, it actually feels good.” Alex gently massaged her breasts and nipples. She groaned and started to move deeper and faster. Alex tried frantically to hold on, but he couldn’t.

“Sorry Sam.” He groaned as he sent several fountains of his hot sticky semen deep inside her young body.

“Shhh, it’s alright, Alex, my love. Just relax. She made no effort to get off him. She just lowered herself onto him as he softened. She leaned over him and kissed him.

“I think I’m in love with you Alex.” You’ve been so good to us. “Please don’t send me away to Tony. I want to be with you.” She gently rubbed his chest and his arms and kissed him some more. He was overcome with emotion. This lovely little girl, in spite of all the horror that she had been through, had given herself to him.

Samantha felt his penis growing inside her, she wriggled her hips as he swelled to full hardness. She kissed him again.

“Now, take your time, my love.” She told him. “You aren’t hurting me. In fact you feel so good inside me.”

“Not this way.” He responded and gently helped her off him. She gasped as he popped out of her. He lay with her facing him and between them, the manipulated themselves until he was back inside her again. Slowly and gently he started to move himself inside her. She clung to him and moved to meet his strokes. It didn’t take long before she pulled herself even closer.

“Oh Alex, I’m almost there.” She was moving more urgently and then she gasped and her inner muscles gripped him hard. Her entire body convulsed as wave after wave of euphoria overwhelmed her. She was in a kaleidoscope of color and she groaned as the waves of pleasure swept over her. Alex had almost stopped moving, just enough to massage her gently.

“Please don’t stop, my love. I needed this so very much. This is so good.” They both started moving again. This time there was more urgency as they combined their efforts. “Oh God, I’m almost there again, Alex.” Alex had been on the brink for some time. He sped up a little and as he felt her start to tense, he let himself go. They clung to each other wildly as they were both overwhelmed by the waves of pleasure and passion swept through them. For Samantha, this was completely different to her previous experience with her father. She had felt soiled and ashamed as her father had erupted inside her. This time it felt so right that it was a perfect end. She was in love. She wanted this man until she died.

Alex, lay with her. He had never felt like this before. He had been with quite a few girls before, but he had never felt like this. She was only twelve and he was twenty six, but it didn’t seem to matter. This girl, who had been raped and brutalized had given her body to him willingly and it felt so good, that he felt that they were actually one person. He kissed her and held her tight as she softened and finally fell out of her. It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered apart from the two of them.

“I know that you are older than me, Alex, my love, but I don’t care. Please don’t dump me. You saved my life and now I belong to you for always. I don’t want to be away from you.” Alex kissed her again.

“I may have to move in with Tony for a while. There are lots of rooms there. Don’t worry, Sam. I won’t desert you. Being with you like this feels so right. Together we will work something out.”

“Alex, there’s something else we need to talk about. I feel uncomfortable, but promise me that you won’t be angry with me.” Alex was concerned.

“Whatever is the matter, Sam?” He asked.

“It’s Tracy. Neither mom nor my father wanted us. They both told us that we were accidents. I’ve always looked after Tracy. We’ve always been very close. She actually had it worse than me, because all four of them made her suck them and swallow all their semen. The my father raped her as well and his penis is much bigger than yours. It was horrible. I thought that she was going to bleed to death. Yesterday, I told her what I was going to do, or try to do and she agreed that she should maybe do it as well. Yesterday, it didn’t seem to matter, but now I feel bad about asking you and I feel bad about sharing you, but I think I should. Would you Alex, please. I’ll get her to come into your room tomorrow night and you can see if she will be OK. I know she’s only nine and she is much too young for sex, but what my father and his mates did to us is a constant nightmare. I feel much better now. I’m sure that Tracy will also.” Alex thought about this new turn of events for a while. He had never contemplated sex with someone even as young as Sam, let alone a nine year old, but Sam could well be correct.

“We can try, Sam. Only if she wants it like you did though. I also think it’s a bad idea to send someone so young to me after what she has suffered. I think you should both come. I’m not being kinky or anything. I just think that as you are both so close, your presence will reassure her. There is no hurry. We can just see what happens.”

The day passed quickly. Both girls stayed close to each other. When bedtime came all three went to Alex’s bedroom. He put the light out, took off his clothes and climbed into bed. He heard the two girls getting undressed and they climbed into bed its him. Tracy was next to him and Sam was on the outside. She had her arms around Tracy, who was shuddering occasionally, but not as bad as Sam the previous night.

“It’s alright Tracy.” He whispered to her. I would never hurt you. You know that. If you don’t want to do anything, it’s OK. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. She put her head on his chest.

“Hold me close, Alex. I do want to do, but I’m scared. Sam says it’s alright, so if she says so, I believe her. Please be patient and please be gentle. Just hold me for a while.” Both Alex and same held her and eventually all three of them fell asleep. In the early hours of the morning, Alex awoke to find Tracy sleeping with her head on his chest and Sam still had her arm around her sister. He started to stroke Tracy’s body and her tiny budding breasts. She squirmed against him. He stroked her hair and then slid his hand down to he tummy. He was scared to go any lower in case she panicked, but after a few minutes, she put her arm around him.

“I’m awake Alex. I’m not so scared any longer.” His hand went down to her bald pussy. He knew that something far bigger than him had already violated her. He moved hr over until she lay on her back by his side. He found her clit and started to work on it, she sighed. “That feels good Alex, please do it now. Just take it easy.” He reached over to his bedside table and opened the drawer. He took out a container of lube and coated his penis with it. Very slowly and carefully, he slid inside her. “It’s alright Alex, it doesn’t hurt. It feels good.” Her hips started to move . Samantha woke up and held Tracy., cradling her head in her arms. Tracy was starting to become more demanding. The strokes quickened and became more urgent. Alex was on the brink. He fought it until Tracy cried out.

“Oh Sam, it’s so good. Oh yes, yes, yes.” And her body convulsed in a shuddering orgasm. They was Alex’s cue to let himself go over the edge. He held her as close as he could and sent several jets of his semen deep inside her little body. She cried out as she felt it happen.

“Was that good, little sister?” Samantha asked. Tracy lay impaled on Alex’s softening penis. A look of contentment on her face. Semen was starting to drip from her.

“It was really good Sam, just as you said it would be. It will take a long time before I forget my father and his friends, but I know Alex will never let anyone harm us. Please don’t ever leave us, Alex. We want to be with you and only you.”

They all three slept together for the next three days until Tony and his wife came to collect them and take them back to Germany. Alex took Tony and Julie aside.

“There’s a situation.” Alex told them. I hope you don’t mind if I come and stay with you frequently. We just need one room to sleep in. I know that you of all people will understand. It would seem that I’ve found two women instead of one. I’m going to have to come back here in a week or two, I have four evil, sadistic rapists that I feel I should have a word with.”