Sisters In Age And Sex Desires (gg,pedo,inc)

Sisters In Age And Sex Desires (gg,pedo,inc)

Introduction: A couple of 10 year old litle girl lolitas find daddy’s porn video and experiment with child sex between themselves.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

Rita and her younger sister, Linda, were almost like twin sisters. Being just ten months apart in their ages, they were about the same size, height, weight, shape. Rita and Linda were right at that time they were both ten years old.

They were having a great time telling every one they were the same age. Then things began to change for them.

For one they learned about sex. No not the school version of sex, but the down and dirty sex of pleasure and excitement. They found a sex video, a XXX film, yes a porno film of young girls having sex with adult men, one, two and three men at a time and even one with the girl sucking and fucking a dog. All of the video’s were of girls being having sex with their fathers and their fathers relatives and friends, with the mother right there watching and
joining in. The girls were all about their own ages also.

They didn’t know where the film came from, they actually found it laying on the side walk right in front of their own home.

They didn’t even tell their parents about it, the just ran into their bedroom and put it in the video player and began watching it.

Once it started and the girl in the first movie began sucking and fucking her own father with the mother sitting right there watching and helping, the girls couldn’t take their eyes off of it. They played the entire video watching scene after scene of young girls sucking and fucking their own fathers, brother and uncles and even other friends of their fathers that he brought into fuck his own daughters. The heck of it was it was a home made video not a store bought video.

After watching two or three of the scene’s both girls were laying there on the bed rubbing their own hot pulsating itching cunts. This was the first time either of them had really thought about sex.

As they rubbed their own little virgin cunts, and watching the video, they were both suddenly learning the pleasure of sexual stimulation.

It didn’t take long for either of the to suddenly cry out with their self stimulation as their young bodies shivered, shook, stiffened as they enjoyed their first ever orgasm, self induced.

After that, the two girls spent a lot of time, fondling their own little budding tits and nipples and touching, rubbing, tickling their own little clits, and even finger fucking themselves to orgasm.

They hid the video from their parents, knowing that they would take it from them. They made sure that they only watched it, and they did a lot, when there was no chance of them getting caught.

The two sisters, finally began talking about what it would be like to lick and suck a cock like in the video. What would it feel like? What would it taste like? Would they like the taste of a man’s cum like the girls in the movies did when the men cum in their mouths? Would they like the feeling of a man touching their titties and sucking them, licking their pussies and putting their thing’s, their cock’s in their tight virgin pussies?

The two sisters curiosity was getting the better of them. One night they were laying in bed, they always slept together, laying there with their nightgowns pulled way up their bare asses and pussies exposed to each other, they began touching each other’s pussies and titties. They both found that they were enjoying it even more than when they did it to themselves.

That was the start of their giving each other pleasure. Since some of the movies showed the mother of the girl licking, tongue fucking and sucking their little girls clit and pussy lips, they decided to see what it felt like having someone do it to them. They decided they would do it to each other.

Well that was the start of it.

Rita and Linda were both a bit apprehensive about starting it, but they were determined.

Rita had Linda spread her legs. She moved between them like in the movies. She the run her finger up and down Linda’s tight but hot wet pussy lips. Yes she was already wet and well lubricated from her own juices.

Finally she forced herself to lean down and lick her tongue up her younger sisters wet pussy lips. Linda jumped with the feeling of her sisters tongue sliding up her slit between her pussy lips. Boy did it feel good to her.

“Oh god sis that felt really good. Do it again.” She gasp.

Having gotten a taste of her younger sisters vaginal fluid, Rita found that it didn’t taste that bad. Kind of funny but she didn’t mind it at all. She also found it kind of exciting licking her own sisters pussy.

With that she began licking her tongue up and down her sisters wet sensitive pussy. Every time she licked that little button, her clit, her sister would push her pussy right up and her sisters mouth.

With that Rita began to really lick and suck her sisters pussy. She licked and sucked her sisters pussy lips, she licked and sucked her sister clitoris sending waves of pleasure sweeping her sisters body. She began tongue fucking her sisters tight virgin opening and had to hold her sisters legs to keep her mouth on her sisters pussy, her sister was wiggling and squirming with the feeling being sent through her body from her sisters tongue.

Then suddenly, Linda cried out as she was swept with the most intense orgasm she had ever had up to then. She cried out and grabbed her sisters head and pushed it hard against her pussy as her pussy pulsated and spewed its juices into her sisters mouth.

Rita getting her first real taste of pussy juice of another girl, licked and swallowed her sisters juices as fast as she could. She had began actually enjoying licking and sucking and tongue fucking her own sister until she orgasmed.

Once Linda’s orgasm faded, she knew she had to giver her sister the same treatment. She was finally able to move after her intense orgasm faded, so she now lay Rita back and spread her legs. She like Rita licked her sister virgin cunt for the first time. Yes, the taste of her sisters pussy was a strange taste, but like her sister she didn’t stop. She tasted and licked Rita’s virgin pussy lips, clitoris and tunnel. She tongue fucked her sister just like she
herself had been tongue fucked.

As she tongue fucked and sucked Rita’s virgin pussy, she also slipped her finger up into Rita’s virgin cunt and finger fucked her as she licked and sucked and sent waves of pleasure through her sister just like she had done to herself.

Suddenly Rita could take no more and she orgasmed grabbing Linda’s head and holding it tight against her pussy as she spewed her juices as her orgasm, the most intense she had up until now, just like her sister. Linda licked, sucked and swallowed her sisters pussy fluid, just as she had done to her.

Finally the two of them lay in bed side by side. They both talked about how good it felt having their pussies licked and sucked and tongue fucked. They talked about what each others pussies tasted like and what it was like licking and sucking another girls pussy. They both actually liked and enjoyed licking each other pussies and having their own pussies licked by their sister.

Well that was the start of the two sisters, enjoying actual sex with each other.

Of course even as they pleasured each other the two of them were trying to think of a way they could get a boy or even better a man to lick and suck their cunt and let them lick his cock and then have him shove his stiff cock up into their tight virginal pussies and fuck them taking their virginity.

But then in the meantime the two sisters discovered a way to get their pleasures from each other. As the two of them lay in bed together entangled in each others arms, still holding each others small perfect extremely sensitive titties, they giggle and talked about what they had just done and experienced and how much they had enjoyed it, even the licking and sucking of each others pussies.

They talked about finding a man to let plunged his cock up into their tight virgin cunts and make women of them like those young girls their ages in the movies. Yes, they wanted to feel a big stiff cock plunging in and out of their virgin cunts and they were going to find someone who would do it.

One of the first men naturally was their own father, because it was mostly the fathers of the girls in the movies that fucked them first then let other men fuck them. Maybe they could get their own father to show them all about sex, show them and fuck them taking their virginity. They talked about what it would be like sucking their daddy’s cock back and forth and fucking him together both at the same time. Let him take their virginity one right after the other with both of them watching their sister lose her virginity to their father.

Yes, that would be exciting to both of them. But until then, they knew that they would both keep licking and sucking and tongue fucking each other, giving each other the sexual pleasure they were now experiencing from each other and were wanting to experience from their own father and if not him, they would have to find someone else.

But then who would want to fuck a couple of ten year old girls who were still virgins?

Part 2

Rita and Linda talked about just how they were going to get their daddy to play with them and fuck them both one right after the other taking their virginity, especially when he always acted like he was so pure.

The two sisters began snooping whenever they could to see if they could find something that they might use to get their daddy to fuck them.

One day, their mother and father went to the mall, they told the girls that they could stay home but they had to stay inside because nobody could know that they were home alone.

Well that sure didn’t both the two girls. They had things they had to look for anyway, especially in their parents bedroom.

Well they found what they were looking for a lot quicker than they thought they would. It was a video that their parents had hidden away in the closet.

It looked like an older video. All it said on it was “When we did.” It tweaked their curiosity.

The took it out to the video and slipped it in. They got a shock when they turned it on. It was a video of their mother and father before either of them were born. It wasn’t long after their parents had married.

The video started out videoing different people at a party. Then it zeroed in on their mother and father.

There they were in the middle of a dance floor. Their mother was dancing slowly wiggling and squirming and showing of her slender body.

As she danced their father slowly stripped her until she was completely naked. Then he backed away and a man slowly came out. He was also naked and dance slowly in front of her. The two girls got a shock when their mother knelt down in front of the man and grasp his stiff cock. She then began licking it and finally slipped it right into her mouth. They could see their father standing close by watching their mother suck the man’s cock. Then she pulled her mouth off of it and danced over to their father and kissed him with her cum coated lips. There father pulled her too him naked and kissed her passionately his tongue probing her mouth licking the man’s sperm off.

His hand caressed he naked body then she turned and went back out to the center of the floor to be met by another man. This man danced around her just a bit then he bent her over at the waist and moving up behind her plunged his stiff cock up into her cunt. The video showed the man’s stiff cock plunging in and out of their mothers wet cunt. He fucked her for several minutes on the dance floor with the others watching. He then grabbed her
hips lunged driving his cock all of the way up inside of her and fill her cunt full of his sperm.

When he pulled his cock out she stayed bent over and let the camera zero in on her just fucked cunt with the man’s white sperm leaking out of it. As she stood there bending over a second man moved behind her and plunged his cock up into her just fucked cunt. He fucked her hard and fast then added his hot sperm to that already in her cunt.

After that man a third man moved behind her and fucked her until he cum in her, then a fourth man fucked her until he too spewed his sperm up into her.

Then their father moved behind her and he plunged his stiff cock up inside of her just fucked cunt with the sperm of four other men already in it.

As their father fucked their mother there in the middle of the room, a man moved up to her head and she grabbed his cock and quickly had it in her mouth taking his entire cock down her throat.

The two girls could tell when the man cum in their mothers mouth and she swallowed all of his cum. Then a second man plunged his cock into her mouth and down her throat as their father fucked her with all of those people watching.

Then she had a third man fuck her mouth and throat spewing his sperm into her mouth. She pulled her mouth away from him and raising up she turned around and kissed their father with her mouth full of the man’s sperm.

After she broke the kiss, they both opened their mouths and the girls could see that their father had some of the man’s sperm from their mothers mouth in his mouth. They both then swallowed the sperm. She again bent over and he plunged his cock up into her cunt again and finally fucked her until he cum in her adding his sperm to that already in her cunt and womb.

The two of them then hugged and kissed again and then walked off the floor still naked. As they walked through the peopled the girls saw several men reach out and feel their mothers breasts and she just smiled at them and let them. She was really enjoying having those men all fuck her and then her sucking those cocks and finally all of those other men who played with and fondled her breasts. Their father was also enjoying seeing the men fondle and fuck their mother. They could see it on his face. He actually was enjoying watching their mama sucking and fucking those men and then watching those men fondle and play with her tits.

The girls knew that they really had something there. They quickly made two copies of it just in case.

As the looked further in their parents closet, they found a second video. The copied it in a hurry not even watching it. They would watch it later when they were alone.

They put everything right back the way it had been. Then they went out into the living room. The sat their with their hands in their own panties rubbing and fingering their own tight virginal cunts. They were sure now that they
could get their daddy to fuck them. Especially with what they now knew about him and their mama. He liked and enjoyed watching mama sucking and fucking other men. They wondered if their parents still did that when they went to a party ever once in a while.

They knew that they would pick the time to let their parents know that they knew that daddy enjoyed watching mama suck and fuck other men.

It was a couple of days before the two girls had a chance to watch the second video that they had found.

As soon as their parents pulled out of the drive way, Rita ran in and grabbed the video and put it in the VCR turning it on.

Again the were shocked when the video began with their mama and their Uncle Jack on the bed, both of them naked. Mama had Uncle Jacks cock in her hand fondling it and Uncle jack was sucking mama’s titties.

Then daddy came into the bedroom with Aunt Jenny. Both of them were naked too. They lay on the bed right alongside of mama and Uncle Jack. Aunt Jenny kissed Uncle Jack then moved to their daddy and quickly had his stiff cock in her hand and he was fondling and playing with her tits.

As they watched Mama and Aunt Jenny kissed and licked their way down daddy and Uncle Jacks stomach until Aunt Jenny got to daddy’s cock and mama got to Uncle Jack’s.

The grinned at each other , the Mama began licking and sucking Uncle Jacks Cock and Aunt Jenny began licking and sucking daddy’s cock, her own brothers cock. Yes Aunt Jenny was sucking her brother, their daddy’s cock.

The two girls watched the video of their daddy fucking his own sister and mama fucking her husband, Uncle Jack. It was quite something for the two sisters to watch. They had a good view of daddy’s cock sliding in and out of Aunt Jenny’s wet pussy and Uncle Jack’s sliding in and out of their mama’s.

As soon at the video was over with daddy cumming in Aunt Jenny’s cunt and Uncle Jack cumming in their mama’s cunt. The next picture was of both mama and Aunt Jenny with their stomach swollen with babies. Aunt Jenny was pointing at their daddy saying “His” and their mama was pointing at Uncle Jacks, saying “His” as they both rubbed their stomachs.

What did that mean, the two girls wondered then they both suddenly realized that mama was pregnant with Uncle Jack’s baby and Aunt Jenny was pregnant with their daddy’s, her own brothers baby.” The two girls suddenly realized that their older sister three years older than they were was actually their uncle Jacks daughter, not their daddy’s and that the cousin was actually also their sister being daddy’s baby.

The two girls giggled at that. They wondered if their older sister Carla knew that she was Uncle Jacks daughter and not their daddy’s and if their cousin Mary knew she was daddy’s daughter not Uncle Jack.

That was something that they knew they were going to have to find out.

By watching the two video’s, Rita and Linda had learned something they had never known about their mama and daddy. Now that they knew about it, they knew that they would be able to or at least was pretty sure that they could get daddy to fuck them and take their virginity, even if the movies didn’t show them fucking their own daughters. The two girls knew that the videos were made before their mama and daddy or Uncle Jack and Aunt Jenny had any kids. That was why their older sister was actually uncle Jacks and their cousin Mary was their daddy’s.

The girls put the video back where they had found it and again went into the living room and then being hot and bothered, finger fucked each other, this time until they both had orgasmed, from each other’s fingers.

They had just straightened up as mama and daddy returned home. The two girl looked at their mama and daddy in a new light since seeing them fucking someone else and now knowing that mama had gotten pregnant
from Uncle Jack and Aunt Jenny had gotten pregnant from their own daddy, her brother.

The two girls began making their plans for their father. They were going to spring it on him as a big surprise.

Their chance came even before they planned it all out. A coupled of days later their mother told them that she was going to go stay with her parents for maybe a week because her mother was sick and she would take care of her and her father.

Of course the girls grinned at each other, thinking that maybe mama was going to be taking care of grandma alright, but that she would take care of grandpa in bed at night while grandma sick and probably watching. Yes, they were pretty sure that their mama would be sucking and fucking grandpa while she was taking care of grandma because grandma couldn’t while she was sick.

They didn’t know it but they couldn’t have been more accurate. That was exactly what their mama would be doing at their grandma and grandpa’s.

Mama told them that daddy would be home staying with them and to be good and mind him and not give him a bad time.

The two girls looked at each other and giggled because they were going to give him nothing but a good time, while mama was gone.

That night, the night before mama left, the two girl were in bed giggling about what they were going to do with their daddy. Both of them go so hot that they once again began pleasuring each other. They were quickly naked having taken their nighties off and were licking and tongue fucking and sucking each others pussy.

The both enjoyed and liked the taste of each others pussy juices. As they enjoyed each others pussies they also were fondling and playing with each others small developing titties and they both enjoyed that also.

After making each other orgasm they lay there once again with their hands on each other small developing titties, squeezing and fondling each other. It felt so much better having someone else do it rather than doing it their selves.

They lay fondling each others titties and talking about how they were sure going to enjoy having their daddy fuck both of them that weekend and hopefully from then on. Maybe they could also get mama and daddy to let them fuck uncle Jack and both of their grandpa’s too. If mama was fucking them why couldn’t they fuck them too?

Both girls, still young virgins, just knew that the next night that both of them were sure going to try to give their own daddy their virginity and let him bust their cherries as the man had said in the first movie about taking his own daughters virginity. Yes, they were sure going to try to get their daddy to bust their own cherries. And they giggle at the thought.

The next day, early in the day, Mama left for grandma’s and grandpa’s. She had told them that she was going to be taking care of them for the week. Both girls giggled at the thought of their mama fucking their grandpa. Yes, it was an exciting thought and both girls knew they were going to try to find out for sure if mama was fucking grandpa, her own daddy. Of course they wondered if daddy was fucking grandma also when they visited them together. Yes, the girls only had one thing on their mind, fucking.

The two girls were actually really glad that their mother had left to visit their grandpa and grandma. They wanted to be alone with daddy and this was their chance. Yes they thought they were ready for it too. They slipped into their parents bedroom grabbed the two video’s of mama fucking all of those men at the party with daddy watching then fucking her while she sucked other men’s cocks and the video of daddy fucking Aunt Jenny and Uncle Jack fucked mama and got pregnant by Uncle Jack.

But darn it they both knew that they would have to wait all day and until it was time to go to bed before they made their move o daddy. Boy oh boy was it going to be a long wait. All day they had to wait and they knew that the time was going to drag by.

They once again slipped into their room and pleasured each other with their fingers, mouths and tongues. The wait until that night had just been too long to wait to enjoy some sex so they again pleasured each other.

Yes, the wait until that night was going to be a long one, but they were sure it would be worth it by the time morning came.

**** E N D ****

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.