Shieena (Mg,pedo)

Shieena (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: A man talks to his little 4yo neighbour at the garden, the little girl tells him how her mum and dad fuck her and her two other preteen sisters. The 4yo girl lets the man fuck her in her tiny smooth bald pussy and goes back the next day with mum and dad’s permission to let the neighbour fuck her in her tiny ass.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

She was a little cutie. About three foot tall, and weighing about forty pounds. Slender, soft skinned, and sweet as all get out.

Little Shieena was my next door neighbors little girl. She had dark almost coal black hair, shoulder length, and coal black eyes that sparkled with mischievousness.

Our back yard was one big yard, fenced in together with one big six foot high board fence. No one could see in.

Our homes had been owned by to members of the same family, but when they sold them, I bought one home with forty acres and Sieena’s parents, Sam and Lotina bought the other but we just left the back yard as it was.

Their three daughters acted like it was one big play ground.

Sam and Lotina had three daughters, Kileena, age ten, Astra, age seven and little Sieena, age four. Sieena like to follow me around and talk to me. She was a regular little chatter box with me, telling me all kinds of things about her sisters. Then that one day when she began telling me about her and her parents.

I was sitting in the yard beneath my shade tree, in my lawn chair, laying back enjoying the quiet afternoon. She had come out seen me there and ran over to talk to me. I guess because of the other girls, no one would really listen to her chatter so she would come to me, if she seen me.

Well she seen me and came running over and started chattering. She climbed up on my lap and was sitting there straddling me as I was half laying down. Her little legs were spread and her little white panties covering her tight little pussy was fully exposed.

I guess I was staring at her smooth, soft, tender looking little thighs when she saw me looking at them.

She grinned and ask me if I liked looking at her down there.

I told her I liked looking at her every where because she was so pretty.

She grinned, then ask me if I would like to see her down there. When I didn’t answer right away she told me.

“It’s alright, daddy likes to see me down there. Mama has me take my panties off so daddy can look at me. Do you want me to take my panties off so you can see me there?” she ask.

She stood up and pulled them down and off without me saying anything. Then she pulled her little skirt up to show me her bare exposed tiny little pussy.

“Daddy likes to look at it and play with it. He even licks me there. He told me I really taste good. He lets me taste his thing too. He lets me lick it like he licks me down here.” She said reaching down and touching her little pussy lips.

“Do you like licking and tasting his thing?” I finally got out.

“Oh yes, it’s fun but it tastes kind of funny.” She said.

“Do you like your daddy licking you down there? ” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh yes, it really feels good and gets to feeling so funny, just like when mama and my sisters lick me down there. I like licking them down there too. They keep asking me too. Mama really likes for me to lick her down there while daddy watches me. He told me it was really exciting to him to watch me do it to mama and my sisters. I like them licking me there too.”

She continued to chatter. Boy was I learning something about my neighbors that I had never even suspected. I began wondering how I could get myself included into their little family games. Thinking about it, I knew I would love to have my cock licked and sucked by mama and all of her little girls. Hell, I would love to have my cock in mama and all of her little girls.

Sitting there straddling me letting me see her little hairless pussy slit, Shieena grinned and told me I could touch her there if I wanted too. She said she like to be touched there and that she even like her daddy putting his finger up inside of her.

Listening to this little chatterbox, I knew I was going to be doing a lot more listening to her.

“So your daddy puts his finger inside of you there?” I ask her.

“Oh yes, he puts it inside of me and pushes it in and out of me. It really feels good too. Would you like to put your finger in me there? I would like you too, because it feels good.” She said, still grinning.

I couldn’t help it, I ask her. “Does your daddy do it to your sisters too?”

“Oh yes, they like it too. Daddy likes putting his thing in all of us too. Mama likes to help him. She says it is really exciting watching daddy put his thing in us and push it in and out of us until he cums in us. Mama said she really likes to watch daddy cum in us. She says that she can hardly wait to watch daddy cum in us and make a baby in our tummies.”

As she chattered I was learning a lot about my neighbors that I had not known. As she chattered I also rubbed my hand up her little leg. Oh it was so soft but yet firm. She grinned at me and even opened her legs wider for me.

She reached down and pulled my hand up to her little pussy and pushed my fingers against it. “Ooohhh I like you touching me there. Will you put your finger in me like daddy does? I like it when he puts his finger and his thing up into me there.” She told me.

“Can I play with your thing? I like to play with daddy’s and lick it and put it in my mouth, can I put your thing in my mouth like I do daddy’s?” She ask.

“Damn, did I dare,” I thought. I looked over at her yard and no one was around. I couldn’t stop my self and rubbed my finger up and down her little hairless slit. Damn it was all wet already. I tickled her little pussy and her tiny clitoris for a minute then I slowly slipped my finger up inside of her tight little cunt. Damn was she tight. I wasn’t even sure I could get my cock up inside of her if I tried. She was so tight I was wondering if her daddy did or was fucking her, she was that tight.

When I slipped my finger all of the way up inside of her I found she did not have a hymen, when told me that either it was torn with a finger or a cock, probably.

“How often does your daddy put his cock in you and fuck you?” I ask her.

“He puts it in me two or three times a week, just like he does my sisters. Mama lets us watch daddy put it in her too. Sometimes Uncle Cory comes over and we watch mama suck him and put his thing in her and fuck her.
She likes to have him cum in her, she says that it really feels good and it is so exciting knowing he might make a baby in her.” She told me.

I just happened to know that her Uncle Cory was her mothers own brother.

“Does your daddy like to watch Uncle Cory put his thing in your mama and cum in her?” I ask.

“Oh yes, he even holds Uncle Cory’s thing and helps him put it in mama. He also helps him put his thing in my sisters and me. He likes to put it in us and fuck us too. Mama and daddy likes to watch him cum in us telling us that may he and daddy will make babies in us.”

“Mama likes to watch him fuck us while we suck on daddy’s thing too and then suck on Uncle Cory’s thing while daddy fucks us. Mama told us that she’s going to help daddy and Uncle Cory put their things in our poopoo to. She said that then daddy and uncle Cory can put their things in us at the same time, one of their things in our pussies and one in our poopoo’s. She said that we would like that. Will you put your thing in my pussy, I want to feel it inside of me. I really like the way it feels in me.”

Well, right there in my back yard with her parents and sisters in their own home, I let her unzip my pants, reach in and pull my stiff cock out of my pants. I still don’t know what I was thinking about letting that little
thing fondle and play with my cock right there out in the open of our back yards.

As she played with my cock, I was slipping my finger in and out of her tight little cunt. She had a big grin on her face.

“Your thing is bigger than daddy’s she said. His thing is about this long.” She said as she put her finger on my cock about an inch and a half below my cock head. “I’ll bet yours will go way up inside of me.” – she said.

That little thing seemed to know what it was all about. She looked at me then she moved back then leaning down she licked her tongue around my sensitive cock head. God talk about a pleasurable and exciting sight and feeling. That little tongue of hers was like music on my cock head. Suddenly she opened her mouth as wide as she could and slipped it down over my cock head taking it into her mouth, closing her lips around my thick shaft.

I couldn’t believe it. That little four year old sucking my cock better than some women that had sucked my cock. She took it all of the way into her mouth to the back of her throat. Oh yes, even at four years old she sure knew how to suck a man’s cock.

She sucked it for a couple of minutes, then pulling her mouth off of it, smiled and told me that my thing really tasted good. Then she said.

“Can I put it in me? I want to feel it inside of me. I’ll bet I’ll feel fuller than when daddy puts his in me.”

With that she moved back up and raised up over my stiff cock. She sure knew what she was doing. She rubbed my stiff cock on her little cunt, then she began sitting down on it. Slowly she put her weight on it and her little slit stretched around my big cock head as it slipped up inside of her. Damn she was tight. She felt like she was a virgin she was so tight.

She worked my cock in and out of her until she had every inch of it up inside of her. Four years old and she had my big cock buried up inside of her little body. I could feel my cock head pressing hard against her deepest vaginal wall and her little cervix. She sat there with it buried deep inside of her for a minute, then she began pumping herself up and down on it.

Oh yes she knew how to do it. She knew how to fuck her tight little cunt on a man’s cock. As she fucked herself on my cock, she pulled her little skirt up and looked down at her little hairless cunt stretched wide by my cock.

“Oh I feel so full,” she said. “I can feel it way up in here,” and she put her hand on her small tummy. Oh it goes up into me further than daddy’s does. It makes my pussy bigger too that daddy’s.

She fucked herself on my cock for several minutes just as good as any adult woman that I had had my cock in.

She was soon bouncing up and down on my cock fast and dropping herself down on it hard. She like the way it felt when it pushed up inside of her she said.

It wasn’t long, before she let a little cry out and dropped herself on it and wiggled her little ass around on it. Her eyes were closed and her head back. That little four year old was having an orgasm on my big cock. Her tight little cunt muscles was squeezing and milking my cock hard. I didn’t even try to stop myself. I pumped one of the largest loads of my hot sperm up inside of that little four year old cunt that I had ever pumped into a woman. I felt like I would never stop cumming in that tight little cunt.

Finally she relaxed and leaning down kissed me right on the lips. “Oh that felt good.” She said “I really like your thing inside of me. Can I come over again and put it in me?” She ask. “Wait until I tell my sisters, they’ll want you to put it up inside of them too. Mama will probably want it in her too. I’ll bet daddy will want to watch us too, He always says he loves watching us put a man’s thing in us and fuck it until the man cum’s in us.

I wasn’t too sure about her telling her mama, daddy and sisters. Daddy may want to come visit me with a shotgun, me fucking his little four year old daughter. But damn it felt good when she sucked and fucked me, her tight little cunt muscles squeezing my cock.

I told her that I loved it when she sucked it and when she put in in her little pussy. I told her that she fucked me real good and as good as any grown woman ever had. She grinned at me with a big smile on her face at being complimented on how she sucked and fucked me.

Finally she pulled herself up off of my cock. She looked at my cock, then grinning she leaned down and licked and sucked my cock clean. After she was done she told me that her daddy and mama have her lick and suck her daddy’s clean after he fucked her and sometimes after he fucked her mama and her sisters. They also licked and suck his thing clean and her pussy clean after he fucked her.

I was just amazed at all of the things she was telling me. I wondered if I would be in trouble or would her sisters and even her mother would want me to fuck them. I hoped that it was the latter.

I hugged her and kissed her cum and pussy fluid coated lips. She kissed me back as good as any adult woman with her little tongue playing music on my own tongue.

Then she said she had to go home. She didn’t even put her little panties back on, she carried them home in her hand.

I put my now wilted cock back into my pants and decided to go into the house. I wasn’t sure what to do now that I had fucked a little four year old girl and she had gone home with her little cunt full of my cum.

I was a bit surprised when no one came over. Oh yes I was a bit leary about what I had just done, but as the day passed by and none of them came over I began to relax.

The next day, about noon there was a knock on my back door, when I answered it, there she was that little Shieena standing there with a big smile on her face.

“Mama told me it was ok if I came over and ask you to fuck me again. She said that I could let you fuck me anytime you wanted too. She told me to ask you if it was ok if my sisters and her came over so you could fuck them too. They want to fuck you because I told them you had a big thing and lots of cum.”

“Glory be” I thought, I must be dreaming. I fuck a little four year old neighbor girl and then her mama and her two sisters want to fuck me too. Her sisters being only ten and seven.

I picked her up and hugged her and told her that she could come over anytime she wanted and I would fuck her anytime she wanted me too. Then I told her that she could tell her mama and sisters that if they wanted me too, I would fuck them too. As I held her my hand slipped up under her short skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Will you fuck me now? Mama and Daddy said they were going to be gone for awhile and my sisters went with them. They said I could stay with you and let you fuck me until they get back. They said to tell you that they would be gone for three or four hours.”

“Mama told me to let you take pictures of me if you wanted to. She said that you might want pictures of me with your cock in my mouth and in my pussy. She even told me that I could let you put your thing my poopoo too if I wanted you too and if you wanted too. I’ve never had one in me there before.” She told me.

“Mama told me that I might as well learn to have one in me there because other men would be fucking me there too. She said if you did, maybe you and daddy could fuck me together, one in my pussy and one in my poopoo. Daddy says he wants to put his in my poopoo while I have one in my pussy too so he can feel a man’s thing fucking in and out of me there.”- she said.

“Daddy told me he hoped you would want to fuck mama and my sisters so that he could watch. He said it would be exciting having a neighbor that would fuck us all of the time. He even told mama that maybe you would put a baby in her. He wants mama to have another man’s baby. Mama wants to too.” Little Shienna rattle on. As she talked she slipped her skirt off then her little blouse then her panties and stood there naked in front of me.

“Will you put your thing in me and fuck me now?” – she ask.

I quickly slipped her little dress off and there she stood naked as the day she was born. This time I took her into my bedroom and laying her on the bed, I spread her legs wide, leaned down and licked her little hairless pussy. She giggled and laughed as she wiggled and squirmed, telling me how good it felt to her having my tongue lick her and feel in her hole.

Her little hand wrapped around my stiff cock and she rubbed the head of it with one of her fingers. I finally quit licking and sucking her pussy and moved up I put my cock at her lips. She grinned, and opening her mouth she slipped it over my cock head rapping her lips around my cock shaft.

I fucked her little mouth for several minutes watching it slipping in and out of that cute little face. She looked so darn sweet with her mouth full of my cock.

I pulled it out of her mouth and laying her down, this time I plunged my big cock up into her little body. She lay there smiling as she felt it slip up inside of her. She wrapped her little legs around my waist and used them to pull her little pussy up and my cock every time I pushed it up into her.

Well, we spent the next four hours fucking, or at least with my cock buried in her tight little cunt or in her sucking mouth.

About two hours after I first fucked her that afternoon she told me she wanted me to put it up in her poopoo. Well I coated her little ass with KY lubricant then slipped my finger up into her tight little poopoo. She groaned with the pain she felt, then told me it was ok she wanted me to put it in her.

I spread her little legs, put her legs over my shoulders and raising her little ass up I guided my big cock to her tight back hole. I began working it in and out, putting more and more pressure on it until it stretched wide enough that my big cock head slipped up inside of her.

She let out a squeal of pain when my cock head slipped inside of her and I held still. After a couple of minutes she told me it was ok, that it didn’t hurt bad anymore.

I began slipping it in and out of her going deeper and deeper until after several minutes I had my cock buried all of the way up inside of her bowels.

When she felt it way up inside of her as deep as I could get it, she smiled and told me that it really felt funny in her poopoo. She said she could feel it way up inside of her.

Well I fucked her little ass slowly and steadily for I don’t know how long. Her little ass muscles really squeezed and milked my big stiff cock. She began mewing and purring like a little kitten as she lay there taking my big cock up her little ass.

I was actually surprised when that little thing suddenly convulsed with the intense orgasm that swept over her little body. I could feel her tight little ass muscles squeezing my stiff cock. When she had her orgasm I buried my cock deep inside of her and filled her bowels with hot sperm just like I had her tight little pussy.

“OOOHHHHH that feels funny. It feels really really good” -she told me as we lay there with my cock in her no longer virginal little ass and bowels.

She didn’t hesitate when I finally pulled it out of her. She turned around and moved to me and licked then sucked my cock clean. She sucked my cock head in and out of her mouth, even trying to take it down her throat but it was just too big.

After she licked and sucked my cock clean, we lay there, with her laying on me, I was on my back and she was on my stomach. That was where she went to sleep, tired and worn out. Her little pussy was gapping and leaking my sperm out.

I managed to have her suck and then fuck my cock one more time before her parents came home. She dressed and started to leave. She stopped, came over to me and hugged and kissed me. “I’ll come back tomorrow so we can fuck again.” She said grinning and kissing me.

She ran out of the door, yelling back at me, “Just wait until I tell mama that you fucked me in the poopoo and how good it felt to me. I know daddy will want too now with mama and my sisters watching.” Then the screen door shut and she was gone. Damn that little thing had worn me out and she was still vibrant and ready to go. I figured that she would probably go home and let daddy fuck her her cum fill little cunt and cum filled no longer virginal tight little ass now.

Little Shieena had sure drained me. I guess I had to figure that I was getting a little bit old for these youngsters. but I also knew or at least hoped that I would be enjoying having her two sisters and her mama visit me and play with me in my bed. Either alone or all together, I didn’t care.

As I lay here thinking about my delightful day, I am laying here my cock once again stiff, as I wonder what the next day will bring. Will it bring Mama, older sister Kileena or middle sister Astra or all three of them over wanting me to fuck them. I was hoping only one at a time so I could take my time and really enjoy them. I lay there trying to go to sleep, but couldn’t stop thinking about the day and how I had spent it.

I finally drifted off with the vision of my cock buried deep inside of little Shieena spewing my hot fertile sperm up inside of her little body filling her fertile womb with my fertile sperm. A dream only I knew but then dreams are just that dreams. I knew that when morning came and hopefully one of her sisters or her mother would come over and I could spend time with another member of my neighbors family.

I was hoping also that in the next few days I would also get to watch daddy fuck his own little girls and then watch mama clean their little pussies with her tongue.

That was what I drifted off to sleep floating through my mind and what I began dreaming about. My last thought was what was tomorrow going to bring to my door.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.


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