Shieena And Her Sister (Mg,pedo)

Shieena And Her Sister (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: After her first sex experience, a beautiful preteen girl named Shieena brings along her 7yo sister to a man for her to try fucking.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

Shieena, having sucked and fucked me two days in a row, came over the third day, with that big smile on her face. For a four year old, she sure liked sex.

I was surprised because this time she had her seven year old sister with her.

As soon as she walked in the door with her sister she grinned at me.

“My sister Astra wants to suck your cock and wants you to fuck her too. Will you do it? She really wants to because I told her your bigger than daddy.” Shieena told me grinning. “Boy no hesitation or shyness in her.”

I looked at little Astra, She was just a bit taller than Shieena and only a few pounds heavier. She was cute as a bugs ear just like little Shieena. She was slender, not skinny with slender legs and even only seven years old already had tiny bumps that I was sure would develop into damn cute tits.

Her little nipples were already stiff and actually pushed out her little blouse, so thin I could see her titties. It was great.

“Astra,?” I said, “Do you really want me to do that?”

She grinned a shy grin and told me. “Yes, Shieena told me your cock is bigger and longer than daddy’s and that she could feel it way up inside of her. I want to feel it in me too. I want to suck it too, because Shieena told me you taste really good.”

“Mama and Kileena told daddy they want to suck and fuck you too. Daddy told them that would be great that he would love to watch them fuck you. He said he wants to watch you fuck me and Shieena too. That he wants to see your big cock in both of us stretching our little pussies really wide like Shieena said it does.”

Shieena as we stood there talking, quickly took her clothes off and stood there naked. “Astra take your clothes off because he likes to look at our titties and our pussies. He told me that.” She told her older sister.

“Do you really like to look at our titties and our pussies?” Astra ask me.

“Yes, sweetheart I do. I love to see little girls titties, nipples and pussies. I like to lick and suck and play with them too.” I told her.

She grinned the said. “I like having my titties played with and sucked. I like to have them bitten a little too. It feels good to me. I like when daddy licks my pussy and puts his tongue in me down there too. It really feels good. It feels good when daddy puts his cock in my pussy too. It really feels good with he slides it in and out. Especially when mama licks and sucks what she calls our clit when daddy’s fucking us. She likes to see his cock slide in and out of us and likes to lick his thing every time he pulls it out. She said we really taste good. Do you like the taste when you lick us?” She ask.

“OOOOHHHHH yes, I love the taste of little girls pussies. I love the taste of mama’s pussies too.” I told her.

“Would you like to taste mama’s?” She ask me grinning. By this time her skirt and blouse were laying on the floor with her little sisters.

I grinned at her, “yes, I would love to taste your mama and your older sister”, I told her.

As I talked with them, little Shieena, came over to me and unzipped my pants and pulled my already stiff cock out.

“See I told you his cock is bigger than daddy’s.” She said holding it letting her sister look at it.

“OOHHH It is quite a bit bigger than daddys. It’s longer too. ” Astra said staring at it.

“I know I can feel it way up inside of me. I really like it in me.” Shieena told her sister. “I like it when he cums in me too. He really puts a lot in me.” She added. I guess I felt a little pride in what she was telling her sister.

“Suck it and taste it. I really like the taste of it.” little Shieena told her sister.

As I stood there my cock sticking out of my pants with Shieena’s hand holding it, her sister wrapped her hand around it, as Shieena let go. Astra smiled at me that shy smile then she leaned down and licked her small tongue around my cock head getting a good helping of my precum on it, then she tasted it.

She even smacked her lips, when she got a real good taste of it. “Oh your right Shieena, it does taste really good. A little bit different from daddy’s, but it does taste good.” Then she licked it again, finally opening her small mouth and slipped it down on my big cock head enveloping it with her mouth.

Believe me it is really something standing there with two tiny girls, playing with your cock and licking and sucking on it.

Astra managed to take a little bit more of my big stiff cock into her mouth than her sister did. Like her sister, though, Astra was damn good cock sucker. She sucked it like a professional slut and whore.

I stood there staring at my second little girl to suck my cock and that was going to be only the second little girl that I was going to fuck. I just knew that like her little sister her little cunt, even though having been fucked how many times by her daddy, was going to be tight as hell and I was right.

“Cum in her mouth, she wants you too.” Little Shieena, told me watching her sister suck my cock in and out of her mouth. “Daddy loves to watch us swallow his sperm. He told us that it helps our skin when we swallow it or rub it in.” She told me as she watched her sister.

Well, it sure didn’t take long for that little girl to get me to the point of no return and I grabbed her head and held my cock in her mouth and began spewing my hot sperm into it. No I didn’t ram my cock down her young tight throat. Hell I was in seventh heaven just having her and her little sister sucking my cock and swallowing my cum.

After swallowing my good sized load of cum, it felt like I spewed a gallon in her mouth and watched her swallow it all, she finally pulled it out of her mouth.

“Your right Shieena his sperm really tastes good and there is a lot of it.” Then she grinned at me with that shy smile. “Will you fuck me now?” She ask. “I really want to feel your cock in me. Mama told me she wanted me to tell her how it felt way up inside of me like Shieena told us about.” She said.

“Ok, can I fuck you right here or do you want me to fuck you on my bed?” I ask her.

“Oh I want you to fuck me in your bed.” She said grinning.

“Ok,” I told them and taking both of them by the hand I led them to the bedroom where I had fucked little Shieena most of the day the day before.

Astra quickly climbed up on the bed and spread her legs wide. “Are you going to lick my pussy too, like you did, my sisters?” She ask me.

“Oh yes,” I told her. “You girls taste really really good to me, I really like licking and sucking and putting my tongue in your pussies.” I said. Then I added for the hell of it. “I’m sure that when I fuck your sister and your mama, that their going to taste really good to me too, just like you and Shieena do.” The I kissed her right on the lips and licked her lips and tongue with mine.

I was shocked at the way she kissed and licked my lips and tongue back. She gave me a passionate kiss as good and as passionate as any adult woman had ever give me. Both of those little girls had really learned their lessons well. I wondered if it was their daddy or their mama who had taught them to kiss and fuck. I was almost willing to bet it was their mother not their father.

After I licked, sucked and tongue fucked little Astra, sucking on her tiny sensitive clitoris, taking her through two intense orgasms, as strong and as intense as I had ever seen even in an adult woman, I moved up between her little legs.

Shieena, not to be left out grabbed my cock and began rubbing it up and down her sisters little, hot tight wet pussy. Then she guided it down to her sisters small hole. “Fuck her, fuck her hard, she likes daddy to fuck her really really hard.” She told me, holding my cock at her sisters cunt opening.

By the look and the smile on Astra’s young face I could tell she was right. Just the look on Astra’s face and in her almost glazed eyes, I could tell that she did want it hard like her little sister told me. I rammed my cock all of the way up inside of her as hard as I could. Astra screamed out with the sudden pain of my cock entry.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck me hard.” She cried over and over as I pounded her tiny seven year old cunt as hard as I had to any adult woman, and she was loving every plunge into her.

As I fucked that little girl, her little sister, sat there watching and grinning. Astra wrapped her small legs around my waist and used them to pull her tight little hairless cunt up at my cock every time I slammed it up into her.

Believe me I was amazed at the way those two little one’s fucked. I wondered just how good their mother and their ten year old sister was. If they were any better than these two tiny things, I would be in heaven fucking them and from the sounds of it, I was certainly going to get that opportunity. I sure hoped so anyway, even if Sam was watching me.

I wasn’t sure how that was going to feel with the husband and father watched me fuck his wife and little girls, but I sure hoped that I was going to get that chance which I was almost sure that I was going to get the chance to do with the way little Shieena and Astra talked.

I had fucked a couple of other men’s wives before but certainly not with their husbands watching. They always made sure that their husbands never found out about it. Even the one that told me later that she was having my baby. She never dared tell her husband that she was letting another man fuck her because he wasn’t taking care of her. He was to busy preaching to his congregation to take care of her sexually. I happened to know that he was taking care of some of the wives. Taking care of them sexually in his administrations.

Now here, my very own next door neighbors daughters are sucking and fucking me and they tell me their mother wants to fuck me and their father wants to watch me fuck her. Well I’m all for it. But right then I was more
intent on enjoying the tight cunt, little tittes and the small body of a little seven year old.

Little Astra I found was multi orgasmic. In just a mature of minutes of my cock slamming in to her tiny well trained cunt, she cried out as her little body stiffened and her already tight young cunt squeezed my cock hard milking it.

I fucked her through that orgasm and in just a couple of minutes she experienced another. Every couple of minutes as I fucked her she was experiencing intense orgasm. She was gasping for breath as I plunged my cock in and out of her. It was like she couldn’t stop having an orgasm.

After I pumped my second helping of hot fertile sperm up into that little girl, I pulled my cock out even though she clamped her legs wanting me to keep it up inside of her.

I pulled a way and looked at her laying there, her legs spread wide, her pussy stretched wide and gapping seeping my two helpings of cum. Damn she looked cute laying there with that shy grin on her face and in her eyes.

Well, I didn’t hold still for long. Little Shieena grasp my cock and giving me a great big grin, leaned down and began licking then sucking my cock clean of her sisters juices and my cum.

Once she had my cock clean she still grinning, moved between her sisters legs and licked and sucked her older sisters pussy clean of her own juices and my sperm.

After she licked and sucked my cock clean and her older sisters cunt clean, little Shieela still grinning that grin of hers, straddled me and slowly lowered her tight tiny cunt taking my cock up inside of her once again. She fucked herself on my cock just like she had all of those times before. For a little four year old she was one of the best fucks I had ever had.

After she fucked herself through an orgasm, I let my self go and once again pumped my cum up into her little body. As I did she was hit with another one of her orgasms that was of the intensive as any of those of any woman I had ever fucked.

She kept herself sitting down on my cock keeping it buried deep inside of her for several minutes, then she finally pulled herself off of it and lay down beside me.

There I was, in my bed, a little four year old girl full of my sperm on one side of me and a little seven year old girl on the other side of me in my arm. Both of them had a hand wrapped around my semi stiff cock.

As we lay there, just cuddling, I heard her mother calling them. The two of them jumped up, kissed me and told me that the had to go home because they were going to their grandma and grandpa’s for the weekend.

Those two little nymphet’s grabbed their clothes and ran out of the bedroom and the house. As I lay there, pretty much exhausted from having two little girls suck and fuck me. Oh they had done most of the fucking, but I still felt pretty exhausted.

I wondered what they told their mother and father. I was almost sure that they told them about how they had both fucked and sucked me. I was still a bit leery about them telling their parents about their having sucked and fucked me.

I wondered if next time, little Shieena would bring her older ten year old sister over for me to fuck or if she would maybe bring her mother over for me to fuck. In a way I hoped it would actually be her mother. But I knew I would just have to wait and see what was going to happen, but I could lay their on my bed fantasizing and reliving my adventures with those two little sisters. Which I was doing right then and would probably do for the rest of the evening and night.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.