She Enjoyed Her First Family Night (MMg,pedo,inc,cons)

She Enjoyed Her First Family Night (MMg,pedo,inc,cons)

Introduction: A little preteen girl is trained about fucking by her daddy and her grandad for the first time.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

Sinse groaned out as she rolled over. It felt like every muscle in her small body was sore. She reached down to rub her small young pussy and groaned even more. Her smooth soft inner thighs were so sore and her pussy felt almost like it was on fire.

At first she wondered what was wrong with her, then she remembered the night before. In fact almost all night the night before.

She reached up and softly rubbed her small tiny little bumps she had for breasts and softly pinched her little nipples. God were they sore.

She looked down at them in the dim light of the night light. She was shocked. Even her tiny little bumps were covered with teeth marks and big red hickies. Her nipples were so sore she could hardly touch them.

Suddenly she snapped wide awake. She knew whey she was so sore and was bruised, and had teeth marks almost all over her young body. Sinse also realized that she was no longer a virgin. There was no part of her body, any openings that hadn’t had a cock buried deep inside of it.

She also knew she had sperm filling every opening in her young body, in her mouth and stomach, her cunt and womb and her ass and bowels. She had had a cock buried in all of them spewing it’s hot sperm into her.

Looking around the bedroom, she suddenly realized that it was not her own. Where in hell was she, Flashed through her mind.

Then the memory of where she was came back too her. Looking over she saw she was not alone in the large bed. There was a man laying on both sides of her. She didn’t panic, she knew immediately just who they were. The same two men who had just spent the entire night with their big cocks buried deep inside of her fucking her, spewing their hot sperm up inside of her and mostly taking the virginity from every opening in her small body. She had had both cocks buried in each and every opening in her small body several times.

As she lay there between the two men, she was not afraid, no she was laying contented and remembering back over every little detail. Remembering as each and every one of her virgin opens suffered having awful big and stiff cocks plunged up into them. She knew that their cocks were even larger than most men’s, because their wives had told her that they were, the wives having experienced several other men’s cocks over the years, in fact many, many other men’s cocks.

No Sinse was not afraid she knew both of the men very well, very well indeed and now even better than before.

It had all started when her mother and dad, John and Maise and her mothers parents, her own grandparents had been visiting.

Sinse knew that something was going to be different than usual while they were here. For one thing, they had told her that while her grandparents were there, she would be made a young lady. She had been told that her father and grandfather would be teaching her and making her a little woman just like they had done with her ten year old cousin the week before.

Sinse kind of giggled at that because her cousin had told her that she was still sore all over her body from it, especially her tight pussy and her little tits. She had shown Sinse and her cousins small breasts had still been covered with teeth marks and hickies. She even still had teeth marks and hickies all around her no longer virginal pussy and ass. Of course her cousin also bragged to her about how now she could take their cocks up into her cunt and ass with out any problem, they would slip right up into them. She also bragged about how she could then also suck their cocks down her throat with not much problem.

Sinse was sure now that she would be able to do the same. Last night she had learned to suck their cocks all of the way down her throat and let them fuck her mouth just like they had fucked her cunt and ass.

It had started with mama giving her a good bath and then putting a tiny little nighty on her that only covered her down to her little pussy but not covering it.

She had then taken her out to her father who was sitting in the living room naked as was her grandpa.

They told her that she would be watching a movie before they did anything. She sat there between her daddy and grandpa on the couch. They each took a hand and told her to play with their big stiff cocks while they watched the movie.

Well the movie excited her. It was a movie she had never seen before. It was a movie of her own mama being taught to suck and fuck her own daddy and her two grandpa’s. She had lost her virginity to each of them. She had one grandpa’s cock in her mouth for the first time, her daddy’s cock in her little virgin cunt and her other grandpa’s cock buried deep in her virgin ass buried in her bowels. The three fucked her pumping their sperm into her virgin openings.

As she watched her mama lose her virginity, daddy and grandpa had her play with their stiff cocks and were fondling and playing with her little nipples and even touching and rubbing her little cunt opening. Boy did they make her get wet down there.

After watching her mama suck and fuck her own father and her two grandpa’s, they told her the reason her other grandpa wasn’t there was because he was help a cousin of hers also become a woman. The cousin was the same age as Sinse.

As she lay, sore and bruised, their teeth marks on her tiny titties, on her stomach and all around her pussy, she remembered what it felt like as she had them both sucking her little nipples and biting them at the same time. She remembered how her daddy’s big cock tasted and felt when she licked it and then sucked it into her mouth and he had even pushed it all of the way down her throat.

She had then licked and sucked her grandpa’s cock while, daddy, mama and grandma all watched. Grandpa had pushed his big cock all of the way down her throat too. At first she had choked but she had also soon learned how to let them slide their cocks in and out of her mouth and throat while catching her breath when they pulled it out except for the their big cock heads.

Then as she sucked her grandpa’s big stiff cock, her daddy had spread her legs and licked and sucked on her little virginal hairless cunt. God did it feel funny, but boy did she like it. It sent all kinds of pleasurable feelings all over her.

Then her grandpa had licked and sucked her pussy too, using his tongue to fuck her little hole. Boy did she like them doing that.

Then her daddy moved between her little legs and her mama had rubbed his big thick stiff cock up and down her little pussy lips. She had then held it at her little hole.

It had really hurt when daddy had pushed his big thick cock up into her. She had screamed out with the pain and had tried to pull away but they had held her tight as daddy pushed his cock up inside of her. She had felt the sharp pain when daddy’s cock tore her hymen taking her virginity then his big stiff cock filled her little cunt. Daddy told mama that he would try to even push it up inside of her womb so that he could shoot all of his sperm into it.

Well daddy’s cock had been long enough to do just that. She had screamed with the pain when his big cock head forced her little cervix wide enough that his big cock head slipped right up into her tiny womb. God did that hurt and she could still feel the pain in her tummy.

That wasn’t all though. After her daddy had his cock all of the way up into her womb, he rolled over putting her on top and grandpa got up behind her and pushed his big stiff cock up into her potty. She had screamed and screamed with the pain.

They had not moved until she had stopped screaming with the pain, then very slowly they began fucking their big cocks in and out of her.

When her daddy pulled his cock out, her grandpa would push his in. When he pulled his cock out daddy would push his in. It had gone on and on but it had finally stopped hurting so bad and it had finally began to feel good to her.

On and on they had fucked her like that, until finally grandpa had pushed his cock all of the way up into her bowels and at the same time daddy had pushed his all of the way up into her womb. She had then felt their hot warm sperm as it sprayed up into her. She could feel it in both her tummy and her bowels.

Actually when they did it did feel funny and it did feel good to her.

After they had fucked her like that, they had both then had her suck their cocks down her throat, then Grandpa and pushed his cock up into her little cunt, it had slipped right up into her and had only hurt when he pushed it into her womb. Then daddy had pushed his into her back there and pushed it all of the way up into her bowels. It had not hurt like the first time.

Then they had again fucked her back and forth. Grandpa pushing his cock into her womb while daddy pulled his cock out, then when daddy pushed his in grandpa would pull his out.

Finally once again both of them pushed their cock up into her at the same time, god did she feel full, and once again she felt their sperm being pumped up into her. She loved the feeling of their sperm warming her inside, both in her pussy and in her bowels.

She knew that was what they were doing because they would cry out they were cumming in her pussy, her womb and her bowels.

Then after both cum in her again, they again had her lick and suck their cocks down her throat.

They had both cum in her mouth, bowels and pussy, before finally having to stop, they couldn’t get stiff anymore.

Mama and grandma had told her to sleep with her daddy and her grandpa because they might wake up during the rest of the night and want to fuck her again. Both of them had real early in the morning.

They had then gone back to sleep, letting her sleep in her exhaustion.

Sinse had learned how to use her mouth and tongue on their cocks and had learned how to use her pussy muscles and her bowel muscles to give both her daddy and her grandpa a lot of pleasure. They had told her that. They had told her that she was learning how to suck and fuck them real fast and would be ready to give anyone she wanted to let fuck her a lot of pleasure. Sinse felt real proud of herself. She wondered who else that mama and daddy would want her to fuck. She also knew that grandpa and grandma would be staying all weekend so that daddy and grandpa could fuck her together. She knew that after that daddy would be fucking her when ever he wanted to or whenever she wanted him too.

As she lay there between her daddy and grandpa, early that morning, she wondered what else her mama and daddy would be doing with her while grandpa and grandma were there.

Sinse knew that she would also be watching grandpa fucking mama and daddy fucking grandpa. They had talked about how daddy liked to fuck grandma and how much grandpa like to fuck mama.

They had even talked about how mama wanted grandpa, her own daddy to get her pregnant so she could have his baby.

Sinse wondered too, when she would be able to watch daddy and grandpa fuck her little sister, Tarina who was just two years old. She wondered if they would wait until she was seven like Sinse was. She really wanted to watch them fuck her little sister.

Sinse finally, laying there quite, finally slipped off back to exhausted sleep, forgetting about how her throat, pussy and ass were aching from being fucked so much.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.