Secluded Cabin On The Lake (Part 2 of 3) (gb,gg,b)

Secluded Cabin On The Lake (Part 2 of 3) (gb,gg,b)

Prologue: This series follows the adventures Brittany (11) and her younger brother Trenton (7) have with their new neighbors Stacey (14) Crystal (13) their twin step brothers Shane and Shawn (12) and their twin half brother and sister Maddison and Addison (7) as they explore themselves and each other over the course of the summer. The series will have straight, gay and lesbian acts as well as solo.

Author: C H Marshall

Later that evening, Shane and Shawn were playing Grand Theft Auto on PlayStation 4 in their rooms. Talking to each other in a private voice chat with each other.
Shawn starts to tell Shane of the adventure he had earlier with Brittany.
You wouldn’t believe it Shane, Brittany pulled Crystals hair burying her face into her snatch and said if you leave him be I’ll owe you one I swear she did. Then she……
He’s interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door opening and Shane walks into his room with his noticeable 6 inch erection pushing his cotton boxer shorts out into a tent.
I just have to see your face as you tell this, I wanna know if you are lying.
I swear Shane no lie she grabbed my dick and licked the head of it. I almost came right on her face. Shawn says as he scoots to the middle of his bed leaning into his pillows, pulling back the sheets showing that he also is hard with his 4 1/2 inches already sticking out of the button opening in his pajama pants.
Shane sits towards the bottom of the bed sliding to the middle pulling his boxers off as he turns and faces his brother.
How did you not cum he asks. Putting his knees up spread open resting his elbows on them.
Shawn looking his brother up and down, noticing thin hair around his puffy quarter size nipples, smooth stomach and thick patch of hair above his penis below that his smooth balls and hairless butthole.
I just squeezed as tight as I could and tried to think of something else.
The brothers had masturbated together many times before, even at this angle it was more exciting to cum on each other, but he had never been so drawn to his brothers ass before he could not take his eyes away.
Shawn slides his pants off leaning back and spreading his legs, watching shanes eyes trying to see if his brother has as much interest in his butthole as he has in his.
Shane puts his legs down over Shawns scooting closer he lightly touches his thick 6 inch boner against his brothers.
There is no pretending it an accident Shawns hard on curving back to his belly and Shanes standing straight with no curve at all sitting face to face with their legs in front of them Shane has to lift and spread his legs wider as he scoots up to rub his penis on Shawns.
As Shanes balls lightly brush the base of Shawns penis sliding down coming to rest against his sack, Shawn shivers at the tickle sensation.
Shawn pushes his finger into the soft flesh just below the light whitish pink head of his own erect penis pushing up straight rubbing into his brothers longer wider penis.
As I was trying not to cum I told her I was about to, Brittany spread her butt cheeks and told me to hit her butthole with my penis he tells Shane.
Did it feel good? Shane asks as he grabs both penises in his right hand squeezing them gently.
Oh boy did it I only slapped it a couple of times before I shot my goo.
Shane slowly strokes the 2 penises together as he stares at Shawn in amazement listening to him describe his fun with their step sister and Brittany. Both boys so lost in the story and their own imagination neither really feels the slow strokes.
Shawn describes his first splatter hitting the girls anus and running down onto Crystals face and chin.
I think it may have gotten in Crystals mouth too. He adds
After my first spurt, I smacked again as Brittany slammed back, I swear to you my dick slid right into her ass the whole head did. It felt amazing I felt her hole squeezing as it dropped around the head.
Shane stops stoking and looks at Shawn in awe.
Did she scream or try to get away? He asks
No….. Just the opposite, she liked it and pushed deeper. I shot 3 more times as she pushed back deeper. I had most of it in her butt. Shawn replies.
I wanted to try to keep going but the feeling it gave me was too much. I felt weak all over, it started to go soft and fell out on its own.
Shane scoots himself back a few inches as he asks what happened next.
Shawns face redens and he grabs his own penis, “nothing I uhhh grabbed a towel wiped up and left”
Bullshit that’s a lie I can see it on your face. Shane says.
Tell me for real and don’t lie. He demands
“Don’t laugh” Shawn says. If you do I’ll never tell you things again.
We rub our junk together and jerk each other off. Don’t forget come on each other and do things with our siblings. I don’t think there is much I can judge you on. C’mon now tell me. Shane says while squeezing and shaking his penis at Shawn.
Well Brittany grabbed me and pushed me down. Yelling at me to lick her asshole. So… I licked her butthole and stuck my tongue into it. Then we made out.
WOW! Shane says as he slides his hands down his smooth soft sack and rubs on the soft folds of skin on his own anus. His eyes drift down as he tries to get a look at Shawns butthole. Did it smell…. was it nasty….. how did it taste?

It’s smell was sweet and sweaty like pussy smell.. the taste was like cum and pussy and skin. I could lick it all day every day forever.
So she really liked it? The licking and the poking? Shane asks still rubbing his soft elastic skin on his butthole.
She didn’t just like it she loved it dude. Shawn says noticing Shane looking at his ass. He lifts his legs spreading them a little and pulling up on his hairless sack to open the view. His mind drifting back into the current situation he feels his hormones and excitement taking over, now thinking of the things he and his brother might try.
What do you think it would be like for a guy? Shane asks timidly as he gently pushes a finger into his own hole slowly.
Not sure…. but I’ve been wondering all day since. Shawn replies, as he feels his penis start to throb watching Shane push his finger up his ass.
Shane pulls his finger tip from his ass raises to his nose and takes a sniff, then lowers the finger to his lips and lightly sucks it into his mouth. There is almost no flavor just a hint of sweat taste. He pulls his finger from his mouth and pushes it back into his ass, deeper this time lifting off the bed to push it fully in. He works his finger in his ass for a few seconds before pulling it back out to repeat the smelling and tasting, still almost no smell and very little flavor.
Shane puts his hands on the bed behind him lifting with his hands and feet to better position himself to play with his butt, he had nearly forgotten that his brother was sitting directly across from him.
Shawn grabs Shane wrapping his arms under and around each thigh as Shane lifted to reposition. Pulling Shane up and forward he pushes his tongue into his brothers butt crack rubbing the tip of it on the warm hole, pushing his nose between his balls and thigh.
Shane softly moans as he lays back onto his shoulders lifting his butt higher spreading his cheeks with his now free hands.
Shawn pushes his tongue past the opening feeling the tight hole squeeze onto it as he flicks he flicks his tongue inside.
Shawn pulls down on Shanes hips and sucks his balls into his mouth rolling his tongue around them before licking up the shaft and pulling Shanes hard penis into his mouth.
Shawn sucks moving his head up and down moaning and pushing the tip of his tongue into the small slit in the head.
He pushes up on Shanes ass pushing the hard penis deep into his throat. He gags a little as the head hits the back of his mouth and tries pulling back, but Shane grabs his head and pushes him down farther, causing a large amount of slobber to run from his mouth onto Shanes balls.
Shawn pulls down pulling the penis from his mouth he gasps for air.
Shane drops to the bed sitting up and grabbing Shawn in the same way Shawn just had him.
Lifting Shawn up he wraps his lips around Shawns penis sucking it into his throat. Pushing his finger onto Shawns anus as he sucks deeply, sliding his tongue onto the soft hairless balls as his lips reach the base.
Holding the head in his throat he feels it throb as he gags slightly.
Sucking and pushing deeper for several minutes as he works his finger into Shawns tight hole.
Shane lifts his head as he pulls down lightly on Shawns hips, his penis coming out of Shanes mouth with a slobbery pop. Shane works his lips and tongue down Shawns balls to his Butthole, pushing his tongue deep inside.
Shawn moans feeling his whole body tingle as Shane pushes a finger into his ass with his tongue.
Shawn bounces lightly as he feels Shane working a second finger into his ass with his tongue and other finger.
Shane pulls his tongue back leaving both fingers in Shawns ass using them to pull him down and then push upward, ramming Shawns hard dick back down his throat. He feels the head drag across the roof of his mouth before causing him to gag as the bend changes to follow the curve of his throat.
Oh god! Shane moans out as he feels his brothers throat squeezing on the head of his penis.
Shane pulls down sitting Shawns ass into his lap his hard dick rubbing between Shawns balls and thigh.
He lifts pushing his fingers deep into Shawns ass spreading it softly. Lowering him down again this time onto the head of his throbbing penis.
Spreading the hole with his fingers as he pulls them out and replaces them with the head of his dick.
Ohhhhhh! Shawn moans as he wiggles his butt slightly pushing down.
Shane pushes up with his hips and down on Shawns trying to push in deeper.
Nooo. Shawn moans pulling up a little. “Give me a second”
Shawn slowly pushes down wriggling his butt as it moves down, taking several minutes before his butt cheeks come to rest on Shanes hips.
“Ohhh my god that feels so good.” Shawn moans out. As he works his hips back and forth.
Shawn leaning back working his hips Shane grabs his butt cheeks lifting Shawn up and down on his penis, watching Shawns penis flex and bob hitting Shawn in his own waist bouncing back towards Shanes face as the thrusts get faster.
Shawn grips the blanket with one hand and a pillow with the other, resting his head against the wall he moans out thru gritted teeth with his eyes closed.
Ohhhhh MY FUCKING GOD… PLEASE don’t stop.
Shane slams up lifting both boys up, Shawns penis swings toward Shanes face shooting a blast of warm creamy clear liquid, hitting Shane just below his nose and in his mouth. As it swings back squirting again shooting another load up Shawns stomach and onto his chest.
The taste of the salty sweet cum excites Shane and he slams up deep and hard again causing another burst of cum to shoot towards him, hitting his open waiting mouth and chin this time. As it swings back it flexes and shoots another glob leaving a string of creamy clear fluid across Shanes stomach and up Shawns balls and shaft.
Fighting the urge to cum himself Shane slams up into his brothers ass again, causing the flexing cock to swing back shooting another string of cum onto Shanes chest and belly before swinging back up pushing out another glob sliding down Shawns shaft.
Shane pushes deep again.
Again another glob pumps out landing in Shanes bellybutton swinging back up pushing out another glob onto the head.
Shane holds his penis deep in Shawns ass watching the throbbing cock push out small blobs of clear creamy cum with every deep push.
Shane pulls back, his hard throbbing penis slapping straight up as it clears Shawns ass crack.
I wish you wouldn’t have cum, I really wanna try that now. Shane says watching the clear drops leave shiny trails on Shawns still hard throbbing penis.
Without a word Shawn grabs Shane onto his lap, pushing his dick into shanes ass as he pulls.
As he gets about halfway into Shanes ass he remembers the discomfort at first and lets it sit still.
As Shane adjusts to the invading penis he pushes down until he is fully rested on Shawns lap.
Slowly Shane starts to move up and down. Grunting lightly, hoping his ass adjusts to give him the same joy as Shawn had.
Shawn sees the look on Shanes face and decides to try another way.
He pulls Shane off of his still flexing penis, a small drop of cum pushes out of his penis as he flips Shane onto all fours with his ass in the air.
As he pulls Shanes cheeks apart a line of his clear creamy cum runs from the small stretched hole towards the bed.
Shawn quickly catches it in his mouth as he closes his lips around the hole and shoves his tongue inside.
Shawn pulls his own knees under him humping the air still drizzling cum as he tongue fucks Shanes butthole. Reaching up to play with Shanes balls and stroke his cock.
Shane moans as he pushes back into Shawns face buried between his cheeks.
Shawn let’s go of Shanes penis and rubs up his stomach gathering his own cum from his brothers bellybutton, he leans back wiping his cum soaked fingers on Shanes asshole before pushing his tongue back into it reaching back up to gather more cum.
Pulling back again he smears his cum onto Shanes butthole and pushes 2 fingers into it. Reaching up with his left hand he starts stroking Shanes throbbing hard cock.
Pulling hisfingers from Shanes ass he climbs up and pushes the head of his penis into Shanes ass as he reaches around grabbing the hard penis again he begins stroking it as he pushes into the butthole deeply.
Shane moans and pushes back.
Shawn takes that as a signal and starts thrusting into his brothers anus with all his strength.
Shane moans and tries to stay on his knees but falls flat onto the bed, his face off the bed looking down to the floor. Shane can feel every pump his brothers penis flexing and jumping, he feels his cum building but Shawn can’t reach his penis anymore with how he has fallen onto the bed.
Shane rolls causing both boys to roll to their back looking up. Shane on top of Shawn his hard penis pointing straight up bobbing with every push.
Shane lifts and both boys turn, Shawn sitting up with his back on the wall. Shane eases back onto Shawns still throbbing and dripping penis.
Shane drops all the way onto the waiting dick, attempting to rest and adjust to this angle.
Shawn thrusts deep and hard catching Shanes penis in his mouth as it bobbed he starts sucking and rubbing his tongue around the head.
Shane lifts a little to put more of his penis into Shawns warm mouth, as he does Shawn begins slamming repeatedly into his ass.
Something changes in the sensation, whatever Shawns penis is rubbing now feels Shane is cumming with every pump.
Shane grabs Shawn by the hair pushing him as deep as he can onto his dick. Moaning one word.
“Cccuuuuummmm” Shane moans
A thick strong taste hits the roof of Shawns mouth. Salty and bitter yet Shawn loves it. He slaps his hips harder into Shanes bouncing ass cheeks as gush after gush fills his mouth, to much to swallow it all and white thick creamy liquid seeps out around his lips and down the rest of the shaft onto Shanes balls.
Shawn slams hard as he can pushing down on Shanes hips.
Shanes penis nearly pulling from his mouth his lips sucking at the tip of the head trying to catch it.
Shane rebounds from the deep thrust with one of his own, pushing his dick down Shawns throat pumping another burst of cum deep as Shawns cock slides from his ass.
Shawn gagging and swallowing hard so as not to vomit. With every hard swallow comes another gush of thick creamy liquid from the head of the cock pushed down his throat.
Shawn can’t control himself pulling on Shanes ass cheeks trying to get him farther down his throat.
Shane pushing with every pull on his ass cheeks, now has Shawns head tight against the wall and still pushing.
Shawn gags and trys swallowing but there is too much cum and saliva overloading his mouth and throat. He feels his dick twitching hard again and warm wetness running down to his balls. He has not felt like he has stopped cumming since Shane was thrusting his ass. But now more cum liquid trying to shoot out.

Shawn pulls his brothers hips trying to get him deeper still, when he does a shot of cum saliva mix creamy white fluid shoots out around Shanes penis down Shawns chin and up Shanes belly.
Shane reaches back and shoves 2 fingers in Shawns ass flexing and spreading his hole open.
Shawns dick flexes harder spurting a few small drops if his clear cum onto Shanes arm.
Shane pulls back his cock still rock hard and throbbing, he pushes Shawns legs into the air and slams his dick deep inside Shawns warm butthole that’s still wet with cum and spit.
Shawn feels bursts of Shanes thick cum filling his ass as Shane Pumps hard and deep. 4 hard pumps with 4 hard squirts.
Shawns groin and throbbing penis now covered in his creamy clear cum. He pulls Shanes ass getting 2 more pumps before Shane pulls his dick out.
Shawn grabs Shanes hair and forces his throbbing cum soaked dick deep into shanes mouth, Shane puts up no resistance but pulls Shawn down flat onto the bed swinging his legs around and dropping his own dick into Shawns mouth. Pushing down deep.
Shawn moans but at this angle he can swallow all of Shanes cock without gagging.
Shawn feels his penis throb and pump out a few more dribbles into Shanes mouth.
As Shanes penis softens in Shawns mouth he rolls Shawns legs back popping the throbbing cock from his mouth he sticks his tongue inside Shawns ass licking and sucking his own thick white creamy cum from inside.
Shane lifts up pulling his head away from Shawns ass and stepping onto the floor looking back to his brother. Both their faces and bodies covered in cum and spit.
I guess that’s all I got… Your like the energizer bunny I swear. Shane says
Shawn just laughs as he waves his still hard and throbbing penis around by the base.
I am gonna go shower up, man who knew our butts could be so much fun. Shane said as he grabbed his boxers and walked off thru the bathroom door.
Shawn heard the water in the shower turn on. Next thing he knows the sun is beating in the window into his face.
As he rubs the sleep from his eyes and sits up he realizes he is all sticky and his sheets are crusty, he fell asleep still covered in cum and spit…. naked
As he gathers his sheets to throw in the wash before showering he tries to figure if his penis is still hard from last night or if it’s just morning wood,
Finally after pissing, cumming twice, once before his shower and once in the shower his hard on finally starts to soften as he gets dressed for the day, he feels relieved he was starting to think he would be stuck with a boner forever.
By the time Shawn is dressed and made his bed all the other kids are down on the beach. Swimming or fishing.
Shawn walks down the beach, stopping briefly to admire Stacey butt and the way the light blue fabric has pulled into her crack exposing the firm round bottom of her butt cheeks.
As he walks up to her he lightly brushes his hand across her right butt cheek.
He looks around. Shane had waded out with Trenton and Addy to the lillypads, helping the boys fish. Looking back toward the left he sees Brittany, Crystal and Maddison laying on the raft facing up sunning themselves.
I guess everyone has their own things going… maybe I’ll go work on the man cave. Shawn says to Stacey.
He turns back to the house rubbing his left hand across Staceys firm butt again before jogging off to get his tools, then down the path and into the woods to the cabin he and Shane had been working on since fall.
Shawn pushes the door shut behind him, looking around the room as he drops his tool box onto the floor.
There is a couch and a couple drawered end tables their dad had gotten from a thrift store and an old entertainment center against the front wall with a pile of boards and a step ladder in the corner next to it. A round iron wood stove in the center of the 20 x 30 room with a crooked black pipe going up thru the half finished wood ceiling and out the roof.
Shawn grabs the hammer from his box and some nails, setting up the step ladder he climbs up and starts nailing boards onto the ceiling.
He has only hung about 5 boards before his mind drifts to Brittany and Shane and his new experiences.
Stepping off the ladder he slides the front of his shorts down his soft white 2 1/2 in limp penis laying down onto his balls, he bounces his hips flipping it up and down as he watches.
He sways over to the couch grabbing the base of his penis and flapping it up and down as it hardens, he pulls the drawer of the end table open grabbing a stack of printed nude pictures from the drawer, looking at the top one a blonde teen girl sitting with her legs spread with a baby doll leaning against her thigh pushing a blow pop into her Pink shaved slit. He thumbs thru the pictures quickly, disappointed that there are none showing buttholes he tosses them back in the drawer pushing it shut.
He pushes his shorts all the way to the floor stepping out of them as he turns to sit on the couch.
The door creeks and swings in.
Shawn still standing in a crouched position as changes his body’s momentum from down to forward bending to pull his shorts up banging his head on the coffee table in front of the couch he drops back into a seated position, realizing his shorts are to his right on the floor not around his ankles a panic hits him and his breath quickens.
A small pair of feet with teal painted toes comes into his view as he stares at his shorts on the floor.
He raises his eyes up the smooth thin legs, a small V of light blue bikini with a thin crease down the middle comes into view as he continues looking upward to a firm soft stomach with a shallow narrow bellybutton that is nearly a half inch tall, above that more firm tan skin and large firm breasts covered with the same light blue fabric clinging to large hard nipples a circle of tiny bumps about an inch or more across with a larger bump sticking out directly in the center.
I’m jacking off here. He blurts out thinking of nothing else to say at this point.
His penis wilting to its soft state and shrinking a little more due to embarrassment.
Well I had come out here to see if you needed any help. Stacey says back putting her hands on her hips.
With jacking? Shawn asks timidly.
Well know… I didn’t know that’s what you were doing, I’ll let you have your you time. Sorry.
Wait! Shawn says as Stacey turns to the door. He rushes over pushing it shut. “I wanna tell you something and ask you a few questions will you stay”
Stacey thinks for a second then grabs the 2×4 next to the door and drops it across the door into the L shaped hooks on either side of the door holding it shut.
If your gonna ask me some questions maybe we should have some privacy…. and be on the same level she adds pushing her bikini bottoms to the floor. Exposing her soft puffy vagina with only a few dozen light brown hairs on each mound disappearing back between her legs. Her deep pink lips stick out her left folding slightly back onto the mound.
She turns around holding her light colored hair up onto the back of her head saying “untie me please”.
Shawn stares at her firm full ass. Looking into her crack down to where it curves to her vagina he notices a little hair sticking out where he assumes her butthole to be. He’s seen her naked before but never from this side.
Are you going to untie me or just enjoying the view! Stacey snaps impatiently.
Oh yeah Shawn stammers as he untied the neck and back strings of her bikini.
She pulls the top out from the front dropping it onto her bottoms on the floor and walking to the couch.
Shawn stares at her buttocks until she spins around and flops down onto the farthest away cushion. Her firm breasts jiggling a as she drops her deep red nipples seem to be harder now adding small ripples in her large areolas between the bumps. Shawn thinks they look like buttholes if the center tip of the nipples went in instead of poking out.
He walks back to the couch realizing as he walks his dick has grown hard again bouncing as he walks.
As he sits on the center cushion next to Stacey he asked her.
Do you ever play with your butthole?
Wow nothing like leading off with an easy ice breaking question… huh. Stacey responds
Well….. I just….. You know. Shawn stammered trying to come up with a good reason for asking.
Stacey interrupts him.
“No I have wanted to, I seen girls in porn do it but my old friends said it’s horrible and stinks and porn girls are paid a lot of money to pretend they like it. So I guess I just never tried….. why?”
“Well it’s a long story…. actually 2 long stories.”
Doors locked and I’ve got nothing but time. Stacey says with a chuckle.
Shawn tells her his tale of butt exploration with Brittany even the parts of licking his own cum back out of her ass.
Looking at the floor the whole time trying not to become to embarrassed.
As he finishes telling her about Brittany He turns to look at her.
Stacey has her right hand on her left breast rolling her nipple between her thumb and pointer finger with her right hand between her legs running 2 fingers up and down her now visibly wet slit, pushing the lips around. Each time she reaches the top she pulls back a small flap of skin squeezing the protruding pink bulb of flesh that it exposes.
Stacey with her eyes closed visualizing Shawns story as he tells it, squeezes her clit pulling it away from her lightly. Asking softly, “didn’t you say it was 2 stories?”
Shawn starts his next story but only gets as far as when he could no longer resist and grabbed Shane pulling his ass up to his tongue.
Stacey stands on the couch over Shawn facing away she bends over and pushes her butt onto his face his words muffled as his lips are pressed onto Staceys anus and vagina.
Shawn opens his eyes as the warm moist ass and pussy touch his face. He begins lapping and sucking. Noticing her butthole is hairier than the other 2 he has become familiar with.
He shoves his tongue into the wet hole if her vagina flicking the tip as he pushes it deep, the tip of his nose pushing into her anus. He continues to push leaning his body forward.
Stacey looses her grip on the front of the couch sliding down she grabs the coffee table and shoves back.
Shawn wraps his arms around her legs pulling her tightly to his face, standing as he does.
As Shawn stands Stacey head falls between his legs, his balls resting on the bottom of her chin.
Stacey sucks his balls into her mouth as he lays her long way on the coffee table he leans up sitting her down softly. His butthole lightly touching the tip of Staceys nose as he leans.
All she can see is the small pink puckered hole, grabbing his hips she pushes him down a little causing his balls to slide from her mouth. She pushes her tongue into his ass.
Shawn let’s out a small moan as he spreads his cheeks pushing down onto her tongue with his weight.
Grabbing her ankles he pulls her bottom up with her face and tongue still in his ass he pushes his own tongue and face into her pussy.
Pulling back he shoves his first 2 fingers on his right hand into Staceys ass and a thumb into her moist warm slit.
Stacey moans sending vibrations thru Shawns ass and balls up to the head of his cock.
As he starts working his fingers inside of her he lifts a little.
Stacey grabs his dick bending it down to her mouth and licking the salty sweet precum from it’s head before sucking it deep into her mouth.
Shawn works a third finger into her ass as he pulls his thumb from her pussy and starts to pump his hips pushing his penis into her throat. Placing his left hand onto her pussy he pushes his 2 middle fingers into it rubbing her clit with his thumb her moans vibrate his penis and balls, back into his anus.
Stacey reaches up putting her hand on Shanes she works 2 of her fingers into herself with his. Pumping and moaning she pushes his other to fingers into her pussy as she pulls hers out. Using wetness from her pussy still on her fingers and her slobber already soaking his anus she shoves 2 fingers into his ass as he is pumping his cock in her mouth and fingers into her ass and vagina.
Shawn stands flipping her back on her knees with her stomach and tits pushed into the coffee table, he shoves all of his fingers on his right hand into her pussy.
Oooohhhhh Stacey moans reaching between her legs and pushing 2 of her own fingers into her as well.
Shawn now pumping his dick with his left hand and her pussy with his right starts turning his hand and slowly closing his fingers as he pushes hard into her dripping warm slit.
Stacey pulls her fingers out of herself and grabs at his leg.
“Oh… FUCK that feels so good” she moans
She turns her face to his and locks eyes.
I want you to put your foot it me… please… it’s my fantasy. She wispers shyly.
Shawn pushes deep with his hand fully closing his fist buried to his wrist he turns his body twisting His arm he pushes his penis into her ass all the way with one single thrust.
Jesus Stacey crys out.
Shawn stops thinking he hurt her until she starts slamming back into him.
Shawn only gets about 5 pumps before his arm cramps from the twisted angle.
And he pulls back his dick popping out of her anus he slides his hand from her pussy.
Nooo… not yet. she moans.
Shawn lifts his right leg pushing the front of his foot into her pussy in a soft kicking motion he pumps his foot into her wet stretched pussy hole.
Stacey grabs the table with both hands pushing back into Shawn nearly knocking him over leaning back onto the arm of the couch, Shawn resumes his soft kicking into her pulsing pussy, lifting his left foot and pushing his big toe into her ass he starts stroking his cock.
Stacey moans loudly, slamming into the foot inside of her bouncing the toe in and out of her ass. Orgasm taking her over, her legs shaking uncontrollably Shawn feet become the only thing keeping her ass in the air bouncing up and down with every soft kick. She turns her upper body and pushes her nipple into the wood of the table under the ball of her hand.
D d don’t stop. She stutters.
Shawn feeling his own cum building after a few moments pulls his feet out placing them flat on the floor. In one swift movement he tosses Stacey onto her back on the couch grabbing her legs and lifting them high he thrusts his hips forward trying to guide into her ass. He pushes deep into her pussy instead, surprised how it grabs and squeezes his dick after being stretched so much. He pulls back out, letting go of her ankle and grabbing his penis he thrusts forward again pushing into her ass this time, sliding his hand into her pussy as
He slams into her ass. Rubbing his shaft thru the soft skin between the 2 holes.
Stacey moans loudly and starts rubbing and pinching her clit.
Shawn feels her ass milking his cock with the same rhythm of her rubs his hand and wrist being massaged by her clenching pussy, as he starts shooting his cum into her ass.
He pushes deep and holds it feeling his penis flex as it shoots into her as with the hand still in her pussy. Rubbing the folds of skin where the tip meets the shaft. Only a thin piece of skin between his fingers.
Her legs shaking hard her hold body flexes with every pump of cum going into her ass. She has now stopped rubbing but is still pinching and pulling her clit out breathing heavily.
Shawn slowly pulls her throbbing cock from her ass then his hand from her slit. Slowly standing on his weak legs.
Stacey grabs him pulling him onto her she sucks his penis into her mouth wrapping her legs around his head and pushing his face into her pussy.
Shawn sticks his tongue into her her wet stretched hole that is slowly clenching back to size. He feels he wiggle under him pulling her legs higher. His tongue sliding from her pussy hole along a small section of flesh before plunging back inside of her.
The taste of his own salty cum as he licks it from Staceys ass combined with the deep throat sucking she is giving him and vibrations of her moans, his dick starts throbbing again every throb pumping hot creamy cum into the back of Staceys mouth.
Stacey pulls and sucks until the throbbing cock stops pumping out goo into her mouth and starts to soften. Feeling another cum building in her she don’t want to let Shawn go quite yet. Rolling the both of them she gets Shawn on his back, sitting up onto his face she can see only his eyes looking past her breasts between her legs. Reaching back she spreads her cheeks pushing down onto his tongue before reaching back in front between her legs she pushes her own fist into her pussy.
Shawn reaches under himself pushing 2 of his fingers into his ass bouncing lightly on them as his soft penis waves up and down.
Fuck……FUCK…..F F FA FA FUCK…. I am cumming again. She stammers
He juices streaming onto Shawns face as she pushes down onto him harder.
Ohhh your cum tastes good don’t it.. You like to lick your cum outta my ass. Stacey says
Shawn attempts an answer but only muffled hums makes It’s way from his mouth into her ass and out to her ears.
The vibrations of the muffled words makes her orgasm deepen.
She grabs his hair pulling him up.
Shawn muffles words over his lips, down his tongue and into her asshole as she lets her hair go and grabs he nipple pulling her clenched fist from her pussy rubbing the wetness up her stomach and onto her tits.
Shawns head drops a little and his eyes become blurred as her pussy juices run into them. He stares up at her squeezing her tits and sucking her fingers as her butthole squeezes down onto his tongue.
Staceys movement stops and she slowly lifts her ass off Shawns face dragging her drenched pussy lips down the length of his body. They seem to wrap around his semi hard penis as her crotch drags across it.
She stops there licking her juices from his face and pushing her tongue into his mouth.
As his dick twitches and hardens again it slides into her still dripping pulsing pussy hole.
She works her hips back and forth pushing him all the way inside. Then sliding farther down his penis pulls back out springing back towards his bellybutton. She stops as her tits reach his penis rubbing it with both of of them, pulling back on the foreskin she pushes the tip of her nipple into the small slit opening in the head of his dick.
Sliding down farther she sucks him into her mouth. Fully stroking a couple times with her lips before pushing her head down sliding the head of his cock into her throat and holding it there as she swallows several times.
As she moves down licking his balls she notices he has 2 fingers pushed into his own ass.
She grabs his legs rolling them back shoving her tongue into his ass with his fingers.
Shawn moans and tightens his whole body. Sliding his fingers from his ass and pulling his cheeks apart so she can have better access to lick.
She pulls her head back looking at his pink flexing anus open to the size of a quarter. Then she pushes 2 fingers inside pumping and slamming she slowly forces a 3rd then 4th into his ass.
Shawn moans and shakes as she slams her hand into his ass. His dick begins to flex.
Ohhh.. I am gonna cum. He moans.
As soon as she hears his words Stacey pushes deep into Shawns ass as she leans up sucking his deep into her throat so far her lips and nose push into the skin at the base.
Shawns dick flexes pumping one large glob of cum into her mouth then 4 more small drops as it continues to flex.
Stacey pulls up still swallowing Shawns cum with some running down her chin. She pulls her hand from his ass and slides back up kissing his lips as she reaches his face.
Shawn sucks his cum off her chin and kisses her back. Feeling her pussy lips wrap around his soft but still flexing penis.
Stacey lifts her head and looks at Shawn face. Just staring at him.
Shawn attempts to get up.
“Well I got things.”
No… You don’t. Stacey says pushing him down and nuzzling her face into his neck.
Your gonna lay here with me and that’s that.
“Ok” Shawn agrees knowing there is no other option.
“Hey are you guys in there.” Shanes voice from outside wakes Shawn up.
“Bang bang bang”
Shawns heart starts racing. He tries to set up but Stacey is asleep laying on top of him.
As he shakes her to wake her up he feel that his penis us hard and inside of Staceys wet hole.
Hey get up. He wispers
Stacey moans softly working her hips.
Shawn can feel that he is deep inside her and begins to push up and pump, forgetting about his brother just out side the door for a second.
Hey… did you fall asleep. Shane yells.
Shawn remembers he’s there again.
Yeah give me a second my foots asleep. He yells back.
That starts waking Stacey up. As she sits up the air fills with the sweet salty and a little sour smell of pussy, cum and sex.
Stacey feels Shawns cock push deep as she sits up. Instincts take over and she starts working her hips and grabs her tits squeezing them.
“Shanes out side Shawn” wispers to Stacey.
“Oh shit” she mutters jumping up, leaving a puddle of pussy juice on Shawns groin with a couple thin strings stretching down Her legs and to the floor.
Bang bang bang at the door again.
“Is Stacey in there with you?” Shane asks
Uhhh, yeah Shawn calls back.
We musta fell asleep while we were talking on the couch.
Stacey ties her bikini back and pulls it up flipping the strings around her neck and giving them a one loop pull she straightens the cloth over her boobs before pulling up her bottoms.
She glances back at Shawn seeing he has his shorts on she pulls the board up swinging the door open.
“I can’t believe I fell asleep… where are the kids” she asks a little too excitedly.
They are fine, twins in the basement and Crystal went across the lake with Trenton and Brittany to do some crap.
Stacey joggs off down the trail back towards the house.
“Ok” she yells back
Shane steps into the cabin.
Sniffing deeply he chuckles
You were fooling around wernt you?
No…. I was hanging ceiling boards and Stacey came out…. we were just joking sitting on the couch then next thing I know you were banging on the door… musta fell asleep.
Yeah ok… Then why’s your shorts inside out and your boner would rip thru the fabric if it were any bigger. Shane says
Shawn turns bright red. Dropping his hands in front of his crotch and looking at the floor.
Shane seeing he has embarrassed his brother turns to the door.
“Man I’m just fooling lets go swim” he says trying to ease his brothers mind
“But for real your shorts are inside out” he says with a giggle as he runs out the door and down the trail towards the beach.

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