Searching the convict’s daughter (Mg, nc, spank,pedo)

Searching the convict’s daughter (Mg, nc, spank,pedo)

Introduction: A paedophile prison guard catches a woman using her 8yo girl to smuggle drugs to her dad in prison. He makes an agreement with the mum to get some time alone with her sexy little girl in exchange for not saying anything.

Author: SugarDaddy

Winchester prison was seriously understaffed so Phil, who should have been on sick leave following an injury to his leg, was working light duties. This meant that he was responsible for checking the prisoner’s visitors and today, being a visiting day, he had a queue of impatient women and a few children waiting to be checked.

Only a week ago a cell search had turned up a small quantity of heroin which, it was believed, had been passed to a prisoner by a visitor. As a result Phil had orders to check all visitors extra carefully.

The visitors formed an unruly queue and after putting their personal belongings into lockers waited outside Phil’s office till he called them in.

“Next,” -Phil called and a blonde woman of about 30 walked in. Being well used to the procedure she stood on a marked spot and waited while Phil led an Alsatian dog over to her.

Because this was a male only prison they didn’t employ female guards that could do a body search of the visiting women so instead they used a dog trained to sniff out drugs and called up help from the local police if the dog reacted positively.

After leading the dog around the woman with no response Phil checked the woman’s passport and checked her name against the list of authorised visitors before handing her a pass. Unlocking the other door in the office he allowed her access to the secure area that contained the cubicles used for visiting.

“Next,” – he called as he walked back to collect the dog.

The door opened and an attractive woman in her mid twenties walked in with a girl of about eight in tow. The woman looked unsure of herself and Phil immediately recognised her as someone who hadn’t been before.

– “Passport?” – He asked holding out his hand. The woman handed over her passport, which Phil checked. “Mary Taylor?” he asked as he read the passport. “Paul Taylor’s wife?”

The way he said it brought fear to the woman’s face and so it should thought Phil. Paul Taylor was the bastard who had attacked him and injured his leg. As a result her husband was facing another two years on his sentence

The woman nodded confirming that she was indeed Paul Taylor’s wife and waited to be allowed through to see him.

– “You are meant to come in one at a time,” Phil informed her. ”So either you or the little bitch Daughter can get back out and wait.”

– “You can’t talk to us like that,” Mary, told him regaining some of her composure. “I will report you to your boss.”

– “You don’t seem to know who and where you are,” Phil replied. “You and your Daughter are the scum of the earth. You are some lag’s cunts and if you think that anyone is going to listen to a tart like you then go ahead. But before you can go anywhere you can get back outside the door and to the back of the queue and I will see you when I have dealt with all the others.”

– “Please,” begged Mary. We only have a set time with my husband and if you make us wait we will see even less of him.

– “Then you had better get out and hope that I don’t take too long with the others,” – warned Phil.

Mary could see the futility of arguing further with this man so took her Daughter and went to the back of the queue as he had instructed.

Phil enjoyed taking his time with the other visitors until once again Mary and her Daughter stood in his office.

– “You only come in one at a time,” Phil informed her. “Get out and then one of you can come back in.”

Mary knew better than to argue and went back outside.

Now Phil’s door opened and Mary’s eight-year-old Daughter came back in. As she stood fidgeting nervously in front of him Phil let his eyes wonder over her preteen body.

The girl was about four foot tall with a slim build, flat stomach and as yet no breasts. She was dressed in a light blue crop top, which showed her brown tummy and matching tight shorts that showed off her rounded little bum. The little girl’s blonde hair, which fell to her shoulders, surrounded a cute face that, at the moment looked very frightened.

Phil felt his cock reacting to both the way the cute little tramp looked and to the fright that she obviously felt.

Getting up Phil walked the dog around her and noted that the dog seemed about to react as if he had found something and then carried on without stopping. This was very strange behaviour and Phil returned to his desk in a quandary.

Should he call out a local policewoman to search an eight-year-old girl? If he did and she found nothing he would be the laughing stock of the prison.

– “What is your name?” – he asked as he thought about what to do.

– “Kissy,” mumbled the girl.

– “Kissy?” – asked Phil. – “What sort of name is that?”

– “Kissy,” – the girl mumbled again looking even more frightened.

Picking up his waste basket Phil held it towards the girl. “Get rid of whatever you are eating and answer my questions properly,” – he instructed her.

The girl stood there looking more and more desperate as Phil waited with the basket in his hands. Finally she shook her head no and stood defiantly in front of him with her little chin stuck out showing that she had a stubborn side.

Phil stood up and walked around the desk to stand in front of the girl. Reaching out quickly her squeezed either side of the girl’s jaw with one of his big hands and her mouth popped open. Reaching inside he pulled out a small bag wrapped in Clingfilm that she was trying to hide under her tongue and dropped it on the desk.

-“Now what was your name,” – he asked the terrified girl.

-“Chrisy sir,” – she replied her eyes never leaving the package on the desk.

– “Ok Chrisy, do you have any more of these secreted around your body,” – he continued.

– “No sir,” – answered the girl looking up at him for the first time. “I’m sorry sir please don’t report me.”

Phil thought for a moment and decided that this opportunity was just too good to miss. He could get his revenge on the man who had injured him and slate his perverted lust at the same time.

– “I have a problem,” – he told her. – “I will have to search you, to check that you don’t have any more drugs hidden on you. Normally we would call for a policewoman from the local station to come and search you but if I do that, both you and your Mum will be arrested, your Mum will go to jail and you will end up in a children’s home.”

– “Oh please don’t report us,” – Chrisy begged tears beginning to fall from her eyes.

– “Well, I could do the search myself but only if I had your Mother’s agreement to me doing it,” – Phil told her.

– “Oh please, yes, do it yourself. Please don’t tell anyone else,” – Chrisy begged.

Phil felt his cock surge as he watched the helpless child beg for his help. Taking up some handcuffs he walked behind her and pulling her arms behind her back snapped the cuffs on her wrists.

Pulling the sobbing, little preteen girl over to the side of the room he sat her down before returning to his seat behind the desk.

– “Don’t move while I talk to your Mother or I will call the local police,” – he warned the girl.

– “Next,” – he called and Chrisy’s Mother walked in almost getting to the desk before realising that Chrisy was sat at the side of the room quietly crying.

– “What…,” – she started but stopped as Phil held up the small package he had removed from her Daughters mouth.

– “We have a problem Mrs Taylor,” – Phil said as her mouth opened and closed without saying anything. “I found this package, which I believe to be drugs in your daughter’s mouth. If I follow the book I should now call the local police and a policewoman will be sent to give you both a full body search prior to arresting you both for possession with intent to supply.”

– “What do you mean when you say ‘if you follow the book” – Mary asked looking suddenly very worried. “Are you suggesting that there is another option?”

– “I’m sure that if you thought hard enough you could come up with an alternative that would convince me not to take this further,” – Phil told the frightened woman.

– “First, however, I want to make sure that you realise the consequences of what will happen if I go to the police. You will without doubt be arrested and charged with possession with intent to supply and the fact that you were smuggling it into a prison would almost certainly mean you would spend time behind bars. Also since it was found in your Daughter’s mouth they would view that as your putting her life in danger and your children would be taken into care.”

– “What if I say you planted it on us?” – Mary said. – “You could have done, after all.”

– “I’m willing to bet that when they search your house they will find traces of the drugs there. These days even the smallest amounts show up quite easily,”

Phil countered and from the look on Mary’s face he knew he had her.

Mary thought about how she had been worried about the bag leaking into her Daughter’s mouth so had transferred the powder to a stronger bag before wrapping it in cling film. The old bag was in the kitchen bin and would be sure to be turned up by a search of her home.

With a sigh Mary realised that she was in this beast’s hands and would have to submit to his demands, which she was sure were going to be unpleasant.

– “What do you want me to do?” – She asked, dropping her gaze to the floor.

– “I want you to go visit your husband, Mrs Taylor,” – Phil replied.

Mary looked up in surprise and followed Phil’s gaze across to her Daughter. – “No, you can’t mean, not Chrisy…” – Her voice tailed off in confusion.

– “You see Mrs Taylor,” – started Phil. – “It was your husband who caused me my injury and led to me being here today with you and your lovely daughter, so it only seems fitting that while you and he have a little heart to heart I stay here with your Chrisy and check her in case she is carrying any more drugs.”

– “But she isn’t,” – Mary said. – “I only got the one bag. It was all I could afford.”

– “Well I am going to have to check that myself and I intend to punish her severely for having the drugs in the first place,” – Phil replied.

– “Now you have a choice. You can either go to jail for having the drugs yourself or you can go visit your husband while your Daughter takes the punishment?”

Mary hesitated for a moment before walking over to her Daughter. – “I’m sorry sweetheart,” – she said as she hugged her, – “but I’m already on licence for getting your Father’s drugs and if I go to court again I will have to serve three years for that offence as well as whatever they gave me this time. Try and do what the man tells you to and he might not be too hard on you.”

Mary knew it was a lie. She had seen Phil’s eyes and knew that her daughter was in for a bad time but it was no good telling her that and the lie made it easier for her to leave the girl alone with Phil while she visited her husband.

– “Ok Mrs Taylor,” – Phil said as he opened the door to the visiting rooms.

– “We will see you at the end of visiting time, not a moment before,” – he cautioned as he ushered her through, closing the door behind her with a loud clang and leaving him and the young girl alone.

For several moments he simply stared at the lovely preteen girl, who kept her eyes downcast, before he moved over and pulling her up from the seat to stand before his desk.

Turning her around he studied her bare midriff and rounded bum before removing the handcuffs and turning her back to face him.

Again he allowed his eyes to wander over her soft young body. Taking in the cleft between her legs where the material of her shorts cut into her pussy and the velvety skin of her legs. Up close he could see that he had been mistaken earlier when he thought she had no breasts as now he could see tiny peaks pushing against her top.

Phil could feel his own body begin to react to the closeness of the girl as his cock hardened and strained at the material of his trousers.

– “Ok, lets get on with it Chrisy,” – Phil said. – “Start undressing for me.”

– “Oh please sir don’t make me do this,” – the young girl begged, as she made no attempt to remove her clothes.

Phil picked up a large wooden truncheon from his desk and pushed it beneath the little girl’s chin. As he pushed harder she was forced up onto tiptoe.

– “I will ask you one more time,” – he told the terrified young girl. – “Then I will tear your clothes off and you can walk home naked tonight.”

– “Now strip,” – he shouted catching her a blow on the throat as he swung the truncheon against her.

Chrisy choked as the truncheon hurt her but her hands reached for the sides of her crop top as she saw Phil swing the truncheon as if to hit her again. Pulling up the stretchy material she struggled to get her arms out before pulling it over her head and standing with it in her hands wondering where to put it.

Phil held out his hand and took the small piece of material off her before tossing it on the table. – “Put your hands at your sides and stand still,” – he commanded as his eyes devoured her naked chest. Chrisy’s ribs were clearly visible as she stood there naked to the waist but it was her tiny breasts that held the guards attention.

Her breasts were barely a quarter of an inch of puffiness on her otherwise flat chest but her nipples were hard and proud like the eraser on the end of a pencil and Phil didn’t bother stopping his hand from reaching up and touching them.

Rubbing his thumbs across the child’s hard little nipples Phil marvelled at the different textures of the soft skin surrounding them and the hardness of the nipple itself. Although he had fantasised many times about young girls, this was the first time he had ever had a chance to actually touch one in this way and he savoured the feeling as he flicked the two pink nipples, one with each hand.

Chrisy flinched at the shock of having her tender nipples treated in this way but dared not move for fear of having worst done. After her nipples had been flicked several times, each one slightly harder than the last she felt Phil take them between his fingers and thumbs and squeeze tightly.

As her hands came up to stop him Phil twisted her nipples in opposite directions, savouring the little girls scream of pain.

– “Please don’t,” – she begged as her small hands struggled to pull his large hands away from her painful breasts. Letting go Phil stepped back staring at the poor girls bright red breasts and the tears that coursed down her pretty face.

Phil couldn’t believe how hard he was. Never in his life had he been so turned on as he was now. The combination of the girl’s youth and fear was like an aphrodisiac to him.

Pulling her arms back behind her back he snapped the handcuffs back onto her wrists to stop her from using them to interfere with his pleasure again. Taking her by the arm he led her into a side room used by the police for body searches taking the truncheon with him.

Looking quickly around the room Chrisy saw that it was furnished with just a table and two chairs and now found herself stood half naked in front of one of the chairs as the evil guard sat down and smiled at her.

– “Please don’t hurt me,” – she begged. – “I only did what my Mum told me to.”

– “Well sweetheart,” – Phil replied. – “The legal system in this country requires that someone be punished when they do wrong. Smuggling drugs is a very serious offence and requires a lot of punishment but as I said if you want I will call the police and we can let them punish you and send your Mum to prison.”

– “No please. Don’t do that. I’ll do what you want,” – Chrisy wailed as Phil made to get up.

-“Ok,” – he said – “I am going to start by spanking your bum. I want you to lay yourself across my legs ready for it.”

Hesitating for only a moment the lovely little preteen girl walked to the side of the chair and carefully laid herself across the man’s legs. Once there she felt his hand come down on her back to hold her there as his other hand started to caress her tiny bum through the material of her shorts.

Without warning his hand rose and fell heavily, smacking against her right cheek and Chrisy cried out in shock and pain. Never before had she been spanked and the six blows he gave her reduced her to a sobbing wreck.

Standing her up he reached for the top of her shorts and pulled them down as the young girl just stood there sobbing. Underneath she wore white, young girl panties but these soon joined the shorts on the floor at her feet exposing the plump lips of her hairless pussy.

Pulling her back over his legs Phil was presented with a nicely reddened, rounded bum which he proceeded to stroke and squeeze before returning to her spanking.

After twenty hard strokes each one of which seemed harder than the last Chrisy felt as if she could take no more. “Please,” she begged. “Stop.”

Phil’s hand paused. He had been enjoying himself so much that he had been much harder on her than he meant to but now he decided to take full advantage of his helpless victim.

– “Spread your legs,” – he ordered the helpless girl and watched as she obeyed his command.

Putting his hand on the inside of the little girl’s leg, by her knee, Phil ran it up slowly until he reached the plump lips of her baby cunt. For several minutes he just enjoyed the softness of her skin and the way she jumped whenever his hand touched her between her legs but soon the hand began to rub up and down the lips of her sex slowly pushing harder and harder until the fingers began to dip into the girls tight little pussy.

As he pushed one finger inside her, Phil could feel the tight skin of her hymen stretching across the opening and stopping his finger from fully penetrating. For several minutes he pushed his finger into her before pulling out and giving her a final smack on her red bum causing her to yelp with the sudden pain.

– “On your knees in front of me,” – Phil ordered her and Chrisy struggled to get up from his lap before dropping to her knees just in front of him.

– “Time to search your mouth,” – he informed her. – “Open it wide.”

Opening as best she could Chrisy felt his fingers enter her mouth. Firstly he wiped the finger that had recently been stuck inside her across her tongue and she tasted the sharp and sweet taste of her own pussy. Next he poked around under her tongue before getting her to close her lips around his finger and suck as he stroked it in and out of her mouth.

Phil’s cock surged forward as he felt the lovely child suck on his finger. Next he picked up the truncheon and held it to her lips. “Open up,” he commanded and as Chrisy stretched her mouth open as far as she could, he pushed the truncheon inside resting it on her tongue for a moment to allow her to get used to it’s size.

– “Ok now suck on it,” – he told her and as he saw her cheeks hollow he began to move it in and out of her mouth slowly going deeper until she gagged as it touched the back of her mouth.

In desperation Chrisy tried to pull away but Phil had a hand on the back of her head and pulled her forward causing the truncheon to go even further into her throat. With her mouth stretched as it had never been before and unable to breathe, Chrisy’s head began to swim. Suddenly she could breathe again and the awful stretching of her jaw had gone.

Looking up she saw the guard stripping naked and for the first time saw his cock, which to her looked huge and angry.

Sitting back in the chair Phil smiled as he saw that the preteen girl hadn’t taken her eyes off his cock since she first saw it. “It won’t be as painful as the truncheon,” he told her and waited till the implication of what he had said finally sunk into her brain.

– “Please don’t make me do that,” – she begged as the guard roughly took two handfuls of hair and pulled her head towards his lap.

– “You can have the truncheon again if you want,” – he told her, – “but you took less than a quarter of it last time so I think much more of it would do you some permanent damage.”

With a look of combined resignation and fear the poor girl opened her mouth as wide as she could and felt the head of his cock slide between her lips. Now she could feel it resting on her tongue and felt fluid leak from the head and coat her tongue.

Although it still stretched her mouth the man’s cock was much smaller than the truncheon and she had little trouble closing her lips around it, not even waiting to be told before starting to suck. She could taste the bitter flavour of his precum as it continued to soak her mouth but was too young to understand what it was.

Slowly, bit-by-bit Phil built up his speed and began to pound deeper into the young girls mouth. Holding her tightly by the hair he felt his cock touch the back of her mouth and felt the gag reflex grasp and release it several times. Groaning in ecstasy and with no thought for his victim Phil grasped her hair harder and pulled her towards him, forcing his cock into her tiny throat.

Chrisy’s struggles to breathe and her throat’s gag reflex were the most amazing thing that Phil had ever felt and as they milked his cock he came, shooting wave after wave of cum down the young girls throat.

Pulling out he allowed the exhausted preteen girl to collapse onto the floor watching with interest as she struggled to clear her throat of the sticky cum by swallowing as fast as she could.

Getting up the guard went to his desk in the other room and returned with some straps used to restrain violent prisoners. Looking down at the girl he marvelled as he felt his recently satisfied cock begin to stir at the thought of what he was going to do to her next.

Lifting her naked body from the floor Phil laid her face up on the table. She didn’t fight him as he lifted her legs and bent her knees so that she was laying with her knees stretched apart and her bare, young slit pulled slightly open. Fastening a strap to her knee he passed it under the table before tying it to her other knee, stretching them as wide apart as possible. Next he fastened a strap to each ankle and tied them to the legs of the table leaving Chrisy with her legs shaped almost like a U as she lay helpless on the table.

With her arms locked behind her back, this position forced her to arch her back up off the table and the evil guard spent some time running his hands over her sore young breasts before turning his attention to her slit.

With one hand he pulled back the skin until he could see the pink interior of her pussy then ran the index finger from the other hand up and down the slit savouring the feel of her damp flesh. At the top of his stroke he could feel the tiny button of her clit and at the bottom the tantalising entrance to her virgin pussy.

Grasping her tiny clit between his finger and thumb he rubbed it back and forth for a while and watched as her body began to betray her as she pushed harder against his touch. He had never been sure when he read stories on the Internet if girls who were being attacked would react in this way and he smiled now knowing that the answer was in the low moans that escaped her sore mouth.

After rubbing her for a few more minutes Phil decided it was time to move on. By now his cock was hard again and he wanted more of her young body. Picking up the truncheon he held it before her face and lowered it to rest on her lips.

Dragging the tip of the truncheon over her chin he ran it down between her baby breasts and on past her belly button until it reached the slit between her legs. Now she was terrified that he was going to force it inside her and was begging and pleading with him not to do it.

To be fair it had never been Phil’s intention to open her up with the truncheon. He wanted that pleasure to go to his cock. He just wanted to see her begging and pleading with him and as he listened to her now he could feel his cock once again straining for relief.

Climbing up on the table Phil rested his weight on his knees and elbows as he moved up between the preteen girls splayed open legs and rested his cock against he lips of her tiny slit. Knowing that she was bound to scream load enough to be heard outside the room when he entered her he brought the truncheon back to her mouth.

– “Open wide,” – he told her and when she did he fed the truncheon in until she gagged as it hit the back of her throat. Pulling back slightly he left it sticking up out of her mouth as he positioned his cock at the entrance to her tiny virgin hole.

Rubbing backwards and forwards Phil coated the entrance to the poor girls hole with his precum before shoving hard into her virgin entrance. Chrisy grunted in pain as her virginal channel was forced open by the bulbous head of the evil prison officer’s cock until he had it tight against the barrier that proved her virginity.

With one hand he shoved the truncheon further into her throat, cutting off her air supply while with a shove of his hips he forced his cock up and through her hymen tearing a scream from her young body which was totally blocked by the obstruction in her throat.

Phil groaned in pleasure as he felt the walls of the young girls cunt grip his cock as he began to fuck into her.

Pulling the truncheon out of her mouth several inches he left it gripped by her teeth as a warning of what would happen if she made any noise.

Returning his attention to fucking the helpless young girl Phil realised that there was still three inches of his cock left outside when he pushed into the girl and determined that before he finished she would have to take all of him.

Harder and harder he pushed and little by little he sank another two inches inside the squealing girl before coming to a stop. Undeterred Phil raised himself up and put all of his weight behind his cock as he pushed down. Feeling something give Phil finally sunk up to his balls inside the girl as he felt her body stiffen from the pain that tore through her.

Now Phil fucked the whole length of his cock in and out of the preteen savouring every moment as he built up to his orgasm. The child’s tight little passage was squeezing and milking his cock until he felt his cum burst from it in a seemingly endless spray.

As he came back to his senses Phil found that he had collapsed onto the girl with his full weight. Lifting himself up he saw that she was struggling with the truncheon that threatened to slide into her throat.

Climbing up her body Phil sat over her chest with one knee either side of her shoulders and rested his cock on her cheek. Chrisy was having trouble gripping the truncheon with her teeth as it kept slipping further into the back of her mouth.

– “I’ll take the truncheon out if you want,” – he offered. – “You just have to suck my cock instead.”

Nodding her head to signify her agreement Chrisy was relieved to feel him slide it out and replace it with his limp cock. She was disgusted by the taste, which was a mixture of his cum, her juices and her virgin blood but started to suck for fear of annoying him.

– “Use your tongue to lick it clean,” – Phil ordered and was rewarded as she shyly licked his soft tool clean of the mess of her rape. As the young girls tongue licked over the surface of his now soft cock Phil glanced at his watch.

– “Shit,” – he exclaimed. – “Looks like your ass will have to wait for another day sweetheart. We’ve run out of time.”

With that he told the young girl to clean herself up and dress as he went to collect her Mother and warn her that they both had better come back next week or her husband would be found with the drugs on him.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.